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\o|^ rss 

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Ciufntp^firigl ^tibliration. 




■ 1848. 


MITCH Ell Library 



It ig with feelings of no ordinary satisfaction that the Proprietors of 
the Glasgow Post-Ofpice DraEOTOBT, usher iuto existence their Twenty- 
first Aniiual Publication, which to the Trader, the Merchant, and the 
Public generally, has now become an indispensable Work of reference 
and information. The Proprietors refer with considerable pride to the 
splendid Map of the City and Suburbs, which for the first time adorns 
their Work, and it is hoped, upon minute examination, will be found 
correct, and which they feel satisfied will be appreciated by the Public, 
It is possible that some omissions may be detected, and should any such 
exist, the Proprietors will not fail to have such supplied in next year's 
Publication. The Public will not fail to perceive that the external ap- 
pearance of the Work, is this year greatly improved, and although great 
expence has necessarily been incurred, the Proprietors, in answer to a 
previous announcement, have received such an assurance of increased, 
support and patronage as fully meets their most sanguine expectations, 
and that without resorting to what they deem a disagreeable necessity, 
viz., raising the price of the Work, for which support they take this 
opportunity of tendering their warmest thanks. While the external, 
and what may be considered the subordinate parts of the Publication are 
improved, the internal arrangements will be found so complete in 
every part, as to warrant the Proprietors in inviting comparison with 
any similar Work in the Kingdom; the Proprietors, however, will feel 
it their duty as well as their interest, still further to make such improve- 
ments as time and circumstances may require: confidently relying on 
the patronage and support which in past years has so liberally rewarded 
their exertions. 

Post-Offick, GuLsaow, ) 
Gth June, 1848. J 


Adams, Henry, 118 South Portland street 

Anderson, Hans, chimney sweep, 27 North street, Anderston 

Anderson, John, Beith canier, at A.H'Keadrick's, King street 

Bailey, William., jun, metal agent, 21 St. Enoch square 

Bannatyne, Robert, tavern keeper, 56 Trongate, and 28 Nelson street 

Barr, James, bricklayer, 16 Tureen street yard, 123 Great Hamilton street 

Barr, John, manufacturer, 13 Exchange plaee 

Bleaymirc, William, manufactm-er. Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street 

Bogle & Co., auctioneers and valuators, 25 QUeen street 

Bogle, Keir, & Co., commission merchants, agents for London Law, Fire, and Na- 
tional Provident Life Insurance Offices, 25 Queen street 

Bogle, William, of Bogle, Keir, ^ Co., house 1 80 Regent sti-eet 

Borland, Alexander, accountant, 9 Gordon street, house 29 Waterloo place 

Boyd, William, horse dealer, 94 Dundas street 

Brand, William, R. G., oonimisaion merchant, Smith's court, Candloriggs, house 7 
Claremont street 

Brown, Robert, sculptor, SigkthiU Cemetry, house 28 Parson sti-oet 

Brown, William S., lecturer on chemistry and anatomy, 1 1 St. Andr^R' square 

BrownleoSj lappe* wheel cutters, and oonfeotioaet-s' machine makers, 24 Broad cl.,~ 
Shuttle otreet 

Bryce & Peden, boot and shoemakers, 35 Queen street 

Buchanan, James, dairyman, 40 Dtike street 

Cairns, John, oil and oolounnan, 17 King street, bottsa 80 Thistle stwet 
Cairns, Robert, at Harvey, Wilson §/■ Co.'s, house 80 Thistle street 
Campbell, J ohn, ai Thomas Shiets ^ Co.'s, house 2 Bioorafield place 
Caledonian & Dumbartonshire Junction Railway Ge.'s Office, 22 Renfietd strict. 

R. D. M'Kenzie secretary 
Carbarns, John, slater, 239 High street, house Bftliaatmo street 
Cainie, Charles, of Thomas Shiels §r Co., 18 St. Vincent street 
Christie, George, writer, of Wihon §r Christie, house 73 Hutcheson street ' 
Chrj'stal, James, coal-raerchant and comrBission agent, 24 Robertson street 
Claric, John, of Bohert AUrander §/■ Co., house Croftleugea cottage, Dum- 
Clark, Robert, writor, 28 Miller street 
Coates «fc Co., silk twining mill3> Port-Doftdas. Letters left at D. Jackson's, st*- 

tioner, Glassford street 
Colqnhonn, James, tacksman, cattle-market, Graham square, Gallowgate 
Copland, tailcf & clothier, 9 Jamaica street 

Cotton, Charles, &, Co., office IS Gordon sticeet, mAnufaetory York street, Bir- 
Cotton, Charles, 111 Hill street 
Cuthbertson, John, merchant, 2 North court. Royal exchange 

Ferguson, J;tnies D,, lard agci/t and acccuntani. 11 West Nile street 
Fulton, -James, provision merchant, 337 Arg\i] street 


Gardner, Alexander, & Co., 29 Brunswick place 

Gray, John, manufacturer of tobacco and snuff, Y9 Argyll street 

Gray, Jolin, stockbroker, 79 Argyll street 

Greenlcea, Charles C, at W. D. Roberts §/■ Co., 68 St Vincent street, house 30 

Hope street 
Greenlees, Matthew, commission merchant, 1 Claremont street. Royal creaeent 
(Jreig, William, Caledonian Railway office, 124 St. Vincent street 
Guiness, George G., of S. Higginhotham, Son, ^ Otiiness, house 4 Maxwdlton place 

Hamilton, Archibald, corn factor, 19 St. Enoch's square, house 113 Renfrew street 
Ilarley, John, merchant, 33 Ingram street, i'esid;nce. Miss Miller's, 16 Bath street 
Harvey, James, town, sherriff, and river baillie officer, 66 Hutchestm street, and 14t 

High sti-eet 
Higginhotham, Samuel, Son, & Guiness, merchan'.s, Springfield court, 69 Queen st. 
Hay, William, 54 Main street, Gorbals, house 49 do. 

Hutchcson, Henry, plumber and gas-fitter, 237 Buchanan at., ho. 10 E. George st. 
Hume, AleKander, road surveyor, 21 Rose street, Garnethill 

Jamleaon, James F., cfJ. Fyfe ^ Co., house 2 Montague place, Bath street 

Johnston, Thomas, surgeon, 328 Argyll street, house 38 York street 

Johnston, David, &, Co , wine and spirit merchants, 9 Garthland street, house 45 

Cambridge street 
Jokel, Conrad, flesher and sausage-maker, 103 Stockwell street 

Kennedy, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Little Hamilton street 

Lutted, Wm., musical instrument maker, repairer, tuner, and seller. (Sec Adror- 
tisement in Appendix) 

M'Arly, Thos., commission agent, 16 Canon street " 

M'Dougall, John, teacher of music. Orders left at 36 Brunswick place 

M'Gregor, Robert, of R. M-Gregor ^ Co., general stationers, 8 Turner's court 

M' Arthur, Thomas, carver, gilder, and priiitseller, 33 Gordon street 

M'Intosh, Wm., & Co., accountants and sharebrokers, 8 Gordon street 

MacMilian, Bryce, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 79 Stockwell street 

M' Donald, Daniel, 31 Argyll street, house 18 Pollock street, Paisley road 

M'Donald, John, lithographer, 31 Ajgyll st., ho. 13 Rose place, Hill st., Gamethil! 

Menzies, Peter Rae, surgeon, 4 Duke street 

Miller, James, yarn agent, 2 South Exchange area 

Miller, Alsxander, Dumbarton daily carrier, 177 Trongate street 

Murray, James, Saltmarket street 

Murray, James^ tea, wine, and spfrit merchant, 74 Buchanan street 

Napier, William, coalmaster, 4 Clarendon place, Great Western road 
Newlands, E. C, paintera, paper-hangers, and colourmen, 39 Castle street 

O'Neil, Chas., artist, 35 Bath street 

Paterson, John, ship broker and commission agent, 6 Oswald street 
Pollock, James, house-factor, 35 Cleland street, Hutcheson street 

Railton, Edward, writer, 11 Miller street, house 51 North Hanover street 
Ramsay, William, flesher, 32 King street, house 81 London street 
JRoss, Donald, writer and agent for the National Friendly Society, 29 Brunswick p!. 
Ross, George C, at at W. D. Robertson §• Co 's, 68 St. Vincent street, house 15 
North Portland street 

Scott, A., surgeon, 28 Charlotte lane, St. Andrew's square 

Scottish Press Office, 27 Giassford street, A. & W. Kennedy, agent* 

Shaw, J. & Co., calico printers, 12 Royal Exchange square 

Shiels, Thomas, & Co., calico printers, 18 St. Vincent lane 

Skipsey, R. W., accountant and stockbroker, agent for the Scottish Union Insur- 

surance Co.. 135 Buchanan street 
Smith, Hugh, at 1. Shieh ^ Co., house 51 Abbotsford place 


Stitt, James, lodgings, 21 Warwick street 

Tennent, G. R., writer, 67 Buchanan street., house Wellpark, Duke street 

Wedderspoon, William & John, tb Co., 1 13 St. Vincent street. ( Corrected from 

Wedderspoon, Brothers, in name and street address,) 
Wilson & Christie, writers, IS Hutcheson street 
Wilson, W. C, of Wilson ^ Christie, house 432 Parliamentary road 
Wilson, Thomas R., mathematical master. North Woodside House 

Toong, James W., writer, 24 Hutcheson street, also agent for the Mitre General 
Life Assurance and Annuity, and Family Endowment Association, and for the 
Farmer's and Grazier's Mutual Cattle Insurance Association 



Anderson, David, manufacturer, Glasgow 
Boll, David, of Blackball 
BrowD, William, of Flatt, writer, Glasgow 
Brown, Thomas, merchant, do. 
Brown, Samuel R., merchant, do. 
Brock, James, merchant, do. 
Bryson, Robert, merchant, do. 
Brown, Alexander, manufacturer, do. 
Black, David, merchant, do. 
Brown, Johii, yr., cotton-merchant, do. 
Bannatyne, Andrew, writer, do. 
Cabbell, John, banker, do. 
Clark, John, of Parkhead 
Clark, John, yr., manufacturer, Glasgow 
Connal, William, merchant, do. 
Crawford, George, writer, do. 
Crichton, William, Port-Dundsis 
Dalglish, A. S., merchant, Glasgow 
Dick, Alexander, of Lumkch 
Davidson, William J,, yr., of Ruchill 
Douglas, Archibald, of Calton 
Dreghom, David, Glasgow 
Davidson, John C, of Mains 
Eccles, William, merchant, Glasgow 
Fowler, Andrew, merchant, do. 
Gilmour, .John, of Oatlands 
Galbraith, Robert, of Grecnhead 
Galloway, John, merchant, Glasgow 
Gourlay, Matthew, distiller, do. 
Johnston, Robert, merchant, do. 
King, C. A., of Woodneuk 

Kay, Robert, of Millbrae 
Kirkland, A. M'K., merchant, Glasgow 
Kidston, William, merchant, do. 
Lumsden, George, merchant, do. 
Liddell, Andrew, merchant, do. 
Maxwell, J. H., of Dargavel 
Morrison, Alexander, of Ballinakill 
Mann, John, Wilaon-town Iron-work» 
M'Lean, William, yr., of Plantation 
M' Gavin, Robert, merchant, Glasgow 
M'Kinlay, David, merchant, do, 
M'Phail, Duncan, merchant, do, 
M'Intosh, Peter, merchant, do. 
M'Laren, William, merchant, do. 
Mitchell, George, cotton spinner, do. 
NeiJson, Jas. B,, of Kelvinside 
Orr, Andrew, merchant, Glasgow 
Potter, Lewis, merchant, do. 
Rennie, John, of Auchinieok 
Robertson, Hugh, yr., of Gartloch 
Rowand. Alex., yr., of lanthouse 
Reid, John, of WhitehiU 
Stewart, Robert, of Omoa, merchant, 

Smith, Robert, merchant, Glasgow 
Small, John, builder, do. 
Turner, James, of Thrushgrove 
Turner, Angus, Woodside terrace, Glas. 
White, Peter, accountant, do. 
Wingate, Andrew, raerchant, do. 
Wingate, Thos., engineer, do. 

«■ 2 


Almanack ife Tide Table, . . 11 
Calculating Table, . , .10 
Calendar, ..... 7 
Glasgow Directory, • , . 41 
Letter- Carriers' Districts, . . 36 
Letter- Carriers Names and Ad- 
dresses, . . . . ,40 
Professions, . . . ,415 

Stamp Duties, . . . , 8 
Street Directory, . . .289 

Streets, Squares, etc., List of . 25 


Admiral Court, . 

Advertisements, . 

Banking Houses, 

Bank Branches in Scotland, 

Billeting Soldiers, 

Carriers' Quarters, 

Carters' Rates and Rules,'' , 

Coal- Porters' Rates, 

Colonial and Foreign Mails, . 

Commissary Court, 

Constables actiKg in Justice of 
Peace Court, 

Commissioners of Assessed Taxes, 
Lower Ward, . 

Do. do. City, 

Delivery of Letters, etc., 

Despatch of Mails, 

Directors of the Merchants' House, 

Foreign Countries, 

Foreign Cities & Principal Places, 

Form of Proceeding in the Reco- 
very of Small Debts, 

Haokney-Coach By-laws and Fares, 

Justices of Peace of the Counties 
of Ayr, Dumbarton, Renfrew, & 
Stirling, resident in Glasgow, 

Justices of Peace in Lower Ward, 

J. P. Small Debt Court, 

Limitation of weight by Post, 
Do. size, do. 

Local Foot and Stage- Coach Posts 


Mails, Foreign,! , . , 

Mails, by Private Ships, 

Martts or Writing on Newspapers, & j UniveWity, 























. Pass 

Messengers-at-arms for Scotland, . 107 

Minibuses and Hackney Coaches, . 76 

Ministers of Glasgow and Suburbs, 68 

Money-Orders, . . . .7 

Newspaper Offices, etc.. . . 64 

Newspapers and Supplements to 

Newspapers, . . . . G 

Do. (from tfee British Colonies, 6 

Do, to the Bdtisfe Colonies 

*ad Foreign parts, ft 

Do, from Abroad, . • 6 

Packets from London, . . .21 

Do. Dover, ... 23 

Do. Falniouth, , . 23 

Do. Liverpool, , . 33 

D«. Southampton, . . 23 

Parochial Board for the Poor, . 54 

Police Kstablishment, . . .51 

Perters' Rates for the City, . 74 

Porters' Rates at Broomielaw, . 89 

Post Office, Glassford street, . I 

Postage Rates ( Foreign ), . .21 

Postage Rates (Inland), . . 4 

Postaga Staiaps. .... 4 

Post- Towns. Scotch, ... 8 

Do. English and Welsh, . 14 

Do. Irish, . . .IB 

Public Offices 6l 

Railway, Caledonian, ... 68 
-' - - (55 



Edinburgh and Glasgow, 
Garnkirk and Coatbridge, 
Glisgow, Paisley, and Gree- 
Do. Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmar- 
nock, and Ayr, . 
Do. Glasgow and Paisley Joint 

Rfiilway, . . . 
Do. WishaW and Coltness, 
Registration of Letters, 
River Baillie Court, . . . 
River and Harbour Dues, 
Sheriff Court, .... 
Sheriff Small-Debt Couft, . 
Stage- Coaches, .... 
SteatTiers from Glasgow, 
Trades' HflOKe, . , . . 








{See Appendix.) 

IsiatTBANOE Companies : — le-^^s 

Aberdeen Fire and Life, - - - '_ - -12a 

Atlas Fire and Life, 
Guai'antee Society, 
Hercules Fire, 

Provident Life, ,< 

Scottish Amicable Life, ^/ 

Scottisli Union Fire and Life, / 

Glasgow Annuity Society, 
The Loudon Licensed Vititallers Fire and Life, 

Glasgow Life Association and Edinburgli Lite, ' ;^ /^ 

City of London Life, 

The Liverpool and London, \ 

West of England Vive and Life, ^ '^ 

Scottish Provident Institution, I 

County Fire Office, 

Gardiner & Co., Opticis^ns, 

Kobert Thomson & Co., wholesale Ironmongers and Comraission !Viorciia»t*j 

A. P. Henderson, English and Irish Affidavits, 

T. Johnston & Co., Writing Ink and Ink Powdei-s, 

George Balbirnie, Cleaning and Dyer, 

Alex. W. Edwards, Pntent Rivet Company, 

E. Gra'sse, Fine Arts, Artist's Colourman, etc., 

The Glasgow Collegiate School, 

John Smith; Engine Cotton Waste, Old Brass, Copper, Lead, etc.. et ., 

Pickfoi-d & Co., General Carriers and Railway Agents, 

William Dickie, Dress and Dye Sheepskins for Mats, etc., etc., 

Robert Crawford, Wright and Funeral Undertaker, 

L. & J. Morris, Foreign Fancy Goods, 

Murdoch, Brothers, Chemists and Druggists, 

G. Kennedy, Stationery and Account Book Maker, 

George Watson, Library and Readiiig Room, 

Robt Groig, Wright and Mangle Maker, 

Wm. M'Farlane, Joiner, Cabinet, and Mangle Maker, 

Robert Curie & Sons, Household Furniture, 

Harvey Hilliard, Cutlery &c., &c., 

Thomas Grocott, Civet Cat, Fancy GoodSj" 

William Walker, Carrier to Catrine, 

London Vulcan Iron Co., 

Alex. Rovv-at, Wire Cloth, 

William I utted, Pianofortes, Harps, Accordions, 

Wm. M'Phiin, Glasgow Ice Store, 

John Davidson & Co., Furnitui-e. 

Alex. Dick, Land Surveying Chain Makers 

Mitchison & Co., Music Seilers, 

Glasgow^ Eastern Necropolis, 

Francis Jones, Bookseller and Stationer, 

James D. Dougall, Gunmaker, 

Johu. M'Corob, bookseller, publisher, stationer, and ncwa agcHt 

Widliam Coflias & Co., Letter- Press .Printers and Stereotypws 




Jtily, 1848. 

January, 184 9. | 


2 9 16 23 30 


7 14 21 28 


3 10 17 24 31 


1 8 15 22 29 


4 11 18 2.5 


2 9 16 23 30 


5 12 19 26 


3 10 17 24 31 


6 13 20 27 


4 11 18 25 


7 14 21 28 


5 12 19 26 


1 8 15 22 29 


6 13 20 27 




6 13 20 27 


4 11 18 25 


7 14 21 28 


5 12 19 26 


1 8 15 22 29 


•6 13 20 27 


2 9 16JI^30 


7 14 21 28 


3 10 17 24 81 


1 8 15 22 


4 U 18 25 


2 9 16 23 


5 12 19 26 


3 10 17 24 




3 10 17 24 


4 11 18 25 


4 11 18 ^ 


6 12 19 26 


5 12 19 26 


6 13 20 27 


6 13 20>L 


7 14 21 28 


7 14 21 28 


1 8 15 22 29 


1 8 15 22 29 


2 9 16 23 30 


2 9 16 23 SO 


3 10 17 24 31 




1 8 15 22 29 


1 8 15 22 29 


2 9 16 23 30 


2 9 16 23 30 


3 10 17 24 31 


3 10 17 24 


4 11 18 25 


4 1118 25 


5 12 19 26 


5 12 19 6 


G 13 20 27 


C 13 20 27 


7 14 21 28 


7 14 21 28 




5 12 19 26 


6 18 20 27 


6 13 20 27 


7 14 21 28 


7 14 21 28 


1 8 15 22 29 


1 8 15 22 29 


2 9 1-6 23 30 


2 9 16 23 30 


3 10 17 24 31 


3 10 17 24 


4 11 18 25 


4 11 18 26 


6 12 19 26 




3 10 17 24 SI 


8 10 17 24 


4 11 18 25 


4 11 18 25 


5 12 19 26 


5 12 19 2'6 


6 13 20 27 


6 13,20 27 


7 14 21 28 


7 14 21 28 


1 8 15 22 29 


1 8 15 22 29 


2 9 16 23 30 


2 9 16 23 30 

July, 184 9. 

Sun, 18 15 22 

Mon. 2 9 16 23 

Tues. 3 10 17 24 

Wed. 4 11 18 25 

Thur. 5 12 19 26 

Frid. 6 13 20 27 

Sat. 7 14 21 28 


Sun. 6 12 19 

Mon. 6 13 20 

Tues. 7. 14 21 

Wed. 1 8j?^2 

Thur. 2 9 16 23 

Frid. 3 10 17 24 

Sat. 4 11 18 25 


Sun. 2 9 1 6 23 

Mon. 3 10 17 24 

Tues. 4 11 1-8 25 

Wed. 6 12 19 26 

Thar. 6 13 20 27 

Frid. 7 14 21 28 

Sat. 1 8 15 22 29 


Sun. 7 14 21 

Mon. 1 8 15 22 

Tnes. 2 9 16 23 

Wed. 3 10 17 24 

Thur. 4 11 18 25 

Frid. 5 12 19 26 

Sat. 6 13 20 27 


Sun. 4 11 18 

Mon. 5 12 19 

Tues. 6 13 20 

Wed, 7 14 21 

Thur. 1 8 15 22 

Frid. 2 9 16 23 

Sat, 3 10 17 24 


Sun. 2 9 16 2S 

Moti. 3 10 17 24 

Tnea. 4 11 18 25 

Wed, 6 12 19 26 

Thur. 6 18 '20 27 

Frid. 7 14 21 28 

Sat. 1 8 15 22 29 


jV.i?.~Bank Holidays — 25th December, Ist January, and 24th May. 
When these days fall on a Sunday, the following Monday .is kept as a BoMsy. 



On demand or after dat». 

£2, and uot 
5 :5 

20 :0 
30 : 

50 : 0' 




Above 100 : 
Above 200 : 
Above 300 ; 
Above 500 : 
Above 1000 : 
Above 2000 : 
Above 3000 : 

>t above £5 

: 5 ... 

" 20 




«« 50 


" 100 


" 200 


" 300 


" 600 


" 1000 


«' 2000 

:0 ... 

" 8000 
• • . > 

: ... 

Not exceeding 2 


Months' date. 


2 Months' date or 

60 days 


GO days' sight. 

... £0 


... £0 

1 6 









2 6 





3 6 





4 6 













8 6 





12 6 

... 12 




... 15 

... 1 


. 1 


... 1 



For any sum not ab. Z.100, Is. 6d. 
Above LlOO •' 200, 3s. 
Above 200 " 600, 43. 
Above 500 " 1000, 6s. 

Above LlOOOnot ab. 1.2000, 7s. 6d, 
Above 2000 «« 3000, lOs. 
Above 8000 . . 15s. 
Every Bill of each Set pays. 

Foreign Bills of Exchange, or Bilk of Exchange drawn in, but payable out c.f 
Great Britain, if Drawn singly, and not in set, are Bul:gecb to the same Duty as an 
Inland Bill of the same amount and tenor. 


For £300 and under £500, 



£5 and under £10, 


For 500 " 1000, 

73. 6d 





For 1000 and upwards, 






In full of all demands, 




♦ 100, 

Is. 6d. 




2s. Cd. 

Beceiver of Money pays 







When the Premium shall not exceed 1 Os. per cent. 

AVhere it exceeds 103. and shall not exceed 208. " 
" 20s. '« 303. 
" 808. " 40a. " 
" 40s. " 60s. " 
" 50s. 

When the period shall not exceed Six Calendar Months- 
per cent. ....... 

Exceeding Six Calendar Months, . . 

AGEEEMENTS, not above 1080 words, and without a Claim 
of Registration, 2o. 6d. 














Stamp IhUies. 

Sum not exceeding £50, 


Above £50 
Above 100 
Above 200 
Above 800 
Above 500 
Above 1000 


Progressive Duty, 25s 

IS'ot amounting to 1.20 
?. 20 and under 100 

100 „ ■■ 500 

£1 Above Z.2000 not exc. l.dOQO, 

. 1 lOs. Above 3000 „ 4000, 

2 Above 4000 „ 5000, 

3 Above 5000 „ 10,000, 

4 Above 10,000 „ 15,000, 
6 Above 15,000 ,, 20,000, 
6 Above 20,000 

Mortgages, same Duty as Bonds. 
Bills of Lading, 6d. 



Z.500, or upwards, . . 10s. 

Any other kind, 5s. ; and for every 

additional sheet, 5s. 

DEBENTURES, if not above £100, 5s. —Above £100, and not above 
£200, 10s.— Above £200, and not above £500, 203.— Above £500, 40s. 
DECREE ARBITRAL, 1080 words, £1, 15s.— And for every entire 
quantity of 1080 words additional, 25s. 
Eor any sum not above Z. 50 •..•,• ' . • • 2s. 6d. 
Exceeding 1.60, and not abo7e i.lOO ' . . ' . . 6s. Od. 

200 .... lOs. Od. 

500 . . . . 15s. Od. 

20s. Od. 
Lease of any lands, at a yearly rent, 
where no sum of money, by way of 
fine or grassum, has been paid: — 



500 . 

Under 1.20 . 


20 and not ^.50 


i.O 10 




























. 750 







































100,000 or upwards, 1000 

Where the yearly rent shall 
not amount to 1.20, . l.l 

And where the same shall a- 
mount to 1.20, and not to 

MOO, . 



Amtg. to Z.IOO not to ?.200, 
200 „ 400, 
400 „ 600, 
600 „ 800, 
800 „ 1000, 


„ 1000 and upwards, 10 

And for the counterpart of any 
Lease hereby charged with a duty, 
if not exceeding l.l, the like duty 
as on the same. 

And for the counterpart of 
any other lease whatsoever, ^.1 10 

And for every 1080 words 
above the first, ...10 

Stamp Duties. 



Value of effect". 


Above 20 

If 50 











and not 50, 

„ 100. 

,. 200, 

„ 300, 

„ 450, 

„ 600, 

„ 800, 

„ 1000, 

„ 1500, 

„ 2000, 

„ 3000, 

„ 4000, 







not leff. 




























£ £ 
If 4000 <k not 5000, 


„ 6000, 
„ 7000, 
„ 8000, 
„ 9000, 
„ 10,000, 
„ 12,000, 

£ ». 


£ s. 



or Commission or Factory, £1 10 
And for every 1080 words, 1 

















£ s. 



s. d. 

s. d. 

£ s. 


£ t. d. 

.'. d. 

HO 1 





1 6 


6 11 








1 8 


6 6i 




1 If 



1 10 

6 101 





1 6} 



1 11 


7 3i 

1 Oi 




1 11 



1 13 


7 8 

1 n 



2 Si 



2 10 

11 6 

1 71 




2 8i 



3 6 


15 4 

2 2i 




3 01 



4 3 


19 21 

2 9 



3 5^ 




I 3 Oi 

3 3J 




3 10 



5 16 


1 6 lOJ 

3 10 




4 21 



6 13 


1 10 8i 

4 4i 



4 7i 



7 iO 

1 14 6i 

4 lU 


1 1 


4 Hi 



8 6 



5 51 


1 3 


5 4^ 




5 15 Of 

16 5i 


1 5 

5 9 



11 13 


9 11 9J 

27 41 

If the Sum be Guineas, not Pounds, for Each Guinea, add a Fenny 

, to each 

Month, or a Farthing to each week. 


Jui.y, 1848, TUX July, 1849. 

On the subject of the TJdfes, we may remark tfiat they ave effected by 
the unequal, attraction of the sun and moon, but chiefly that of the latter 
object. The times of high water do not always answer to the same 
distance of the moou from the meridian at the same places, but are variously 
affected by the action of the sun, wliich brings them on sooner when tba 
moon is in her first and third quarters, and keep^ them back later when she 
is in her second and fourth; because, in the former case, the tidea, raised 
by the sun alone, would be earlier than that raised by the moon, and in the 
latter case, later. Wiien the moon is in perigee, or at her nearest distance: 
from the earth, she attracts strongest, and therefore raises the tides most^ 
the contrary happens when she is in apogee, or at her greatest distance frora 
earth, because of her weaker attraction. At new moon, when the moon la- 
in; conjunction with the sun, the tides ai'e raised by the joint attraction of 
both Inminaries, and therefore will be highest; the same is the case at full 
woon, when the sun and moon are in opposition; for whilst the moon raises 
tb? tides under and opposite to her, the snn, acting in the same line, raises 
the tides under and opposite to him, whence their conjoint effect is the same 
as at the change, and in both cases occasion what are called Spring Tides. 
But at the, quarters, the sun raises the tides when the moou depresses them, 
and depresses them when they would be raised by the moon; hence it is 
the difference of their actions that produces the tides at the quarters, and 
these are called Neap Tides. But these tides do not happen till a day or 
two after the abore times; because in this, as in other cases, the effect is 
not greatest or least when the immediate influence of the cause is gi'eatest or 
least, but sometime afterward. 

The sun being nearer the earth at the beginning than at any other time of 
the year, his attraction will then be most powerful, and of course, about 
January, the Spring tides will be gi-eater than at any other time, and great- 
est of all if the moon at the same time happen to be in perigee. 

When the moon is in the equinoctial, the tides are equally high in both 
parts of the lunar day; but as the moon declines from the equinoctial towards 
either pole, the tides are alternately higher and lower at places having 
north or south latitudes. Whilst the moon has north declination, the great- 
est tides in northern hemisphere are when she is above the horizon, and the 
reverse when her declination is south. The time and elevation of high water 
at Glasgow, are considerably affected by high winds in the Clyde. From 
the form and course of the Frith, it Avill be easily seen that a gale from the 
N.N.W. or N.W., by opposing the flow of the tide, will cause the time of 

Almanack and Tide Table. 

high water to be earlier, and height of the tide to be less, than it otherwise 
MTOttld be; while a gale from the S.S.E. or S.E. would have an effect quite 
the ceatrary, so ?s sometimes to make the tide vary considerably from the 
time noted in the table. 

The time of high water at any of the following places may be found by 
applyirig the coirection opposite the name to the time of high water at 
Glasgow. Should the time to be substracted be too great, add 12 to the 
tarn of high water at Glasgow, and then substract; the remainder will be 
the time of high water reqiiired in the preceding forenoon, if the afternoon 
tide at Glasgow is used; but if the forenoon tide is used, the remainder will 
be time of high water at the given place in the preceeding afternoon. If, 
after addition, the sum exceed 12 hours, reject 12, and the remainder is the 
time of high water in the afternoon, if the preceeding forenoon tide has been 
used; but if the afteraooa tide has been ysed, the remainder is the time of 
high water in the forenoon of next day. 






subtract 1 


Inverness, - 

- subtract 2 




Isle of Man, 

... 3 






... 2 






... 2 




Lochryan, - 






Millport, - 

... 2 


Dublin Bar, 




... 1 





Rothesay, - 

.. 2 





Saltcoats, - 

... 2 


Mull of Galloway, 



Stranraer, - 

... 2 


Greenock, - 



Liverpool, - 

... 2 






... 2 





... 2 


inverary, - 




DuffALD THOiffsoir, 

285 Gborgs Stkp;^.t, 


of Mathematict 



Tide Table 

for 1848. 

JULY, 1848. 

liioH Watkb 












H. M. 

H. M. 

r>. M. 

H. M 

R. M. 



Battle of the .Boyne 1690. 

1 27 

1 51 

23n 6 

3 20}8 46 1 



2d Snnday after Trinity. 

2 16 

2 39 

23 2 

3 21 

8 46 



Dog-Days begin. 


4 22 

22 57 

3 2218 45 



Amer. Indepen, decl. 1776, 

3 42 

4 4 

22 52 

3 22|8 45 



Sovereigns first issued 1817. 

4 24 

4 45 

22 46 

3 238 44 



Old MidsuEDmer Day. 

6 7 

5 28 

22 40 

3 248 44 



Mr. Blacklock died 1791. 

5 50 

6 13 

22 34 

3 258 43 



Sir H. Raehum died 1823. 

6 35 

7 1 

22 27 

3 26 

8 42 



3d Sunday after Trinity. 

7 26 

8 1 

22 20 

3 27 

8 42 



Glasgow^ Fair begins. 

8 31 

9 4 

22 13 

3 28 

8 41 



(10) Calvin born 1509. 

9 34 

10 7 

22 5 

3 30 

8 39 



Erasmus died 1536. 

10 37 

11 8 

21 5Q 

3 33 

8 37 




Duke of Orleans k. 1842. 

U 10 

11 35 

21 48 

3 34 

8 36 

' \ 



Dr. R. Hamilton d. 1829. 

__ — 

— -,— 

21 39 

3 35 

8 35 



St- Swithin's Day. 


1 4 

21 29 

3 36 

8 34 



4th Sunday after Trinity. 

1 23 

1 50 

21 20 

3 37 

8 33 



Adam Smith died 1790. 

2 4 

2 23 

21 9 

3 38 

8 32 



Dr. Hooke born 1635. 

2 42 


20 59 

3 40 

8 31 



Frofes. Flayfair died 1819. 

3 19 

3 39 

20 48 

3 41 

8 30 



Reg. of Pari. Voters el. 

3 59 

4 20 

20 37 

3 42 

8 29 



Robert Burns died 1796. 

4 41 

5 4 

20 25 

3 45 

8 26 



Un. of Eng. k Scot. 1706. 

5 2Q 

5 51 

20 13 

3 47 

8 24 



5th Sunday after Trinity. 

6 18 

6 46 

20 1 

3 48 

8 23 



Battle of Harlaw 1411. 

7 17 

7 51 

19 49 

3 49 

8 22 



St, James Apostle martyred. 

8 29 

9 5 

19 36 

3 51 

8 21 



St. Ann, 

9 40 

10 20 

19 23 

3 52 

8 19 



Battle of Talavera 1809. 

10 56 

11 8 

19 9 

3 54 

8 18 



N. M. Rothschild d. 1830. 

11 29 

_.„ — , 

18 55 

3 55 

8 16 



Charles X. dethroned 1830. 


18 41 

3 57 

8 15 



6th Sunday after Trinity. 

1 18 

1 42 

18 27 

3 58 

B 13 



Thomas Gray died 1771. 

2 4 

2 23 18 12 i 


8 12 

JrjLT, 1848. 

First Quarter, 
Full Moon, 

D. H. M. 

7 21 30 
15 21 21 

Last Quarter 
New Moon, 

B. H. M. 

, . 22 23 28 
, 29 19 25 



. 9 



P^igee, .. 

D. H. 

24 17 

Tide Table for 1848. 


AUGUST, 1848. 

liiQH Water 


RsuarkIble Days, dec. 









II. M. 

H. M, 

D. M. 

FT. M. n. M; 



Lammas Day. , , . 

2 45 

3 3 

17 57 

4 2 8 10 



A. Meinlle b6rti 1545. 

3 22 

3 39 

17 41 

4 5^8 7 



James 11 killed 14G0. 

3 57 

4 20 

17 26 

1 7 8 4 



Calais takea 1374. 

4 33 

4 43 

17 10 

4 88 2 



Gowrie Conspiracy 1600. 
7tii Sunday after Trinity. 

5 10 

5 29 

16 64 

4 lOiS 



5 50 

-6 .11 

16 37 

4 12(7 59 



(6) Ben Oohnson died 1837. 


6 57 ' 

16 20 

4 13 7 57 



Geo. Canning died 1827. 

7 26 

8 3 

16 8 

4 15 7 55 



Drydfin barn 1631. 

8 39 

9 17 

15 40 

4 16 ;7 63 



St. l>awrence martyifed* 

9 52 

10 27 

15 20 

4 1817 52 
4 23 7 48 



Dog Days ead. 

11 1 

11 8 

15 11 



Grouse Shooting begilis. 

11 30 


14 53 

4 ^5\7 U 



8th Sunday after Trinity. 


14 34 

4 26 7 42 




(13) Old Lam^mas Day.- 

1 4 

1 23 

15 16 

4 28 7 40 


Kapoleon born 1769, 

1 43 

2 2 

iZ 57 

4 30 7 38 



(l5)SirW. Seottb. 1771. 

? 20 

2 41 

13 38 

4 317 56 



Duchess of Keut b. 1786. 

3 # 

3 20 

13 19 

4 33V U 



Dr. J. Beattied. 1803. 

3 40 

4 \ 


4 -347 312 



A. Henderson died 1646. 

■4. 22 

4 43 

12 40 

4 36 


7 as 



9th Sanday after Trinity. 

5 6 

5 31 

12 20 

4 3S 



(20) filk. Game Sh. begins. 

5 55 

6 21 

12 1 

4 40 

7 26 



B. of the Standard 1138. 

6 62 

7 26 

11 40 

4 43 

7 23 



Wm. M Gavin died 1832. 

8 7 

8 46 

11 20 

4' 4^ 

7 "20 



St. Bartholomew. 

9 26 

10 9 

10 59 

4 47" 

7 17 



James Watt died 1819. 

10 50 

11 8 

10 39 

4 49 

7 14 



Prince Albert born 1819. 

11 22 

10 18 

4 50 

7 1:2 



10th Sun, after Trinity. 


,0 13 

9 57 

4 52 

7 10 



St. Augustine. 

1 6. 

1 20 , 

9 36 

4 53 

7 8 



John Locke born 1632. 

1 47 

2 4 

9 14 

4 55 

7 6 



Wm. Paley born 1743. 

2 23 

2 41 

8 58 

4 57 

7 4 



John B'lnyan died 1688. 

2 57 

3 14 

8 31 

4 58 7 1| 


AirsiTST. 1848. 

S'lrst Quarter, 
Full Moon, 

T>. H. M. 

6 14 57 
14 8 16 

Last Quarter, 
New Moon, 

D. II. M. 

21 4 -S 

28 T-'Xi 


D. H, 

6 10 I Perigee, 

n. II. 

18. 18 



Titk.TabU for JS.tS. 

*SByTteM»ER, 1S48. 











Hemarkablb Djvys, Ac. 

Partridge Shooting begins 
Howard born 1726 
11th Sunday after Trinity 
(3) GLnsgow Bridge f. 1838 
1st Amer. Congress 1774 
Mar. Bhichcr died 1819 
Hannah More died 1833 
Hardie & Baird ex. 1820 
Wm. the Conq. d. 1087 
12th Sunday after Trinity 
"(10) Mungo Park b. 1771 
Old Parr born 1483 
Gen. Wolfe killed 1759 
Fish. N. of the Tweed clog. 
Robert PoUockd. 1827 
James II died 1701 
13th Sunday after Trinity 
Dr. S. Johnson born 1709 
Lord Lydenham d. 1841 
(21) Sir W. Scott d. 1«32 
St. Matthew 
Day and Night equal 
Samuel Butler died 1680 
14th Sunday after Trinity 
Mrs. Hemans born 1794 
St. Cyprian 

James Brindley d. 1772 
George Buchanan d. 1582 
Michaeimas Day 
Hare hunting begins 

High Water 


' Glasgow. 

Morn. Even 

H. M. 

3 ao- 

4 I 

4 34 

5 19 





10 23 

11 8 


7 50 
9 16 

10 37 

11 U 


1 23 

1 57 

2 29 







8 25 

9 44 

10 58 

n 25 


1 38: 

2 17 



8 34 

9 59 
11 8 


1 5 

1 40 

2 11 

2 45 

3 15 


Dccl. Rises. Setsj 


I. 9 




6 41 



4 25 
4 2 
3 39 

3 16 
2 53 
2 30 
2 7 
1 43 
1 20 


'. 2 57 

H. mJih. Vi 
5' 'm 58 
5 4 6^6 

7 6 ■&% 

8 6 50! 
10 6 46 
12 6 44 
13!6 42 
lo|6 40 
16;6 3? 
18:6 3 
23 6 3 
25 6 2i 
27 6 2 

286 2% 
30 6 2t 
32 6 17 
336 IS 
35 6 13 
366 11 
38 6 S 
6 A 




j> 4416 
5 47 
5 49 

50j5 5^ 
52 5 5: 
53 ,5 4- 

5515 4^ 
^■58l5 41 



September, 1848. 

First Quarter, 
Full Moon, . 

C. H. M. 

5 8 43 
12 18 18 

L^t Quarter, 
New Moon, 

n, H. M. 
19 9 58 
26 21 35 


D. H. 

3 41 Perigee, 

;o. H. 

15 3 i Apogee 

D. n. 

30 22 

7Me Table for lUS. 


OCTOBBE» 1848. 











Kehabsabis Dats, &0. 

16th Sunday after Trinity. 
(1) Pheasant-shooting begins. 
Robert Barclay died 1690. 
Richard Heber died 1833. 
Mar. Cornwall died 1805. 
Peace dec. with Amer. 1783. 
Battle of Sepanto 1571. 
1 6th Sunday after Trinity. 
St. Denis. 

H. Cavendish born 1731. 
Old Miehaelmaf? day. 
America discovered 1492. 
Murat shot 1815. 
Battle ot Hastings 1066. 
17th Sunday after Trinity. 
(15) Tweed N. Fist, closed. 
Fox-hunting begins. 
St, Luke. 

Battle of Loipsic 1813. 
Kirke White died 1806. 
A.. Runciman died 1785. 
18th Sunday after Trinity. 
Battle of Edgehill 1642. 
Sir J. M'Intosh born 1765. 
St, Crispin. 
Hogarth died 1784, 
Captain Cook born 1728. 
St. Simon and St. Jude. 
19th Sunday after Trinity. 
Wm. Penny bom 1756. 
AU Hallow Eve. 

HioH Wateb 





H. H. 

H. M. 

3 30 

3 45 

4 26 

4 19 

4 34 

4 44 

5 12 

5 34 

5 58 

6 26 


7 41 

8 24 

9 4 

9 44 

10 21 

10 54 

11 8 

11 20 

-_ ~-. 




1 9 

1 31 

1 51 

2 14 

2 36 

2 57 

3 20 

3 41 

4 6 

4 29 

4 53 

6 19 

6 47 

6 16 

6 53 

7 33 

8 15 

8 58 

9 39 

10 15 

10 48 

11 8 

11 15 




1 12 

1 30 

2 45 

2 2 

2 18 

2 32 

2 49 

3 5 

3 21 

3 35 

3 61 


Decl. Rises.l Sets- 

D. M. 

S.3 21 
3 44 



6 2 
6 25 

6 48 







8 18 

8 40 

9 3 
9 25 
9 46 

10 8 
10 30 

10 51 

11 12 








6 20 5 

e 22 6 




12 5G 

13 ]& 
13 36 

13 50 

14 15 



6 35 
6 37 
6 38 
6 40 
G 45 
6 47 
6 48 
6 50 






M ;, 














October, 1848. 

First Quartej", 
Full Moon, 

D. H. M. 

5 2 1 
. 12 3 69 

Last Quarter, 

New Mooni . 

1). U. >'. 

, Is IB '28 

28 14 40 

Perigree, • 

D. H. 

. 13 71 

Apogee, « 

D. R. 

. 28 8 




Tide Table/or 1848. 

NOVEMBER, 1848. 


liien AVater 

_,T Sun. 

Days , 

Remark ABLE Days, <fec. 



Even, i Decl. 





H. M. 

H. M. D. M. 



All Saints. 

4 8- 

4 20 

14 35 |7 6 

4 20 



All Souls. 

4 46 

5 7 

14 54 [7 10 

4 16 



Princess Sophiaborn 1777. 

5 30 

5 55 

15 13 7 13 

4 14 



Wm. Ill landed 1688. 

6 25 

7 1 

15 31 7 15 

4 12 



20th Sunday after Trinity. 

7 42 

8 22 

15 49 -7 n 

4 10 



(5) Gunpowder Plot. 

8 59 

9 37 

16 7 7 18 

4 9 



Tweed Rod Fishing- closes. 

10 13 

10 45 

16 25 7 20 

4 7 



John Milton died J 674. 

11 8 

11 10 

16 43 

7 22 

4 5 



Prince of Wales born 1841. 

11 34 

_ — ■ 


7 24 

4 4 



Hogarth born 1697. 



17 17 

7 25 

4 2 



Martinmas Term Day. 

1 7 

1 31 

17 33 

7 28 

3 59 



21st Sunday after Trinity 

1 54 

2 17 

17 50 

7 31 

3 57 

3 55 



Bat. of SheritiViuiir 1715. 

2 40 

3 3 

18 6 

7 34 



Currandied 1817. 

3 26 

3 49 

18 21 

7 35 

3 53 



Sir W. Hersehell b. 1730. 

4 14 

4 39 

18 .37 

7 37 

3 52 



James Ferguson died 1776. 

5 5 

5 32 

18 .5-2 

7 39 

3 50 



D. Naismitli died 1 839. 


6 39 

19 6 

7 41 

3 49 



Rubens bom 1577. 

7 3 

7 43 

19 21 

7 43 

3 47 




22nd Sunday after Trinity. 

8 20 

8 56 

10 .35 

7 45 

3 45 


Treaty of Paris, 1815. 

9 38 

10 7 

19 48 

7 48 3 43 



D'lgald Stewart b. 1753. 

10 48 

11 6 

20 2 

7 503 41 


W 1 Lord Clive died 1774. 

11 8 

11 30 

20 15- 

7 53 3-39 



Old Martinmas Term Day. 

— — ■ 

— ■ — 

20 27 \7- 55 [3 38 



John Knox died 1572. 



20 39 17 56 3-37 



James Watt born 1713. 

1 6 

1 22 

20 51 |7 5813 36 



23rd Sun. after Trinity. 

1 40 

1 55 

21 2 

8 0i3 35 



J. Ho2:g, poet, died 1835. 

2 12 

2 28 

21 13 

8 lis 34 



Batt. of PentlandieCG. 

2 43 

2 59 

21 24- 

8 8!3 33 



Lord Hailes died 1792. 

3 16 

4 33 

21 34 

8 43 32 



Th j St. Andrew's Day. 

3 50 

4 7 

21 44 

8 6;3 31 


NoVKliBER, 1848. 

First Quar 
Full Moon 


D. II. M. 

. 3 18 2 
. 10 13 35 

Last (Quarter, 
New Moon, . 

D. IT. w. 

. 17 6 47 
. 25 9 30 


D. IT. 

. . 10 18 

j Apogee,, 

D.- If. 

, . 24 11 


Tide TaUe for ISiS. 


DECEMBER, 1848, 










h23 Sa 

Eemaekaele Days, &c. 




Pope Leo X died 1521. 
Napoleon cvovfued 1804. 
1st Sunday in Advent. 
Sir W. Fordjce d. 1792. 
Macbeth slain 1056. 
Rev. G. Irving d. 1834. 
Mary Q. of Scots b. 1342. 
Conception B. V. M. 
John Milton bora 1608. 
2nd Sunday in Advent. 
(10) Grouse sh. ends. 
Colley Gibber d. 1757. 
Dr. Johnson died 1784. 
Washington died 1799. 
Mrs. Trimmer d. 1810. 
John Seldon born 1584. 
3rd Sunday in Advent. 
Thomas Gray born 1724. 
R. Exchange Glas.f. 1827 
1st Gen. Assembly 1560. 
St. Thomas. 
(21) Shortest day. 
Duke of Guise ass. 1588. 
4th Sunday in Advent. 
Christmas Day. 
St. Stephen martyred. 
St. John Evangelist. 
Innocents' Day. 
Thos. u Becket mur. 1171 
(31) Hogmanay. 
1st Sunday afterChristm. 

High Water 






H. M. 

H. M. 

4 28 

4 48 

5 10 

5 32 


6 28 


7 37 

8 15 

8 50 

9 26 

10 1 

10 34 

11 2 

11 8 

11 32 

— — 

— — 


1 14 

I 48 

2 4 

2 29 

2 52 

3 13 

3 38 

4 2 

4 24 

4 58 

5 13 

5 28 

G 2 

6 29 

6 56 

7 26 

8 3 

8 34 

9 9 

9 42 

10 16 

10 46 

11 8 

11 15 

— — 




I 18 

1 36 

1 54 

2 12 

2 29 

2 45 

3 3 

3 20 

3 48 

'3 57 

4 14 

4 36 

4 57 

5 18 


Rises. Sets. 

D. M. 

22 2 
22 11 
22 19 
22 27 
22 34 
22 41 
22 47 
22 53 

22 58 

23 3 
23 8 
23 12 
23 15 
23 18 
23 21 
23 23 
23 25 
23 26 
23 27 
23 27 
23 27 
23 27 
23 26 
23 24 18 
23 22 
23 19 
23 16 
23 13 
23 9 
23 5 ii 

M. n, M. 
113 27 

12|3 26 
143 26 
1513 25 
16i3 25 
ISJS 24 

19 3 24 

20 3 23 

21 j 3 23 
23|3 23 



28 3 21 
2913 21 
30j3 21 
31:3 21 

3 21 
3 22 
3 22 
3 23 
3 23 
3 23 
3 23 


37 13 24 

37I3 24 

38|3 26 

38i3 27 

38|3 2S 

38!3 29 

DECEMBER, 1848. 

First Quarter, 
Full Moon, 


D. n. M. 
3 8 6 
9 23 44 

Last Quarter, 
New Moon, 

D. H. 

9 I Apogee, 















Tide Table for 1849. 

JANUARY, 1849. 










Remarkable Dats, &c. 

New Year's-Daj. 
General Wolfe born, 1727- 
Battle of Princeton, 1777. 
Coi. Gard. m. f., 1809. 
Cath. de. Med. d- 1589, 

1st Sunday after Epiphanj 
Bat. of N. Orleans, 1815 
Foixtenelle died. 
Penny Postage coin. 1840. 
Col. Gardiner born, 1688. 
Dr. Mackuight d. 1800. 
Old New Year's- Day. 
2d Sunday after Epiphany 
Queen Elizabeth d. 1559. 
Battle of Corunna, 1809. 
Benj. Franklin b. 1706, 
Robert M'Nish d. 1836. 
James Watt born, 1736. 
David Garrick died, 1779. 
3d Sundtiy after Epiphany 
Lord Byron born, 1788. 
William Pitt died. 
Fred, the Groat b, 1712. 
Robert Burns born, 1759. 
Brazil discovered, 1490. 
Earthq. at Glasgow, 1808. 
4th Suudajr after Epiphany j 
George 111, died, 1820. 
Charles I, beheaded, 1649. 

High Water 



Morn. Even 









6 6 

7 1 

8 10 

9 23 

10 36 

11 8 

I 3 

1 53 

2 41 

3 2,5 

4 7 

4 49 

5 30 

6 13 


8 3 

9 1 

10 24 

11 8 


1 17 

i 54 

2 30 

3 5 

3 40 

4 17 

4 59 

5 43 


Decl. Rises. Sets, 

22 55 

22 40 
22 43 
22 36 
22 2.} 
22 21 
22 13 
22 5 

21 m 

21 47 
21 37 
21 27 
21 16 
21 5 
20 54 
20 42 
20 30 
20 18 
20 5 
19 52 
19 38 
19 24 
19 9 
18 55 
18 40 
18 24 
18 9 
17 52 
17 36 
17s 19 

H. M. 

8 37 3 32 
8 36 3 33 

8 36 
8 36 
8 36 
8 35 

3 34? 
3 35i 
3 36 

3 37 

8 35,3 395 

8 343 40 
8 34|3 Ul 
8 333 43l 

8 31 

8 38 
8 29 
8 29 

8 28 

3 46| 
3 481 
3 49} 
3 511 
3 521 

8 27 3 54' 
8 263 55| 
8 25 3 57 
8 24'3 59, 
8 234 
8 18 4 

[8 17 
S 15 
|8 14 
\8 13 
18 12 
8 10 







4 16| 

9|4 13 

8 4 20 

4 22 . 

54 24 

Januart, 1849. 

First Quarter, 
Full Moon, - 




H. M. 

19 38 
10 50 

Last Quarter, 
New Moon, 

First Quarter, 

D. n. 
6 15 


















Tide Table for 184^. 


FEBRUARY, 1849. 




Dats . 

Remarkable Dats, tfcc. 







H. il. 

H. M. 


H. M. 

F. It. 

D. M. 


Fishing N. of Tweed op. 

7 1 

7 33 

17 2 

7 59 

4 29 


Candlemas, P. B. V. M. 

8 14 

8 52 

16 45 

7 58 

4 31 


(1) Part, and Pheas. sh. ends. 

9 33 

10 17 

16 28 

7 56 

4 33 



Septuagesima Sunday. jlO 54 

11 8 

16 10 

7 54 

4 35 



Sir Robert Peel b. 1788. 

11 29 

15 52 

7 53 

4 36 



(7) G. Buchanan b, 1503. 


15 33 

7 51 

4 38 



(8) M. Q. of Scots beh. 1587. 

1 20 

1 43 

15 14 

7 4it 

4 40 



(9) Glasg. Cathed. con. 1133. 

2 6 

2 27 

14 56 

7 47 

4 42 



(10) Queen's Marriage, ] 840. 

2 48 

3 6 

14 36 

7 46 

4 44 



(11) Descartes died 1650. 

3 25 

3 44 

14 17 

7 44 

4 46 



Sexagesima Sunday, 

4 2 

4 21 

13 57 

7 36 

4 52 



Lady J. Gray b. 1554. 

4 37 

4 57 

13 37 

7 36 

4 54 



New Silver Coin issued 1817. 

5 14 

5 31 

13 17 

7 34 

4 56 



St. Valentine's day. 

5 40 

6 11 

12 57 

7 32 

4 57 

■ \ 



(14) Old Candlemas. 

6 33 

6 59 

12 36 

7 31 

4 59 




Sir P. Sydney born 1577. 

7 29 

8 8 

12 16 

7 29 

5 1 



Michael Angelo died 1563. 

8 47 

9 26 

11 55 

7 27 

5 3 



Quisequagesima, Shrove Sun. 

10 4 

10 42 

11 33 

7 25 

5 5 



Galileo born 1564. 

11 8 

11 18 

11 12 

7 23 

5 7 



Garriclt born 1716. 

— — 

10 51 

7 21 

5 9 



Ash Wednesday. 



10 29 

7 16 

5 12 



Ad. Ferguson died 1816. 

1 13 

1 31 

10 7 

7 14 

5 15 
5 17 



Scott av.' Waver. 1827- 

1 40 

2 9 

9 45 

7 11 



Duke of Camb. born 1774. 

2 27 

2 4 

9 23 

7 9 

5 19 



Quadragesima, 1st Sun. in Lt. 

3 2 

3 20 

9 1 

7 7 

5 22 



Sir T. Craig died 1608. 

3 40 

3 59 

8 38 

7 5 

5 24 



Hare Hunting ends. 

4 18 

4 37 

8 16 

7 3 

5 26 

- 1 



Cato St. Consp. disco. 1820. 


5 21 

7 53 

7 1 

5 29 

February, 1849. 

D. n. M. 

Full Moon, . 6 23 16 

Last Quarter, . 14 16 3 

D. IJ. jr. 

New Moon, . 22 13 30 

D, H. D. II. D. n. 

Perigee . 3 9 j Apogee, . 15 7 ! Perigee, . 28 17 


Tide Tc^h^^r^S^^ASh- 

>■": <i, F; Y 

MARCH, 1849. 


High Water 


Remaukable Days, Ac. 








H. M. 

H. M. 

D. M. 

II. M. 

H, M. 


(4) St. David. 

5 43 

6 10 

75 30 

6 56 

5 31 


John Wesley died 1791. 

G 37 

7 12 

7 8 

6 54 

5 34 


T. Otway born 1651. 

7 49 

S 33 

6 45 

6 51 

5 37i 

•1| S 

2d Sunday in Lent. 

9 IG 

10 1 

6 22 

6 49 

5 4o; 

5 Mo 

A. Corregio died. 

10 46 

U 8 

5 58 

6 47 

5 43 


Michael Angelo b. 1475. 

11 23 

__ — 

5 35 

6 45 

5 46; 



Bruce 's tomb dis. 1818. 

— __ 


5 12 

6 43 

5 49, 



William III died 1702. 

i 8 

1 39 

4 49 

6 41 

5 51 



Dr. F. Young died 1829, 

1 48 

2 9 

4 25 

6 38 

5 53 



(11) Tasso born 1544. 

2 27 

2 44 

4 2 

6 36 

5 54': 

111 S 

3d Sunday in Lent. 

3 1 

3 17 

3 38 

G 34 

5 55, 



Bishop Berkely b. 1684. 

3 34 

3 5f 

3 15 

6 27 

5 56 



(15) Hec. M'Neiid.l818. 

4 8 

4 24 

2 51 

6 25 

5 57 


Admiral Byng shot 1757. 

4 41 

4 56 

2 27 

6 24 

5 58 


Ralph Erskine born 1685. 

5 15 

7 33 

2 4 

G 21 

5 59 


Gustavus III -shot 1792. 

5 54 

6 15 

1 40 

6 18 



St. Patrick. 

6' 40 

7 10 

1 10 

6 16 

6 2 
6 4' 

18 S 

7 51 

8 32 


6 14 

19 Mo 

Louis X VIII fled 1815. 

9 14 

29 54 


6 12 

6 5 

20 Tu 

Duch. of Cumb. b. 1778. 

10 32 

11 8 

Os 5 

6 9 

6 7! 

21 W 

Day and night equal. 

11 8 

Oil 19 

G 3 

6 13 


Cranmer burned 1556. 



G 1 

6 14 


Arch. Usher died 16.30. 


1 4 

1 6 

5 58 

G 16 

■i4'Sa i Q.ueen Eliz. died 1603. 

1 24 

1 41 

1 30 

5 56 

6 18 


S Annunciation — Ladj-day, 

1 59 

2 19 

1 53 

5 54 

6 19 


Mo! Pri.Geo. of Cumb. b. 1819. 

2 37 

2 57 

2 19 

5 52j6 21 


Tu Rob. Bruce crowned 1306. 

3 19 

3 37 

2 40 

5 4it!6 23 


W G. Wishart martyr. 1545. 

3 59 

4 21 

3 4 

5 47i6 24 


Th Gunp. used in Ens. 1380. 

4 43 

5 5 

3 27 

5 45G 26 


Fri Dr. W. Hunter d. 1783. 

5 29 

5 56 

3 50 

5 42i6 28 



Allies entered Paris 1814. 


6 59 

4>j 14 

5 40 

G 29 

March, 1849. 

First Quarter, 
Full Moon, . 

D. n. M. 
1 12 3 
8.13 2 

Last Quarter, 
New Moon, 
First Quarter, 

D. H. M. 

16 12 39 
24 2 6 

30 18 58 


D. H. 

.15 4 I Perigee, 

D. H. 

. 26 23 

Tide Table for 1849. 


APRIL, 1849. 




g Mo 

3 Tu 













































29' ^S 



Remaerabii; Days, <tc. 

I^alm Sunday. 
Battle of Copenhagen iSOI. 
John Napier died 1617. 
OliTer Goldsmith d. 1774. 
John Stow died 1605. 
Go'Od' Friday. 
Hearj Bell bom 1T67. 
Easter Sunday. 
Lord Baeo'n die(J 1G26. 
Rochester bora 1647. 
Geo. CaaniBg bom 1770. 
Canning IB. pr. min. 1827. 
Catholics Emancioa. 1829. 
Otwaj died 1685/ 
Low Sunday. 
(15) Mut. at Spitbeaid. 
Battle of Culloden 174G. 
Abercethy died 1841. 
American Revol. be. 1755, 
Spanish Fleet destr. 1657, 
(22)Hen. Fielduigb.1599 
2(3 Sunday after Ea&te-y. 
St. George. 

Oliver Cromwell b. 1590. 
Duch. of Glouces. b. 177C, 
PlagBO in London 1665. 
Gibbon bora 1 737. 
Baxon Denon died 1825. 
3d Sun. after Easter. 
(29) London Univ. f. 1827 

High Water 






10 32 

11 8 












6 57 ! 





























11. M. 

8 23 

9 50 
11 7 
11 36 

1 7 
i 53 

2 17 

2 50 

3 22 
j 3 52 
^ 4 2Q 

5 2 

5 44 

6 34 

7 49 
9 19 

10 20 

11 8 

i 29 


4 53 

5 47 

6 50 
8 19 


Decl. Riscs.lSets. 

5 23 

5 46 

6 31 

6 54 

7 16 

7 38 

8 1 
8 23 

8 45 

9 % 
9 28 
9 50 

10 11 
10 32 

10 53 

11 14 

11 34 
U 55 

12 15 
12 35 

12 55 

13 15 
13 34 

13 53 

14 12 
14 31 

II. M 

6 3i 
6 33 

6 36 

29i6 39 

26|6 41 
24 6 43 
2116 44 
5 19 6 46! 
5 17 6 48 
5 156 411 
5 13 6 5'?i 
5 916 



4 53 
4 49 
4 47 

4 44 
4 40 
4 37 
4 35 
4 33 
4 31 





7 2.5 

29 7 27 
4 27 7 29 
4 25 7 30 

Apkil, 1849. 

Fi'Ji Moon, 
Last Quarter, 


D. n. M. 

7 3 50 

15 7 8 

New Moon, . 
First Quarter, 

Ti. ir. 
11 22 1 rerigeo, 


















Tide Tabic for 1849. 

MAY, 1849. 

HiGU Watkb 




Rkmaukable Days, &c. 





Rises.l Sets. 
H. M.'h. M. 

11. >r. 

H. M. 

D. M. 



Un.ofEng.& Scot. 1707. 

8 59 

9 28 

15w 6 

4 23,7 32 



Princess Charlotte m. 1816 

10 7 

10 41 

15 26 

4 20 7 35 



Archbp. Sharp shot 1679. 

11 8 

11 10 

15 43 

4 17|7 37 


^^■'i Jamaica discovered 1495. 

11 35 

16 1 

4 1417 40 



Great fire in Ilamb. 1842. 


16 18 

4 137 41 



4th Sunday after Easter. 

1 1 

1 16 

16 35 

4 lli7 43 



(6) Battle of Prague 1757. 

1 33 

1 52 

16 52 

4 Ui7 44 



Sir G. M'Kenzie d. 1691. 

2 8 

2 25 

17 8 

4 8'7 46 



Fred. Schiller d. ]80o. 

2 40 

2 57 

17 24 

4 617 48 



Battle of Lodi 1796. 

3 13 

3 29 

17 40 

4 4|7 49 



William Pitt died 1778. 

3 44 


17 55 

4 3 7 51 



Lord Strafford beh, 1641. 

4 19 

4 36 

18 11 

3 57i7 56 



Rogation Sunday. 

4 57 

5 18 

18 25 

3 55Y 58 



(13) Old May-Day. 

5 43 

6 7 

18 40 

3 54'7 59 



Term Day. 


7 7 

18 54 

3 25;S 1 



Sir W. Petty born 1623. 

7 45 

8 25 

19 8 

3 51;8 2 



Ascension Day, Holv Th. 

8 57 

9 31 

19 22 

3 49'8 4 

18 F"l Sie^e of Malta 1500. 

10 6 

10 37 

19 35 

3 488 5 

19 Sa 

Anne Boleyn beli. 1536. 

11 4 

11 8 

19 48 

3 46'8 7 

20 ^ 

1st Sunday aft. Pogation. 

11 31 

— — 

20 1 

3 45 8 8 



(20) Court of Ses.?ion sits. 


20 13 

3 40;8 14 



Prin. Romberg b. 1773. 

1 4 

1 29 

20 25 

3 39 8 15 



Battle of Ramillies 1706, 

1 53 

2 6 

20 37 

3 37'8 16 


Thi Queen's Birth Day. 

2 41 

3 2 

20 48 

3 36'8 18 
3 35|8 19 



Dr. Palev died 1805. 

3 28 

3 52 

20 69 



Bon, or. K. of Italy 1805. 

4 17 

4 44 

21 9 

3 34,8 20 

27 'S' 

Pentecost, Whit- Sunday. 

5 9 

5 37 

21 20 

3 33,8 22 

28 xMo 

(27) John Calvin d. 1564. 

6 5 

6 37 

21 29 

3 32;8 23 

29 Til Charles 11 restored 1660. 

7 5 

7 40 

21 39 

3 31i8 24 

30 W Joan of Arc burnt 143L 

8 21 

8 54 

21 48 

3 30;8 25 

SliTh Jos. Grimaldi died 1837. 

9 24 

9 57 


|3 29 8 26 

May. 1849. 

D. n. M. 

D. n, M. 

Full Mo en, 

. 6 19 7 

NevT Moon, . 

21 19 37 

Last Quarter, 

. 14 22 30 

First Quarter, 

. 28 11 £3 

D. H. 

D. K. 


, 9 9 


. 22 6 

Tide Tcihh for ISli). 


JUNE, 1849. 


t 7JTh 
8 Fri 
lOi S 
12; Tu 
15! Fri 
17: S 
18 Mo 
19, Tu 

20 W 

21 Th 
23 Sa 
24! S 
25^ Mo 
20 Tu 
27, W 

28 Th 

29 Fri 

30 Sa 

Remarkable Dats, tic. 

Battle of Drumclog. 1679 
i3) Tannahill bom 1774 
Triuitj Sunday 
n. Gi-attan died 1820 
King of Hanover b. 1771 
Mutiny at the Noro 1797 
King Rob. Brace d. 1329 
Eben, Erskine died 1754 
A, Dalrjmple died 1808. 
1st Sunday after Trinity 
Bf^n Johnson bom 1574 
Duke of Berwick d. 1734 
Lord Hastings beh. 1483 
Battle of Marengo 1800 
Kirkaldy Chur. feIM828 
Battle of Dettiugen 1743 
2nd Sunday after Trinitv 

(17) John Wesley b. 1703 

(18) Bat. of Waterloo 18 15 
Queen's Accession 1837 
Longest Day 

Trial of Queen Caroline 
John Welch died 1034 
St, John Baptist 
Ascension of William IVJ 
George IV died 1830 
Dr. Dodd executed 1777 
Queen Victoria cro. ''838 
Rubens born 1577 
Greenw. Hospital f. 1696 


! 2 





1 10 


2 4 


2 53 


3 41 


4 39 


5 2^ 


6 11 


7 6 


8 9 


9 11 


10 14 

23 17 
23 20 
23 22 
23 24 
23 25 
123 26 
'23 27 
23 27 
23 27 
23 27 
23 2Q> 
23 24 
23 22 
23 20 
23 18 
23 14 

3 16;8 44' 

3 ]6|8 44| 

3 16|8 45 

3 168 45] 

3 16j8 45} 

3 16'8 m 

j3 15'8 47 

3 15:8 47 

3 16jS 47 

3 1618 47 

3 16:8 47 i 

13 1718 48 

13 17i8 48 

13 17;8 4^ 

3 18'8 48' • 

3 19 8 47 

L__J \ 


June, 1849. 

Full Moon, 
Last Quarter, 


D, n. M. 

5 10 27 I New Moon, 
13 10 24 I First Quarter, 

T). n. 

5 15 1 Perigee, 

D. H. M. 

20 2 19 
26 22 44 

D. n. 
19 17 





Abcrcromby Place, W. Ge-^rge street 
Abercroinby Street, from Gallowgate to 

Stevenson street 
Abbotsford Place, South of Portland 

street, Laurieston 
Academy Court, 65 Grown street 
Adam's Court, 193 Argyll street 
Adam's Court, 36 Rose street, south 
Adam's Court Lane, from Argyll street 

to Howard street 
Adelaide Place, west end of Bath street 
Adelphi Street, Bridgeton, south end of 

Reid street 
Adclphi Street, Hutchesontown, fronting 

the river 
Adelphi Place, 4 Adelphi street 
Aitchison's Court, 113 Mainst., Bridgeton 
Aird's Lane, between Bridgegatc and 

Agnew Place, Hill street, Garnethill 
Albany Place, Sauchiehall road 
Albany Terrace, 2S6 Renfrew street 
Albert Place, Wilton st. and Maitland st, 
Albert Place, Dundas street, Kingston 
Albert Place, Hill street, Garnethill 
Albert Place, Buccleucii street 
Albert Terrace, Renfrew street 
Albion Buildings, 116 George street 
Albion Court, 41 North jUbion street 
Albion Street (South,) from. Bell street 

to Canon street 
Albion Street (North.) from Canon street 

to George street 
Albyn Street, east from Adelphi street 
Allan Place, Douglas st , Blytheswood ho. 
Alston Street, from Argyll st. to Grrdonst. 
America Court, 24 Adelphi street 
Anderston, west end of Argyll street 
Andei'ston Quay, from M' Alpine street 

to Lancefield 
Anderson Street, off Gallowgate 
Anderson's Court, 101 Mainst., Bridgeton 
k Anderson Court, 60 Tureen street 
Annfield Place, east end of Duke street 
Ann Place, east end of Parliamentary 

road, north side 
Ann Street, Main street, Bridgeton 
Ann St., from Jamaica st. to Oswald st. 
Ann Street, from Cowcaddens to Port- 

Annuity Court, 52 York street 
Antigua Place, Nelson street 

Apsley Place, head of Warwick street 
Apsley Place, Great Western road 
Argyll Arcade, 100 Argyll street, and 

30 Buchanan street 
Argyll Buildings, corner of M' Alpine St. 
Argyll Court, 90 Argyll street 
Argyll Place, 315 Argyll street 
Argyll Street, from Stockwell and Glass- 
ford street to Anderston 
Ark Close, 4G St. Enoch wynd 
Ark Lane, Duke street, nortii side 
Armour Street, from Barrack street to 

Moore street 
Ashburton Place, Renfrew street 
Athole Place, Bath street 
Ayton Court, 02 Old vennel 
Ayton Place, 52 Old vennel 

Back Wynd, 109 Trongate to Bridgegatc 
Bain's Court, Ann street, Port-Dundas 
Bain's Court, 46 Clyde street, Anderston 
Bnin's Place, 151 West Nile street 
Balmanno Place, from George street to 

Shuttle street 
Balmanno street, from George sti'eet to 

Barber's Close, 97 Saltmarket street 
Barclay's Court, 14 Main street, Caiton 
Barony Glebe, Townhead 
Barony Place, east cud of Stirling's road 
Barrack St., from Gallowgate to Duke st. 
Barracks, Cavalry, head of Eglinton St.. 
Barracks, Infantry, Gallowgate 
Bath Lane, (East ), Cathcart st. 
Bath St., from Buchiman St. to Pitt st. 
Bath Street Lane, from West Nile street 

to Blythswood square 
Bazaar, T2 Candleriggo street 
Beaver Court, 45 King street, Tradeston 
Bedford Street, from Surrey street to 

Eglinton street 
Bedford Place, Renfrew st., G.irnethill 
Beef Markets, 81 King st. and 66 Bell st. 
Bellgrove Place, from Gallowgate to 

Duke street 
Bellgrove Street, CJallowgate 
Bell's Court, 24 Rose street, south 
Bell Street, from Candkriggsst. to High st. 
Bell Stiect, Bridgeton 
Bell Street, Caiton 
Bennie's Court, 285 Argyll street 
b 2 


Bonnie's Court, ITO Maiu st., Bridgeton 
Biisland's Open, 56 Kirk street, Calton 
Binnie I'lace, Monteith row, east end 
Bishop Street, from Main street, Ander- 

ston, to Greenliill street 
Bishop Street, Port-Dundas, from Milton 

street to Dobbic's loan 
Bishop Place, north end of Bishop street 
Black-Boy Close, 35 Gallowgate 
Hlackfriars' Street, High street, east side 
Blair's Court, 23 Jamaica street 
Blair Street, Tobago street, Calton 
Blenheim Place, Campbell street west 
Bluevale, from Whitevale to Drygate toll 
Blyth's Court, 17 Virginia street 
Blythswood Holme, from Wellington st. 

to Anderston 
BIythswood Place, St. Vincent street 
Blythswood Square, west end of AYest 

George street 
Boarheod Close, 66 High street 
Bolton Street, Paisley road 
Bothwell street, from Grecnhill street 

to North street 
Brandon Place, "West George street 
Breadalbane Terrace, Hill st., Garnethill 
Brickfield Open, 38 Main street, Calton 
Bridegate, from Stockwell to Saltmarket 

Bridge Street, from Glasgow Bridge to 

Eglititon street 
Broad Close, 167 High street 
Broad St., Mile-end, from Orrst. eastward 
Brook Street, Mile-end 
Broomward Place, M'Keehnie st., Calton 
Broomielaw, west of Glasgow Bridge 
Browiifield, from Brown street tc M' Al- 
pine street, Anderston 
Brown Street, from Argyle street to 

Brown Street, Bridgeton, from Mnslin 

street to Dalmarnock road 
Brown St., from Corn st. to Bobbie's loan 
Brougham Place, corner of Eenfrew st. 

and Hope street 
Brunswick Court, 120 Brunswick street 

and 109 Candlcriggs street 
Brunswick Lane, from Brunswick street 

to Melville place 
Brunswick Street and Place, from Tron- 

gate to Ingram street 
Buccleuch Street, Garnethill 
Buchan Street, Gorbals, from Clyde ter- 
race to Malta street 
Buchanan Buildings, Cowcaddens 
Buchanan Court, 95 Candleriggs street 
Buchanan Cocrt and Buildings, 105 

Stockwell street 
Buchanan Court, 75 Argyll street 
Buchanan Court, S3 Eglintoii sti-eet 
Buchanan Court, 44 Trongate 
Buchanan Lane, Bell street, Calton 

Buchanan Place, 74 Buchanan street 
Buchanan Street, from ArgA'll street to 

Port-Dundas toll 
Buckingham Place, corner of P,i'-]iamen- 

tary road and Buchanan street 
Burnside Street, off Garscube road 
Burnside Lane, from Duke Street to New 

Burnside Place, Garscube road 
Burrell's Lane, from Duke st. to High st.- 

Cadogan Street, from Wellington street 

to Pitt street 
Caledonian Buildings, 228 Broomielaw 
Callender's Close, 70 Stockwell street 
Calton Entiy, from Gallowgate to New 

street, Calton 
Calton-mouth, from Gallowgate to King 

street, Calton 
Cambridge Lane, from Cambridge street 

to Cowcaddens street 
Cambridge street, from Sauchiehali st. 

to Woodside street 
Cameron's Crt., 119 Main st., Anderston 
Cameron's Place, 10 North street 
Camlaehie, east end of Gallowgate 
Campbell's Court, 40 Candleriggs street 
Campbell Place, corner of Maitland street 

and Stewart street 
Campbell Street (West), Argyll street to 

Sauchiehali street 
Campbelliield, 706 Gallowgate 
Campbell Street, from Gallowgate to 

Graeme street 
Canal Basin. Port-Dan das 
Candleriggs Street, from Trongate to 

Ingram Street 
Candleriggs Court, 63 Candleriggs street 
Canning Place, Stirling's rd., north side 
Canning Steeet, from Great Hamilton st. 

to Bridgeton 
Canon Street, from North street, Ander- 
ston, to vSchool M-ynd 
Canon Street, from Ingram street to 

Shuttle street 
Canton Buildings, Paisley road. 
Carlton Place, Laurieston, from Nichol- 
son street to New Bridge street 
Carlton Court, 1 8 New Bridge street 
Carnar\-on Street, from Cumberland st. 

to St. George's road 
Carrick Street, from Argyll street to 

C'arsw ell's Court, 26 George street 
Castlemilk Place, south of Hospital st. 
Castle Street, from Kirk st. to St, Rollox 
Castlepen!s Closes, 136 and 148 High st. 
Catheart Sti-eet, from Buchanan street to 

Sauchiehali street 
Cathedral Street, from John street to 

Buchanan street 


Catherine l^ane, from Rottenrow to Stir- 
ling's road 
Catherine Street, Tobago street, Calton 
Catherine Street, Anderston, from Cran- 
ston street to Stobcross street 
Cattle Marlcet, Graham square, & south 

side of Duke street 
Cavendish Street, Laurieston, from Sur- 
rey place to Eglinton street 
Centre Street, from Clj'de place to Cook 

Chalmers Street, Claythom street 
Chapel Cose, 85 Main street, Gorbals 
Charity Coui-t, 65 Bridgegate 
Charlotte Lane, from South St. Mimgo 

street to St. Andrew's lane 
Charlotte Street, from Gallowgate to Low 

Green street 
Charles Street, from Orr street eastward 
Charles Street, St. Roilox, opposite Tcn- 

naiit's stalk 
Charlie's Close, 105 Canning street 
Ch.atham Place, 71 Stirling's road 
Cheapside Street, from Stobci'oss street 

to Anderston quay 
Oiurch Lane, from Thomson's lane to 

English chapel 
City and County Buildings, 33 and 4C 

Wilson street 
City Hall, 90 Candleriggs street 
Clarendon Place, Great Western and New 

City roads 
Claremont Street, from Royal crescent 

to Royal terrace 
Claremont Place, from 44 to 54 Great 

Clyde street 
Claremont Terrace, west end of Woodside 

Clarence Place, Sauchiehall street 
Clark's Buildings, 167 Main st.. Gorbals 
Chirk's Court, 109 Bridgegr:.3 
Clarke's Court, 12 Puddock row 
Cliirkson's Court, 16 Kirk street, Calton 
Cloland's Court, 239 Argyll street 
Claybrae, Burnside lane 
Claythorn Sti-eet, from Gallowgate to 

King street. Calton 
Cleland Testimonial, corner of Buchanan 

street and Cathcart street 
Cleland Street, from Greenside street to 

Crown street 
Cliftongrove Crescent, west end of Grove 

Cliftongrove Street, west end of Royal 

Clifton Street, west end of Somerset pi. 
Clydebank, soiith end of Finnieston. 
Clyde Buildings and Place, Tradeston, 

fronting the Harbour, f^=ora Glasgow 
bridge to West street 
Clyde Sti-eet (Great), from Jamaica st. 

to Stockwell street 

Clyde Street (East), from Hutcheson's 

bridge to Stockwell bridge 
Clyde Street (Nofth), from Main street 

to Stobcross street, Anderston 
Clyde Street, Port-Dundas. 
Clyde Street, from Stobcross street to 

Anderston quay 
Clyde Street, Calton, from Canning st. 

to Abercromby street 
Clyde Terrace, from the Old bridge to 

Carlton place 
Clyde Terrace Court, 1 3, Clyde terrace 
Coachwork Close, S2, George street 
Coburg Place, by St. Roilox. 
Coburg Stieet, from Norfolk street to 

Bedford street 
Coburg St., from Oxford st. to Norfolk st. 
Cochran Street, from Montrose street to 

George square 
Cogan's Court, 54 Main street, Bridgeton 
Columbia Place, New City road 
College Church Open, 168 High street 
College, Old and New Courts, High, st., 

east side 
College Sti'eet, High, street, opposite the 

College Street, west from M' Alpine st. 

to Brown street 
Commerce Sti-ect, Tradeston 
Commercial Court, 114 Candleriggs st.. 
Commercial Court, 106 Gallowgate 
Commercial Road, from Adelphi street to 

Cook Street, from Eglinton st. to West 

street, Trade';* on 
Cordiner's Court, 47 Stockwell street 
Corn Street, frcm Port-Dundas to Burn- 
Cornwall Place, west end of Stirling's 

Coronation Buildings, from South Coburg 

street to Eglinton street 
Coulter's Lane, from Abercromby street 

to Little Street 
Coulter's Square, 5 Marlborough street 

and 33 Little street 
Cowcaddens Street, from top of West 

Nile street to New City road 
Craig's Close, 71 Stockwell street 
Craig's Court, 95 Argyll Street 
Cranston's Court, Cranston street 
Cranstonhill, west end of Anderston 
Ci-anston Street, West end of Main st., 

Craignestock, east end of Great Hamil- 
ton street 
Crawford Place, 131 Rottenrow 
Crawford Street, oft" Forth Sti-eot, Port- 
Crescent Place, Sauchiehall street 
Crow Street, off Gallowgate 
Crown Court, 33 Virginia Street 

CroTv^n Street, from Adeljilii st. southward 

Crown Street (Upper), from Ruchcrgleii 
loan southward 

Croy Place, from Turner's court to Max- 
v,-eli Street 

Crum's Close, 3G Gallowgate 

Cubie Street, off Gallowgate 

Cumberland Court, 168 Gallowgate 

Cumberland Place, from Eglinton street 
to Abbotsford place 

Cumberland Street (North), from Can- 
ning street to Catherine street 

Cumberland Street, (South), from Can- 
ning street to Greenhead 

Cumberland Street, Laurieston, from 
Abbotsford place eastward 

Cumberland street, from Woodland road 
to West Prince's street 

Currie's Close, 50 High street 

Cutler's Close, S8 Gallowgate 


Dale Street, Main street, Bridgetou 
Dale St., fr. Clyde Buildings southward 
Dalhousie Street, Garnethill 
Dalhousie Lane, off Dalhousie street 
Dalhousie Place, New City road 
Dallas Court, 2i9 Argyll street 
Dalmarnock road, Bridgeton 
Deacon's Close, 29 Calton-mouth 
Deacon's l,anc, 37 Main street, Calton 
Deanside Lane, from T4 George street to 

Dean Street, Balmanno street 
Delftfield Lane, from Argyll street to 

Dempster St.,west side of A^ortli Frederick 

Dinning's Court, 47 Dale st , Tradeston 
Dixon Street, from Groat Clyde street to 

Howard street 
Dobbie's Loan, from PavliamenUo-y road 

to Garseube road 
Douglas Court, 3 92 Ai-gyll street 
Douglas Street, from Argyll street to 

Sauchiehall street 
Dovehill, Great and Little, from Gallow- 
gate to Grsenio street 
Drury Street, from West Nile street to 

Reniield street 
Drygate, from High st., to Ladyweil st 
Duko street, from High st. to Whitevale 
Duncan's Close, 125 High street 
Duncai; Street, Canning sti-eet 
Duncan Street, from Marlborough street 

to Abercromby street 
Duuchatt.nn Buildings, east of Ark lane 

Duke street 
Dundas PL, Port-Dundas rd., east side 
Dundas Street, Morrison st., Kingston 
Dundas Street, from West George street 

to Parliamentary road 

Dundas Vale, Gar.scube road 

Dunlop Street, from Argyll street to 

Jackson street 
Durham Court, 47 King street 

Eagle Lane, 53 Maxwell street 
Easifield Row, head of North street 
Eddleston Place, Weaver street 
Edwin Place, head of Surrey street 
Elgin Place, Sauchiehall street, corner of 

Pitt street 
Eglinton Place, 157 Eglinton street 
Eglinton Street, from Bridge sti'eet to 

Muirhouse toll 
Eldon Place, Kingston place, Tradeston 
Elmbank Crescent, from Elmbank place 

to Kent road 
Elmbank Place, from St. Vincent street 

to Elmbank crescent 
Ewing Place, corner of York street, aud 

357 Argyll street 
Exchange Square, (Royal), west side of 

Queen street 
Exchange Court, 85 Queen street 
Exchange Court (South), 77 Queen st. 
Exchange Court (North), St. Vircent 

place, and 22 Royal Exchange square 

Falkland Place, corner of Renfrew streci 

and St. George's road 
Ferguson Sti-eet, from Cowcaddens street 

to Cambridge street 
Fiddler's Close, 75 High street 
Fife Place, West George street 
Finlay Place, foot of Maxwell street 
Finlay Street, from West Russell street 

to Cowcaddens street 
Finnieston, west end of Stobcross street, 

Fish Market, 108 King street 
Fitzroy Place, Sauchiehall street, from 

Sandyford place westward 
Fleming's Place, Cowcaddens 
Fleming Street, Glenpark " 
Florence Place, Stanley st., Woodland 

Fox Street, from Dixon st. to Maxwell 

Franti.5 Close, 16 Broomielaw 
Franklin Street, Bridgeton 
Frazer's Court, 9 Reid st , Bridgeton 
Fi'ederJck Lane, from North Frederick 

street to North Hanover street 
Frederick Street (North), from George 

square to Parliamentary road 
Frederick Street (South), from Ingram 

street to George square 
Frcnch-Ilorn-Close, S3 Trongate 
French St., foot of Main St., Bridgeton 
Fulton's Close, 80 Trongate 


Gallowgate, from the Cross to Camlacliie 

Galloway's Court, 10 George street 
GalloNvay's Court, 37 Glasbtbrd street 
Gai-den St., from Weaver st. to Taylor st. 
Gardenside, east end of Dalmarnock rd. 
Garnetdale, south of Nev. City road 
Garnethill, north side of SauchiehiiU st. 
Garnethill Street, from Hill street to 

Buccleuch street 
Garnet Place, Hill street, GanietliiU 
Garsciibe Place, head of Bwclianan street 
Garscube Road, from Cowcaddcns street 

to Round toll 
Garthland Street, from Hutcheson street 

to Glassford street 
George Court, 33 Crown street 
George St., from Duke st. to George sq. 
George Street (West), from George sq. 

to BIythsAvood square 
George Street, Mile-end, Calton 
George Square, west end of George street 

and Cochi-an street 
Gibson's Court, 46 Saltmarket, and 13 

and 30 Prince's street 
'Gibson Street, south side of Gallowgate, 

near Barracks 
Gillie's Court, 202 Broomielaw 
Gilmour Place, London street and St. 

Andrew's Lane 
Glasgow Bridge, south end of Jamaica st. 
Glassford Street, from Argyll street to 

Ingram street 
Globe Stieet, from Castle street to Garn- 

kirk Railway de};6t 
Gloucester Street, Kingston, Tradeston 
Glenpark, Duke-st.rd., east of Greenvale 
Goosedubbs Street, from Stockwell street 

to foot cf Old Wynd 
Gorbals, south end of Old bridge 
Gordon Lane, 9 Gordon street 
Gordon Street, from Buchanan street to 

Hope street 
Govanhaugh, south-east side of Hutche- 

Govan Street, Hutchesontown, fron-i south 
. end of St. Ninian Commercial id. 
Grace Street, west end of Stobcross street 
Grseme Street, from Old veunel to Bar- 
rack wall 
. Grafton Square, head of Cornwall street 
Grafton Street, from Slontrose street to 

Cornwall street 
Graham's Buildings, 02 George street 
Graham's Court, il7 Candleriggs 
Graham Square, 445 Gallowgate 
Graham Street, Dalmarnock road 
Grant Street, from Cumberland street to 

St. George's Road 
Gray's Court, 34 Dale street, Tradeston 

Great Wellington Street, Paisley road 
Great Western Road, off St. George's rd. 
Greenhead, from William sx. to JS'ew hall 
Greenhill Place, St. 'Vincent street, from 

Pitt street to India street 
Greenhill Street, from St. Vincent sti-eet 

to Bishop street 
Greenlaw Place, Paisley road 
Green Street, Calton, from Canning street 

to Tureen street 
Greendyke Street^ fr. foot of Saltmarket 

to east end of London street 
Green Street, Main street, Bridgeton 
Green Street Lane, west side of Green 

street, Bridgeton 
Greenside Street, from Hospital street 

to Main street, Gorbals 
Greenvale, from Bluevalc to Glenpark 
Greenvale Place, South Woodside road 
Greenvale Street, from East Rose street 

to Thomson's lane, east 
Grcyfriars' Wynd, 147 High street 
Grove Street, from Garscube road to 

Columbia place 
Guildry Court, 137 Bridgegate, and 25 

East Clyde street 


Hamilton Court, 51 Stockwell street 
Hamilton Court, 100 Canning sti'cei 
Hamilton Court, 84 Main st.,. Bridgeton 
Hamilton Street (Little), from HighJoha 

street to North Frederick street 
Hamilton Street (Great), from South Sc. 

Mungo street to Canning .street 
Hanover Street (North), from George sq. 

to Parliamentary road 
Hanover Street (South,) from Ingram si, 

to George square 
Hartfield PI., Parliamentary rd„ Townhd. 
Hartfield St., Parliamentary rd., Townhd. 
Havannah Street, from High street to 

Burnside lane 
HayfieM St., M'Neil st., Hutchesontown 
High Street, from the Cross to Kirk st. 
Hill's Court, 30 Rose st., Ilvtchesontown 
Hill Place, 20 Stirling's road 
Hill Street, from Duke Gallowgate 
Hill Street, Garnethill, from Cambridge 

street to St. George's road 
Hill Street, from Stobcross street to Main 

street^ Anderston 
Holme Place, 278 Argyllstreet 
Holmhead St., Bell's park, from Dimdas 

street to North Frederick street 
Holme Street, from Wellington St., to Pitt 

Holland Place, 304 St. Vincent street 
Hope Place, 162 New City road 
Hope PI., Parliamentarjr rd,, Townliead. 
Hope St., from Argyll W. Russell si. 



Hape Street, from Main street, Andei-ston 
to Stobcross street 

Hoiietoun Place, from Rottenrow to 
Stirling's road 

Horn's Court, 3 St. Enoch square 

Hospital St., fr. Adelplii st., southwards 

Houston Street, Paisley road 

Howard Street, (East), from Maxwell 
street tc Ropework lane 

Howard Street, from Jamaica street to 

. Maxwell street 

Howard Street, from Dale st., to Savoy 

Hozier's Street, head of Muslin street 

Hunter Street, west side of Barracks, 

Huntingdon Place, Railroad, Townhead 

Hutcheson's Bridge, south end of Salt- 
market street 

Ilutcheson Street, from Trongate to In- 
gram street 

Kutchesontown, south end of Hutcheson's 

Hydepark Buildings, head of Hydepark st. 

Hydepark Corner, corner of 
Hydepark j^treet, Anderston q''ay 

Hydepark Place, foot of Hydeparli street, 
Anderston quay 

Hydepark Street, from Stobcross street 
to Anderston quay 

India Street, from St. Vincent street to 

Ehnbank crescent 
India St., from Somerset pi. to Claremont 
Ingram Buildings, 131 Ingram street 
Ingram Court (Kast), 21 Ingram street 
Ingram Court, (West), 1G3 Ingram street 

and 100 Queen street 
Ingram Place, 111 Ingram street 
Ingram Street, from Candieriggs street 

to Queen street 
Inkle -factory Lane, from Shuttle street 

to North Albion street 

Jackson Street, from Stockwell street to 

Dunlop street 
Jaffray's Close, 14 Goosedubbs street 
Jail Square, foot of Saltmarket street 
Jamaica St. from Argyll st. to Glasgow 

James's Ct., 18 Rose st., Hutcliesortown 
James Street, Greenhoad, Bridgeton 
James Street (East), from Waterloo st. 

to Church lane 
James Street, from Stevenson street to 

Millroad street 
Jamieson's Court, ] 13 King street 
Jamieson's Lane, 72 Main st., Anderston 
Jane Place, Paterson street, Kingston 
Jane Street, off Blythswood square 

Johnston's Place, Barony glebe (east 

end), Stirling's road 
John's; Court, 39 Crown street 
John Street (High), from George street 

to Stirling's road 
John Street (Low), from Ingram street 

to George street 
John Street, Main street, Bridgeton 
John St. (East), east end of Gallowgate 
John Street Lane, John st., Bridgeton 


Kelvin Grove Street, from west end of 

Sauchiehall st. road to Royal terrace 
Kelvin St., south of North Woodsids rd. 
Kenmure PL, Glebe st.. Parliamentary rd. 
Kennedy Street, from Castle street to 

Glebe street 
Kinell Place, Renfrew Court 
Kensington Place, Sauchiehall street 
Kent Rd., from Sauchiehall st. to North st. 
Kent Street, from Gallowgate to Great 

Hamilton stceet 
Kent I'lace, off Kent road 
Keir I'lace, Glebe st.. Parliamentary rd. 
Kerr St., from Little st. to Millroad st. 
Killermont Street, west end of Parlii- 

mentary road 
Kingston Place, Tradeston 
King's-Amis-Close, 66 Trongate 
King St., from Trongate to Bridgegaie 
King Street, Calton, from Calton-mouth 

to Green street 
King Street, Mile-end 
King Street, Tradeston, from Bridge st. 

Kinning Place, Paisley road 
Kirk Close, 59 Main street, Anderstc, 
Kirk Street, from Castle st. to High st. 
Kirk Street, from Main street to King 

street, Calton 
Kirk Street, from Main street to Buchan 

street, Gorbals 
Kirkwood's Ct., 125 Main St., Anderston 

Lansdowne Crescent, Great Western rd., 
near Kelvin Bridge 

Ladywell Street, foot of Drygate 

Laigh-Kirk Close, from 59 Trongate to 
Prince's street 

Lancefield, west end of Stobcross street 

Lancofield Place, Lancefield, west end ot 
Anderston quay 

Lancefield Street, from Stolxjross to foot 
of Hydepark 

Landressy Street, south, of Canning st. 

Laurieston, south side of the river, be- 
tween Portugal street and Bridge st. 

Law's Buildings, 1 1 S and 126 Bridgegate 

Lawmoor Place, Govanhaugh 

Lawson's Court, 125 Trongate 



Leitch's Court, 157 Trongate 

leopard Close, 80 High street 

Lilly Plnee, PoUoclcsbaws road 

Lind Place, corner of Dalhousie street 

and Buecleueh street 
Little Street, Calton 
l^iverpool Court, 249 Argyll street 
London Lane, 48 London street 
London Street, from the cross to Mon- 

teith row 
Love Loan, from Rottenrow to head of 

North Hanover street 
Low Green Street, from St. Andrew's 

square to Green street 
Lyceum Court, T2 Nelson street 
Lyndhurst Place, Hill street, CTarnethill 
Lynedoch Crescent, Woodland road 
Lynedoch Place, Woodlands road 
Lynedoch Street, Woodland road 
Lyon Street, from Garscuhe road to 

North Woodside road 


Mack's Close, 125 Saltmarket street 
M'Adana's Lane, from Garscube road to 

North Woodside road 
M'Alpine's Close, 27 Stcckwell <5treet 
M' Alpine Street, from Argyll street to 

M' Arthur's Buildings, 1 2 jbiderston quay 
M' Combe's Brae, Burnside Lane, opposite 

Havannah street 
M'Farlane Street, from Gallowgate to 

Gneme street 
M'GilJ's Close, ST Stockwell street 
M'Kechnie Street, from Clyde Street, 

Calton, to Park lane 
M'Nicol's Court, 209 High street 
M'Pherson Street, 50 High street 
M'Syraon Place, West Campbell street 

and Holme street 
Madeira Buildings, Arg}"ll street, corner 

of Oswald street 
Madeira Court, 203 Argyll street 
Main Street, Anderston, from Argyll st. 

to Saiidyford 
Main Street, Bridgeton, from Canning 

street to RuthergJen bridge 
Main Street, Calton, from Well street to 

King street 
Main Street, Gorbals, from the Old bridge 

to Gorbals toll 
Mains' Street, from Argyll street to Su- 

chiehall street 
Maltland Street, from Cowcaddens to 

Malta Street, from Main st. to Norfolk st. 
Manhattan Buildings, 50 S. Hanover st. 
Mansfield Place, west end of West Re- 
gent street and Pitt street 
Margaret Street, from Little Hamilton 

street to Love loan 

Margaret Street (South), off Eglinton st. 

Market Lane, Jail square 

Market Street, from Bridgegate to East 
Clyde street 

Market Street (East), from Millroad st, 
to Gallowgate 

Marlborough Street, from Little street to 
East Rose street 

Marshall's Closes, 81 and 127 Bridgegate 

Marshall's Court, 6 and 9 S. Hanover st, 

Marshall Street, from Gallowgate to King 
street Calton 

Martyr Street, from Par.'on street to Par- 
liamentary road 

JMason Street, from Castle street to Wea- 
ver street 

^laxwell Street, South from Argyll street 
to Great Clyde street 

Maxwellton Place, Paisley road 

Mechanics' Buildings, Millroad street 

Meadow Side, Woodlands road 

Melbourne Place, Kingston 

Melrose Street, from Great Western road 
to Queen's crescent 

Melville Lane, 4.3 Goi-don street 

Melville Place, 132 Trongate 

Melville Street, from Wallace street to 
St. James's street 

Merchants' House, 72 Hutcheson street 

Merchant Lane, from Bridgegate to East 
Clyde street 

Mcthven Place, corner of Maitland stieet 
and Milton street 

Middleton Place, Garngad road by St. 

Miller's Place from King Street to Salt- 
market street 

Miller Street, from Argvll Ingram st 

Miller Street (East), Bhievale 

MiUfield, Rose street, Hutehcsontown 

Milh-oad Street, from King street to Ai)er- 
cromby street 

Milton Place, St. Vincent street, from 
Douglas street to Pitt street 

Milton Street, from Gowcaddens to Deb- 
bie's loan 

Mitchell Lane, 81 'Buchanan st. to Mit- 
chell street 

Mitchell Street, from Argyll street to 
Gordon street 

Moncrieff Street, from Kirk st. to Malta st, 

Monkland Street, from Castle st. to Par- 
liamentary road 

I^Iontague Place, Bath street 

Montrose Street, from Ingram street to 
Stirling's road 

Moodie's Court, 31 Argyll street 

Monteith Row, east of London street 

Monteith Lane, back of Monteith row 

Moore Place, West George street 

Mocre Street, Gallowgate 

Morrison's Court, 108 Argj'll street 


MoiTis Place, Monteitli row 
Morrison Street, Nelson street, Tradeston 
Miiir's Buildings, 7 Melville street 
Muirhcad Street, Hutchesontown, from 

Adelphi street to Ruiherglen loan 
Munro's Court, 63 Stockwell street 
Murray Place, New City road 
Muslin Street, Main street, Bridgctou 
Mutton Market, 86 King street 


Napier's Closes, 7T and 85 Saltmarket st. 

Nassau Court, 5 1 Main street, Anderston 

National Bank Buildings, Queen sti-eet 

Nelson Street, from Trongate to Stirling 

Nelson Street, from Bridge st. to Morri- 
son street, Tradeston 

New London Road, from Cannning street 

New Street, Calton, from Russell street 
to CJaltou cross 

New Vennel, from High street to Burn- 
side lane 

New Wynd, from 119 Trongate to Bridge- 

Newton Place, Sauclueliall [street, from 
Woodside crescent westward 

Nicholas Street, from 219 High street to 
Shuttle street 

Nicholson Street, from Carlton place to 
^ Norfolk street 

Nile Street (East), 79 Gallowgate 

Nile Street (West), from Gordon street 
to Cowcaddens toll 

Normal Place, Garscube road 

Norfolk Court, 32 Norfolk street 

Norfolk Lane, from Norfolk street to 
Bedford street 

Norfolk Street, Laurieston, from Bridge 
street to Portugal street 

North Slreet, xVnderston, from Main st. 
to Richard street 

North Woodside Road, from Garscube 
road to Woodside 


Oakfield Place, Douglas street and Jane 

Old Coach Close, 151 Gallowgate 
Old Post-Offiee Court, 114 Trongate 
. Old Swan Close, ISI Trongate 
Old Wynd, from 353 Trongate to Bridge- 
Old Vennel, from High st. to Grscmc st. 
Oir Sti-ect, Mile-end, from Canning street 

to Broad street 
Osborne Buildings, S.auchiehall street 
Oswald's Buildings, New London road 
Oswald Court, 71 Maxwell street 
Osvyaki Street, from Argyll street to 
Bi'oomiclaw quay 

Oswald Street, from Dalraarnock road to 

New London road 
Oxford Street, Laurieston, from Bridge 

street to Nicholson street 

Parker's Court, S2 King street, Calton 
Parkliruse Lane, from Duke street to 

Park Lane, Mile-end, from Orr street to 

Little street, Calton 
Paik Place, west end of Bridgegate 
Park Place, Paisley road 
Parliamentary Road, from Buchanan st. 

to Castle street 
I'arson Green, Parson street 
Pareon Street, from Villafield place to 

Castle sti'eet 
Paterson Street, from Tarbet street to 

Paterson Street, Morrison street 
Peel Street, Mile-end 
Peel Terrace, Hill street, Garnethill 
Peter's Buildings, 8 and 13 Anderston 

Peter's Buildings, 67 West Nile street 
Phoenix Place, Garscube road 
Pettigrew Street (South), frora Havannah 

street to Duke street 
Piccadilly Street, Anderston frora Stob- 

cross strec^to Anderston quay 
Pipehonse Close, 93 High street 
Pitt Street, frora Argyll st. to Sauchie- 

hall street 
Pollock Court, 5 Thistle street 
Pollock Street, off Paisley road 
Poison's Buildings, off Paisley road 
Port Eglinton, P.iislev Canal Basin 
Portland Place (North), 136 Rottenrov.' 
Portland Street (South), end of New 

Wooden bridge, Laurieston 
Portland Street, from George street to 

Portugal Sti'eet, from Norfolk street to 

Surrey street, Laurieston 
Post-Offioe Court, 67 Canning st. Calton 
Pratt's Court, 109 Argyll street and 9 

Maxvcell street 
Prince's Street, from Saltmarket street 

to King street 
Prince's Street, from St. George's road 

to Queen's crescent 
Prince of Wales Buildings, from 3i to 5.G 

Buchanan street 
Provan Conrt^ 40 North Frederick street 
I'rovan Place, head of North Montrose 

Provansidc, 127 Stirling's road 
Puddock Row, from Portugal street to 

Main street, Gorbals 
Piiltney Street, from Dobbie's loan to 

Cut of Junction Canal 


Queen Arcade, 110 Kcnfrew st . north side 
Queen Court, 62 Queen street 
Queen's Crescent, west of St. George's 

Queen Street, from Argyll st. to George 

Queen Street (North) north-west side of 

George square 


KandoJph Terrace, Hillstreft, Carnethill 
Keforra Court, 50 Commerce street 
Regent Place, east end of Blackfriav 

Regent Place, West Campbell •■street 
Regent Street, from Nile st. to Blyths- 

wcod square 
Regent Terrace, Stirling's road 
Reid's Court, 56 Trougate 
Reid Street, Bridgeton 
Renfield Lane, from Renfield street to 

Hope street 
Renfield Street, from Union st. to Cow- 

caddens road 
Renfrew Court, 13 Renfrew street 
Renfrew Lane, from West Nile street to 

Hope street 
Renfrew Street, from Buchanan street to 

St. George's road 
Richmond Lane, 82 Gallowgate 
Richmond Street, from Montrose street 

to Portland street 
Richard Street, from Greenhiil street to 

North street 
Risk Street, Great Hamilton street 
Ritchie's Lane, 19 Clyde street. Calton 
Robertson's Court, 179 Argyll street 
Robertson's Lane, Robertson street 
Robertson's Place, corner of Shuttle st. 

and Nicholson st. 
Robertson Street, from Argyll street to 

Ronald Street, from Taylor street to 

Bobbie's Loan 
Ropework Entry, 108 Stockwell street 
Ropework Lane, from Jackson street to 

Great Clyde street 
! Roslin Place, west end of Burnside street, 

Garscube ruad 
Roslin Terrace, corner of Abbotsford 

place, Cumberland street 
Rosehall Buildings, west end of Burnside 

Rcse Place, corner of Rose st. and Hill 

street, Garnethili 
Rose Street, from Adelphi street to 

Rutherglen loan 

ose Street ( East), from Aborcromby st. 

to James street, jMile-end 
:ose Street, Garnethili, from Sauchiehall 

street to Cowcaddens 

Rottcnrow, from High street to High 

John street 
Royal Crescent, w. end of Satichiehall st. 
Royal Bank Place, from Buchanan street 

to Royal E.vchange square 
Royal Exchange Place, from Buehanan 

street to Royal bank 
Royal Terrace, back of Royal orescent 
Rumford street. Main street, Bridgeton 
Russell Street, Kent street, cast side 
Russeil Street, (West), n. end of Hopest. 
Rutherford Lane, from Renfield street to 

Hope street 
Rutherglen Loan, from Main street to 

Little Govan 
Rutland Crescent, Govan 
Rutland Place, Govan road 

Salem Place, Holmhead street 

Salisbury Place, Shavrs road 

Salisbury street, from Cumberland street 

to PoUokshaws road "^ 
Saltmarket Street, from Cress to Hat- 

cheson's bridge 
Sandyford, west end of Anderston 
Sandyford Place, Sauchiehall road, from 

Kent road westward 
Saracen's Lane. 20T Gallowgate 
Sauchiehall Street, from West Nile street 

to Sandyford 
Sauchiehall Lane, from Renfield street to 

Douglas street 
Savoy Street, Bridgeton 
Sawmillfield Place, Gai'scube road, from 

Bobbie's loan to Possil toll 
Scotland Street, off West st., Tradeston 
Scotland Street, off Woodside terrace 
Scott's Court, 77 Main st„ Anderston 
Scott's Court, 349 Gallowgate 
Scotc's Place, 60 Centre street 
Scott Sti-eet, from Sauchiehall street to 

Buceleuch street 
Scotia Street, Columbia Place 
School Wynd, 117 RLiin street, Anderston 
Shamrock Street, from east end of New 

City road to St. George's road 
.Sharp's Lane, 80 Main street, Anderston 
Shaw's Court, SO John street, Bridgeton 
Short's Court, 162 Main street, Bridgeton * 
Silvergrove, Duncan street, Calton 
Sim] son's Court, 5 Franklin street 
Smithfield Buildings, foct of Oswald st. 
St. Andrew's Open, from Gallowgate to 

St. Andrew's square 
St. Andrew's sq\iare, principal entry from 

Saltmarket street 
St. Andrew's Street, from Saltmarket st. 

to St. Andrew's square 
St. Ann Street, from Duke street to the 

Merchants' quarry 
St. David's Court, 16 Canon street 


St. Enoch Lane, 145 Argyll street 

St. Enoch Square, south side of Argyll 

street, opposite Buchanan sti'eet 
St. Enoch Wynd, south side of Argyll 

street to Howard street 
St. George's Court, 9i West Nile street 
St. George's Place, w. side of Buchanan 

St. George's Road, fiom Sauchiehall st. 

to North Woodside road 
St. James's Road, from Taylor street to 

Parliamentary road 
St. James Street, from Casile street to 

Parliamentary road 
St. James's Street, Paisley road 
St. James's street, from Melville street 

to Kingston place 
St. John's 

St. Joseph's Place, ofl' Abercromby street 
St. Margaret's Place, from Bridgegate 

to Jail square 
St. Mary's Lane, from West Kile street 

to Renfield street 
St. Mary's Buildings, St. Viaceat and 

Renfield .streets 
St. Mungo Street (South), from Gallow- 

gate to Green entry 
St. Mungo Street, from Stirling's road 

to Parson street 
St. Nicholas Place, from Kirk street to 

Weaver street 
St. Ninian Street, Adelphi street 
St. Rollox, Towrihead 
St. Vincent Place, from George square 

to Buchanan street 
St. Vincent Street, from Buelianan street 

to Partick road 
Shuttle Street, from Canon st. to George 

Shuttle Street Lane, top of Shuttle st. 
Sinclair's Court, 363 Gallowgatc 
Sister Street, Orr Street, Calton 
Smeal's Buildings, 64 Govanhaugh 
Smith's Court, 02 Brunswick street and 

63 Candleriggs street 
Smith's Court, 02 Jamaica street 
Smith's Court, 118 Dalniarnock road 
Smith's Place, 40 Dalmarnock road 
Somei-set Place, .Sauchiehall st. west end 
Sommcrville Place, Monteith row 
Spoutmouth, from Gallowgate to Old 

Sprcuir.3 Court, 26 Glsssford street and 

182 Trongate 
Springfield Court, from G9 Queen sti-eet 

to Buchanan .-sti-eet 
Springhill Place,. St. George's road 
Spring Place, opposite I.awmoor place 
Stafford Street, from Pultney st., east 
Stafford Place, New City road 
Stanhope Place, 107 Stobcros.'; street 

Stanhope Street, from Debbie's loan to 

Parson street 
Stanley Place, 107 Eglinton street 
Stanley street, from Woodlands road to 

Carnarvon street 
Steel Street, from Saltmarket street to 

Low Green street 
Stepney Court, 137 London street 
Stepney Place, corner of London and 

Charlotte streets 
Stevenson Street, from Kirk st. to Clyde 

street, Calton 
Stewart's Court, 45 Candleriggs street 
Stewart Street, from Ann street to S fir- 
ling street, Port-Dundas 
Stirling's Road, from High John street to 
Townhead toll 

Place, east end of Grteme | Stirling Square, west end of Stirling st. 
Stirling Street, from High st. to Stirling 

Stirling Street, (South), from Bedford st, 

to Jlargaret street 
Stirling Street, from Cowcaddens street 

to Bobbie's Loan 
Stobci-osa Street, from Washington street 

to Finnieston 
Stockwell Court, 39 Stockwell street 
Stockwell Place, Stockwell st., west side 
Stockwell Street, from Trongate to Stock- 
well Bridge 
•Storraont .Street, east side of Maxwell st. 
Stourbridge Court, 210 Argyll street 
Struther'a Court, 43 Italmarnock road 
Sti'uthers Street, Calton, from Stevenson 

street to Millroad street 
SuHblk Street, from South St. Mungo 

street to Kent street 
Sugar-house Closes, 132 and 138 Gal- 
Summer Street, Mile-end 
Sun Close, 19 Saltmarket Street. 
Surrey Place, head of Surrey street, Pol- 

lockshaws road 
Surrey Street, from Portugal street to 

Edwin place 
Sussex Place, 9 Adelphi street 
Swan .Close, 112 Main street, Gorbals 
Sweep's Close, 72 High street 
I Sweet's Court, 109 Great Hamilton st. 
Sydney Court, 62 Argyll street 
Sydney Street, east end of Gallowgate, 
north side 

Tanwork Close, 89 Gallowgate 
Tarbert Street, Balmanno street 
Taylor St., from Rottenrowto Person st. 
Tennont St., tVom Castlo st. to Glebe st. 
Thistle Street, from Adelplii street south- 

Thistle Street, from Sauohiehali street to 

Hill street, Garncthlll 

Tboraas Street, east end of Duke street, 

Thoiiison'3 Court, 138 Main street, 

Bridge ton 
Thomson's Lane, Marlborough street, 

Thomson's Lane, from Green st. to Risk 

Thomson's Square, 60 Main street, An- 

Thrushgrove, corner of Milton st. and 

Tobago street, Calton, Canning street to 

StevensoH street 
Tontine Buildings, from 12 to 31 Tron- 

Tontine Close, Si Tron^r.te 
Torwood Place, Buccleuch st.. Garnet- 
Tourville Place, head of Brunswick st. 
Tradeston, at the south end of Glasgow 

Trafaignr Street, Main street, Bridgeton 
Trafalgar Place, 120 Broomielaw 
Trongate, from the Cross to Stockwell 

and Glassford street 
Tureen Street, from Gallowgate to King 

street, Calton 
Turner's Court, SI Argyll street 
Tylcfield Street, from Gallowgate to Soho 

Union Court, 1 T2 Argyll street 
Union Place, North street, Anderston 
Union St., from Argyll st. to Gordon st. 
LTnion Street, and Union Lane, Calton 
Ure Place, Montrose street 


Victoria Court, 19 Gallowgate 
'^''ictoria Place, Upper Crown street 
Victoria Place, 1 West Regent street 
Victoria Place, 46 Buccleuch street 
Villafield, north end of Taylor street 
Villafiold Place, head of Taylor street 
Virginia Buildings, 43 Virginia street 
Virginia Court, 71 Virginia street 
Virginia Place, head of Virginia s"treet 
Virginia Street, from Argyll street to 
Ingram Street 



Waddel's Coi.rt, 48 Stockwell street 
Wallace Court, Bell street, south side 
Wallace Court, 72 Maitland street 
W.illace Street, Eglintou street 
Wallace Street, 107 Maitland street 
Walmer Place, head of Hospital street 
Warroch Sti-ect, from Stobci'oss street to 

Anderston quay 
Wardrop's Court, 38 Queen street 
Warwick street, from Norfolk street to 

Bedford street 

Washington street, from Plains street, 
Anderston, to Anderston quay 

Waterloo Place, off Dandas st., Kingston 

Waterloo Close, 91 Stoekwell street 

AVaterloo Street, from Hope street to Pitt 

Waterloo Street, from Greenvale street 

Waterport Buildings, from 10 to 18 Great 
Clyde street 

Water Street, Port-Dnndas, from Ann 
street to Poi-t-Dundas road 

Watson's Court, 194 Gallowgate 

Watt Street, frora Broomielaw street to 
Ai'gyll street 

Weaver Street, from Rottenrow to Stir- 
ling's road 

AVellcroft Place, 157 Eglinton Place 

Wellpark, St. Ann street 

Well Street, Main street, to Great Ha- 
milton street 

Wellington Arcade, from 122 Sanehie- 
hall street to Renfrew street 

Wellington Court, 43 Argyll street 

Wellington Lane, from Wellington, street 
to Pitt street. 

Wellirigton Place, east end of Adelphi st. 

Wellington Place (North), Sauchiehallst. 

Wellington Street, from Argyll street to 
Sauchiehall street 

Wellington Street, from Wellington place 
to Lawraoor place 

Wemyss Place, east end of Hill street, 

West Street, from Clyde buildings south- 
wards, Tradeston 

West Street, off Canning street 

Western Bank Buildings, south side of 
Canning street, Caiton 

Whiterale, ffom Gallowgate to Duke st. 

AVilliam Street, Anderston, west of North 

William Street, Eglinton street 

William Street, Greenhead, south of Can- 
ning street 

William Street, Broad street. Mile-end 

William Street, Cowcaddens 

Williamson's Place, 34 John st.. Bridge- 

Willowbank Place, Sauclnehall street 

Wilson Street, from Candleriggs street to 

Wilson's Close, 139 Saltmarket — 

Wilson's Court, 57 Argyll streot 

Wilson's Couri, 8 Broomielaw 

Windsor Place, Sauchiehall street 

Windsor Terrace, off St. George's road 

Wood's Buildings, 55 Duke street 

Wood Lane, 338 Gallowgate 

Wood Lane, 30 Broomielaw 

Woodlands Road, back of Woodside cres- 

Letter-Carriers' Districts. 

AVoodside Crescent, v.est eud of Sauchie- ! Y 

hall street, north side 

Woodside Place, Woodside crescent 

Woodside Terrace, north end of Woodside 

World's End, Finnieston 

Wright Street, from Duke Street to Lady- 
well street 

Yoric Street, from Argyll street to Broo- 

York Street, Little Govan 
York Lane, 24 York street 
York Place, 339 Argyll street 
Young's Building's, 292 Argyll street 
Young Street, off Gallowgate. 


Buchanan street from Argyll street, to St. Vincent street, and Pi-ince"s square. 

Exchange square and place, Eoj^al Bank place, and St. Vincent street to Bu 
chanan street. 


Queen street to George si^uare. 


Miller street and Virginia street. 

Glassford .street and Ingram street. 
Garthland street, Wilson street, Hutcheson street, Brunswick street, and Melville 

Candleriggs_3treet, Stirling square and street, Nelson street, Bell street, and South 
Albion street. 


Trongate street. 


Argyll street to Buchanan street. 


Gordon street, Mitchell street, Union street and Alston street, 


St. Vincent street from Buchanan street to Blythswood square, Drury street. 

West Nile street to St. Vincent street, Renfield street to St. Vincent street, and Hope 

street from Gordon street to St. Vincent street. 

West George sti-eet from Buchanan street to Blytliswood square, West Nile street 
from St Vincent street to West Regent street, Renfield street from St. Vincent street 
to West Regent street, Hope street from St. Vincent street to West Regent street, 
and Wellington street from St. Vincent street to West Regent street. 

West Regent street, Bath street West Nile street from West Regent street to 
Sauehiehall street, Renfield street from West Regent street to Sauchiehall street, 
Hope street from West Regent street to Sauchiehall street, Wellington street from 
West Regent street to Sauchiehall street, West Caraiibell street from West George 
street to Sauchiehall street, Main's street from Blythswood square to Sauchiehall 

^'^ Letter-Carriers' Districts. 


Sauchiehall street to Hope street, Cathcart street, Renfrew street to Hoi)0 street, 
Renfielil street from Sauchiehall street to Rutherford Lane, Rutherford Lane, West 
Nile street from Catlicart street to the top, Buclianan street from Bath street to 
the Toll, Parliamentary road to Bobbie's loan, Killermont street, and Holmliead 


Buchanan street from St. Vincent street to Bath street, Dundas street. North 
Hanover street, North Fredericlc street, John street from George street to the top, 
Little Hamilton street. Cathedral street. Love loan, Margeret street, Frederick 
lane, and Dempster street. 


South Hanover street. South Fredoiiek street, George square, West George street 
to Buchanan street and North Queen street. 

Cochran street, John street from Ingram street to George street, Montrose street 
from Ingram street to George street. North Albion street. Canon street, Shuttle 
street. College street, and St. Nicholas street. 


George street, Montrose street from George street to Rottenrow, Richmond 
street, North Portland street, Balmanno street, Deanside lane, Paterson street, 
Dean Street, Tarbert street, Rottenrow, High street from Duke Street to Rot- 


High street from thf> Cross to Duke street, Blackfriars' Street, Ilavannah street, 
Spoutmouth, Little Dovehill, Great Dovehill, M'Farlane street. East Campbell 
street. Hunter street, Grame street. South Pettigrew street, Gallowgate from Cai- 
ton entry to Hunter street, Burnside, Duke street, Old venneJ, and New vcnnel. 


Gallowgate from the Cross to Calton entry, Kent street, Russell street East. 
Monteith row, SoramervilJe place, Morris place, Binnie's place, Great Hamilton 
street. Risk street, Well street, and Gibson street. 

London street, St. Andrew square, St. Andrew street, St. Andrew's lane, Char- 
lotte street, Charlotte lane. South St. IVIungo street. Low Green street. Steel street, 
and Saltraarket. 

King street, Prince's street, Bridgegate street, Market street, Jail square, East 
Clyde street, Guildry court, Old wynd. New wynd, and Back wynd. 


Stoekwell street, Jackson street, Dunlop street. Turner's court, Croy place. East 
Howard street, Rope-work lane, and Great Clyde street from Stoekwell street to 
Maxwell street. 


StoiTUont street, Howard street, Great Clyde street from Maxwell street to 
Jamaica street, Jamaica street, St. Enoch square, and St. Enoch wynd, 


Argyll street from Buchanan street to Douglas street, Oswald street, Robertson 
street, Robertson lane, and Ann street. 


Hope street to Gordon street, Wellington street ■ f o St. Vineent street, West 
Campbell street to St. "Vincent street, Main's street to St. Vincent street, Douglas 

- J- .UJJJkUEJRHnBt*ll*i| 

Letter Carriers' Districts. 38 

street to St. Vincent street, Pitt street. Bishop street, Bothwell street to St. Vin- 
cent street, RLcliard street, Greenliill street, Waterloo street, Wellington lane, and 
Holme street. 


FiEST Section. — Broomielaw, York street. Wood lane, Brown street, Carrlck 
street, M' Alpine street, West College street, and Washington street. 

Secoxd Section. — Clyde street, An-derston, Piccadilly street, Cheapside sti-eet, 
Wavrock street, Aaderston quay, Hyde Park street, Lancefield street, Clyde Bank, 
Finnieston, World's End, Grace street, Hill street, Anderston, Catherine street, 
Hope street, Anderston, North Clyde street, and Cranston street. 


Fiusi Section. — St. Vincent street from Blythswood square to Partick road, 
William street. Main street, Anderston, Main's street from St. Vincent street to 
Blythswood square, Douglas street from St. Vincent street to Sauchiehail street, 
Blythswood square, Atholl place, Oakfield place, Mansfield place, Milton pla,co, 
Greenhill place, Holland place, Elmbank place, India street, and Ehiibank crescent. 

Second Section*. — North street, Kent road, Woodslde cescent, Woodslde terrace, 
Woodside place, Newton place. Crescent place, Somerset place, Saadyford place, 
Claremont street, India street, Royal terrace, Roj'al crescent, and Sandyford. 


First Sectio.t. — Sauchiehail street from Hope street westwards, Renfrew street 
from Hope street westwards, Cambridge street from Sauchiehail street to Renfrew- 
street, Rose street from Sauchiehail street to Renfrew street, Dalhousie street from 
Sauchiehail street to Renfrew street, Scott street from Sauchiehail street to Ren- 
frew street, Garnethill street from Sauchiehail street to Renfrew street. Thistle 
street from Saucliiehali street to Renfrew street and Wellington arcade. 

Second Section. — West Paissell street, Q,ueen's arcade, Hill street, Ruccleuch 
street, Cambridge street from Renfrew street to New City road, Rose street from 
Renfrew street to Cambridge street, Dalhousie street from Renfrew street to Buc- 
uleueh street, Scott street from Renfrew street to Buccleueh street, Garnethill street 
from Hill street to Buccleueh street, and Thistle street from Renfrew street to Buc- 
eleuch street. 


First Section. — Gi*icme street to Garnethill street. Shamrock street to Garnethill 

street. New City road to Garnethill street, St. George's road to New City road, 

■ Queen's Crescent, Great Western road, Apsiey place, Crossbank, Burnbank, Melrose 

street. West I'riace's street, Greenvale place. Woodlands road. Woodlands place, 

Stanley street, Lyndoch street and Crescent, Meadowside, and Napierhall street. 

Second Section. — Garscube road, Burnside street, Roslin place. Grove street, 
Gai-nethill street from Buccleueh street to Shamrock street, Scott street, from Buc- 
cleueh street to Shamroclc street, Dalhousie street from Buccleueh street to Sham- 
rock street, Shamrock street from Garnethill street to New City voad, Ctrajme 
street, from Garnethill street to Rose street, Clifton Grove Crescent, Lyon street 
and Kelvin street. 


First Section. — Coweaddens street, Renfield street from Rutherford lane to toj) , 
Ferguson street, Milton street, Port-Dundas road, Dobbie's loan, Corn street, 
Brown street. 

Second Section. — Ann street. Bishop street, Forth street, Crawford street, 
Maitland street, Stewart street. Canal Bank. , 


First SECTioN.~-Burreli's Lane, Duke street to Lady^vell street, LDdywell street, 
Drygate street, Drygatc lane, Kii'k street. Castle street, Wright street, Garngad 
road to 85 Hope place, Tenncnt street, Monkland Canal Basin, St. Roilo.x, Glebe 
street, and Railway station. 

Seco.nd Section. — Stirling road, Chatham place, Nortli Montrose street, Provan 

39 Letter-Carriers' Districts. 

place, Hopotoiin place, Taylor street, Weaver street, Villafield, Dobbie's loan, Pai- 
iiaraentary road to Dobbie's loan westward, and Parson street. 


First Section. — Dvike street from Lady^vell sti-ect to Bclgi-ove place, St. Ann 
street, Park-house lane. Barrack street, Gallowgatc street from Hunter street to 
Abercroraby street, Claythom street, Sydney street, Tureen street. King street 
■ C'alton, Millroad street. Hill street, Moore street, Witch Lane, Young street, Bel- 
grove street and Bclgrove place. 

Second Section. — James Street, Struthei-s street. Bell street, Abercroraby street, 
Little street, Kerr street. East Rose street, Marlborough, sti-eet, Greenvale street, 
James street, Mile-end, Sobo street, Tylefield street, Gallowgate street from Bel- 
rove to Camlachie toll, Annfield place, Whitevale and Bluevale. 


First Section. — Green street, Calton, Stevenson street, George street, Mile-end, 
Main street, Calton, Kirk street, Calton, New street, Calton, Calton entry. Broad 
street, Mile-end, Barrowfield street, Orr street, Clyde street, north end of Cumber- 
land street, Tobago street, Landressy street. 

Second Section. — Canning street, William street, Cumberland street south end, 
Dalmarnock road, Greeahead, Main street, Bridgeton, John .street. Muslin street, 
Savoy street, Dale stieet, Franklin street, Rumford street, and Adelphi street, 


FiKST Section. — Main street, Gorbals, to Puddock row, Muirhead street, St. 
Ninian's street, Hospital street, Thistle street, Govan street to Crown street, 
Rutherglen loan from Main street to Crown street, Greenside street, Cleland street, 
Cumberland street from Main street to Crown street, and Crown street south from 
Rutherglen loan. 

Second Section. — Adelphi street. Thistle street and Crown street' to Rutherglen 
loan, Govan street from Thistle street east. Rose street. Commercial road, Welling- 
ton street, Wellington place, Lawmoor place, York street and M'Neil street. 


First Section. — Clyde terrace. Kirk Street, Buchan street, Moncrieff street, 
Malta street, Portugal street, Warwick street, Bedford street cast of Abbotsford 
place, Cumberland street i'rom Abbotsford place to Main street, Pollockshaws road 
to the toll, Cavendish street, Eglinton street south of Cavendish street, and Cavalry 

Second Section. — Portland street above Norfolk street, Abbotsford place. South 
Coburg street, Cumberland street from Abbotsford place to Eglinton street. 


First Section. — Clyde place west from Centre street. Dale street. Nelson street 
from Centre street to West street. King street from Centre street to West street. 
Cook street from Centre street to West street, West Street, Paterson street, King- 
ston, Melbourne place, Albert place, Kingston place, Maxwellton plajoe and Scotland 

Second Section.-— Springfield buildings. South Kinning place, Bolton street, 
Pollock street, Kinning place, St, James's street, Greenlaw place, Rutland place 
and Rutland crescent. 


First Section. — East Carlton place, Nicholson street, Oxford street, Portland 
street to Norfolk street. West Carlton place. Bridge street, North Coburg street and 
Norfolk Street. 

SiccoND Section. — Eglinton street to Cavendish street. Commerce street, Clyde 
place to Centre street, Centre street to Nelson street, King street to Centre street, 
Nelson sti-eet to Centre street, Wallace street, Canal street, and Cook street to 
Commerce street. 



Jolm M'Kean,92 Gi'eat Hamilton Street 
Wra. Wishart, 30 Portugal street 
James M' Arthur, Lang's Land, Spring- 
James Murray, 89 John street 
James Young, 14 Shuttle street 
Alexr, MacDougall, 6 Portugal street 
John M'Callum, SI John street 
William Smith, 93 Cadogan Street 
James Stewart, 408 Parliamentary road 
John Montgomery, 196 Rottcnrow street 
Robert Dundas, 3 Cameron's place 
Peter Kevan, 9 Warwick street 
William Walker, 43 Portugal street 
Charles M'Mahou, 45 Taylor street 
Andrew M'Donald, 24 Adelphi street 
Alexander M'Kenzie, 33 John street 
James Walker, 93 Rottenrow street 
William Martin, TO Surrey place 
Alexr. Mackie, 44 Alston sti-eet 
Henry Stenhouse, 73 Hutchcson street 
John Bathgate, 99 Renlield street 
David Smart, 84 North Hanover Street 
Robert Galbraith, 80 St. James's road 
Alexr. Jeffrey, 37 CatbeJral street 

James Drummond, 19 High John stree 
Jas. Lemon, Ann place, Parliamentai-y r< 
John Johnston, 27 Balmauno street 
Wra. Lemon, Ann place, Parliamentary r' 
Thos. Brannan, 71 Stewart street 
James Craig, 103 Grfemc street 
John Miller, 17 Hospital street 
John Nelson, 13 Drury street 
Andrew Clyde, 8 Steel street 
James Flimerty, 93 Carrick street 
William M'Gown, 20 Candleriggs strec 
Josiah Rodgers, 4 Cameron's place 
Robert Orr, 38 Centre street 
Davifl Park, 21 College street 
William Neilson, 50 Milton street 
James Gentle, 37 Cathedral street 
Robert Millar, 46 Crown street 
William Tait, 73 Kirk street, Calton 
Daniel Miller, Parliamentary road 
Alexander Anderson, 27 St Andrew st. 
George Steele, 16 Crown street 
Joseph Greig. 3 Gi'een street, Calton 
John Gunn, 89 John street 
Jn, Rodgers, 5 Muirhead street, Gorbal 




ABERCROMBY, Alexander, & Co., merchants, 45 Candleriggs street 
Abercromby, Alexander, of Alexander Abercromby ^ Co., house 8 Woodsido terrace 
Abercromby, John, of Alexander Abercromby ^ Co., house 43 Union street 
Abercronaby, John, clerk, collector of accounts, grocer, and house factor, 293 Par- 

lianientary road 
Abercromby, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Water street. Port Dundas 
Abercromby, Lawrie, & Co., gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 3G Ingram st. 
ABERDEEN, Mi-s., 1 Kensington place 
Aberdeen Bank. Royal Bank, agents 
Aberdeen Assurance Company, W. G. Smith, agent, and secretary to the Glasgow 

Local Board, office 111 St. Vincent street 
Aberdeen, Shipping Office, 101 Union street 

ABERNETHY, John, of Cttrf & Abernethy, bouse 11 Geoi^o street 
ADAIR, Peter, grocer, 48 Tobago street 
ADAM, Alexander, surgeon, 26 George street 
Adam, Andrew M., 2 1 Abbotsford place 
Adam, Archibald M-, 191 Hill street 
Adam, Brothers, <fc Co., merchants, 20 Union street 
Adam, James, fruiterer, 81 Argj'U street, and 2T Howard street 
Adam, Jarues, of Po.ton ^ Adam, house 16 Pollock street, Paisley road 
Adam, James, of John Walker ^ Co., house 201 Buchanan street 
Adam, James, house-factor and agent, 50 Marlborough street 
Adam, J. G., & Walker, printers and manufacturers, 12 St. Vincent street, works 

Denovan, near Denny, and 45 Brook street Mile-end 
Adam, J. G., of J. G. Adam ^ Walker, residence Denovan house, Stirlingshire 
Adam, John, builder; brick, tile, and pottery works; Roman cement, coal dust, and 

general grinder, 206 Duke street, hoose 208 do. 
Adam, John, at Muir Brown, §r Co.'s, house 146 Rottenrow street 
Adam, John, wine and spirit dealer. 30 Orr street, Calton 
Adam, John, of William Adam ^ Son, house Milnbank; letters left at M'Milla'n & 

Marshall's, 71 Bell street 
Adam, John, late provision merchant, 34 Shami'ock street 
Adam, John, & Co., commission merchants, 6S St. Vincent street 
Adam, John, of John Adam ^ Co., house 8 Royal terrace 

Adam, John, accountant, 8 Ingram street, house Park place cottage, Paisley road 
Adam, MattheAv, A.M., teacher of mathematics, navigation, geography, and nautical 

astronomy, 17 St. Andrew's square 
Adam, Matthew, at William M'Kemie^s printing office, house 81 London street 
Adam, Peter, al William M'Laren, Son ^Co.'s 03 Candleriggs street 
Adam, Robert P., of Adam, Brothers, §' Co., house Tour, near Kilmarnock 
Adam, Robert, surgeon, 49 Stevenson street, Calton, 
Adam, Robert, fiesher, 1 70 High street, house 3 Balmanno street 
Adam, Robert, spirit dealer, 6 Upper Main street, Gorbals 

Adam, William, & Son, bieachers,_Milnbank. Letters left at M'Millan and Mar- 
shall's, 71 Bell street 



Adam, William, merchant and corauiission agent, 15 Prince's square, Buchanan 

street, house Clarendon place 
Adam & Wright, manufacturers of small-wares, hosiers, glovers, &c.. Old Post- 

OflSce court, 114 Trongate 
Adam, Miss Margaret, milliner and dressmaker, 38 North Frederick street 
Adam Mrs., furnishings, 34 George street 
Adam, Mrs., milliner. 134 Trongate street 
Adam, Mrs., IIG Sauehiehall street 
Adam, Miss, staymaker, llG Sauehiehall street 

ADAM, E., millinery warehouse, 64 Buchanan street, house 15 Dixon stncet 
ADAMS, CAR, smiths and scale beam-makers, 181 Trongato 
Adams, Dr. Alex. M., professor of institutes of medicine, Anderson's University, ho. 

23 Buccleuoh street 
Adams, Alex. Maxwell, M.D , head inspector, Town's Hospital, house 5 Clarendon 

place, New City road 
Adams, II., brick-maker and builder, 45 Eglinton st., brick works West st., Tradeston 
Adams & Hamilton, manufacturers, 62 Hutcheson street 
Adams, James, 4 St. James's street, East Kingston 
Adams, James M., surgeon, 34 Buccleuch street 
Adams, John, stamper, Post-office, house 17 Hospital street 
Adams, John K., at J. ^ F. Perman's, 23 South Hanover street 
Adams, Mrs. .James, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway tavern, 9 Dnndas street 
Adams, Mrs., grocer, 201 New City road 
ADAMS ON, Alexander, spirit dealer, 32 Broomielaw 
Adamson & Hcyslop, tailors and clothiers, 50 South Portland street 
Adamson, Alexander, & Sons, copper smiths, 20 Main street, Gorbals 
Adamson, Frederick, merchant, 19 and 23 West George St., ho. 17 Royal crescent 
Adamson, O. G.. <fe Co., Brazilian merchants, 19 and 23 West George street 
Adelphi Dyework, Govan street, Hutchesontown 
Adelphi Distillei-y, 4 Muirhead street 
Adelphl Foundry, Commercial road, Hutchesontown 

Adelphi Street Equitable Loan Office, John Scanlan, manager, ho. 25 East Clyde st. 
ADDIE, Gavin, coalmaster, Rawyards Office, Caledonian Railway Terminus. 

St. Rollox 
Addie & Miller, coalma.stcrs, St. Mary's buildings, 33 Renficld street 
Addie, Miller, & Rankin, ironmasters, St. Mary's buildings, 33 Renficld street 
ADIE, Alex. James, civil engineer, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway 
Adie, Andrew, Edlleston place, Stirling's road 
Adie, William, ifc Co., spirit dealers, 29 St. James's road 
ADKINS, Edward, stationer, 34 Garnet dale 
Affidavit Office for English and Irish Courts of Chancery, 77 Montrose street. 

A. P. Henderson, commissioner. 
AFLECK, J., pawnbroker, 139 Saltmarket street, 172 Argyll sti'eet, and 6 Union 

street, house Oakfield house, Ilillhead 
Afleck, 'Thomas, muslin manufacturer, 15 James's street, East 
AGNEW, Andrew, teacher of music, 56 Howard street 
Agnew, John, surgeon, 1 King street, Tradeston 
Acnew, Peter, clothier, 46 Jamaica street 

Af^new, William, agent and umbrella maker, 74 Stevenson street 
Atmew, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 7 North Woodsidc road 
Agnew, Mrs,, eating house, 49 Saltmarket 

Agricultueist Cattle Insurance Co., Robert M'Cowan, agent, 17 Gordon street 
AIKMA.N, Alex., 64 Buchanan street, house 2C0 West Geoi-ge street 
Aikman, Matthew, writer, 132 South Portland street 
Aikman. Peter & Thomson, commission merchants, 64 Buchanan street 
Aikman, Peter, of P. ^ T. Aikman, house 164 Hill street, Garnethill 
Aikman, Robert, commission merchant and insurance broker, 17 Gordon street, 

house 260 West George street 
AikmaTs, Thomas, calenderer, 77 Glassford street 

Aikman, Thomson, of P. Sf T. Aikman, house Florentine Bank, Ilillhead 
Aikman, William, teller, Clydesdale Bank, house 260 West George street 
AIMER, Geo., manager, Glasgow Printing Co., house 10 Coburg street 
AINSLIE, J., auctioneer and appraiser, sheriff-officer and constable, 36 E. Clyde st= 


Ainslie, WilUum, <fe Son, candlemakcrs, -47 Maia street, Gorbals 

ATRD, Andrew, printer, 15 Thistle street 

Aird, John, flesher, 19 Mutton Market 

AITCHISON, A., patent machinery grease manufacturer, 28 Spoutmouth, house 

156 Gallovvgate 
Aitchison, John, merchant and patentee of sugar machines, 105 Kensington place, 

Sauchlehall street 
Aitchison, William, & Co., brewers, wine and spirit merchants, 81 Glassford street, 
243 Argyll street, 25 and 27 Oxford street, and 2 Hope street. James Pagan, 
manager, house Cadogan street 
Aitchison, Misses, dressmakers, 29 ITuteheson street 
AlIvEN, John, vane, spirit, tea, and tobacco merchant, 98 and 216 High street, 

13i and 136 King street, house 03 Charlotte street 
Aitken, Alex., commission agent, 53 Candleriggs, Smitli's court 
Aitlcen, A., grocer, 39 Cleland street 
Aitken, D. Thomson, teacher, 6 Rottem-ow street 
Aitken, Edward, house-faotor, Greenhead 

Aitken, Hugh, & Co., dyers and calico printers, 709 Gallowgato 
Aitken, Hugh, of Hugh, Aitken, ^- Co., house 16 Whitevale 

Aitken, J. H., teacher of English composition, elocution, and Latin, 48 George sq. 
Aitken, James, watchmaker, 50 Broomielaw, house 33 Robertson street 
Aitken, James, engineer, of Murdoch, Aitken, ^ Co., letters left at Hill st. Foundry 
Aitken, James, baker, 10 Water street, Port-Dundas 
Aitken, James H., jun., teacher of writing, arithmetic, geography, navigation, and 

mathematics, -IS George square 
Aitken, James and John, woollen drapers, 14 Gallowgate 
Aitkc!), James, of Cook street Weaving Co., house 2 St. James street, Kingston 
Aitken, Dr. John, M.D., 342 Argyll street 
Aitken, Jolm, carter and coal agent, 18 Little Hamilton street 
Aitken, John, spirit dealer, 396 Gallowgate 
Aitken, John, 107 Crown street, Hntchesontown 
Aitken, John, grocer, 103 Great Hamilton street 
Aitken, John, cowfeeder and coal agent, 125 West Nile street 

Aitken, Mark, builder, 52 Buccleuch street 

Aitken, Mathie, & Co., iron founders, Kelvin foundry, 14 Gordon street 

Aitken, Peter, jeweller and silversmith, 96 Argyll street, and 48 Argyll Arcade, 
house 90 Argyll street 

Aitken, Robert, of Buchanan, Aitken, ^ Co , house 201 Bath street 

Aitken, Robert, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 9 and 1 1 Nile street, Gallowgate 

Aftken, Robert, pastry baker and confectioner, 126 High st,;, ho. 9 Blackfriars st. 

Aitlien, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 9 Croy place, Glasgow, and 81 King 
street, Tradestoa 

Aitken, William, provision merchant, 63 Saltmarket 

Aitken, William, candleniaker, 4 and 8 Cross Gibson street 

Aitken, William, manufacturer, 38 Queen street, house 20 St. George's road 

Aitken, William, commission agent, 65 Maitland street 

Aitlcen, William, coal master, Stirling road 

Aitken, William T., writer, 135 Buchanan street, house 3i2 Argyll sti-eet 

Aitken, William, wright, Greenhead 

Aitken, Mrs,, spirit dealer, 22 Laigh-kirlc close 

Aitken, Misses, ladies' seminary for needlework, music, «feo., 48 George square 

Aitken, Misses, milliners and straw-hat makers, 76 Great Hamilton street 

AITKENHEAD, Alexander, baker, 30 Little street 

Aitkcnhead, Alexander, commission merchant, 134 BridgegatQ 

Aitkenhead, James, cowfeeder, 40 Stockwell street 

Aitkenhead, John, provision merchant, 137 Trongtite street 

.Aitkenhead, Mrs., lodgings, 201 Buchanan street 

Aitkenhead, Mrs,, victualler, 1 Main street, Calton 

AITKINS, John, smith and farrier, 40 Jamaica street, house 17 Hope street 

Albion Rope and Twine Works, Kelvinhaiigh, W. & J. Dodds 

ALCORN, James, plasterer 253 Parliamentary road 

ALDERSON, William, at John Black ^ Co.'s, house 21. Roseland terrace 

ALEX.'^NnF.R 4, - 


Alexander, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 38 Shuttle street 
Alexander, Edward, jun., of Corhett, Alexander ^ Co., 1 Montrose street 
Alexander, Edward, merchant, 7 Montrose street, house 30 Richmond street 
Alexander, George, of Corheit, Alexander ^ Go,, 7 Montrose street, house 19 Eose 

street, Garnethill 
Alexander, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 Little street, Calton 
Alexander, James, surgeon-dentist, 128 Union street 
Alexander, James, tanner, currier, and leather merchant, 1)9 Glassford street, 65 

Bridgegate, and 46 Little Dovehill, house 5 ProYan-side 
Alexander, James H, & Co., brassfounders, plumbers, gasfittera, and ironmongers, 

26 Renfield street, works &2 Water street, Port-Dundas 
Alexander, James Hunter, of James H. Alexander ^ Co., house 128 Union street 
Alexander, James, spirit dealer, 28 Main street, Calton 
Alexander, James & Son, wrights, builders, <fec., 64 Cadogan street 
Alexander, James, boot and shoe manufacturer, 40 GaJlowgate 
Alexander, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 109 Main street, Bridgetoa 
Alexander, James, brush, basket, and toy warehouse, 12 Candleriggs 
Alexander, James, shawl fringer and hot presser, 21 St. Vincent place 
Alexander, J. & J., tailors and clothiers, 22 Argyll street 
Alexander, James, victualler and grocer, 249 George street 
Alexander, James, at J. §f D. Paton's, house 95 North Hanover street 
Alexander, J. & H,, wholesale and retail grocers, 309 Argyll street 
Alexander, James, of Alexander &■ Thomson, house 30 Pollock street, Paisler road 
Alexander, James, writer, of Gray ^- Wilson, 61 St. Vincent street 
Alexander, John Henry, manager and proprietor of Theatre -Royal, house Piti 

street, Saochiehall street 
Alexander, John, printer and publisher of Courier, house 25 Elmbank place 
Alexander, John, plumber and gasfitter, 128 Union street 
Alexander, John, reedraaker, Buchanan court, 44 Trongate 
Alexander, John, of Corbett, Alexander ^ Co., 7 Montrose street 
Alexander, John, of John Carss ^ Co., 31 Argyll street 
Alexander, John Hill, clerk, 93 Parliamentary road 
AJexander, Joseph, confectioner, 49 Argyll arcade, house 108 Argyll street 
Alexander, Matthew, 1 Woodside crescent 
Alexander, R. F. «fc J., & Co., cotton spinning and thread works, Duke street 

counting-house Duke street 
Alexander, Robert, tailor and clothier, 24 Hutcheson street 
Alexander, Robert & Co., turkey-red dyers and calico-printers, 38 West George 

street, works Alexandria, Dumbartonshire 
Alexander. Robert, merchant, 38 West George street, house 27 Newton place 
Alexander, Robert, commission agent, agent for James Haig & Son, Sunbury Dis- 
tillery, and Lochrin Mills, Edinburgh, 108 Stock well street, house 5 Bloomfield 
place, Hillhead 
Alexander, S., supeiTisor of excise, 5 Belgrove street 
Alexander, Thomas, lithographer and engraver, 120 Buchanan street 
Alexander, Thomas, of Thomson ^ Alexander, house 9 Hopeton place 
Alexander <fe Thomson, commission merchants, 4 South Hanover street 
Alexander, Waiter, toy merchant, 60 and Gl Argyll arcade, and spirit dealer, 6!i 

Stockwell street, house 12 Ropework, entry off Stockwell street 
Alexander, Walter, at Eccles, Burnley, ^ Co.'s, house 9 South Apsley place 
Alexander, Walter, at R. Dalglish, Falconer ^ Co.'s, 4 North court, Royal Ex- 
Alexander, William, victualler, 95 High street 
Alexander, WilUam, working jeweller, watch and clock maker, 28 Argyll arcade, 

house 56 Howard street 
Alexander, Mrs. William, Young Ladies' School, 43 Abbots-ford place 
Alexander, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 109 Main street, Bridgcton 
Alexander, Mrs. H., dress and straw hat maker, 168 and 170 West Regent street 
Alexander, H., furnishing shop, 168 and 170 West Regent street 
Alexander, Miss, 20 Newton place 

Alexander, William, joiner and blockmaker, 11 Dale street, Ti'adeston 
Alexander, Miss, grocer, 9 1 King street, Tradeston 
Alexander. Mrs. Helen, erocer and sDirit dealer. 16 Shuttle street 



ALGIE, Misses E. <& J., milliners, straw hat and dress makers, 4 Macfarlane street, 

ALLAN, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 15 Norfolk street, house 13 do. 

Allan, Alexander, of William Allan ^ Sons, house 1 Grafton street 

Allan, Alexander, merchant, 16 Newton place 

Allan, Alex., of Robert Allan ^ Sons, house lOY Eglinton street 

Allan, Andrew, blacksmith, 79 Burnside place, Garscube road 

Allan, Alexander, jun., & Co., ham curers, 117 Argyll street 

Allan, Archibald, provision merchant, 219 Gallowgate street 

Allan, Andrew, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 16 and 18 London street 

Allan ifc Druramond, wrights, 61 Stirling street, Cowcaddens 

Allan, Bryce, ship owner, 8 St. George's road 

Allan, David, waterproof cloth manufac, St. Rollox. Letters left at. 23 Gordon st. 

Allan, David, of Allan ^ Ferguson, house 111 Hill street, Garnethill 

Allan <fc Ferguson, lithographers and engravers, Buchanan place, 74 Bttehanan st. 

Allan, Geo., poulterer, 213 George street 

Allan, Hugh, spirit dealer, 3 Clyde street. Port -Dnndas 

Allan, James, & Co., merchants, 42 Dunlop street 

Allan, James, of James Allan ^ Co., house 2 Carlton place 

Allan, James, accountant, West of Sootland Exchange Investment Co., house 196 

Hope street 
Allan, James, provision merchant and ham-curer, 108 and 110 Caadlerlggs street 

and 46 Gallowgate 
Allan, James, & Co., smiths and ironmongers, 9 and 13 Stormont street 
Allan, James, cotton, linen, woollen, and worsted yarn merchant, 19 South Hanover 

street, and 132 Queen street, house 4 Royal crescent 
Allan, James, spirit dealer, 306 Gallowgate 

Allan, James, envelope maker, black and fancy borderer, 41 Brunswick street 
Allan, James, sen., furnishing ironmonger, tinsmith, blacksmith, gasfitter, and hrass-.^ ., 

founder, 84 Buchanan st., works Elmbank Foundry, Kent mad, ho. 10 Kent pi. 
Allan, James, tavern keeper, 48 Gallowgate street 

Allan, James, of John Allan §f Co., honse 150 Holland street, Sauchiehall road 
Allan, James, of J, §/■ A. Allan, house 153 Hill street, Garnethill 
Allan, James & Alexander, ship and insurance brokers and commission merchants, 

40 Union street 
Allan, James, bird merchant, 53 Nelson street 

Allan, John, bar officer, Sheriffs court, County Buildings, Wilson street, house 
9 Stirling street 

Allan, John, & Co., gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 172 Buchanan street 

Allan, John, of John Allan ^ Co , house 212 West Regent street 
Allan, John, writer, 120 Buchanan street, house 112 Wellington street 

Allan, Rev. John, of Bi'owq street Chapel, and Chaplain of the Seamen's Friend 
Society, 40 York street 

Allan, M. & J., ship and ornamental carvers, 148 Broomielaw street 

Allan, John, jun., turpentine distiller, 74 Buccleuch street 

Allan, John, jun., & Co., oil merchants and drysalters, 31 Argyll street 

Allan, John, of Rob. Allan ^ Sons, house 27 Paterson street, Kingston 

Allan, John, railway contractor, Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway, St. Roltox 

Allan, Neil, sheriff officer and constable for the counties of Lanark and Argyll, 27 
Old wynd 

Allan «fe Mann, common and fire-brick and tile makers, Port-Eglinton 

Allan & Poynter's bonded and free warehouses, Eglinton street and Ann street, 
office 83 Jamaica street 

Allan, Peter, writer. City Chambers 

Allan, Robert, <t Sons, pianoforte makers, 109 Eglinton street 

Allan, Robert, grocer and victualler. 4 Eglinton street 

Allan, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 17 Great Hamilton street 

Allan, Robert, spirit dealer, 6 Forth street, Port-Dundas 

Allam & Russell, coal masters, 33 Union street 

Allan & Stephenson, land surveyors (and mining), 49 West George street 

Allan, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 44 Crown street 

Allan, Thomas, 29 St. Andrew's square 

Allan, Thomas & Geo. B., accountants, share-brokers, 3 North court, B.. Exchange 

Allan, Thomas, iron founder, 94 Miller street 


Allan, Thomas, & Co., Spi'ingbank Iron Works, office 94 MiUer street 

Allan, Thomas, & Co., drysalters, 23 Gordon street 

Allan, William, & Sons, ham-c«rers and provision merchants, 12 Candleriggg, ar.d 

151 Osborne's buildings, Sauchiehall street 
Allan, William, of Allan ^ Poynier, house 5 Cumberland plaee 
Allan, William, coal agent, 417 Gallowgate 
Allan, Miss, Newhall, Greenhead 
Allan, Miss, .33 North Hanover street 
Allan, Miss, 280 St. Yincent street * 

Allan, M. J., silk and woollen dyev, 56 Cowcaddens street 
Allan, Mrs., cowfeeder, 11 Hunter street 
Allan, Mrs., groeer, 153 Main street, Gorbals 
ALLEN, John, corn and flour factor, Madeira court, Argyll street, house 35 Rose 

street, Garnethill 
Allen, E., U Wilson street 
ALLAKDICE, George G., insurance broker. Royal Exchange Buildings, house 

Kelvin Terrace, Great Western road 

Alliance, Bntish and Foreign Fire and Life Assurance Co., Alex. Mein, 29 St. 

Vincent place, John M' Vey, 95 Hutcheson street, and Black and Salmon, 15 West 

George street, agents 

ALISON, Andrew, dyer, work 41 Clyde street, Anderston, ho. 46 Clyde street, do. 

Alison, Archibald, Sheriff of Lanarkshire, chambers County Buildings, Wilson street, 

residence Possil house 
Alison, Archibald, 22 Renficld street 

Alison, James and Andrew, wine and spii-it merchants, 222 High street 
Alison, B. W, milliner and straw-hat maker, 33 Low John sti'ect 
Alison, Mrs. Robert, grocer, 31 Carrick street 
Alison, Mi-s. A., spirit dealer, 93 New vennel 
ALLISON, Ebenezer, merchant and portioner. Lettei-s left at his residence, 42 

Albert place, Hill street, Garnethill 
Allison, Hugh, at Drumpellcr coal office, house 1 Stanhope street 
ALMOND, Rev. George, St. Mary's Episcojial chapel, house 101 Renfrew street 
ALSTON, Gavin, cowfeeder and wittJe dealer, 50 Sauchiehall lane 
Alston & Bei-ey, merchants, 45 West Nile street 
Alston, Alexander, Stamp-office, 81 Miller street 
Alston, George, of Campbell, Rivers, ^- Co., house 1\ West Nile street 
Alston, James, cowfeeder, 103 Jolm street 
Alston, James W., of W. Stirling §■ Sons, residence Stockbriggs, Lesmahagow, and 

G India street 
Alston, John <fe Son, gingham, pullicat-e, and woollen manufacturers, 55 Glassford st, 
Alston, John James, accountant, 92 St. Vincent street, house 142 Renfrew street 
Alston, R. F., 116 St. Vincent street 

Alston, Robert, of Johi Alslvn ^ Son, house 124 Pitt street ' 

Alston, William, C, of John Jlston ^ Son, house Rosenwunt, G.nmgadbill 
Alston, William, iwulterer, 82 West G«orge street 
Alston, Miss, 110 Peel Terrace, Garnethill 
AMBROSE, William, writer, iigent for North of England Fire and Life Insurance 

Co., 125 Buchanan street 
Ameuican Royal Mail Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street 
ANDERSON, Alexander, of J. 4' A. Anderson, house 6 Lynedoch Crescent 
Anderson, Alexander, Icttei'-carrier, P. O., house 27 St, Andrew street 
Anderson, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Main strdet, Bridgeton * 
Anderson, Alexander, spirit dealer, 105 Briflgcgatc street 
Anderson, Alexander, cowfeeder, 048 Gallowgate 

Anderson, Alexander S., baker and flour dealer, 67 King street, and 92 Trongato 
Anderson, Alexaiider, busk and cap spring maker, 14€ Cowcaddens street 
Anderson, Alex. Dunlop, M.D., 169 St. A^ncent street 
Anderson, Allan, hat and cap manufacturer, wine and commission merchant, and 

agent for the City of London Life Assurance Fociety, 2 Antigua pi.. Nelson st. 
Anderson, Andrew, M.D., 4 Woodside terrace, consulting rooms, 15 W. George st. 
Anderson, Andrew, Fordyce & Co., warebousemen, 103 Glassford street 
Anderson & Co., general wareliousemcn, 157 Trongate 
Anderson, Charles, at Mcin ^ Cumiingliam's, 29 St. Vincent place 



Andei'son, Daniel, leather cuUcr and shoemaker, 66 Prince's street 

Anderson, David, furnisher, 19 Castle street 

Anderson, David, of David ^ John Anderson, house 43 Scott street, Garnethill 

Anderson, David & John, pullicate and gingham nianuf., 30 South Hanover street 

Anderson, David, cowfeeder, 12 South St. Mungo street 

Anderson, David, spirit merchant, 5 1 Jamaica street 

Anderson, David, victualler, 407 (.'allowgate 

Anderson, David, house -painter, 92 Glassford street 

Anderson, David, tobacconist, 61 King street, Tradeston 

Anderson, Duncan, teacher, Deaf and Dumb Institution, Barony Glebe, 36 I'arson st. 

Anderson, Ebenezer, grain merchant, 145 Argyll street, house 12 "Warwick street 

Anderson, Forbes, at Fulton, Buchanan, ^ Co's, 83 Union street 

Anderson, Gabriel, grain and provision merchant, 12 Kirk sti-cet, Townhead, & 32 

Port Dundas road ^,<f^^ //f ^/iU^^ ,,^^^:i^J^'-^'*^ '-^-^■^'^ 
Anderson, George, teacher, 148 New City road 

Anderson, George, <fe Co., whitelead and colour, works, Hydepark street 
Anderson, George, of George Anderson ^' Co., house 18 Pollock street, liinning-place 
Anderson, George, manager, St. Ilollox flax mills, 85 Garngad road 
Anderson, George, of Euing Anderson's, §• Aird, house 4 Woodside terrace 
Anderson, Graham, & Co., manufacturers, 16 Montrose street 
Andei-sjn & Haldane, corn-factors, 40 Union street 
Anderson, H. L., house painterand decorator, 19 Renfield street, house 173 Sauchie- 

hall street 
Anderson, James, tinsmith and gas-fitter, 281 High street 

Anderson, James A., manager. Union Bank of Scotland, house, 4 Woodside terrace 
Anderson, James, manager. West of Scotland malleable iron Co., 88 St. Vincent st., 

house 7 Canning place 
Anderson, J. & D., tallow chandlers, and oil merchants, 84 & 86 Stockwell street 
Anderson, James, jun., baker, 151 High street, house 4 College street 
Anderson, J. B., wigmaker and perfumer, 23 Queen street, house 29 South Port- 
land street 
Anderson, Henry, spirit dealer, 112 Main street, Bridgeton -f 
Anderson, James, callendorcr and packer, 32 South Hanover street 
Anderson, J. & A., manuf.icturers, 114 Candlcriggs street 
Anderson, James, writer, 1 S Gordon street 

Anderson, James, currier, ayd leather merchant, 22 Little Dovehill 
Anderson, James, of Ferguson, M'Dougall, ^- Anderson, house 4 Woodside terrace 
Anderson, James, watch and clock maker, 66 King street, Tradeston 
Anderson, James, «fe Co., corn millers and colour makers. Hill street miUs 
Anderson, James, Elliot Tavern, 9 Gallowgate street 
Anderson, James, starch manufacturers, 46 Abbotsford place 
Anderson, James, of James Anderson ^ Co., house 82 Hill street 
Anderson, James, starch and gum manufacturer, 36 Surrey street 
Anderson, James, of H. ^- J. Anderson, house 20 Hill place, Stirling road 
Anderson, James, of J §■ A Anderson, house 3 Blythswood square 
Anderson, James, general draper and hosier, 2 and 4 Candleriggs 
Anderson, James, commission merchant, 62 Queen st., ho. 1 Edwin pi., Laurieston 
Anderson, J. AV., at D. Sandeman's, house 11 Hopetoun ])laee 
Anderson, James, wine and spidt merchant, 98 Dundas street 
Andevion, J. & M., glass and china merchants, 17 Candleriggs street 
Andersoi), John, of Anderson ^ Haldane, house 1 York place 
Anderson, John, <fc Co., merchants, 6 Moore place. West George street 
Anderson, John, of John Anderson ^ Co., house 17 Woodside place 
Anderson, John, at Rev. William Andersons, 2 Nicholson street 
Anderson, John, paymaster, and purser, K. N. 32 John street, Greenhead 
Anderson, John, of Anderson §/■ Co., house 16 Charlotte street 
Anderson, John, of David ^ John Anderson, house 10 Lynedoch cresent 
Andei'son, John, jun., 30 South Hanover street 
Anderson, John, warehouseman, 4 Clyde terrace, house 2 do. 
Ancler.son, John, grocer and victualler, 391 Gallowgate 

Anderson, Rev. Jon. R., minister of Knox's Free Church, house 27 Abbotsford pi. 
Anderson, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 220 Castle street 
..'Anderson, Joseph, tailor and clothier, 240 Argyll street 


Anderson, Lawrence, plumber, zinc worker, and gas fitter, 45 Oxford street 

Anderson, Matthew, tertius, wiue and spirit merchant, and importer of foreign 
cigars, 81 and 83 Trongate, 39 Jamaica street, honse 81 Trongate 

Anderson & Munro, Venetian blind makers, 62 Gordon street 

Anderson, Peter, & Co., slaters, 134 Broomielaw 

Anderson, R. & J., bootmakers, 53 John street 

Anderson, Robert, writer, 68 Glassford street, house 60 Hill street, Garnethill 

Anderson, Robert, baker, 45 Trongate, house 56 do 

Anderson, Robert, haircutter, 7 East Nile street 

Anderson, Robert, commission merchant, 49 West Nile street 

Anderson & Smith, merchants, St. Mary's buildings, 33 Renfield street 

Anderson, Thomas, of Ballardie ^ Anderson, house 98 Fife place 

Anderson, Thos., cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and manufi>cturer of painted and stained 
furniture, 57 Ingram street, manufactory 161 Stirling's read 

Anderson, Thomas, wine merchant, 77 Stockwell street, hoBse 140 do 

Anderson, T. R., cabinet wai-ehouse, 13 Jamaica street 

Anderson,' Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 230 High street 

Anderson, Thomas, writer, 20 Brunswick place, house 6 Pollock street 

Anderson, Thomas, wholesale and retail fishmonger, 119 West George street, house 
171 West Nile street 

Anderson, Thomas, manager, Glasgow Exchange Co,. 71 Queen street 

Anderson, W. G., merchant, 52 West Nile street, house Merryi^ats 

Anderson, William, & Co., slate merchants and slaters, Howard street, house 7 Park 
place, Stockwell street 

Anderson, William, victualler, 432 Gallowgate 

Anderson, William, corn and flour factor, and proyision merchant, 2 Hovard street, 
house 60 Abbotsford place 

Anderson, William, professor of French to the Andersonian University, and head 
master of the Southern Aca<lcmy, house 43 Abbotsford place 

Anderson, Wm., of James M'Lean ^ Co., 17 South Frederick street, house 13 Holm- 
head street 

Anderson, William, provision merchant, 133 Campbell street west 

Anderson, Rev. William, John-street United Presbyterian Church, house 2 Nichol- 
son street 

Anderson, William, spirit dealer, 258 Gallowgate street 

Anderson, William, accountant and property agent, 13 John street, house 123 do, 

Anderson, William, English and mercantile teacher, Laurieston Academy, 60 Nor- 
folk street, house 6 Warwick street 

Anderson, William, of Kerrs §• Anderson, house 3 Lyndoch street 

Anderson, William, & Co., reedmakei-s, 55 Bell street 

Anderson, William, veterinary surgeon, 32 Clyde street 

Anderson, William, iron founder Canal Basin foundry, Debbie's loan, Port-Dundas, 
house Broomhill place, East Milton street 

Anderson, William, flesher, 339 Argyll street, and North street, Anderston 

Anderson, Wm. Archd., merchant and insurance broker, 62 West Nile street, house 
6 Fitzroy place 

Anderson, William, cowfecder, 15 Kirk street, Townhead 

Anderson & Wilson, manufacturers, 163 Ingram street 

Anderson, Mrs, baker, 240 High street 

Anderson, Mrs Archibald, victualler, 209 Duke street 

Anderson, Mrs James, 140 George street 

Andersen, Mrs, milliner and dressmaker, 146 Cowcaddens street 

Anderson, Mrs Matthew, baker, 34 King street 

Anderson, Mrs M., coppersmith, tinsmith, gasfitter, and general ironmonger, 15 
Main street, Gorbals 

Anderson, Mrs John, tavern, 181 Trongate 

Anderson, Mrs; 6 Victoria place. West Regent street 

Anderson, Mrs Janet, cowfeedcr, 161 Cowcaddens street 

Anderson, Mrs William, young ladies' school, 43 Abbotsford place 

Anderson, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 142 Renfrew street 

Anderson, Miss, 51 Abbotsford place 

Anderson, Miss Allison, milliner and straw hat maker, 3 North Paterson street 

Anderson, Miss, lodgings, 118 George street 


Anderson, Miss Margaret, grocer, 2ii'I High street 

Anderson, Miss Elizabeth, Victoria place, 9 West Regent street 

Anderson, Misses, milliners and straw hat makei's, 98 and 101 Sauchiehall street 

Anderson, Misses, 4 Bath street 

Andeesonian University, 20'1 George street, John Jardine, janitor 

AxDERSToy Bottle- Work, Lancelicld street 

Anderston Charitable Dispensary for the Poor of the Burgh, George M'Ewan, sur- 
geon, 8T Main street 

Anderston Distillery, Office 83 Jamaica street, John Baird, agent. 

Anderston Foundry Co., machine makers, iron and brass founders, Cheapside st. 

Anderston New Friendly Society, Kirk close. Main street, Anderston 

Anderston Police Office, 6 Warroch street, Anderston 

Anderston Pottery Works, Finnieston street 

Anderston Ropework, 20 Stobcross street 

ANDREW, Hugh, grocer and victualler, 17 Commercial road, Hutcbesontown 

Andrew, James, victualler, 32 Bridgegate street 

Andrew, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 57 Main street, Bridgeton 

Andrew, John, public washing-house, Glasgow green 

Andrew, John, draper, 13 and 16 Sauchiehall street 

Andrew, Robert, victualler and spirit dealer, 207 Gallowgate 

ANGUS, James, at Peler Morton's, 30 King street 

Angus, James, at John Cahbell ^ Co.'s, 72 Virginia street 

Angus, George, painter and colourman, 1S9 Drygate street 

Angus, James, baker, 8 North street, Anderston 

Angus, James, upholsterer and paper-hanger, 14 Warwick street 

Angus, John, victualler, 153 Gallowgate 

Angus, Peter, temperance hotel and soiree contractor, 7 Argyll street 

Angus, Ritchie, of Eiving, Angus, ^ Co., house 13 Lyuedoch crescent 

Angus, Robert, grain and lard merchant, 11 and 13 M'Farlane street 

Angus, Robert, spirit dealer, 94 Glassford street 

Angus, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 254 Gallowgate 

Angus, William, <fc Son painters and paper hangers, 67 George street, and li 
Shuttle street, corner of College street 

Angus, Misses, & Balfour, millinery and children's dresses, Osborne buildings, 16.!> 
Sauchiehall Street 

Angus, Mrs. Alexander, 65 West Regent street 

ANNAN, William, & Co., general jobbing smiths, and letter copying press manu- 
facturers, steel spring vermin and pole traps, Ac, 390 Parliamentary road, house 

■ 4 Cathcart place, Sauchiehall street 

Annan, William, at Knox ^ Finlay's, 29 St. Vincent place, house 70 Abbotsford pi. 

Annfield Potte • 539 Gallowgate 

Annfikld Schoo., j63 Gallowgate 

Annuity Society, Thomas Brown, s'Hsretary, 49 Virginia street 

APPERLY, Joseph, agent for West of England cloths, 11 Miller street 

ARBUCKLE, James, cork manufacturer, 193 Gallowgate 

Arbuckle, Matthew, grocer and dairyman, 1 33 Garscube road 

Arbuckle, William, cork manufacturer, 18 College street 

Arbuckle, Mrs. William, cork manufacturer, 64 Prince's street 

ARCHER, Charles, cabinetmaker, 81 Buchanan street 

ARCHIBALD, David, spirit dealer, 64 High street 

Archibald, Joseph, tobacconist, 6 Trongate 

Archibald, William, tailor and clothier, 239 Argyll street 

Ardbbg Distillery, Islay. Buchanan, Wilson, & Co., agents, 26 St. Enoch square 

Ahdbossan Steam Navig. Co.'s Office, 20 St. Enoch sq. M'Kean & Lament, agents. 

ARGUE, William, spirit dealer, 154 Castle street 

Argus Life Assurance Co. of London. Brown & Dunlop, 49 Virginia St., agents 

ARGTT.L Sale Rooms and Furniture Warehouse, Turner'* court, 87 Argyll street 

ARKLE, John, vintner and stabler, gigs and dog carts let on hire, horses kept at 
livery, Coach Close Inn, 151 Gallowgate 

ARMOt/R, Archibald, coal master, 1 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street 

Armour, Robert, of James Donaldson §r Co , house Bogton, by Cathcart 

Armour, Robert, Violetgrove, North Woodside road 

Armour, Robert, Union Canal Office, 35 George square 

A a 


Armour, Robert, jun., of Mair ^ Armour, house Violctgrove, North Woodridc road 

Armour, Robert, joiner; 10 Cleland street 

Armour, Wiillam, victualler, 52 Stevenson street, Calton 

Armour, William, wine and spirit merchant, 58 Stevenson street 

Armour, Mrs., 8G North Frederick street 

ARMSTRONG, James, Comb maker, 35 Trongate 

AiTOstrong, James, inspector's clerk, Town's Hospital, house 07 Hospital street 

Armstrong, James, victualler, 66 Clyde street, Anderston 

ARNEIL, Mrs., teacher, St. James's Sciiool of Industry, 14 Kent street 

ARNOTT, A. R., house painter, oil, and colourman, 19 Maxwell street 

Arnott, A. S. of ArnoU ^ Co., bouse 24 Pollock street, Paisley road 

Arnott & Co,, wine merchants, and commission agents, G5 Jamaica street 

Arnott, John, at Thomas ArnoWs, 62 St. Vincent street 

Arnott, G. A. Walker, of Arlary, LL.D., regius professor of Botany, 31 Lyndoch st. 

Arnot, Thomas, house and decorative painter and paper liangei', 62 St. Vincent st.] 
house 203 Buchanar. street 

Arnot, Rev., Wm., minister of St. Peter's Free Church, house 27 Elmbauk place 

ARROL, Archibald, of Toive ^ Arrol, hf.ise 15 Abbotsford place 

ARTHUR, Allan, at 'llcn. Monieiih ^- <Jo'$, house Barrowfied works, Rutherglea 

Arthur, Charles, at Robert Cochran ^ Co.'s, Verrreville psttery Anderston 

Arthur, John, of Muirlicad S/- Arthur, house 296 St, Vincent street 

Arthur, John, commission merchant, 7 Exchange place 

Arthur, John, wine and spirit merchant, 102 Broomielaw 

Arthur. John Stewart, Royal Lunatic Asylum Gartnavel. Lcttei's left at 70 
George's place 

Arthur.Robert, goldsmith and jeweller, 80 Argyll street 

Arthur, Samuel, spirit dealer, 17 Well street, Calton 

Arthur, Thomas, 132 St. Vincent street 

Arthur, William, & Co., gingham, pullicate, and shawl mannf. 19 Cochran street 
Arthur, William, of William Arthur §/• Co., house 83 Villafield ]>lace 
Arthur, William, spirit dealer, tea gardens, 1 23 Main street, Bridgeton 
Arthur, W^ra., Rae, of Mair Brown ^ Co., 296 St. Vincent street 
Arthur, William, house-steward. Eye Infirmary, 14 College street 
Arthur, Mrs., sewed muslin warehouse, 25 Brunswick place 
ASHER, Mrs. P., furrier, 5 King street 

ASH WORTH, John, agent for Liverpool Asphalte Co., 2 Howard street 
Asphalte and Waterproof Cioth, Co., 33 Virginia street 
Assessed and Property Tax Office, 52 Virginia street 
A^VLUM Life Assuranc-e Office. Robert Findlay, 163 Ingram street, agent 
Asylum for the Blind, 102 Castle street, Townhead. Matthew Semple, superin- 
tendent; Miss Lamond, matron; William Findlay, teacher 
Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb, Barony Glebo. Seen on Wednesday at 2 r.M., 

Duncan Anderson, teacher 
Asylum for the Houseless, 69 North Frederick street 
Asylum for Lunatics, Gartnavel, office 70 St. George's place 
Asylum for Indigent Old Men, 81 Rottenrow. James Fleming, superintendent 
ATCHISON, John, officer of excise, Aiken place, Douglas street 
ATKINSON, Thomas, flesher, 2 St. Andrew's square 
Atkinson, W. D., merchant, 2 St, Andrew's square 
Atlas Fire and Life Assurance Company of London. Carrick & Sons, Virginia 

Buildings, agents 
Atlas Foundry, Mar.cct street, GaJlowgate 
Atlas Works, East Milton street 

ATTWOOD, James, grocer, cook, and confectioner, 47 Renficld street 
AUCHIE, James, mei chant, 145 Wellington street 
Auchey, James, bill poster, 37 Rottenrow street 

AUCHINCLOSS, J. R., at Donnistoun, Buchanan §,- Co.'s, 20 St. Vincent place 
AuchinclosB, John, grocer and spirit retailer, 135 Main street, Bridgeton 
AUOHIlWOLE, John, shawl and zebra dress manufacturer, 4 Montrose street ho, 

30 Monteith row 
Auchinvole, W^ilUam, bookbinder and stationer, 7 Main street, Bridgeton 
AUCHTERLONIE, Thomas, of James Black §■ Co., house 12 Lyndoch crescent 


AUCOTT, Thomas, stay manufacturer, 69 Hutoheson street 

Auction Mart, Cabinet and Upliolstery Rooma, 02 Argyll street 

AULD, Arch., of Robert Watson, Son, ^ Co., house Inchbank cottage, Partick 

Auld, A. W., of Aiild ^ Buchanan, house 141 Bath street 

Auld & Buchanan, calico printers aud manufacturers, 86 Buchanan street and 1 

Exchange place 
Auld, George, picture frame maker and general wright, 8 Sauehichall street 
Auld, Henry, muslin manufacturer, 1 H Candleriggs street, house 6 Belgrovc »t. 
Auld, Hugh, sen., ironmonger, 8 London street 
Auld, R, R., at Strang, Yuile, ^ Keydcii's, 83 George place 
Auld, 'Diomas, baker, 130 Queen street 
Auld, William, general grinder, 46 Sydney street 
Auld, William, of MacEwan ^- Aid J, house 2 Woodsido crescent 
AUSTIN, James, baker, 74 Main street, Bridgeton 
Austin & M'Auslan, nursery and seedsmen, 168 Trongate. Nurseries Copkwlull, 

Pollokshaws road 
Austin, Miss Ann, niilliner, 9 Nelso« street 

Austin, Misses, dress makers, St. Ste))hen's place, 103 Renfrew street 
AYLWARD, Thomas, <fe Co., tea, cofl'ee, an<l spice merchants, 103 Argyll street 
Ayhvard, Rev. John Jos., D.D., catholic clergyman, 64 Abercromby sti-eot 
Aykshihe <fc Bridge of AVeir Railway Office, 1 4 Bridge street. J. Fairfull Smith, sec. 
Ayrshire & Galloway Railway Office, 14 Bridge st. J. Fairfull Smith, secretary 
Ayrshire Iron Company, 113 Si. Vincent street 

Ayrshire Railway Station, 14 Bridge street. J. F. Smith, secretary 
AYTON, John, tobacco and snuff manufactui'er, 113 High street 


BABCOCK, B. F., of W. B. Eugciins, §■ Co., house 6 Blythswood square 

BAILLIE, James, grocer and victualler, 87 Stobcross street 

Baillie, James, wine and spirit merchant, 32 Cook street, Tradeston 

Baillie, James, spirit merchant, 8 Marlborough street, Oalton 

Baillie, William, boot and t,hoe maJcer, G4 Eglintor street 

Baillie, Robert, victualler, o2 Abercromby street 

BAIN, A«ly, salesman, Gourock ropework Co., 42 Clyde place, Louse 109 Dale- 
street, Tradeston 

Bain, Andrew, of Bell §• Bain, house 60 Bath street 

Bain, Andrew, (f ,7ohn Bain ^' Son, house 18 Great Clyde street 

Bain, David, joiner, trunk and packing-box maker, and fancy paper-box manufac- 
turer, 23 South Frederick street, and 40 Cathedral st., ho. 89 N. Frederick st. 

Bain, David 11., postmaster and livery stable-keeper,, 122 West Ca mpbe ll street, 
stables West George lane, Hope street — "^'^^ H^fi^'y e/c^icZ^ 

Bain, George, portioncr, 36 West Milton street 

Bain, Hugh, baker, lOS Cowcaddens street 

Bain, James, spirit meix-liant, 039 Gallowgate 

Bain, James, at Gartsherrie ^ Eglinlon Iron Office, house 4 San^yford place 

Bain, James, baker, 121 Argyll street, house 39 Maxwell street 

Bain, John <fe Son, wholesale provision merehants, 92 Stockwell street 

Bain, John, of John Bain ^ Son, house 18 Great Clyde street 

Bain, Jolin, of Morriion, Cambuslang, 138 Bath street 

Bain, Robert, house-factor, Main street, Caltou, bouse 46 Whttevale 

Bain, Robert, reedmaker, 7 Broad close, 167 High street 

Bain, Thomas, grocer and agent, 0-9 Commercial road 

Bain, Thomas, & Co., joiners, trunk and packing-box makers, and fancy paper-box 
manufacturers, 221 George street 

Bain, Thomas, of Thomas Bain ^ Co., house 88 High John street 

Bain, Thomas, shawl and zebra dress m.anufaeturei, 69 Ingram at., lie. 12.1 Mon- 
trose street, 

Bain, Mrs., 50 North Hanover street 

BAINE, Arch., clothier and outfitter, 52 and 06 Jamaica street, west side 

BAYNE, A. <fe Co., paper and rag warehouse, 19 Bell street 

Bayne, Alexander, victualler, 69 Havaiinah street 

Bayne & Henderson, paper makers, Overton Mills, Greenock, Queen court, 6i 
Queen street 


Bayne, James, teacher of rauslc, 41 Stirling square 

Bayne, J<araes, City §/■ Suburban Gas Co., house 34 Paterson street, Kingston 

Bayne, Thomas, drysalter and commission merchant, SO George square, ho. Houston 

street, Paisley road 
Bayne, Walter, cabinet maker, upholsterer, and undertaker, 21 Thistle street, 

BAIRD, Alexander, of William Baird ^ Co., house 11 Blythswood square 
Baifd, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 233 High stteet 
Baird, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, ) 67 Gallowgate 

Baird, Andrew^ grain- weigher, Port-Dundas, and spirit dealer, 133 Renfield street 
Baird, Archibald, tinsmith, 96 Broomielaw 

Baird & Brown, timber merchants, Glasgow Saw Mills; Port Dundas 
Baird, 0. <fe R., & Muirhead, writers, agents for Charch of England Fire and Life 

Assurance and Annuity Institution, 24 Gordon street 
Baird, Charles R., of C. ^ R. Baird ^ Muirhead, house 5 Royal crescent 
Baird, David, of William Baird §• Co., house 1 North Wellington place 
Baird, Douglas, of William Baird ^ Co., 1 Moore place, West George street 
Baird. Frank, of M. Baird ^ Co., house 176 St. George's road 
Baird, Gcorgo, pastry baker and spirit dealer, 80 Jamaica street 
Baird, George, of William Baird ^ Co., 1 Moore place. West George street 
Baird, Hugh, & Co., brewers and malfsters, Great Canal brewery, and i!8 Gordon st. 
Baird, Hugh, & Co., bottling stores, 28 Gordon street 
Baird, Hugh, of Hiujh Baird ^ Co , house Bellfield, Old Basin 
Baird, James, of William Baird ^ Co., 1 Moore place, West George stteet 
Baird, James, cdothier, 209 Cowcaddens street 

Baird, James, agent for Robert Gray & Co., coalmasters, 56 Broomielaw 
Baird, James, grain and flour merchant, 27 Union street, house 12 Abbotsford pi. 
Baird, John, commission merchant, distiller, Campbelton, and agent for William 

Younger & Co., brewers, Edinburgh, and Anderston Distillery, office 83 Jamaica 

street, house 152 St. George's road 
Baird, John, architect, 112 Hope street, house 11 Kinning place, Paisley road 
Baird, John, of Dawson §r Baird distillers. Campbelton, office 83 Jamaica street 
Baird, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 36 Ladywell street 
Baird, John, of Loehwood, 1 Moore place. West George street 
Baird, John, architect, 7 Abercromby place. West George street 
Baird, John, Avine and spirit merchant, 40 Montrose street, house 38 do. 
Baird, John, wine and spirit merchant, 226 Gallowgate 
Baird, John, wine and spirit dealer, 6 Kirk street, Townhead 
Baird, Robert, of William Baird ^ Co., house 212 St. Vincent street 
Baird, Robert, (il and colour merchant, 14 Glassford street, house Monscroft Cot- 
tage, S nettles ton 
Baird, Robert, commission agent, 34 Candleriggs street 
Baird, Robert, of C. ^ R. Baird §f Muirhead, Procurator Fiscal for the Western 

district of Glasgow, Master Extraordinary of the High Courts of Chancery of 

England and Ireland, and commissioner of the English and Irish courts of law, 

house Barlanark, by Shettleston. 
Baird *fc Rodger, clothiers, 41 Queen street 
Baird, Steven, haircutter, and agent for Worsdell's family medicine, 51 Ncw'strect, 

Baird, Thomas, of Baird ^ Rodger, house 12 Salisbury street 
Baird, Walter, goldsmith, jeweller, and watchmaker, 72 Argyll street 
Baird, Walter, builder, 389 Springbank, Garscube road 
Baird, William, baker, 2 1 Norfolk street 

Baird, William, boot and shoe manufacturer, 21 Trongate, house G St. Andrew's st. 
Baird, William, & Co., coal and iron masters, 1 Moore place. West George street 
Baird, William, of William Baird ^ Co., 1 Moore place. West Gteorge street 
Baii'd, William., of D. ^ A. Denny ^ Co., house 9 Brandon p!., 253 W. George st. 
Baird, William, cabinetmaker and ujiholstcrer, 92 Candlerigg street 
Baird, Misses A. «fe E., milliners and straw-hat makers, 34 Candlerigg street 
Baird, Mrs., dealer in earthenware, 269 High street 
BAKEIi, James, cotton and cotton-waste dealer, 9 London lane 
Baker, Richard, Lieutenant of Police, Central District, house 193 Thistle street, 



BALBIKNIE, Arthur, dyer, at Gcorqc Balbirnie's, 26 Stockvveli street 
Balbirnie, George, silk, raoreer. and damask dyer, and shawl cleaner, 26 Stockwell st. 
Balbirnie, James, plumber, lead merchant, and zinc worker, 30 Ilenfield street. 

house above 
Balbirnie, William, dyer, cleaner, and refinisher, 15 Carabrids;e street 
BALD, A. H., of Cameron ^ Bald, house 71 Waterloo street 
Bald, George T., & Co., grain and commission merchants, 27 Union street 
Bald, George T., of George T. Bald §• Co., house 10 South Apsley place 
Bald, James, of George T. Bald ^ Co., house 93 Hill street, Garnethili 
Bald, James, 12 North Coburg street 
Bald, John, tfc C!o., distillers, Carsbridgc.. by Alloa; James Richardson, jun., agent, 

3 1 Miller street 
Bald, Peter, & Son, drysalters and merchants, 109 Virginia street 
Bald, Peter, of Peter Bald §■ Son, house 153 Renfrew street, Garnethili 
Bald, Robert, smith, ironmonger, and tinsmith, 17± Trongate, workshops 20 Glass- 
ford sti-eet and Tl Stockwell street, house 12 Kingston place 
Bald, William, civil engineer, 6 St. James's street, Greenlaw place 
Bald, Mrs Adam, 152 Renfrew street 

BALDERSTON, Alexander, accountant, 18 Renfield street, house 106 Bath street 
Balderston, John, assistant inspector of poor. Town's Hospital, house 41 Cumber- 
land street 
BALFOUR, Charles, sub-inspector of factories, house 9 Blooinfield place, billhead 
Balfour, James N., of William Balfour ^- Co, house 4 St. George's road 
Balfour, John, spirit merchant, 158 Main street, Bridgeton 

Balfour, John and Thomas, furniture warehouse 80 Maxwell st., and 53 Howard st. 
Balfour, John, of John ^ Thomas Balfour, house 24 Scotland street, Kingston 
Balfour, John, general grocer and wine merchant, 36 and 38 Stirling's road, house 

105 Montrose street 
Balfour <fc M'Callum, smiths and founders, 52 New wynd 
Balfour Parish School, 24 North Portland street, John Cuthbertson, male teacher; 

Miss Miller, female teacher 
Balfour, Thomas, of John §■ Thomas Balfvivr, house 32 Scotland street, Kingston 
Balfour, William, & Co., commission ancl linan and woollen merchants, 20 Spring- 
field coujrt, Buchanan street 
Balfour, William, o/ William Balfour if Co., bouse 3 Queen's ci'escent 
Balfour, Mrs John, ^o Upper Crown street 
BALLANTYNE & Daniels, wine and spirit merchants, 1 Jail square, and 182 

Saltmarket street 
BaJlantyne, James, spirit merchant, 1'5'2 Saltmarket street 
Ballantyne, James, 84 John street 

Ballantyne, John, sheriff-officer and constable, 3 Franklin street, Bridgeton 
Ballantyne, Robert, violin maker, 3G Brunswick place 
Ballantyne, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 95 Argyll street 
Ballantyne, William, manufacturer, 90 Bell street 
Ballantine, William, manager, Old Exchange Loan Co., 43 Trongate 
BALLARDIE, John, ofBallardie ^- Anderson, house 21 Rose street 
Ballardie <fc Anderson, upholsterers and cabinet makers, 29 Renfield street 
Ballardie, Thomas, of M Donald ^ Ballardie, house 62 M' Alpine street 
Ballendalloch, Co., 110 Brunswick street 

BALLOCH, Robert, of Hugh Colquhoun ^ Cc , house 1^7 West Regent street 
BALMAIN, Thomas, wholesale confectioner, 53 Main street, Gorbals 
BALMANNO, Miss, 6 Montagu place, Bath street 
BALNEVES, Henry, sewed-muslin manufacturer, 128 Ingram street 
BANKIER & Crawford, sewed-muslin manufacturers, 94 Miller street 
Bankier, John, at, Charles Tennent ^ Go's, St. Rollox 
Banlder, W. D., of W, D. Bankier §• Co., house Greenbank, Partick 
Bankier, W. D. & Co., coal agents, commission merchants, and metal brokers, 9 

Prince's square, Buchanan street 
Bankier, William, at John Benniston ^ Co.'s, house Charles street, Calton 
Bankier, William, jun., of Bankier ^ Crawford, house Bridgeton cotton- works 
Bask of Scotland, 66 Ingram st., Charles Campbell <fc Andrew Neiison, managers 
BANKS, Mrs, ladies' sick nurse, 131 Trongate street 
BANNATYNE, A., grain merchant, 2 Howard street, house ^65 St. Vincent street 


Bannatyne, Andrew, of Bannalynes ^ Kirkwcod, house 11 Woodside terrace 

Bannatyne, Charles H., teacher of St. John's Parish School, 34 Macfarlane street 

Bannatyne, Dugald J., of Bannalynes ^ Kirkwood, house Eastbank, Bishopton 

Bannatyne, D. & N., agents for the North British Fire and Life Insurance Co., 4G 
Renfield street 

Bannatyne, Dugald, of D. Bannatyne 8f Co., house 5 Mansfisld place 

Bannatyne, D., & Co., commission merchants, 46 Renfield street 

Bannatyne, James, of R, Sinclair ^ Co., house at Mrs Richard's, 67 Eglinton st. 

Bannatyne, John, merchant, west 98 George street, house 221 Brandon place 

Bannatyne & Kirkwood, writers, 60 West George street 

Bannatyne, Ninian, provision merchant, 45 Jamaica street, house 355 St. Viaceut 

Bannatyne, Mrs., general grocer, 107 Fyfe place, West George street 

Bannatyne, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 47 Main street, Bridgeton 

Bannatyne, Mrs., 312 St, Vincent street 

Bannatyne, Mrs. John, 167 West Regent street 

BANNERMAN, David, 184 West Nile street 

Bannerman, James, of J. Bannerman ^ Sons, house 100 Brunswick street 

Bannerman, James, victualler, 30 Brown street 

Bannerman, John & Sons, wrights and timber merchants, 29 Jackson street, trunk 
and packing -box shop 63 Candleriggs street 

Bannerman, John, baker, 95 Main street, Anderston 

Bannerman, Walter, of Miller ^ Bannerman, house 40 Union street 

Bannerman, Miss, 1 7 Cambridge street 

Bannei-man, Mrs., 27 Woodside place 

Barber, Hugh, victualler, 270 Gallowgate street 

BARCLAY, Ebenezer, confectioner, 44 Candleriggs street, house 23 Taylor street 

Barclay, Ferguson, <fe Co., merchants, 39 Hutcheson street 

Barclay, Hugh, sculptor and monumental worker, Paul street, off Stirling's road, 
house 45 'I'aylor street 

Barclay, James, slater, 67 Nelson street, and 14 Main street, Calton 

Barclay, John, 1 Kensington place 

Barclay, R,, 25 Cleland street 

Bai'clay, Robert, & Curie, ship carpenters, boat builders, joiners, blacksmiths, pain- 
ters, and itlumbers, 69 M'Alpin street. Slip-dock, foot of Broomielaw 

Barclay, Robert, of Robert Barclay ^ Curie, house 1 Royal terrace 

Barclay, Robert, of James Donaldson ^ Co., 25 South Hanover street 

Barclay, Robert, baker, 22 Adelphi street 

Barclay & Skirving, auctioneers and Viiluators, 67 Buchanan street 

Barclay, Thomas, of Barclay §■ Skirving, house 57 York street 

Barclay, Thomas, messenger-at-arras and auctioneer, 58 Miller street, house 57 
South Portland street 

Barclay, Thomas, of Constitutional newspaper, house 13 Clyde terrace 

Barclay, Thomas, pattern designer, carpeting, 61 New Bridge street 

Barclay, William, die stamp and seal engraver, 22 Argyll street 

Baiclay, William, clothier, 7i Queen street, house 11 Pitt street 

Barclay, Mrs., portioner, 14 Eglinton street 

BARKER, George, boot and shoe maker, 2 Argyll ai'cade 

Barker, John, brush and basket warehouse, 6 Candleriggs street 

B.\RKLAY, Henry, boot and shoe maker, 10 Blackfriars street 

BARLAND, Misses, teachers, 116 George street 

BARLAS, George, hair cutter and peruke maker, il6| Buchanan street 

Barlas, James, 20 Buccleuch street 

Barlas, James, clerk, City of Glasgow Bank, 24 Virginia street 

Barlas, William, tea merchant, 3 Union street, house 13 Greenlaw place 

Barlas, Misses, seminary for young ladies, 13 Greenlaw place, Paisley road 

Barlas, Mrs. A., 20 Buccleuch street 

BARLEY, Samuel C. & Co., silk and mousseline-de-laine printers, 1 Royal Ex- 
change Court 

Barley, Samuel C, of S. C. Barley §■ Co., house 57 Abbotsford 2>lace 

BARLOW, Thomas, spirit merchant, High Einnieston 

BARNET, James, of Robert Ale.vander ^ Co., house Rosevale, Partick 

Barnet, John, grocer and victualler, 66 Covicaddons street 


Barnet, James G. M., lodgings, 100 Thistle street, Hutehesontown 

BARNETT Samuel, at William M Lcxn ^ Co.'s, 15 Cochran street 

BARNWELL, Miss, dress-maker, 86 Renfrew street 

BARNHILL, James & Co., tanners, 63 Spoutmouth, and 90 Old vennol 

Barnhill, James, nf James Barahill ^ Co , house 16 Cornwall place 

Barnhill, Mrs., 12 Ure place, Montrose street 

Baroxy Parish Parochial Board, 3C North Albion street. John Meek, inspector; 

John M'Larcn, treasurer 
Barony Parish Statute Lab3ur Conversion Assessment — Collector's offiije, 11 West 

Nile street. Robert Murdoch, collector 
Barony Parish Session Clerk's Office, 62 West Nile street, David M'Brayne, clerk 

house, 30 Parson street. Barony glebe 
Barony Parish Poor-Rates Office. 52 West Nile street. W. Robertson, collector 
BARRON, Alexander, Spring place 

BARR, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Tobago street, Calton 
Barr, Alexander, tishmonger, 264 George street 

Barr & Bucliauan, tea merchants and grocers, 150 and 152 High street 
Barr, David, dyer, Meadovvbank place, Partick 
Barr, Gavin, commission agent, 44 Gordon street 
Barr, J«mes, spirit dealer, 267 St. George's road 
Barr, James, s])irit dealer, 23 Bedford lane 
Barr, James, Unicorn tavern, 43 Trongate 

Barr, Rev. James, D.D., minister of St. Enoch Parish, ho. 1 Pinlay pi. Maxwell st. 
Barr, John M., baker, 24 Nicholson street 

Barr, John, at James Hiileheson ^ Co.'s, house 19 Richmond street 
Barr, John, merchant, 42 St. Andrew's square 

Barr, John, coal-agent and dairyman, 72 St. James's road, Dobbie's loan 
Barr, John, lithographer and engraver, 7 Argyll street, ho. 108 Nortli Hanover st, 
Barr, John, wine and spirit merchant, 74 High street 

Barr, John, boiler-maker, 75 Clyde street, Anderston, house 3 Richard street 
Barr & Kennedy, bookbinders, stationers, and librarians, 30 Canning st., Calton 
Barr & M'Kirdy, commission merchants, 8 Gordon Street 
Barr, Peter, manufacturer of gold thread and plate, coloured tambouring worsted, 

etc., 79 Glassford street 
Barr, Peter, rope, twine, and shuttle cord manufacturer, Upper Crown street, ho. 

21 Puddock row, Gorbals 
Barr, Petei, tavern keeper, 75 Argyll street 

Barr, Robert, soap-maker, 404 Debbie's Loan, house 42 Hill street, Garnethill 
Barr, Robert, brick-maker and builder. College j)ark, Duke street, ho. 5 Bellffrove st. 
Barr, Robert, 0/ D. Cook ^ Co., 12 Gloucester street 

Barr, S., teehr. of music and piano-forte seller, 76 St. George's pi. West Geonre st. 
Barr, Thomas & James, eoal-masters. Law colliery, 7 coal depot, St. RoUox, orders 

left at 100 St. Vincent street 
Barr, Thomas, provision merchant, 233 and 236 Argyll street and 149 Ewlinton St., 

house 239 Argyll street 
Barr, AValter, of Bjirr ^ M-Kirdy. ho. Rutland Place 
Barr, William, victualler, and spirit retailer 20 Marlborough street 
Barr, AVilliam, oil and colour dealer, 77 Jlain street, Gorbals 
Barr, William, of Barr ^- Buchanan, house 12 Ure place 
Barr, William, wine and spirit merchant, CO Jamaica street 
Barr, William, fancy muslin manufacturer, 100 Queen street, and 163 Ingram st, 

house 99 South Portland street 
Barr, Mrs A., spirit dealer, 86 Glassford street 
Barr, Mrs, midwife and ladies' nurse, 27 St. Andrew's street 
Barr, Mrs Jame.s, victualler, 76 Dalmarnock road 
BaiT, Mrs, spirit dealer, 74 Brown Street 
Barr, Mrs, druggist, C7 Main street, Anderston 
BARRET, James, spirit dealer, 89 Kirk street, Calton 
BARRETT, James, manufacturer, 5! South Albion street 
BARRIE, Andrew, warper, 10 Stirling square, house 17 Holmhcad street, head of 

Dundas street 
Barrie, James, victualler, 7Rottenrow street, ho. 6 do. 
Barrie, James, mining engineer and bore.-, 1 7 James street, Mile-end 


BaiTie, John, grocer and provision mercliant, 31 Nelson street, Tradeston 

Barrie, John, spirit dealer, 59 Clyde street, Port-Dundas 

Barrie, John, grain merchant, 24.G Argyll street, house 25 New Bridge street 

Barrie, Peter, fieshei-, 38 Stevenson street, house 22 Struthers street 

Babrowfield Chemical Works, Duncan sti'eet, Calton 

Barrowfield Weaving Factory, Broad street. Mile-end 

BARROWMAN, Peter spirit dealer, lOi Dalmarnock road, Bridgeton 

Barrowman, Peter, spirit dealer, 95 London street 

BARRY, David, tinsmith, gasfitter, brazier, and furnishing ironmonger, GO and 62 

BARTHOLOMEW, Alex^-nder, 44 St. George's road 
Bartholomew, Hugh, engineer, City and Suburban Gas Co., 42 Miller street, works 

Bartholomew, John, & Co., merchants, Y8 Ingram street 
Bai'tholomew, John, accountant, agent for the Legal and Commercial Fire and Life 

Assurance societies of London, 69 Ingram street, ho. 5 Apsley place 
Bartholomew, John, of J. Bartholomew ^ Co., 18 Ingram street 
Bartholomew, Robert, of J. Bartholomew ^ Co , house 16 Brandon place 
BARTON, Carmichael, &■ Co., cotton brokers and commission agents, and agents- 

for the Leeds and Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance Co., 69 Wilson street 
Barton, John, of Barton, Cai michael, ^ Co , house 3 South Apsley place 
Barton, John, tea merchant, 82 Great Hamilton street 
Bartoxshill Coal Co., 12 Gordon street 

BASS tfe Co., pale ale brewers, at M' George ^ Kerrs, 40 St. Vincent street 
Bass, H. R., & Co., ship brokers and commission agents, 14 Gordon street 
Bass, H. R., of H. R. Bass ^ Co., house Govan 

BATCHELOR, George, wine and spirit merchant, 167 West Nile street 
BATES, Robert, wholesale grain merchant, 62 Robertson street 
Bates, Rev. Stewart, D.D., 26 West Campbell street 
BATHGATE, James, at C. P. Bathgate's, 58 Maitland street 
Bathgate, John, letter carrier, P. O., house 99 Renfield street 
Bathgate, Mrs. James, ladies' nurse. 68 Maitland street 
Bathgate, Mrs. John, milliner and dress maker; 95 Renfield street 
Bathing Establishment, 23 Hutcheson street, J, Lindsay 
Bathing Establishment, 10 New Bridge street 

BATTY, Richard, of John M'Nair ^ Co., house 30 Pollock street, Paisley road 
Batty, Wm., of Campbell ^ Batty, iiouse 5 Greenlaw place. Paisley road 
BAUMAN & "Co., Waterloo hotel, 26 Hutcheson street, and 170 Trongate 
BAUMANN <fe Wiinsch, merchants and commission agents, 14 Montrose street 
Baumann, William, of Baumann ^ Wunsch, house Melrose street 
BAXTER, Gilbert, plumber and gas fitter, 237 Buchanan street, house 11 Catli- 

cart street 
Baxter, Edwin, Sir Waiter Scott saloon, 28 Saltniarket street 
Baxter, Hugh, last and boot tree maker, 29 Brunswick place 
Baxter, Isaac, and Son, grocers, confectioners, oilmen, and wine merchants, 137 

Buchanan street 
Baxter, Isaac, of Isaac Baxter ^ Son, house Rinsdale, Baillieston 
Baxter, John, china and glass warehouse, 67 Jamaica street 
Baxter, John, spirit dealer, 26 Low Green street 
Baxter, Robert, spirit merchant, 23 Green street, Calton 
Baxter, Walter, of Isaac Baxter ^- Son, house 142 Montrose street 
Baxter, William, draper, and hosiery and furnishing warehouse, 443 Argyll street 
BAYLIS, Mrs. Mary, milliner and straw-hat maker, 40 East Clyde street 
BEATON, James, commission merchant, 114 Trongate, house 3 Morris place, 

Monteith row 
Beaton, W., draper, 205 Cowcaddens sti-eet 

BEATTIE, Rev. A. O., M.D., D.D., house 163 Ilill street, Garnethill 
Beattie, James, & Co., cotton and fent dealers, 17 St. Andrew's street 
Beattie, James, teacher of music, 40 Brunswick place 
Beattie, James, waiter, 13 Adelphi street 
Beattie, John, commercial traveller, ] 5 Ure place 
BEAUMONT &, Smethurst, hat manufacturers, 32 Stoekwell street 
BECKETT, James, accountant, Union bank, house 21 Apsley place 

BECK— BELL. ,57!: 

BECK, George, of John Davidson §■ Co., 81 Argyll street, house 12 Coburg street 

Beck, Mrs. IL, 186 Sauchiehall street 

Bbkp Market, 83 King street 

BEGBJE, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 92 Dalniarnoek road 

Begbie, T.. S., of Baghie, Wiseman, ^ Co., house 50 Windsor terrace 

Begbic, Wiseman, <fc Co., merchants and manufacturers, 90 Mitchell street 

BEGG, Alexander, draper, 8 High street, house 22 Monteith row 

Begg, James A., bookseller and stationer, 35 Argj'U arcade 

Begg, James, tobacconist, wine and spirit merchant, 38 llutcheson street 

Begg, James, cabinet maker, wright, and glazier, 9 New street, Calton 

Begg, John, boot and shoe maker, 143 George street 

Beggs, Mrs., commercial lodgings, 72 Argyll street 

BEHRENS, Jacob, merchant, 103 Hutcheson street 

Behrcns, S. L., & Co., merchants, 3 Buchanan court, 95 Candleriggs street 

BEATH, David, merchant, 48 Howard street, house Rutland place 

BEILBY, William, upholsterer, 142 Trongate 

BEITH, Alex.,a« /. E. Young ^- Co.'s., 1 Royal Bank place 

Beith, James, of Moses M'Cuiloi'h ^- Co., house 33 Monteith i-ow 

Beith, James, billposter, 32 Nelson street, Tradeston 

Beitli, John, boot and shoe maker, 113 Hospital street 

Beith, William, professor of drawing and painting, IIT West Campbell street 

BELCH, John, wine & spirit mer., 10 Stobcross St., Andcrston, ho. 3 Washington st. 

Belfast Steam-Packet Office, 20 St. Enoch square, and Ardrcssan. M'Kcan and 
Lamont, agents 

Belfast Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street 

Belfast and Glasgow Steam-Packet Office, 15 Jamaica street 

BELL, Andrew, Temperance hotel, 66 Trongate, opposite the Tron steeple 

Bell, Alexander, stable keeper, 179 Hope street 

Bell, Adam, of Bell ^ Ewing, house 62 Rose street, Garnethil! ■■" 

Bell, Andrew, stucco and cement merchant, 229 Argyll street 

Bell, Andrew, waiter, 1 Milton street, Cowcaddens 

Bell, Andrew, fruiterer and pastry baker, 41 Gallowgate 

Bell, Allen, tailor, 1 19 Trongate, entry by 3 New wynd 

Bell, Angus, draper, 294 High street 

Bell & Bain, printers and stereotype founders, 15 St. Enoch square 

Bell, David, of John Smith ^ Co., tea merch.ants, house 101 llenfre^y street 

Bell, David, surgeon, 92 Abercromby street 

Bell & Ewing, silk manufacturers, 25 Gordon street 

Bell, George, & Co., tea dealers, 30 Glassford street 

Bell, George, wright, 30 South Wellington street 

Bell, George, gunuiaker, 15^- Buchanan street 

Bell, George, of George Bell ^' Co., house Govan 

Bell, Henry Glassford, advocate, sheriff-substitute, arid commissary depute of Lan- 
arkshire, chambers County buildings, Wilson street, tiouse St. George's road 

Bell, Isaac, compass-maker, 16 Tork street 

Bell, J. & F., wholesale tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 49 Candleriggs street 

Bell, James, of Bell ^- Bain, house 3 Abbotsfosd place 

Bell, James, baker, 74 Main street, Gorbals 

Bell, James, baker, 134 South Portland street 

Bell, James, spirit dealer, Muse lane, Cowcaddens 

Bell, James, teacher of English, geography, Ac, 5 Scott st., house 60 Bucclcueh st. 

Bell, James, boot and shoe manufacturer, 83 George street 

Bell, James, glass merchant, 9 Howard street, house, 256 Argyll street 

Bell, James B., at John Reid's, jiin., 45 Miller street 

Bell, James, 165 Osborne buildings, Sauchiehall street 

Bell, J. &, M. P., & Co., manufacturers of china and earthenware, Glasgow pottery, 
Staffoi-d street, Canal bank 

Bell, J. & AV., timber merchants, New Timber Basin, Port Dundas, ho. 1 28 North 
John street 

Bell, John, of J. ^ M. P. Bell ^ Co., house 245 St. Vincent street 

Bell, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 63 Nelson street, Tradeston 

Bell, John, railway agent, 4 Bath street 

Bell, John, fieaher and provision merchant, l7l Sauchiehall st., ho, 05 Oswald st. 


Bell, John, flesher and provision merchant, 178 Argyll street, house 65 Oswald st. 

Bell, John, painter and papei'-hani/er, 22 Portugal lane 

Bell, Joseph, surgeon, Victoria place, 7 West Regent street 

Bell, Matthew P., of J. ^ M. P. Bell ^ Co., house 245 St. Vincent street 

Bell, Neil, dairyman, 7 Greendyke street 

Bell & Nicoll, manufacturers, 93 Glassford street 

Bell, R., ship and insurance broker, 107 Buchanan st., ho. 158 Hill st., Garnethlll 

Bell, Robert, baker, 59 Dundas street 

Bell, Robert, of Bell ^ Nicoll, house Hillhead 

Bell, Robert, of Macindoe ^ Bell, house 29 Elmbank place 

Bell, Robert, Royal bank, house 18 St. George's road 

Bell, Robert, print-cutter, 62 Queen street 

Bell, Thomas, boot-maker, 144; Buchanan street 

Bell, Thomas, Royal bank, house 18 St. George's road 

Bell, Thomas, slater, 13 Norfolk street and 1 Warwick strcet,house 03 Nelson street, 

Bell, William and Finlay, fleshcrs, 1 76 Argyll street 
Bell, William, of William ^ Finlay Bell, house 246 Argyll street 
Bell, Misses, 9 Buccleuch street 

Bell, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 198 Buchanan street 
Bell, Mts,., lodgings, 49 Oswald street 
Bell, Mrs., conmiercial iodgings, 39 North Hanover street 
Bell, Mrs. James, victualler, 141 Castle street 
Bell, Mrs., 9 Lansdowne crescent 
Bel), Mrs., lodgings, 138 Hope street 
Bell, Mrs. W., lodgings, 24 Robertson street 

Bellbdtke Collieiy Co., 33 Buchanan street and Monkland Canal Basin. J. La- 
ment, agent 
Bkll Street Market, 66 Bell street 
BENNETT, Archibald, spirit dealer, 65 Gar^cube road 
Bennett, Browne, &■ Co., insurance brokers, 17 Exchange square 
Bennett, J. B., of H. Bogle §■ Co., house 83 Renfrew street 
Bennett, Robert, spirit dealer, 7 Alston street 
Bennett, Samuel, tailor and clothier, 7 Queen street 
Bennett and Smith, plumbers, 138 and 140 Stockwell street 
Bennett, Thomas, spirit cellar, 27 and 35 Rutherglen loan, Gorbals 
Bennett & Co., merchants, wholesale wine and brandy dealers and liquor makers, 

agents for General Munro, Teaninich distilleiy, 1 03 West George street 
Bennett, William, merchant, 27 Virginia street, house Melrose street 
Bennett, William, merchant, I Gallowgate, house 119 Montrose street 
Bennett, Mrs., 138 West George street 
Bennett, M»-s. Robert, 223 St. Vincent street 
BENNIE, Gabriel, portioner, 166 Main street, Bridgeton 
Bennje, George, 92 West street, Tradeston 

Bennie, James & Co., iron-founders, Caledonian foundry, 90 West street, Tradeston 
Bennie, James, beadle of St. James's church, house 46 Great Hamilton street 
Bennie, John, boot and shoe maker, 57 Trorgr.te 

Bennie, James, of James Bennie ^ Co., ho. So. Eldon pi. Paterson st., Kingston 
Bennie, Thomas, draper, 48 Glassfoid street 

Bennie, Mrs. Ann, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Saracen's lane, Gallowgate 
BENSON & SHEARER, clock makers, 16 Glassford street 
Benson, Joseph, general merchant, 202 Brooniielaw 
BENTLEY, William, fishing tackle manufacturer, 8 Brooniielaw street 
Bentley, Mrs., teacher of drawing, painting, and plain aud fancy needlework, i 

Wemyss place, class-room, do. 
BENTON, John D. & Co.,^yool, iron, and commission merchants, 120 South Albion 

Benton, John D., of John D. Benton ^- Co., house 102 Bath street 
BINNIE, Archibald, victualler and grocer, 152 Eglintoa street 
Binnie, David, builder. 8 Morris place 
Binnie, George, 16 Abbotsford place 
Binnie, George, measurer, 27 Union street 
Bicnie, John, wright and builder, 63 Eglinton street, house 16 Abbotsford place 


Binnle, Robert, smith and farrier, Y Warwick street 

Binnie, Thomas, mason and builder, 10 Sommerville place 

Biniiie, William, 30 Hope street 

BERRIE, Andrew, at J. ^ W. Campbell ^ Co.'s, house 110 Upper Crown street 

BERRY, Tliomas, at W. ^- /. Muter' s, 3S Dunbp street 

BERTRAM, A., smith, lb Mitchell street, house 22 Nicholson street 

Bertram, Peter, stationer and bookbinder, Post-office receiving house, 2 1 8 Argylc st. 

Bertram, Mrs., 53 Alston street 

BETHUNE, John, smith, 13 Cook street, house 68 Eglinton street 

BEVERIDGE, John P., accountant, 30 Royal Exchange square 

Beveridge, Thomas, tailor, 170 Trongate street 

Billet-Mastek's Office, 31 Charlotte lane. D. M'Alpine, billet-master 

BILSLAND, Alexander, japanner, 10 College open, High street 

Bilsland, James, victualler, 44. Commerce street 

Bilsland, William, bookseller, 183 High street 

BIRD, D., writer and stockbroker, agent for the North and West of Scotland As- 
surance Co., 144 Queen street, house 100 North Frederick street 

Bird, Gregory, manager of the British Asj^halte Co., C2 Bnchanan street, works 
Milton street, East, Port-Dundas 

BIRNIE, SiUiiucl, glaziers' diamond setter, 249 Argyll street 

BIRRELL, Alexander and Son, leather merchants, .01 Prince's street 

Birrell, Alexander, at J. G. Adam <J- Walker's, house 294 St. Vincent street 

Birrell, Georg?, at Campbell^ Co.'s, house 57 Sauchiehall street 

Birrell, James, 34 Kent street 

Birrell, Peter, .shoemaker and leather cutter, 24 and 26 Prince's street 

Birrell, Walter, at Andrew Scott ^ Co.'s, Go Virginia street 

Birrell, William, at William JEumg's, Royal Exchange, house 34 Kent street 

BISHOP, Archibald, baker, 7 Sauchiehall street 

Bishop, John B., Western Bank of Scotland, ho. 6 Carnarvon street. Woodland road 

Bishop, John and Son, tailors and clothiers, 31 Havannah street 

Bishop, Thomas, ironmonger, ship-chandler, tin-plate workei-,and flag maker, 6 Clyde 
place, house 9 Dundas street, Kingston 

BisHOPWEARMouTH Iron AVorks Office, 22 Argyll street, Alexander Tohnie, agent 

BISSET, Alexander, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 100 Sauchiehall street 

Bisset, Alexander, a;)othecary, 423 Argyll street 

Bisset, Thomas, eowfeeder, 86 George street 

Bisset, Mrs., stationary and furnishing shop, 28 Nelson street, Tradeston 

BISSLAND, James, at John Campbell Douglas's, 81 St. George's place, house 1 

' Clifton Gro^e crescent. Grove street 

BLACK, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 121 Rottenrow street 

Black. Alexander, accountant and sharebroker, 40 Buchanan street, house 189 
Renfrew street 

Black, Andrew, saddler, 203 Argyll street 

Black, Archibald, warehouseman, 107 Candleriggs street 

Black-Buli, Inn, 12 Argyll street 

Black <fc Bowie, smiths and machine makers, 72^ Main street, Auderaton 

Black, D. & J., grain and flour merchants, 76 Kirk street, Calton 

Black, David, woollen draper, 28 Gallowgate, house 1 Morris place, Monteith row 

Black, David, 0/ J. ^ D. Black §- Co., house Hamilton crescent, Partick 

Black, Duncan, I'ccdmaker and old reed dealer, 24 High street 

Black, Duncan, commission agent, Id.5 London street 

Black, G. & R., bakers, 70 Kirk street, Calton 

Black, George, writer, 29 St. Vincent jilace, house 17 Monteith row' 

Black, Henry, chimney- sweeper and soot merchant, 70 Stockwell street 

Black, Hugh, spirit dealer, 126 Saltmaiket street 

Black, James & Co , manufacturers and calico printers, 23 Royal Exchange square, 
and 74 Buchanan street 

Black, J. & J., gingham and pullicate manufiicturers, 30 South Hanover street 

Black, James, ojf J. ^ J. Black, house 17 Monteith row 

Black, James, inspector of weights and measures for the lower ward of Lanarkshire, 

42 Hutcheson street 
Black, James Spens, of John Black ^ Co., house 1 7 Biythswocd square 

Black, James, of Black §■ Menzics, Woodlands 


Black, James, at London Vulcan Co., Port-Dundas, house 4 Dalhousie place 

Black, James, butter and cheese merchant, 7 1 Candleriggs street 

Black, James, of J. ^ D. Black ^ Co., house 139 West Campbell street 

Black, James, beer seller, 59 Renfrew street 

Black, James, & Son, ship chandlers, 1 1 4 Broomielaw, house 35 Robertson street 

Black, James, tailor and clothier, 33 Trongate 

Black, James, Caltoii and Bridgeton bellman, 75 Main street, Bridgeton 

Black, John, grocer, 11 Cambridge street, house 146 Sauchiehall street 

Black, John, Western bank of Scotland, house Haughhead, Govan 

Black, John, of Harvie, Black, Sr Co., house 23 Garscube place 

Black, John, gingham manul'acturer, 239 East George street, ho. 50 Buccleuch st. 

Black, Dr. John, surgeon, 4 Macfarlan street 

Black, J. & D., <fe Co., warehousemen, 60 Ingram street 

Black, J. <fc H., bakers, 157 Gallowgate 

Black, John, & Co., calico printers, 110 Buchanan street 

Black, John, of John Black §/■ Co., house 80 Wellington street 

Black, John, & Co., rope and sail mauufacturers, 222 Broomielaw 

Black, John W., surgeon, 2 Trongate street 

Black, Jonathan, house -factor, 112 South Portland street 

Black, Malcolm, & Co., leather merchants and curriers, Y Main street, Anderston 

Black, M., & Co., 45 Renfield street 

Black & Menzies, pi-oduce brokers and commission merchants, 51 Miller street 

Black, Patrick, spirit dealer, 40 and 42 Bridgegate street 

Black, Patrick, funeral undertaker, 156 Saltmarket st., house 27 St, Andrew st. 

Black, Robert, of Black ^ Wingate, house 9 Fitzroy place 

Black, Robert, tinsmith and gasfitter. 189 Gallowgate 

Black, Robert, tailor and clothier, 36 Glassford street 

Black, Robert, of Black ^ Bowie, house 7 Cranston street, Anderston 

Black & Salmon, architects, 15 West George street 

Black, T., chimney sweep and soot merchant, 59 Saltmarket, and 138 Gallowgate 

Black, Rev. William, D.D., Barony, Villafield House, Stirling's road 

Black, William, spirit dealer, 22 Kirk street, Calton 

Black, William, baker, 36 Cumberland street, Laurieston 

Black, William, of J. ^ J. Black, house 136 Stirling's road 

Black, William, surgeon and druggist, 245 Gallowgate 

Black, William, St. Mary's buildings 

Black <fe Wingate, manufacturers and printers, 9 Royal Exchange square, cotton 

spinning and weaving factories, Kelvinhaugh 
Black, Mrs., 7 Claremont street 
Black, Mrs., green-grocer, 88 George street 
Black, Mrs., lodgings, 49 West Regent street 
Black, Mrs. James, 232 St. Vincent street 
Black, Mrs. J., spirit dealer, 186 Broomielaw 
Black, Mrs. William, spirit dealer, 1 Orr strset, Calton 
BLACKBURN, David, of Blackburn ^ White, house 93 West Bath street 
Blackburn & White, manufacturei-s, 37 Ingram street 
BLACKETT, William, clerk, P. 0., lodgings, 8 Cornwall place 
BLACKHALL & Scott, comb and brush warehouse, 63 Argyll arcade 
BLACKIE, Alexander, tailor, 106 Renfield street 
Blackie, John, sen., of Blackie <J- Son., house I Richmond street 
Blackie, John, jun., of Blackie ^ Son., house 1 Richmond street 
Blackie, Robert, of Blackie ^ Soi%., house 1 Richmond street 
Blackie & Son, publishers and booksellers, 38 Queen street 

Blackie, W. G.,& Co., printers and stereotype founders, Villafield, 50 St. James's rd. 
Blackie, W. G., of W. G. Blackie &■ Co., house 25 Richmond street 
Blackie, William, waste dealer, IS Abercromby street 
Blackie, Miss Ann H. straw hat maker, 95 Renfield street 
BLACKLliY, James, factor, 12 Rose street, Garnethill 
BLACKWELL, Samuel, leather-seller, 236 Gallowgate 
BLACKWOOD, George, & Sons, billposters, 72 Nelson street 
Blackwood, James, tailor and clothier, 26 Exchange square, ho. 184 Buchanan st. 
Blackwood, J. & W., grocers and provision merchants, 72 Crown st., Hutchesontown 
Blackwood, John, dairyman and victualler, 68 Abbotsford place 


Blackwood, H , grain dealer, 1 South Apsley place 

Blackwood, William, at James Firday §r Co.'s, 31 Dnndas street 

Blackwood, William, <fc Co., warehousemen, ] 14 Candleriggs street 

Blackwood, William, of VZilliam Blackwood ^ Co., house 128 High Montrose street 

Blackwood, William, cotton yarn merchant, 8G Tngram street, ho. 27 Abbotsford pi. 

Blackwood, William, pir^ture-frame maker, 28 Thistle street, Hu^chesontown 

Blackwood, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, IBi Buchanan street 

BLAIKIE, John, gunmakor, smith, and small machine maker, 33 Stockwell street 

Blaikley, John L., tobacconist and tallow chandler, 61 High street, house 4 Adelphi 

street, Hutchesontown 
BLAIR, Adam, sen., of Blairs and Robinson, residence Iron Cottage, Helensburgh 
Blair, Adam, jun., of Blairs ^ Robinson, house 61 Mitchell street 
Blair, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 10 Jamaica street 
Blair, Alexander, tobacconist, 21 Saltraarket 
Blair, Archibald, confectioner, 51 London street 

Blair, Archibald, wright, corner of Cambridge street and New City road 
Blair «fc Cameron, spirit retailers, 72 Bell street 

Blair, Campbell, <fc Co., coppersmiths and brassfounders, 10 Greenhill street 
Blair, Campbell, grocer, Gushethouse, Anderston, and CI Bridge street, Laurieston, 

bouse 445 Argyll street 
Blair, David, bookbinder, 100 Virginia place 
Blair, David, victualler, 46 West Milton street 
Blair, George & Son, blacksmiths, 1 Glebe street 
Blair, Horatius, writer, 13 John street, house 3 Rutland crescent 
Blair, J.tmes, accountant, ai J. C. Fauld's, 58 St. Vincent street, ho. 154 Hope si. 
Blair, James, house-factor, 28 Crown street 
Blair, John, of J. ^ W, A. Blair, house Cornwall place 
Blair, John, wine and spirit merchant, 48 Clyde place 
Blair, J. & W. A., hat and cap manufacturers, 125 Trongate 
Blair, Peter, spirit dealer, 82 High street 
Blair, Robeit, tavern-keeper, 119 Gallowgate 
Blair, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 27 Dundas street 
Blairs & Robinson, iron-founders, 49 Mitchell street 
Blair, Thomas, of Blairs and Robinson, house 61 Mitchell street 
Blair, William, of J. §/■ W. A. Blair, house 1 02 Hospital street 
Blair, William, manufacturer, 37 Glassford street, house S. Eldon place, Kingstoc 
Blair, W., & Co., general agents, 90 BeU street, house 595 Gallowgate 
Blair, Elizabeth, pawnbroker, 3 College street. James Ballantyne, manager 
Blair, Miss, milliner and straw hat maker; 35 Hospital street 
Blair, Miss, 34 Dundas street 
Blair, Miss, boys' dressmaker, 137 West Nile street 
Blair, Miss, boys' dressmaker, 62 Buchanan street 

Blair, Mrs., grocer, and agent for Parr's universal salve, 9 Norfolk street 
Blair, Mrs., grocer, 42 Cook street 

BLAND & Co., drapers, 8 Clyde terrace, house 17 Nicholson street 
Blanttke Yarn warehouse, 1 1 George square 
BLENCH, Thomas, at Charles Tcnnant §r Go's, St. RoUox 
BLENKENSOP & Sanderson, saddlers, 297 Buchanan street 
BLUES <t Wilson, commission merchants, ship_^& insurance brokers, 25 Gordon st. 
BLUE, Thomas, baker, 1 17 Rottenrow street 
Blue, Thomas, baker, 127 High street 

Blue, William, & Co., spirit dealers, 253 Parliamentary road 
BLYTH, Thomas, boot maker, 60 Argyll street, house 10 Abbotsford place 
Bltthswood Estate Office, 81 St. George place, R. Laiighlin, accountant 
BOAG, John, boot maker, 271 George street 
Boag, Robert, teacher, Murdoch's school, 46 Blackfriars street 
Boag, Samuel, carter, 6 Goosedubs 

Boag, W. & J., wine and spirit merchants, 146 Trongate street 
Boag, William, spirit dealer, canteen. Cavalry barracks 
Boag, William, Scots Grey tavern. 34 and 36 Trongate street 
Boags, Robert, spirit dealer, 86 King street, Tradeston 

BOGIE «fe Macfarlane, auctioneers, valuators, and commission agts., 18 Buchanan st. 
BOGLE, Archibald, of Robert Bogle ^ Co., I West Regent street 


Bogle <fe Co., valuators and auctioneers, H Buchanan street 

Bogle, George, of Rosemount, of Robert Bogle §f Co., I West Regent street 

Boglo, Gilbert K., agent for Imperial Fire and Life Insurance Co. of London, 88 

St. Vinconfc street, house 23 EInibank cresent 
Bogle, Hugh, & Co., painters, paper hangers, gilders, and interior Decorators to the 

Queen, 88 St. "Vincent street 
Bogle, Hugh, of 11. Bogle ^- Co., house 5 Victoria place. Regent street 
Bogie, J. & W., drapers, milliners, &c., 56 and 68 Oxford street 
Bogle, James, writer, 40 Candleriggs street 

Bogle, James, of Campbell, Bogle, ^ Douglas, house 198 Bath street 
Bogle, J. Y., draper, milliner, stay, and straw hat manufacturer, 289 Argyll street 
Bogle, John, of Bogle, Kerr, ^ Co., house 19 Woodside crescent 
Bowie, Keir, & Co., land & house factors, share brokers, and general agents. Agent:. 

for Law Fire of London and Scottish Masonic Life offices, li Buchanan street 
Bogle, Kerr, & Co., merchants, 21 Renfield street 
Boo-le, Peter, of Peter Boyle ^ Co., house 20 Monteitli Row 
Bogle, Peter, & Co., cotton spinners, 122 Ingi-am street, works, Barrowfield spinning 

factory, Bridgetou 
Eogle, Robert, <b Co., merchants, 1 Victoria place, West Regent street 
Bogle, William, of Bogk, Kcir, ^ Co., house, 148 Renfrew street 
Bode, Mrs. James, 119 St. Vincent street 
Bogle, Mrs., 150 North Portland place 
Bogle, Mrs., 2 1 Blythswood square 

BOGUE, R. A., of Robert Paterson ^ Co., house 80 North P^rederick street 
BOLTON, Andrew M., professor of dancing, Baronial hall, 47 South Portland st., 

house 31 Nicholson street 
Bolton, George, provision merchant, 186 West Nile street 
Bolton, Wm., teacher of dancing, 66 Ingram street 

BONAR, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 Eglinton street ^ 

Bonar, Rev. John, minister of Free Renfield Church, house 1 Stanley street 
Bonar, Thomas, house-factor, 46 Port-Dundas road 
BONE, Alexander, spirit dealer, 93 Argyll street 
BOND, S. E., milliner and dressmaker, 82 West Nile street 
BoNNYBRiDGE Saw-MiU Yard. A. <a G., Paterson, Railway depot, Townhead 
BOOKLASS, George, carver and gilder, 249 Argyll street 
Booklass & Pringle, milliners and dressmakers, 184 Sauchichall street 
BORLAND Rev. John W., minister of Gillespie church, house 37 Monteith Row 
Borland, Robert, spirit dealer, 199 High street 
Borland, John <fc Thomas, provision meixhants, 203 High street 
Borland, Francis, 15 Fitzroy place 

Borland & Sommervillc, fii-e-brick and grinding work, Market street, Gallowgate 
BORRON, Price, & Kidston, crown and sheet glass and bottle manufacturers, An- 

derston, and Port-Dundas Glassworks, office 15 Prince's sq., 48 Buchanan st. 
Borron, W. G. of Borron, Price, ^ Kidston, house 12 Brandon place, West George 

street, and Leadhills 
BORROWS, Jeremiah, baker, 169 Gallowgate 
Boi-thwick, Alexander, small- ware merchant, 93 Buchanan street, 120 Trongate, 

and 94 Argyll street, house 19 Canning place 
Borthwick, Campbell, & Co., commission merchants, and ship & insurance brokers, 

1 J. Royai Exchange squai-e 
Borthwick, Cunninghame, accountant and share broker, 24 St. Vincent place 
Borthwick, Hector, G. S., of Borthwick, Campbell, ^ Co., ho. Hilihead cottage 
Borthwick, Miss, daguerreotypist, pavilion, Buchanan st., at the foot of Bath street, 

house Renfrew road 
BOST, A. & Co., metal brokers and commission merchants, 135 Buchanan street 
Best, A., of A. Bost §■ Co., house 62 Cambridge street 
BOSTON, Thomas, seal engraver, 190 Trongate 

Boston, Halifax, and New York Royal Mail Steam-Packet office, 9 Buchanan st, 
BOUGH, Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, 63 Stevenson street, Calton 
BOW, A. & T., brick and tile makers and builders, works at Shields, West street, 

Tradeston; counting-house 3^ Govan sticet, Hutchcscntown 
Bow, James, of A. §■ T, Boiv, 126 Hospital street, Hutchesontown 
Bow, John, manufacturer and woollen yarn merchant, 15 Candleriggs street 


Bow, Thomas, of A, §■ T. Bow, house Shields cottage 

Bow, William, & Co., coal and cement merchants, Port-DunJas, works Auchenrlvoch 

Bow, William, currier and leather merchant, 48 London st., house 12 Monteith row 

BOWE, Peter, coffee-house, commercial lodgings, 9 Clyde place 

BOWER, Oliver, hardware and stationery merchant, 30 Well street, Calton 

BOWIE, Andrew, of Black ^ Bowie, ho. 7 Cranston street, Anderaton 

Bowie, David, brush manufacturer, ICl Buchanan st., and 2 St. Andrew's lane, 

Bowie, James, coal agent, 1 Piccadilly street, and 2 Bothwell street 
Bowie, William, flesher, 193 Cowcaddens street 

BOWMAN, Robert, sculptor. Sigh thill cemetry, house 28 Parson street 
Bowman, Thomas, sj^irit merchant, 117 Main sti'ect, Gorbals 
Bowman & M'Lennan, bi-assfounders, gas-fitters, lustre manufacturers, 103 London 

street and 98 Gallowgate 
Bowman, William, provision mei'chant, T Belgro^e street 
Bowman, William, piano forte maker, Carlton court, 13 Bridge st., Tradeston 
BOYACK, Alexander, tobacconist, 166 Argyle street 
BOYCE, John, jun., &, Co., merchants, Virginia buildings 
Boyce, John P., jun., of John Boyce, Jan., ^ Co., house 6 Sandyford place 
BOYD, Adam, of David Boyd ^- Co., house 34 South Portland street 
Boyd, Adam, wright, 35 Douglas street, house 23 Mains street 
Boyd, Archd, M., of M Murray, Boyd ^ Son, house 1 York place 
Boyd, Charles, & Son, soap and candle makers, 72 Clyde street, Anderston 
Boyd, Charles, Ladybank, Ayrshire, and S57 St. Vincent street 
Boyd, David, & Co., wholesale stationers, 119 Ingram street 
Boyd & Forrett, yai-ns and goods agents, 78 Queen street 
Boyd, Henry, whipmaker, and saddlers' ironmonger, 39 Prince's street, house 112 

Hospital street 
Boyd, Jas., cotton-yarn merchant and agent, 29 Ingram street, house Qi Oxford st., 

Boyd, Rev. James, D.D., minister of the Tron parish, ho. 32 Elmbank crescent 
Boyd, James, baker, 61 Frederick street 
Boyd, James, grocer, 101 Hospital street, house !03 do. 

Boyd, James, grocer, victualler, and Post-office receiving house, 19 New Bridge st. 
Boyd, James, house factor, 88 South Portland street 
Boyd, James, of G. Boyd ^ Son, house 357 St. Vincent street 
Boyd, James, merchant, 59 Renfrew street 
Boyd, John, writer, 18 Glassford street, house Kirkhill, Mearns 
Boyd, John, cowfeeder and hay merchant, 81 Canning street, Calton 
Boyd, John, clerk for Statute Labour Committee, house 34 South Portland street 
Boyd, John, hairdresser, 64 Stockwell street 
Boyd, John, 5 Morrison street, Kingston 

Boyd, Lawson, & Co., iron merchants, Stourbridge court, 210 Argyll street 
Boyd, Ralph S., of David Boyd 4r Co., house 21 Elmbanit place 
. Boyd, Robert, spirit dealer, 38 1 Gallowgate 
Boyd, Solomon, spirit dealer, 378 Gallowgate street 
Boyd, Thomas, calico printer, 6 National Bank buildings, Queen street, house 31 

Rose street. Game thill 
Boyd, Thomas, jun., metal broker and commission agent, agent for the National 

Mercantile Life Assurance Society, 33 Buchanan street 
Boyd, William, & Co., corn merchants, 20 Union street 
Boyd, William, of William Boyd ^ Co., house 38 Windsor terrace 
Boyd, William, National Bank buildings, house 22 Lynedoch street 
Boyd, AVilliam, of M'Mmray, Boyd, ^ Son, house 1 York place 
Boyd, William, of Boyd, Lawson, ^ Co., house 111 Hill street, Garnethill 
Boyd, William, King's arms inn and carriers quarters, 52 High street 
Boyd, Misses., straw-hat and dressmakers, 47 Norfolk street 
Boyd, Miss, ladies' school, 48 Oxford street 
Boyd, Mrs., provision store, 3 Chcapside stieet 
Boyd, Mrs. C., West-port tavern, 11 Stockwell street 
Boyd, Mrs. David, 21 Elmbank place 
Boyd, Mrs. James, baker, 243 Argyll street 
BOYLE, Alexander, spirit dealer, 152 Sauchlehall street 


Boyle, Edward, spirit merchant, 1 1 St. Ninian street 

Boyle, James, eating-house keeper, 26 Bell street 

Boyle, John, stabler and dairyman, 106 High street 

Boyle, John, broker, 37 New vennel 

Boyle, Robert, baker, 73 Crown street 

Boyle, William, portioner, 82 Main street, Gorbals 

Boyle, Misses, straw-hat and dress-makers, 48 Eglinton street 

Boyle, Mrs. John, cowfeeder, 48 Crown street 

BRA.ID, Alexander, hairdresser, 7 Kirk street, Townhead 

Braid, Thomas, builder, 10 Robertson street 

BRAND, James, shawl manufacturer, 9 Cochran street, house 80 N. Frederick st. 

Brand, John, D, B., at Archd. Brown ^ Co.'s, house 7 Claremont street 

Brand, John, eating-house keeper, 107 King street 

Brand <fc Mollison, dyers, 70 Queen street, works 74 Milton st., Port-Dundas road 

Brand, William, of Brand ^ Mollison, house 7 West Prince's st., St. George 's roai 

Brand, Mrs. David, 135 Wellington street 

Brand, Mrs., mUliner and dressmaker, 105 South Portland street 

Brand, Mrs. G. B., 7 Claremont street 

BRANNAN, John, furniture broker, 112 London street 

BRARD. A. F., professor of French, 103 Douglas street, Oakficld place 

BRASH, Rev. WiUiam, 38 Monteith row 

BRECHIN, Mrs., milliner, 67 Rutherglen loan 

BRECKENRIDGE, James, spirit dealer, 26 Stockwoll street 

Bebdisholm Coal Co., office Cleland Testimonial 

Bredisholm Coal Depot, James Boyd, manager, 188 Castle street 

BREMNER, David, C. E., engineer to the Clyde Trust, 16 Robertson street 

Bremner, Duncan, baker, 324 Gallowgate 

Bremner, Rev. Robert, A.M., minister of Free Gorbals, house 8 Maxwelton place 

Bremner, William, plasterer, 13 Surrey street 

BRICELAND, Mrs. Michael, china and glass warehouse, 92 Main street, Gorbals 

BRIDGE, James, coal merchant, 47 Glebe street 

BRIDGES, George, London hotel, 29 Maxwell street 

Bmdgeton Baking Society, 63 Main street, Bridgeton 

Bridgeton Friendly Victualling Society, 89 Main street, Bridgeton 

Bridgeton Old Victualling Society, 06 Main street, Bridgeton 

Bridgeton Operative Victualling Society, 106 Main street, Bridgeton 

Bridgeton Public Library, 9 John street, Bridgeton 
Bridgeton Public School, 64 Main street, Bridgeton 

Bridgeton Union Victualling Society, 132 Main street, Bridgeton 
Bridgeton Vietualling Society, 1 09 Main street, Bridgeton 

Bbitish American Land Co.'s office, 3 Roj'al Exchange court, Geo, Gillespie, agent 

British Commercial Insurance Co. Hamilton, Brothers, & Co., 280 BroomielaT 
quay, agents 

British Empire Mutual Fire and Life A.ssurance Co., 32 George square, Rober 
Walker, jun., agent 

British Iron Foundry, 598 Gallowgate ? 

British Ironmongery, Hardware, Oil, and Colour Store, 53 Main street, Anderston 
D. Roger 

British Linen Company Bank, corner of Queen street and Ingram street. James 
Robertson and Patrick Brodie, agents 

British Plate Glass Co., Ravenhead. D. Melvin & Co., agents, 57 Buchanan st.- 

British Woollen Mart, 67 Argyll street 

BRIXEY, Charles, tavern keeper, 224 Broomielaw street 

BROADFOOT, James, 7 Stirling street 

Broadfoot, captain William, 180 Hope street 

Broadfoot, Miss, 150 Hill street, Garnethill 

BROADLY, James, broker, 37 Clyde street, Anderston 

Broadley, John, 49 Dalhousie sti-ect, Gai'nethill 

Broadley, William, muslin manufacturor, 16 Springfield court, Buchanan street, 
house 36 Dalhousie street 

BROCK, Henry, manager of the Clydesdale bank 

Brock, James, of Waller Brock ^ Co., G9 Queen street, house 82 George street 

Brock, James, sen., tobaccc^nist, 78 Bridgegate 


Brock, James, merchant, 8 Springfield cowrt, 6fl Queen street 

Brock, John, fruiterer, 131 Murray ^lacc. New City ix>ad 

Brock & M'Gario, grain millers, 16 Commereial road, llutchcsontown 

Brock, Walter, & Co., mereiiants, 69 Q,ue€n street 

Brock, WJlliam, grain dealer, 296 High street 

Brock, Mrs. William, grocer and spirit dealer, 312 Argyll street 

BROCKET, Andrew, joiner, house and ship wright, 24 Yoi-k street 

Brocket, William, bird stuffer, 39 Portugal street 

BRODIE, Alex., spirit dealer, 6 Tobago street, Calton 

Brodie, Archibald, carvei, gilder, and drawing-room decorator, 60 Bijchanan street 

Brodic, Hugh, of Midrs, Conned, ^ Brodie, house Park grove. Paisley i-oad 

Brodie, James, weaving manager, at R. Thomson ^ Suns' tvorks, house li South 

Wellington place 
Brodie, John, noerehant. Letters left at A. NIsbet's, lOO Trongatc 
Brodie, John', wine and spirit dealer, 6 Main street, Aiderston 
Brodie, M'Leod, <fe Co., tailors and clothiers, 2 and 4 Royal Exchange square, and 

1 43 Q,ueen street 
Brodie, Patrick, agent, British linen Co.'s bank, house 1 Woodside crescent 
Brodie, Robert, coal agent, 88 John sti^et 

Brodie, Thomas, British Linen Co.'s bank, house 78 Stoekwell street 
Brodie, Thomas, spirit dealer, 16 London road 
Brodic, William, merchant, 12 Carlton place 
Brodie, William S., 0/ Freiv ^' Brodie, house 13 Carlton place 
BROOKMAN, George, &, Son, jirinters and stereotype founders, 6 Union street 
BROOKS, William <b James, Bultic timber merchants, 6S St. Vinceat street 
Brooks, William, Swedish and Norwegian vice-eonsu.!, 6S St. Vincent street 
Brooks, Wiljiara, of William ^ James Brooks, house 188 West Regent street 
BROOM, James <fc Co, worsted and shawl warehouse, 163 Ingram street 
Broom, William, boot maker, 39 South Portland street 
Broom, William, builder, 154 Hill street, Garncthil! 
Aroom, Mrs. A, 122 Hill street, Garnethill 
Broomuill Foundry, Ure & Law, Port-Dundas 

BROWN, Alex., & Co., 106 West George street, weaving works, ComraereiF.l road. 
Hutchesontown; and spinning and weaving works, S. Sawmillfield, Port Dundas. 

Bi"ov.'n, Alexander, of Alex. Brown |- Co., house Newton lodge, Sauchiehall street 

Brown, Alexander, at Alexanda- Cross ^ Sons, house 13 Monteith i*ow^ 

Brown, Alexander, porter, Royal Bank, house Royal Bank buildings 

Bi'owo, Alexander, teacher of languages, 2 Havannah street 

Brown, Alexander, grocer, 86 High street ' ■ 

Brown, Alexander, saddler, 434 Parliamentary street 

Brown, Andrew, supervisor of Excise, 29 Nicholson street 

Brown, Andrew, Konmore Q,uarry, house Bear Yards, Bisliopbriggs 

BriJwn, Andrew, of ShanLs ^ Brown, house 28 Blackfriars street 

B^own, Archibald, baker, 336 ArgjU street 

Brown, Archibald, & Co., silk-gauze and shawl manufacturers, 101 Virginia place 

Brown, Archibald, M.D., 173 George street 

Brown, Ai-chibald, braziei-, tinsmith and gasfitter, 37 Crown street 

Brown, Archibald, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, workshop 10 Bath lane (east) 
warehouse 54 Renfield street ^-^^^ ^<^r^^.r -/^-'^'j?^i^<£«^ c^^Ji-^ ■^,yt.^^i..£^--^~~~ 

Brown, Archibald, blockraaker, 23 West street, Tradeston ^ 

Brown, A. «fc J., plain and decorative painters and paper-hangers, 92 and 94 Oar- 
rick street 

Brown, A, <fe Co., wholesale and general grocers, 8 Kirk street, Townhead 

Brown, Benjamin C, 141 Dr3'gate 

Brown, Bernard, blockmaker, 42 Broomielaw 

Brown, Campbell, leather merchant, 19 Huteheson street 

Brown & Carriek, architects, 9 Bath street 

Brown & Co., commission merchants and corn factors, 13 Hope street 

Brown, Colin, of J. JSoyce, jnn., ^ Co., house 115 Bath street 

Srowne. C. Wilsone, of William Brown ^ Co., merchants, house 170 Athole place 

Brown, Daniel, pastry baker and confectioner, 60 Queen street, bouse 24 do. 

Brown <Ss Dunlop, writers, agents for the Argus Life Assurance Co. of Lotjdon, 49 
Virginia street 

66 BROWN. 

Brown, Dayid, shoemaker, 101 Canning sti^et, Calton 

Brown, David, nurseryman and florist, 185 SauchiehaJl road, nursery Woodland 

road, house Woodland Cottage 
Brown, Rev. David, minister of St. James's Free Church, house 322 St. Vincent st. 
Brown, Downes, & Co., tea merchants and wholesale grocers, 26 Dunlop street 
Brown, Duncan, & Co., drysalters, Wellington court, 43 Argyll street 
Brown, Duncan, grocer, 284 Gallowgate street, and 70 M.ain st., Bridgeton 
Brown, Duncan, janitor, government school of design, 12 Ingram .street 
Brown, George, of Charles Tennant §■ Co., St, RoUox, house Clarence place, 113 

Sauciiiehail street 
Brown, George, wine and spirit merchant, 92 Gallowgate 
Brown, G, E., 191 Renfrew street, Gamethill 
Brown <fe Hart, quawiers, Giffnock, PoUockshaws 
Brown, Henry, of Customs, house Mossidc, Crossmyloof 

Brown, Hugh, «fc Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 100 and lOi Virginia place 
Brown, Hugh, of Hugh Brown ^ Co., house 9 Abercromby place. West George st. 
Brown, Hugh, cabinet warehouse, 93 Stockwell street 
Brown, Hugh, tea merchant and gi-ocer, 2 Caltonmouth 
Brown, James, surgeon, 72 Stockwell street, house 1 1 3 Douglas street 
Brown, James &, Cornelius, (late C. Brown «S5 Sons,) sewed muslin manufacturers, 

47 Cochran street 
Bro^Ti, James, of J. ^ C. Brown, house 99 Hill street, Gamethill 
Brown, James, flesher. 1 7 Main street, Gorbals, 
Brown, James, of Crabb ^ Brown, house 10 (Jeorge street 
Brown, James, of William Brmvn ^ Co., house 24 Woodside place 
Brown, James K., 1 1 Woodside crescent 
Brown, James & Thomas, <fe Co., wholesale tea and coffee dealers, and importers of 

fruit, 2 1 St. Enoch square 
Brown, James merchant, 258 High street 
Brown, James, house Haghill nursery 

Brown, James, of James ^ Thomas Broivn ^- Co., house 65 Bath street 
Brown, James, painter and paper hanger, 40 Kixig street, Tradeston 
Brown, Jajues, jun., dyer, 141 Drygate street 
Brown, James, commission merchant, 1 Royal Exchange court, house 6 West 

Regent street 
Brown, James, of J. ^ J, Brown, house 141 Drygate 
Brown, James, merchant, 23 Monteith row, formerly 62 Virginia street 
Brown, James, council oiflcev, 1 East Clyde street 
Brown, James, architect, of Brown ^ Canick, house 9 Bath street 
Brown, James, janitor. Royal Infiraiary 
Brown, James, of Gurrie ^- Brown, house 48 Brougham place 
Brown, James, flesher, 91 Kerr place, Giebe street 
Brown, James, manager. Union Exeliango Co., house 18 Woodside place 
Brown, James, commission merchant, 46 Gordon st., house 44 King st., Tradeston 
Brown, James, & Co., accountants, share-brokers, and house-factoi-s, 135 Buchanan 

Brown, James, and James Wilkie, agents for the West of England Fire and Lif© 

insurance Co., 135 Buchajian street 
Brown, James, of James Brown ^ Co., house Kelvin terrace 
Brown, James, wright, trunk, and packing-box maker, 277 George street 
Brown, James, house-factor, 277 George street, house 63 George street 
Brown, J. & A., shuttle mounting and weaving utensil makers and turners, 12 

Thomson's lane. Green street, Calton 
Brown, John, millwright and machine-maker. Union place, Anderston, house 125 

Main street, do. 
Brown, J. & J., dyers, Drygate bridge dye work 
Brown, John, cotton-broker, general agent, bonded and free wareho-usekeeper, 31 

Argyll street, bouse above 
Brown, John, surgeon, 110 and 112 Trongate street 

Brown, John George, of Yates, Brown, ^ Hoviat, Springfield court, 69 Queen st. 
Brown, John., agent for Cambuslatig colliery, 75 Jamaica street 
Brown, John, tobacco and snutf manufacturer, 9 Melville place, 132 Ti-oogat* street, 

house Ropework court, 10? Stockwell street 

BROWN. 07 

Brown, John, jun., of Brown §r S'lirp, house 42 Windsor terrac3, St. George s roaJ 

Brown, John, wright and house factor, 41 Oliarlotte street 

Brown, John, joiner, 73 North Hanover street 

Brown, John, <& Co., linne, coat, and bcick merchants, 75 Bi«own streot 

Brown, John, tr-vern keeper, 8i London street and 10 Richmond lane, Gallowgrto 

Brown. John, of Allison §/■ Brown, house 41 Cumberhvnd street 

Brown, John. Court-house keeper, 1 East Clyde street 

Brown, John, perfumer and hair dresser, 3 Glassford street, house 181 Tronfato 

Brown, J. P., of Loahead ^ Brown, 154 Argyle street 

Brown, John, aX James Caliper's, Royal Exchange buildings 

Brown, John, tea merchant and general grocer, 43 Egliatoa street 

Brown, John Grier, 40 Great Clyde street 

Brown, John, bootraalcer, 66 Maxwell street 

Brown, John, spirit dealer, 165 Castle street 

Brown, John, manufacturer of hosiery, and shirt-maker, 270 Buchanan street, and 
8 Candleriggs street 

Brown, John, «fe Co., fruiterers, 20 Glassford street 

Brown, John, at J. ^ R. Cogan ^ Co.'s,- Graham square, house 25 Bslgrove street 

Browu, John, eating-house keeper and spirit dealer, 110 Glebe street 

Brown, John, victualler, 140 Gallowgate 

Brown <fe Love, clothiers, shirt merchants, hosiers, <fec., 122 Argyle street 

Brown, Joseph, of J. ^ J. Brown, house 17 Whitevale street 

Brown, Joseph, fruiterer and confectioner, 139 Main street, Gorb.ils 

Brown, Malcolm, & Co., distillers, Dundalk; agent, James llichardson, jun., 31 
Miller street 

Brown, M. <fc J., nursery and seedsman, 29 Glassford street, nursery ao Haghili, 
Carntyne toll-bar, by Duke street 

Brown, Matthew, of Strang, Brown, ^ On , house 42 Dalhousie street 

Brown, Matthew, & Co., warehousemen, 116 Candleriggs street 

Brown, Matthew, victualler, 65 King street, Calton 

Brown, Moses, of M. §/• J. Brown, house Haghili 

Brown, Murrity, <fe Co., turkey-red dyers and calico priuters, National Bank build- 
ings. Queen street 

Brown, Niven, victualler, 111 Gallowgate 

Brown, Peter, <fe Son, commission merchants, 21 Bath street 

Brown, Peter, of Peter Brown §• Son, house 21 Bath street 

Browu, Peter, jun., of Peter Brown ^ Son, house 21 Bath street 

Brown, P. M'T., 24 Gordon street, house 3 Fitrroy place 

Brown, Quintin, at John Brown's, 73 Robertson street 

Brown, Richard, agent, 1 Royal Exchange court, Q,ueen street 

Brown <k Robertson, manufacturers, 120 Brunswick street 

Brown, Robertson, & Co , power-loom cloth manufacturers, Burnside, Duke .-.treet 

Brown, Robert M., copperplate printer and lithographer, 29 Jauiiuca street 

Brown, Robert, of Brown Sf Scolt, house li'S West Nile street 

Brown, Robert, chemist and druggist, 110 and 113 Trongate street 

Brown, Robert, manufacturer of aerated waters, 110 and 112 Trongate street 

Brown, Robert, manufacturing chemist, Broad street. Mile-end 

Brown, Robert, baker, 5G Nelson street, and 62 High street 

Brown, Robert, at D. ^ A, Outhbertson's, 110 Fife place, West Geoi'ge streot, house 
83 Villafield place 

Brown, RoV)ert, accountant and sharebroker, 13 Buchanan street 

Brown, Roi>ert, surveyor and agent, 45 Gordon street 

Brown, Ronald and Co., merchants, 34 Gordonstreet 

Brown, Samuel R. »fc Thomas, sewed muslin raknufaeturers, 78 Queen street 

Brown, Samuel R., of Saviuel P. ^ T. Brown, ho. Finlayston house, Porc-Gias''ow 

Brown <fc Scott, wood merchants and packing-box makers, 86 Mitchell street 

Brown & Sharp, cotton and ship-brokers, 103 Glassford street 

Brown, Thomas, spirit dealer, 3 Carrick street 

Brown, Thomas <t Co., Antrim Mines' Office, 76 Wilson street 
Brown, Thomas, writer, of Brown ^ Dunlop, 49 Virginia st., hcase north Haghili 
Brown, Thomas, o/.Ba»Vci ^ .Broicn, house 183 Renfrew street 
Brown, Thomas, o/ ^amwei R. ^ Thomas Brown, house 137 Bath street 
Brown, Thomas, ai Canal-Office, Port-Dundas, house Ebenezerfield; Ci'aighall roa<I 



Brown, W„ of James fy Thomas Brown ^ Co., 21 St. Enoch square 
Brown, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 29 Trongate 
Brown, Thomas, 81 High John street 

Brown, Dr, William, a 1 7 Argyll street, house 40 Great Clyde street 
Brown, William, draper, 4 Kennedy street 

Brown, William, writer, 13 John street, house 113 North Douglas street 
Brown, William <b Co., oil merchants and colour manufacturers, 24 Stockwell street 
Brown, William, joiner and cabinet maker, 239 Argyll street 
Brown, William, pattern designer, 41 North Albion street 

Brown, William, foreman, at Macleod, Davidson, §■ Co.'s, house 82 George street 
Brown, William, of Brown, Doivnes, §f Co., house 6 Kingston place 
Brown, William, of William Brown §/■ Co., merchants, house 1 79 Athole place 
Brown, W., corn factor, 21 St. Enoch square, house Vale Cottage, Bothwell 
Brown, William, tobacconist, 437 Argyll street 
Brown, William, jun., merchant, 191 Renfrew street 
Brown, William, grocer and victualler, 7 Dalmarnock road 
Brown, William, grocer and victualler, 53 High street 
Brown, William, tailor and clothier, 323 Argyll street 
Brown, William, tea merchant and family grocer, 260 George street 
Brown, William, Welsh slate merchant, 1 64 Brooraielaw street 
Brown. William, of Brown, Robertson, §■ Co., hous(3 46 Grasme street 
Brown, William, of Baird ^ Brovm, house at the works, Port-Dundas 
Brown, William & Co., grocers and .spirit dealers, 656 Gallowgate street 
Brown, William, wine and spirit dealer, 6 Turner's court, 87 Argyll street 
Brown, William, & Co., wrights, 79 Greendyke street 
Brown, M., straAv-hat maker 134 George street 
Brown, Miss Agnes, 3 West Regent street 
Brown, Miss M., millinery establishment, 156 Hope street 
Brown, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 372 Gallowgate street 
Brown, Mrs Dr.j Falkland place, George's road 
Brown, Mrs E., 152 Hill street, Garnethill 
Brown, Mrs James, lodgings, 45 Crown street, Hutchesontown 
Brown, Mrs James, hosier and furnisher, 30 Bedford street 
Brown, Mrs., milliner, 12 Nelson street 
Brown, Mrs., furnishing shop, 20 Eglinton street. Tradeston 
Brown, Mrs William, 23 St. Andrew square 

BROWNING, Andrew, baker, 207 High street y^^^n^t-- Zl 

Browning, James, saddler and harness maker, 35 Stockwell street ^^j^^^^^^^^"^ 
Browning, Matthew, grain-weigher and grain store,?, 24 York street, liouieTTTIvI " 
Browning, Miss, dress-maker, 183 Eglinton street 

BROWNLTE, Archibald, timber merchant, i2 Forth street, Port-Dundas 
Brownlie, Jame.s, manager, J. <fe C. M. Graham's cotton works, Calton, bo. Broom- 
ward Place 
Brownlie, John, fleshei', 8 Norfolk street 
Brownlie, John, victualler, 219 Cowcaddens street 

Brownlie, Thomas, grain and provision merchant, 265 High st., ho. 57 Cavendish st. 
Brownlie, Thomas, spirit merchant, 177 Argyll street 
Brownlie, Thomas, builder, 6 Cumberland place 

Brownlie, William, bread and biscuit baker, 15 Argyll street, ho. 21 Stockwell placo 
Brownlie, William, bootmaker, 20 Renfiold street 

BRXJCE «& Co., paper and rag merchants, 172 la 174 Broomielaw, and 11 Watt st. 
Bruce »& Beveridge, agents for Scottish Widows' Fund, and Life Assurance Society 

30 Royal Exchange square 
Bruce, Donald, boot and shoe-maker, 3 N. Albion street 
Bruce, Henry, 107 Crown stj-eet 

Bruce, Henry, 17 Renfieid .street, house 57 Clyde street, Port-Dundas 
Bruce, Peter, of Bruce ^ Co., 24 York street 

Bruce, Robert, printer, agent for printers' materials, 30 Charlotte street 
Bruce, Robert, of Bruce ^ Co., 1 20 Broomielaw 
Bruce, Thomas, L, 27 Kinning place. Paisley road 
Bruce, William, ngcnt for Scottish Widow.s' Fund, and Life Assurance Society, 

30 Royal Exchange square 
Ernce, WilliaKX, cabinet-maker, work-shop 101 Holme street, ho. 10 V/ellington st. 


Bruci', William, inn-keeper, 62 Trongate ''■' 

Bruce, WilUam, 35 Renfi-ew street 

Brnce, W., of Gibb ^ Brace, house Gilmourhill 

Bruce, Misses, dress- makers, 65 Renfield street 

Bruce, Miss Mary, dress-maker, 35 Renfrew street 

Bruce, Mrs, stay and millinery sho[>, 35 Nelson street 

BRUNTON, Charles, bricklayer and oven-builder, 3 Pitt street 

Brunton, James, H. teacher, Particle academy, ho. Rosevale cottage 

Brunton, John, tailcr and clothier, 2 Clyde terrace 

BRYCE, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 43 St. Andrew's st., houjc 40 do 

Bryce. Alexander, spirit dealer, 27 Clyde street, Port-Duhdas 

Bryce <fc Campbell, plumbers, and gasfitters, 25 Dunlop street 

Bryce, David, bookseller and stationer, 101 Buchanan street, house 93 Douglas St. 

Bryce, James, spirit dealer, 1 3 West Milton street 

Bryoe, Jann^s, 34 St. Andrew's street 

Bryce, James, jun., master of the commercial and mathematical department. High 

School, house 2 Lansdowne orescent 
Bryce, John, 180 Cowcaddens street 
Bryce, John, architect, 243 Ruckauan street 
Bryce, John, of Bnjce ^ Campbell, liouse (51 Nelson street 

Bryce, J. D., of Dennision, Bryce ^ Co., house, S. W. corner of Queon's crescent 
Bryce, Morison, upholsterer, 136 Hope street 
Bryce &, Oir, wine and spirit merchant, 66 Saltmavlcet street 
Bryce, Peter, victualler, 31 Clyde street, Port-Dundas 
Bryce, William, beadle, 95 North Hanover street 
Bryce, William, of Irvine and Bryce, house Elgin place, Pitt street 
Bryce, Miss, embroiderer, Holme place, 273 Argyll street 
Bryce, Mrs, Elgin place, Pitt street 

BRyDEN, James, at Wellington Factory, Hutchesoncown, house 107 Crown st. 
Bryden, Robert, bell-hanger, gasfitter, and window-blind manufacturer, 7 Royal 

Bank place, house 14 Holrahead street 
Bryden <fe Sons, bell-hangers and window-blind manufacturers, 1 7 Exchange place, 

south side of the Royal Exchange, and at 80 Rose street, Edinburgh 
Bryden, W. C, of Bryden and Sons, house 91 North Frederick street 
BRYDON, John, of P. W. C'ark ^ Brydon, house 8 Kingston place 
Brydon, William, coach-builder, 32 Great Clyde street, house 39 Norfolk street 
Brydon, William, 15 Eglinton street 

Bryson, David, hosiery and small-ware, 5\ Canning street, Calton 
Bryson, John Burns, writer, 11 Miller street 

Bryson & Hamilton, wholesale and retail wine & spirit merchants, 18 & 20 Caaou st. 
Bryson, John, at John Dennis^oun ^ Go's, 38 George square 
Bryson, John, 11 Main street, Bridgoton 

Bryson, Robert, merchant and cotton-broker, -55 Wilson st., ho. 1 1 Elmbank placo 
Bryson, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 41 Saltmarket street 
Bryson, Miss, furnishing shop, . 8 Dundas street 

Bryson, Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer and spirit dealer, 29 Port-Dundas road 
BUCHAN, Alexander, of Buchan ^ Stewart, house Chaplc, Cambuslang 
Buohan, Alexander, teacher, St. James'.s Parish school, house 49 Kent street 
Buchan, John, at Thomson ^ MacConncU's, 15 Jamaica street 
Buchan, M,, &. Co., painters and paper-hangers, 31 Gordon street 
Buchan, Patrick, 20 Monteith row 

Buchan <fe Stewart, spinning and thread works, 2 Howard street, Bridgeton 
Buchan, Thomas, & Co., brasafounders and gas-fitters, 356 Argyll street 
Buchan, William, 12 Monteith row 

Buchan, W. R., writer, 1 Royal Exchange court. Queen street, ho. 12 Monteitlirow 
BUCHANAN, Aitken, <fc Co.. accountants and share-brokers, 41 St. Vincent placo 
Buchanan, Alexander, of Auld <J- Buchanan, house 5 Kelvin terrace 
Buchanan, Alexander, of Buchanan ^ Anderson, house Randolph place, GarnethiU 
Buchanan, Alexander, 41 Adelphi street 

Buchanan, Allan, of George Buchanan ^- Sons, house, 7 Woodside place 
Buchanan & Anderson, gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 63 Queen street 
Buchanan, Dr. Andrew, professor of the institutes of medicine, Uiiiversity of Glas- 

jgow, house 13 Moore place 


Bncliannn, Andrew, of Mount Vernon, 89 St. Vincent street 

Buchanan, Andrew, tobacconist, 353 High street 

Buchanan, Andrew, copper and tin smith, 67 Commerce street 

Buchanan, Archibald, painter and paper-hanger, 25 Kent street ' 

Buchanan, Archibald, 65 Canning street 

Buchanan «& Cairns, provision merchants, 16 and 18 Wilson street 

Buchanan, Charles, grocer, 31 Cook street 

Buchanan & Co., merchants, 157 Buchanan street 

Buchanan, Cunningham, flesher, Mutton market. King street 

Buchanan, D. T., ship-builder, Hydepark place 

Buchanan, David, teacher, 93 Hill street, Garnethill 

Buchanan, Edward, builder, 123 Cambridge street 

Buchanan, Findlay, &. Co., merchants, ]57 Buchanan street 

Buchanan, George, «urgeon dentist, 1 Al)ereromby place. West George street 

Buchanan, George, & Sons, bleachers and calenderers, 95 Candleriggs stree* 

Buchanan, George S., at George Buchanan dr Sons', house 7 Brandon place 

Buchanan, George, at Charles Tennent ^ Co.'s, St. Rollox 

Buchanan, F. D., druggist, 41 Adelpbi street 

Buchanan, Hamilton, & Co., merchants, 29 St. Vincent place 

Buchanan & Hastie, iron and brass founders, 22 Buchan street, Gorbals 

Buchanan, Herbert, merchant, 8.3 Union street, house 241 West George street 

Buchanan, Hugh, spirit dealei', 59 Garngad road 

Buchanan, Isaac, of Peter Buchanan ^- Co., house 12 Montagu place 

Buchanan, Isaac, medical ball, 41 Ne^ Bridge street 

Buchanan, James, smith and gasfitter, 79 Stockwell street 

Buchanan, James Gray, Eastfieid. Letters left at Buchanan, Wilson, <k Co.'s^ 
26 St. Enoch square 

Buchanan, James, at J. JIfvdcrson ^ Co.'s, 17 Stobcross street 

Buchanan, J.imes, victiialler, 2G4 Gallowgate 

Buchanan, James, conimission merchant and agent, 138 Hope street, house do-. 

Buchanan, Jamos, house and ship painter. 22 York street 

Buchanan, James, of Buchanan, Hoy, <J- Co., house 82 West Nile street 

Buchanan, James, at James Ewing §■ Co.'s, house 17 Apslcy place, Laariestora 

Buchanan, James, of James Finlay §• Co.,bou.':e ] GVeerivale place 

Buchanan, James, of Buchanan, Younger , ^ Co., house 57 West Nilo street 

Buchanan, James, 20 Centre street, Ti'adeston 

Buchanan, James, confectioner, 7 Eglinton street 

Buchanan, John, writer, agent to the Alfred Life Assurance and Annuity Associa- 
tion. 87 Union street, house 40 Warwick .street 

Buchanan, John^ dairyman and coal agent, 67 Centre street, Tradeston 

Buchanan, John, & Co., coach builders, 64 Union street 

Buchanan, John, of Buchanan, Findlay, ^ Co., boiise 83 Hill street, Garnethill 

Buchanan, John, secretary. Western bank of Scotland, house 6 Royal Crescent 

Buchanan, John and James, bakers' utensil makers, 12 Nelson street, Tradestori 

Buchanan, John, constable and sherlfi' officer, 13 Oxfoi-d lane, Laurieston 

Buchanan, John, merchant, house 194 St. Vincent Street 

Buchanan, John, furnishing ironmonger, brazier, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 332 ArgyH' 

Buchanan, John, black-border and funeral letter manufacturer, 24 Wilson street 

Buchanan, John, wine and spirit merchant, sealing-wax manufacturer, and lessee af 
Lyceum rooms, 74 Nelson street 

Buchanan, John, of Buchanan ^ Pearson, house 137 Stirling's road 

Buchanan, John F,, 95 Candleriggs street 

Buchanan, John, provision merchant, 131 Bridgegate street, house 10 Guildry 

Buchanan, John, of Bennistoun, Buchanan §/• Co.'s, 20 St. Vincent place 

Buchanan, John, Temperance hotel and coffee-house, 3 Clyde place, adjoining tho 
terminus of the Ayr and Gi-eenoek railway 

Buchanan, John, wine and .spirit merchant, 26 Stobcross street, and 23 Bridge at. 
Buchanan, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 5 North Woodside road 
Buchanan, John and James, muslin manufacturers, 108 Hutcheson street 
Budianan, John C, at George Buchanan ^- Sc<^7i>', bouse 7 Woodside place 
Buchanan, Joshua, of Buchanan ^ Cairns^ house 137 Stirling's ro.nd 


Buchanans <fc Lockhart, wine and spirit merchants, 63 Stockwell street and 4 Moore 

Place, West George street 
Buchanan, Dr. M. S., professor of anatomy, Anderson's University, house 1 4 Lync- 

doch crescent 
Buchanan, Niel, spirit merchant, 84 Bell street 
Buchanan, Norman, commission merchant, 88 Trongato 
Buchanan, Peter <fe Co., merchants, 59 St. Vincent street 
Buchanan and Pearson, wholesale stationers, 52 Wilson street, and 65 and 67 Ilut ■ 

cheson street 
Buchanan, Peter, of Peter Buchanan^ Co., house 12 Montagu place 
Buchanan, Rohert, D.D., minister of Free Tron Church, house 2 West Sandyford 

Buchanan, Robert, spirit dealer, 25 Mill Road street 
Buchanan, Roy <fe Co., ham curers and butter merchants. Smith's court, 53 Can- 

dlevlggs street 
Buchanan, Robert, M.A., professor of logic and rhetoric. College 
Buchanan, Roliert, spirit dealer, 23 Charlotte street 
Buchanan, Robert, watchmaker and jeweller, 16 1 Sauchiehall street 
Buchanan & Son, joiners, cabinetmakers, 25 Portugal street, house 41 Adelphi st. 
Buchanan, Thomas, of Buchanan, Wilson ^ Co., house Wellshoi Cambuslang 
Buchan.'in, Thomas, merchant, of Buchanan, Watson ^ Co., house Dowanhill 
Buchanan, Thomas, co.'^fectioner, 33 Main street, Gorbals 

Buchanan, T. G, & L. M. Kerr, accountants and share-brokers, 157 Buchanan st. 
Buchanan, T. G., of T. G. Buchanan ^ L. M. Kerr, house 33 St. Vincent place 
Buchanan, Thomas, cotton spinner, 27 Govan street 
Buchanan, T. D., dispensing chemist, western apothecaries' hall, 375 Argyll street, 

house 15 Oswald street 
Buchanan, Walter, surgeon, 94 Main street, Goi-bals, house 57 South Portland st. 
Buchanan, W. M., at Randolph Elliot ^ Co.'s, house 3 7 Paterson street, Kingston. 
Buchanan, Walter, grocer, 26 Little street, Calton 
Buchanan, Walter, grocer and spirit dealer. 111 Rottenrow 
Buchanan, Walter, dairyman, 283 Argyll street 
Buchanan, Watson & Co., merchants, 20 St. Vincent place 

Buchanan, William, & Co., house-painters and paper-hangers, Ac., 19 Gordon street 
Buchanan, William, of George Buchanan ^- Sons, house 7 Brandon place 
Buchanan, William, watch-glass maker, 1 New wynd 
Buchanan, William, merchant, house 10 Somerset place 
Buchanan, William, grocer and victualler, 165 Main street, Gorbals 
Buchanan, William, woollen and linen draper, 13 Gallowgate 
Buchanan, William, merchant, 17 Prince's square, Buchanan street 
Buchanan, Wilson, & Co., brokers and commission merchants, 25 St. linoch square 
Buchanan, Younger, & Co.. stock brokers, 49 West George street 
Buchanan, Miss, 87 West Regent street 

Buchanan, Miss Jemima, milliner and dress-maker, 41 North Albion street 
Buchanan, Miss, 4 Cathcart street 
Buchanan, Misses, 14 Newton place 
Buchanan, Mrs. Cross, 38 Dalhousie street, Garnethill 
Buchanan, Mrs C, milliner and dressmaker, 66 New City road 
Buchanan, Mrs Robert, 122 Wellington street 
Buchanan, Mrs, lodgings, 6 Cambridge street 
Buchanan, Mrs, 45 Union street 
BUCKIE, J., «fc Co., printers, 16 St. Enoch S(iuare 
Buckie, J. of J. Buckie ^ Co., house 6 Stanley place, Lanrieston 
BUCK, Michael, officer of excise, 63 Abercromby street 
BUCKLEY, John, spirit dealer, 20 Low Green street 
BUCKINGHAM, John, spirit dealer, 30 College street, east 
Bnck's-head Hotel, 61 Argyll street 

BUDGE, Alexander, provision merchant, 40 Stobcross street 
BuDHiLL Coal office, 76 Wilson street 
BUIST, David, 43 Crown street 
BULL, G«orge, officer of excise, 9 Nicholson street 

BULLOCH, Archibald, at J. B. Sheriff's, bouse Ebenezerfield, Craighall road 
Bulloch, George, spirit dealer, 37 Cheapside street 


Bnlloch, James, whip and ibong maker, 88 Trongate 

Bnllocl), James, wine and spirit merchant, 33 Wilson street, 

Bulloch, James, tobacconist, 68 Argyll street, house 2-16 do. 

Bulloch, Walter, wine and spirit merchant, 13 Buchanan street 

BULLEY, John, Western bank, house G Falkland place, St. George's road 

BUNGE, D. G. merchant, 103 St. Vincent street, house 20 Blythswood square 

BUNTEiV, James, timber merchant, 81 Wellington Street, house Holmhead Houso, 

Bunten, Peter B., 81 Wellington street, residence Holmbead House, Cathcart 
Bunten, Robei-t, iron merchant, 26 St, Enoch sq., house i S. Portland at., Cariton pL 
Bunten, William, 39 North Portland street 
BUNTINE, Robert, collector and clerk to the Merchants' House, tO Hutcheson 8t.„ 

house 10 Abbotsford place 
BUNTING, Darid, 21 South Apsley place 

Bwnting, James C, of William JBmhanan §■ Co., painters, hoasa 16 Queen arcade 
BURGESS, Archibald, glazier, 42 Commerce street, Tradcston 
Burgess, David, brass and bell founder, and gass-fitter. Brass foundry, Portugal 

street Gorbals 
Burgess, William, clothier, 31 Queen streeu, house 44 Hutcheson street 
Biirgess, Rev, W., A ^L, of Jiglinton street Church, ho. 3S Watei-loopl., Gloucester sfr. 
Burgh Sasine office, City Chambers, Andrew Cunninghame, deputy keeper 
BURK, William, Catholic clergyman, 38 Portugal street 
BURLEY, Robert, joiner and blockmaker, 18 Dale street, Tradeston 
BUflMOND, John, manufacturer, d'ti Hutcheson street 
BURN, James, Manchester tavern, 4 Danlop street 
Burn, Peter, & Co , auctioneers and valuators, 43 Argyll street 
Burn, Peter, of Peter Burn ^ Co., house 50 Rose street, Garnethiil 
Burne, Mrs. John, victualler and spirit dealer, 104 Old wynd 
BURNET, George, jun., 74 New City road 
Burtiet, John, bookseller and stationer, 181 High street 
Burnet, John, wiitcr, 72 Hutcheson street, house 2 Richnaond street 
Burnet, John, architect, 50 Rentield street 
Burnett, Archibald, hair cutter, 82 Bell street 
BURNLEY, W. F., merchant, of Eecles,Burnl^,§r Co., and W. ^ J. Ecclea §■ C» , 

house 3 Adelaide place 
BURNS, Alexander, warper, G2 Queen street 
Burns, John, JNLJJ., professor of surgery, 5 Blythswood square 
Burns, David, victualler, 91 Carrick street 

Burns, George, of George ^ James Burns, house 243 Brandon place 
Burns, George and James, steam-packet office, 9 Buchanan street 
Burns, Hay, retired officer of H. M. cnstems, 14 Elmbank crescent 
Burns, James & George, merchants. 9 Buchanan street 
Burns, James, of James ^ George Burns, house 224 St. Vincent street 
Burns, John, victualler. 17 Garscube road 

Burns, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 125 Main »tveet, Bridgetoa 
Burns, John, innkeeper, 10 Charlotte street 
Burns, John, fruit dealer, 13 Wilson street 
Burns, John, surgeon, 69 Maiu street, Bridgeton 
Burns, Joseph, broker, 15 Rutherglen loan 
Burns, Robert, bookseller and stationer, 65 Hutcheson street 
Burns, Robert, broker, 355 Gallowgato 
Burns, Thomas, architect, 189 Buchanan street, house do. 
Burns, William, writer, 140 Buchanan street, bouse 124 Doughxs stresfc 
Burns, William, spirit dealer, 44 Rose street, Hutchesontown 
Burns, Mrs. Mary, broker, 29 Bell street 
BURNSIDE, James, at Robert Harvie's, 48 StockwcU street 
Burnsidc, John, fringe, tassel, and fancy trimming manufacturer, 56 Argyll arcade, 

14 Morrison court, 103 Ai'gyli stfeet, and 16 Buchanan street 
Burnside, R. A., winti merchant, 4 and 6 Howard street 
Burnside, Mi-s., 2 Mansfield place 
Burnsidc, Mrs., 140 George street 

BURR, Alexander, commission merchant and agent, 37 Glassforil street, house I6G 
Stafford place, New City road 



BURRETT, R. & T., smiths and chain-makers, 71 Muse lane, Weafc Milton street 

JiURT, John, nail manufacturer, 3 Martyr street, Townhead 

Burt, John, currier, 38 Kirk street. Calton ■■ 

Burt, William, tailor and clothier, 36 Gallowgato 

BURTON, Alexander, Caledonian printing-press maker, 2 Norfolk street 

Burton, Henry, hosier, glover, and shirt maker, 1 1 1 Buchanan st., ho. 58 Kenfield st. 

Burton & Thompson, tea and coffee merchant, 93 St, Vincent street, house 63 

Buoeleucli street 
Burton, Mts., lodgings, 45 Union street 
BUSBY, Edward S., 39 Miller street 

BUSIIEZ, Frederick Stephen, professor of music, 87 Hospital street 
BUTTER, Mrs. H., 51 \Yast Regent street 

BUTTERS, Ben., grocer and victualler, 50 Thistle street, Hutchesontowa 
Butters, John, spirit dealer, 496 Gallowgatc 

BUTTLE, F. C, of Kevan ^ BiiUlc, house Melville park, Govasi 
BYERS, John, commission merchant, 58 Buchanan street 

CABBELL, John, & Co., commission merchants, 72 Virginia street 
CabbeH, John, of John Cabbell ^ Co., house Muirbank, Kuthcrglen 
Cabbetl, Mrs., 15 Queen crescent 
CADELL, Philip, BcUfield house, Duke street 
Caddell, Mis,, 103 Renfrew street 
CADDEN, Mrs. John, cowfeedcr, 10 Bath street 
CADDIE, William D , wine and spirit merchant, 71 Glassford street 
CAIE, Rev, Thomas, secrctarj', Glasgow City Mission, Letters, &c., left at tho 

Religious Institution Rooms, 12 South Hanover street 
CAIRD,, John, plauterer, 5i Hope street, house 320 Renfrew street 
Caird, William, 04. North Frederick street 
CAIRNDUFF, Robert, 109 Virginia street 
CAIRNEY, John, glass stainer, glazier, and house painter, 40 Bath street, housa 

137 Cambridge street 
Cairney, William, window-glazier, 85 Candleriggs street 

CAIRNS, Adam, manager. Friendly Bread .Association, house 2i) EgUnton street 
Cairns, James, of Buchanan §/■ Cairns, house 167 West Regent street 
Cairns, James, & Son, tailors and clothiers, 37 and 39 London .street 
Cairns, James, of James Cairns ^- Son, house 2 IMorris place 
Cairns, John, of James Cairns ^- Son, house 20 Monteith row 
Cairns, John, of John Cairns ^ Co., house Rosovale, Partick 
Cairns, John, clothier, 50 Saltmarket 
Cairns, John, mei-chant, 6 Salisbury street 
Cairns, John, & Co., cotton-brokers, 52 Virginia street 
Cairns, Joseph, clothier, 98 Saltmarket street 
Cairns, M. D., 79 South Portland street 
Cairns, Charles, accountant, 2i St. Vincent place 
Cairns, Walter, paper ruler and bookbinder, 74 Glassford street 
Cairns, Williana, leather merchant, 18 Blaekfriars street 
Cairns, William, Fleshers' Arms Inn, 38 Market street 
Cairns, Mrs., staymakcr, S3 Russell street, west 
Cairns, Mrs, George, 32 Cumberland street 
Caldur Ironworks Office, 1 Dixon street 

COLDER, John, commission agent, 7 Garthland street, house 48 Dundas street 
Calder, John, commission merchant, I South Frederick street 
Calder, hosiery agent for P. Hay, silk dyer, 1 12 West Nile street 
Calder, Miss R., staymaker, 1 West Regent street 
Calder, Mrs., 1 1 4 West Nile street 

CALDERHE/VD, Mrs., gioeer and spirit dealer, 49 Bishop street, Anderstoit 
CALDER WOOD, John, baker, 36 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Calderwood, Andrew, victualler, 197 High street 
CALDWELL, George, beamer, 7 Reid street, Bridgetor, 
Caldwell, James, picture liner, 53 Sauchiehail street 
Caldwell, James, of Miller §" Cakiwell, 12 Croy place 
Caldwell, James, baker, 215 High street 



Caldwell, John, 136 Renfrew street 
Caldwell, Jolin, baker, 38 Eglinton street 

Caldwell, Thomas, & Son. pawnbi'okers, 3 Coulter's lane, Abercroraby street 
Caldwell, "William, at R. Dalglish, Falconer, ^ Co.'s, ho. 8 Bloomfield pi.. Billhead 
Caldwell, William, portioner, 90 Eglinton street 

Caldwell, W., cabinet-maker and upholsterer, H6 W. Kile st., ho. 11 Cathcart st, 
Cai.edomax Asphalte Co., M. Carraichael, agent, office 14 St. Enoch square, manu- 
factory Moore street, Gallowgate 
Caledonian Foundry, 90 West street, Tradeston 
Caledonian Insurance Co. Agents, Gilbert Kennedy, 109 West Campbell street; 

A. B. Seton & Son, 12 St. Vincent place; Drew & M'Lure, 11 Buchanan street; 

William Ferguson, Chamberlain's office; M'Intosh & Cowan, 65 St. Vincent st.; 

Quintin Dick, 43 Buchanan street; Moody <fc M'Lure, 26 Gordon street; Andrew 

Harvic, 153 Queen street; John C. Foulds, 58 St. Vincent street; and W. C. 

Cunningham, 144 Queen sti-eet 
Caledonian Patent Lap-Welded Iron Boiler Tube Co., Coatbridge, near Glasgow, 

William Baker, managing partner 
Caledonian Pottery, Canal basin, Townhead 
Caledonian Railway Station. St. Rollox, Townhead 
Caledonian Railway Co.'s Office, 124 St. Vincent street, C. A. King, secretary, 

Glasgow Department; Parcel office, 50 Queen street; Passengers' Booking office, 

St. Rollox Station 
Caledonian Railway Co.'s Office, 169 Argyll st., and Railway station, Port-Dundas 
Caledonian Railway Goods Office, 14| Cochran street, J. &, P. Cameron, agents 
Caledonian Ropework, Stobcross street 
Caledonian jfc Dumbartonshire Junction Railway Co.'s Office, 23 Kenfield street, 

R. D. Mackenzie, secretary 
CALLAM, C. <fc D.. merchants, 67 York street 

CALLANDER, James, wright, 1 Warwick .street, house 1 Norfolk court 
CALLEN, James, sailmaker, 108 Broomielaw, house 24 RobcrtsoE street 
CALLENDER, J. R,, & Brothers, hide and leather merchants, tobaecu broker* 

and general commission merchants, 14 Stirling square 
Callender, John, spirit dealer, 17 Trongate street 

Callender, J. R., of J. R. Callender ^ Brothers, house Rutland place, Govan road 
Callender, Thos., of J. R. Calleiider §• Brothers, ho. 3 Provanside, Stirling's road 
Callendei', William, teller, Royal bank, house 7 Bloomfield place, Hillhcad 
Callender, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 32 Renficld street 
Callender, Mrs. Thonuns, vintner, 160 Stoekwell street 
CAELUM & Woodrow, straw hat manufacturers, 301 Argyll street 
Callum, Mrs., hosierj' and furnishing shop, 68 Cowcaddens street 
CALMANN, Brothers, & Co., general commission merchants, 30 St. Enoch square 
Calton and Bridgeton Bread Society, 10 Canning street, Calton, John Stewart, 

clerk and salesman 
Calton and Bridgeton Provident Bank. Open every Saturday night from 7 till 9, 

in the Calton Burg'n court hall 
Calton Mortcloth and Mortsafe Office, 6 Ritchie's lane, Clyde street, Calton 
Calton Police Office, 33 Stevenson street, Calton 
Calton Public Library, Mechanics' hall, Canning street, Calton 
CALVERT, Miss, seminai-y for English, French,"and Music, 41 Charlotte street 
CAMBUSL.iNG Colllery Office, 1st shed. North side, Broomielaw. John Brown, agent,, 

house 75 Jamaica street 
CAMERON, Alexander, house factor, sheriff officer, and constable for the shires of 

Argyll, Lanark, Renfrew, and Stirling, 33 Miller street, and house factor, 

60 Main street, Poll okshaws 
Cameron, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 38 Maxwell street 
Cameron, Alex., ?. O., 32 John street, Greenhead 
Camevpn, Allan, dentist, 42 West George street 
Cameron, A. L., & Co., muslin manufacturers, 27 AVilson street 
Cameron, Archibald, ropemaker, 594 Gallowgate, house 415 do. 
Cameron, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Broomielaw street 
Cameron, Archibald, hai'dwarc merchant, 47 Trongate 
Cameron & Bald, stripe, cheek, and gingham manufacturers, 8 John street 
Cameron, Cs-mpbell, pawnbroker. 6 East Nile street 


% .ViE RON"— CAMPBELL, 75 

Cameron, C, of J. GoMie ^ Co., house 2 South Wellington sti-eet 

Cameron, Daniel, assistant superintendent of police. Central Police Office 

Cameron, Donald, lemonade and soda water manufacturer, 47 King street, hous« 
■ 47 St. Andrew's square 

Cameron, Donald, at Wm. Thomson, 67 Buchanan street, house 264 do. 

Cameron, Donald, victualler, 8 Canning street, Calton 

Cameron, Donald, spirit dealer, 187 Cowcaddens street 

Cameron, Dou^iald, smith and brassfounder, 83 High street 

Cameron, D. & A., Glasgow and Lirerpool tavern, and commercial lodgings, IC An- 
derston quay, Broomlelaw 

Cameron, Duncan, stampei-, P. 0., house 118 Holme street 

Cameron, Duncan, Stamp office, 81 Miller street 

Cameron, Duncan, 12 Douglas street 

Cameron, Duncan, spirit merchant, 52 Duke street 

Cameron, D. A., surgeon-dentist, •42 West George street 

Cameron, George, wholesale basketmaker, 26 Charlotte lane 

Cameron, George, at Francis Orr §• Sons', bouse 53 Holmhead street 

Cameron & Hardie, Misses, dressmakers, 177 Hope street 

Cameron, Hugh, spirit dealer, 145 Argyll street 

Cameron, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, 402 Argj'll street 

Cameron, Hugh, at Thomson §/■ MacConnell's, house 43 York street 

Cameron, James, rectifier and spirit merchant, 12 and 14 Cochran street 

Cameron, James, spirit dealer, 37 Reid street 

Cameron, James, printer and stationer, 143 High street 

Cameron, John, tavern and lodging house keeper, 44 Trongate 

Cameron, John, boot and shoe maker, 26 Adelphi street 

Cameron, John, portioner, 215 Main street, Gorbals 

Cameron, John, warehouseman, Waterport buildings. Great Clyde street 

Cameron, John, wine and spirit merchant, 65 Green street, Calton 

Cameron, John, spirit dealer, 56 Back wynd 

Cameron, John, licensed pawnbroker, 229 Argyll street 

Cameron, J. W. A., at J. A. Mathieson's, 42 Hope street, ho. 146 Murray place, Ne\s 
City road 

Cameron, J. & P., general carriei'S, agents for Caledonian Railway Co., I i\ Coch- 
ran street, and Caledonian station, Port-Dundas 

Cameron, Lewis, keeper of the Post-office receiving hcuse, 59 Clyde stt., Port-Dundas 

Cameron, M., wholesale and retail hosier, glover, and small wares, 294 Argyll at. 

Cameron, Peter, blacksmith, 167 Bridgogate street 

Cameron, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 33 Brunswick street 

Cameron, P. <fe Co., bleachers, 23 Grseme street 

Cameron, Robert, crucible maker, 29 James street, Mile-end 

Cameron, Robert, upholsterer, 285 Argyll street 

Cameron, R. 11., silk manufacturer, 129 Ingram street 

Cameron, Thomas, & Co., agents for Londonderry, Port-Rush, and Sligo steajnors., 
75 Jamaica street 

Cameron, Thomas, 189 St. Vincent street 

Cameron, William, w'lm and spirit merchant, 147 London street 

Cameron, William, 104 Peel teiTace, Hill street 

Cameron, Wra., pawnbroker, 49 Prince's sB., ho. 24 London street 

Cameron, Miss, 19 Renfrew street 

Cameron, Mrs., spirit dealer, 21 East Russell street 

Cameron. Mrj., teacher of drawing and painting, 98 West Nile street 

Cameron, Mrs., 4 Dalhousie place, New City road 

CAMPBELL, Alexander, of Bedlay, 40 George square 

Campbell, Alexander, smith and engineer, 44 Cheapside st., Anderston, ho. 54 do 

Campbell, Alexander, spirit dealer, 3 Brunswick place, and 13 St. Enoch lane 

Campbell, Alexander, at />. Campbell' t, chemist, 136 Argyll st., ho. 60 Oswald st. 

Campbell, Alexander, spirit dealer, Si Main street, Anderston 

Campbell, Alexander, sheriff officer, 3 Thomson's lane, Mile-end 

Campbell. Alexander, teller. Union bank, house 6 Montrose street 

Campbell, Alexander, muslin manufacturer, 61 Brunswick street 

Campbell, Alexander, stock and insurance broker, and ship agent, agent for Bell, 
Rannie, & Co., Lelth, 23 South Hanover street, house 65 Bath street 


Campbell, Andrew, at Colin M'Evian's 52 Ilowaitl street 

Campbell, Archibald, wine and spirit niei-cUant, 41 King street 

Campbell, Archibald, sliip-broker, 65 Jamaica street, house lOS EgUnton street 

Campbell, Archibald, parcel agent Ayrshire Railway, 13 Clyde plaoe, house 313 

Argyll street 
Campbell, Archibald, spirit dealer, 149 New venuel 
Campbell, Archibald, of Blythswood, 81 St. George's place 
Campbell, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 21S High street 
Campbell, Archibald, boot and shoo maker, 31 Crown street 
Campbell, Archibald, victualler, 1 Clyde street, Port-Dundas 
Campbell, Archibald, writer, 85 St. Vincent street, house 4 Fitzroy place 
Camj)bell, Archibald, spirit dealer, 47 High street 
Campbell, Aicliibald, carter and coal agent, 14 Mains street 
Campbell, A. D., 35 Union street 
Campbell, A. D., merchant, 33 St. Enoch square 
Campbell & Batty, comniis.sion merchants, 17 South Frederick street 
Campbell, Bogle, & Douglas, merchants, 9 I Buchanan street 
Campbell, B , accountant, 153 West Nile street 
Campbell, Charles A , wine merchant, 5 Exchange place, house Randolph pi., 151 

Hill street, Garnethill 
Campbell, Charles, of John G. Campbell^ Co., house 13 India street 
Campbell, Charles, jiianager, bank of Scotland, 63 Ingram street 
Campbell, Cliarles, tailor and clothier, 44 Dundas street 

Campbell & Christie, iron-founders, millwrights, A maohiae makers, 593 Gallowgate 
Campbell & Co., warehousemen, 44 Buchanan stroet 
Campbell & Co., letter- press printers, 75 Argyll street 

Campbell, Colin, flour dealer, etc., 85 Candleriggs street, ho. 140 George street 
Campbell, Colin, 48 Queen street 
Campbell, Colin, jeweller and artist, 3 Argyll arcade 

Campbell, Colin, of Colgrain, of John Campbell, sen., ^- Co., 11 Moore place 
Campbell, Colin, jun., of John Campbell, sen, §■ Co.. ho. 24 Blythswood squaro 
Campbell & Cruden, commission agents, 127 Brunswick street 
Campbell, Daniel, reed-maker, 79 Bell street 
Campbell, J)„ & Co., saddlers, 20 Brunsv\ick place 
Campbell, D,, at Gibb ^ Bruce's, house 56 Dundas street 
Campbell, Daniel, merchant, 11 Miller street, house 40 Buccleuch street 
Canipbell, David, 15 Renfrew street 

Campbell, Donald, & Co., merchants, 98 West George sti-oet 
Campbell, Donald, of Donald Campbell^- Co., house Greenfield, by Siiettleston 
Campbell, iJonald, chemist, druggist, and apothecary, 136 Argyll street, and 1 BU' 

chanan street, house 60 Oswald street 
Campbell, Donald, bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder, 8 Dundas street 
Campbell, Donald, Union bank of Scotland, house 17 Holmhead street 
Campbell, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 48 Stobcross street, Anderston 
Campbell, Dugald, of Campbell ^ M'Dovgall, house 41 Howard street 
Campbell, Duncan, stationer and account-book manufacturer, 143 Buchanan str;et 
Campbell, Duncan, lath-splitter, 30 Osv.'ald street 
Campbell, Duncan, agent, 35 Robertson street 
Campbell, Duncan, victualler, 107 Stockwell street 
Campbell, Duncan, bootmaker, 177 Buchanan street 
Campbell, George, turner, 229 Argyll street 

Campbell, George, assistant inspector of poor. Town's hospital, ho. 13 Rottcnrowst. 
Campbell & Henry, wholesale and retail grocers, 209 and 211 Argyll street 
Campbell, Henry, victualler, 45 Clyde street, Anderston 
Campbell, Henry, spirit dealer, 94 Main street, Anderston 
Campbell, II., a'l Duvid Chambers', 98 Miller street 

Camijbell, H. ti: D. provision merchants, Ann street, house 151 Eglinttn street 
Campbell, Isabella, spirit dealer, 90 Broomielaw 
Campbell, Ivio, ficsher, 278 Buchanan street 

Campliell, J. & W. <& Co., warehousemen and manufacturers, 34 Candleriggs street 
Campbell, James, of John Campbell, sen., §,- Co., 11 Moore place 
Campbell, James, of Campbell §• Butty, house 27 Waterloo place, Kingston 
Campbell, James, surgeon, 6 Strulliers street, house 49 Kent street 



Campbell, James, furniture warcliousc, 1!0 TiOndon street 

Campbell, James, wine and spirit merchant, 8 Oswald stroei; 

Campbell, James, slater and chimney-sweeper, 14 Alston street 

Campbell, James, baker, 37 Bedford street 

Campbell, James, slater, .1 Pitt street 

Campbell, James, flesher and s|iirit dealer, 59 and 61 King street, Calton 

Campbell, James, jnii., at J. §/• W. Campbell ^ Go's, house 6 Abercromby place 

Campbell, J., furnishings and hosiery, 77 George street 

Campbell, John, spirit dealer, 73 High street 

Campbell, J. & J , morchants, ship ami insurance brokers, 21 Renfiold street 

Carapbt'll, J, & W., dyers, lot Drygate street, and 123 Duke street 

Campbell, Sir James, of Steacathro, o/J! Sf W. Camphell ^ Co, house 129 Bath st. 

Campbell, John G. & Co., silk merchants. National Bank buildings. Queen street 

Campbell, John, of Bryca §/• Campbell, ho. S6 Rntherglen loan 

Campbell, John, jun., merchant, ofJ.^J. Campbell, 31 Renfield street 

Campbell, John, commission merchant, 13 and 14 Stockwell place 

Campbell, John, of Campbell ^- Chrislie, house 10 James street, Calton 

Campbell, John, sen., & Co., merchants, 11 Moore ])laeo. West George street 

Campbell, John, at Calder and Govim Iron-works' office, 1 Dixon street 

Campbell, John, joiner and cabinct-uiakcr, C Great ILimilton street 

Campbell, John, beadle to the Rev. William Ramagc, ho. 01 Great Hamilton street 

Campbell, John, ship broker, 57 St. George's place, house 34 Elmbank crescent 

Campbell, John, agent for Bankhead and Bredisholni collieries, shipping box. No. 2 

shed, Broomielaw, house 50 Eglinton street 
Campbell, John, soda water m-inufaoturer, 01 Gallowgate street, ho. 35 do. 
Campbell, John, seed merchant, 133 Queen street 
Campbell, John, tonn and sheriff officer, 60 North Hanover street 
Cam])bell, John, boot and shoe makei', 64 Mitchell street 
Campbell, John, surgeon, R.N., Carntyno house; letters left with Campbell & Taylor, 

Brunswick court 
Campbell, John, Jan., of Campbell^ Taylor, Carntyne house 
Campbell, John, distillers' agent, 5 Croy place, house 27 Patei'son street 
Campbell, John, at Charles Todd ^ Hipginbotliam's, house 120 Renficw street 
Cara])bell, John, tobacco r|nalifier, 413 Parliamentary road 
('ampbell, John, at W. MEwan, Sons, ^ Co.'s, 18 Oswald street 
Campbell, John, writer, 29 Hutcheson street 

Campbell, John, <f Campbell, Richmond, <^' Co., house 1 Rutland crescent, Govan rd. 
Campbell, John, Hob Roy tavern, Wellington court, 43 Argyll street 
Campbell, Joseph, stay and carpet shoe manufacturer, 18 Tureen street 
Campbell, Joseph, furniture warehouse, 54 Great Clyde street 
Campbell, Mango, of John Campbell, sen., §• Co., house 13 Moore place 
Campbell, Mungo, jun., of John' Campbell, sen.,^- Co., house 278^ St. Vincent street 
Campbell <fe M'Doiigall, drysalters, 8 Croy place 
Campbell, Peter, coal agent, 69 Dale street, Tradeston 
Campbell, Richmond, <Ss Co., warehousemen, 181 Trongate 
Campbell, Rivers, & Co., merchant.^, 45 West Nile street 
Campbell, Robert, of Campbell ^ Cruden, house Woodburn, by Kilsyth 
Campbell, Robert, of John .Davidson §• Co., 87 Argyll street, house 97 Hospital st. 
Campbell, Stewart, gentlemen's sick-nurse, 80 Sauehicliail street 
Campbell, Thomas, (f John Campbell, sen., ^- Co., 11 Moore place 
Campbell & Taylor, wliolcsale druggists and drysalters, Brunswick court, and 109 

Campbell, Thomas B., victualler, 115 King street 
Campbell, Thomas, house factor and general agent, letters left at James Guthrie's, 

11 Union street 
Campbell, Thomas, gunmaker, 53 Brunswick place 
Campbell, Walter, engr,aver, lithographer, and gold printer, 16 Queen street, houso 

4 Apsley place, south 
Campbell, William, bookseller, stationer, librarian, and news agent, 324 Argyll st., 
Campbell, William, of Tillichewan castle, of J. §- W. Campbell §• Co., house 200 

Bath street 
Campbell, William, <fe Co., merchants, 32 St. Enoch square 
Campbell, William, clothier, 56 Argyll arcade, house 144 New City road 


Campbell, W. C, British Linen Co. '3 bank, bouse 15 Oxford sireet 

Campbell, William, coal agent, 38 Campbell street, west 

Campbell, "William, iBilk seller, 44 Clyde street, Anderston 

Campbell, Mary, victualler, 32 Govan street 

Campbell, Miss, lodgings, 44 West Regent street 

Campbell, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, 98 West Nile street 

Campbell, Miss Agnes, lodgings, Horn's court, 3 St. Enoch square 

Campbell, Miss C, milliner and dressmaker. 35 Robertson street 

Campbell, Miss Elizabeth, 129 Ashburton place, Renfrew street 

Campbell, Miss, lodgings, 165 Sauchiehall street 

Campbell, Miss, 1 9 Elmbank place 

Campbell, Miss, 19 Buccleuch street 

Campbell, Miss, 19 Renfrew street 

Campbell, Miss J., victualling house, TO Norfolk street 

Campbell, Mrs. and Misses, boarding and day school, East Carlton place, entrance 

5 Nicholson street 
Campbell, Mrs. A., Il Lynedoch crescent 
Campbell, Mrs. Duncan, spirit dealer, 22 West Milton street 
Campbell, Mrs. Neil, fishmonger, 62 West Nile street 
Campbell, Mrs., milliner, 61 John street 
Campbell, Mrs. P., spirit dealer. 255 Gallowgate 

Campbell, Mrs. James, old established register office for servants, 74 St. George's pi. 
Campbell, Mrs, James, grocer, 18 Anderston quay 
Campbel', Mrs. James, 34 Elmbank crescent 
Campbell, Mrs. John, milliner and dressmaker, 14 Nelson street 
Campbell, Mrs. William, furnishings, 139 West Nile street 
Campbelton Steam-Packet Co., 22 Anderston quay. John M'Michael 
CAMAL-Basin Foundry Co., engineers, millwrights, and founders, Bobbie's loan, 

Canal Company's Office, Port-Dundas. William Crichton, superintendent 
Canal Co. (Edinburgh and Glasgow Union), 35 George square 
Canada Land Co.'s Office, 27 Gordon street. Alexander G. Gilkison, agent 
CANDLlSn, Miss, lodgings, 95 George street 

CANSH, Robert, wholesale grain and provision merchant, 8 and 16 Brunswick lane 
Cansh, Maxwell, wine and sjiirit merchant, G9 Bell street 
CAPPO, Joseph, spirit proof and hydrometer maker, Buchanan Court, 75 Argyll 

CAR ATI, C. & Co., merchants, 86 Miller street, and goods entrance, 93 Virginia 

Carifin Colliery Office, Monkland canal basin, and 28 Miller st. J. M'Laren, agent 
CARLAW, William, wood-tui-ner, 79 Stockwell street 
Carlaw, William, leather dresser, 29 West street, Tradeston,, Melbourne 

place, Kingston 
CARLIN, Daniel, spirit dealer, 10 Marlborongh street 

Carlin, John, at Archibald Grecnshields ^ Co.'s, 87 Queen st., house 36 Cleland st. 
CARLISLE, James,, comb and' spoon maker, 1 London street 
CARMICHAEL, Daniel, at Pollock, Gilmour, ^ Co.'s, house 93 Carlton place 
Carmichael, Daniel, spirit dealer, 27 Drygate 
Carmichael, Duncan, tailor and clothier, 315 Argyll street 
Carmichael, James spirit dealer, 36 King street, Glasgow 
Carmichael, James, 0/ Barton, Carmichael, ^ Co., house Sandyford 
Cai'Diichael, John, agent, 14 St. Enoch square 
Carmichael, John, commission agent for the Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance Go. 

5 Dixon street, house 23 Carlton place ^ ^^^ ^ , 

Carmichael, M., agent, 14 St, Enoch square, ft A^^^'^^- h^'-<^ ■- 
Carmichael, Robert, asphalte manufacturer, works 206 Duke street 
Carmichael, Mrs. Sandyford 
Cabnbkob Iron Co., 106 St. Vincent street 

CARNACHAN, J. S., wholesale and retail druggist, 140 Argyll street 
CARNIE, James, spirit dealer, 83 New wynd 
CARR, Mrs., 42 Albert place. Hill street 
CARRACHER, John, spirit dealer, 74 Bridgegate street 
CAERICK, D. M,, of WiUiam Carrick ^ Son, house 11 Monteith row 


Carrick, Hwtehoson, & Co. Letters left at J. Allan's, 120 Buchanan street 
Carriek, James, merchant. Letters left at J. Allan's, 120 Buchanan street 
Carrick, J. A. & R. Letters left at J. Allan's; 120 Buchanan street 
Carrick, James, shuttle and weaving utensil maker and turner, 13 Kirk street, 

Town head 
Carriek, James, victualler, 47 Saltmarkct street 

Carrick, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Corn street, Port-Dundas 
Carrick, John, architect and superintendent of streets and buildings, for Statutt* 

Labour Trust and Dean of Guild court. Police chambers, residence 121 Korih 

Montrose street 
Carrick, John, public baths, 10 New Bridge street, Tradeston 
Carrick, John, & Co., timber merchants, 23 Kent street, house 2 Monteith row 
Carrick, Richard, at London Boot Compani/, 13 Exchange sq., house 14 Oxford st. 
Carrick, Robert, teacher, 50 Barrack street 
Carrick, Robert, provision merchant, 415 Argyll street 
Carrick & Riddell, 203 Gallowgato 
Carrick, William, & Son, accountants and agents for Atlas and Life Assuraitoe 

Co. of London, and Family Endowment and Annuity Society of London, Virginia 

Buildings. See advertisement 
Carrick, William, 0/ William Carrick ^ Son, house 1 1 Monteith row 
Carrick, William, Royal hotel, 66 George square 

Camck, William, jun., commission agent, 46 Gordon street, ho. 28 N. Hanover st. 
CARROLL tfe M'Ghee, brass smelters and refiners, 12 Oswald street, Bridgeton 
Carroll, Patrick, broker, 59 New vcnnel 
Carrol, Mrs, M. cork manufacturer, 119 West Nile street 
Caiibox Company, 123 Buchanan street. Thomas Dawson, acting partner 
Carron Company's Shipping ofBce, Port-Dundas 
CARSON, David, of Carson Warren §' Co., Milton Glass works 
Carson, Samuel, wright, trunk, and packing-box maker, 31 Douglas street 
Carson, Samuel, general grocer, 254 Argyll street 
Carson, Warren, &, Co., bottle manufacturers, Milton Glass works, East Milton 

street. Letters and orders left at Mr. Campbell's, druggist, 136 Argyll street 
CARSS, Andrew, tailor, 114 Trongate 
Cai'ss, John, & Co,, bookbinders, 31 Argyll street 
CARSLAAV, <fc Henderson, m.T.nufacturers, 79 Bell street 
Carslaw, James, spirit dealer, 55 Havannah street 

CaRSWELL, Alex. G., of Galbrailli ^ Canwelt, house 94 Regent terrace 
Carswell, Allan, sen., builder, 94 Queen street, house 6 Provanslde 
Carswell, Donald, currier, 56 Caiton entry 

Carswell, James, builder, 26 George street, house 10 Canning place 
Carswell, J. & W"., bakers and flour merchants, 137 Gallowgate 
Carswell, William, sen., builder, 95 North Provanside, St. James's road 
Carswell, William, jun., wright and builder, 26 George st ho. 96 Regent terrace 
Carter, F. a. of Carter 'and M'Nab, house 60 Abbotsford placo 
Carter & M'Nab, warehousemen and fringe manufacturer, 77 Glassford street 
Carton, John, p., poulterer, 125 Fife place. West George street, ho. 121 do 
Case, WiUiam, jun., manufacturer of vices, wrights' cramps, bench screws, Ac, 

15 Bishop street, Andcfston, house 11 North st. 
CaSSILS, David, spirit dealer, 56 High street 

Cassils, James, surgeon, 24 Saucbiehall st., ho. St. Stephen's pi., 101 Renfrew st. 
Cassils, James, stamper, P. O., house 1 Albion court 
Cassils, James, int. inspector. Parish of Gorbals, 25 Clyde terrace 
Cassels, John, 2 Morris place, Monteith row 
Cassels, Peter, grain and spirit merchant, 34 Well street 
Cassols, Peter, grain merchant, 34 Well street, Caiton, and 89 Great Hamilton st. 

house 85 do 
Caiwels, Robert, hat and forage cap maker, 1 03 Trongate, and 69 Buchanan street, 

house 22 Elmbank crescent 
Cassels, Robert, of Glasgow Ironwork Co., house 90 Regent terrace, Stirling road 
CaSSITY, B,, tailor, 25 Trongate 
Castle Steam-Packet office, 9 Buchanan street 
Catholic School, 1 63 Cowcaddens street. Henry Ranechan, teacher' 
Catholic School and Chapel, (St, Joha's,} 34 and 36 Portugal street 


Catrixts Company, at Jjmat Findlay ^- Co.'i, 31 Dundas street 
CATTANACII, John, of Gardiner and CaWxnacli, house 39 Cadogan street 
CATir.E Market, Graham square, and east eml of Duke streefc 
CAUGHIE, David, infant teacher, Free Normal seminary, Cowoaddens, houso 

Ohapelsido, Garscube road, by Springbank 
CA.W, Mrs , .5 West Prince's street 
Central Register office, 101 Hutcheson street 
Cess and Tax office for the City and Counties of Lanark and Duaibarton, fiG Miller 

street. T. P. Sharpe, collector 
Cess office for the City, 66 Miller street 

CIIADWICM, George M., of John Chadwick ^ Sons, house .30 Windsor terrace 
Chad wick, James, of John Chadwick <?• Sons, I St. Vincent place 
Chadwick. John, & Sons, flannel manufacturers, 1 St. Vincent place 
CHALMERS, Alexander, hairdresser, 128 Galiowgate 
Chalmers, George, wine and spirit merchant, 46 North Frederick street 
Ohalraors, Hugh, slater, 498 Galiowgate 
Chalmers, John, hiiirdresser, .3-3 George street 
Chalmers, John, hairdresser, 113 Bridgegato 

Chalmers, John, fancy bread and biscuit baker, and confectioner, 30 St. George's rojvd 
Chalmers, Thomas, & Co., warehousemen, 101 and 167 Trongate 
Chalmers, Thomas, of M Craiken ^ Chalmers, house 26 Great Hamilton street 
Chalmers, Miss, stay maker, 27 Nelson street 
Chalmer;?, Mrs,, milliner and dressmaker, 209 St. Vincent street 
CHAMBERS, David, bookseller and publisher, v)3 Miller street, bouse 9 Ure place 
Chambers, John, & Co., jjrovision and spirit merchants, 3 A. 5 Bishop st., Andorston 
Chambers, William <fe Robert, booksellers and publishers, 98 Miller street 
Chamber of Commerce, 2 Royal Exchange rooms 
CHAMBERLAIN, Mrs., Ill Murray phce, New City mad 
Chamberlain's Office, City buildings. John Stratig, LL.D,, chamberlain 
CHAMPNEYS, Rev. Dr. Charles John, O.ton, head master of the Collegiate School, 

5 Lynedoch crescent. See advertisement 
CHANDLER, Fred., of Glasgow Apothecary Co., house 1 North Ure place . 
CHAPMAN, Charles, rag merchant, 7 Washington street 
Chapman, David, of Thomson §■ MacConvcll, house 4 Woodside place 
Chapman, Francis, watch and clock maker, 55 Brunswick street 
Chapman, Thomas, of Hilliard ^- Chapman, house 109 Renfrew street 
CHARLES, William, warehouseman, 23 Main street, Gorbals, and Gorbak Re- 

ceivin<r House 
CHARTERIS, John S., writer, 24 Gordon street 

CuEMisTiiY Class Rooms, 60 High John street. John Macadam, lecturer and analy- 
tical chemist 
CHESTER, Thomas, Royal and Crown billiard rooms, 88 Glassford street 
CHICKS, Mrs,, spirit dealer, 25 Nelson street, Tradeston 
CHILD, William, inn ];eeper, 76 Ciallowgate street 
CHISHOLM, Daniel & Son, carvers, gilders, and print-sellers, 205 Elgin lace, 

Sauchiehall street 
Chisholm, Rev. Archd , Catholic clergyman, 25 Great Hamilton street 
Chisholm, James, pattern designer, 16 Commerce street, Tradeston 
Chisholm, John, cooper, 46 and <18 Wallace street, Tradeston, ho. 105 Eglinton st. 
CHOMAR. G, D., lace, sewed muslin, and millinery establishments, 150 Sauchiehall 

street, and 189 Buchanan street 
Chomar, Mrs. G. D.. milliner and dressmaker, 189 Buchanan street 
Chkistiax News it Day Star Printing and Publishing Office, Christian News court, 

142 Trongate 
CHRISTY, Andrew, merchant, 199 Renfrew street 

Christie, D.avid, at John Robertson's, 9 Turner's court, house 199 Renfrew street 
Christie, James, accountant, and agent fur Globe Insurance Co .of London, 22 Ren- 
field street house 1 Woodside terrace, proprietor of Dumbarton Glass Worlts, let- 
ters left at 22 Renfiekl street 
Christie, James, merchant, 9 Oakfield place, Blythswood square 
Cliristie, James, at George Anderson ^ Co.'s, Hydepark st., house 80 Wellington st. 
Christie, John, at D. §• J, L. Lang's, house 343 High street 
Christie, John, jun., builder, 163 Sauchiehall street 



Christie, John, house-factor, wriglit, glazier, and funeral undertaker, work shop 31 
Grajino atreefc, off Campbell street, imd beadle to Dr. Kidston, United Presbyte- 
rian Church, East Campbell street, house 3t East Campbell street 
Christie, John, wright, Craigniestock 
Christie, Peter, spirit dealer, 23 Nicholas street 
Christie, Robei t, 445 Argyll street 

Christie, Thomas Craig, merchant, 9 Oakfield place, Blytliswood square 
Christie, AVilliam, & Co., muslin manufacturers, 103 Hutcheson street 
Christie, W, <fe J., general merchants, Co Jamaica street 

Christie, William, cf M. ^- Co , ho. 63 "Windsor terrace, St. George's «!, 
Christie, William, of William Ckris'it ^ Co., house 6 Greenlaw place 
Christie, William, surgeon, 8i Saltmarket street 
Christie, William, tailor, 376 Argyll street 

Christie, AV. W., of Campbdl §• GJivislie, house Gieenvale, 35 East Rose street 
Christie, Mrs. John, manufacturer of umbrellas and parasols, 58 Argyll arcade 
Christie, Mrs. AVilUam, drugsrist, 93 Canning street, Calton 
Christie, Mrs., silk dyer, 2 1 Clyde street, Calton 
CllRISTISON, James, raussenger-at-arms, 4tl Brunswick place 
Chronict.e Newspaper Office, 15 Turner's court. 87 Argyll street 
CHRYSTAL, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 177 Sauchiehall St., ho. 185 do, 
Chrystal & Waddell, conimission merchants, 13 Montrose street 
CHURCH, Henry, 9 Woodside terrace 

Church, John, al William Church ^ Go's, house 9 Woodside terrace 
Church, William, 4^ Co . manufacturers, 12 Exchange square 
Church, William, of William Church §f Co., house 9 Woodside terrace 
Church of England Insurance Office, 15 Gordon st. R. Baird, agent and secretary 
CmzBN Newspaper Office, 23 St. Enoch sfinare 
CiTV Assessment Offices, 4 Police lane 
City and County Buildings, Wilson street 

City of Glasgow Annuity Endowment Association, 6i St. Vincent street. S. Pol- 
lock, secretary ; 
City of Glasgow Bank, 24 Virginia street. Robert Salmond, manager 
City of Glasgow Bank Branch, 31 Trongatc street. William Robertson, agent 
City of Glasgow Bank Branch, 18 Canning street, Calton Wm. Sneilden, agent 
City of Glasgow Life Assurance and Reversionary Company's Office, 40 St. Vincent 

place. Daniel VValkinshaw, manager, (See Advertisement in Appendix.) 
Gity of Glasgow Life and Deposit Assurance Society. Allan Anderson, Antigua 

place, Nelson street 
City of Glasgow Rope and Sail manufactory, Lancefield 
City of Glasgow Steam- Packet Company's Office, 15 Jamaica street 
City Hall, 90 Candjeriggs 
City of London Life and Deposit Assurance Society. Head office for Scotland, 

Antigua place, Nelson strcf^t. Allan Anderson, agent 
City Poor-Rate Commissioners' Office, 13 John street 
City Poor Rate Offices, 4 Police lane. South AH ion street. John Miller, collector, 

James Donaldson. ;ind A. M'D. Houstoun, surveyors 
City and Suburban <ias Co., 42 Miller street, works Dalmarnock, Bridgeton 
City Surveyors' Office, 4 Police lane. A. M'D. Houston and James Donaldson, 

CLACHAN, AVilllam, at J. G. Adam §■ Walhr's, ho. 91 North Frederick street 
CLACIIER, Alexander, spirit dealer, 49 John street 

CLAPPKRTON, Alexander jun., merchant, John C/apperfon ^- Co., 175 Trongate 
Clapperton, John, & Co., thread manufacturers, «< William Clappcrton §f Co.'s, 112 

West C-tOorge street 
Clapperton, John, & Co., wholesale warehousemen and manufacturers, 175 Trongatc 
Clapperton, John, of llobson ^ Clapperton, house 1 1 Florence place 
Clapperton, William, & Co., merchavits 1 12 West George street 
Clapperton, AVilliam, of Willi'im Cloppcrton ^ Co., house 5 West Sar.dyford place 
CL.\RK, Alex., accountant .and house-factor, 6 Driiry st., house 65 Renfield st. 
Clark, Ale.\andcr, sheriff-officer and constable, 28 Saltmarket street 
Clark, Allan, jun., of Clark ami Drummond, house 150 George street 
Clark, Allan, cotton-yarn merchant, 120 Brunswick street, bouse 156 George st. 
Chrk, Androv/, provision merchant, 73 Argyll street 

82f CLA.RK. 

Clark, A. & L., ironmongers, blacksmiths, tinsmiths, gas-fitters, beil-hangers, and 

lock and hinge makei-s, 50 and 62 Union street, works 5i and 56 Union street 
Clark, Archibald, of A. ^ L. Clark, house 27 Abbotsford place 
Clark, Archibald, broker, 8 M' Alpine street 
Clark 4, Bell, architects, 51 St. Vincent street 

Clark & Co., bleachers and finishers, 420 Gallowgate, ho. 17 Bellgrove street 
Clark, Rev. C. H., Unitarian minister, Salem place, 49 Holmhead street 
Clark, David, merchant and commission agent, 20 Union St., Iiouse 129 Renfrew st. 
Clark, D. & A., successors to James Clark, smiths, 48 Hope street 
Clark & Drummond, cotton-yarn merchants, 48 Virginia street 
Clarke, D. C, <fe Co., warehousemen and drapers, 6 Jamaica street 

Clark, Edward, & Co., merchants, 45 West Nile street 

Clark, Edward, of Edward Clark ^ Co., house 237 West George street 

Clark, George, Black-Bull hotel, 12 Argyll street 

Clark, George, weight and undertaker, 13 Abercromby street, Calton 

Clark, George, porter, Western bank, house 1 4 Miller street 

Clark, George W., of Gibson ^ Clark, house Welcroft place, 163 Eglinton street 

Clark, George, provision merchant, 86 Eglinton street 

Clark, Henry, surgeon, 14 George street. Mile-end 

Clark, James, Crossbill, Cathcart. Letters left at Robert Clark's, 1 1 Miller street 

Clark, Jaraes, power- loom cloth mamifactu'-er, 71 Garngad rd,, St. Rollox, ho. 65 do 

Clark, James, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 186 Trongato, ho. 77 North Frederick st. 

Clark, James, of James Finlay ^ Co., house 77 Hill street, Garnethill 

Clark, Jaraes, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Landressy street 

Clark, James, painter and paper-hanger, 27 Bedfoi d street 

Clark, James, of John Clark, jun., §/■ Co,, house 37 Monteith row 

Clark, James, baker, grocer, and provision merchant, 119 and 121 King street 

Clark, James, spirit dealer, 46 Rutherglen loan 

Clark, James, spirit dealer, 42 Havannah street 

Clark, James, of Maxwell, Clark, §f Co., house 257 West George street 

Clark, John, & Co., smiths and bell-hangers, 39 Crown street 

Clark, John, of Robert Alexander & Co., Alexandria Works, Dumbartonshire 

Clark, Rev. John, 10 Sommerville place 

Clark, John, broker, 8 Piccadilly street 

Clark, John, jun., & Co., thread manufacts. and turners, 8 George st., TMile-end 

Clark, John, of Hill, Davidson, Hill, ^ Clark, house 23 Kinning pi.. Paisley road 

.Clark, John, writer, 140 Buchanan street 

Clark, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 35 Little street 

Clark. John, jun., of John Clark, jun., §f Co., house 7 Broad street. Mile-end 

Clark, John, pawnbroker, 97 Brown street 

Clark, John King, at Gihnoiir §' Co.'s, 2 1 Ingram street 

.Clark, Matthew, of John Clark, jun., §r Co., house 14 Annfield place 

Clark, P. W. & Brydon, American merchants and agents, 8 John street 

Clark, Patrick, tailor and clothier, 6 Croy place, Maxwell street 

Clark, Peter, & Co., ship and commission agents, 41 Clyde street Port-Dundas 

Clark, Peter, leather merchant, 17 Findlay street 

Clark, Peter W., continental merchant and agent, 8 John street, house 21 Claren- 
don place, New City road 

Clark, R. <fe R., saddlers and harness makers, 63 and 54 Argyll arcade 

Clark, Robert, writer, 11 Miller street, house Mount Florida, Cathcart 

Clark, Samuel, surgeon, 235 High street, house 168 George street 

Clarke, Thomas, teacher, Annfield seminary, 563 Gallowgate 

Clark, W. E. C, surgeon, 63 High John street 

Clark, William & John, gardeners, Sandyford 

Clark, William, cotton-yarn merchant, 120 Brunswick street, house 156 George st. 

Clark, William, gasfitter and tin case maker, 44 John street and 227 George street, 
house IIP N. Montrose street 

Clark, Wil'iam, of John Clark, jun. ^ Co., house 33 Monteith row 

Clark, William, 82 Thistle street 

Clark, Miss, dressmaker, i08 Fife place 

Clark, Miss, 100 Crown street 

Clark, Miss H., upbolstrcss, at Mrs. C. Buchanan's, 66 New City road 

Clark, Miss Mary, lodgings, 22Balm;inno street 



Clark, Mrs. John, coal agent, 16 Adelplu street 

Clark, Mrs., 65 Bath street 

Clark, Mrs., II Union street 

Clark, Mi-3 , temperance hotel and commercial lodgings, 23 Jamaica street 

CLARKSON, John, draper, 20 Canning street, Ciilton ^ . .'L,' r/' />/? to/ r ' £ ^ 

CLAVE KING, Thomas, merchant, 43 West Wle street -oi'^^^'^^^'^^^^^^'^'^ '^^' 

C1.ATKN0WES Pottery, 624 Gallowgatc 

CI.1KGHORN, Mi-s., midwife and ladies' nurse, 55 Duke street 

CLE LAND, A., Stewart, 148 West Nile street 

Cleland, Charles, 2 Carlton court 

CiELAND Coal Office, 3V West George street 

Cleland, Ilam, tide surveyor of Customs, house 21 West street, Ti'adeston 

Cleland, James, of Ravenshall, Maviesbank, Govan road 

Cleland, Robt., <fc Co., wholesale and retail grocers and wine merchts., 265 ArgyU 9t, 

Cleland, Robert, of R. Cleland §■ Co., house 45 Robertson street 

Cleland, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 12T Hospital street 

Cleland, Mrs., 51 RenfielJ street 

CLEMENTS, Edward, Crown commercial tavern, 40 Candlcriggs street 

Clements, Robert, surgeon, Y50 Gallowgate 

CLEWS, Alexander, silk, cotton, and woollen dj'er and renovator, 105 Main street, 

Clifton Hili, Coal Co., Monkland canal basin, south side, Robert Davidson 
CLIMIE, Robert, civil engineer, and mining and land-survej'or, 56 Argyll aroade 
CLOUGH, Robert. 0/ J. ^- M. P. Bell ^- Co., house 27 Port-Duudas road 
CLOUSTON, Peter, of Bennet Browne ^- Co., house 9 Lynedoch crescent 
CLOW, Andrew, jeweller & goldsmith, 57 Mitchell street 

Clow, E. «t A., wine and spirit merchants, 81 Stockwell st. and 70 Main st. Gorbais 
Clow, Henry, clothier, 66 Queen street 

Clow, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 18 Main street, Gorbala 
Clow, H., 72 Hospital street 

Clow, James, at John Allen's, Madeira court, Argyll street 
Clow, Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 68 Renlield street 
CLUGSTON, James, 334 George street 

Clugston, John, of John King ^- Son, house 5 Florence place, Stanley street 
CLUBB & Sweet, painters and paper-hangers, I Queen ax'cade, Renfrew street 
CLUNIE, R. A., corn factor, 38 Hope street 
CLYDE, Andrew, letter-carrier, P. O., house 8 Steel street 
Clyde, John, beadle of Free St. George's, 37 West Russell street 
Clyde, William, of Post- Office, house 191 Thistle street, Hutchesontown 
Clyde Bottle-woi'k Co., Charles street, St. RolJox. John Watson & Son. 
Clyde Brewery, Commercial read, Hutchesontown 
Clyde Commercial Journal Office, 28 Glassford street 
Clyde Grain Mills, Commercial road, Hutchesontown 
Clyde Iron-works Office, 36 St. Vincent Place 
Clyde Police Office, 10 Robertson street 
Clyde Sail Cloth Co., J. Black & Co., 222 Broomielaw 

Clyde Shipping Co., 86 Broomielaw, James Steel, manager, house 14 York street 
Clyde Smith work Co., 66 Clyde place, Tradcston. D. Ritchie, manager, house 9iJ 

Nelson street, Tradeston 
Clyde Towing Co., office 4 York street. Thomas Gibb^ manager, ho. 37 Eglinton st,. 
Clyde Trustees' Chambers, 16 Robertson street 

CLYDESDALE, Andrew, confectioner and baker, 191 and 193 Duke stree 
Cltdesdalk Bank, 13 Queen street. Henry Brock, manager. 
Clydesdale Inn, 16 East Nile street, M. Logan 

Clydesdale Loan Co., 20 Brunswick street. Alexander Gardiner, manager 
Clydesdale Railway Go's., office, 121 St. Vincent street 
COATS, Archibald, Surgeon, 9 Dundas street, Kingston 
Coats, James, brassfounder, 13 and 15 Muirhead street, Gorbais 
Coats, James, session-clerk for the Barony of Gorbais, 51 Adelphi street 
Coats, John, portioner, 4 College street 

Coats, John, M, D., 225 Argyll street, house 52 Renfield street 
Coats, Philip, victualler, 18 l.aigh-kirk close 
Coats, Thomas, sen., &■ Co., muslin manufacturira, 69 Ilutcheson street 


Coats, Thomas, sen., of Thomas Coats, sen., ^ Co., house 16 Abbotsford place 

COATES, Mrs., Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, HG Broomlelaw 

COCHRAN, Alexander, of A. ^ M. Cochran, house Glenfield, town mill road 

Cochran, Alexander, spirit dealer, 43 Kutherglen loan 

Cochran, Alexander, spirit dealer, 153 High street 

Cochran, Arch., plumber and gasfitter, 7 Centre street, Tradeston, house 12 S. 

Kinning place 
Cochran, A. & R., flint-glass tnnnufacturers, St. Rollox 

Cochrane, Hugh, grocer, victualler, at;d provision merchant, 13 George street, 
Cochrane, Hugh, accountant, 94 Miller street,;^«: Jt>: :^itr.^3^ r^ H ^^ -*«.-&> 
Cochi-an, James, o/ Cochran, Martin §• Co., 2| Royal Exchange court 
Cochran, James, slater, 13 Surrey street 
Cochran, James, baker, 9 Kinning place, Paisley road 
Cochran, John, mason and builder, 28 Cook street 
Cochrane, John, at Alex. Cross ^ Son's, house 13 Monteith row 
Cochran, Martin <fc Co,, power-loom cloth manufa'^turers, Bishop-garden factory, 
Bishop street, Anderston, counting-house 2| 11. Exchange court, 86 Queen street 
Cochrane, Rev. M., A.M., teacher of Miller's Institution, 151 George street, house 

118 George street 
Cochran & Provan, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 126 Union street, cabinet 

works 40 CatlicJral street 
Cochran, Robert, Post-office, house 61 Duke street 

Cochran, Robert, & Co., china and earthenware manufacturers, Vervllle Pottery, 

Cochran, Robert, victualler. 82 Brown street 

Cochran, Robert, of Wm. Connell ^ Co., house 34 Dundas street 

C;iehran, Thomas, spirit dealer, 123 Saltraarket street 

Cochran, 'Jliomas, of Grieve ^ Cochran, house 9 South Apsley place 

Cochran, Thomas, grocer, Black Quarry, 16C Garscube road 

Cochran, William, callenderer, hot presser, and packer, 86 Candleriggs street, and 
100 Brunswick street, house 73 Ilutcheson street 

Cochran, William, «fc Co., callcnderers, hot-pressers, and packers, 82 Miller street 

Coehran, William, victualler, 62 Green street, Calton 

Cochrane, William, flower-iasher and card-cutter, 68 North Hanover street 

Cochrane, William^ of D. C. Clark ^ Co., house 12 Cumberland place 

Cochrane, William, 72 Hospital street 

Cochran, Miss, lodgings, 62 Rose street, GarnethiU 

Cochran, Mrs., 6 Apsley place, south 

COCKBUUN, Campbell, is Co., wine merchants, St. Mary Buildings, 110 St, 
Vincent street 

Cockburn, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Dempster street 

COCKEY, Wra., agent for the Falkirk Iron Company, house 158 Hill street, Gar- 

COCKFIELD, John, bootmaker, 96 Queen street, house 12 Salisbury street, 

Cockfield, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 34 Bedford street 

CODD, Miss, 90 Buccleuch street 

COGAN, Hugh, of J. Bartholomew fy Co., house 248 West George street 

Cogan, John and Robert, merchants, 32 West George street 

Cogat), John, of -h ^- R. Coian; house 248 West George street 

Cogan, Robert, of J. §/■ R. Cogan, liouse 21 Woodside terrace 

COGHILL, Alexander, silversmith, 3 Ropcwork lane, and tobacco pipe manufac- 
turer, 4 Rope work lane, house 24 do. 

Coghill, George, 56 Hospital steeet 

COHEN, Brothei-5, merchants, 62 Queen street 

Cohen, Joseph, importer of leeches, 78 Stockwell street 

Cohen, Simeon Phineas, optician, mathematical and drawing instrument manufac- 
turer, 105 Buchanan street, houLT 5 Florence place. Woodland 

COLE?vIAN, S., & CO., 72 St. George's place, house 7 Royal terrace 

COLLEDGE, Wm., writer, 11 West Nile street, house Houschill, nenr Pollokshaws 

Collegiate School, 2t Dalliousie street, GarnethiU 

COLLIE, Alexander, at J. S,- W. Campbell §/■ Co's, house Ibroxholm, Govan 

Collie, James, architect, ai Mr. Lijon's. 13 South Portland street 




COLLIER, John, iion-founder, 1 7 Watt street, Jioiise 23 Mains street 
COE,LINS, Edward <fc Son, paper makers and wood grinders, 58 Brunswick street, 

works Dalmuir and Kelvindale 
Collins, Edward, of E. Cullins ^ Son, residence Kelvindale 
Collins, Hugh, broker, 15 Garsciibe road 
Collins, James, grocer, 22 Marlborough street 

Collins, Joshua Hcywood, of E. CoUim: 8f Son, house 6 West Regent street 
Collins, Patrick, spirit dealer, 3 Portugal street 

Collins, Philip, furniture broker, 6 West Milton street, house 203 Cowcaddens st. 
Collins, William, publisher, bookseller, and wholesale stationer, 17 S. Frederick st. 

house 1 13 North Montrose street 
Collins, William, & Co., printers, stereotypers, and bookbinderi, ] 1 1 North Mon- 
trose street 
Collins, William, jun., of William Collins ^ Co., house 115 No;th Montrose st. 
Collins, W. M., commission merchant, worsted yarn and carpet warehouse, 62 Queen 

street, house 1 Bedford place Life Assurance Co., 35 St. Vincent place; W. Hunter, secretary. See 

COLQUHOUN, Alexander, assistant inspector of Poor, Town's hospital, house 72 

Nelson street 
Colquhoun, Daniel, of M'Haffie ^ Colqulivun, house 115 North Montrose st, 
Colquhoun, D., dairyman, 77 Green street, Calton 
Colquhoun, E., at DunJop, Roivand ^ Go's, 63 St. Vincent street 
Colquhoun, Hugh, at G. ^ A. Young's, house 15 Canning street, Calton 
Colquhoun, Hugh, of Hugh Colquhoun §• Co., house 177 West Regent street 
Colquhoun, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 2S6 Buchanan street 
Colquhoun, Hugh, & Co., tea merchants, 70 Wilson street 
Colquhoun, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 1 Clyde street, Calton 
Colquhoun, John, poulterer, 90 West George street, house 9S West Nile street 
Colquhoun, Peter, commission merchant, Canada court, 78 Q,ueen street, and 81 

Miller street, house York place 
Colquhoun, Thomas, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 1 03 St. Vincent street, house. 

296 St Vincent street, Grecnhill place, works Pitt st. 
Colquhoun, Walter, of Scott, Colquhoun ^ Co., 109 Hope street 
Colquhoun, W., lapidary, watch-glass maker and optician, 7 Queen street 
Colquhoun, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 74 Havannah 
Colquhoun, Mrs. Robert, cap manufacturer, 53 Nelson street 
Colquhoun, Mrs. William, lodgings, 33 John street 
CoLTNESs Iron Co , 77 Gla.ssford street 
COLVILLE, Greenlees & Co., Argyll distillery Campbalton; agent J. B. Sherriff, 

24 Queen street '^ y\' ^ 

Colville, Robert, & Co., bookbinders, 95 Argyll street/io./'*'^ ^"^ .r>i>-i.«!l'^-^?>:,->- 
Colville, Stephen, 11 Rose place, Hill street 
COLVIiV, William, metal broker, 135 Buchanan street 
COMBE & Hamilton, smiths, gas-fitters, and bcU-hangers, 42 Fox street 
Combe, James, of Combe ^ Hamilton, house 7 Park place 
CoMMERciAi, Bank of Scotland, 66 Virginia street; William Johnston, agent, house 

t) Newton place 
Commercial Hotel, 9 Glassford street; Mrs. William Forrester 
CoMMiS8.tKT Clerk's OiEce, 41 Virginia street; 0. D. Donald, clerk 
COMRIE, F. S. Western bank of Scotland, house Partick 
Comrie, George, Royal hotel, 1 North Queen street 
Comrie, John, clerk, 3 Garscadden street, Port-Dundas road 
OONAGHAN,, Patrick, clothier, 37 Bridgogate street 
CONNELL, Alexander, baker, 5 Charles street, Calton 
Connell, David, baker, 16 Struthers street, Calton 

Council, Duncan, English and commercial teacher, 13 West College street 
Connell, Duncan, spirit dealer, 13 Stockwell street 
Conneil, Hugh, watch and clock maker, 77 Norfolk street 
Connell, James, of Muirs, Connell ^ JBrodie, house 21 Lynedoch street 
Connell, James, wine and spirit merchant, 407^ Argyll street 
Connell, James, flesher, 6 IBeef-market, King street 
Connell, James, surgeon, 165 High street, house 32 Blackfriars street 


Connell, James, wright, 6S Norfolk street, house 31 Robertson street 

Connall, John, at Henry Monteilh ^ Co.'s 11 George square 

Connal], John, veterinary surgeon, 23 King street, Tradeston 

Gonnali, John, spirit dealer, 33 Abercromby street, Calton 

Connal, Michael, of W. Connal ^ Co., house 16 Lvnedoch crescent 

Connal, Peter, stamper, P. O., house 66 Trongate street 

Connal, William, & Co., brokers and commission merchants, Virginia buiidiugs 

Connell, William, of Wallace ^ Connell, house 31 Robertson street 

Connal, William, jun., of William Connal §• Co., house 220 St. Vincent street 

Connal, William, superintendent of the Tontine reading room, 14 Trongate 

Connal, William, of William Connal ^ Co., house 220 St. Vincent street 

Connal, William, spirit dealer, 23 Saltmarket street 

Connell, Mrs D., seminary for young ladies, 2 Pfovanside, Stirling's road 

Connell, Mrs., flesher, 20 Stevenson street 


Belgian Consul, Andrew P. Reld, 68 Buchanan street 

Brazilian Vice-Consul, Robert Gray, 46 Gordon street 

French Consular agent, John Wedderspoon, 113 St. Vincent street 

HanoYjrian Consul, J. D. Sheppard, 57 Buchanan street 

Mexican ViceConsul, William Malcolm, 22 Royal Exchange square 

Portuguese and Ottoman Vice-Consul, John Mitchell, jun., 18 East Clyde street 

Prussian Vice-Consul, Robert Sanderson, 31 Virginia street 

Russian Vice-Consul, Nichol Handyside, 18 Gordon street 

Spanish Vice-Consul, Robert Wardrop, 62 Buchanan street 

Sweden and Norway Vice-Consul, Wm, Brooks, 68 St. Vincent street 

United States of America Consul, Joseph Cowdin, 14 Gordon street 

CONNOR, Arthur, surgeon, 48 Saltmarket street 

CoNSTiTDTiOKAL Ncwspaper Printing Office, 21 Argyll street 

CONWAY, P., spirit dealer, 11 Park place, Stockwell street 

CON WELL, Halbert, spirit dealer, 81 New Wynd 

COOK, Chnrles, grocer, 16 Wood lane, Broomielaw 

Cook, Charle.'?, slater, 138 Cowcaddens street 

Cook, D., & Co., engineers and machine-makers, head of Commerce street 

Cook, David, of Carphin. Letters left at 1 00 Commerce street 

Cooke, George, commission agent, 123 and 129 Ingram street, house 99 South 

Portland street 
Cook, G. «fe J., brassfounders and gas-fitters, oil and gas lamp manufacturers, 7 and 

9 Waterloo street 
Cooke & Porter-j patent gas muslin singers, 24 Wilson street 
Cook, James, watchmaker, 73 Canning street, Calton 
Cook, James, of D. Cook ^ Co., 100 Commerce street 
Cook, Robert, «fe Co., brassfounders, 7 Dale street, Tradeston, house 1 St. James's 

street, Kingston 
Cook, William, tavern and chop-house, 63 Wilson street, and 59 Huteheson street 
Cook, William, pattern designer, print-cutter, and lithographer, 14 Garthlaiid stiwi 
Cook, Robert, olf D. Cook ^ Co., iOO Commerce street 
COOLET, James, victualler, 35 Main street, Calton 

COPLAND, William, writer, 46 Renfield street, house Deanpark, Govan road 
Copland &, Griffith, wine and spirit dealers, 43 John street 
Copland, James, provision merchant, 26 Rose street, Hutchesontown 
CORBETT, Alexandei-, «b Co., manufacturers, 7 Montrose street, factories 51 

Burnside lane, and 50 Duke street 
Corbett <t. Co., tea and coffee m^chants, 61 Union street 

Corbett, Andrew G., <fc Co., commission mercbts. and yarn agents, ? So. Hanover st 
Corbett, Diigald &. Co., commission agents, 51 MiUer street 
Corbett, Jaraes, 25 Waterloo place, Kingston 
Corbett, James, farmer, Stobcross farm 

Corbett, John, provision and spirit dealer, 102 King street, Calton 
Corbett, Joseph, pawnbroker, 110 Renfield street 


Corbett, Peter, merchant, 51 Miller street, house 4V Oswald street 

Corbett, Robert, builder, 37 Stevenson street, Caiton 

Corbett, Robert T., M.D,, 1 Abbotsford place 

Corbett, Roburt, watchmaker, 22 Argyll street 

Corbett, William, house factor and coal agent, house 1 North Coburg street 

Corbet, William, of Corbet, Duguid, <J- Co., house 25 Rath street 

Corbet, Miss, lodgings, 128 Union street 

Corbett, Mrs., furnitui-e glazier, 24 Union street 

Cork Steam-Packet Office, 101 Union street 

Cork Steam-Packet Office, 28 St. Enoch square 

CORKINDALE, C. S., at Brown §r Co.'s, 1? Hope st., residence T Kinning place 

Corkindale, Mrs. Dr., 49 Bath street 

CORMIE, James, smith and bell-hanger, 84 Clyde street, Andereton 

Cormie, John, house factor, 60 Main street, Anderston 

CORSAIR, David, grocer, 107 Great Hamilton street 

Corsar, James, civil engineer and surveyor, 20 Buccleuch street 

CORSAN, James, dyer of silk, cotton, and woollen yarn, and finisher of piece goode, 

34 Thistle street, Hutchesontown 
CORRIE, William, tobacconist, 140 Cowcaddens street, house, 28 William etreet 
CORSE, Misses, 104 North Hanaver street 

CORTI, Anthony, barometer and looking glass manufacturer. 13 Nelson street 
OOUBROUGH, Anthony P., of Daniel M- Gregory Co., 82 Miller street, house 

Blanefield, Strathblane 
Coubrough, William, cowfeeder and spirit dealer, 79 Cowcaddens street 
COULSON & Gilmour, merchants, 34 Cochran street 
Coulson, George F„ of Coulson ^ Gilmour, house 5 1 Abbotsford place 
COULTER, John, grocer and spirit dealer. 164 Main street, Bridgeton 
Coulter, John, brick- builder and tile manufacturer, 52 Tylefield street 
Coulter, Johi, sheriff-officer and constable, 35 Findlay street, Cowcaddens 
Coulter, Wiilnam, tailor and clothier, 46 John street 
CooNTY Fire Insurance Office. Robert Gow, jun,, agent, 71 Queen street 
OOUPEES, Mrs, F., straw hat manufacturer, 24 and 26 Brunswick place, house 

114 Trongate 
OOUPER, Alexander, o/ C7o!'pcr, Maiiland, ^ Co., house 193 Athole place,- Bath st.' 
Couper & Co., pawnbrokers, 43 High street 
Couper, Henry R., of Ballindalloch, 11 South Hanover street 
Couper, James, insurance broker, Royal Exchange, house 2 Clarendon place. Great 

Western road 
Couper, Henrj'^, grocer and victualler, 63 Main street, Bridgeton 
Couper, James, of Murray ^ Couper, house 45 Garngadhill 
Couper, John, merchant, 1 North Wellington place 

Couper, John, M.D., professor of materia medica, ho. 16 Moore place. West Geo. si. 
Cooper, John, spirit dealer, 17 M' Alpine street 
Cooper, John, confectioner, 115 Trongate 
Couper, Maitland, & Co., Royal Exchange 
Cooper, Robert, tobacconist, 183 Trongate 

Couper, Robert, tambouring agent, 41 South Albion street, house 40 Weaver sti-eet 
Cowper, Stephen, confectioner, 120^ Cowcaddens street 

Cooper, Thomas, sheriff and justice-of- peace officer, 1 1 Findlay st., Cowcaddens 
Couper, Thomas, brusLmaker, 129 Main sti-eet, Gorbals 
Couper, Thomas, spirit dealer, 6 William street, Greenhead 

Cooper, Walker, &, Co., cotton spinners, 1 1 S. Hanover st., works Mile-end, Caiton 
Couper &, White, writers, 13 St. Vincent place . 

Couper, William, of Couper Sf Wliiie, writers, house 193 Athole place, Bath street 
Cooper, William, boot and shoe warehouse, 39 Eglinton street 
Cockier Newspajjcr Office, 75 Argyll street 

COUSIN, Peter, hosier and glover and shirt maker, 349 Argyll street 
COUSLAND, Aj-chd., wire worker and wire cloth manuf., 3 New wynd, Trongate 
COUTTS, James, tailor and clothier, 56 Trongate 
COVENTRY, Bogle, tin-plate worker, 69 Stevenson stre'it, Caiton 
Coventry, Charles, spirit dealer, 76 Garseube road 
Coventry, William, hair cutter and perfumer, 300 Argyll street 
COVEIiLY, Robert, hardware and toy merchant, 441 Argyll street 



Coyerly, William, glass and china Avareliouse, 83 and 85 Stockwell street 

Coverly, William, jiin , glass manuf , 87 Stockwell street, house 5 Stcckwell pl.tcs 

COWAN, Alexander, of Alexander Smyth ^ Co., house 15 Elmbank place 

Cowan, Alexander, of Cowan ^ Co.. Louse Hopehill 

Cowan, Alfred, J., bookseller and stationer, 'ii Findlay street 

Cowan, Archibald, wine and spirit dealer, 40 Shuttle street 

Cowan & Co., nurserymen, florists, and seedsmen, 37 Argyll street, nurseries, Clyde 

haugh, Paisley road 
Cowan A Co., commission merchants, 51 St. Vincent street, house Hopehill, awcnti 
for Glenside Distillery Co., Campbclton; Hislop & Co., distillers, Prestonpans 
and John Fowler, brewer, Prestonpans 
Cowan, Henj'y <fe Co., commission merchants, 5 North court, Royal Exchange 
Cowan, Henry, of Henry Cowan §■ Co., house 11 West Prince's street 
Cowan, James, surveyor for the Caledonian Insurance Co., 20 Gordon street, housf 

6 1 Waterloo street 
Cowan, James, tailor and clothier, 41 Glassford street 

Cowan, James, leather merchant, 64 Stevenson street, and 103 Canning st., Calton 
Cowan, James, & Brothers, cabinet-makers & upholsterers, 13 & 16 Great Clvdest 
Cowan, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 13 Dalmarnock road 
Cowan, James, jiin., spirit dealer, 29 Gallowgate street 
Cowan, John, <fc Co., merchants 77 Bruns\\!ick street 
Cowan, John, broker, 154 Stobeross street 
Cowan, John, Union Bank, house Portland place 
Cowan, Robert, & Co., merchants and corn-factors, 18 Union street 
Cowan, Robert, of Robert Cowan ^ Co., house 4 Abercromby place, west George St. 
Cowan, Robert, 57 York street 
Cowan, Walter, s])irit dealer, 4 Marlborough street 

Cowan, William, of Mackvitosh ^ Coifan, ho. 10 Clarendon pi., Grt. Wc&tcrn road 
Cowan, William, brassfounder, 73 Maxwell street, house, Crossmyloof 
Cowan, William, wright, 66 Mitchell street, house 123 west Nile street 
Cowan, William, M. D., 32 Stirling's road 

Cowan, Miss, 63 Bath street 

Cowan, Mrs. Alexander, 189 Hill street, Garnethill 

COWDIN, Joseph, United States' consul, 14 Gordon street 

COWIE, Mrs. William, grocer, 124 Garscube road 

COWPER, Charles, at John and William Fleming's, bouse 2 AVellcroft placa 

COX, Joseph, shoemaker, 344 GuMowgate street 

CRABB <fe Brown, luanufaeturers, 36 Ingram street 

Crabb, James, of GraVo Sr Brown, house 58 Renfield sti'eet 

CRAFTS & Stell, merchants, 28 St. Vincent street 

CRAIES, William, toller. City of Glasgow bank, 24 Virginia street 

CRAIG, Andrew, iron-founder and engineer, 8 St. James's st., Paisley road 
'Craig, Adam, baker, Claremont street 

Craig <fe Forsyth, funeral undertakers, and coach -builders, post horse, and carriac* 
hirers, office, 61 London street, stables, 13 Risk street, Calton .■ •;;;: 

Ci'aigs, Brothers, wholesale and retail woollen drapers and hatters, 163 Trohgate Sfc 

Craig, James, of Thomson ^ Craig, house 3 Abbotsford place - 

Craig, James, letter-carrier, P. 0., house 1 03 Graeme street 

Craig, James, & Son, wine and spirit merchants, 9 Miller street 

Craig, James, of James Craig ^ Son, house 4 Carlton place 

Craig, James, jun., of James Craig ^ Son, hDUse 10 South Portland stnpei 

Craig, James, Osborne buildings, 165 Sauelilehall street 

Craig, James, sheriff officer and constable for the Counties of Lanark and Renfre'^ 
67 Bell street 

Craig, James, victualler, 8 Duke street 

Craig, James, grain and pirovision merchants, 79 King street, Tradcston, 

Craig, James, wine and spirit merchant, 176 Hope street 

Craig, John, plasterer, 2 AVemyss j)lacc, workshop 42 Russell street, West 

Craig, John, 62 Rose street, Hutchesontown 

Craig, John, lecturer and geological surveyor, 289 Parliamentary road if 

Craig, John, tea merchant and general grocer, 34 Stockwell street, house 64 Abbots 
ford place 

Craig, John, spirit dealer, 8 Grecnhin street, Aaderston 


Craig, John, Iwofc and shoe n7aker, 37 Maxwell street 

Craig, Jolin, 2/J Cklaad street 

Craig, John, viciua'ler, 2130 Gallowgate 

Craig, John, victualler and grocer, 35 Nortli street] 

Craig, John, flesher, 228 Argyll street 

Craig, John, 23 Renfrew street 

Craig, John, grocer anJ tea dealer, 17 Wellington aroade, and 397 Argyll street 

Craig, Matthew, raanufacturer, 4<5 John street 

Craig <fe M'Lintack, grocers and provision merchants, 155 Cowcaddens 

Craig and Peters, slaters, 32 North Alhion street 

Craig, Peter, ironmonger and ship chandler, oO Jamaica sti-eet 

Craig, Peter, japanner and clock-dial manufacturer, 20 Jackson street 

Craig, Peter, of Cratcf and Peters, house 34i? High street 

Craig, Robert, of Craic/s, Brothers, house 1 -iti Randolpli terrace 

Craig, Robert, builder and contnicter, 121 Crown street 

Craig, Robert, i Montagu place, B-ntk street 

Craig, Robert, spirit dealer, 121 West Campbell street 

Craig <fc Rose, oil merchants and drysalters, 63 Candlerigga street 

Craig, Thomas, paper-ruler, 62 Argyll street, Sydney court 

Craig, Thomas, Forth and Clyde Canal track and cart-boat office, Port-Dundas 

Craig, William, 2 Monteith row 

Craig, William, grocer and victualler, 207 Thistle street, Hutchcsontowti 

Craig, William, & Co., engineers, machine makers, and founders, Govan street 

Craig, William, of William Craig ^ Co., house 24 Carlton place 

Craig, Miss, dress and stay maker, i6 Rcntield street 

Craig, Mrs, house painter, and paper hanger, 6 St, Vincent place 

Craig, Mrs, M.. victualler and grocer, 32 Kirk street, Oalton 

Craig, Mrs. William, 32 Windsor terrace 

Craig, Mrs. John, grocer and provision merchant., 231 Argyll street 

CRAIGHEAD, J,, gardener, Rosehill, Pollockshaws road " 

Craighead, Peter, gardener, S Surrey lane 

CRAIK, Rev. James, D.D., minister of St. George's parish, liouse 5 Sandyfoi'd pi. 

CRAILSHEIM, A., of Crailsheim and Herman, house 23 Woodsido place 

Crailsheim <fe Herman, shipping merchants, 93 Glassford street 

CRAMSIE, Chailes, grocer, 141 Main street, Anderstoa 

CRANSTON. George, bread, biscuit, and pastry baker, 88 Sauchiehall street 

CRAW, James, teacher, St. Andrew's school, 23 8t. Andrew's square 

CRAWFORD, Alex., publican, and dealer in hay and straw, 247 High street 

Crawford, Andw., wright and glazier, 23 Milton lane, Oowcaddens, house 59 Mait- 

land street 
Crawford, A. H., of Customs, house Spring bank, London road ^ 

Crawford, Daniel, of Bankier and Crawford, house 73 West Nile street 
Crawford, David, die, stamp, and seal engraver, 22 St. Enoch srj^uare, house 418 

Argyll street 
Crawford, Donald, flesher, 80 Main street, Anderston 
Crawford, Duncan, grocer, 10 'J'histls street, Hutchesontown 
Cravi'ford, George, cabinet-maker, joiner, and mangle-maker, 76 Brown street 
Crawford, George, writer, 33 West George street 
Crawford, Hugh, currier and leather merchant, 61 Gallowgate street 
Crawford, Hugh, paper-stainer, and fancy box maker, oo High street 
Crawford, James, tailor, 18 Hospital street 

Crawford, James, at Alex. Milne ^- Go's, house 91 North Frederick street 
Crawford, James, saddler, 263 street, house 91 North Frederick street 
Crawford, James, spirit merchant, 13 Cnrrick street 
Crawford, James, Springhill Coal, Co., house 47 Glebe street 
Crawford, James, painter, 39 Castle street 

Crawford, James, jobbing mason, 1 Richard court, Bedford street, Lavmeston 
Crawford, James, G. grocer and coal agent, agent for ready made clothes, 60 Souih 

Portland street 
Crawford, John & Co., manufacturers; 52 Glassford street. 
Crawford, John & Ebenezer, Eagle Iron Foundry, Port-Dundas. Letters left at 

Duncan Stewart's, 184 Trongate 
Crawford. John, of Tweedie ^ Crawford, house 67 Abbotsford place 
. . . ., . . C 


Crawford, John, of Alexander Milne ^ Co., ho. 26 Windsor terrace, St. George's rd. 
Crawford, John, artist, drawing, painting, architectural, and engineering class-rooms, 

Andersonian university, house 181 Hope street 
Crawford, John, painter and colourrnan, 18 Stevenson street, Caiton 
Crawford, John, silk dyer, -120 Argyll street 
Crawford, John, M. D., 150 Holland street, Sauchiehall street 
Crawford, John, wine and spirit merchant, 321 Argyll street, house above 
Crawford, John, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Salisbury street 
Crawford, John, green grocer, 2 East Campbell street 
Crawford, John, provision merchant, 93 Canning street 

Crawford, J., & Co., grocers and spirit dealers, 96 Dalmamock road, Bridgeton 
Crawford, J. & W., wrights and builders, Cumberland street 
Crawford, Joseph T., & Co., managing partner of the Patent Rivet Company of 

Scotland, 25 North street, Anderston 
Crawford, Joseph T., of Joseph T. Crawford ^' Co., house 175 St. Vincent stieet 
Crawford, AI. J., & Co., silk dyers. 28 George street 
Crawford, P., spirit merchant, 2 Oxford street 
Crawford, Peter, grocer, 31 Go van street 
Crawford, Robert, ma.ster mariner, 363 St. Vincent street 
Crawford, Robert, joiner and cabinetmaker, 105 High John street 
Crawford, Robert, manager, Port-Dundas grain mills 
Crawford, R. A S., architects, 87 Union street 
Crawford, Robert, wright, glazier, and funeral undertaker, 27 and 34 James's street, 

Caiton. (Sec Advertisement in Appendix.) 
Crawford, Robert, tailor, 18 Hospital street 

Crawford, Thomas, of Ure, Craivford, §■ Easlon, house 1 India st., Somerset place 
Crawford, Thomas, jun., at Ure, Crawford, ^ Easton's, 16 Montrose street 
Crawford, Thomas, wine and spirit mercht., 98 Glebe st., ho. 93 Parliamentary rd, 
Ci'awford, Thomas, mill-manager, Broomward j)laee, Caiton 
Crawford, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 72 Abbotsford place, house 25 Cnm- 

berland sti-eet 
Crawford, W. G., dean-of-guild officer, 120 South Albion street 
Crawford, William, of J. ^ W. Crawford, house 132 Ca&tlemilk place. Hospital st. 
Crawford, William, tailor and clothier, 76 Eglinton street, house 74 do. 
Crawford, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 10 Pettigrew street 
Crawford, William, of J. &r A. Dennisioun, house 3 West Prince's street 
Crawford, William, tavern and concert room keeper, 46 Saltmarket street 
Crawford, Mrs. H. & L., rag merchants, 16 Stockwell place 
Crawford, Mrs. James, cotton waste dealer, 39 Carrick street 
Crawford, Mrs. John, stoneware and rag merchant, 16 & 18 Kent street 
Crawford, Mrs. Robert, tailor and clothier, 103 Cowcaddens street 
Crawford, Mrs., Waverley tavern, 18 Saltmarket street 
Crawford, Mrs., 175 St, Vincent street 
Crawford, Miss, 116 George street 
Crawford, Miss, 278 St. Vincent street 
Crawford, Mis-, dress-maker, 13 Richard sti-cet 
CREE, Alex., upholsterer and cabinet maker, 77 Buchanan street, workshops 3 

Roseland terrace, Cumberland street 
Cree, James, manager, 52 Rose street 
Cree, Jolin, ship and insurance broker, 17 Royal Exchange square, liouse 23 St. 

George's road 
Cree, John, watchmaker, 58 Queen street, house 9 Maxwell street 
Cree, John, jun., stationer, and agent for the Royal Insurance Co. of Liverpool, 

21 Exchange square, house 98 Sauchiehall street 
Cree, Robert, manufacturer, 46 John street, house 67 Renfield street 
Cree, Thomas, manufacture!-, 46 Johu street, house Surrey place 
Cree, William J., commission merchant, 74 Brunswick street, house 57 Renfiold 

CRICHTON, Alexander, hairdresser, 30 Havannah street 
Chrichton, E., boot and shoe shop, 11 Trongatc 

Chrichton & Eadie, smiths, beam-makei's, gasfitters, and manufacturers of mallea- 
ble iron gas -pipes, 44 and 46 London street, works London lane 
Chrichton, James, bookseller and coal agent, 21 Gi-eat Clyde street 




Chrichton, "William, siiperinterulont of the Fcrtli and CJj'cle Canal, Canal house 
Port Dundasi ' 

Cricliton, Willlaiu, commission agent, 3^8 Argyll street 

Chrichton, Miss, furnishing shop, 13 Ann street 

Ciichton, Mrs., lodgings, 38 Hill street, Garnethiil 

OROAL, Alex., slater, 32 Great Dovehill 

CROCKET, Jaines, tailor and clothier, 3 St. Enoch square, house IG Little Ha- 
milton street 

Crocket, James, writer, 2 Wellcroft place 

CROIL, Thomas, & Co., merchants, 22 Kenfield street 

Croil, William, merchant, 112 West George st., house 9 Montagu place, Bath st. 

CR.OLL, David, at James Findltiy §r Oo.'s, house 16G Stirling's road 

Croll, James, wine and spirit merchant, 19 Nicholson street 

Crol!, John, blacksmith. 3 Greyfriars wynd, house 103 North Frederick street 

CROMBIE, David, 21 Roseland terrace, Cumberland street 

Cromhie, John, plasterer, lime yard and office head of Dundas st., ho. i Findlav st. 

Crombie, Margaret, baker and victualler, 28 Cheapside street, Anderston 

CROOKS «fe Jones, carpet and general warehousemen, 12 Buchanan street 

Crooks, Thomas, of Crooks ^- Jones, house 175 Hill street, Garnethiil 

Crooks, Mrs. J„ surgeon-dentist, 129 Hope street 

CROOM, Jf'hn, merchant, 20 Xorth St. Mungo street 

CROSBIE, Andrew, warehouseman, 119 Candleriggs street 

Crosbie, Christina, oil and colour shop, 25 Govan street 

Crosbie, D., weaving utensil dealer, &c., 27 Abercrqmby street 

Crosbie, James, flesher, IS Stobcross street 

CROSS, Alexander, <k Sons, general seed merchants, 17 Gallowgatc, and 'i'oatjne 
back buildings 

Cross, Alexander, of Alexander Cross ^- Sons, house 13 Monteith row 

Cross, Alexander, of Robert Waison, Son, ^- Co., 20 Hope street 

Cross, David, of Alexander Cross §• Sons, house 13 Monteith ro\v 

Cross, EbeneEcr, turner and butter print cutter, 9 Gibson street 

Cross, James, hay and seed merchant, 122 Great Hamilton street 

Ci-oss, Robert, commission agent and warehouseman, 126 Trongate, house 331 Falk- 
land place, Renfrew street 

Cross, Robert, turner, 8 Buchan street, Gorbals 

<'ross, William, manufacturer, 104 Hutcheson street 

Cross, William, of Alexander Cross ^- Sons, house 16 Monteith row 

Cross, Mrs. J., boot and shoe shop, 141 Tiongate 

CROW, David, wright and builder, Belgrove street 

Crow, John, provision merchant, 196 West Nile street 

Craw, Robert, spirit dealer, 1 Govan street 

Crown Life Assurance Co., of London, J. AYatson, agent, 32 St. Vincent place 

Crown Tavern, 48 Gallowgate street; James Allan 

CRUDEN, George, draper, 185 Gallowgate, house 20 Monteith row 

Crudon, James, writer, 38 Queen street, house Wellhousc 

Cruden, Mrs., of Wellhouse, 234 George street 

CRUIKSHANKS, wine, spirit, and malt-liquor merchant, 84 West Nile st.; cellars 
4 St. George's court; agent for Tennent's India beer 

Cruikshank, A. & J., manufacturers, 99 Mitchell street 

Cruikshank, A., of A, ^ J. Cruikshank, house Govan bank 

Cruikshank, Charles, Sit West Nile street, ho. 33 North Hanover street 

Cruikshank, James, builder, 98 Great Hamilton street 

Cruikshank, James, of A. ^- J. Cruikshank, house Harmony place, Govan 

Cruikshank, John, teller, City of Glasgow bank, 24 Virginia street 

Cruikshank, Robert, & Son, builders, 98 Great Hamilton street 

Cruik.shank, William, baker, 24 New Bridge street 
Crookshank, J. S., surgeon and druggist, 60 Cell street 
Cruickshank, M., 100 St. Vincent street, house 99 Hill street, Garnethiil 
'Jruiksbank, Mrs. Charles, 33 North Hanover street 

CRUM, Humphrey E., of James Ewing ^ Co., 36 George square, house 20 Wood- 
side terrace 
Cru>n, James, & Co., tea merchants, 39 Glas.?ford .street 
Crum, James, at A. Orr, Ewing ^ Go's., 16 St. Vincent p]., ho. East Pail-, MaryluU 



Crum, Jaiaes, cotton- spinner. Busby, Virginia buildings 

Cruin, J. & W., & Co., calico-printers, bleachers and sconrers, 51 Cochran street 

Crura, John, of J. ^ W. Cnim, ^ Co., residence Aoldhouse, PoUokshaws 

Crnm, John, bookseller and stationer, 159 Gallowgate 

Crum, Walter, of J. &f W. Crum, Sf Co., residence Thornliebank 

CRUTHERS, Thomas, spirit dealer, S3 Stiriing street, Cowcaddens 

CUBTE, Mrs., 8 Abbotsford pk«e 

CUDDIE, Margaret, spirit dealer, 16 Jackson street 

CULBERT, J. A D., stBCCo and cement manufacturers, 210 Argjll street 

CuLCF.EOGH Go,, cotton-spinners, at Geo. Smith ^ Sons', 34 London street 

CULLEN, John, hat-case and fancy paper Ijox malser, 68 Glassford street 

Cullen, Matthew, grocer, 3 Stevenson street 

Cullen, Thomas W., writer, 48 Queen street 

Cullen, Misses, straw-hat makers, 169 Great Hamilton street 

CtTMBEBLANB Foundry, 168 Gallowgate 

CUMMING, Andre^r, at Thomas Laurie ^ Co.'s, grain merchants, 179 Argyll st. 

Cumming, Andrew, 44 North Brook street 

Camming, James, rector of the Glasgow Academy, 25 Clarendt-n place 

Cumming, Jaiaes, spirit dealer, 238 Broomielaw 

Cumming, John, stair-i-ailer and cabinet n»akei-, 73 West Campbell street 

Cumming John, commission agent, 8 William street, Greenhead, Calton 

Cumming, John, ivholesale and retail linen and woollen draper, 148 Argyll street, 
house 20 Union street 

Cumming, Robert, spirit dealer, 70 Canon street 

Cumming, Robert, manager, (Mile-end spinning Co.) 44 North Brook street 

Cumming, William, tea and sugar warehouse, 11 1 High street 

Cumming, William, at John Bartholomew §■ Co.'s, house Bank street, Hillbead 

Cumming, William, horse-dealer, 82 London street 

Cumming's lodgings, 29 College street 

CUNLIFF, Richard S., of Randolph, Elliot, ^ Co., house Kinning house 

Cunllff, Miss, seminary for young ladies, 7 Elmbank place 

CUNNINGHAM, Alexander, slater, 9 Tarbet street 

Cunninghame, Andrew, Sasine office. City chambers, house 68 Bath street 

Cunningham, Charles, beadle of St. David's church, house 16 Sauchiehall street 

Cunninghame, David, surgeon, 23 Canning street, Calton 

Cunninghame, David, die stamp and seal engraver, 190 Tiongate street 

Cunninghame, David, 9 Dxindas street, Kingston 

Cunninghame, Edward, grocer, 5 Mains street 

Cunninghame, Felix, bill-poster, 28 Marlborough street 

Cunningham, James, tartan manufacturer, 61 Brunswick p'i., house 407 Argyll st, 

Cunningham, James, 1 .3 Hill street, Gamethill 

Cunningham, John, fiesher, 40 «& 42 Findiay street 

Cunningham, Robe)'t, contractor, 19 Parson street 

Cunningham, Dr. Thomas, 1 Norfolk street 

Cunningham, William, 32 John street, Greenhead 

Cunningham, William, writer, 13 John street 

Cunningham, Miss, straw-hat and dress maker, 113 Murray place, New City road 

Conningham, Mrs. A., fiesher, 45 Garscube road 

Cunningham, Mrs. George, 193 Renfrew street 

CURLE, Robert, <fc Sons, auctioneers, appraisers, and general agents, G2 Argyll 
street. (See Advertisement in Appendi.x.) 

Curie, Robert, & Sons, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and house-funiishing establish- 
ment, 62 Argyll street. (See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Curie Robert, of Eoberl Curie ^ Sons, liouse 1 Aunfield place, Dake street 

Curie, Robert, of Robert Barclay ^ Curie, house Lancefieki place 

Cui-le, R. M., of Robert Curie §/■ Sons, house 57 North Hanover street 

CURR & Aberncthy, victuallers, 223 High street 

Curr, Michael, of Curr ^ Abernethy house, 55 Drygate street 

Curr, WiUiam, baker, 2 Eglinton street 

CURRIE, Alexander, jun., baker, 354 High street 

Curric, Alexander, plane-maker, 79 Hope street 

Currie, Alexander, auctioneer and appraiser, 7 Queen street^ house 4 Houston street. 
South Kinning place, Paisley road 


Currie & Brown, Calenderers, hot-pressers^ and packers, 81 Buchanau street, aud y 

Gordon street 
Currie, Hamilton, spirit dealer, 92 Union street 

Currie, Hamilton, furniture and clotbes broker, 175 Cowoaddens street 
Currie, H., baker, 18 1 Canning street 
Currie, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, Tl Commerce street 

Currie, James, grocer and victualler, 10 Clyde st., Anderston, and 12 M' Alpine st. 
Currie, John, & Co., grain merchants, 16 Union st., and Port-Dundas grain mills 
Currie, John, of John Currie §/■ Co., house Dundas hill 

Currie, John, chemist and druggist, 262 Buchanan street, house 98 N. Montrose st^, 
Currie, Joseph, teacher of classics and geography, Garnet bank academy, G Thistle 

sti-eet, Sauchiekall I'oad, and 231 Renfrew street, Garnethill; private pupils' liousp 

23 Richmond street 
Currie, M'Kay, & Kirkwood, lithographers, 9 South Hanover street 
Currie, Rev. Peter, minister, Free Stockwell church,- house 28 Abbotsford place 
Currie, Peter, spirit dealer, 78 High street 
Currie, Robert, of Currie §r Brown, house 11 Cathcart street 
Currie, Robert, spirit dealer, 41 Prince's street, house 9 St. Andrew's square 
Currie, Robert, spirit dealer, 100 Green street, Calton 
Currie, WiUiam, caitwright, 138 Mains street, Anderston 
Cume, William, spirit dealer, 18 Mitchell street 
CURRY, William, 182 Buchanan street 
CURTIS % Harvey, Hounslow and Clyde Gunpowder Mills, office 12 St, Vincent 

place. A. B. Seton <fe Son, agents 
CusTOM-HoDSK, 69 Great Clyde street 
CUTHBERT. David, funeral undertaker, 133 Gallowgate 
Cuthbert, Mrs. John, victualler and spirit dealer, 42 Jamaica street 
Cuthbert, John, edge-tool, turning-lathe, and mangle maker, 18 Dunlop street 
Cuthbert, John, baker, 394 Argyll street 
Cuthbert, Thomas, saddler and harness maker, 12 Duko street 
CUTHBERTSON, Allan, accountant 110 Fife place, West George street, house 

188 St. Vincent street 
Cuthbertson, Donald, accountant, 110 Fife place, West George street, house 18S' 

St. Vincent street 
Cuthbertson, James, teacher, 36 Thistle street, Hutchesontown, house 20.? do. 
Cuthbertson. John, merchant, 46 Renfield street, house 7 Kelvin terrace 
Cuthbertson, John, timber merchant, 10 Stanley place, off Eglinton street, house 

Burndyke, Govan 
Cuthbertson, John, teacher, 24 North Portland street 
Cuthbertson, Thomas, of Longdales, near Bothwell, 25 Blythswood square 
Cuthbertson, Thomas, at M'Nair §f Brands, house 22 Warwick street 
Cuthbertson, William. Letters left at A. M'Queen & Co.'s, Melville place 
Cuthbertson, William G., at WiUiam Gilmour ^ Co.'s, house 177 West Rcent st. 
Cuthbertson, Misses, 84 Bucc'euch street 
Cuthbertson, Mrs., 177 West Regent street 


DAIRON, James, plasterer, 18 Garden street, and 21 Weaver street 

DAILY, Thomas, grocer, 122 I>rygatc street 

DALE, Hugh, leather-cutter, 56 Stevenson street, Calton 

Dale, James, of Laing S/- Dale, house 5 Somerset place, Sauchiehall street 

Dale, John, painter and glazier, 14 Coburg street 

Dale, John. 35 Cadogan street 

Dale, Miss, treasurer for Glasgow Female Society, 5 Somerset place' 

Dale, Mrs. James, 5 Somerset place, Sauchiehall street 

DALGETTY, Captain James, 25 Grove street 

DALGLISH, Andrew S., of R. Dalglish, Falconer, ^- Co., house IC-i Bedford place, 

Dalglish, George, <fe Co., merchants, 100 Fife place, AVest George street 
Dalglish, George, of George Dalglish ^ Co., house 133 Bath street 
Dalglish, James, of J. ^ J. Dalglish, house 1 1 Abcrcromby place 
Dalglish, James, jun., of J. ^ J. Dalglish, house 11 Abercromby place 
Dalglish, James & John, manufacturors, -10 Buchanan street 


Dal^Hsli, John, of James ^' John DahjUsh, bouse Crosspark, Partick 

Dalglisli, Jolin, precentor, College eliureli, Iiouse 14 Margaret street 

Dalglish, John, at KUbirnif. Coilon Works Co., residence Kilbirnie 

Dalglish, John, flesher, 23[> Cowcaddens street 

Dalglish, jlobert, spirit dealer, 98 Dalmarnock road 

Dalglish, Kobert, of R. Dalglish, Falconer, S/- Co., i North conrt, Eo.yal Exchange 

Dalglish, R., Falconer, & Co., calico printers, 4 North conrt, Royal Exchange 

^^Hloiish, AVilliam, provision nifirchant, 90 Bridgegate street 

DALLAS, Alexander, coachtnaker, 18 Dunlop street, house 108 Stockwell street 

Dallas, Peter, merchant, 17 Cochran street' 

Dalmf.ixtnoton Iron Company, 77 Glassford street 

Dalmuir and Kelvindale Paper Warehouse, 53 Brunswick street 

Dai.sholm Pajier Warehouse, 82 Glassford street 

DALY, Spence, Buchanan & Co., wholesale and retail wai-ehousemen, 96 and 93 

Daly, James, of Daly, Spence, Buchanan, §/• Co., house 76 Great Hamilton street 
DALZIEL, David, linen-thread manufacturer and com. agent, 10 East Ruseeli st. 
Dallzell, Captain James, agent and surveyor for the underwriters of Glasgow, house 

6 Grccnvale ])lace, Woodlands road 
Dalziel, John, wholesale stationer, 31 Glassford street, house 85 George street 
Dalziel, John, cotton-yarn merchant, 62 Queen street, house 84 West St., Kingston 
Dalzie], Thomas, 03 Q,uecn street 
DANIEL, John, 7^ Eglinton street 
D.'lTvSKlN, John, spirit- raerchanc, 126 West Nile street 
Dantzig Black Beer Stores, 53 Hope street 

DARLEY, George M., of Chronicle Office, house 145 Snuchiehal! street 
1>ARLI.N'G, Adam, dairyman, 63 Rutherglcn loan 
Darling, William, ironmonger. 111 Trongate 

DAPiROCir, William, painter and ])aper-hanger, 47 Nelson street, Tradeston 
DAUBUZ, L., C, & W.j block and grain tin warehouse, 15 John street. John 

Strathern, agent 
DAVIE, James, house factor, 51 Brunswick street 
Davie, James, house factor, Finuicston 
Davie, James, vintner and stabler, 1 Great Hamilton street 
Davie, James, & Son, sewed-mu^iin nianuf;;cturer.>:, 74 Glassford street 
Davie, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 37 Milton street 
Davie, William, contractor, TOO Maxwell street 
Davie <t Gardiner, fleshers, 31* George street 
Davie, William, cowfeeder, 15 Shamrock street 
Davie, William, wi-iter, town-clerk. City chambers, house 27 Blythswood square 

Davie, William, jun., of John J. Mtnr ^- Co., house 12 Newton place 
Davie, William, spirit dealer, 103 Stobcross street, Anderston 

Davie, Mrs., 60 Hill street, Garnethill 

DAVIS, D., & Son, watch manufacturers and wholesale jeweller.?, 145 Queen street 

Davis, Charles, tea merchant, 29 Brunswick place 

Davis. D., of D. Davis ^ Son, house 1 Green vale place, Carnarvon street 

Davis, E., of D. Davis §• So7i, house 1 Greenvale place, Carnarvon street 

Davis, John, mill manager, 56 Milton street 

Davies, John, tailor and clothier, 64 Queen sireet, house 73 West Nile street 

Davies, Misses, dressmaker.*, 56 Milton street, Port-Dundas 

Davies, Mrs., seminary for young ladies, 43 Salem place, Uolmhead street 

Davidson, Alexander, ordained measurer, 67 West Nile street 

Davidson, Alexander, b'ick-builder, 133 Hosjjital street, Hutchesontown 

David.son, A. C, at James Eiuing ^ Co.'s, house 51 Abbottsford place 

Davidson, Alexander, cowfeeder, 21 Dalmarnock road 

Davidson, Alexander, cabinetmaker, 86 Dale street, Tradeston 

David.son, Archibald, sewed miulin warehouse, 108 Argyll street 

Davidson, David, chandler and tobacconist, 47 Adelphi street 

Davidson, David, chandler, 77 Bridgegate 

Davidson, James, of Ruchill, 22 South Frederick street 

Davidson, James, victualler, 127 Bridgegate 

Davidson, James, victualler, J 38 High street 

D.-'virlson, Jarne.'?, ladies' shoe shop, 108 Hope str<»et 



Davidson, James, jun., of W. ^- J. Davidson ^ Co., house 124 Bath street 
Davidson, John, & Co., auctioneers, appraisers, and general agents, and furuiture 

warehouse, Argyll Sale rooai<i, Turner's court, 87 Argyll street 
Davidson, John, 0/ John Davidson ^ Co., house 123 Hospital street 
Davidson, John, coal-master, Monldand Canal basin, Townhead 
Davidson, John, of William Sloan ^ Co., ho. 26 Windsor terrace, St, George's road 
Davidson, Kenneth, spirit merchant, 450 Argyll street 
Davidson, K. & R., printers, 43 Trongate, house C1.5 Iclaitland street 
Davidson, Robert, coal merchant, Monkland Canal br.sin, house 16 Glebe street 
Davidson, Thomas, teacher, M'Lachlan school, 50 Cathedral street 
Davidson, Thomas, of M'Leod, Davidson, ^ Co., house G4 Charlotte street 
Davidson, W. <fc J. & Co , muslin manufacturers, 22 South Frederick street 
Davidson, Walter, mason and oven builder, 42 Brown street 
Davidson, W. M. M.D., 69 Hutcheson street 

Davidson, William James, of W. ^ J. Davidson ^ Co., Bonville house, ilarvlull 
Davidson, William, boot and shoe maivcr, 43 Adelphi street 
Davidson, William, of Hill, Davidson, Hill, ^- Clark, house 1 Woodside place 
Davidson, Misses, boarding and day school, 1 Greenlaw place 
Davidson, IMiss, 31 North Hanover street 

Davidson, Misses, teachers, MTarlane school, 27 Surrey street 
Davidson, Mrs. J., 25 Cleland street 

Davidson, Mr.s., milliner and dressmaker, T? Renfrew street 

DAWSON, Alexander, of Dawson &• Dunlop, house 9 Scott street, Albert terr.tce 
Dawson, A. & J., St. Magdalene, Linlithgow. J. B. Sheriff, agent, 24 Queen street 
Dawson & Dunlop, merchants, 136 Brunswick street 
Dawson, Janies, beadle of Groyfriars' church, 3S North Albion street 
Dawson & Baird, distillers, Campbclton; office, 83 Jamaica street 
Dawson, James, commission agent and merchfint, 17 Glassford street, ho. 104 North 

Hanover street 
Dawson & M'Nieol, clothiers and shirt makers, ladies' and gentlemen's outfitters, 

50 Buchanan street 
Dawson, Patrick, of J. MUchcU ^ Co., liouse 20 India street 
Dawson, Thomas, of Carroii Co., house 101 Buchanan street 
Dawson, William, of Da.\o.'on ^- M-Nicol, house 86 Bath .street 
Dawson, William, commission .ngont, 182 Trongate 
Dawson, William, spirit dealer, 148 Main street, Bridgcton 
Dawson, Miss, teacher, St. David's Parish school, 114 High John street 
Deaf and Dumb Institution, 36 Parson street. Duncan Anderson, teacher. Seen 

on Wednesdays, at 2 o'clock 
DEAKIN, Ral])h, china and stoneware merchant, 124 Cowcaddens street 
DEAN, James, fret cutter, 100 Thi«tie street, Hutchesontown 
Dean, Thomas, watch and clock maker, 44 New Bridge street 
DE.iN of Guild Officer, W. G. Crawford, 120 South Albion street 
DEANS, Andrew, merchant, G St. Andrew's sfjuare 
Deans, Effingham, tavern-keeper, 25 Trongate 
Deanston Co., at James Finlay Sf Co.'s, 31 Dundas street 
DEARIE, John, dairyman. Grant sti-eet, off St. George's road 
DE BURGH, Rev . William, A.M., of Trinity College, Dublin, minister of St. Mary's 

Episcopal chapel, house 70 Buccleuch street 
DE BOIS, Frederick, chemist and druggist..'! 76 Cowcaddens street 
DECHMENT, James, spirit dealei", 57 Candlci-iggs street 
DEFIllES, Nathan, patent dry gas meter manufacturer, 118 .\rgy]] street 
Defekdkk Fire and Life Assurance office, 91 Buchanan st., Manford & Wink, agents 
DEMPSTER, James, sheriff officer and constable, 155 Main street, Anderston 
Dempster, Robert, tobacconist. 3 Argyll street 
Dempster, William, smith, bell hanger, gas fitter, etc, 37 Nicholas street, house TS 

St. James's road 
DENHOLM, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 9 North .street, Anderston 
Denholm, James, spirit dealer, 49 Orr street, Calton 
Denholm, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 57 Main street, Bridgeton 
Denholm, Wra , commission merchant, 40 Buchanan street, ho. Grccnhill, Ruthei-gien 
DenhoJm, Miss Jessie, di-ess maker, 75 'I'histle street, Hutchesontown 
Denholm, Mrs, John, 75 Thistle street, Hutchesontown 


DENNY, Alexander, of D. §>■ A. Dennp ^ Co., house 137 West Regent street 

Dsiany, D. & A. &, Co., merchants, 27 Union street 

Denny, J.irties, sen,, house-factor, 5G Bridge street 

Denny, James, jun., confectioner, 54 Bridge street 

DENNISTOUN, Alexander, of J. §• A. Dennistoun, house Golflull 

Dennlstoun & Campbell, merchants, 11 Union street 

Dennistoun, Bryce, & Co., merchants, 75 West Nile street 

Dennistoun, Buchanan, & Co., merchants, 20 St. Vincent place 

Dennistown, J. R., accountant and share broker, 33 Renfield street, ho. 1 Montagu 

place, Bath street 
Dennistoun, James P , manager of the National Fire and Life Insurance Co. of 

Scotland, 33 Renfield street 
Dennistoun, J. <fe A., merchants, 38 George square 

Dennistoun, John, of J. §■ A. Dennistoun, residence 3 Grosrenor place, London 
Dennistoun, John, & Co., cotton-spinners, 3S George square 
Dennistoun, Thomas, of Richardson, Dennistoun, §■ Co., house S Falkland place, 

St. George's road 
Dennistoun, Wiliiaro, of Dennistoun, Bryce, §■ Co., house 6 Woodside place 
DENOVAN, Alexander, accountant, 98 Fife place. West George at., ho. Petershill 
Depute- Clerh of the Peace lor Lanarkshire, R. R. Holmes, 73 Iluteheson street 
DESSWINE, M., B.A., Government School of Design, 12 Ingram street 
DEVITT, James, victualler, 155 Bridgegate 
DEVINE, Charles, broker, 78 Ann street, Port-Dnndas 
Devine, Patrick, broker, 45 and 62 Bridgegate street 
DEVLIN, Arthur & Co., watchmakers and jewellers, 61 Trongate, house 31 Sal'.- 

market street 
Devlin, John, & Co., auctioneers, 28 Prince's street 
Devlin, Hugh, spirit dealer, 83 Drygate street 
Devosshire Cider stores, 53 Hope street 
DEW, George, 61 Abbotsibrd place 

DEWAR, A., house- factor, Roseneath cottage. Paisley road 
Dewar, Alexander, Railway Arms tavern, 16 Bridge street 

Dewar, D, M., of Western bank of Scoiland, and jigent for the National Loan Fund 
Life Assurance Society, and United Kingdom Cattle Insurance Co., ho. 8 Kelvin 
terrace, Great Western road 
Dewar, D., of Jamieson ^ Dewar, house 23 Roseland terrace, Cumberland street 
Dewar, James, wine and spirit merchant, 2Y AVest Russell street 
Dewar, Peter, manager, British Iron Foundry, house 63 Abercromby street 
Dewar, Plummer, merchant, 72 Virginia street, house 9 Sandyford place, Sauchie- 

hall street 
Dewar, William, & Co., wai-ehousemen, 6 Candleriggs street 
Dewar, William, of William Dewar §■ Co., house 26 Monteith row 
Dewar, William, wine and spirit merchant, coach office 5 and 7 West George street, 
post horse and carriage hirer, Royal Hotel stables, 5 North Queen street, house 
42 Dundas street 
Dewar, Mis.s Mary, steak house, 55 South Portland street 
Dewar, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 13 Hope street 
Dewar, Misses E. <S: M., milliners and straw -hat makers, 122 West Nile street, ho. 

SB Sau'chiehall street 
Dewar, Mrs., lodgings, 264 Buchanan street 

DEW ART. William, grocer and provision merchant, 141 Bridgegate street 
DIAMOND, John, spirit dealer, 14 Goosedubbs street 
Diamond, John, commercial lodgings, 49 Broomielaw street 
DICK, Alexander, writer; 153 Queen street, house 90 West Campbell street 
Dick, Alexander, of Lumloch, 70 Bath street, office 68 St. Vincent street 
Dick, Alexander, jun., writei-, 100 Brunswick .=itreet, house do 
Dick,, Alexander, land-surveying chain-maker, and fancy wire- worker, 10 Buchanan 

court, 105 Stockwell. (For list of prices see Advertisement in the Appendix.) 
Dick, Allan, 7*9 Taylor street 

Dick, Charles, of John ^ Charles Dick §^ Co., house 5 Royal terrace 
Dick, D., hardware and toy warehouse, 3 Saltmarket street 

Dick, Gei stone merchant, Port-Dundas, house Gothic cottage, St. George's road 
Dick, George C, & Co., merchants, 3 North Exchange court 


Dick, George C, of G. C. Dick ^ Co., house 17 ClareadoD plaae 

Dick, Henry, spirit dealer, 142 Eglinton street 

Dick, James, buil'lar, 67 Oswald sti-eet 

Dick, James, baker, 164 High street, house 160 do 

Dick, James, grocer, 4 Balmanno street 

Dick, John, surgeon and apothecary, 2 London street, house 93 do. 

Dick, John, tailor and clothier, 109 Argyll street 

Dick, John <fe Charles, & Co., commission merchants, British Linen Bank Buildin'^* 
128 Ingram street 

Dick, John, of John ^ Charles Dick ^ Co., house 5 Royal terrace 

Dick, John, of Knor, Dick Sf Co., 22 Exchange square 

Dick, M., & Co., soap and candle manufacturers, 73 and 75 Glassford street, work;* 
Milton street, Port-Dundas 

Dick, M., of M. Dick .f Co., Gloucester place. Hill street, Garnetlii!! 

Dick, Quintin, writer and agent, Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance Co., 48 Bu- 
chanan street, house 40 Oxford street 

Dick, Robert, SuiToyor for the National Insurance Company of Scotland, 33 Ren- 
iield street 

Dick, Thomas, sheriii' officer, at T. Barclay's, 56 Miller street, house 115 Hospital 
street, Hutchesontown 

Dick, Wm., wholesale cheese merchant and spirit dealer, 88 Candleriggs street, and 
weighhouse Bazaar, house 1 1 7 do. 

Dick, Wm., Loehfine Steam Paekefc office, 4 Wood lane, Broomielaw, commission 
and coal agent 

Dick, William, ship-chandler and ironmonger, 64 Jamaica street 

Dick, William, of John Walker ^ Co., house 76 Batli street 

Dick, William, & Co., corkwood importers, cork m;\nufacturers, and general com- 
mission merchants. Dixon street, wareliouses 60 and 54 Fox street 

Dick, William, of William, Dick ^ Co., house Greenbank, Pollokshaws 

Dick, Mrs. Mary, grocer, 61 Crown street 

Dick, Mrs. & Misses, seminary for young ladies, Pitt st., corner of Sauchieball st. 

Dick, Mrs. William, spirit dealer, 2 Kirk street, Calton 

DICKIE, John, grocer, tea, ".viae, spirit, and provision merchant, 3 St. James's st., 

Dickie, J. &, R., general grocers, wine and spirit merchants, 129 West Campbell st, 

Dickie, Thomas, 86 North Frederick street 

Dickie, William, baker, 187 Gallowgate 

Dickie, William, wine and spirit merchant, 72 Eglinton street 

Dickie, William, skinner, 18 Calton entry. (See Advertisement in Appendix.) 

Dickie, Miss H., fruiterer, 39 Sauchieball street 

DICKINSON, Joseph, commission merchant, 43 Queen street 

DICKSON, Archibald, wine and spirit dealer, 39 Renfield street 

Dickson, Adam, grocer and sheriff-officer, 43 Broad street. Mile-end, Calton 

Dickson, Benjamin, clerk, Greenock Railway Co., 156 Eglinton street 

Dickson, Gavin J., clerk. City of Glasgow bank, house 43 Buccleuch street 

Dickson <k Gilkison, cotton yarn agents, 52 Ingram street 

Dickson, James, ale and porter bottler, 23| Struthers street 

Dickson, James, Crow hotel, 25 and 33 George square 

Dickson, James, boot and shoe manufacturer, 426 Argyll street 

Dickson, James, merchiint, 8 Howard street 

Dickson, James, at Mrs. James Dickson's, spirit dealer, 23 Struthers street, Calton. 

Dicksons <fe Laings, hosiery, tweed, shawl, and blanket manufacturers, 21 Glassford 
street, Wilton mills, Hawick 

Dickson, Dr., 19 Cambridge street, house 37 Buccle\ich street 

Dickson, Robert, coal master, 48 Dundas street, and Broomhill coal depot 

Dickson, Thomas, of Dickson Sf Gilkison, house 43 Buccleuch street 

Dickson, William., &, Co., commission merchants, 191 Argyll street 

Dickson, Miss, straw-bonnet maker, 8 Nelson street 

Dickson, Mrs. James, spirit dealer, 23 Struthers street, Calton 

Dickson, Mrs. John, coal agent, 67 Oswald street 

Dickson, Mrs. John, victualling house, 86 Bridgegate- 

DIESELDORFF, William, of Brown ^ Co., corn factor and commission merchant, 
house 77 West Nile street 



Dilettanti Rooms, 61 Buchanan street 

Diorama, 100 West Nile sti-eet 

DINGWALL, Alexander, spirit dealer, 23 Rutherglen loan 

Dingwall, John, cotton and cotton waste dealer, 9 London lane 

DINS MORE, John, broker, 8 St. Andrew's street 

DISNEY, John, bellman, 4 Water street, Port-Dundas 

Dissenters' and General Assurance Company. Cliaiies A. Campbell, 5 Exchange 

District Pny-Master's Office, T9 North Frederick sti'eet, open from 10 till! o'clock 
DIVINE, James, spirit dealer, 95 New vennel 

DIXON & Dow, accountants and share brokers, 107 Buchanan street 
Dixon, H. C, of Hulcheson ^ Dixon, house 34 South Poi-tland street 
Dixon, Peter W., of Dixon S/- Dow, house 316 St. Vincent street 
Dixon, Peter, dairjman, 8 East Market street 
Dixon, William, smith, of Mauldslie Castle, 1 Dixon street 
Dixon, William, 1 Dixon street 

Dixon, Mrs. Adam, 135 Mains' street, corner of Clarence place 
DOB B IE, Alexander, chronjmeter, watch, and clock maker, 20 Clyde place 
Dobbie & Kenmure, carvei's and gilders, 8 Coburg street, Lauriestoii 
Dobbie, Thomas, watch and clocic maker, 51 Adelphi street 
Dobbie, \V. II., merchant, 9 Goido^n street, house 7 Royal crescent 
Dobbie, Misses, & Stara, dress makers, 5-5 Renfrew stieet 
DOCHERTY, Stephen, & Fulton, machine and hand engraverj to calico printers, 

88 Duke street 
Docherty, John, candle -maker and grease manufaetuier, 90 Duke stret^t 
Dougherty, Michael, clothier, lOI Saltmarket street 
Doclierty, William, slioe-maker, o9 Cowcaddens 

DODD, Peter, & Co , provision merchants, 31 Hutcheson st., & 14 St. Enoch wynd 
Dodd, William, of Peter Dodd ^ Co , house 15 Ure place 
Dodd, William, cooper, 80 Main street, Anderston, house 4 North street 
DODS, Brothers, wine merchants, 63 Btichanan street 
Dods, B. W., of Dods, Brothers, house i Holland place 
l>ods, C K., of Dodf, Brothers, house 1 Holland place 
Dods, Colonel, 1 Holland place 

Dodds, Isaac, civil engineer, 1'72 Buchanan street, house 153 Hill st., Garnetliill 
Dodds, James, sjiirit dealer, 45 Dale street, Tradeston 
Dodds, John, of W. ^ J. Dodds, house Kelvinhaugh 

Dodds, John, sliawl-fringer, 11 West George street, house 59 R-enfrow street 
Dodds, John, civil engineer, land and mineral surveyor and referee, 124 West 

Nile street 
Dodds, William, of W. Sr J. Dodds, house 2 Clifton street, Somerset place 
Dodds, W. & J. cordage and twine manufacturers, Albion works, Kelvinhaugh, 

counting-house, 34 Union street 
DOIG & Co., power-loom manufacturers, Rothesay. Orders die., left witli Fairlie 

and Moore, 49 Miller street 
Doig, David, & Co., spirit dealers, 43 Bedford street 
Doig, Miss, 56 Bath street 

DOLBY, Ed,i;ar E., club-master, Union club, 176 St. Vincent street 
DOLLAR, Hay, tinplate worker, 123 High street 
DON, James, beadle of St. Paul's, houss 23 Drygate lane 
Don, John, spirit dealer, 162 Garscube road, Black quarry 
Don, Peter, spirit merchant, 34 New street, Calton 

DONACHY, Hugh, china merchant, 9 Park place, and 51 Turner's court 
DONALD, Andrew, bookseller and bookbinder, 49 Adelphi street, Gorbals 
Donald, Alexander, landscape painter, 41 Bnrnsido street 
Donald, Charles, rag and cotton waste merchant, 132 Gallowgate, ho. 8 Sommerviile 

place, Monteith row 
Donald, C. D., & Sons, writers, 37 Virginia street 
Donald, C. D., of C. D. Donald ^ Sons, and commissary clerk of Lanarkshire, 

olifjco, 41 Virginia street, house 103 St. Vincent street 
Donald, C. D,, jun., of C. D. Donald §■ Sons, house 163 St. Vincent street 
Donald, II., dyer, 40"Bedford street 
Donald, James, s^rg^gn, 47 Kirk street, Caltoa 



DonnM, Jolin, manager, Springfii'lJ cotton works 

Djiald, John, cotton spinner, Ct Lawmoor place, "Wellington street 

Donald, John, cabinetmaker, and beadle of St. Matthew's cliurch, Williara street, 

Ander.-iton, house 31 North st do. 
Donald, John & Co., clothiers, hosiers and general outfitters, 50 Argyll street, ho. 

70 Renfrew street 
Djnald, ,T. K. manager and secretary, Railway station, 14 Bridge street 
Donald, Matthevv, wright, 16 Dale street, Bridgeton 

Donald, Robert, assessor of property and income taxes, 52 Virginia street 
Donald, Thomas, of C. D. Donald ^ Sons, house 133 West Regent street 
Donald, Thomas, tinsmith .ind gas-fitter, 65 Main street, Bridgeton 
Donald, Waltei-, North British Nail Works, 53 St. James's road, ho. 83 Taylor st. 
Donald, Mrs. James, 113 West Hegent street 
Donald, Mr.«,, grocer. 63 New wynd 
DONALDSON, Alexander, tailor, 84 John street 

Donaldson, Alexander, surgeon, 121 High street, house 19 Graome street 
Donaldson, Alexander, saddler and harness maker, 03 Queen st., ho. 5 Coburg at. 
Donaldson, Archibald, spirit dealer, 29 Centre street 
Donaldson, Archibald, baker, 165 West Nile street 
Donaldson, Duncan, spirit dealer, 228 Castle street 

Donaldson, George, lime merchant, 9 Oswald st., ho. 17 Florence pi , Stanley st. 
DonakUon, George, cabinetmaker, 71 and 73 London street 
Donaldson, James, & Co., cotton-brokers, 25 South Hanover street 
Donaldson, James, <fe Sons, slaters, 57 iVorth Frederick street 
Donaldson, James & John, slate merchants, 9 Osvvald street 
Donald.son, James, of James Donaldson ^ Co., 45 Candler! ggs street, 100 

George street 
Donaldson, James, surveyor of police, poor rates, and assessor of property and income 

tax for the lower ward of Lanarkshire, oflice 4 Police lane, south Albion street, 

bouse Elmfoot, Little Govan 
Donaldson, James, at James Greenshidds §• Co.'s, 33 Virginia street, house 33 

Grafton square 
Donaldson, James, & Co., warehousemen, 45 Candleriggs street 
Donaldson, John, watchmaker, goldsmith, and jeweller, 104 Trongato 
Donaldson, John, of James Donaldson ^- Sons, house 16 Cornwall place 
Donaldson, Robert, 177 St. Vincent street 
Donaldson, Robert, letter-press printer, 02 Mitchell street 
Donaldson, Robert, of James Donaldson §• Sons, house 134 Stirling's road 
Donaldson, Thomas, .sjiirit cellar, 50 Maitland street, Port-Dundas 
Donaldson, Thomas, tobacco manufacturer, 124 Gallowgate street 
Donaldson, William, dairyman, Greenhill street dairy, 12 Greenhill street 
DONATE, Alexander J., stucco manufacturer, 55 High street 
DONDLAN, James R., clerk. Post office, house 33 John street 
DONN.\N, James IL, of Scottish Press newspaper, 84 John street 
DONNELLY, James, wine and spirit dealer, and hat manufacturer, 88 Trongato 
Donnelly, Jas., tobacconist and importer of il.ivannah cigai-s, 16 Royal Exchange sq. 
Donnelly, John, smith aud iron heel maker, lOS Main street, Gorbala 
Donely <fc. Henry, chemists, 10 Main street, Bridgeton 
D'ORSEY, Rev. Alexander, J. D., minister of Anderston Episcopal chapel, and 

master of the English department, High School, residence Dalbeth house 
DOUGHERTY, Edward, clothier and tailor, 31 Kivk street, Calton, house 67 

Abercromby street 
Dougherty, John, provision merchant, 140 Main street, Gorbala 
Dougherty, Philip, tailor, 22 Prince's street 
Dougherty, William, fruit merchant, Bazaar 
DOUD, David, jun., tea merchant, 8 Trongatc 
DOUG.'VLL, .Andrew, gi-ocer and victualler, 697 Gallowgate 

Dougall, Andrew, Post-Office receiving house, 227 Gallowgate, ho. 9 Maefarlane s); 
Dougall, F. G., 93 Kirk street, Calton 

Dougall, James, house-factor aud spirit dealer, 93 Kirk street, Calton 
Dougall, James D., fishing tackle manufacturer and practical gun maker, 51 and S3 

Argyll Arcade, workshop 80 Mitchell street. (See advertisement in Appendix. \ 
Dougall, John, tinsmith, ironraonger, and gas-fitter, 17 & 19 South, Porth(n(l stjreQt 

100 DOaGALL— DO^V. 

Dougall, John, watchmaker, 28 Brunswick place 

Dougall, Jolin, niill manager, 30 Monteitii row 

DougaU, John, spirit dealer, 88 Carriek street 

Dougall, Patrick, 45 Union street 

Dougall, Robert, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, and fruiterer, 70 Buchanan st., 

house 128 Union street 
Dougall, Robert, spirit dealer, 40 John street, Bridgeton 
Dougall, Miss, 109 Hope street 
Dougall, Mrs, dressmaker, 34 Maxwell street 
Dougall, Mrs James, lodgings, 8 Cornwall place, Stirling's road 
DOUGAN, John, surgeon, 7 West Milton street, Cowcaddens 
DOUGLAS, Alexander, jun., of Douglas ^ Hill, 59 St. Vincent street, house 8 

Bloomfield place, Hillhead 
Douglas, Alexander, uf A. ^ J. Douglas, house Falkland place, 328 Renfrew street 
Douglas, Archibald, of Laivson ^ Douglas, house 29 Egiinton street 
Douglas, A. &, J., Berlin repository 139 Buchanan street, small ware and furnishing 

warehouse, 10 Argyll street 
Douglas, Archibald, power-loom cloth manufacturer, 16 Bothwell street, house 2 St, 

James's street, Greenlaw place 
Douglas, C. A., shawl and dress warehouseman, 128 Ingrnm street 
Douglas, George, merchant, 118 Argyll street, house 10 Brandon place 
Douglas, George, reedmaker, Sb Candleriggs street 

Douglas & Hill, metal brokers and commission merchants, 59 St. Vincent street 
Douglas & Holmes, writers, 73 Hutcheson street 

Douglas, Hugh, surgeon, Douglas's buildings, 158 Main street, Bridgeton 
Douglas, J. T. & A., & Co., West India merchants, 85 St. Vincent street 
Douglas, James, of A. Sf J. Douglas, house 328 Renfrew street 
Douglas, James, of J. T, ^ A. Douglas ^ Co., house 234 St. Vincent street 
Douglas, James, & Son, measurers, 9 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street, house 8 

South Apsley place 
Douglas, James, woiking jeweller and watchmaker, 422 Argyll street 
Douglas, James C, surgeon, 107 George street 
Douglas, John Campbell, of Maitis, writer, 81 St. George's place 
Douglas, John, portrait painter, IS Norfolk street 
Douglas, John H., 116 Renfrew street 
Douglas, John, writer and clerk of the Peace for Lanarkshire, oifice 73 Hutcheson 

street, house 39 Bath street 
Douglas, John, at G. §• J, Barns's, house 1 4 Bedford street 
DoMglas, L., commission agent, 15 Oxford street 
Douglas & Ranken, writers, 81 St. George's place 

Douglas, Robert, rope and sail maker, 39 Clyde place, house 34 Abbotsford place 
Douglas, Robert D., writer, of Straihern ^ Douglas, house 29 Abbotsford place 
Douglas, Sholto, at Fulton §• Nelson's, house Hydepark place 
Douglas, Thomas D., 175 St. Vincent street 

Douglas, Thomas D., <fc Co., merchants and insui-auce brokers, 12 R. Exchange sq, >, 
Douglas, William, & Co., wool merchants, 119 BrunsvTJck street ■ 

Douglas, William, bookseller, stationer, and writing-ink manufacturer, 61 Nelson 3t. a 
Douglas, William, of William Douglas ^ Co., house 208 West George street 9 

Douglas, William, at George Douglas's, 118 Argyll street * 

Douglas, Misses, teachers, Ladies' Boarding and Day-School, 52 Abbotsford place 
Douglas, Mrs., Falkland place. 328 Renfrew street 
Douglas, Mrs , i:;0 Hill street, Garnetbill 
Douglas, Mrs., 38 West Campbell street 
DOUIE & Morison, wine merchants, 65 St. Vincent street 
Douie, Robert, late of the High School, house 6 Bloomfield place, Hilllxead 
Douie, Robert, of Steele §• D&uie, house 98 Bath street 
Douie, William C, of Douie ^ Morison, 65 St. Vincent street 
DOVE, Donald, basket-maker, 24 Charlotte lane 
Dove, Ebenexer, & Co., warehousemen, 160 Trongate 
Dove, Hector, merchant, 53 Hope street 
Dove, John, flesher, 10 Wellington arcade 
Dove, Samuel, 47 Renfrew street 
DOW; Alexander, spirit dealer, 65 and 67 London street I 

' amKKKmid 


Dow, Alex., wine and spirit dealer, 218 Iligli street, house 141 Stirling's road 

Dow, Andrew, writer, 10 India street 

Dow, Andrew, watch and ])late brush manufacturer. Orders and letters left at 

Peter Aitken's, 96 Argyll street 
Dow, Archibald, supervisor, 200 New City road 
Do*, George 0., of Dixon ^ Dow, house 10 India street 

Dow, H. ifc A., wine and spirit merchants, 90 Galiowgate, and 2Y3 Argyll street 
Dow, James, victualler and cattle-dealer, 7 Thomson's lane, Marlborough street 
Dow, James, at H. §• A- Dow's, 275 Argyll street 
Dow, John, spirit dealer, 119 Great Hamilton street 
Dow, Samuel, 4, Kingston place 

Dow, Samuel, wine and spirit merchant, 10 Maxwell street, and 79 and 81 Salt- 
market street, house 56 Howard street 
Dow, William, baker, 52 West Milton street 

Dow, William, Citj and Suburban Gas Co.'s Works, Dalmarnock road 
Dow, William M., commission merchant and ship agent, 75 Jamaica street, house 

Govandale cottage, Long Govan 
Dow & White, woollen and linen drapers, 288 Argyll street 
DOWAL, Irvin, beadle. Seaman's chapel, 17 Brown street 
DOWIE, George, Dundee sacldng and packsheet warehouse, 1 4 Candleriggs street, 

house 10 College street 
Dowie, John, roperaaker, 161 Duke street 
DOWLING, Thomas, collector's clerk, excise ofSce, 45 Dunlop street, house 283 

Buchanan street 
DOWNIE, John, merchant, 4S Queen street 
Downie, David, silver-plate and mangle maker, 53 Thistle street, Hutchesontown, 

house 49 do. 
Downie, Duncan, tailor, 20 St. Andrew's square 
Downie, Duncan, tailor, 111 Saltraarket street 
Downie, John, boot and shoe maker, 30 Dundas street 
Downie, John, china merchant, 29 Canon street 
Downie, John, of John MNair §• Co., house 113 Douglas street 
Downie, Thomas, agent, 7 Calton entry, 232 Galiowgate 
Downie, Martin, officer of excise, 41 Charlotte street 
Downie, William, farrier, 14 East Campbell street 
Downie, William, boot and shoe maker, 12 Saltmarket street 
Downie, Mrs., 113 Douglas street 
Downie, Mrs., spirit dealer, 113 Saltmarket street 

DOWNES, Thomas, of JBroivn, Dowries §• Co., house 15 South Apsley place 
DOWNING, Henry, metal broker, 133 St. Vincent street 
DOYLE, James, broker, 47 King street, Calton 
Doyle, John, bookseller and stationer, 17 Wilson street 
DRAFF AN. Thomas, spirit dealer, 1 East Market street 
DR\KE, William, at Port-Dundas Pottery Co., house 270 Pariiameatary road 
DREGHORN, David, accountant, 30 St, Enoch square 
Dreghorn, James, cooper, 29 King street, Tradeston 

DREW, Alexander, of James Black ^ Co., house 158 Randolph terrace, Gamethill 
Drew <fc M' Lure, writers, and commissioners for taking English and Irish affidavits, 

and agents for the Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance Corajiany, 1 1 Buchanan st. 
Drew, John, japanner and clock-dial manufacturer, Moodie's court, 31 Argyll street 
Drew, John, & Co., general agents, and ship-brokers, 65 Jamaica street 
Drew, John, tailor, 90 Eglinton street 

Drew, John, of John Drew ^ Co., house 77 Gloucester place, Gamethill 
Drew, Lawrence, grain merchant, (mills at Carmyle,) 75 Argyll street 
Drew, Eeter, grain and seed merchant, 132 Bridgegate 
Drew, Peter, merchant, Hamilton and John street works 
Drew, William, merchant, 4 Provanside, Stirling's road 
Drew, William, tin-plate worker, brassfounder, coppersmith, pewterer, japanner, etc. 

36 Wilson St., works Little Hamilton street ^m^.... \^,.^..^ 

Drevr, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 137 Saltmarket straeL, 

DREWET, Thomas, soda water manufacturer, 79 Bridgeg4tii^ei<eM;'' 
DRINNaN, John, victualler, 91 Main street, Anderston 
Driscoll, John, tobacconist, 154 High street 

102 i>Ru.N— DUNBAR. 

DROX, JoliT), at Alcxan'ier ^ James Morrison s, 40 St. Vincent place 

Dron & Co., jnanufncturers, 2 Royal Exchangee court, 85 Queen street 

Dkhmclmr "^mithy coal oflice, 5 Mor.-i-on's Court, Arcade,! 08 Argyll street 

DRIIMxMOND, Andrew, clothier and outfitter, 28 Arsryli street 

Drumniond, Andrew, <fc Co., embroidered muslin manuiacturors, 2.5 Queen street 

Drummond, Alexander, 13 John sti-eet 

Drummond, Henry, & Co., lace manufaoturer^. Queen Court, G2 Q,ueen street 

Drummond, James, of Clark ^ Drnnvnond, 8 Sandyibrd jilace 

Drummond, James, letter-carrier, P. 0., house 89 High John street 

Drummond, John, wine and spirit merchant, 55 King street, Tradeston 

Drummond, John, spirit dealer and contractor, 112 Maitland street, Cowcaddens 

Drummond, John, heddle maker, 3 Antigua place. Nelson street 

Drummond, John, Union Bank buildings, 105 Virginia street 

D;-umaiond, J., S., 74 AbbotsforJ place 

Drummond, Robert, millwright, engineer, and cast-iron founders, 27 Canning street, 

Calton, Letters left at Robert Galbraith's, cloth merchant, 23 Trongate 
Drummond, William, merchant, 18 Pollock street 
Drnmmond, Margaret, 131 Cambridge street 
Drummond, Mrs., 00 Bath street 
DnuMrKLLER Coal Conii)any, 89 St. Vincent street 
Drumphllkr Coal Office, 36 St Vincent place 

DRU R Y, Wm., M.D., private lunatic asylum, Garngadhill. Letters left at 8 Argyllst. 
DRTDEN,, & Co., commission merchants, 42 Hope street 
DRYNAN, Wra., silk mei-cer, 95 Trongate, house 19 West Prince's street 
DRYSD.M.E, Alexander, grocer, 87 Gallowgate street 
Drysdale, A. B., of Drysdales ^- Wilson, 49 Holmhead street 
Drysdale & Co., seedsmen, nurserymen, and florists, 33 Queen street; nurseries and 

flower-gardens, Balgray, Croftbank, Springburn, Shawfield Park, Rutlierglen 
Drysdale, James, seedsman, 33 Q,ueen street, house Shawficld cottage 
Dry.sdale, James, agent, 3.'5 Virginia street 
Drysdale, John, general grocer and wine raei chant, 2 Findlay street, and 157 Ccv/- 

caddens street 
Drysdale, John, tailor and clothier, 240 Argyll street 

Drysdale, Thomas, grain merchant, 95 LTnion street, house 14 Holmhead street 
Drysdale, William, baker, 25 Cambridge .street 
Drysdale, William, daii-yman, 16 Brown street 
Drysdale, William, of Drysdales §■ Wilson, house 16 Cornwall place 
l>rysdales & Wilson, warehousemen, 36 Ingram street 
Di-ysdale, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 44 Alston street 
DuBi.i.\ Porter store, 53 Hope sti-ect 
Dublin Steam- Packet Office, 101 Union street 
Dublin Steam-Packet Office, 28 St. Enoch square 

DUDGEON, Thomas, & Co., house-painters and paper-hangers, 12 Gordon street 
Dudgeon, T., portrait painter, 95 Argyll street 
Dudgeon, William, remnant shop, 73 Bell street 
Dudgeon, IMrs. Andrew, Old Castle Tavern, S Castle street 
DUDLEY, J. v., at I). C. RaiCs, house 13? South Portland street 
DUFF, Alexander, poulterer, ill West George street 
Duff, Charles, silk, cotton, and woollen dyer, 66 West Nile street, and 1 46 Stoekwell 

street, house and works, Wemyss place, otf Cambridge street, Garnethill 
Duif, Charles, egg dealer, 12 New wynd 

Duff, David, grocer and spirit merchant, 16 and IS New wynd 
Duff, John & Thomas, spindle and fly manufacturers, Pettigrew lane, off Duke 

street, house 49 Duke street 
Duff, John, engineer, Oakbank engine work, house 168 St, Geoi'ge's road 
Duff, Robert, 22 Warwick street, Laurieston 

Duff, William, at Oswald, Stevenson, §/• Co.'s, house 3 Hopeton place 
Duff, William, wine and spirit merchant, 10 and 12 Stockwell street, house 47 do. 
Duff', Miss, teacher, 145 .Saiichiehall street 
DoMnARTO.v Glasswork Co. Lctter.s left at 22 Renfield street 
DUMBUECK, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 48 New wynd 
DUNBAR, Chailes, of Oordon ^ Dunbar, house 182 Trongate 
Dunbar, David, 86 Sauchiehall street— Dtj vix r. 103 

Dunbar, Heatlcy, & Co., tiiorcliants, 33 Rcnficld street 

Dunbar, John, of Dunbar, Heatlcy, ^ Co., house Grangebill, Bcitli 

Dunbar, John, writer, 6-1 Buchanan street 

DUNCAN, Alexander, jun., Italian warehouse, rusk and biscuit manufacturer, 108 
and lOS Buchanan street, and 9 Royal Bank place, house G3 West Regent street 

Duncan, Rev. Alexander, '77 North Frederick street 

Duncan, Alexander, baker, 125 Main street, Gorbal- 

Duncan, Alexander, & Sons, paper makers, llerbt tshire mill, Deuny, 81 Clyde st., 

Duncan, Andrew, baker, 76 Maitland street, Cowcaddens 

Duncan, Andrew J., of Duncan ^ Church, house 19 Clarendon place 

Duncan, A. C, of D. ^ H. Jnglis, house Kincaidtield 

Duncan, Archibald, tanner, 111 Union street 

Duncan, Archibald, & Son, calico and niousseline-de-laine printers, 100 Virginia 
place, works Rnthvenfield, near Perth 

Duncan, Daniel F., engraver, lithographer, and printers' stationer, Sydney court, 
62 Argyll street 

Duncan, l^aniel, wine and spirit merchant, 72 Maitland street, Cowcaddens 

Duncan, David, 47 Belgrove street 

Duncan, Henry, hatter, three-priced hat cstriblishment, lOo Argyll street 

Duncan & Church, accountants and sharcbrokers, agents for the Phconix Fire Insur- 
ance Co., Scottish Provident Life Assurance Institution, and for tlie Commission- 
ers of 11. M. Woods and Forests, G7 St. Vincent street 

Duncan, J L., dentist, 239 Argyll street 

Duncan, James, tinsmith, 98 Main street, Bridgeton 

Duncan, Jolin, 47 North Hanover St., uxA North Bar, Renfrewshire 

Duncan, John, St, George's Tavern, 194 St. George's road 

Duncan, John, tobacconist, 11? Buchanan street, liouse 55 Abbotsford place 

Duncan, John, jeweller, watchmaker, and hardware merchant, 8 & 9 Argyll arcade 

Duncan, John, joiner and cabinetmaker, 25 North street, Anderstou 

Duncan, John, bill-jioster, 23 Princes street 

Duncan, John, baker, 173 Buchanan street 

Duncan, John, cooper, 23 Brown street 

Duncan, Peter, furnisher and toy shop, 250 Gallowgale 

Duncan, Robert, coal agent, 51 Shamrock street. New City road 

Duncan, Thomas, niiliner and haberdasher, 84 and 86 Gallowgate 

Duncan, Rev. Walter, 84 North Hanover street 

Duncan, William, bread and biscuit baker, 29 Main street, Anderston, Louse 84 
Carriclc street 

Duncan, AVilliam, tobacco spinner, 37 Adelphi street 

Duncan, William, coffee roaster, 49 Gallowgate 

Duncan, Mrs. George, lodgings, 100 George street 

Duncan, Iilrs., fruiterer, 100 Great Hamilton street 

DUNCANSO.V, Archd., beadle. Parliamentary road church, 402 Parliamentary rd. 
Duncanson <fc Forbes, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, Argyll street, entering by 

Maxwell street 
Duncanson, John, flesher, 61 George's place, and 264 Buchanan street 
Duncanson, Robert, tailor and clothier, 16 Queen st., house 119 George street 
DUNDAS, Robert, letter-carrier, P. O., house 3 Cameron place, Anderston 
DuNDEK and Perth Shi]iping Office, 101 Union street 
DuKDYVAN' Wharf, Monkland canal basin. Thimias Lindsay, agent 
Dundyvan Pig and Bar Iron Works, office 36 St. Vincent place 
DUNLOP, Andrew, cowfeeder, 22 Charlotte .street, Port-Dundas 
Dunlop, Andrew, victualler, grocer, and spirit dealer, 43 North' Frederick street 
Dunlop, Archibald, merchant. 31 Ropc-Mork lane, ho. 14 Warwick street 
Dunlop, Boag, &. Co., metal brokers, and commission merchants, )1 John street 
Dunlop, C. T., of Charles Tcunent ^- Co., St. lldLox, ho. Hillhouse, Garngadhill 
Dunlop, Colin, & Co., 36 St. Vincent place 

Dunlop, Colin R., of Dunlop, Wilson, §• Co., liouse Fullarton house 
Dunlop, Francis, of Dunlop, Mitchell,^ Co., house 48 Holmhead street 
Dnnlop, George, ivine and spirit merchant, 33 College street 
Dunlop, Gilbert, spirit dealer, 11 Bishop street, Anderston 
Dunlop, Gilbert, victualler, 66 Main street. Gorbals, ho. 41 Adelphi street 

II ""■"j"."LiJ »gB^^^M— ^MwnTgwwwTwwyffTff^ 

104 DU.VLOP— B0STAN. y* 

Dunlop,, T-Teiiry, of Craigton, of James Dunlop ^- Sons, 86 Miller street 

Dunlop & Howie, merchants and commission agents, 20 St. Enoch square 

Dunlop, ITush, lace, hosiery, anci small-wai-e warehouse, 158 Trongate 

Dunlop, James, & Sons, cotton-spinners and power-loom cloth manufacturers, 80 
Miller street and 91 Virginia street 

Dunlop, James, wine and spirit merchant, 28 Dunlop street, ho. 121 Walmer placo, 
Hospital street 

Dunlop, Ja,me%, of Dunlop, Wihon, Sf Co., house Clyde Iron-works 

Dunlop, James, provision merchant, 47 and 49 Brunswick place 

Dunlop, John, wine and spirit inerchant, 269 Gallowgate 

Dunlop, John, grocer, and spirit dealer, 65 Bishop street, Anderston 

Dunlop, John, of Daivson S/- Dunlop, house Craigton 

Dunlop, Mitchell, & Co., iron merchants, 65 ICast Howard street 

Dunlop, Neil, spirit dealer, 540 Dohbie's loan, Port Dundas 

Dunlop, Robert, writer, of Brown ^ Dunlop, 49 Virginia st., residence Campsie 

Dunlop, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 92 Main street, Anderston 

Dunlop, Rowand, & Co., merchants, 63 St. Vincent street 

Dunlop, Thomas, baker, 3 1 Cheapside street 

Dunlop, William, spirit dealer and grocer, 121 Cambi-idge street 

Dunlop, William, grocer, victualler, and spirit dealer, IS Cleland street 

Dunlop, Wilson, <fc Co., iron mercliants, 36 St. Vincent place 

Dunlop, Miss, 4 Crescent place 

Dunlop, Mrs., 7 Lansdowne crescent 

Dunlop, Mrs., 3 College street 

Dunoon, Rothesay, and Inverary steam Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street 

DUNN, Daniel, A'ictualler and grocer, 44 and 46 Cowcaddens street 

Dunn, David, flesher, 74 Bell street 

Dunn, David, fish and provision merchant, 32 & 34 Old wynd, ho. 20 Monteith row 

Dunn, David, spirit merchant, 48 t'arrick street 

Dunn, Gavin, victualler, 253 High street 

Dunn, James, spirit merchant, 21 Wilson street 

Dunn, James, of Robinson, Dunn, ^ Co., house Sawmill road, Partick 

Dunn, James, baker, 33 Govan street 

Dunn, James, flesher, 17 Mutton market 

Dunn, James, spirit dealer, 224 High street 

Dunn, John, grocer, 34 West College street 

Dunn, John, flesher, 72 King street 

Dunn, John, victualler, 336 High street 

Dunn, John, jun., flesher, 34 John street, house 118 George street 

Dunn, John, spirit dealer, 27 Clyde street, Anderston 

Dunn, John, accountant and property agent, 60 Maxwell street, residence Hollows, 

Dunn, Elizabeth, furnishing shop, 60 Carrick street 

Dunn, John, purifier and bottler of wines, 315 Argyll street 

Dunn, Michael, grocer, 76 Bridgegato street 

Dunn, S. & T., printers, 17 Prince's square, Buchanan street 

Dunn,. S., of S. §• T. Dunn, house 83 Taylor street 

Dunn, Thomas, Rockvilla saw-mills, Port-Dundas 

Dunn, T., of S. ^ T. Dunn, house 91 North Frederick street 

Dunn, Thos., at Robert Weir's, stationer, 44 Queen st., ho. 1 Albert pi., Kingstou 

Dunn, William, commission agent, 3 Antigua place. Nelson street 

Dunn, William, of Duntocher, etc., machine-maker, iron and brass founder; works 
1 10 High John street; cottou-spinner and power-loom cloth manufacturer; spin- 
ning and weaving factories at Duntocher; cotton-yarn and goods -varehouse and 
counting house 62 George square; residence 44 St. Vincent place, and Mountblow 
and Auchintoshan, parish of Old Kilpatrick, Dumbartonshire 

Dnnn, William, tailor and clothier, 24 Hutcheson street 

Dunn, Mrs. James, staymaker, 6 Nelson street 

DUNNETT, William, book, jjrint, and music seller, 38 Nelson street 

DUNSMORE,SJames, wine, spirit, and vinegar merchant, 260 Buchanan street 

Dunsmore, Joseph, rictualier, 26 Main street, Calton 

DUSTAN John F., at George Stuart ^- Co-'s, house 106 Renfrew street 

Dustan, William, at Manford ^ Wmks, house 106 Renfrew street 


DUPAIN, C. J., spirit, dealer, 163 Saltraarkel street 

DURWARD, John, saddler. Castle street 

DU'fHIE, Alexander, plasterer, 68 North Hanover st,, ho. 233 Parliamentary rd. 

DUTRUO, Mons. <fc Madame, of Paris, teachers of French, ^ Jane street, BiythsN- 

wood square 
DUXBURY, John, of Maitland ^ Duxhiiry, house 25 Coburg street 
DYKES, Andrew, warper, 19 Cochran street 
Dykes, John, Crown Inn, 36 Broomielaw street 

Dykes, John, wright and builder, 12 Canning st„ ho. 10 William st., Grcenhead 
Dykes, Robert, 2 Woodsif'e terrace 
Dykes & Nisbet, house-fa( 'ors, 159 Saltmarkct 
Dykes, Mi's, Thomas, 2 Woodside terrace 

Dykeiiead Coal Co., 1 Prince's square, and 2 Garnkirk Railway station 
DYJMOCK, Mrs Dr. 58 North Hanover street 

EADIE, Archibald, spirit dealer, 127 Stockwell street 
Eadie, A., lodgings, 45 John street 
Eadie, Henry, hosier, 10 Gallowgate 
Eadie, James, at J. §• J. Wright's, V2l Ingram street 
Eadie, James, of Crichton ^ Eadie, house 22 Monteith row 
Eadie, James surgeon, 371 Gallowgate, house 1 Sydney street 
Eadie, M., boot and shoe shop, 345 Argyll street, house 49 West Campbell street 
Eadie, Rev. Dr. John, professor of divinity, 43 Cambridge street 
Eadie, William, & Co., letter-press printers, 9 Prince's squai-e, Buchanan street. 

See Advertisement 
Eadie, William, of William Eadie §• Co., bouse 11 Hopeton place, Stirling's road 
Eadie, William, portioner, 116 Sauohiehall street 

Eadie, Mrs James, milliner, baby's hood maker, and embroiderer, 137 Cambridge st. 
Eadie, Mrs. Neil D., grocer and spirit dealer, 131 New vcnnel 
Eai^lb Foundry, Port-Dundns 

Eagle Inn and Hotel, 59 Maxwell street.'"^ Alexander Graham 
Eaglesham Cotton- Yarn Warehouse, 15 Cochran street 
EARSTON, John, 73 St. Vincent street 

EASDON, George, wright and glazier, 11 Stormont street, house 7 do. 
East of Scotland Life Assurance Co., 54 St. Viiieent street, Henry B. Lacy, agent 
Easteun- District Police Office, S3 Stevenson street, Calton 
Eastern Necropolis, Jauefield, east end of Oumlachie 
Eastfield Colliery OfSce, 25 St. Enoch square 
EASTON, James, pattern drawer, 32 Cumberlcxnd street, Laurieston 
Easton, James, wine and spirit merchant, 13 Malta street, Gorbals 
Easton, James & John, skinners, 20 Greenside street, Gorbals, ho. 107 Hcspital st. 
Easton, Dr. J. A., 49 Moiitrose street 

Easton, Robert, cabinetmaker, 79 Stockwell street, house 44 West Howard street 
Easton, R. F., at Ure, Crawford, ^Easlon's, 16 Montrose street 
Easton, Samuel, of Ure, Crawford, §• Easton, house Scotland st., Woodside terraci- 
Easton, William & Co., commission merchants and metal brokers, 68 St. Vincent st. 
Easton, William, of William EaHon Sf Co., house 20 Lynedoeh street 
EATON, David, china and stoneware merchant, 9 Kent street 
EBBELLS, Henry Ellis, chief clerk, l^st-oiRce, house Post-office buildings , 
ECCLES, Andrew, merchant, of Eccles, Burnley, ^ Co., and W. §/■ J. Eccles ^ Co., 

bouse 28 Woodside place 
Eccles, Burnley, & Co., merchants, 85 St. Vincent street 
Eccles, William & James & Co., merchants, 85 St. Vincent street 
Eccles, William, jun., merchant, of Eccles, Burnley, ^- Co., and W. §' J. Eccles Sr Co., 

house 24 Blythswood square 
Eccles, Mrs., 23 Woodside place 

Economic Life Assurance Society Office, 08 St. Vincent st. A. W. Stewart, agent 
EDDIE, Gavin, Meadow head colliery, Glasgow and Garnkirk Railway terminus 
EDGAR, James, clothier, 5 Union street 
Edgar, James, cooper, 47 Dale street, Ti\adeston 
Edgar, A. Logan, of lid gar ^ Mills, house 9 Jane street 
Edgar & Mills, cotton brokers, 123 Ingram street 


Edgar William, bootmaker, 108 Renticld street 

Edirar, Mrs., <fc Miss Taylor, milliners and dressmakers, 1 Ingram street 

EDGI.EY, Thomas, <fe Co., merchants, 02 Q,ueen street 

Edinbcroii & Glasgow Bank, 37 St. Vinesnt plac?. John Robertson, manager 

Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, North Queen st. H. Guthrie Wright, secretary, 

D. Fveid, goods' manngcr 
Edinburgh «fc Glasgow Union Canal Co., 33 George square 

Edinburgh Life Assurance Office, 59 St. Vincent street. Henry Rhind, secrctai-y 
Edinburgh Ropery and Sail-cloth Co., of Leith, T6 Jamaica street 
EDINGTON, Alex. G., of Thomas Edinciton ^ Sons, house 12 Queen's crescent 
Edington, Geo. B., irontbunder, Victoria Foundry, Canal Basin, ho 13 Clarendon])!. 
Edington, Thomas, & Son.s, engineei's, ironfcundere, and merchants, Phoenix Iron- 
works, 60 Garscube road 
Edington, Thomas, residence 8 Blythswood square 
Edington, Mrs., 13 Clarendon place 

EUMISTON, John, carter and coal agent, 7 Castle street 
Edmiston, John, V7 Thistle .street 

Edmistcn & Mitchell, brokers and commission merchants, 20 Buchanan street 
Edmiston, Robert, of Edmiston §■ Mitchell, residence 105 Douglas street 
Edmiston, William 'J'homson, timber merchant and builder, 124 Upper Crown st., 
residence 105 South Portland st., calls at Edmiston ^ Mitchell's, 20 Buchanan st. 
EDMOND, Joseph, eating-house, 191 Gallowgate 
Edmond,- J. & J., merchants, agents for the London Law Fire Insurance Society, 

16 St. Enoch square, house 138 Portland stroet, Laurieston 
Edmond, Thomas, tea and coffee merchants, 33 Virginia street 
EDMONSTON, Robert, spirit dealer, 41 Cowcaddcns street 
Educational Society, Secretary's Room, Normal seminary, Uundas vale 
EDWARD, George, goldsmith and watchmaker, GO Gordon st., ho. Gl Waterloo st. 
Ed\vard§, Alex. M., merchant and commission agent, 19 St. Enoch square 
Edwards, Rev. John, 37 Monteith row 
Edward, Sym, haircutter, 47 South Albion street 

Edwards, Misses, milliners, straw-hat and dress-makers, 2 TTospital street 
EGLIN, William, & Son, curriers and leather merchants, 190 Argyll street, and IS 

Main street, Caltnn 
Eglin, William, of William Eglin §/■ Son, house 70 Robertson street 
EGLINTON, Gavin, general grocer, 79 High street 
Eglintoii, Robert, i. Co., East India agents, 21 St. Vincent place 
Eg'inton, ^Irs. Thomas, sj/irit dealer, 30 East Clyde street 
EouMON Iron office, 1 Moore place. West George street 
Ei.ECTiuc Telegraph Company, 27 Exchange square 

EISTLN, George, at M'Leroy, Hamilton, ^- CoJs, house 126 Renfrew street 
ELBORN, Samuel, rag and waste dealer, 17 Steel st , house 23 St Andrew's st. 
liLDEll, David, manager, Vulcan foundry, Washington street 
Elder, Donnkl, sub-collector, Glasgow Gas Company, house 16 Kinnell place, 18 

Renfrew street 
Elder, James, 3 Garscadden street 
Elder & M' George, engineers, founders, &c., Britannia foundry, 49 Charles street 

St. lloUox 
Elder, Peter, eating-house, 11 Canning street, Calton 
Elder, Mrs., 184 West Nile street 
Elder, Mrs., commercial house, 60 Great Clyde street 
ELDRIDGE, Mrs , ladies' nurse, 35 Renfrew street 
ELLIOT, Archibald, commission merchant, 4 Ingram street 
Elliot, Brothers, & Co , merchants, 4 Ingram street 
Elliott, David, broker, 07 M.iin street, Gorbals 
Elliot, Ferguson, & White, candle manufacturers, oil and provision merchants, 11 

Stirling street; manufactory 38 College street 
Ellioc, James, commission merchant, 4 Ingram street 
Elliot, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 110 Havannah street 
Elliot, William, Burns tavern, 114 Trongate 
Elliot, Mrs., cook, 142 Stirling's road 

ELUS, James, of Walrond, Ellis, <J- Co., house 7 Montagu place, Bath street 
JCll's, John, of John Ellis §• Co , .steck-brokers, 102 Bath street 



Ellis, John, <fe Co., stock and share brokers, 16 St. Vincent street 

Ellis, .Tohn, & Co., mcrcliants, 50 Brunswick .street 

ElJis, J dm, of John Ellis ^ Co., merchants, residence Govandale cottnge, Govan 

Ellis, J. & Sons, wool and worsted spinners, Dewsbury; A Young & Son, T3 Bruns- 
wick street, agents 

Ellis, Sey)timus, 1 02 Bath street 

KLPHICK, George, tobacconist, 33 Glassford street 

ELMORE, Thomas, cabinet and picture frame maker, 34 Dale street, Tradestou 

ELSWORTH, John, sawmakcr ironmonger, and cutler, 1 C8 Aigyll street 

Emigration Office, Custom- House. Lieut. James R. Forrest, agent 

EMSLIE & Hoggans, i)lastcrei'S, 131 Renfiekl street 

ERSKINE, John, machine-maker, at William Dunn's, 110 John street 

Erskine, Thomas, tobacconist, 403 Argj-ll street 

EuROPK.\N Life Insurance and Annuity Co. of London, Patrick Neilson, 69 Glass- 
ford street, agent. See Advertisement in ylppendix. 

EVANS, Henry, smith, screvv-bolt, rivet, and nail inanufactui'er, T2 Stobcross st. 

Evans. Mrs , bolt manufacturer, 50 Piccadilly street, house 12 Anderston quay 

EVVART, Duncan, green grocer. 409 Argyll street 

EWING, Alexander, of Ewing, Angus §/• Co., house 1 Claremont terrace 

lowing, Alex., manager, crown-glass works, Port-Dundas, ho. 18 Crawford st., do. 

Ewing, A. Orr, & Co,, turkey-red dyers and calico printers, IG St. Vincent place ■ 

Euing, Andersons, «fc Aird, merchants, ^C St. Vincent street 

Ewing, Angus, & Co., merchants, 40 Hope street 

Ewing, Jamos Lindsay, merchant, house Kelvingrove 

Ewing, James, & Co., merchants, 36 George square 

Ewing, James, of James Ewing ^- Co., residence Stratlileven, Dumbartonshire 

Ewing, J<nraes, of Finlay ^ Neiison. house 31 Taylor street 

Ewing, James, spirit dealer, 4 Canning street, Calton 

Ewing, Jamos, spirit dealer, 170 Gallowgate 

Ewing, J. & A., & Co., starch and British gum manufacturers, 24 Orr st., Miic-end. 

Ewing, John, merchant, house Kelvingrove 

Ewing, John, sen,, flcsher. Bell street market, house 84 North Hanover street 

Ewing, John, wholesale and retail grocci, 43G Argyll street 

Ewing, John, victualler, 103 Union street 

Ewing, John, provision merch.unt, 36 Norfolk street 

Ewing, John, jun., flesher, 262 George street 

Ewing, Joseph, & Co., manufacturers, 81 Wilson street 

Ewing, Joseph, of Joseph Ewing ^- Co., house 1 1 1 Murray place. New City road 

Ewing, Patrick, of Eiving, Paul, ^- Co., house 5 Greenvale place, Cumbarlaiid st. 

Ewing, Paul, <fe Co., muslin and gingham manufacturers, 23 Exchange square, and 
74 Buchanan street 

Ewing, Peter, calcndcrer, 8 John sireet, house 189 Buchanan street 

Ewing, Peter, baker, 94 Cowcaddens street 

Ewing, Thomas, baker, 202 Buciianan street 

Ewing, Tlinmas W., at Fctcr Buchanan ^- Co.'s, house SO Wellington street 

Ewing, William Leckic, of Arngomery. Letters left at Stirling, Gordon, & Co.'s 

Ewing, William, jun., of Eiving, Andersons, ^ Aird, 70 St. Vincent street 

Ewing, William, insurance broker. Royal Exchange, house 209 Brandon place. West 
George street 

Ewing & Wingate, clothiers, 79 Buchanan street 

Ewing, Mrs. Willian), lodgings, 55 Renfrew street 

Examiner New.spaper Oflice, 7 Argyll street 

Excise Oifice, 45 Dunlop .street 

Excise Office, 10 George street, Mile-end 

Excise Oftice, 9 Nicholson street 

ExrERiExcE Life Assurance Co., Charles Cunninghame, accoiuitant, 29 St. Vincent 
place, agent 

Extractor's OfRce, City Chambers 

Ete infirmary, 14 College street 


Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons' Hall, 17 St. Enoch sq. Rice Jones, oflic-er 
FAICHNEY, James, 11 Ure place, Montrose strep^. 



FAIRBA-IRN, Robert, & Co., wine merchants and grocei's, 52 St._Vincent street 

Fairbairn, Thomas, teacher of drawing ITI, West Regent street 

FAIRLEY, Fydward, accountant, Royal bank, house 94 Buchanan street 

Fairby, George, of W. ^ G. Fairlcy, house 5 Moore's place, Montcith row 

Fairley, James, grocer, 31 Spoutmouth, Gallowgate 

Fairley, James, pawnbroker, 27 Marshall street, Gallowgate 

Fairley, James, 86 Sauchiehall street 

Fairley, James, tailor and clothier, 5 Union streei 

Fairley, John, at W. Blackwood ^ Co.'s, house 135 Renfrew street 

Fairlie, John, house-factor, 20 Taylor street 

Fairley, J. & W., smiths and agricultural implement makers, 43 Commerce street 

Fairley, Matthew, of W. Snell Sr Co., house 32 North Frederick street 

Faii'lie & Moore, drysalters and general commission agents, 49 Miller street 

Fairley's straw-hat, plait, and French artificial- flower warehouse, 26 Argyll street 

Fairley, W. & G., wholesale ironmongei's, Morrison's court, 108 Argyll street 

Fairlie, Miss A., straw-hat maker and milliner, 82 George street 

Fiiirlie, Mrs. Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 147 Great Hamilton street 

Fairley, Mrs., lodgings, 190 Rottenrow street 

Fairley, Mrs. R., 98^Union street 

FALCONER, Patrick A., of R. Falconer ^ Son, house Osborne pi.. North Pitt st. 

Falconer, Robert, hosier, glover, carpet-bag, and shirtmaker, 178 Trongate 

Falconer, Robert, & Son, hosiers, glovers, stock, and shirt makers, Berlin wool and 

yarn manufacturers, 132 Argyll street, and 4 Buchanan street 
Falconer, Robert, of Robert Falconer Sr Son 
Falconer, Thomas, merchant, 16 Fitzroy place, Sauchiehall street 
Falconer, William, merchant, 30 Montrose street 
Falconer, W. & A., hosiers, glovers, and yarn merchants, 6 High street, house 5 

Hope street, Anderston 
Falconer, Mrs. Patrick, 13 Jane street, Blythswood square 
FALKiUK Ale Stores. John Dove, agent, 53 Hope street 

FalkJrk Iron Co. William Cockey, agent, ironfounder, 118 Argj'll street, and 10 
Buchanan street 

Family Endowment Society. William Carrlck & Son, Virginia buildings; and 
Marshall, Hill, & Hill, 41 West George street, agents 

FARIE, G. S., of Johriston ^ Farie, house Springfield, Dalmarnock 

Faii'ie, Thomas, wholesale and retail grocer, 273 Argyll street 

FARMS, James, London tavern, 49 Trongate 

Fanns, John, town-officer, sheriff-officer, and constable for the shires of Dumbarton. . 
and Renfrew, 41 Brunswick place 

Faemk Coal Office, 26 Robertson street 

Farmers' and Graziers' Mutual Cattle Insurance Association. David Tainsh, agent, 
44 George square 

Farmers and General Fire and Life Institution. David Tainsh, agent, 44 George sq. 

FARQUHAR, Hugh, tailor and clothier, 74 Argyll street 

Farquhar, John, spirit dealer, 27 Great Hamilton street 

Farquhar, Robert A„ share broker and accountant, 19 Prince's sq., Buchanan st. 

Farquhar, Thomas, manufacturer. Green vale 

Fkrquhar, Mrs., ladies' nui-se, 86 Sauchiehall street 

FARQUHARSON, John, furniture warehouse. 13 Great Clyde street 

Farquherson, John, herb and bone doctor, 78 West street, Tradeston 

FAULDS & Aitken, Chapel Colliery, office Terminus, Townhead 

Faulds, David, general grocer. 28 South Portland street, and 32 Oxford street 

Faulds, Robert, jun., wright and smithworks, 6 Parson street 

Faulds, R., coal master, Garnkirk Railway depot, house 3 Martyr street 

Faulds, W.B., at Hill, Davidson, Hill, ^ Clark's, house 3 Martyr street 

FAY, James D., fruiterer and coal agent, 63 London street 

FELL, Andrew, tailor, 4 Dunlop street 

Fell, John, victualler and grocer, 37 Kirk street, Calton 

Fell, J. W. & Co., sail and rope makers, 79 Brown street 

Fell, J. W., of J. W. Fell §■ Co., house 88 South Portland street 

FEMISTER, William, builder, 92 Broomielaw 

FENNEL, William, accountant, 62 miler street 

FENTON. Thvmas, & Co., slatuis, 33 Howard street y 


FENWICK, Mrs. James, broker, 6 Clyde street, Anderston 

FERAN, Daniel, broker, 118 Saltraarket street 

FERENBACH & Co., ham curers and sausage makers, 103 Stockwell street 

FERGIE, Robert, spirit dealer, 24 Norfolk street 

FERGUS, Andrew, surgeon, consulting rooms 454 Argyll street, residence 55 
SauchiehiiU street 

Fergus, William, commission agent, 14 Tarbet street 

Fergus, William, boot and shoemaker, 1 1 Tarbet street 

Fergus, Mrs. J., tallow chandler, 59 Main street, Gorbals " 

FERGUSSON, Alexander A,, at Charles Tenncnt ^ Go.'s, St. Rollox 

Ferguson, Alexander, Sun4avern, 131 Trongale 

Ferguson, Alexander, fleshei*, 41 Nelson street, Tradeston 

Ferguson, Andrew, clothier and outfitter, 194 and 195 Broomielaw 

Fergusc"], Archibald, tea and coffee warehouse, 82 Main street, Biidgeton 

Ferguson, Archibald, grocer, 82 Main street, Gorbals 

Ferguson, Archibald, plumber, 24 Ropework lane, house 57 Oswald street 

Ferguson &, Co., cotton-spinners and power-loom cloth manufacturers, 120 Braas» 
wick street, works MUe-end and Hill street 

Ferguson, Crawford, beadle, Stockwell Free church, house 87 Stockwell street 

Ferguson, Daniel, small-ware, hosiery, and glove merchant, 20 Candleriggs street, 
house Albert terrace 

Ferguson, Daniel, victualler, 451 Argyll street 

Ferguson, Daniel, paper-box maker, 68 Glassford street 

Ferguson, David Taylor, 18 Thistle street, Hutchesontown 

Ferguson, David, 4 Jane street, Blythswood square 

Ferguson, David, merchant, 15 Hutcheson street, house 7 Blythsvrood square 

Ferguson, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 126 Garscube road 

Ferguson, Ebenezer, foreman, 156 Castle stre<>t 

Ferguson, F. J., of H. BairdS^ Co., house 184 St. George's road 

Ferguson, Rev. Fergus, jun , 14 Ure place, Montrose street 

Ferguson, George, wright, 14 North Portland street 

Ferguson, George R., boot and shoe maker, 196 Argyll street 

Ferguson ifc Hall, writers, 125 Buchanan street 

Ferguson, H., of P. ^ H. Ferguson ^ Rhind, 1 Kelvin teirace 

Ferguson, Hugh, warehouseman, 6 Suffolk street 

Ferguson, James, cattle-dealer, 50 North Albion street 

Ferguson, James, commission agent, 44 Hope street 

Ferguson, Jas., wine mercht. and grocer, 57 St. Vincent st., ho. 162 Saucliiehall st, 

Ferguson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 7 Ann stieet, house 47 Oswald street 

Ferguson, James, of Ivinraundy, 56 Hill street, Garnethill 

Ferguson, James, victualler, 20 Cumberland place, Laurieston 

Ferguson, John, of Ferguson ^ M'Laren, house 64 Buccleuch street 

Ferguson, John, writer, agent for the Sun, Fire, and Life Insurance Company, and 
clerk to the commissioners of the income and property tax for tho city of Glas- 
gow, 125 Buchanan street, house 6 Montagu place, Bath street 

Ferguson, John; marble and fancy-paper maker, 45 Candleriggs street, ho, 3 Port- 
land place 

Ferguson, John, brush, bellows, hair-cloth, and curled-hair manufacturer, 29 Gal- 
lowgate, house 42 St. Andrew's square 

Fergasson, John, cotton-yarn merchant, 1 National Bank buildings, Queen street 

Ferguson, John, jun.,' at Fei-guson S,' M'Laren's, house 64 Buccleuch st., Garnethill 

Fergusson, John, teacher, Annfield house, 489 Gallowgate, house 9 BeJgrove street 

Ferguson, John, & Co., silk and callicc printers, 77 Q,«eeu street 

Ferguson, John, of J. Ferguson ^- Co., 16S St. George's road 

Ferguson, John, fancy paper-box manufacturer, 255 George st., ho, 458 Argyll st. 

Ferguson, John, tailor, IS Thistle street 

Ferguson, Joseph, bootmaker, 107 Argyll street 

Ferguson, Lewis, & Son, tailor and clothier, 12i- Warwick street, house above 

.Ferguson, Lewis, jun., tailor and clothier, 4 Queen street 

Ferguson «fc Lonnie, plumbers and lead merchants, 22-| Buchanan street 

Ferguson, M'Dougall, & Anderson, iron merchants, 54 Jamaica sti*eet 

Ferguson & M'Laren, soap and candle manufacturers, oil merchants, &c., 37 Hut- 
cheson street, 242 High street, works Old wynd 


: \ 

Ferguson & Miller, & Co., brick ami tile works, Hoathfield, store, Garnkirk ruihvay 

depot. Orders left at the Sun Fire office, 125 Buchanan street 
Ferguson, Malcolm, wine and spirit mercbant, 70 Gallowgate 
Ferguson, Malcolm, tailor and clothier, lY South Portland street 
Ferguison, P. & II. <fc Rhind, metal brokers and commission raeichiUUs, 1 Prince's 

square, 48 Buchanan street 
Ferguson, Neil, silk dyer, 69 Canning street,. Calton 

Ferguson, Peter, commission merchant, 1 Prince's square, house 73 Batii street 
Ferguson, Peter, inspector. Gas office, house 27 Weaver street 
Ferguson, Peter, jun., of Ferguson ^ Lonnie, house 31 Nicholson street 
Ferguson, Peter, of Ferguson, M-Dougal, ^ Anders.on, house Montagu place 
I'erguson, Robert, painter and paper hanger, 125 Cambridge street 
Ferguson, Robert, of Henry Montdtk ^- Co., house Blantyre Lodgo 
Ferguson, S. at Diinlop, Rowand, §■ Co.'s, C3 St Vincent street 
Ferguson, Thomas (Jr., commission merchant, 108 West George street 
Ferguson, & V/atson, silk merchants and throwsters, Glasgow, silk mills, 100 Stir- 
ling's ro;ul 
Ferguson, V.'iiliam, 91 Buchanan street, house 56 Hill street, Ganiethill 
Ferguson, William, accountant. Chamberlain's office, C6 Hutcheson street, agenfc 
for the C iledoniau Fire and Life Insurance Co., house Grafton terrace, NortU 
John street 
Fergu.son, William, of Allan ^- Ferguson, house 105 Hill street, Garnethill 
Fer>'uson, William, commission merchant, 88 North I lanuver street 
Fero-uson, Mrs. William, board and lodgings, Ure place, Montrose street 
Fero-uson, Mrs G., Rose tavern, and commercial lodgings, 109 Argyll street 
I'erguson, Misses, 1 Royal terrace 
Ferguson, IMrs ,1,71 Stockvvell street 

Ferguson, Mrs. Janet, grocer and .spirit dealer. 223 llenfield street 
Ferguson, Mrs., eating-house, 139 .^^rgyll street 
Ferguson, Mrs., staymaker, 139 Gallowgate 
FERNIE, Alexander, merchant, 7 Quten street ; 

Fernie, George, tobacconist, 96 Glassford street 
FEERAS & Dawson, boot and shoe makers, 157 Ingram street 
FERRIER, TLomas, warehouseman, 102 Castlemilk place. Hospital street 
Ferricr, Mrs., 135 Wellington street 

FIELD, Alexander, & Co., sewed nuis'.in manufacturers, 163 Ingram street 
Field, Alexander, cf Alexander Field ^- Co., house 23 Newton place 
Field, Henry, tin-plate worker, bath manufacturer, and gas fitter, 65 Argyll street, 

works 12 Dunlop street, house 240 Renfrew street, Garnethill 
Field, Thomas, jf Finlay ^ Field, house 2l0 Renfrew street, Garnethill 
FINGLAND, John, at Thomas Fingland ij- Co.'s, 54 Princes street 
Fingland, Thomas, & Co., wine, spirit, and tea merchants, 62 Argyll street, 45 andi 

54 Prince's street, and 260 High street 
Fingland, Thomas, of Thomas Fingland ^- Co., house i Abbotsford place 
FINL.VY, Alexander S., of Joines Finlay ^ Co., residence Castle Toward 
1' 'ndlay,, Alexander, bootmaker, 143 Renfiekl street 
Findlay, David, grocer and spirit dealei-, G Findlay street 
Findlay, David B., draper, 9 Stevenson street, Calton 
Finlav, Georo'e, wine merchant, 19^ Buchanan street 
Findlay, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 137 Now Vennel 
Finlay & Field, goldsmiths, jewellers, and watch makers, 72 Buchanan street 
Findlay & Fisher, carvers, gilders, and printscUers, 5 West Nile street 
Finlay <fe Fyfe, cattle salesmen, 56 Dundas street 
Finlay, Hunter, of R. G., Finlay §■ Brothers,, ho. 1 Bel'evue cottage, Garngadhill ] 
Findlay, James, commission merchant and mill furnisher, 53 Wilson street, house 

14 Falkland place, St. George's road 
Finky, James, of Finlay ^- Neilson, house 10 Canning place, Stirling's ro.-id 
Finlay, Jamea, <fc Co., merchants and manufacturers, 31 Dundas street, ear: • ,n - 

170 Buchanan street 
Findlay, James, of Findlay §r Fisher, liouse 20 Main street, Blythsvvood holme 
Findlay, James, stabler, 163 Main street, Gorbals 

Finlay, John, of James Finlay S/- Co., residence Deanston House, Pevthshiro 
FiulaVji.Joun. ^¥^■iL;llt and builder, work'3 It Woodland road v^ .i:^*>a-«-«..*^«w.» 



Finlay, John, carver, giJder, and printseller, 49 Buchanan street, ho. ^9 fliU street 

Finlay, John, of R. G. Finlay §' Hi-others, house Hamilton crescent, Pariick 
Finlay, John, baker, 62 Kenfiekl street 
Findlay, Jolin, jun., mourning colkr manufacturer, 93 Hutcheson street, Uou.^o 1 

Great Wellington street. Paisley road 
Findlay, John, of Knox §/• Finlay, house Eastcrhill 
Findlay, John, Sl.D., consulting rooms 164 Hojjo street 
Finlay, John, of Finlay ^ Field, house 166 Stirling's road 
Finlay, Jolui Robert, accountant, 2 Grafton street 
Finlay, John, furnishing and manufacturing ironmonger, brass-founder, and ijitentce 

of the air sliding lustres, 46 Buchanan street, works 56 Old wynd 
Findlay, Josepli, jun., of William Clapperlon^ Co., 112 West Cieom-e street 
Findlay, Joseph & Co., cotton-spinners, Springvale. Letters left &t Kobert Bry- 

son's, 65 Wilson street ^ 

Findlay <fe Lcggat, ham-curers and general provision merchants, 46 Cand!er5<»''s st. 
Findlay, Mathew Watson, baker, 26 Cook street, Tradeston "" 

Finlay &, Neilson, merchants, trunk, packing-box, and tin-ease makers, 25 Gordon 

street, and 100 Mitchell street 
Finlay, Peter, veterinary burgeon, 46 Hope street 
Findlay, Peter, general linen merchant and manufacturer, 98 Miller street, and 12L) 

Ingram street 
Finlay, K. G., & Brothers, gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 30 Montrose st. 
Finlay, R. G., of R. G. Finlay ^ Brothers, house 90 Regent terrace, Stiriiuf's r'i. 
Finlay, Robert, mathematical and philosophical instrument maker, 223 Geoi-c'e si.l^4f^fi 
Findlay, Robert, spirit dealer, 109 Candleriggs street . ^3fe.,^X>g»w-a^ 

Finlay, Robert, jun., of Findlay, Wilson, <J- Co., residence Eastcrhill " 

Findlay, Walter, smith and bell-hanger, 29? Buclianan street, ho. 2O0 W. Nile st. 
Finlay, Walter, cattle and sheep salesman, 56 Dundas street 

Finlay, William, Receiving House bag collector. Post Office, ho. 9S Cowcaddeus st. 
Finlay, William, teacher, Asylum for the blind. Castle street 
Findlay, William R., of Kaye ^- Findlay, house 6 Ure place 
Findlay, William, M.D., surgeon, 280 Argyll street 

Findlay, William, teacher. Seaman's Friend Society school, 8 Brown street 
Findlay, William, wright and builder, 86 Renfiew street 
Finlay, William, New York tavern, 5 Wood lane, Broomielaw 
Findlay, Wilson, & Co., cotton brokers, 16] Ingram street 
Finlay, Miss J., staymaker, 57 Argyll arcade 

Finlay, Mrs. G., French stay and corset maker, 98 Fife place. West George street 
FINLAYSON Bousfield, & Co., flax spinners -and linen thread maniifocturers, 

Johnston, office 66 Brunswick street 
Finlayson, Charles, linen-yarn, and commission merchant, 66 Brunswick street 
Finlayson, F., & Co., manufacturers, 25 Dundas street 
Finlayson, Francis, of F. Finlayson ^ Co., house .36 Warwick street 
Finlayson, James, writer, 8 Gorcon street, house Hillside house. Particle 
Finlayson, John, pattern designer, lithographer, and print-cutter, 68 Glassford st. 
Finlayson, John, of Customs, house 148 West Nile street 
Finlayson, Joseph, tailor and clothier, 96 Trongate, house 40 Kent street 
Finlayson & Moncrieff, agents for the Scottish Union Insurance Co., 8 Gordon 

street. (See Advertisement,) 
Finlayson, Thomas, of MLean ^- Finlayson, ho. lYQ Victoria place, Upper Crown st. 
Finlayson. Miss Elizabeth, tobacconist, 2 Main street, Bridgeton 
Finlayson, Miss J., staymaker, 50 Nelson street 

Finlayson, Mrs. Alexander, hosiery, furnishings, etc., II Richard street 
Finlayson, Mrs , lodgings, 141 George street 
'INNERTY, James, letter-carrier, P. 0„ house 93 Carrick street 
'NNIE, James, manager at A. ^- A. MGregor's, 28 South St. Muugo street 
nie, Mrs., 23 Renfrew street 
NIG AN, Arthur, broker, 1 Bridgegato street 
Insurance Company of Scotland, George Ord, 103 St. Vincent sireot 
larket, 108 King street 
R, Alexander, M.D., surgeor, 274 George street, ho. 194 Bu'^lanau ttreet 
., & Co., lace manufacturers, 9 Royal Exchange square 


Fisher, Archd., of A. Fisher ^- Co., ]iouse 8 Bloomfield place, Hillhead 

Fisher, Archibald, & Co., carters, 28 Robertson street, house 26 Robertson sti-eet 

Fisher, B. A. pocket-book maker, 1 Ingram street 

Fisher, Donald, writer, 77 St. Vincent street 

Fisher, George, jun., spirit mei-Iiant, 11. New wynd 

Fisher, James, flesher, 415 Piii-liamentary road 

Fisher, John, architect, 135 Buchanan street 

Fisher, John, writer, 63 Abbotsford place 

Fisher, John, of FindJay ^ Fisher, house 43 Norfolk street 

Fisher, John, & Co., commission merchants, 118 Union street 

Fisher, Peter, oil and colourman, 57 High street 

Fisher, Peter, officer of c:-cise, 59 Abercromby street 

Fisher, Peter, jun., tailor and clothier, 17 Trongate street 

Fisher, Thomas, victualler and spirit dealer, 1 King street. Mile-end 

Fisher, Miss C, green grocer, 100 Cambridge street 

Fisher, Mrs. Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Tarbet street 

FISKEN, James, sillc mercer, 63 & G5 Trongate, house 3 1 7 Sauchiehall street 

FITCH, Mrs,, dressmaker and milliner, 66 Sauchiehall street 

FLECK, Hugh, spirit dealer, 17 Wallace court, Bell street 

Fleck, Miss, 45 North Frederick street 

Fleetwood and Troon Steam-packet office, 20 St. Enoch square. M'Kean i 
Lament, agents 

FLEMING, Bowman, merchant, 70 South Portland street 

Fleming & Hope, commission merchants, 26 South Hanover street 

Fleming, Hugh, of Fleming ^ Hope, house 93 West Regent street 

Fleming, Isaac, baker, 38 Cowcaddens street 

Fleming, James, agent and bonding-warehouse keeper, 83 Jamaica street, ware- 
houses Watt street, York street, and Gi'eat Clyde street, ho. 95 S. Portland st. 

Fleming, James, of W, ^ J. Fletninr/ Sf Co., house Whitevale 

Fleming, James, superintendent, Old Men's Asylum, 81 Rottenrow street 

Fleming, James, S. Western Bank, house Hagitan Cottage, by Kirkintilloch 

Fleming, James, cowfeedcr, 1 1 Drury street 

Fleming. John, accountant, '21 St. Vincent place, ho. 363 St. Vincent street 

Fleming, John & William, writers, 43 Buchanan street 

Fleming, J. G., M.D., 12 Abercromby place, 190 West George street 

Fleming, John, <fe Co., merchants, 62 St. Vincent street 

Fleming, John Park, of Montgomery ^ Fleming, house, Windsor terrace, Qucciia- 
town, Great Western road 

Fleming, John, of John ^ William Fleming, house 11 Bath street 

Fleming, John, of W. ^- J. Fleming §/■ Co., Iiouse Whitc^•ale 

Fleming, John, baker, 162 Cowcaddens street 

Fleming, John, 101 Renfrew street 

Fleming, John, coffee-house and lodgings, 80 Broomielaw 

Fleming, John, clerk, 143 Rotteni'ow street 

Fleming, Joseph, surgeon, 57 Main street, Anderston 

Fleming, Matthew, of Sawmillfield, house 4 Claremont terrace 

Fleming, P. <& R., iron merchants and ironmongers, 29 Argyll st. and 18 Stockwcll st. 

Fleming, Robert, of P. ^^ R. Fleming, house 8 India street 

Fleming, Robert, of J. Wingate ^- Co., 19 South Hanover street 

Fleming; R., surgeon, 2 Meadowbank place, Partick 

Fleming, R. W., measurer, 19 Renfrew street 

Fleming, Watson, <fe Nairn, merchants and turkey-red dyers, 32 Ingram street 

Fleming, W. & J., <fc Co., linen and bagging warehouse, 4 Stirling square 

Fleming, William, D.D., professor of moral philosophy. 8 College court 

Fleming, William, secretary. City and Suburban Gas Co., 42 Miller street 

Fleming, William, of John ^ William Fleming, house 11 Bath street 

Fleming, William, pawnbroker, 27 Nelson street, Tradeston, hcuse 23 Mellc 
place, Kingston 

Fleming, William, tavern keeper, 6 Bell street 

Fleming & Wishart, fancy muslin manufacturers, 88 Glassford street 

Fleming, W., 19 Renfrew street 

Fleming, Miss, and Mrs. Grahnm, seminary for young ladice, Clarenr.oDt ' 

Fleming, Mrs Charles, dressmaker, 62 M'AJpine street 


Fleming, Mrs., 17 Biiecleuch street 

Fleming, Mrs, victualler, 43 Main street, Caltott 

Fleming, Mrs., 121 West Regent street 

Fleming, Mrs., eating-house, 42 Bell street 

Fleming, Mrs., lodgings, 26 George street 
Fleming, Miss, 10 Cumberland street 

FLEMINGTON, John, of Fieminglon, Mathcson, ^ €0., house 182 Trongatc 

Flemington, J., straw-hat wai-ehouse, 39 Buchanan street 

Flemingtow, Matheson, & Co., general warehousemen, strav.'-hat and plait manufac- 
turers, 160 Trongate 

FLERSHEIM, S., merchant. H Springfield court 

FLETCHER, Alexander, & Co., flax-spinners and linen-thread manufacturers, 85 
Garngad road, St. RoUox 

Fletcher, Angus, 97 Parliamentary road 

Fletcher, Hugh, turner and weaving utensil maker, 9 Calton entry 

Fletcher, James, wood merchant, 173 Great Hamilton street, house do. 

Fletcher, John, & Co., hat manufacturers, 77 Maxwell street 

Fletcher, Malcolm, spirit dealer, 287 Argyll street 

Fletcher, Michael, rag and cotton- waste merchant, 21 Bell street 

Fletcher, Nathaniel, ship agent, 44 Shamrock street 

FLETT, James A., commission agent, appraiser, and coal merchant, 124 Trongate, 
house 128 Hospital street 

FLINT, John, teacher, 120 Campbell street 

FOGGO, Robert, gi-oeer, 91 Renfield street 

FORBES, Alexander, general grocer, 205 High street, house € Nicholas street 

Forbes, Alex., M.D., 85 South Portland street 

Forbes, Arthur, town-clerft, City Chambers, house 11 Woodside place 

Forbes, Duncan Campbell, head-master Normal Seminar}', Dundas vale 

Forbes, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, 203 Duke street 

Forbes, Daniel, of Moncrieff, Paterson, ^ Forbes, house 36 Dalhousie street 

Forbes, Dugald, «f Forbes ^ Reddie, house 180 West Regent street 

Forbes, Duncan, hair-dresser, 90 Union street, house G West Russell street 

Forbes, Geoi-ge, carver and gilder, 203 Ai-gyll street 

Forbes, George, coffee house, 303 Argyll street 

Forbes, Peter, spirit dealer, I Bedford lauc 

Forbes, John, wine merchant and grocer, 175 Sauchiehall street 

Forbes, Rev. John, D.D., minister of Free St. Paul's church, 1 00 West Regent st. 

Forbes, Rev. P., of St. Mary's Catholic church, 64 Abercromby street 

Forbes & Reddie, writers, 4 Moore place, 146 West George street 

Forbes, Samuel, tavei-n keeper, 38 Trongate 

Forbes, Thomas, '>/ Duncanson §■ Forlcs, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 10 Stan- 
ley place, house 82 Thistle street 

Forbe?, William, jeweller, 76 Argyll street, house 432 Parliamentary road 

Forbes, Miss, 121 Douglas street 

Forbes, Mrs., 62 Cambridge street 

FORD, John, spirit dealer, 107 Gallowgate 

Ford, John, plasterer and modellist, 29 East Howard street, ho, 110 Holm street 

FORDYCE, Peter, tavern keeper, 11 M' Alpine street 

FORM AN, A M., surgeon, chemist, and druggist, 47 Gallowgate, and 1 Kirk st., 

FORGAN, Thomas, mason and builder, Greenlaw, house Paisley road 

FORGIE, Peter, flesher, 11 Eglinton street 

,FORLONG, Gordon, advocate. Bank of Character and Skill, 29 Gordon street 

Forlong, Mrs., 130 Bath street 

FORREST, Andrew, house agent, 04 Sauchiehall street 

Forrest, E., millwright, 7 Soho place 

Forrest, J. R,, lieutenant R.N., her Majesty's agent for Emigration, 3 Sandyford pi. 
. Forrest, James, millwright, 2 Hope street, Anderston 

Forrest, James, miller, Town's mill, Town's-mill road 

Forrest, James, brassfctunder, and gas-fitter, 34 Main street, Gorbals 

Forrest, John, cow-feeder, 1 06 Dale street, Tradeston 

Forrest, John, & Son, cabinetmakers and uj)lioIsterers, 64 Sauchiehall street 

Forrest, Joseph, manufacturer of patent firelighters, 4 Cathcart pi., Sauchiehall rd. 



Forrest, William, tailor, 40 Kirk street, Calton 

Forrest, William, jun., tailor, 48 Nelson street 

Forrest, Mrs. Alexander, grocer, 67 Crown street 

Forrest, Mrs. John, wholesale and retail grocer, 2 Stobcross street 

Forrest, Mrs. Wrn., furnisher and hosier, 8 Stockwell street 

FORRESTER, Alexander & Son, bread and fancy biscuit bakers to her Majesty, 

158 and l&O West Regent street, and 207 Sauchiehall street 
Forrester, Alexander, 4 Wellington street 

Forrester, Alexander, jun., of Alexander Forrester ^ Son, house 147 W. Regent st. j 
Forrester, Alexander, sen., 147 West Regent street 

Foi-rester, Gabriel Napier, iron broker and commission merchant, 32 St. Enoch sq. 
Forrester, George, «Ss Son, plasterers, 18 East Russell street, lime-yard Grjeme 

street, near infantry barrack 
Forresters' Hall, 60 Stockwell street 

Forrester, James, bookseller and stationer, £8 Sauchiehall street 
Forrester, James, at C. Boyd ^ Sons, house 4 Wellington street 
Forrester, James, coke agent, and spirit dealer, 36 Forth street, Port-Dondas 
Forrester, John, fancy-bread and biscuit baker, pastry-cook and confectioner, 7 

Gordon street, house 17 do. 
Forrester, John, clothier, 155 Ingram street, house 70 RobertsoB street 
Forrester, John, surgeon, 314 High street 
Forrester, Robert, baker, 21 Orr street, Galton 
Forrester, Robert, of Robert Forreder ^ Co., house 103 Bath street 
Forrester, Robert, & Co., merchants, 31 Argyll street 

Forrester, Samuel, commercial agent. Royal Exchange buildings, bouse 1 1 Ure pj. 
Forrester, Thomas, at C. Boyd ^ Sons, house 4 Wellington street 
Forrester, William, 7 Wellington place, 79 Sauchiehall street 
Forrester, Mrs. William, Commercial hotel, 9 Glassford street 
Forrester, William, at Peter Bald ^ Sons, 109 Virginia street 
FORSAITH, J., wholesale fruit merchant, 29 and 31 Wilson street, house 19T 

Buchanan street 
FORSTER, Captain, district paymaster, 5 Victoria place. Regent street 
Forster, John, 14 Canning place 

FORSYTH, Charles, superintendent of fire engines. Police buildings 
Forsyth, David, 16 St. Enoch square, house 7 Park place 
Forsyth, David, Anchor tavern, 37 Trongate 
Forsyth, J,, baker, 145 Gallowgate 

Forsyth, John, storekeeper, Tork street, house 61 Waterloo street 
Forsyth, John, H. M. Customs, house 50 King street, Tradestou 
Forsyth, John, dairyman, 73 Garscube road 
Forsyth, John, victualler, 346 High street 
Forsyth, John, bookseller, 6 Croy place. Maxwell street 
Forsyth, Peter, superintendent of buildings, 28 Eglinton street 
Forsyth, Robei't, Old French Horn tavern, 88 Trongate 
Forsyth, Robert, agent, 44 Shamrock street 
Forsyth, Robert, slater, 66 Trongate 

Forsyth, William, writer, 9 Gordon street, house 12 Mitchell street 
Forsyth, William, wine and spirit cellars, 46^ George sq., ho. 63 High John street 
Forsyth, William, cabinetmaker, 20 Clyde terrace, house 12 Govan street 
Forsyth, Miss, 73 John street 

Forsyth, Miss Jane, furnishing shop, 9 Greenhill street 
Forsyth, Miss, milliner, 42 Dundas street 
Forth and Clyde Canal Co.'s Office, Port-Dundas 
Forth Iron Company, 89 St. Vincent street 
Forth Rope and Sail Manufactory of Leith, 39 Clyde buildingss 
Fort- William Steam Packet Otfice, 9 Buchanan street 
Fort- William Steam Packet Office, 65 Jamaica street, Dugald M'Jntyre & Co., 

FOSTER, Charles, fruiterer, 84 Cowcaddens street 
Foster, Edward, fruiterer, 156 Garscube road 
Foster, William Air, bootmaker, 4 St. Vincent place 
FOTIIERINGHAM, Alexander, cabinet and upholstery warehouse, 86 Wellington 

street, and timber merchant, 13 Waterloo street, house 29 do. 



Fotheringhatn, M., grocer, 40 Brown street, Miss E., dressmaker a.nd milliner, 44 Cook street, TrftdestoQ 

Fotheringham, Mrs. John, 60 BatU street 

Fotheringharo, Mrs. James, lodgings, 278 Argyll street 

Fotheringham, Mrs., 124 Batli street 

FOUBISTER, J. W., of Customs, house 108 South Portland street 

FOUCART, Francois, professor of fencing and gymnastics, 106 West Nile street^ 

house 5 St. Vincent place 
FOULDS, Andrew, brassfounder, 61 Duke street 
Foulds, Archibald, merchant, Quebec letters left at Laurie <fe Foxilds, 89 Ingram 

Foulds & Bone, provision merchants, 2S Jamaica street 
Foulds, John, jof Laune ^ Foulds, house 3 Bath street 

Foulds, John C. accountant, sliarebroker, and agent for the Insurance Company of 
Scotland, and Alliance British and Foreign Life and Fire Assurance Corapativ, 
58 St. Vincent street, house 2-57 West George street 
FOULNER, Jajiies, corkcutter, 122 Union street 

FOWLER, Andrew, of Cowan §f Co., residence Clydehaugh, Paisley road 
Fowler, Andrew, British Linen Co.'s bank, house 58 Rose street, Garnethlll 
Fowler, J., Prestoupans brewerj'. Cowan <fe Co., 51 St. Vincent street, an-ents 
F'owler, Patrick, spirit and provision merchant, 49 Clyde street, Anderston 
Fowler, William, 58 Rose street, Garniethill 
FRAMEj Colin, bookbinder, 85 Queen street, and 17 Royal Exchange square, house 

12 Rose street 
Frame, Robert, commission merchant, 86 Miller street, house 1 Columbia pliiea, New 

City road 
Frame & Son, fish curers and provision merchants, 18 Howard street, house 120 

. Brooraielaw 
Frame, Thomas, merchant, agent for the National Fire and Life Insurance Co. of 

Scotland, 7 Exchange place, house Laurel Bank, Partick 
Frame, Thomas & Co., timber merch.nnts, 14 Maefarlane street 
Frame, William, provision merchant, 184 Stirling's road 
FRANCE, Mrs. William, lodgings, 30 Hope street 
FRANCIS, David, 100 North Frederick street 
FRANKLIN, William, paper ruler, 7 Argyll street 

FRASER, Rev. Alexander, of Nile street chapel, house 27 Richmond street 

Fraser, Archibald, wino and spirit merchant, 9 Queen street, house 32 DuE'op st, 

Fraser, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, 30 South Coburg street 

Fraser, David, builder, ! Rutherford lane 

Fraser^ David, grocer, 89 New vennel 

Fraser, Donald, plumber and zinc worker, 17 London street 

Fraser, Donald, hairdresser, 86 Canning street, Calton 

Fraser, George, quarrier and stone merchant, 79 Eglinton street 

Fraser, G. S., commission agent, 87 Union street 

Fraser <fe Green, chemists to the Queen, and manufacturers of jerated waters, 113 
Buchanan street 

Fraser, James, of Fraser, Sinclair, ^ Co., 99 St. Vincent street, house 1 New Bridge 

Fraser, James, smith and farrier, 229 Argyll street 

Fraser, James, tailor and clothier, 7 Argyll street 

Fraser, James, bookbinder, and pattern book and card maker, 94 Miller street 

Fraser, James, surgeon, 112 Broomielaw, house 36 York street 

Fraser, James, home-sale and export potato merchant, 3 Centre street 

Fraser, James, 74 South Wellington street 

Fraser, John & Co., weighing machine makers, and general smiths, Salisbury street, 
and 8 Surrey lane. (See Advertisement, Appendix.) 

Fraser, John, muslin manufacturer, 25 Queen street, house 307 St. Vincent street 

Fraser, John, scum boiler, 26 Brown street 

Fraser, John, assistant inspector, Town's hospital, house 9 Savoy street 

Fraser, John, of John Fraser ^ Co , house 10 Salisbury street 

Fraser, John, jun., at Lancefeld works, house 2 Clifton street, Somerset place 

Fraser, John, pawnbroker, 4 St, Andrew square 

Fraser, John F., writer, 3 Garscadden street 


Fraser, John, maniifacturing: chemist, 37 Main street^ Calton, ho. 22 Monteitli row 
Fraser, John, hairdresser, 36 King street, Tradeston 

Fraser, John, curled hair and hair-cloth manufacturer and farrier, 70 Stockwell st., 
house 3 Margaret street, off Eglinton street 

Fraser, Lachlan, baker, 31 Clj'de place 

Fraser, Peter, eonimercsal traveller, 82 London street 

Fraser <t Robertson, general grocers, yictualler, and commission agents, 95 Gallow- 
gate, and 88 Stockwell street 

Fraser, Robert M., procurator's library, 13 John street, house 96 Eglinton street 

Fraser, Robert, wine and sp'.rit merchant, 76 and 78 Crown street, house 110 do. 

Fraser, Sinclair, <fe Co., clothiers, 90 St. Vincent street 

Fraser, Thomas Smith, 12 Pitt street, house 11 Centre street 

Fraser, Thomas, teacher, Glasgow English and commercial academy, 81 John street 

Fraser, Thomas, girth- web manufacturer, 3 Canning street, Calton 

Fraser, Turner, & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers. 111 Ingram street 

Fraser, William, of Fraser, Turner, ^ Co., Ill Ingram street 

Fraser, William, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Norfolk street, house 2 Apsley place 

Fraser, William, smith, 71 Maxwell street 

Fraser, William, ship-carpenter, 81 Clyde street, Anderston 

Fraser, William, 15 Renfrew street 

Fraser, William, tavern keeper, 6 St. Enoch -wynd 

Fraser, Wm. F., agent, Ayrshire Railway, 14 Bridge street 

Fraser, Miss, teacher, Free St. JEnoch's school of indusirv,_Q5 Argyll street 

Fraser, Miss, 123 Walmer place 

Fraser, Mrs., pie shop, 1 49 Trongate 

Fraser, Mrs., 1 23 Hospital street 

FRECKLETON, William, hat manufacturer, 104 Argyll street, 185 and 58 Troii- 
gate, house 8 Dickson street 

Fuei; St. Dajid's School of Industry, 621 North Frederick street 

Free St. Pauls School o^ Industry, 74 North Frederick street 

Free St. George's Juvenile School, 118 Renfield street. George Lennie, teacher 

FREEBAIRN & Thomson, slaters and slate merchants, 72 Great Clyde street 
and 124 Trongate 

Freebairn, WiUiam, at J. ^ W. Campbell ^ Go's, house 15 HiU street, Garnethill 

FREELAND, Georgs S , of John Freeland ^ Co , house 5 Albany place 

Freeland, John, & Co., cotton spinners, 56 Wilson street 

Freeland, John, writer, 35 Greenvale place, Woodlands road 

Freeland, Robert, & Co., merchants, 56 Wilson street 

Freeland, Robert, of Robert Freeland- ^ Co., house 5 Albany place 

Feremasons' Scottish Life Association, 44 George square. D. Tainsh, agent 

I'Veemason, St. Mark's, Lodge, 94 West Nile street 

FREER, William, 35 Garscube place, Cowcaddens 

French Consular agency, John Wedderspoon, 113 St, Vincent street 

FRENCH, Robert, wholesale hardware merchant, 118 Trongate 

FREW, Archibald, & Co., coal masters, Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway dejot. 
Orders left at 1 1 9 High street 

Frew, A., coal master, Port-Dundas 

Frew & Brodie, manufacturers,,Manhattan buildings, 30 South Hanover street 

Frew, John, of Herveys, Wilson, ^ Co., house Chatham place, Stirling's road 

Frew, John, of Frew ^ Brodie, 30 South Hanover street 

Frew, John & Alexander, smithy coal and coke merchants, charcoal, blacking, coal- 
dust, and maurdant liquor manufacturers, Port-Dundas 

Frew, Thomas, Blythswood office, house 127 New City road 

Frew, William, of Frew ^ Brodie, 30 South Hanover street 

Frew, Mrs., 6 Royal terrace 

FRIELL, Andrew, shoemaker, 44 Charlotte street 

FEiENDtT Bread Association, Carlton court., 13 Bridge st. Adam Cairns, manager 

Friendly Insurance Co. against Fire. Cunningham & Nicholson, 20 Buchanan st. 

FRIER, Richard, spirit cellar, 66 Cowcaddens street 

FRISKEW, James <fe Charles, boot and shoe makers, 54 Hospital street 

FROOD, William, cowfeeder, 19 Little Hamilton street 

Frood, William, ofFamsay, Frood, ^ Co., 9 Gallowgate 

I'nviT Market for Scotch fruit, 1 1 Kent street. Robert. Russell, keeper 





FRYER, Thomas T., engraver to calico printers, 40 John street 
FUBISTER, John, watchmaker and jeweller, 282 Argyll street 
FULLARTON, A. & Co., publishers, 1 Argyll arcade. D. F. M'Kay, 3L<rent ho 

07 EgUnton street j a > ■ 

FuUarton, Alexander, joiner and cabinetmaker, li King street, Tradestoti 
FuUarton, J. A., 5 Cathcart street 

Fullarton and Hamilton Farm Coal Office, 36 St, Vincent place 
FULTON, Alexander, of Fulton ^- Neilson, house Y Woodsido crescent 
Fulton, Alexander, grocer and provision merchant, 46 West Miltou street 
Fulton, A. «fc J., ship-chandlers, flag, and compass makers, 13i and 130 Broomiclaw 
Fulton, Alexander, dog and ferret merchant, (rats, cleared away,) 128 Mi^4i street 
Fulton, Andrew, <fe Co., rope, twine, and wick manufacturers, 601 Gallowgate 
Fulton, Buchanan, & Co., cotton-spiimers, Lochwinnoch. Letters lefb at Herbert 

Buchanan's, 83 Union street 
Fulton, H. & J. leather merchants, 57 Argyll street 
Fulton, Henry, surgeon, 16 Adelphi street 
Fulton, Hugh, builder, 16 Adelphi street 

Fulton, James, collector, Milton slaughter-house, Scott street, Port-Dundas 
Fulton, James, warehouseman, 14 Fiadlay street, house 16 Adelphi street 
Fulton, James, 9 Albany place 
Fulton, James, victualler, 48 Broomielaw 
Fulton, James, jun., provision merchant, 295 Argyll street 
Fulton, John, provision merchant, 91 Argyll street, house 15 Hill st., G^rnethill 
Fulton, John, spirit dealer, 22 Main street, Calton 
Fulton, J. M., victualler, 113 West George street 
Fulton, John, jun„ provision merchant, 15 Maxwell street 
Fulton, John, of Mossend Iron Co., house Particle hill 
Fulton, Laird, & Co., ham curers and provision merchants, 57 Argyll street 
Fulton <fe Neilson, Lancefield forge, manufacturers and finishers of scrap-iron forged 

work, Lancefield street, Anderston 
Fulton, Robert, at C. Boyd ^ Sons, house 44 Main street, Anderston' 
Fulton, Samuel, baker, 19 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Fulton, Thomas, bookbinder, 123 High street 
Fulton. William, bleacher and scourer, Gleufield, near Paisley. Letters left at J. 

Miller's, 85 Ingram street 
Fulton, William, currier and leather merchant, 1 47 StockwcU street 
Fulton, William, ham-curer, 32 Stirling street, house Partickhill terrace 
Fulton, William, supervisor of excise, 3 Washington street 
Fulton & Wilson, iron merchants, 101 Argyll street 
Fulton, Mrs. Hugh, victualler, 89 High street, house 14 Stirling street 
Fulton, Mrs. William, green grocer, 449 Argyll street 
Fulton, Mrs. Thomas, spirit dealer, 3 St. Ninian street 
FUNSTON & Lochnie, brass refiners, 62 Barrack street 
FYFE, Alex., & Co., manufacturers, 77 Queen street 
Fyfe, "David, & Co., commision agents, 16 Melville place^ 
Fyfe, George, tin-plate worker, 114 Bridgegate 
Fyfe, Henry, & Son, manufactui'ers, 62 Queen street 
Fyfe, Henry, of Henry Fyfe ^- Son, house 183 Atholl place 
Fyfe, Hugh, victualler, 18 Calton-mouth 
Fyfe, James, teacher of music, 207 Cowcaddens street 
Fyfe, James, stone merchant, 18 Crawford street, Port-Dundas 
Fyfe, John, & Co., merchants, 17 Renfield street 
Fyfe, John, of John Fyfe ^ Co., residence Dalmarnock House 
Fyfe, John, of Henry Fyfe ^- Son, 183 Atholl place 
Fyfe, John, ironmonger, ship-chandler, painter, oil and colourman, and whiting and 

putty manufacturer, 1 Clyde place, and 2 Bridge street, house 13 Norfolk street 
Fyfe, Samuel H., 13 Norfolk street 

Fyfe, Thomas, of Paterson ^ Fyfe, house 28 Brown street 
Fyfe, William, clothier, 11 Norfolk street, Laurieston 
Fyfe,. Mrs,, lodgings, 50 North Albion street 

Gairdser, — See Gardiner. 


GALBRAITH, Alexander, flesher, 41 Norfolk street 

Galbraith, Alex., of J. ^ A. Galhfaith, house Kntland place, Govan road 

Galbraith, Andrew, oj John^mie, Galbraith, §/■ Co., and Alexander Johnstone §■ Co., 

house, 163 St. George's road 
Galbreath, Archibald, of Galbreath §/■ Carnvell, house 14 St. George's road 
Galbraith, Arcliibald, oJ Johnstone, GaUrfait/i,^- Co., and Alexander Johnstone ^ Co,p 

house 1 63 St. Gecrge's road 
Galbraith,. & CUimixiing, merehajit.'!, 11 West Nile street 

Galbreath & Carswell,"ship and insurance brokers, Trince's court, 48 Bnclianan st, 
Galbraith, J. & A., insurance brokers, 21 St. Vincent place 
Galbi-aith, Jaraes, of J. if A. Galbraith, honfie Rutland place, Govan road 
Galbraith, James Frascr, wi'iter, 67 Buchanan street, bouse 64 Buccleugh street 
Galbraith, James, of W. Sr J. Galbraith, honse 27 Port-Dunda.-! road 
Galbraith, John, City ^ Suburban Gas Company, 43 Miller street 
Galbraith, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 185 Eglinton street 
Galbraith, Malcolm, tobacco-pipe manufacturer, 1.5 Orygate street 
Galbraith, Robert, letter-carrier, P. O., house 80 St. James's road 
Galbraith, Robt., brazier, pewterer, and gas-fitter, 1 IS King street, works 105 do. 
Galbraith, Robert, cloth merchant, 23 Trongate, house 4 3 Charlotte street 
Galbraith, Robert, of Galbraith Sf Gumming, house Greenhead, Goran 
Galbraith, II., preserver of birds, qaadrupeds, etc., 80 St. James's road 
Galbraith, William, marble-cutter, sculptor, and stone-engraver, 350 Argyll street, 

work-s Kelvin street, house 202 St. George's ro;id 
Galbraith, William, at Charles Tennent ^ Vo.'s, St. Rolloi 
Galbraith, W. & J., Milton grain-mills. Bishop streac, Port-Dandas 
Galbraith, William, sen., of W- ^ J. Gallrrailh, house 296 Buchanan street 
Galbraith, William, of Croft-foot. Letters left at Galbraith & Cumming's, 11 West 

Nile street 
Galbraith, William, baker, 90 West Nile street, house 92 do. 
Galbraith, William, jun., of W. §r J. Galbraill,, house 237 Coweaddens street 
Galbraith, William, measurer, 24 Pollotk street 
Gals, Joseph N., civil engineer, 68 St. Vincent street, house 3 Giesnvale place, 

Carnarvon street 
Gale, William, civil engineer, 173 Buchanan street, house 4 South Portland Btreet 
GALL, Adam, clothier and outfitter, C4 Saltmarket street 

Gall, George, bill-poster, 114 Trfjngatp 

Gall, Hugh, clothier, 32 Gallowgate street 

Gall, John, spirit merchant, 1 Garngad road 

Gall, William, baker, 7 Adelphi place 

GALLAGHER, Rev. Daniel, 34 Great Clyde street 

Gallacher, Daniel, broker, 61 Stewart street 

Gallacher, James, jun., at C. Todd ^ Higffinbotham's, Springfield court, Qaecn st, 

Gallacher, John, builder, 42 Soho street 

Gallacher, Robert, at Clias. Tennent ^ Co.'s, 49 Cochrftn street 

GALLIE, George, bookseller and stationer, 99 Buchanan street 

Gallic, J., house-factor, 20 Hill place, Stirling's road 

GALLETTI, Antoni, optician, mathematicalinstniment maker, carver, gilder, and 
picture-frame manufacturer, 24 Argyll Arcade 

Galletty, John, victualler, 73 Saltmarket street 

Galletti, Joseph, Catholic clei^yraan, 38 Portugal street 

GALLOWAY, Alexander, land agent, valuator, and accountant, 233 and 236 Bu- 
chanan street 

Galloway, Alexander, late Galloway & Son. Letters left at 113 Renfrew street 

Galloway, Andrew, furniture dealer, 99 and 101 London street M 

Gallowfiy, A. & VV., mereliants, 33 Bath street 1 

Galloway, Andrew, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 105 Hope street, house 63 Bac- 1 
cleuch street 

Galloway, G. Marie, deportment and dancing, 49 Bath street 

Galloway, James, of J. (J' /., house 103 St. Vincent street 

Galloway, James, carvei-, gilder, and print seller, 5 Miller street 

Galloway, James, spirit dealer, 58 Eglinton street 

Galloway, James, of Todd ^- Galloivoy, 4 Wemyss place 

Galloway, John, spirit dealer. 4 Maitland sireet 


■ . - ....--.... ti . 

fjalloway, John <fc James, merchants, 55 Alston street 

Galloway, John, bttilder, 10 George street — 

Galloway <fe M'Millan, merchants, 33 Bath street 

Galloway, Tfeomas, spirit merchant, 17 1 Gallowgate street 

Galloway, Thomas, baker, 12 Sauchiehall street 

Galloway, AVilliam, baker, 34.1 Argyll street 

Galliiway, W. C, piano-forte teacher, 49 Bath street 

Galloway, Miss, privatie lodgings, 47 Bath street 

Galloway, Mrs. James, 51 North Hanover sti'eet 

Galloway, Miss, 3 James street 

Galloway, Mrs. .James, lodgings, 105 Douglas street 

GALT, John, smith and iron turner, 86 Ann street, Port-Dnndas 

<5alt, Robert, silk mercer, Uhcb and woollen draper, 193 Trongate, house Stafford 

GaKDNER, Alexander, house factor, 32 Kelvin street 

Gardner, Alexander, straw-hat manufacturer, 164 Trongate and 3 Brunswick place 
Gairdner, Andrew, o//. ^ A. ijfairdner, house 176 Sanchiclmll street 
Gardner, Andrew, wright, 7 Hospital street, house 32 Adelphi street 
Gardner, Archibald, cabinet and chair maker, 108 and 110 Saltmarket street, house 

Beilevue, Garngad hill 
Gardiner ■&, Cattana'Ch, silk mercers, 180 Trongate 
Gairdner, Charles, of Widte ^ Gairdner, lodgings, 51 West Nile street 
Gardner, Crawford, hairdresser, 39 King street, Tradeston 
Gardner & Co., optical, Hjathomatical, and philosophical instrument makers, 21 

Buohaaaa street 
Gardner, David, beadle, Erskine ehiirch, house 6 Oxford lane 
Gardner, Dugald, C, wine attd spirit merohant, 9 and 11 Prince's street 
Cardnei', George, grocer and victualler, 137 Main street, Bridgeton 
Gairdner, J. & A., commission merchants, 43 Turner's court 
Gardiner, James, of Gardin^er ^ CaHanack, house 84 North Hanover atrect 
Gardner, Jarces, Airdrie tavern, 49 Dundas street 
Gardner, James, hair cutter and perfumer, 35 Renfield street 
Gairdner, John, ai Campbell S/- Co.'s, 41 Buchanan street 
Gardner, John, beadle of College church, house 17 George street 
Gardner, John, cart«r and tlairymati, 239 Argyll street 
Gardner, John, cork manufacturer. 43 East Clyde street 
Gardner, John, cabinet-raaker, and house agent, 42 King street 
■Gardner, John, rope-maker, 103 Hill street, off Duke street 
Gardiner, John, spirit dealer, and tea merchant, 144 Garscube road 
Gardner, John, Boot tavern, 39 Saltmarket street 
Gardner, John, M.D., surgeon, 141 George street 
Gardner, Joseph, pastry baker xn^ confectioner, 80 Gallowgate 
Gardiner <&, Macintosh, clothiers and outfitters, 104 Argyll street 
Gardner, Kobt., confectioner, pastry-cook, and grocer, 22 Gordon st., ho. 27 Union Bt. 
Gardiner, R., cotton-waste and miil furnishing dealer, 95 Glassford street 
Gardner, Robert, upholsterer and paper-hanger, 36 Clyde place 
Gardner, R., milk agent, 263 George street 
Gardiner, T. R., of Gardner §• Co., house Ibroxholm 
Gardiner, T. W., organ builder and piano-forte maker and tuner, 280 George street, 

and 54 North Frederick street 
Gardner, Thomas, builder, 34 Cook street, Tradeston 
Gardner, William, optician, mathematical, and philosophical instrument maker, 3 

Royal Bank place 
Gardner, William, daguerresty and portrait taker, 110 Buchanan street 
Gardner, Miss, milliner and dress-maker, 51 West Regent street 
Gardner, Mrs. A., 23 George street 

Gardiner, Mrs., coffee-house, reading rooms, and commercial lodgings, 5 Union st. 
Garnetbank Academy, 6 Thistle street, and 231 Renfrew .street, Garnethill 
GARNETT, J. & W., worsted spinners, 67 Miller street. W. S. Nichols, agent 
Gabnkiek Coal Co., and fire-brick and lime-works, at Railway dep6t, St. Rolloz 

Office, Clelaud Testimonial 
Garnkirk, Coatbridge, and Glasgow Railway office, St, RoUos, Townhead 
GARRICK'S temperance coffee-house and comraercia! lodgings, 24 Stocksvell street 


GARRIOCH, Archibald J., at George Thomson Sf Co.'s, 11 Excliange square 

GARROW, Robert, 54 Commerce street 

GARROWaT, J., baker, 141 Main street, Bricfgeton 

Garroway, R. ife J., manufacturing chemists, SpringSeld court, 6& Queen street, ho. 

26 John street, Brldgeton 
Garroway, Robert, surgeon, 13 Bellgrove street 
GARTLY, James, teacher of English and geography, 63 John street 
Gartiy, James B., atR, Dalglish, Falconer ^ Co.'s, house 37 Paterson st., Kingstoo 
Gartsherbie Iron ami Coal Office, 1 Moore place, West George street 
GASCOYNE, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 55 Kingstreet, and Infantry barrack 
Gas, Glasgow and Suburban, Co., 42 Miller street 
Gi,3 Works, Glasgow, 27 Kirk street, Townhead, Tradeston and Partick; office 42 

Virginia street 
GA3-Light Company's Office, 42 Virginia street 

GaSS, William", of M'Kaye and Gass, ho»se 18 Great Hamilton street 
Catehouse Cotton Company, mannfacturers, 25 Queen street 
GaTHERAL, George, fringe, fioat-lace, and chair-web maker, by steam-power-, 8 

Buchanan street 
Gatheral, James, spirit dealer, 40 Rose street, Hntchesontown 
Gatheral, James W., manufact. of girth-web, braces, fringes, etc., 93 Virginia street 
GAUL, George, spirit deakr, 154 Eglinton street, and 107 Virginia street 
GAVIN, John, broker, 3 Bridgegate street 

GEBBIE, Francis, overseer on Blythswood estate, 81 St. George's place 
Gebbie, James, boot and shoe maker, 32 Saltmarket street 
Gebbie, John, writer, 29 St. Vincent place 
Gebbie, Thomas, bootmaker, 54 Saltmarket street 
GEDDES, Alexander, driiggist, 82 Kirk street, Calton 
Geddes & Co., flint-glass manufacturers, 41 Bishop street, Port-Dundas road 
Geddes, James, of John Oedclcn ^ Sons, house Elmbank, Little Govan 
Geddes, James, keeper of Humane Society House, Green 
Geddes, John, & Sous, dyers, hearth- rug and carpet manufacturers, 11 West 

George street, and 20 St. Vincent lane, works Govanbank, Little Goyan 
Geddes, John, of John Geddes §• Sons, house Elmbank, Little Goyan 
Geddes, John, jun., of John Geddes ^ Sons, house Elmbank, Little Govan 
Geddes, John, agent for Stewart & Co., Alloa Bottle-work Company. Letters 
addressed Flint Glass-works, Port-Dundas road 

Geddes, John, of Geddes ^* Co., house 58 Rose street, Garnethiil 

Geddes, Robert, provision merchant, 164 Trongate 

Geddes, Willianj, of John Geddes ^ Sons, honse Govanbank, Little Govan 

Geddes, Mrs. John, 7 Somer^illc place 

Geddes, Mrs., 20 North St. Mungo street 

Geddes, Mrs. David, timber cai-ter, 41 Alston street 

GEITNER, Francis F., at John Anderson ^ C'^.'s, 5 Moore place. West George st. 

GELLON, William, broker, 34 West Milton street 

GEMMELL, Alexander, baker, 159 Main street, Gorbals 

Gemmell, Alexander, surveyor, 121 Crown street 

Gemmell, Alexander, victualling house and spirit dealer, 2 Garscubc road 

Gemmill, Andrew, wiiter, 38 Queen street, house 5 Carlton place 

Gemmill, George, at J. ^- W. Campbell's, house 21 Eglinton street 

Gemmel, James B., 183 Renfrew street 

Gemmell, James, at J. ^ W. Campbell ^ Co.'s, 34 Caudleriggs street 

Gemmell, James, 71 South Portland street . 

Gemmill, John, warper, 100 Vii-ginia street 

Geramill, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Finnieston j, . 

Gemmel, John, zebra-dress and muslin manufacturer, 14 Gartland street-z^o'. z^'^^' < ■* 

Gemmell, Robert, baker, 149 Saltmarket street 

Gemmell, Robert, baker, 7 King street 

Gemmel, Robert, at the Gartsherrie Cotton Co., house 1 Columbia place 

Gemmell, Robert, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 21 South Portland street, work- 
shop 6 Nelson street, Tradeston, house 26 South Portland street 

Gemmel, William, baker, 115 Candleriggs street, and 288 High street 

Gemmell, William, tinsmith, 74 Canning street, Calton 

Gemraeil, William, manufacturer, 127 Brunswick street 

GEMMELt— OreSON. ]31 

Gemmel, William, merchant, 2'17 St. Vincent street 

Gemmfll & Young, writers, 49 Hutcheson street 

General Assurance Co., agents David Yuile, 40 Miller street, and Charles A. 

Campbell, 6 Exchange place 
General Commission Ship Loan and Marine Assurance Co., Borthwiok, Campbell, 

<fc Co., agents, 17 Royal Exchange square 
General Steam Navigation Co.'s Office, George square, John Mather, agent 
General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway oSce, 124 St. Vincent street, 

C. A. King, secretary 
GENTLE, James, letter-carrier, P.O., house 37 Cathedral street 
Gentle, James, pastry -baker, IS George street 
Gentle, James S., baker, 273 George street, and 59| Drygate street 
Gentle, William, baker, 88 High street 
Gentle, William & James, grocers, 220 High street 

Gentles & Gillespie, carriers, Edinburgh Railway station, Nortli Queen streot 
GENTLEMAN, William, flesher, 21 Adelphi street 
George Hotel, 26 George square. Robert M'Naughton 
GEORGE, John, eating-house keeper, 119 Bridgegate street 
George, W. J., & Co., lithographers, 60 Maxwell street 
GERLETTI, Charles, looking-glass manufacturer, 10 Candleriggs street 
GIBB & Bruce, wine merchants, 57 Buchanan street 

Gibb & Clarke, ham-curers and wholesale provision merchants, 19 Wilson street 
Gibb, Elias, of Gibb ^ Bruce, house 10 Woodside terrace 
Gibb, Francis, spirit dealer, 74 Green street, Calton 
Gibb, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 66 Drygate street 
Gibb, James, of C. Tennent ^ Co., house 47 Cochran street 
Gibb, James, road-contractor and house-factor. East Miller street, Bluevalo 
Gibb, John James, merchant, 226 St. Vincent street 
Gibb, John, at William Dunn's, 62 George square 
Gibb. John, baker, 273 Gallowgate 
Gibb, John, sen., baker, 369 Gallowgate 
Gibb, Robert, carter and coal agent, 47 Glebe street 

Gibb, Thomas, manager, Clyde Towing Company, house 37 Eglinton street 
Gibb, William, Richardson, M.D., 26 India street 
Gibb, WilJiam, of Gunn ^ Co., residence Renfrew 
Gibb, Mrs., spirit dealer, 10 Struthers street 
Gibb, Mrs., Thomas, 828 Renfrew street 

GIBBONS, James, sheriff-clerk depute, County Buildings, Wilson street 
GIBSON, Alexander, cowfeeder, 177 Main street, Goi'bals 
Gidson. Chai-les, at Ferguson <J- Co.'s, house 245 Argyll street 
Gibson & Clark, grain merchants, 1 4 Hope street 
Gibson, David, M.D., surgeon, 134 Bath street, and medical ofSeer to the prisons, 

71 Duke street 
Gibson, George, at G. K. Young §• Co.'s, house Rutland place, Govan road 
Gibson, George Henry, at the Cess Offi.ce, house 81 High John street 
Gibson, Rer. James, minister of Kingston Free Church, house 29 Kingston place 
Gibson, James, shawl-fringer, 33 Johr* street 
Gibson, John D., portrait-painter, 53 West Nile street 
Gibson, John, hatter and hosier, 67 Jamaica street, house 65 do. 
Gibson, John, coal agent and beadle, Wellington st. church, house 41 Waterloo st. 
Gibson, John, of Gibson, Service ^ Co., house 16 Buccleuch street 
Gibson, John, at D. Cook ^ Co.'s, 107 Eglinton street 
Gibson, John, provision merchant, 62 King street 
Gibson, John, watch and clock maker, 37 Dundas street 
Gibson, John, baker, 29 SaJtraarket street 
Gibson, John, spirit dealer, 9 Drury street 
Gibson, John, grocer and victualler, 48 Clyde street, Anderston 
Gibson, John, writer, 66 High street 

Gibson, Joseph, & Co., packing-box, and tin-case makers, 46 Ingram street 
Gibson, Matthew H., physician and surgeon, lO^AdelpM street, house 87 Upper 

Crown street 
Gibson & Macnee, sewed muslin manufacturers, 5 Montrose street 
Gibson, Robert, chemist and druggist, 49 King street, Tradeaton 

D 2 




Gibson, Robert, carver, gilder, and pvintseller, 9 South Portland street 

Gibson, Service, & Co., nianufocturers, 111 Ingram street 

Gibson, Thomas, victualler, 2 Main street, Gorbals 

Gibson, Thomas B. S., merchant and commission agent, 135 Buchanan street, 1 • -se 

oG Hill street, Garnethill 
Gibson Thomas, S., stationer and account book maker, 56 Queen street, house 3i 

Eglinton street 
Gibson, William, sewed muslin manufacturer, 126 Queen street 
Gibson, William, flesher, 250 George street 
Gibson, Willlani, power and hand-lonm sh;jttle and shuttle- mounting maker and 

turner, 18 East Campbell street, house Langside 
Gibson, William, potnto merchant, 3 Paisley road 
Gibson, William, of Gibson ^ Macnee, house 69 Union street 
Gibson, Wiliiam, cork manufacturer, 23 East Clyde street 
Gibson, Miss, 6 Lynedoch place 

Gibson, Misses, E. & M,, milliners, straw-hat makers, «tc., 5 Great Hamilton sL 
Gibson, Mrs., Elizabeth, lodgings, 81 John street 
Gibson, Mrs. James, 27 Abbotsford jilace - j 

Gibson, Mrs. James, victualler, 63 Cowcaddens'street 
Gibson, Mrs. Peter, grocer, 95 Drygate street 
Gibson, Mrs. R., 03 George street 

Gibson, Mrs. Thomas, provision merchant, 14 Stobcross st., and 2 Main st., Gorbals 
GIFFEN, Alexander, 1 Royal Circus, New city road 
GIFFORD, Thomas, tailor, 13 Oxford street 
GILBERT, Alex. G., metal broker and commission'ro.'rchant, 49 West George st., 

house 4 Holland place 
Gilbert, J. Graham, York hill 

Gilbert, James, milk shop, 1 College open, High street 
Gilbert, Robei't, wine and spirit merchant, 356 Gallowgate 
Gilbert. William, wright and glazier, 168 Gallowgate 
GILCHRIST, Ale.v., wine and spirit merchant, 1 Stevenson street, Calton 
Gilchrist, Archd., spirit dealer, 11 Clyde terrace, Gorbals 
Gilchrist, Daniel, & Co., calico printers, 19 South Hanover street 
Gilchrist, G. (to J., ironmongers, 103 Argyll street 

<Jilchrist, G. & W., yarn and piece goods dyers, 44 Bishop street, Anderston 
Gilchrist, George, of G. ^ J. Gilchrist, house SO Graeme street 
Gilchrist, Gavin, of G. <J- W. Gilchrist, house 40 Bishop street, Anderston 
Gilchrist, G., hairdresser, 15 Canon street 

Gilchrist, James, engineer. Hill-street foundry, house 50 Grseme street 
Gilehi'ist, James, jun,, of G. ^ J. Gilchrist, house 50 Graeme street 
Gilchrist, J. S. &, C, dyers, 6 Cook street, Tradeston 

Gilchrist, Robert, ship-painter, 8 and 79 Brown street, house 34 York street ' 
Gilchrist, Robert, of Lewis, Potter, ^ Co., 28 St. Enoch square, ho. 22 Dundas st. 
Gilchrist, Walter Scott, hosier, glover, stock and shirt maker, 38 Buchanan street, 

house 22 Dundas street 
Gilchrist, William, jun., provision merchant, 429 Argyll street 
Gilchrist, William, letter-press printer and lithographer, 145 Argyll street, house 

22 Centre street 
GILFILLAN, James, fruiterer, 54 Stockwell street 
Gilfillan, John, wine and spirit merchant, 19 and 21 King street 
GilfiUan, Robert, general furnisher, 150 Garscube road 
Gilfillan, Thomas, weigher, 7 Tonnage box. South Broomielaw 
Gilfillan, William, dealer in English and French paper hanging.'!, cieling centre 

flowcis, and papier niUche, 110 Buchanan street 
Gilfillan, Wiliiam, plain and decorative house painter and paper hanger, 110 Bu- 
chanan street, and 289 Parliamentary road 
Gilfillan, Helen, 104 George street 
Gilfillan, Miss, 8 Montagu place, Bath street 
Gilfillan, Mrs., private lodginga, 9 Clyde place 
GILKISO.X, Alexander G., commission agent and metal broker, and agent for the 

Imperial Fire and Life Insurance Co., 27 Gordun street, and North st., Anderston 
Gilkison, David, umbrella-maker, 14 Ci'own street 
Gilkiscn, l)avid, o/*J>i'c/r.^f/n ^ (?v7/i:ison, house 4S Windsor terrace 


■Gukison <fe Hunter, distillers, Canipbelton. Thomas Train, agent, 2 S. Apsley pi. 
Giliiisori, Robert, jun., ship and insurance broker and mercliant, 48 Buchanan St., 

house 48 Windsor terrace, St. Georffe's road, works Cook street, Tradestoa 
GILI.AN, Rev. Robert, of Si. John's,' Sl&tc6eld House, 621 Gallowgato 
GILLESPIE, Campbell, beadle of Nile-street chapel, house 12 Drury street 
Gillespie, George, mercht., 3 Royal Exchange ct., ho. 4 Windsor terrace, Queenstowii 
Gillespie, John, beadle of St. Luke's church, house 50 Great Hamilton street 
Gillesi)ie, John, beadle. Free St. John's church, house 82 George street 
Gillespie, William, general ironmonger, 236 Ai'gyll street 
Gillespie, Miss, milliner and straw-hat maker, 67 Centre street, Tradestoa 
Gillespie, Mrs D., 180 Hope street 
Gillespie, Mrs David, cowfeeder, 107 Glebe street 

GILLIES, Charles, coal agent and beadle, Gillespie's church, t)l Gt. Hamilton st. 
Gillies, David, pastrj'-baker, confectioner, and coffee house, 33 Main st., Aaderstou ' 
Gillies, David, surgeon-dentist, 67 Oswald stieet 
Gillies, Duncan, gardener. Green market, house Overnewton, Partick 
Giliies, James, ship carpenter, 50 Robertson street- 
Gillies, John, uphiilsterer, 97 Nelson street 

Gillies, Jolin, of Fulton, Laird, ^ Co., house 114 West Nile street 
Gillies <fc M'Pherson, warehousemen, 174 Argyll street 
Gillies, William, spirit dealer, 125 Duko street 
GILLILAND, John, tailor and clothier, 8 South St. Mungo street 
GILLON, Alexai\der, grain-weigher, and store-keeper. Corn street, Port-Dundas 
Gillon, William, broker, 34 Milton street 

GILMOUR, Aiex., of Giimour ^ Roberts, house 150 Port-Dundas road 
Gilmour, Allan, of Pollock, Giimour, ^ Co., house 180 St. Vincent street 
Gilraour, Allan, flesber, 127 and 129 West George street, house 81 Wilson street 
Giimour, Allan, wine and spirit dealer, 75 Bell street 

Gilmour-Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 28 High st., house 37 St. Andrew st. 
Giimour, Andrew, baker, 76 MaitLind street, Cowcaddens 
Gilmore, Colonel, barrack master, 53 Abbotsford place 

Giimour &, Co., calenderers, glazers, hot-pressers, and packers, 19 <fe 21 Ingram st. 
Giimour, David, 91 Graeme street 
Giimour, David, of London Vulcan Co., Port-Dundas 
Giimour, David, flesher, 6 and 8 Wellington arcade 
Giimour & Dean, lithographers, engravers, and printers, 86 Buchanan street, and 

13 Exchange place 
Giimour, James & Alexander, timber merchants, 94 Maxwell street 
Giimour, James, house factor, 26 Maitland street 
Giimour, Jatnes, ironmonger, 22 Argyll street 

Giimour, John, of William Giimour ^ Co., ho. 3 Abercromby pi., West George st. 
Giimour, John, of Giimour §/■ Co , house 5 East Tarbet street 
Giimour, John, grocer and provision raerchaiit, 271 and 273 High street 
Giimour, Matthew, manufacturer, 70 Brunswick street, house 26 St. Mungo street 
Giimour, Robert, accountant, 4 Moore plaee, 146 West George street 
Giimour, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 134 LTnion street 
Giimour &, Roberts, Milton grinding-works, 132 Port-Dundas road 
Giimour, William, &, Co., merchants, 9 London street, and 2 Gallcwgate 
Giimour, William, jun., of William Giimour ^ Co., house 3 Jane st., Blythswood 8«[. 
Giimour, William, of Govan <J- Giimour, house 134 Union street 
Giimour, Williai,;, town and sheriff-officer and constable, 66 Hutcheson street, 

house 2 William street, Greenhead 
Giimour, William, at Merry ^ CunninghatrCs, house 3 Abercromby place 
Giimour, William, merchant, 94 Maxwell street, house Maryland, Govan 
Giimour, William, writer and notary-public, 17 Brunswick pi., house 37 Graeme st. 
Giimour. Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 22 and 23 Argyll arcade, house 6 Croy pU 
Gilmo .r, Mrs., Oatlands, Little Govan 
Giimour, Mrs., shoe shop, 24 Eglinton street 
Giimour, Mrs. David, flesher, 29 Bedford street 
Giimour, Mrs. Robert, milliner, 22 Garscube place 
GIRDWOOD, Mrs. Claud, York street, Little Govan 
GLASGOW, Alexander, & Co., merchants, 49 West George street 
Glasgow, Alexander, of Alexander Glasgow §• Co., house Auehenraith 


Glasgow, Alexander, flesher, 17 Dalmarnock road 

Glasgow, John, of Alexander Glasgow ^- Co., house 201 St. Vincent street 

Glasgow /ErateJ Water manufactory, 38 Clyde street, Anderston 

Glasgow, John, & Sons, screw-bolt makers, 60 Centre street, house 50 Dale street, 

Glasgow, Thomas, spirit dealer, 316 Argyll street 
Glasgow Academy, Elmbank place 

Glasgow Advertising Rooms and Agency Office, 14 Buchanan street 
Glasgow Annuity Society. Thomas Brown, secretarj"-, 49 Virginia street 
Glasgow Apothecaries' Co., 32 and 34 Virginia street. Alex. Mitchell and Hugh 

Hart, managers 
Glasgow Apothecaries' Co., Branch Establishment 95 St. Vincent street. John 

Mitchell, manager 
Glasgow Apothecaries' Co., Western Branch Establishment, 179 Sauchiehall street, 

Wm. Morrison, manager 
Glasgow Asphalte and Waterproof Cloth Co., 33 Virginia street 
Glasgow Athenseum, Ingram street. Dr. J. W. Hudson, secretary 
Glasgow Athenseum and Telegraphic News-Rooms, 22 Argyll street 
Glasgow and Ayr Railway. Office 14 Tiridge street 
Glasgow, Barrhead, and Neilston Direct Railway Office, 40 George square 
Glasgow and Belfast Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street 
Glasgow Bread Association, 15 Greenhill street 

Glasgow Chain-Cable and Anchor Manufactory, and general Smith-work."^ Archi- 
bald M' Vicar, 17 Robertson street, and Hydepark 
Glasgow Chess-Club, Athenseum, Ingram street. George Hodge, secy. 
Glasgow Cloth Hall, 163 Trongate 
Glasgow Commercial Exchange Company, G6 St. Vincent street. George Kinnear, 

manager, J. C. Naismith, secy, 
Glasgow Courier Company, printers and publishers, 75 Argyll street 
Glasgow, Dumfries, and Carlisle Railway Office, 14 Bridge St.; J. F. SmTth, secy. 
Glasgow Eastern Necropolis Company, Andrew Reid, Western Bank's branch. 
Canning street, Calton, secretary; G. R. Tennent, 57 Buchanan street, law agent. 
(See Advertisement.) 
Glasgow Equitable Loan Company, Pratt's court, 109 Argyll street, and 9 Maxwell 

street; Crighton Skirving, manager 
Glasgow (City of) Endowment Association, 54 St. Vincent st.; S. Pollock, secy. 
Glasgow Exchange Co., 71 Queen street; "Thomas Anderson, manager 
Glasgow Faculty of Medicine Hall, 32 8t. Andrew st.; James Dougall, officer 
Glasgow, Garnkirk, and Coatbride Railway. (See Caledonian Railway). 
Glasgow Gas-Light Co., 42 Vii'ginla street. Works 27 Kirk street, Townhead, 

West street, Tradeston, and Partick 
Glasgow Government School of Design, 16 Ingram street; masters, Henry M'Manus, 

A. D. Robertson, and M. B. A. Desswine; janitor, Duncan Brown 
Glasgow Highland Society's Schools, 69 Montrose street; Rev. Robert M'Lachlan 
and Thomas Powell and John Lewis, male teachers; Miss Mennon, female teachor 
Glasgow and Highland Steam-Packet Office, Buchanan street 
Glasgow Hydropathic Society. George M'Leod, librarian, 30 Cochran street 
Glasgow Ice Store, 115 West George st, (See advertisement in Appendix). 
Glasgow Writing Ink and Ink Powder Manufacturer, for Home Sale and Exporta- 
tion, 137 George street. (See advertisement). 
Glasgow Iron Co., manufacturers of malleable iron, 23 St. Enoch square, works St. 

Glasgow Institution for the Education of Young Ladies, 26 Blythswood square; 

Felican A. Wolski, secy. 
Glasgow Iron and Brass Wire Co., metal merchants, 24 Turner's court 
Glasgow Iron Works, 16 Garngad road, St. Rollox 
Glasgow, luimamock, and Ardrossan Railway, 40 George square 
Glasgow Letter Foundrj-. MacBrayne & Stirling, type-foundera, 301 Parliamen- 
tary road 
Glasgow Life Association, 59 St. Vincent street. Henry Rhind, manager 
Glasgow and Liverpool Shipping Company, 28 St. Enoch sq.; Lewis Potter, agent 
Glasgow and Liverpool Royal Steam-Packet Company, 83 St. Enoch square; 
Matthew Langla.ids, manager 


Glasgow and Liverpool Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street 
Glasgow and Liverpool Steam- Packet Office, 15 Jamaica street 
Glasgow Lock Hospital, 41 Rottenrow street; Alexander Troup, superintendent 
Glasgow Loan Fund, 16 St. Enoch square; I). Forsyth, secretary- 
Glasgow (General) Lying-in Hospital, 38 North Albion street; Mrs Horn, matron 
Glasgow Lying-in Hospital and Dispei.sai-y, 49 St. Andrew's square; Mrs Fiulaysou, 

Glasgow Medicine Warehouse, 110 and 112 Trongate 
Glasgow New Apothecaries' Co., 57 and 59 Glassford st.; William Greig, manager, 

ho. 2 Ure place, Montrose street 
Glasgow and New-Yoi-k Packet Office, 62 Jamaica street; Reid <fc Murray, agents 
Glasgow Normal seminary, (in connection with the Free Church,) Cowcaddcns st.; 

Rector, Mr Hislop 
Glasgow Normal Seminar}', (in connection with the Estab. Church,) Dundas vale, 
Glasgow, Paisley, and Greenock Railway Co.'s Goods and Parcels Receiving Ware- 
house, Springfield court, 68 Buchanan street 
Glasgow, Paisley, KilmarntJfck, and Ayr Railway Goods Office, 14 Clyde place; 

Robert Lauder, manager 
Glasgow Parcel Delivery Co., 13 Miller street; John Miller, manager 
Glasgow Philosophical Society, Andersonian university, John Jardine, officer 
Glasgow Phi-enological ■ Society's Hall, 104 Brunswick street; Museum open from 

11 till 2 daily, except Saturday; Rev. D. G. Goyder, curator 
Glasgow Pipe Manufactory, 74 North Hanover street 
Glasgow Plumber work, S5 Mitchell street 
Glasgow Pottery, Stafford street 
Glasgow Printing Company, 29 Dunlop street 

Glasgow Provident Bank, 86 Miller street. Archibald Lawaon, cashier 
Glasgow Public Library, 151 George street. Wm. W. Niven, librarian. Open from 
2 p.m. till 4-30 p.m., and from 7 p.m., till 9 p.m.; Saturdays, 10 till noon only 

Glasgow Ropework, 58 StockwcU street, works 3 Bedford street, Laurieston 
Ghisgow Ropework (Eastern), Robertson & Co., 612 Gallowgate 

Glasgow (City of) Rope and Sail manufactory, Lancefield, warehouse 150 Brooraie- 

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Castle street 

Glasgow Royal Asylum for Lunatics, Gartnavel. Physician's office, 70 St. George's 

Glasgow Sale-Rooms, M'Tear & Kempt, 97 Argyll street 

Glasgow Saw-Mills, Port-Dundas. Baird & Brown 

Glasgow Sedan-Chair Office, 70 St. George's place 

Glasgow Stock Exchange, National Bank building.s. Queen street 

Glasgow (City of) Stock Exchange, Royal Exchange buildings 

Glasgow and Suburban Gas Light Co., 43 Miller St., works Dalmarnock, Bridgeton 

Glasgow Trunk, Packing-box, Tin-case, and Fancy Paper-box Manufactory, 85 
Mitchell street 

Glasgow Waterproof Cloth Co., 33 Virginia street 

Glasgow Water- works Office, 23 Miller st. D. MacKain, secretary and engineer 

Glasgow Writing-ink Manufactory, 137 George street 

GLASS, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 10 Jamaica street 

Glass, D., serated-water manufacturer and commission agent, 88 Clyde sti'eet, An- 

Glass, James, grocer, 183 !Main street, Gorbals 

Glass, Jarues, surgeon and oculist, 33 Kent street 

Glass, Thomas, 93 Hospital street 

Glass, William, boot maker, 39 Queen street; house 9 Abbotsford place 

Glass, Miss, milliner and straw-hat maker, 93 Hospital stre^^t 

GLASSFORD, Alexander, baker, 31 London street, and 10 Broomielaw 

Glassford, Charles F. O., chemist, 157 High street 

Glassford & French, boot and shoe makers, 99 Argyll street 

Glassford, J. B., Kippoch-hill cottage. Letters left at Railway office, St. Rollox 

Glassford, James, house-factor, 23 Stevenson street, Calton 

Glassford, Matthew, of Glassford ^ French, house 19 Great Hamilton street 

Glassford, William, designer to calico printers, agent to M. Picard, Rouen, and M. 
Troullier, Paris, 26 Gordon street 


]26 GLEN— GOUI.D. 

GLEN, Allan, wright, 6T North Frederick street 

Glen, Archibald, al J. Dunlop ^ Sons', house Kelvin Grove street, Royal terrace 

Glen, A. R„ of Glen ^ FerUon, house Hill place, 20 Stirling's road 

Glen & Feuton, cap manufacturers, warehousemen, and commission agents, 18 
Brunswick lane 

Glen, James, spirit dealer, 84 King street, Calton 

Glen, John, commission agent, 65 Glassford street, and 81 Wilson street, house 11. 
Cathcart street 

Glen & M'Indoe, silk and wool printers, 1-t Gordon st., works at Gateside, Barrhead 

Glen, Peter, general grocer and victualler, 52 King street, Tradeston 

Glen, Thomas, baker, 26 Malta street 

Glen, Thomas, Hawkhead Meal and Flour Store, 42 High street 

Gluneoig Fire Brick and Tile Work. Orders left at A. Nisbet's, 100 Trongate 

GLEN CROSS, William, fruiterer, 57 Nelson street 

GLENDINNI.VG, John, wriglit, 28 Spoutmouth 

Glbngarnock Iron Company's Office, 1 05 St. Vincent street 

Glensidk Distillery, Campbelton. Cowan & Co., 61 St. Vincent street, and John 
Orr, jun., 118 Union street, agents 

Glentosk Coal Co., 46 Queen street 

Gi.obe Insurance Office. James Christie, 22 Renfield street, S. M. Penney 16 St. 
Vincent place, and Kerrs & Anderson, 19 Gordon street, agents 

GLOVER, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 248 George street, and 61 John st. 

GODFREY, Johnston, nail and iron-heel manufacturer, and general shoe-furnisher, 
27 M;un street, Calton 

GOLDIE, James, brick-builder, ^8 Rutherglen loan, house 191 Thistle street 

Goldie, John, & Co., iron-foundei-s, Hayfield Foundry, Hatchesontown, and 33 Mal- 
ta str«etr Gorbals 

Goldie, John, of Carslaw ^ Henderson, 79 Bell street 

Goldie, John, of John Goldie ^ Co., house 9 Adelphi place 

GOOD, George, house-factor, 233 High street 

Good, George, jun., accountant and house-factor, and insurance agent, 63 St. Vin- 
cent street 

Good, Miss, 15 Hill street, Garnethill 

GOODaLL, William, confectioner, 48 Stevenson street, Calton 

GOODSIR, Joseph, teller, British Linen Company's bank, house 37 Paterson st., 

GOOUSTAIN & Liberman, oil cloth manufacturers, 10 Guildry court 

GOODWIN ifc Barclay, jewellers and watch case makers, 43 Argyll street 

Goodwill, John, of Sclanders ^- Goodwin, liouse 24 Lynedoch st., Woodlands road 

Goodwin, Michael, broker, 69 Prince's street 

Goodwin, Patrick, fishmonger, 86 Cowcaddens street 

Goodwin, Richard, spirit dealer, 38 King street, Calton 

Goodwin, Robert, house-lactor, 40 George street 

Goodwin, Thomas, baker, 228 High street 

Goodwin, William, of RalsLon, Goodwin, ^ Co., 87 Argyll street 

Goodwin, Mrs., 51 North Hanover street 

GOOLD, John, grocer, 16 Clyde street, Calton 

Goold, Robert, hosier and spirit dealer, 17 and 19 High street 

Goold, Thomas, blacksmith, Drj'gate toll 

Goold, William, cork manufacturer, 29 High street 

Goold, William, wholesale and retail grocer. 91 High street 

Goold, Mrs. Ann, spirit dealer, 49 Gallowgate 

GOULD, James, tea merchant and grocer, 439 Argyll street, house 5 Douglas st. 

Gould, James, &, Co., wholesale and retail grocers, 18^ Crown street 

Gould, Thomas, & Co., lace and sewed muslin manufacturers, and general importei's 
of foreign goods, 103 Maxwell street 

Gould, Thomas, of Thomas Gould ^- Co., house 44 Claremont place 

Gorbals Brass Foundrj', top of Portugal street 

Gorbals Burying-Ground. W. Howatt, superintendent, house 92 Hospital street 

Gorbals, Barony of. Procurator- Fiscal, John G. Houston, writer, 36 Miller street 

Gorbals Distillery, 23 Kirk street 

Gorbals Foundry Company, 206 Main st., Gorbals, and Govan st., Hatchesontown 

Gorbals Church and Parish Library,, .^essiori-hoase 


Gorbals Gravitation Water Company, office 90 South Portland street. George 

Hodges, manager 
Gorbals Heritors' Coilector's office, 51 Adelplii street 
Gorbals Youths' School, Grecnside street 
Gorbals Police-office, 47 South Portland street 
Gorbals Savings' Bank, 23 Nicholson street. Open every Saturday night from 7 

till 9 o'clock 
Gorbals Sessional School, 1 1 Norfolk court. John Thomson, teacher 
Gorbals Session Clerk's Office, 61 Adelphi street. J. Coats, clerk 
GORDON, Adam, of Gordon ^ Co., house 48 Abbotsford place 
Gordon, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 150 Main sti'eet, Bridgeton 
Goidon & Dunbar, messengers-at-arms and auctioneers, 182 Trongate 
Gordon & Co., British and Foreign shawl, cloak, and tartan warehouse, 120 Argyll 

Gordon, George, carting contractor, Ayr and Greenock Railway Goods Depot, 13 

Clyde place, and 130 Eglinton street 
Gordon, ^jeorge, confectioner and pastry baker, 25 and 27 Hutcheson street 
Gordon, George, gingham and pullicate manufacturer, 3 North court, 22 Exchange 

square, house 5 St. Vincent place 
Gordon, James, at Alex. Brown ^ Co.'s, house 13 Columbia place 
Gordon, James, boot-maker, 77 London street 
Gordon, Jajnes, of Gordon ^ Dunbar, house 182 Trongate 
Gordon, James, plumbsr, 18 York street.,,^^-^^'^ /^ iS?»i<i^'.t^- 
Gordon, J. F. S., M.A , minister of St. Andrew's Episcopal chapel, and chaplain to 

the troops, 122 South Portland street 
Gordon, John & James, oil and colour merchants and dyers, 200 George street, And 

Govan-Croft dye-works, Adelphi street, Hutchesontown 
Gordon, John, jun., & Co, merchants 22 Renfield street 
Gordon, John, teacher of English, geography, and history, 54 St. George's place, 

house 24 Pollock street. Paisley road 
Goi'don, John, of J. ^ J. Gordon, house 9 Clarendon place 
Gordon, John W., writer. County Buildings, house 40 y\bbotsford place 
Gordon & Meek, writers, 3 Royal Exchange court, Exchange sq., and Queen st. 
Gordon, Miiliken, «fe Co., tea merchants, 10 King street 
Gordon, Thomas, of Gordon ^ Meek, house 58 Buecleuch street 
Gordon, Thomas, agent and accountant, 22 St. Enoch square 
Gordon, Rev William, 84 Great Clyde street 
Gordon, William, tinsmith, 37 Main street, Anderston 
Gordon, William, grocer, 9 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Gordon, William, New Wellington Hotel, 17 George .square 
Gordon, W. A., teacher, Wellington place, 71 Sauchiehall street 
Gordon, Mrs., 3 Bath street 

Gordon, Mrs. William, Osborne buildings, Pitt street 
Gordon. Mrs. Major, 40 Abbotsford place 
GOR.VFAN, William, & Co., engravers and lithographers, die stamp and seal cutters, 

99 Trongate 
Gorman, Mrs. Dr., medical hall, and m\|dwife, 144 Bridgegate 
GOULD, see under Goold. 
GOSS.MAN, Adam, joiner, 18 Jackson street 
GOURLAY, Charles, house 64 Oxford street 
Gourlay, George, rag merchant, 173 Gallowgate 

Gourlay, George, slater, S William st., Greenhead, slate-yard, 46 Green St., CaU<m 
Gourlay, Henry, & Co., merchants and commission agents, 11 Union street 
Gourlay, Henry, of Henry Gourlay ^ Co., house 34 Abbotsford place 
Gourlay, James, rag merchant and agent, 3 Little Dovehill 

Gourlay, James, accountant. Prince's court, 32 Buchanan street, ho. 9 Carlton pi. 
Gourlie, James, of William Gourlie ^ Son, house 5 Melrose street 
Gourlay, John B., 54 Oxford street 

Gourlay, John, & Co., distillers, Port-Dundas, office 76 Maxwell street 
Gourlay, M. B., of John Gourlay <^- Co., house at the works, Port-Dundas 
Gourlay, Robert, jun., of Kay ^' Gourlay, 54 Oxford street 
Gourlay. Robert, boot and shoe maker, 13 Coronation buildings, Eglinton street 
Gourlay, Robert, 04 Oxford street 


Gourlle, Thomas, lace warehouse, 47 Argyll arcade 

Gourlie, William, of William Gourlie ^ Son, house 82 Hill street, Garnethill; 

Gourlay, William, 115 St. Vincent street 

Gourlie, William, & Son, merchants, 8 South Frederick street 

Gourlie, William, jun., of William Gourlie ^ Son, ho. 181 Renfrew st. Garnethill 

Gourlie, Mrs., straw-bonnet and stay-maker, and milliner, 16 Nelson street 

GouEOCK Ropework Co., 42 Clyde buildings. G. Johnston, jun., manager 

GOVAN & Gilmour, ship and insurance brokers and commission merchants, 2 
Howard street 

Govan, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 46 Main street, Anderston 

Govan, James, Railway hotel and tavern, 7 and 9 Clyde place 

Govan, John, of Govan &■ Gilmour, house 41 Cook street 

Govan, John, at John MCall ^- Co.'s, house 20 Great George street, Billhead 

Goran, Robert, ship-smith, 22 Dale street, Tradeston 

Govan, William, of William Govan §• Son, house Laurelbank, Hillhead 

Govan, William, jun , of William Govan ^ Son, house Laurelbank, Hillhead 

Govan, William, & Son, manufacturers, 15 Renfield street 

Govan, Mrs. James, 58 Renfield street 

Govan Annexation Poor- Rates Office, 17 Norfolk court 

Govan Bar-Iron Works Office, 1 Dixon street 

Govan Colliery Office, 1 Dixon street 

Govan Iron-works Office, 1 Dixon street 

Govan- Croft dj'eworks. J. & J. Gordon, Adelphi street, Hutchesontowa 

Govanhaugh dyeworks. Alexander Harvey, Hiitchesontown 

Govan Parish Road-money Office, 30 St. Enoch square. D. Dreghorn, collector 

Govan Parish Fcor-Rate Office, bO St. Enoch square. D. Dreghorn, collector 

Government Emigration Office, Custom House. J. R. Forrest, R. N., agent 

Government School of Design, 16 Ingram street 

GOW, Allan C, ship and insurance agent, 87 Union street, house 10 Cannning pi. 

Gow, Andrew, & Co,, merchants and drysalters, 35 Miller street 

Gow, Andrew, of Andrew Gow §■ Co., house 267 Argyll street 

Gow, Robert, merchant, 71 Queen st„ ho. 15 Abbotsford place 

Gow, Robert, jun., accountant and house-factor, agent for County Fire and Provi- 
dent Life offices, 71 Queen street, house 15 Abbotsford pi. (See Advertisement.) 

Gow, James, at Peter Burn ^ Co., house 28 Garscube place 

Gow, Thomas, grocer and tobacconist, 154 Saltmarkct 

Gow, Miss Margaret, grocer and spirit dealer, 10 Great Dovehill 

Gow, Miss, 28 Garscube place 

Gow, Mrs. George. 162 Sauchiehall street 

Gow, Mrs. John, poulterer, 199 Sauchiehall street 

GOWA, Koppel, &, Co., commission merchants, 16 Montrose street 

GOWANS, Adam, bookbinder, Sydney court, 62 Argyll street 

Gowans, Henry, of Mi.dr, Gowans, ^ Co., house 36 Nelson street 

Gowans, Mrs., straw-hat manufacturer, milliner, and dress-maker, 34 Nelson st. 

GOWDIE, David, coal agent, 74 High John street 

Gowdie, David, janitor, High School 

Gowdie, John, M.D., 38 South Portland street, house 44 do. 

GOWER, Henry, agent for the West of Scotland patent oil and grease Company, 
478 Gallowgate 

GOWLAND, Brothers, wholesale coffee and spice merchants, 32 Miller street, and 
starch manufacturers, 6 Paterson street 

GOTDER, David, at James Hamilton's, druggist, 163 Sauchiehall street 

Goyder, John T., chemist and druggist, and depot for the literature of the New Je- 
rusalem Chui'ch, 21 Canon street j 

GRaCIE, Thomas, sculptor, Rutherglen road, Hutchesontown, house 30 South j 
Wellington street ' 

GRAHAM, Adam, of W. A. §/■ J. Graham, house Thornwood, Particle 

Graham, Alexander, spirit agent, Islay bonding warehouse, 74 Maxwell street, ho. 
5 Milton place. West St. Vincent street 

Graham, Alexander, of Wm. Graham §• Co., house 202 Adelaide place 

Graham, Alexander, Eagle Temperance hotel, 69 Maxwell street i 

Graham, Archibald, & Co., manufacturers of gold thread and plate, gold and silver 
laces for ^xociiation, sewing and tambouring worsteds, 113 Brunswick street I 

GRAHAM. 120 

Graham, Charles Maxwell, 17 Woodside terrace 

Graham, Colin, Gas olHce, house 14 Kinnlng place 

Graham, David, wholesale tea anil wine merchant, 65 Jamaica street 

Graham, Duncan, flesher, 18 Main street, Anderston 

Graham, Duncan, spirit dealer, 67 and 69 Saltniarket 

Graham, George, iiiill-wright. Old Bridge-end, Particle 

Graham, James, of W. A. ^ J. Graham, house 13 Canning place 

Gneme, James, writer, 52 Charlotte street 

Graham, J. <fe C. M., cotton works, Sister street, C'alton. Letters, Ac, left at Wm, 
Sleigh's, 84 Wilson street 

Graham, James Maxwell, 17 Woodside terrace 

Graham, James, sen., Hornbank, Govan 

Graham, James, wright and builder, 184 Seorge street, house 49 Montrose street 

Graham, James, merchant, 41 Charlotte street 

Graham, James, 98 Parson street, Villafield 

Graham, James, saddler and harness-maker, 238 Argyll street, ho, 31 Robertson St. 

Graham, John, printer, 181 Trongate, house 49 Renfield street 

Graham, J. L., tailor and beadle of the Argyll Free church, 10 Oswald street 

Graham, John, accountant and factor; agent for the North British Insurance Co., 
107 Buchanan street, house 79 South Porland street 

Graham, John, of Graham and MDcmgall, house Rose cottage, Partick 

Graham, John, cf Anderson, Graham, §• Co., residence Lambhill 

Graham, John, provision merchant, 27 Green street, Calton 

Graham, John, beadle of St. John's church, 40 Graeme street 

Graham, John, baker and spirit dealer, 7 Clyde terrace 

Grseme, John, suigeon, 144 High street, house 29 Hutcheson street 

Graham, Rev, John, 101 Stirling's road 

Graham, J. & J. T., confectioners, 113 Trongate, and 98 Stockwell street 

Graham, John, washer and bleacher. High Green, Townhead 

Graham, John, spirit merchant, 1 New street, Calton 

Graham & M'Dougall, sewed muslin manufacturers, 127 Brunswick street 

Graham, Capt., Peter, Lochgoil steamer, house 70 Robertson street 
Graham, Peter, of M'CaUum §■ Graham, house 70 Robertson street 
Graham, Robert, & Co., pullicate and gingham manufacturers, 52 Glassfotd street 
Graham, Robert, & Co., pocket-book makers, 58 Buchanan street 
Graham, Robert, of William Graham ^ Co., house 210 Adelaide place 
Graham, Robert, dyer, 9 and 1 1 Shuttle street 
Graham, Robert, St. Mungo place, 188 Stirling's road 
Graham, Robert, grocer and victuallei*, 71 High street 
Graliam, Robert, cooper, 41 Carrick street 

Graham, T. & T. Hill, Sasine Office, 5 Moore place. West George street 
Graham, W. A. & J., writers, 42 George square 
Grahamc, Walter, <fe Co., commission merchants, 13 Exchange place 
Grahame, Walter, of Walter Grahame ^ Co., hou.xe 88 North Hanover street 
Graham, William & Co., merchants, 70 Miller street 
Graham, William & Robert, & Co., merchants, 70 Miller street 
Graham, Willham, jun., of William Grahame^- Co., house Castlemilk 
Graham, William, of Lambliill, at J. ^ W. Campbell ^ Co.'s, residence Lambhill 
Graham, William, spirit dealer, 13 Govan haugh 
Graham, William, of W. A. ^- J. Graham, house 4 Newton place 
Graham, William, woolen draper, 33 Argyll street 

Graham, William, goods agent, Ayrshire railway, 13 Clyde place, house 31 Pater- 
son street 
Graham, Miss Jane, green grocer, 5 New City road 

Graham, Miss Jane, teacher, St. Paul's school of industry, Greyfriars wynd 
Graham, Miss, stajTuaker, 13 Nelson street 
Graham, Miss, 92 Bath street 
Graham, Misses, lodgings, 255 George street 
Graham, Misses, milliners and dre.'smakers, 10 Salisbury street 
Graham, Misses, dressmakers, 40 West Russell street 

Graham, Miss Janet, teacher Normal Institution, house 40 West Russell street 
Graham, Mrs., 239 Buchanan street 
Graham, Mrs. John, 137 New City road 


Graham, Mra. John, 3 Balmarino street 

Grahanie, Mrs, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 139 Main street, Anderston 

Graham, Mrs. John, 88 North H.anover street 

Graham, Mrs., dressmaker, 19 Findhiy street 

Graham, Mi-s., flesher, Bell street market 

Graham, Mrs. J., green grocer, 63 Crown street 

Graham, Mrs. and Miss Fleming, seminary for young ladies, Claremont House 

Graham, Mrs M., spirit dealer, 200 Argyll street 

GRANDISON, James, machine maker, Govan street, house 2 Edwin place 

GRANGE, Robert, bootmaker, 43 Gallowgate 

Grange, Thomas, bootmaker, 15 Exchange place 

GRANGER, James, baker, 232 Argyll street 

Granger, John, baker, 86 Gar.'scube road 

Granger, Robert, paper-hanging, npholstery, and cabinet Warehouse, 9 St, Vincent 

place, house York place, 339 Argyll street 
Granger, Robert, cartwright, 33 King street, Tradeston 
Granger, Thomas, miller. File-mill, Townhead 

Grainger, William, painter and paper hanger, 6 Rose street and 7 Crown street 
Granger, Miss Jariet, dressmaker, 13 Hope street 
ijRAN'J', Alexander, merchant, 46 Renfield street 

Grant, Alexandei-, carver, gilder, and picture-frame maker, 72 Sauchiehall street 
Grant, Alexander, spirit dealer, 411 Gallowgate 
Grant, Alexander &, Co., dyers, 49 Spoutmouth 
Grant, Alexander, smith and farrier, 53^ Crown street 

Grant, Andrew, merchant, at G. ^ J. Burns, house 32 Parson sti*eet, Barony glebe 
Grant, Archibald, tiesher, 233 Gallowgate 
Grant & Co., cotton, worsted, and woollen yarn agents and commission merchants, 

34 Wilson street 
Grant, Charles, of Charles Grant §/■ Co., residence New Hall, house Greenhead 
Grant, Chai-Jes, spirit dealer, 120 High street 
Grant, Charles & Co., merchants, 34 Wilson street 

Grant, Duncan, of Grant ^ Co., and Charles Grant ^ Co., residence New Hall 
Grant, G. A., <& Co., hosiery and hosiery-yarn warehouse, 88 Trongate 
Grant, George, & Son, manufacturers by power, Mile-end 
Grant, George, of Georgti Grant §,■ Son, house 21 Whitevale street 
Grant, George, jun., of Georrie Grant ^ Son, Fordneuk factory, Mile-end 
Grant, George, accountant, 67 St. Vincent street, house Rutland place, Govan road 
Grant, Henry, of Grant §f Co., residence New hall 
Grant, James, builder, 2 Ho]>e street, Anderston 
Grant, James, spirit dealer, 6 Alston street 
Grant, James, 19 Stockwelj street 
Grant, .lames, jun., builder, 23 Douglas street 

Grant, J. & Co., coal merchants, 17 Pitt street and 1 Warroch street 
Grant, John, manufacturer, 60 Great Hamilton street 
Grant, John, tailor and elothier, 190 Trongate 

Grant, John, at Winchesliir ^ M'Gibbon's, house 37 Turner's court, Argyll street 
Grant, Captain John, shijimaster. 39 .Maxwell street 
Grant, Richard R., of Fat on ^ Grant, house 35 Rose street, Garnethill 
Grant, Tliomas, spirit dealer, 81 Candleriggs street 
Grant, William, wine, spirit, and tea merchant, 330 Argyll street 
GRASSE, E.. artist, colourman, and printseiler, 45 Queen st. (See Advertisement.) 
GRAY, A. F., of Customs, 109 Douglas street 
Gray, Andrew, 17 South Portland street 
Gr'ay, Archibald, flesher, 5 Richard street, Anderston 
Gray, Charles & David, distillers, 4 Muirhead sti-eet 
Gray, Charles, of Charles ^ David Gray, residence Shieldhall 
Gray, Charles, plain and decorativo painter and paper hanger, 6 and 8 Bath street 
Gray, David, «fc Son, clothiers, 81 (^ueen street 
Gray, David, auctioneer, 50 King street 

Gray, David, of David Gray ^ Son, honse 47 Sauchiehall street 
(•ray & Donaldson, caienderers and packers, 1 George square 
Gray, Rev. Dr. George, professor of Oriental languages, college 
Gray, Georee, 10 Roslin place, Garscube road 

GRAY. 131 

Gray, Henry, goldbeatter, 32 Dunlop street 

Gray, Henry, grocer and spirit dealer, 75 Hope street 

Gray, James, of James Gray §/• Co., house 5*7 Oswald street 

Gray, James, 13-1 North Montrose street 

Gray, James, of Gray ^ Donaldson, 38 St. Andrew's square 

Gray, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 651 Gallowgate 

Gray, J. & J,, proprietors, North British Advertiser, 98 Miller street 

Gray, James, & Co , iron-founders, engineers, and boiler-makers, 23 Washington St., 

(iray, J. & Co., cabinetmakers, 28 Spoutmouth 

Gray, James, cabinetmaker, 4 Hill street, Gallowgate 

Gray, James, Clydesdale tavern, 218 Broomielaw 

Gray, John, hosier and draper, 235 Gallowgate 

Gray, John, manufacturer of tobacco and snuff, 191 Argyll street 

Gray, Jolin, stockbroker, 191 Argyll street, house 3 South Margaret street 

Gray, John Boyle, writer, of Gray ^- Wilson, house 185 St. Vincent street 

Gray, John F., teacher of writing, arithmetic, and mathematics, 24 Wilson street 

Gray, John, of Brown, Dowries, |- Co., house 134 North Montrose street 

Gray, John, victualler and grocer, 10 M' Alpine street, and 34 Clyde st,, Anderstoa 

Gray, John, 99 South Portland street 

Gray, John, confectioner, 155 Trongate, house 16 South Portland street 

Gray, John, teacher, 38 Dale street, Tradeston — ' 

Gray, John, jun., 12 Warwick st;eet, Tradeston 

Gray, Matthew, manager Peel street factory, Peel street, Mile-end 

Gray, Peter, saddler, 103 Gaiscube road 

Gray, Richard, & Co., commission agents, 46 Gordon street 

Gray, Richard, of Richard Gray ^ Co , house 1 Kelvin terrace] 

Gray, Robert, of Robert Gray §/■ Co., bouse 191 Renfrew street 

Gray, Robert, & Co., coal-masters, office 56 Broomielaw 

Gray, Robert, & Co., brokers and commission merchants, 46 Gordon street 

Gray, Robt., & Son, goldsmiths, jewellers, and watchmakers, 78 Argyll street 

Gray, Robert, of Glcnorchard, 29 Lyncdoch street 

Gray, Robert, agent for Sliaws-water Cotton- Spinning Company, 83 Hutclieson st. 

Gray & Son, engravers, lithographers, copper-plate and gold printers, 67 Trongate, 

and 107 Buchanan street, house 84 Crown street 
Gray, Thomas, silk manufacturer, Queen court, 62 Queen st., house Breadalban6 

terrace, Hill street 
Gray, Thomas, storekeeper ahd grain weigher, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway 
Gray, Thomas, veterinary surgeon, 86 Maxwell st., house 38 Ropework entry 
Gray, Thomas, surgeon, 127 Gallowgate, house 1 Montsith row 
Gray, Thomas, tinware merchant and gasfitter, 47 Jamaica street, house 12 Cum- 
berland street 
Gray, Thomas, of David Gray ^ Son, house 9 Cambridge street 
Gray, Thomas, pastry-baker and confectioner, 26 Nelson street 
Gray, Walter, & Co., merchants, 46 Renfield street 
Gray, Walter, of Walter Gray ^- Co., house 14 Abercromby place 
Gray, William, of Robert Gray ^- Son, house Blairbeth, near Rutherglen 
Gray, William, of Wiliiam Gray ^- Co., house 48 Brougham place, Renfrew street 
Gray, William, manager, at Charles Todd ^ Higginhotham' s weaving factory. Com- 
mercial road, house 12 South Wellington street 
Gray, William, at Thomas M-Guffie's, 13 John street, house 14 Taylor street 
Gray, Wiliiam, egg and butter merchant, 59 Stevenson street, Calton 
Gray, William, spirit dealer, 23 Malta street 
Gray, William, & Co., fire-brick makers, 124 Poi-t-Dundas road 
Gray & Wilson, writers, 51 St. Vincent street 
Gray, Margaret, grocer and spirit dealer, 13 Well street 
Gray, Miss. 105 Douglas street 
Gray, Miss J., dressmaker, 27 Kent street 
Gray, Mrs., remnant shop, 45 Nelson sti'eet 
Gray, Mrs. Ale.xander, 90 Buceleuch street 
Gray, Mrs. James, 14 Abercromby street 
Gray, Mrs. John, lodgings, 77 West Nile street 
Gray, Mrs. P., Ladies'. Seminary, 99 South Portland street 
Gray, Mrs., Temperance Cofl'ee house, 39 Dundas street 



Gray, Mrs. William, spirit dealer, 45 East Clyde street 

GREEN, Bernard, general broker, 87 Old vennel 

GreeD, Daniel, general broker, 101 New vennel 

Green, George, of Frazer ^ Green, house 16 Fitzroy place 

Green, John, clothier, 52 Saltmarket street 

Gkeen Market, 46 Back wynd and New wynd 

Green, William, optical, mathematical, and philosophical instrument maker, 87 

London street 
GREENHILL, Mrs., 48 Buccleuch street 
GREENHORN, John, spirit dealer, 9 Douglas street 
GREENLEES & Colville, distillers, Campbelton. P. M. Hagart, agent, 20 St. 

Enoch square 
Greenlees, Robert, teacher of drawing and painting, 183 Elgin pi., Sauchiehall st. 
Greenlie, John, bootmaker, 162 Trongate street, and 84 Great Hamilton street 
Greenock Advertiser, Clyde Commercial Journal, and Scottish Railway Gazette 

office, 28 Glassford street 
Greenock Railway Co.'s Goods and Parcel Office, Springfield ct., 58 Buchanan st. 
Greenock Railway Station, 14 Bridge street 

Greenock Ropework Company, D. Johnstone, manager, 42 Clyde buildings 
GREENSHIELDS, A., & Co., clothiers, 87 Queen street 
Greenshields, A., of A. Oreenshields ^ Co., house 2 Rutland place, Govan road 
Greenshields, Brothers, piano-forte and music sellers, 19 Argyll arcade 
Greenshields, David, of Greenshields, Brothers, house 13 Holmhead street 
Greenshields, James, & Co., asphalte and waterproof-cloth manufacturers. Agents 
for Ritchie & Sons' roofing, inodorous, and other felts, Crown ct., 33 Virginia st. 
Greenshields, Robert, of Greenshields, Brothers, house 13 Holmhead street 
GREER, James, M.D., surgeon, professor of Kygeianism, 11 Hutcheson street, 

house 102 South Portland street 
Grier, James, Crown and Anchor tavern, 38 Trongate 
Grier, William, victualler, 13 Main street, Gorbals 
Grier, William, 36 Garscube place 

GREGG, John, agent for J. & F. Tallis, publishers, London, 48 Dundas street 
Greig & Begg, drapers, 55 Argyll street, house 70 North Hanover street 
Greig, David, accountant, Garnkirk Railway office, and 82 West Regent st. 
Greig, J. G„ surgeon dentist, 82 West Regent street 

Greig, Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 12 Moore street 

Greig, Joseph, jun., letter-carrier, Post-office, house 3 Green street, Calton 

Greig, Robert, wright and mangle-maker, 20 Greyfriars' wynd, house 44 Taylor st. 
(See Advertisement.) 

Greig, William, accountant, 82 West Regent street 

Greig, William N., teacher of geography, writing, and arithmetic, 4 Wemyss place 

Greig, Wm„ clerk. Royal bank, house 23 Warwick street 

Greig, William, manager, Glasgow New Apothecaries' Hall, 67 and 69 Glassford st.. 
house 2 Ure place, Montrose street 

Greig, William, plasterer, 69 Bishop street, Port-Dundas 

Greig, William, grocer, 86 Kirk street, Calton 

GRIBBEN, Henry, M. D., surgeon, 133 Bridgegate street, house 4 Merchant lane 

GRIER. See Greek 

GRIERSON, Arehd.jGracie,'Abbotsford hotel and tavern, and commercial lodgings, 
28 Jamaica street 

Grierson, James, tailor, 3 Govan street 

Grierson & Murray, goldsmiths and jewellers, 34 Buchanan street 

Grierson, Robert, nail manufacturer, 40 M'Alpin street 

Grierson, William, at William Craig §• Co.'s, house 76 Abbotsford place 

Grierson, William, at Campbell ^ Co.'s, house 11 Union sti-eet 

GRIEVE, Alexander, of Grieve j,- Cochrane, house 5 Morris place, Monteith row 

Grieve & Cochrane, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 44 High street 

Grieve, George, wine and spirit merchant, 78 Wellington street 

Grieve, Mansfield, mining engineer, 108 West George sti-eet 

Grieve, Robert & Thomas, wholesale tea merchants, 7l Wilson street 

Grieve. Mrs., .Albert terrace, 199 Renfrew street 

Grieve, Mrs. Archibald, 9 Ure place 

GRIFFIN, Charles, of Richard Griffin ^- Co., house 1 ProvansiJe 



(rrifiin, Richard, & Co., publishers, booksellers, stationers, and manufacturers of 
chemical apparatus, 40 Buchanan street 

GRIFFITH, Peter, boot and shoe inalcer, 25 Canon street 

GRINDLAY, George, confectioner, 13 Saltmarl-et street 

GROCOTT, Thomas, engraver and lithographer, 11 and 13 Wellington arcade 

Grocott, Thomas, general fancy bazaar and repository for stationery, perfumery, 
and Berlin wools, 11 <fe 13 Wellington arcade. (See Advertisement in Appendix.) 

GnARANTEE Socicty of London. Agents, T. G. Buchanan, and L. M, Kerr, 157 
Buchanan street. (See Advertisement in Appendix.) 

Guardian Assurance Company, 19 Cochran street 

Guardian Newspaper Office, 94 Miller street 

GUIBARD, F. I., at Crailsheim ^ Herman's, 93 Glassford street 

GUILD, James, 20 Whitevale street 

Guild, John, of Guild, Rankin ^ Co., 113 Candleriggs street 

Guild, Rankin, & Co., Scotch woollen warehousemen, yarn merchant, and commis- 
sion agents, 113 Candleriggs street 

Guild, William, & Co. , merchants, 2 1 St. Vincent place 

Guild, William, of William Guild 8f Co., Dalblair House, Ayr 

GULLAN, Robert, brush, basket, and toy shop. 111 George street 

GULLILAND, James, victualler, 15 Cavendish street 

GUMPRECHT, Julius, merchant, 4 Meadowside, Woodland road 

GUNION, John, of Jaffrey §• Gunion, house 74 Charlotte street 

Gunion, William, of Jaffrey ^ Gunion, house 85 Candleriggs street 

GUNN, Benjamin, clothier, 15 Buchanan street, house 113 Renfrew street 

Gunn <fe Co., fent dealers, 46 Jamaica street 

Gunn, F. D., agent, 9 Stirling street 

Gunn, George, coal merchant and minibus proprietor, 89 John street 

Gunn, George, porter, Clydesdale bank 

Gunn, James, student of divinity, 89 John street 

Gunn, John, letter-carrier, Post-Office, house 89 High John street 

Gunn, J. G., clerk, British Linen Company bank, house 2Y Kinning place 

Gunn,"^ Thomas, clothier, 64 Cowcaddens street 

Gunn, William, bagpipe-maker, 48 Gallowgato 

Gunn, W. & D , & Co., shuttle-makers, 4 Orr street 

GUNNIS, George, at Charles Todd ^ Eigpinlotham's, house 4 Maxwelton place 

Gunnis, George P., commission merchant, 136 Buchanan street ' 

GUTHRIE, Alexander, 99 Finlay place 

Guthrie; David, provision merchant, 77 High street, 110 Gallowgate, and 69 Co\?- 
caddens street 

Guthrie, James, corn merchant, 11 Union street 

Guthrie, Kinloch, & Co., calico-printers, 43 Buchanan street 

Guthrie, Robert, at R. §r J). Latta's, 49 Maxwell street 

Guthrie, William, accountant, 163 Eglinton street 

Guthrie, William, writer, 49 West George street 

Guthrie. William, tailor and clothier, 172 Argj'll street, and 6 Union street 

GuTTA Percha Wholesale Warehouse, 6 Dixon street 

HADAWAT, John P. S , manager, Karnes Gunpowder Company, 25 St. Enoch 

square, house 88 Buccleuch street, Garnethill 
HADDEN, Alexander, bookseller and stationer, 181^ High street 
Hadden, John, bookseller and stationer, 179 High street 
Haddin, Mrs., 2 Binnie place, Monteith row 
IIADDOW, John, warehouseman, 39 Stirling square 
Haddow, Robert, at Broiun ^ Co., house 60 Clyde street, Calton 
Haddow, Mrs. Archibald, spirit dealer, 20 Cheapside street 

HADFIELD, George, ironmonger, cutler, edge-tool and saw-maker, 47 Argyll st. 
HAIG, James, &, Son, distillers, 108 Stockwell street 

Haig, Robert, & Co., distillers, Seggie, Agent, Jas. Richardson, jun., 31 Miller st. 
Haig, Thomas, inspector of tallow, 62 Market street, house Victoria place, 184 

Crown street 
HAIR, David, at Hugh Bogle ^ Co.'s, 88 St. Vincent street 
Hair, James, general grocer, 66 Taylor street 


Hair, William, house factor, 35 Robertson street 

H ALBERT, George, cabinetmaker, 60 High street 

Ilalbert, Joseph, & Co., slaters, 73 Main street, Anderston 

HALDANE, Henry, of Anderson ^ Haldane, house 191 Renfrew street 

HALKET, Henry, spirit dealer, IGi Main street, Gorbals 

Halket, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 310 Argyll street 

nALiF.*x, Boston, and New York, Royal Mail Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan st. 

HALL, Alfred, M.D., 213 St. Vincent street 

Hall ifc Crawford, shawl and mousseline-de-laiiie printers, lOi Vii-glnia place 

Hall, George, & Co., coffee merchants, 61 Unioa street 

Hall, James, & Co., pullicate and gingham manufacturers, 4 Montrose street 

Hal!, John, brazier and tin-plate worker, 171 Main street, Gorbals 

Hall, John, haberdasher, 28 Main street, Anderston 

Hall, Robert, rope work, St. Rollox, office 186 Castle street 

Hall, Robert, jun., rope and twine manufacturer, Depot road, St, Rollox 

Hall, W. D., writer, of Ferguson ^ Hall, \15 Buchanan street 

Hall, William, surgeon, 144 Stobcross street 

Hall, Miss, 10 Wellington sti-eet 

Hall, Mrs., lodgings, 128 Union street 

HALLEY & Forrest, engineers, Bobbie's loan, Port-Dundas 

HaUey, P. M'Beth, of Western Bank, 169 Great Hamilton street 

Halley, William, wine and spirit merchant, 10 Douglas street 

HALIjIDAY, Misses, milliners and dr'^ssmakers, 177 St. Vincent street 

HAMIL, John & Co., provision merchant and poulterer, 26 Howard street 

HAMILTON, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealei-, 4 Foster's lane, Eglinton street 

Hamilton, Andrew, grain merchant, 118 Uuion street, house 113 Renfrew street 

Hamilton, Andrew, clothier, 18 Huteheson street 

Hamilton, Andrew, manufacturer, 16 Brunswick lane, ho, Tyrefield House, Billhead 

Hamilton, Andrew, 23 1 St. Vincent street 

Hamilton, Andrew, merchant, 109 Renfrew street 

Hamilton, Archibald, manager. North British Insurance office, 8 Royal Exchange 

square, house 320 St. Vincent street 
Hamilton, Archibald, grain merchant, 62 Argyll street, ho. 9.5 N. Hanover street 
Hamilton, Archibald, at John Honeyman ^, Co.'s house, 113 Renfrew street 
Hamilton, Archibald, cowfceder, 10 Park lane 
Hamilton Arms tavern, W. Child, 76 Gallowgate 
Hamilton, Brothers, & Co., merchants, ship and insurance brokers, agents for 

British Com. insurance Co., and New York line of Packets, 240 Broomielaw quay 
Hamilton, Charles, wine merchant, and agent for the Scottish Union Insurance Co., 

1 17 Queen street 
Hamilton & Co., merchants, 240 Broomielaw quay 
Hamilton, David, yarn and c:immission merchant, 62 Ingram street 
Hamilton, David, fruit merchant, 43 London street 

Hamilton, Dundas, of M'Naughtan ^ Hamillon, ho., 6 Melrose st.. Queen's crescent 
Hamilton Farm, and Fullarton Coal office, 56 St. Vincent place 
Hamilton, Gavin, wine and spirit dealer, 6 and 10 Stockwell street 
Hamilton, Gavin, grocer, and spirit dealer, 23 Kirk street, ToAvnhcad 
Hamilton, Georg6, wine and spirit merchant, 22 Cook street, Tradeston 
Hamilton, Gilbert, provision merchant, 181 Buchanan street 
Hamilton & Jack, manufacturers, 14 Montrose street 
Hamilton, James, 181 St. Vincent street 
Hamilton, James, of Hamilton ^ Co., residence Govan 
Hamilton, James, of Robert Barclay ^ Curie, house Lancefield place 
Hamilton, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 19 Reid street, Bridgeton 
Hamilton, James, writer, of J. ^ J. Hamilton, house 5 Richmond street 
Hamilton, James, auctioneer, appraiser, and general commission agent, 90 Argyll 

street, house 129 Ashburton place, Renfrew street 
Hamilton, J. ik J., writers, 17 South Hanover street 
Hamilton, James, dairyman, 2 Brook street, Mile-end 
Hamilton, James, minibus proprietor, and tavern keeper, 37 Trongatc 
Hamilton, James, manufacturer, 16 Brunswick lane 
Hamilton, James, boot and shoe maker, 92 Eglinton street 
Hamilton, James, accountant, Western bank, house 7 Apsley pi., Great Western rd. 




Hamilton, Jaraes D., writer, of J. Sf J. Hamilton, liouse 6 South Hanover street 
Hamilton, -Tames, cliemisfc and manufacturer of aerated water, 158 Sauchiehall st. 

house 9 Cambridge street 
Hamilton, John, baker and grain merchant, 91 Gallowgate 
Hamilton, John, insurance broker, and commission agent, 91 Miller street 
TIamilton. John, shuttle-maker, 218 Gallowgate 
Hamilton, John George, 167 St. Vincent street 
Hamilton, John, green -grocer, 215 Argyll street 

Hamilton, John, <fe Sons, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 29 King street 
Hamilton, John, 41 Clyde buildings, Tradeston 
Hamilton, John, baker, 18 Tobago street, Calton 
Hamilton, John, furnishing ironmonger, gas fitter, Ac, 146 Argyll street, house 27 

Waterloo place., Kingston 
Hamilton, John, <b Co., agents and contractors for gas apparatus, 179 Argyll street 
Hamilton, John, of John Hamilton ^ Co., house 27 Waterlo place, Kin"3ton 
Hamilton, John, provision merchant, 26 Main street, Anderston 
Hamilton, John, provision merchant, 60 Bridgegate street, and 20 Finlay street 
Hamilton, J. <fe R., oil and colour merchants, St, David's court, 16 Canon street 
Hamilton, Joseph, baker, 90 Dalmarnock road 
Hamilton, Joseph, merchant, 21 East Russell street 
Hamilton, Matthew, & Co., cotton-yarn merchants and manufacturei-s, 85 Candle- 

riggs street, and 100 Brunswick street 
Hamilton, Petei% of W. ^ J. Davidson ^ Co., house 126 North Montrose street 
Hamilton, Peter, wholesale and retail grocer, 4 Robertson street 
Hamilton & .Viller, stone-carvers. Mason street 
Hamilton, Robert, agent, 13 St. Andrew's square 
Hamilton, Robert, provision merchant, 12 Crown street 
Hamilton, Robert, of Thos. Allan ^ Co., 23 Gordon street 
Hamilton, Robert, flesher and provision merchant, 166 Gallown-ate 
Hamilton, Robert, dairyman, 11 Hospital street 
Hamilton, Robert, of Combe ^ Hamilton, house 35 Warwick street 
Hamilton, Samuel, grocer and provision merchant, 58 Canning street, Oalton 
Hamilton, Thomas, at J. ^ E. Tennant's, house 127 Murray place, City road 
Hamilton, T, & J., wood turners, 62 Sydney street, house 200 Duke street 
Hamilton, Thomas, grocer and victualler, lOo Main street, Bridgetoii 
Hamilton, Thomas, victualler and dairyman, 4 South St. Mungo street 
Hamilton, Thomas, victualler, 31 Kent street 
Hamilton, Thomas, provision merchant, 1 48 Cowcaddens street 
Hamilton, Thomas, victualler, 22 and 24 Stobcross street, Anderston 
Hamilton, Thomas, baker and victualler, 20 North Albion street, and 78 Kin<^ st. 

office, 5 1 College street, house Carswell's land, Stirling's road 
Hamilton, Walter, boot and shoe warehouse, 831 Argyll street 
Hamilton, AVilliam, bookseller, stationer, librarian, and printer, 139 & 141 Renfield 

street, house 137 do. 
Hamilton, William, at Robert Bogh ^ Co.'s, residence Northpark 
Hamilton, William, dairyman, 93 Parliamentary road 
Hamilton, William, of Hamilton ^ Jack, house 116 Mains' street 
Hamilton, William, victualler, 26 Kent street 
Hamilton, William, hiil clerk, 4 Parliamentary road 
Hamilton, William, pawnbroker, 30 High street 
Hamilton, William, spirit dealer, 111 High street 
Hamilton, William, provision merchant and victualler, 66 King street 
Hamilton, William, pattern-designer, 49 Cadogan street 
Hamilton, Miss Agnes, grocer and victualler, 127 Main street, Gorbals 
Hamilton, Miss G., milliner, 75 Bath street 
Hamilton, Miss, 9 Oakfield place, Jane street 
Hamilton, Miss, 9 Woodside crescent 

Hamilton, Mrs., hardware merchant, 11 St. Andrew's street 
Hamilton, Mis. A., confectioner, 80 Stevenson street, Calton 
Hamilton, Mrs. Archibald, 3 Melrose street. Queen's crescent 
Hamilton, Mrs. Robert, dairy, 1 1 Hospital street 
Hamilton, Mrs. T., spirit dealer, 46 Market street 
Hamilton, Mrs. William, victualler, 121 Gallowgate 



HANDLE Y, Jolin, trunk an J portmanteau maker, 101 Argyll street 

HANLY, Rev. Patricl:, 38 Portugal street 

H ANN AY, Alexander, baker, 110 Cowcaddcns street 

Hannah, Alexander, brace, bit, and auger maker, 89 Kirk street, Oalton 

Hannah, James, surgeon, of Hannah §/■ Norva!, house 7 High street 

Hannay, Anthony, of Kelly ^ Co., house 1 Clarciuont street, Roj'al crescent 

Hannah «fe Norval, surgeons, 10 Saltraarkct street 

Hanna, John, governor of the Town's Hospital, 324 Parliamentary si ., house 326 do, 

Hannah, Matthew, victualler, 13 Canning street, Calton 

Hannah, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 67 Burnside, Garscube road 

Hannay, Robert, of Rusko, 5 Falkland place, St. George's road 

Hannah, Thomas, victualler and spirit dealer, 41 Gordon street 

Hannay, William, baker, 204 Argyll street 

Hannah, William, Weavers' office, 28 Green street, Calton ■• 

Hannay, William, brassfounder and gas-fitter, 42 Bath street 

Hannah, Mrs., grocer, 127 Main street, Anderston '- 

H ANN AN, James, of Henry Monteith ^ Co., house 12 EIrabank crescent 

HANDYSIDE, N, <fc B. , merchants, ship and insurance brokers, and agents fortlie 

National Provident Institution, 18 Gordon street • 

Handyside, N., of N. &r R. Handyside, house 32 Lynedoch street *. 

Handyside, N., Russian Vice- Consul, 18 Gordon street 
Handyside, R. B., of N, ^ R. Handyside, house 122 Hope street 
HAEBOUR-Master's Office, 1 6 Robertson street '■ 

HARDIE, AJexander, builder, 4 Greenhill street 

Hardie, Captain J., Lancefield place ' 

Hardie, David, bar-officer. Sheriff ct., keeper of the Sheriff's chambers, Wilson st. 
Hardie, E. «fe T., boot and shoe makers, 14 London street 
Hardie, Henry & William, machine makers, spindle makers, smiths,and iron turners, 

73 Duke street 
Hardie, Henry, grocer and spirit dealer, C6 Renfrew street, and 1 73 Hope street 
Hardie, James, baker, 24 Main street, Gorbals 
Hardie, James, painter, 132 Hospital street 
Hardie, John, at Mrs, Shirra's, 30 Hope street 
Hardie, Starke, <fe Co.. silk, calico, and de lane printers, Locherfield. Letters left 

at D. M'Donald's, 68 Glassford street 
Hardie, Thomas, & Co., ship and house smiths, 163 Dale street, Tradeston, house 24 

Scotland street 
Hardie, William, teacher of English, 144 West Regent street 
Hardj% Miss, dressmaker, 14 Brunswick street 
Hardie, Mrs. lodgings, 23 George street 
Hardie, Mrs., furnishings, shop 2 Greenhill street 
Hardie, Mrs., 33 Rose street, Garnethill 
Hardie, Mrs., 4 Albion court, 41 North Albion street 

Hare, S., manager, Lanccfeld Spinnhig Co.'s tvorJcs, ho. 2 Albert pi., Kingston 
HARGAN, James, traveller, 160 Saltmarket street 
HARKIN, John, auctioneer, 80 and 82 Saltmarket, house 80 Bridgegato 
HARKNESS, Adam, baker, 160 Gallowgate 
Harkness, Adam, clerk Canal Brewery 
Harkness, Mies, dressmaker, 106 Renfrew street 

HARLEY, Andrew, of D. Harley Sf Co., house 93 South Portland street 
Harley, Archibald Bell, shawl merchant and manufacturer, 69 Ingram street, house 

241 Buchanan street 
Harley, David, <fe Co., cotton yarn merchants, 22 John street 
Harley, David, of D. Harley ^ Co,, house 99 Hill street, Garnethill 
Harley, James, from W. &/■ R. Turner; letters left at the Post Office 
Harley, William, starcher, 66 and 68 Rose street, Hiitchcfontown 
Harley, Misses, ladies' boarding school, 2 Newton place 
• Harley, Mrs., midwife and sick nurse, 368 Gallowgate street 
Harley, Mrs., lodgings, 436 Argyll street 

HARPER, Andrew, victualler, stores 72 Broomielaw st., retail siiops 290 Gallow- 
gate, 92 Kirk st., Calton, 169 Castle st., and 2 Kirk st., Townlicnd 
Harper, Andrew, provision dealer, 94 Crown street 
Harper, John, druggist, 20 Jamaica street, house 38 North Albion street 



Harper, .Tolin, fiuitcrcr, 15 Norfolk sfreot 

Harper, Ilobert, victualler, ."S Cavendish st., and lOfi Main st., Gorbals, ho. Ifll do. 

Harper, Samuel, grain merchant^ 105 Saucliichall street 

Jfarper & Son, agents for the United Kingdom Life Insurance Co., IC/J Sauchiehatt 

Harper, Mrs. ,Tohn, victualler, 51 Garncube road, house 9 Grove street 

Harper, Miss, 68 West Regent street 

HARlirS, Abram, jeweller, 21 Stockwoll place 

Harris, James, bootmaker, 70 Nelson street, house 28 South Albion street 

HAKlllSON, John, E.xeise I'erraifc writer, 41 London .street 

Harrison, Mrs., lodgings, 03 John street 

HARROWER, George, at TanwiJiill ^ Roberlaon's, house 48 f.ondon street 

narrower <& Brown, general jirinters and engravers, 11 St. Andrew'.s sqnare 

HART, David, builder, 74 llospitiil street 

Hart, David, «fe Co., builders, 58 Miller street 

Hart, Hugh, 0/ Olasriow Apothecaries' Co., house 98 Montrose street 

Hart, Jaracs, 0/ Robert Bart Sr Cu.\ house 64 West Regent street 

Hart, John, agent for the National bank of Scotland, house 2 Woodside place 

Hart, John, tailor and clothier, 57 Nelson street, Tradeston 

Hart, Robert, plumber and zinc worker, 2 Canning street, Calton, liouse 1 South 
Cumberland street 

Hart, Robert, <fe Co., raanufacturcra, 23 South Frederick street 

Hart, William, Procurator- Fiscal, Sherilfs chambers, Wilson stract, house 5 Green- 
la^r place, Paisk^y road 

Hart, William, <fe Co , clothiers, hatters, and outfitters, 151 Argyll street 

Hart, William, of William ILirl ^ Co., house 33 Pollock street. Paisley road 

HARTfllLL AS Almond, newspaper and advertising agents, 70 Wilson street 

HARVEY, Alexander, dyers, works Govanhaugh, house 4 South Wellington place. 
Place of rail, Mr. John Oatts, 103 Qncoa street 

Harvio, Alexander, of Harvie and M Gavin, house Woodl.'.nd cattage, Woodlands rd. 

Harvie, .Andrew, accountant and agent for the Cnlcdonian Fire and Life Innirance 
Com])any, 153 Q,ueen street, house 2 Elmbank place 

Harvie, Archibald, </ Stewart ^ Harvie, house 64 Abbotsford place 

Harvie, Black, &, Co., luerchants, 83 Buchanan street 

Harvie, Douglas, carter and coal agent, 83 New L.ilmarnock road 

Harvie, G. E., accountant and stockbroker, 153 Queen street 

HarvieG, . R., of Harvie ^ Winton, house 20 Candlcriggs itreet 

Harvey, Hugh, <fe Son, wrights, Killermont street, houjc 28j Buchanan street 

Harvey, J. E., wine and spirit merchant, 229 Buchanan street, and 2 Bath street, 
liouse 53 Buccleuch street 

Harvey, James, surgeon, 00 Renfrew street, Dispensary 122 West Campbell st. 

Hai/ey, James, wine and spirit merchant, 21 and 23 Candlcriggs street 

Harvie, James, 43 Stock well street 

Harvey, James, of Campbdl, Harvei), ^ Co., ho. 7 SommerviUe pi , Monteith row 

Harvey, James, brassfounder and i-on-turner, Craignestock, cast end of Great Ha- 
milton street, house 3 Canning street 

Harvey, John, grocer and victualler, 291 Argyll street 

Harvey, John, of Hugh Harvey ^ Son, house 282 Buchanan street 

Harvey, John, warehouseman, 09 Ingram street, ho. 147 West Regent street 

Harvey, John, 23 Gloucester street, Kingston 

Harvie, John, horse-dealer, 32 Great Clyde st., ho. 94 South Portland st. 

Harvie, John, of W ^ ./. Harvqi, house 80 Wellington street 

Harvey, John & Hubert, & Co., distillers, Dundas hill, Port-Dundas, office 76 Max- 
well street 

Harvie, John, oj Harvie, Black, ^ Co., house 40 Eldcn street, Greenock 

Harvey, Johti .fe AVilUam, & Co., distillers, Yoker. office 76 Maxwell street 

Harvie A M'Gavin, grain-millers, .\nderston grain-mills, 20 Washington street 

HaiTcy, Nathaniel, tailor «nd clothier, 193 Argyll street 

Harvey, Robert, of John i^- ll'ihcrt Harvcij, house Pinkston 

Harvey, Robert, mahogany merchant, cabinetmaker & upholsterer, 48 Stockwell st, 
Marvey, Robert, spirit dealer, 40 Hutcheson street 

ilarvie, W. & J„ cabinetmakers and timber merchants, 75 North Wellington utreet 
Harvey, WJlliam, rag merchant, 33 Bell street 


nnarairnrwinTiiM-^ii ii i — 


llarvie, William, of W. ^- J. Harvie, house 29 Wellington lane 
Harvie & Wintoii, tailora, clothiers, and hatters, \ 08 Trongate 
Hai-vey, W^illiam, jun,, of John Gourlay §• Co., house at the works. Port Dundas 
Harvey, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 15 Clyde terrace 
Harvey, Mrs., 162 Bedford place, Renfrew street 
Harvey, Mrs., 5 Windsor place 

Harvey, Mrs. J., commercial lodgings, 5 Woodlano, Broomielaw 
Harvie, Mrs , 52 Rcnfield street 

HASTIE, Alexander, Lord Provost and M.P., of E. Hastie Sr Co., ho. 212 Bath at. 
Hastie, Alexander, President of Anderston New Friendly Society, York street 
Hastie, David, cabinet and chair maker, 1 7 Greenside street, Gorbala 
Hastie, Robert & Co., merchants, 13 John street 
Hastie, William, sen., agent, 33 Virgini,-* street 

Hiistie, William, painter and paper-hanger, 51 Hutchcson street, honse 49 do 
HASTINGS, Alexander, grain merchant, 56 Jamaica street, house 33 India street 
HATRICK, John, surgeon and druggist, 148 Gallovvgate, house 22 Charlotte st. 
Hatrick, Peter, herbalist and druggist, 9 Spontraouth 
Hawkhead Bnking Establishment, Thomas Glen, 42 High street 
H.A.Y, Andrew, warden of Calton burying-ground, G Ritchie's lane, Caltoii 
Hay, David, warehouseman, 33!) Argyll street 
Hay, James, of William Hay §/■ Co., house 80 Buccleuch street 
Hay, James, builder, 5 Gloucester street, Kingston 
Hay, John, at J. <J' W. Campbell §■ Co.'s, house 110 Crown street 
Hay, John, grocer, 60 Weaver street 

Hay, John Barras, surgeon, 408 Argyll street, 16 Douglas street 
Hay, Matthew, spirit dealer, 32 Crown street 

Ilay, Merricks, & Co., Roslin gunpowder mills. John ?miih, agent, So St. Vin- 
cent street 
Hay, Peter, silk dyer, 112 West Nile street 
Hay, Robert, commission agent, 98 West George street 
Hay, Robert, surgeon, 14 Great Clyde street 
Hay, Thomas, baker, 25 Finlay street 

Hay, William, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 38 Queen street 
Hay, William, of William Hay ^ Co., house 9 Newton place 
Flay, William, fruiterer and confectioner, 26 Canning street 
Hay, Miss Jane, straw-hat maker, 278 High street 
Hay, Mrs. Robert, lodgings, 1 1 George street 
HAYES, Henry, fruiterer, 268 Buchanan street 
Hatfield Foundry. John Goldie & Co., Hutchesontown 
IIAYMAN, Thomas, carter, 124 Brunswick street 
HEALY, Joseph, ladies' boot and shoe maker, 109 Buchanan .street, house 71 

Waterloo street 
HECTOR, John, bootmaker, 2S4 Argyll street, house 71 Waterloo street 
Hector, Mi.sscs, milliners and dressmakers, 6 Wellington street 
HEDDERWICK, James & Son, printers to the Q,ueeii, 22 St. Enoch square 
Hedderwick, .Tames, editor of the Glasgow Citizen, house 1 Rutland crescent 
Hedderwick, John, &, Co., Dundee warehouse, 16 and 18 Stirling street, house 23 

Nicholson street 
Hedderwick, John, Citizen Office, house 23 Carlton place 
Hedderwick, J. W., & Co., distillers, Woodfoot distillery, Govan street 
i;-:ddervick & Kyle, civil engineers and land surveyors, 57 West George street 
Hedderwick, Robert, of James Hedderwick ^- Son, house 23 Roseland terrace 
Hedderwick, IMaitland, of John Hedderwick ^- Co., house 23 Nicholson street 
Hedderwick, William, of Heddcnvick ^- Kyle, house 23 Carlton place 
HEGGIE, George, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 25 Ingram street, workshops and 

warehouse, 17 Stirling'?! road, house 8 Cornwall place, Stirling's road 
JTeggie, James, bookseller, 13 Saltmarket street 
Heggie, James, cabinetmaker and joiner, 3 Love loan, oflF High John street, houso 

15 Tarbet street 
HEITON, Thomas, wright, 48 Cadogan street, house 61 Waterloo street 
HENDERSON, A. J., tailor, clothier, and hatter, .58,^ Stevenson street 
Henderson, A. 0., of the Post-Office, house 93 Castleinilk place 
Henderson, A, R., accountant and share broker, 37 Virsinia street 


Jlenderson, Alex. P., solicitor, comiiiissioner foi- Scotland of tiic Su]>ei-ior Courts of 

I>aw and Equity in England and Ireland, 77 Montrose street 
Henderson, Andrew, lathsplitter, 1 1 Oswald struct 

Henderson, Andrew, of R. S,- J. Henderson, house 1 India street, Somerset placu 
Henderson, Charles, upholsterer, 28 Rcnfield street 
Henderson, David, hosier, furnishings, <tc., 40 Main street, Anderston 
Henderson, Francis, grocer, 59 Ingram street, house 128 John street 
Henderson, Geo., Posc-efficc Ilecelving-IIo. and Commercial tavern, 5i Broomielaw 
Henderson, George, of Patrick Henderson §■ Co., iiouse 9 Richmond street 
Henderson, Hector, distiller, 2 1 St- Enoch square, house 24 Warwick street Lauries- 

ton; distilleries at Camiachie and Islay 
Henderson, Henry, grocer, 117 West George street, house 4 Dalhousie place 
Henderson, Henry, of White ^- Hunderson, house 2G1 Buchanan street 
Henderson, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Findlay street 
Henderson, Hugh, commission ai^ent, 59 King sti-cet 
Jlcnderson, Hugh, house agent and factor. SOI Gallowgate 

Henderson, Rev. Dr. James, of Free St. Enoch's, ho. 4 M>insGeld pi. W. Regent st. 
Henderson, Captain James, shipowner, 31 Elmbank crescent 
Henderson, James, shipmaster, 5 Dalhousie place. New City road 
Henderson, James, joiner, trunk and packing-box maker, 50 Gordon street 
Henderson, James, bakei', 218 and 219 Cascie street 

Henderson, J. «fe J., agents, house-fnctors, and sheiiff-officers, 7 Exchange jdace 
Henderson, James, ship agent, 34 Forth street, Port-Dundas 
Henderson, Jaraes, agent, house-factor and .sheriff-ofiieer, 110 Ci'own street 
Henderson, James, of .1. Henderson §/■ Co., house 123 West Nile street 
Henderson, J. & Co., coach-builders, 191 Buchanan street 
Henderson, Jno., of R. §' J. Henderson, residence Park, by Dalmuir 
Henderson, John, of Carslaw S/- Henderson, residence Mrs. Nisbets, 9 So. Ap;ikn' j)i. 
Henderson, John C, at Sheriff -clerk's ajfcc, house 128 Gastlcinilk place 
Henderson, John, collector of police assessment. Southern District, Baronial build- 
ings, house Roschill, Shaws road 
Henderson, John, & Co., tea, coffee, and spice merchants, l7 Stobcross street, and 

213 Cowcaddens street 
Henderson, John, of J. Henderson ^ Co., house IG Bath street 
Henderson, John, at Patrick Henderson ^- Co.'s, house 9 RiclimonJ street 
Henderson, John, boot and shoe maker, 3 Nelson street. Tradcstoa 
Hciidorson, John, cooper, 63 1 Crown street 
Henderson, John, slater, 2 Havannali street 
Henderson & Macai-a, commission agents, 48 Buchanan street 
Henderson, Michael, cabinetmaker, 125 Main street, Anderston, huUMC oQ do. 
Henderson, Patrick, & Co., merchants, 22 Ingram street 
Henderson, Peter E., civil engineer, 145 St. Vincent street, and Ivluliliousc, near 

Henderson, Peter, boot and slice maker, 18 West Russell street 
llentlerson, Richard, at the Glasgoiu Pottery, Stafford street 
Henderson, Robert & John, merchants and drysalters, 4 South Frederick street, 

shop 31 High street 
Henderson, Robert, machine maker, 28 St. Enoch wynd, house i2 Bedford street 
Henderson, Robert, of Alex. Liston ^- Co , house 87 Montrose street 
Henderson, Robert, herbalist, 60 Commerce street, Tradcston 
Henderson, Thomas, mineral engineer, Mulrhouse, \io St. Vincent strf^et 
Henderson, Thomas, at William Gowans, 73 Maxwell street, house Rosohill, Pol- 

lockshaws road 
Henderson, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 50 Rotteiirow street 
Henderson, Thomas, drai)er, 311 Argyll street 

Henderson, Thomas, & Son, tailors and clothiers, 15 llutcheson st.'cct 
Henderson, Thomas, of Thomas Henderson ^' Son, house 66 Duudas street 
Henderson, Waiter, baker, 193 Renfield street 
Henderson, William, & Sons, soap and candle manufacturers, and oil mevciuintB, S- 

and 00 New wynd, house 13 Monlcith row 
Henderison, William, lath-splitter, 79 Waterloo street 
Henderson, W., victualler, 46 Nelson street, TiMde.ston 
Henderson, Miss. Euphemia, straw-hat ranker ,uid mi'ilncr, 1 10 Oiwv. sircot 

ilMlMJUIHi l ' J IL LH. ' 


Henderson, Miss, dressmaker, 2 Havannah street 

Henderson, Miss S., furnishing shop, 243 High street 

Henderson, Mrs., 27 Renfrew street 

JIENRY, Alex., & Co., manufacturers, 14 Garthland street 

Henry, Alex., of Alex. Henry ^ Co., YO New City road 

Henry, Alex., confectioner, 431 Argj'll street 

Henry, A. & S., & Co., commission agents, Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street 

Henry, Andrew, confectioner, 27 Trong.ate 

Hendry, Brothers, manufacturers of railway furnisliiDgs, and general agents, 5 

Dixon street 
Hendry, DaTid, wine and spirit merchant, 143 Bridgegate 
Henry, Ebenezer, & Sons, manufacturers, 2 North court. Royal Exchange 
Henry, Ebenezer, of Ebenezer Bcnry §' Sons, house 35 Bucclegh st , Gainethill 
Hendry, George T,, of Hendry, Brothers, 5 Di.\on street 
Hendry, James, jun„ of Hendry, Brothers, 5 Dixon street 
Hendry, James H., Crosshall colliery, 49 West George st., and Garnkirk Railway 

Henry, James, at Wm. Brown ^ Co.'s, house C Nicholson street 
Henry, James, blacksmith, 55 Duke street 
Hendry, James, merchant, 49 Montrose street 

Hendrie, James, mason and oven builder, 12 Low Green street-^.*', 
Henry, John A., Bowling Green inn, 179 Eglinton street 
]Ienry, John, of Eben. Henry §■ Sons, 2 North Exchange court 
Hendry, John, late of Madeira court, horse dealer, horse hirer, and commission 

siilesman, repository, Kent place, off North street 
Henry, John, livery stable keeper, East George lane, house 45l West George sti'eet 
Hendry, John & Co., manufacturers, 74 Glassford street 
]Iendry, John, at G. L. Walker Sr Co.'s, 20 Canal street. Port. -Eglinton 
Hendrie, John, wine and spirit merchant, 132 Main street, Gorbals 
Henrv, Matthew, of Eben. Henry ^ Sons, 2 North Exchange court 
Henry, Patrick, contractor, 24 London street 

Hendry, P. & W., plumbers and gas-fitters, 70 Centre street, Tradeston 
Hendry, William, wine, spirit, and tea merchant, 117 New City road 
Henry, Mis3, 86 North Frederick street 
Hendry, Mrs. A., Britannia tavern, 80 Trongate 
Hendrie, Mrs. Dr., 55 Bath street 
IlENNY'S, Coal-hole oyster vaults, 8S Trongate street 
HENRETTY, Peter, broker, 47 Bridgegate 
HEPBURN,. Mrs. Alexander, spirit dealer, 47 King street 
Hepburn, Robert, bootmaker, 56 George street 
Herald Newspaper Office, 182 Trongate 
HERBERT, George, dairyman, Woodlands road 

HERBERTSON, George, of James Herherlson ^- Sons, house 125 Hospital street 
Herbertson, Henry, of Sands ^ Herhertson, house 1 1 South Stirling street 
Herbertson, James, & Sons, wrights and builders, 37| Bedford street 
Herbertson, James, of James Herbertson ^ Sons, house 125 Hospital street 
Herbertson, James, of J. Herbertso.i ^' Brothers, ho. Lynedoch pi., Woodlands road 
Herbertson, James, & Brothers, wrights and builders, I^ynedoch street 
Herbertson, John, architect, 86 St. George's place, house 4 Bath street 
Herbertson, Jolin, spirit dealer and contractor, 6 Fcrgusson street 
Herbertson, Thomas H., collector of canal dues, Poi-t-Dundas 
Hkrcclks Fire Insurance Co. Patrick Neilson, 69 Glassford street, and John jMil- 

ler, 37 West George street, agents. (See Advertisement) 
HsKEFORSHiRE Pcrry Store, 53 Hope street 
Hkeitobs of Gorbals, Collector's office, 51 Adelphl street 
HERKLESS, Wm., smith, machine-maker, and leather hose manufacturer, 20 

College street, bouse 107 Rottenrow street 
HERMAN, S., merchant, of Crailsheim ^ Herman, house 6 Sandyford place 
HERON, Charles, hairdresser, 71 Kirk street, Calton 
Heron, Gilbert, commission agent, 33 Virginia street, house 8 Morris place 
HERRIOT, James, E., of Pasley, .Tardine ^ Co., 13 West Regent &t)-eet 
Herriot, John, wine and spirit merchant, 27 Jamaica street, house 2 Douglas street 
Herriot, Walker, & Co., machine makers, 116 Graeme street 


HERTZ, Theodore, merchant, 151 West George street, house 8 Royal crescent 

HKRVEY, John, of Ilerveya, Wilson, ^- Co-., house 241 St. Vincent street 

Ilcrvcys, Wilson & Co., wholesale warehousemen, 191 Tronfatc 


IIETHERINGTON, M.,o/R. i- M. Iletherington.ho. WestSeld house, Crossrayloof 

Hetherington, R. «fc M., file cuttci-s, and 61e and steel merchants. Dale st., Tradeston 

Hetherington, Robert, 0/ R. ^- M. ffeiheringlon, house 36 Cavendish street 

Hetherington, Mrs. T., straw-hat maker, and milliner, 136 Stobcross street 

HEUGH, Hugh, of Wilson, Ileugh, ^ Co., house 1 West Prince's street 

Heugh, Mrs., I West Prince's street 

HEWITSON, John, saddler, and spirit dealer, 131 and 13» Castle street 

Hewetson, Misses, milliners, dress, and straw-hat makers, 124 North Jdhu street 

HEYS, Z., & Sons, calico-printers, 15 West George street 

HICKS, John, bookseller, publisher, stationer, account-book manufacturer, and 

news-agent, 122 and 124 Queen street >^-^.^ .>i^lM^-;;^«>&.^'^>*=^.^^<--rf^^<£<<'.^t 
HIGGINBOTHAM, Samuel, of C. Todd, §• Hujginmham, residence SpringSeW 

HIGGINS, Andrew, fruiterer, 9 Clyde terrace 
Higgins, Jolin, cork manufacturer, 74 Prince's street 
Higgins, William, furnishing shop, 40 Bell street 
HiGMiAND Relief Comniittee-Rooras, 5? West Nile street 
Highland Society Institution, John Loitch, keeper, 69 Montrose street 
Highland and Glasgow Steam-Packet Office, 15 Jamaica street 
Highland Steam Packet Office, Buchanan street 

High'and Steam-Packet Office, G5 Jamaica street, Dougald M'Intyrc, ageni 
HILL, Alexander, D.D., professor of divinity, 12 College court 
Hill, Andrew, victualling-bouse, 47 New street, Calton 
Hill, Andrew, saddler, 290 High street 
Hill, David, wine and spirit merchant, 85 Rentrow street 
Hill, Davidson, Hill, & Clark, writers, 1 South Frederick street 
Hill, George, hair-dresser, 26 Centre street 
Hill, John, innkeeper, Sandyford tavern, Sandyford 
Hill, John, of Douglas <J- TlllJ, Falkland ,):ace, 320 Renfrew street 
Hill, John M, of Marshall, Hill, ^ FliU,' Xxoma 45 Union street 
Hill & Johnstone, corn-factor,^, GO 0.swald street 

Hill, Laurence, of Hill, Davidson, Hill, ^- Clark, writers, I South Frederick st. 
Hill, Ludovic, of Hill ^- Johnstone, house 58 Abbotsford place 
Hill, Ninian, of Hill, Davidson, Hill, ^- Clarlc, ho. 24 Canniug place, Stirling's rd. 
Hill, N,, commission merchant, 21 St. Enoch square 
Hill, Peter, 22 Cumberland place 

Kill, Mobert, victualler and spirit dealer, 13 Marlborough street 
Hill, Robert, of Marshall, Hill, ^- Hill, house 45 Union street 
Hill, Thomas, officer of excise, 72 Hospital street 
Hill, Thomas, registrar of sassines for regality of GlasgQ,w, 5 Moore place, W. Georgo 

street, house Langside cottage 
Hill, T, <fe T, Graham, sasinc office, 5 Moore place, West George street 
Hill, Walter, toll contractor, 1 Surry place, Laurieaton 
Hill, Walter, pawnbroker, 10 Stirling square 
Hill, William, 14 Roslin place, Garscube road 

Hill, William, victualler and spirit dealer, 44 Muslin street, BridgeLon 
Hill, Miss, baker, 81 Renfrew street 

HILLCO.Vr, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 34 Port-Dundas road 
HILLI.illD & Chapman, cutlers and surgical in.strument makers to her Majesty, 

Prince of Wales buildings, 66 Buchanan st. (See Advertisement.) 
Hilliaid, Harvey, cutler to her Majesty, CO Buchanan street, residence Cock-muir 

cottage, Springburn. (See Advertisement in Appendix.) 
Hilliard, W. B., cupper to the Royal and Eye Infirmaries, 34 Dundas street 
Hilliard, W. B., manufocturer of cutlery, instruments, bandages, «te., to (he Royal 

Infirmary, 142 Buchanan street 
HILPER'i', Andrev/, profe.<sor of music, 273 Argyll street 
HINSHAW, John, of Small §/■ Binshaw, V.<5 AthoU place 
Hinshaw, Robert, merchant, 26 Gordon street, house 195 AthoU place 
Hinshaw. Thomas. Carroa Co.'s wharf, Port-Dundaa 


Hinshaw, William, & Co., manufactnrers, 153 Queen street 

Hinshaw, William, of William Hinshaiv ^ Co., house East Woodside, North AVood- 

side road 
HINSHELWOOD, George Frederick, at Carati §' Co.'s, 86 Miller street 
HESLOP, Henry, of Jles I op, Jenkins, ^ Co., house 1 Greenhiil street 
Hislop & Co., Prestonpans distillery. Cowan <fc Co., 51 St. Vincent st., agents 
Heslop, Jenkins, A Co., engravers to calico printers, Go M'Alpine street 
Ilislop, Robert, rector of the Normal Seminary in connection with the Free Churclt , 

Cowcaddens street, house 11 Buccleuch street 
Hislop, Robert, grocer and victualler, 3S Bishop street, Andcrstoa 
HITC MINER & Hunter, Slobs mill gunpowder office, 60 Great Clyde street. A . 

G. Kidston & Co., agents 
HODGE, George, Caledonian and Dumbartonshire Junction Railway Co.'s OffiQf- 

house 190 Hope street 
Hodge, John, flesher, 1 63 George street 
Hodge, John, smitb, 27 North street, Anderston 
Hodge, Robert, victualler, 3 Oxford street 
Hodge, Thomas, grain-weigher, 1 8 Brown street 
Hodge, W. B., writer, 17 Gordon street, house Partick hill 
Hodge, Mrs. Wm., Glasgow Register Office for Servants, 57 llutcheson street 
HODGES, George, manager of Gorbals Gravitation Water Company, house Stanlej 

place, 107 Eglinton street 
HODGHTON, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 18 Milton lane, house 53 Maitland street 
HODSON, William, Soho hotel and tavern, 126 Queen street 
HOEY. James, at John Goldies S/- Co.'s, house 111 New City road 
HOGG, Andrew & Co., slaters. 72 Main street, Anderston, house Main street 
Hogg, Archibald, millinery warehouse, 406 Argyll street 
Hogg, John, victualler, 2-'4 Gallowgate, house 20 Kent street 
Hogg, J., umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 36 Candleriggs street 
Hogg, W. & Co., clothiers and outfitters, 247 Queen street 
Hogg, Walter, at MUUni Glass Wwl:.^ 
Hogg, William C, warper, 62 Hutchoson street 
Hogg, William, spirit dealer, 214 Duke street 
HOGART, P. M., commission agent, 14 St. Enoch square 
HOGARTH, John, British Asphalte Works, East Milton street 
HOGG AN, Andrew, 1 South Frederick street, house 40 Abbot.'.ford place 
HOLIDAY, John <fe Co., engineers, millwrights, and machine makers, 48 Bishoj. 

street, Anderston 
Holiday, John, of John Holiday §• Co., house 3 Richard street 
Holiday, Samuel, of John JToliday ^ Co., house 7 Greenhiil street 
HOLMES, E. & Co., shawl fringers, 81 Wilson street 
Holmes, James, commission agent, worsted and silk yarn, 40 Miller street, iiouso 

77 Renfrew street 
Holms, John, 213 Buchanan street 
Holmes, R. R., writer and depute-clerk of the peace for Lanarkshire, office 73 Hut- 

cheson street 
Holraes, AVilliam, piano-forte fret cutter, 249 Argyll street 
HOLT, Joseph, manager, Caledonian pottery, 45 Gariigadhill 
Holt, Thomas & John, pawnbrokers, 201 High street 
HONEYMAN, John & Co., corn-factors, 5 Dixon street 
Honeyman, John, of John Honeyman Sr Co., house 21 Carlton place 
Honeyman, John, malt and hop merchant, 7 Blackfriars street 
Honeyman, Michael, 5 Dixon street 

HOOD, Charles, tinsmith, gasfitter, and ironmonger, 182 Sauchiehall street 
Hood, Jolni, lace manufacturer, 102 Hospital street 

Hood, John <& Son, commission agents, 20 Union street, house 84 West street 
Hood, John, jun., house-factor, 20 Union street 
Hood, John, & Co., manufacturers, 55 Glassford .street 
Hood, Robert, & Co., coopers, stave and hoop mercbants, 37 Oswald street 
HOOLE, Staniforth, & Gray, steel converters and refiners, etc., Minerva work, 

Sheffield. Agent Henday, Brothers, 5 Dixon street 
HOOME, Archibald, 0/ George MLeod ^ Co., house 81 South Portland street 
lloome, George, merchant. 37 Glassford street 

H01>E— HOWAT. 143 

HOPE, Alexander, mannfacttiring chemist, 101 Hutcheson street, wodcs East Mil- 
ton street, house 3^ Port-Dnndas road 
Hope, Alexander, commission agent, 4 Norfolk street 

Hope, David, of Fleming Sr Ifope, house 5 Wellington place, Sauchiehall street 
Hope, George & Alexandci*, wholesale rope and rag inferchants, lOS High street 
Hope, John, factor and spirit dealer, 1 London road 
HOPKlRK, John, noddy-hirer, 6 South Portland street 
HOPPER, Thomas, ship and insurance broker, 140 Broomieiaw, house 44 Sauehie- 

hall street 
HORN, Alexander, ynne and spirit merchant, 300 High street 
Home, D, 0., assistant inspector of Poor-house, house 18 Crawford street 
Horn, David, victualler, 89 Main street, Bridgeton 
Horn, James, fiesher, 14 Cleland street 

Horn, John & Ce., hosiers and wholesale smallware merchants, 46 High street 
Horn, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 139 Castle street 
Home, John, coal -master, victualler and grocer, 76 Wilson street, house 1 1 Annfield 

Home, John, porter, Edinburgh and Glasgow bank, house 39 St. Vincent place 
Horn, Robsrt, spirit dealer, G Spoutmouth and Dovonbank 
Hern, Miss E., milliner and straw-hat maker, 35 Renfrew street 
Horn, Mrs., stay and corset maker, 16 Hunter street 
HOliSBURGH, Mrs., midwife, 29 Govan street 
HOSIE, James, gardener contractor, 44 Dale street, Tradeston 
Hosie, John, cordage and twine manufacturer, Gorbals ropework, head of Main st., 

Gorbals; office 23 •Stoekwell street, house 2? de. 
Hos'PiTAL, Fever, Townhead 

Hospital, Town's, John Hanna, governor, 324 Parliamentary road 
JIOSSACK, George, boot and shoe maker, 9 Bishop street, Anderston 
HOT.SON, John, writer, 21 Renfield street, house Renfrew 
HOUGH & Stuart, cardmakers (cotton and woollen), 115 Graeme street 
Hough, Peter, of Hough and Sluart, 46 Graeme street 
HOULDS WORTH, Henry, ct Sons, cotton-spinners, machine -makers, and founders, 

Cheapside street 
Hould.swortli, Henry, of M. Hoaldsivorth ^ Sons, residence Coltnoss 
Houldsworth, John, of H. MoiildsutorUi §• Sons, house Cranstonhill 
Houldsworth, William, of II. Houldnvorch /^- Sons, house Bclvidere 
HoDoE of Refuge for Boys, Duke street, near AYhitevalc 

House of Refuge for Femaks, 286 Parliamieiitary road ; Miss Slinian, matron 
HOUSTON, A. M'D., surveyor of police, poor-rate, statute labour, ete.,"^ office 

4 Police lane, house 90 Regent terrace, Stiriing's road 
Houston, A. & W., carvers and gilders, 11 Dale street, TradestoK 
Houstoun, Daniel, general warehouseman, T9 Bell street 
Houatoun, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 114 Main street, Bridgeton 
Houstoun, David, provision merchant, 7 Spoutmouth, house above 
Houston, James & A., fancy box manufacturers, 7 South Frederick street 
Houston, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 43 and 49 Cheapside street 
Houston, John G., writer and procurator fiscal of the Barony of Gorbals, 35 Miller 

street, house 8 Maxwelton place 
HoustoTi, John, stripe, check, and power-loom cloth manufacturer, 25 Candleriggs, 

works Claytliorn street 
Houston, John, lappet- wheel maker, 45 John street 
Houston, Rev. Rotert, of Gorbals, house 33 Abbotsford place 
Houston, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 34 Prince's street 
Houston, William, shawl and zebra-dress manufacturer, 100 Queen street 
Houston, William, wholesale provision merchant, 72 Great Hamilton st., ho. above 
Houston, William, spirit merchant, and grease manufacturer, oSo Gallowgate, and 

10 Armour street 
Houston, Miss Janet, milliner and dressmaker, 292 Argyll sireet 
HOWARTH, Samuel, postmaster and minibus proprietor, 4iJ West George street, 

hoi'.se 42 Dundas street, stables East George lane 
HOWAT., D. G., of Yates, Brown, ^ Howat, house 201 Buchanan street 
H«iwatt, Henry Robertscn, surgeon, 158 Main street, Gorbals, bouse 92 Hospital st. 
Howa't, James, measurer, 11 Miller street, bowse 25 North Albion street 


Howatt, Jolm, mathematical and mercantile teacher, 86 St. George's place 

Howat, IMatliew, victualler and grocer, 03 Norfolk street 

Howat, William, cooper, 61 Canning street 

Howatt, William, superintendent of Gorbals Burying Ground, house 93 Hospital s4. 

HOWA'l SON, Patrick, grocer and TJetuallcr, 54 and 66 Stobcross street 

llowatson, Walter, o/ William MGoivn ^ Co., house 2C North Portland street 

nOWDEN, John, professor of piano-forte, 166 West Regent street 

HOWE, John, fruiterer, 308 Argyll street 

HOWIE, George, & Co., wool and cotton-waste dealers, 4T M'Alpine street 

Howie, James, funeral undertaker, 93 High street, and 144 Main street, Gorbals 

Howie, Jame.=, writer, 66 .Miller street, iiouse Kinning House 

Howie, Robert, spirit dealer, 151 Bridgegate 

Howey, Thomas, & Co., agents lor the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway Co., aiul 

carriers, TO George square, and Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway Station 
HOWLISON, James, cabinetmaker, 180 Hope street 

HOY, Archibald, grocer and provision mercliant, 151 West Regent st., and Partick 
HUBBARD, Richard, poulterer and green-grocer, 149 West Regent sti-eet 
HUDSON, James William, Ph. D., Rosebank Cottage, St. Georges Road 
HUG, William, clock warehouse, 91 London street 

HUGGINS, W. B., <t Co., merchants, 99 Mitchell street, corner of Gordon street 
Huggins, W. B., uj W. B. Huggins ^- Co., house 13 Woodside terrace 
HUGHES, James, wiiting-ma.'5ter, 95 South Portland street 
Hughes, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 67 King street, Calton 
Hughes, Patrick, boot and shoemaker, 20 Saltmarket 
Hughes, Mi-s. Edward, bone-bulton manufacturer, "3 Crown street 
Hull and Leith Steam Packet Co., office 9 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street 
HULSE, David, grocer and provision dealer, 26 Dale street, Traileston 
HULSEBERtJ, George, at W. MEivan, Sons, ^ Co., house 23 Oswald street 
HUME, Alexander, road surveyor, 16 South St. Mungo street 
Hume, John, wool merchant, 1 1 Bedford street 
Huuie, J. &, W., 90 North Frederick street 
Hume, Stevenson, of Customs, house 6 Pollock street 
Hume, William, tea merchant and general grocer, 90 Gallowgate 
Hnmc, Mrs., 179 Hope street 

Humane Society house. Public Green, opposite Montcith row. Jas. Geddcs, kcepe 
HUMPHREYS, William, collector of excise, house 318 St. Vincent street 
HUNT, John, tin-plate worker, 281 Gallowgate 
HUNTER, Alexander, flesher, 87 Main street, Bridgeton 
Hunter, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 110 New Dalraarnoek road 
Hunter, Alexander, warehouseman, 10 Cleland street 
Hunter, Andiew, engineer, 29 North street 

Hunter, Aichibuld, cabinetmaker and u|)ho]3terer, warehouse 3 Terrace street, work- 
shop, and woodyard, 410 Argyll street 
Hunter, Archibald, grocer and victualler, 78 Canning street 
Hunter, Archibald, & Sons, clothiers, 24 St. Vincent place, house 13 do. 
Hunter, Aichibald, victualler, 88 Great Hamilton street 
Hunter, A. G., & Co., hatters and forage-cap manufacturers to the Queon and 

Prince Albert, 32 Buchanan street 
Hunter, A G. of A. G. HunW.r ^- Co., house Crossbank, Great Western road 
Hunter & Barr, liat and cap manufacturers, 114 Trongato 
Hunter & Cleland, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 01 Candleriggs street, works 

22 Thistle street 
Hunter, Duncan, jun., k Co., tea and coffee merchants, 17 Virginia street 
Hunter, Duncan, of Duncan Hunter, jun , &■ Co., house 105 North Douglas street 
Hunter, E. cfc E., staymaker^i, 6 Queen arcade 

Hunter, George, & Co., merchants, 22 Rcnfiold street, house 186 Batli street 
Hunter, George, coal agent, and beadle of Anderston Free chuich, ho. 222 Holme st 
Hunter, Hugh, clerk, Glasgow and Ayr Railway Goods oflSce, 13 Clyde place 
Hunter, James, merchant, 164 Hope street 
Hunter, James, victualler and grocer, 101 Main street 
Hunter, John, & Co., brokers and eominissjon merchants, 42 Dunlop street 
Hunter, John, merchant and commission agent, 42 Dunlop street 
Hunter, John K., nn trait-painter, 100 Dale sticet, Tradeston 


Hunter, John, & Son, grain merchants, 30 Hope street, house Govan road 

Hunter, John, victualler, 8 New street, Caiton 

Hunter, John, woollen manufacturer, 45 Candleriggs street 

Hunter, J. R., general grocer, 100 Egltnton street 

Hunter, J. <fe W., I)ootniakers, 109 Dale street, Tradestou 

Hunter & Mr.rshall, wrights, 47 Cambi-idge street 

Hunter, Mosc«, <fc Co , general timber inerchaitits, 1' Macfarliine street 

Hunter, Moses, of Moses Hunter §• Co., house Hamilton crescent, I'articlc 

Hunter, Robert, liesher, 274 GallowgMte 

Hunter, Robert, M.D . 33 North Hanover street 

Hunter, Robert, (of Siam,) merchant, Lily Bank, Eglinton street 

Hunter, Robert, victualler, 33 Prince's street 

Hunter, Robert, of Moses HuUer §■ Co., 19 Maefarlane street 

Hunter, R., surgeon, 49 Crown street, Hutehesontown 

Hunter, Robert, at Charles Hamilton's, 147 Queen street 

Hunter, Thomas, innkeeper, BlackfViars' inn, 4 1 Blaekfiiars street 

Hunter, Thomas, mason, Ayton court, G2 Old vennel 

Hunter, Thomas, secretary, Edinburgh and Gliisgow hank, ho. 13 St. Vincent pi. 

Hunter, Thomas, spirit dealer, 2 Orr street, Caiton 

Hunter, William, commission merchant, .5 Drur^^ street, and I 7 West Nile street 

Hunter, William, of Hunter ^ Barr, house 128 Hospital street 

H«nter, William &, Geo., insyranee brokers, 22 Renficld street, house 186 Rath st. 

Hunter, William, resident secretary, Standard Life As.surance Co , 35 St. Viuceiil. 

place, house ha^elwood, Govau. (See Advertisement in Appendix) 
Hunter, William, timber merchant, 116 Stockwell street, house 189 Clyde street 
Hunter, William, surgeon, 249 Gallowgatc 
fluntcr, William, victualler, 1(58 Cowcaddens street 
Hunter, Miss, 38 Uill street, GarnethiU 

Hunter, Mrs. W., & Co., boot and shoe warehouse, 293 Argylc street 
Hunter, Mrs., 82 West Nile street 
HcxTEEi.iN Museum, behind the College 

HuEtE'c Chemical Works, Dalmarnock colliery, John Wilson & Sons 
HuBLKT and Campsie Alum Co., alum and prussiate of potash nianufacturers, 77 

Union street 
HUSB.\ND, James, teacher. Free Normal Seminary, Cow^caddensi 
Hushand, Robert, teacher of stenography, 123 Drygate 
HUSSEY, Thomas, 10 Montagu place 

Hussey, William, & Son, cotton- spinners, 26 Ingram st., works, Dale st., Bridgeton 
Hussey, William, of WilliaM Hiistey ^ Son, house 10 Montagu place 
Hussey, William, jun., of Willmm Hussey ^- Son, house Greenlodge 
Hussey, Miss L., dresniakcr, t Stanhope street 
HUTCHISO.V, Alexander, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 9 Garecubc lane, house 

20 Cowcaddens street 
Hutcheson, David, at G. ^- J, Burns', house 292 St. Vincent street 
Hutchison «fe Dixon, auctioneers, valuators, and general agents, 8 Viriinia street 
Huteheson, George, CDmmission merchant, .\shburton place, 135 Renfrew street 
Hutchison, George, house painter and paper-hanger, 40 Saucluehall street 
Huteheson, George, v.'riter, 48 Buchanan street 

Huteheson, George, of J. ^ G. Huteheson, house Ashburton place, 135 Renfrew st, 
Hutchison, George, of James M'Fadane ^ Co., house 35 Cambridge street 
Hutchison, George, of Hutchison fy Robertson, house 8 Lynedoch crescent 
Hutchison, Graham, of James Hutchison §■ Co., house 16 Blythswood squars 
Huteheson, Henry, pawnbroker, 1 1 Ge«rge street 
Hutchison, Hugh, grocer and spirit merchant, 43 Taylor street 
Huteheson's Hospital, 56 Ingram street 

Huteheson, James, commission merchant, 64 Bwccleuch street 
Hutchison, James, & Co., manufacturers, 79 Huteheson street 
Hutchison, James, of James Hutchison <J- Co., house 149 St. Vincent street 
Hutchison, James, jun., fringe, tassel, and umbrella manufacturer, 34 Huteheson stT^ 
Huteheson, J. <fe G., cotton yarn and cimniission merchants, 9 George square —^^.^ — . 
Huteheson, J. A., department of the tine arts. High School, house 7 Florence place, 

Woodland road 
Huteheson, James, of J. ($■ G Huteheson, house til Buccleueh street, GarnetuiU 

E 2 


Hutchison, James, singer, S4 John street 

Hutclieson, James, oreen grocer, 322 Argyll street 

Hutchison, James, Steam-boat tavern, and minihus proprietor, 9 Anderston quav 

Hutchison, James, spirit dealer, 21 Maxwell street 

Hutchison, James, bookbinder, J2 Princes street 

Hutcheson, John, bank of Scotland 

Ilutcheson, John, of Joseph Hutcheson ^ Son, house 27 St. Andrew street 

Hutchison, John, wine and spirit merchant, 100 Glebe st., ho. 02 Parliamentary rd. 

Hutchison, John, late merchant, SO North Frederick street 

Hutchison, Joseph, & Son, jewellery, cutlei-y, comb, and general hardware mer- 
chants, 25 St. Andrew street 

Hutchison, Joseph, spirit dealer, 22 Carrick street 

Hutchison, Patrick, writer, 35 Miller street, house IT Holmhead street 

Hutchison, Peter, of James Butchiton §■ Co., house 26 Drury street 

Hutchison, Robert, oi James Hiitchismi ^ Co., house 10 Blythswood square 

Hutchison, Robert, of Hutchison §• Dixon, house 60 South Portland street 

Hutchison, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 83 Commerce street 

Hutchison &i Robertson, merchants, 43 and 45 Montrose street 

Hutchison, Robert, 20 Oxford street 

Hutchesori's School, 1 19 Crown street. John M'Arly, teacher 

Hutchison, Thomas, Perth Banking Co., 78 Union street 

Hutchison, Thomas, baker, 25 King street, Tradeston 

Hutcheson, William, M.D., physician, Royal Lunatic asylum, Gartnavel 

Hutchison, William, & Co., general timber merchants, 35 Port-Dundas road 

Hutchison, William, of William Hutchison §• Co., Louse 3 Columbia place 

Hutchison, Misses, teachers, 5 Abbotsford place 

HuTcuESOMOWN Free Church, 80 Hospital street 

HUTCHINS, Thomas, surgeon-dentist, 146 West Regent street 

HUTTON, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 17 Trongate 

Hutton & Baird, merchants, 1 Ingram street 

Hutton, George, commission agent, 10 London street 

Hutton, George, & Co., bleachers and finishers, 20 Tureen street 

Hutton, Joseph, of M'Si/mcn ^' Hutton, house 48 Oxford street 

Hutton, William, Cromwell park. Letters left at 20 Tureen street 

Hdtton, Mrs., 48 Oxford street 

HYAM, Benjamin, clothier and outfitter, 48 Argyll street 

Hydepark. Ropework, 29 and 31 Anderston quay, office 7 Miller street, John Stew- 
art & Co. 

Htdbopatuic Society. George M'Leod, librarian, 30 Coclfran street 

ILLING WORTH, J. F„ fishmonger, 9 City road 
Imperial Fire and Life Lisurance companies. Gilbert K. Bogle, 88 St. Vincent 

street; Alex. G, Gilkison, 27 Gordon street; and Kelly & Co., 62 Virginia street. 

IMRIE, Alexander, spirit merchant, 77 Crown street 
Imrie, Andrew, shoemaker, 125 Main street, Anderston 
Income-Tax Office for the Lower Ward of Lanarkshire. Adam Monteith, 73 St. 

Vincent street 
Incorporation of Maltmen. G R. Tenncnt, 67 Buchanan street, clerk 
InfIbmart, Royal, Castle st., Townhead. Robt. Lamont, secretary, 29 St. Vincent st. 
INGLETON, W., brush and basket warehouse, 49 St. Vincent street 
INGLIS, A. & J., engineers and boiler-makers, Whitehall works, Warroch street 
Inglis, Alexander, of Inglis, M'Call, ^ Co., 21 Morris place "^ 
Inglis, Andrew, hat-maker, 14 Buchanan street 
Inglis, Anthony, of A. §■ J. Inglis, house Clyde Park place 

Inglis, Charles, commission merchant, 67 and 76 Virginia street, house 47 Scott st. 
Ingles. J). & H., calico-printers, 78 Miller street 
Ingles, D., jun., of JD. ^ H. Ingles, house 156 west George street 
Inglis, Heniy, 18 Warwick street 

Inglis, James, of Rowan, Inglis §/■ Co., house 16 Salisbury street 
Inglis, James, spirit dealer, 41 East Clyde street 
inglis, M'CauJ, <fe Co., ship and insurance brokers, 9 Gordon street 



Inglia, James, fnncral undertaker, 97 Brown street' • ' 

Inglis, James, writer, 4 Kellermont street 

Inglis, John, of A. (?■ /. Inglis, house 80 Main street, Andcrstou 

Inglis, Peter, teetotal coffee-house, 1 09 Trongate 

Inglis, Ralston, of Inglis, M Caul, ^ Co., 2 Morris place 

Inglis, Robert, merchant, 49 Oxford street 

Inglis, Thomas, M.D., 178 East George street 

Inglis, Thomas, H., I Melrose street 

Inglis, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 147 <t 153 New City road 

Inglis, Thomas, grocer, 20 Adcljjhi street, house 13 Thistle street 

Inglis <fc Wakefield, calico-printers. National Bank buildings, Queen street 

Inglis, William, bookseller and stationer, 203 Gallowgatc 

INGRAM, Charles, gunmaker, 96 Union street 

Ingram, Rev. George S., Congregational church, Hanover street, hens? 52 Buccleuch 

INNE RARITY & Co., chemical works, Richard street, Anderston 
INNES, Alexander, provision merchant, 72 Callowgate 

Innes, John, pattern-drawer and print-cutter, 68 Glassford st,, house 12 Spring pi. 
Innes, Norman, government emigration agent, 40 Renfield street, house 66 Bath st. 
Innes, Robert, pattern-drawer and print-cutter, 99 Gallowgatc 
Innes, William, spirit merchant, 93 and 97 Saltraarket street 
Inspector of the Poor for Barony, office Noi-th Albion street 
Inspector of the Poor for Glasgow, Town's hosifital 

Inspkcior of weights and measures for Barony of Gorbals, office 17 Govan street 
Insurance Co. of Scotland. Agents, George Ord, 103 St. Vincent st., and Gabriel 

Neil. Letters left at S. AVilliamson & Co., 63 Virginia street 
Inverness, Fort- William, and Oban Steam-Packet Offiice, 9 Buchanan street 
Inverness, and West Highland Steam-Packet Office, 65 Jamaica street. Dugald 

M'lntyre & Co., agents 
Inverary, Rothesay, and Dunoon Steara-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street 
IRVINE & Bryce, manufacturing chemists, 128 Bishop street, Port-Dundaa 
Irvine, Christopher, & Son, smiths and wrights, 151 Castle street 
Irvine, James, umbrella-maker, 3 New Bridge street 
Irvine, John, sen., builder, 190 Hope street 
Irvin, Samuel, of W. §f S. Irvin, house 10 Royal cresent 
Irvin, William <fc Samuel, merchants, 19 South Hanover street 
Irvine, William, confectioner, 209 Gallowgatc street 
Irvine, Mrs. John, 64 Renfrew street 
IRWAN, Charles, barber, 31 Oxford street 
Irwine, Wm., officer of Excise, 9 Nicholson street 
ISBJSTER, C, 10 Abbotsford place 
Isbister, M., fruiterer, 165 Ingram street 
IsLAT Distilleries' Store and Bonding Warehouse, 57 St. Enoch wynd, office 74 

Maxwell street. xVlexander Graham, agent 
IZETT, Andrew, Blue-bell tavern, 81 Trongate 

JACK, Alexander, victualler, 35 Reid street, Bridgeton 
Jack, Allan, writer, 51 Brunswick place 
Jack, Andrew, eating-house, 267 Argyll street 

Jack, David, agent, and beadle of Wellpark church, house 55 Duke street 
Jack, George, contractor, 60 South Coburg street 
Jack, James, grocer, 109 Stockwell street 
Jack, James, grocer and victualler, 74 Garscube road 
Jack, John, baker, 28 Stobcross street, and 6 Gfe-anslou street 
Jack, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 Oxford street 
Jack, Paterson, & Co., upholsterj"^ and cabinet warehouse, 37 Buchanan st., works 

161 Hope street 
Jack, Peter, toUkeeper, 255 Parliamentary road 

Jack, Robert, cotton-mill furnisher and commission agent, 76 Virginia street 
Jack, Thomas, weaving-utensil maker and turner, 8 John street, Bridgeton 
Jack, Thomas, of Hamilton ^ Jack, house 125 Douglas street 
Jack, Thomas, sherift'-offieer and constable, 36 Saltraarket street 



Jack, William, R., at John Adams ^ Co. 

Jack, William, victualler, 90 and 92 Cowcaddens street, house 89 do. 

Jack, William, spirit dealer, 12S Renfrew street 

Jack, Mrs., 19 BIythswood square 

Jack, Mrs. J., SS East Clyde street 

Jack, Mrs. James, tobacconist, oils and colours, 50 Adelpbi street, Hutehesontown 

Jack, Mrs. John, broker, 285 High street 

Jack, Mrs. Peter, brush, basket, and toy warehouse, 326 Argyll street 

Jack, Mrs. Ti onias, 84 North Hanover street 

JACKSON, Andrew, & Son, grain merchants, 22 Union street 

Jaekson, Andrew, jun., of Andrew Jackson S/- Son, ho. Kelvinside Cottage, Hillhcad 

Ja?kson, D. T., bookseller, publisher, and news agent, 28 Glassford street 

Jaekson, D., general bird merchant, 163 London street 

Jackson, Henry, 180 St. George's road 

Jackson, Hugh, writer, 192 Main street, Gorbals 

Jackson, James, merchant, 49 Bath street 

Jackson, James, of Andrew Jackson ^ Son, house 40 Abbotsford place 

Jat'kson, James, & Co., tin-plate workers and gas-fitters, 9 Gordon street 

Jackson, Jsmes, & Co., coal merchants, ship and commission agents, 83 Jamaica st. 

Jackson, John, saddler, 409 Gallowgate 

Jackson, John, Western bank, house 10 Greenvale place 

Jackson, John, of Andrew Jachon Sr Son, house 3 Claremont street 

Jackson, Robert, timber merchant, 27 Douglas street, house 303 Argyll street 

Jackson, Robert, bookseller, stationer, map and chart warehouse, 5 St. Enoch sq. 

Jackson, Walter, glasscutter, St. Enoch wynd, house 32 South Coburg street 

Jackson, Mrs. Wm., 94 Dundas street 

JACOB, Alexander, broker, 26 Drygate Lane 

Jac(,bs, A., & Co.. jewellers, 10 Renfrew street \ 

JEFFREY, Alexander, letter-carrier, P. 0., house 3T Love loan 

Jeffrey, Alex., coal merchant, 37 Cathedral stteet. Orders left with W. Murray. 

45 and 47 George square 
Jeffrey, Alexander, mason, 59 Reid street, Bridgeton 

Jeffrey, Alexander, wholesale and retail grocer, 33 Eglinton street, house 29 do 
Jaffrey, Andrew, of Jaffrey §■ Gnnion, house 85 Candleriggs street 
Jeffrey, David, accountant and commission merchant, 33 A'^irginia street 
Jeffrey, Rev. George, of London-road church, house 36 Whitevale 
Jaffrey & Gunion, cheesemongers and provision merchants, 87 Candleriggs street 
Jeffray, James, ^LD., 137 Clarence place, Sauch.iehall street 
Jeffrey, James, ship and commission agent. Royal Exchange buildings, house 14 

Glebe street 
Jeffrey, James, warper, 109 Candleriggs street 
Jeffrey, James, manufacturer, 110 Brunswick street 
Jeffrey, John, wine and spirit merehant, 89 and 91 Union street, house 48 Windsor 

Jeffrey, John, janitor, Free church Normal Seminary, Cowcaddens street 
Jeffrey, John, writer, 72 St. George's place, house 137 Claience pL, Sauchiehall st. 
Jeffrey, John, jun, janitor, Normal Institution, City road 
Jeffrey, J. & J., boot and shoe makers, 210 Argyll street 

Jeffrey, Michael, clothier, 71 Trongate ^ 

Jeffrey, Robert, jun., & Co., wine and spirit merchants, and serated-water manufac- 

turers, 145 Trongate, house 73 Stockwell street 
Jeffrey, Robert, cotton and linen power-loom manufacturer, 110 Brunswick street 

and Rose street, Kircakly, residence Wyndford, Mary hill 
Jeffrey, Robert, jun., 110 Brunswick street 
Jeffrey, William, accountant, writer, and notary public, 87 Union street, house 

Campvale, Crossmyloof 
Jeffrey, Thomas George, writer, 52 West Nile street 
Jeffrey, William, goldsmith and watchmaker, 329 Argyll street 
Jeffrey, William, spirit dealer and carter, 61 Clyde street, Port-Dundas 
Jeffrey, William, & Son, tailors, 114 Trongate 

Jeffrey. W. & A., cattonspinnei'.s, Ballindalloch works, Balfron, 110 Brunswick it. 
Jeffrey, Miss, brush, basket, and toy warehouse, 2.1G Argyll street 
v'atfray, Mrs. D., 32 Buccleucli street 



Jaffiay, Mrs. Robert, Biunbanlc, Town-mill road 

JAMES, Edwarcl Dickson, postmaster of Glasgow, hovise 252 Brandon place, Wesk 

George street 
Jamesi, Mrs. N., 1 Wellington place, Saiiehiohall street 
Jamiesou & Dewar, wholesale haberdashers, Jiosiers, glovers, and button-factors, 

62 Queen street 
Jamieson, George, of Jamie son ^ Dewar, house 86 North Frederick street 
Janneson, George, grocer and victualler, 70 Crown street 
Jauiieson, How, <fc Co., merchants, 2 North court. Royal Exchange 
Jamieson, James F., of John Fife ^ Co , hou'^e 43 West Campbell street 
Jamieson, James, & Co., merchants, 113 Fife place. West George street 
Jamieson, James, of James Jamiesan ^ Co., house 199 Atholl place 
Jamieson, John, of Paterson. Jamieson, §■ Co , house 247 Brandon place 
Jamieson, John, at Williani White ^- Co.'s, TO St. Vincent street 
Jamieson, John, dyer and renovator, 10 East Campbell street 
Jamieson, John, of Steven §/• Jamieson, house Chatham place, Stirling's road 
Jamieson, John, 4L Oswald street, house Inchview, Paitick 
Jamieson, Jonathan, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and Venetian blind maker, 167 

Sauchiehall street 
Jamieson, Joseph, oil merchant and oil refiner, 82 Clyde street, Anderston, liouso 

60 Garnet place, Hill street 
Jamieson, Matthew, victualler, 265 Gallowgate 
Jamieson, Robert, s|)irit dealer, 3 Mitchell street 

Jamieson, Rev. Robert, of St. Paul's parish, 156 Randolph terrace, Garnethill 
Jamieson, Robert, writer, 19 South Hanover street, house 131 West Regent street 
Jamieson, Wni., meixhant, 15 Elmbank crescent 
Jamieson, William, wright, trunk, and packing-box maker, S3 George square, hoiige 

18 South Portland street 
Jamieson, Wm., house factor, at J. Laurie's, 1 Nicholson street 
Jamieson, Wra., at MacEwan ^ Aittd'g, house Garthland place, Paisley 
Jamieson, Wm., spirit dealer, 97 Uottenrow street 

Jamieson, Wm., Union bank of Scotland, house 70 Great Hamilton street 
Jamieson, Wm. M., timlier merchant, 41 Oswald street, house Inchview, Partick 
Jamieson, IVliss Ann, C8 West Kegent .street 
Jamieson, Mrs. Alexander, furnishing shop, 50 Stevenson street 
Jamieson, Mrs, John, grocer, 26 Balmanno street 
Jamieson,- Mrs. grocer and victualler, 188 Sauchiehall street 
Jamieson, Mrs., furnishings, milliner and s'traw-hat maker, 136 Portland stieet 
JARDINE, James, accountant and stockbroker, 92 St. Vincent street /^ //^-^j^^^^^^ ^ 
Jardine, John, janitor, of .\ndersonian University, 204 George street / 

Jardine, J., fruiterei-, 226 George street 

Jardine, Wm., tailor and clothier, 96 Saltmarket sti-eet, house 26 Thistle street 
Jardine, William, jtin., spirit dealer, 41 Castle street 
Jardine, William, spirit dealer, 25 Drygate lane 
Jardine, Mrs. James, grocer, 15 Charlotte street 
JARVEY, John, writer, 72 Argyll street 
JARVIE, Andrew, measurer, 34 Cook street 

Jarvie <fc Pollock, merchants and commission agents, 75 Jamaica street 
Jarvie, R. & J., Anderston ropework, 20 Stobcross street 
Jarvie, Robert, of R. §■ J. Jarvie. house 363 St. Vincent street 
JARVIS, Alpxander, tailor and clothier, 40 Candleriggs street 
Jarvis, John, wright and ironmonger, 52 Commerce street 
Jarvis, J., & Son, general shoe furnishers, 70 Prince's street 
JEANDIN, Francis, importer of French and German baskets, 29 Stirling street 
JEANS, James, locker of Customs, 204 Holms street 
JEFFREY. 5';e Jaffray 

JENKINS, David, writer, 11 Virginia street, house 33 Paterson street, Kingston 
Jenkins, James, coal merchant, 153 Castle street 
Jenkins, John, of Ilcslop, Jenkins ^ Co., house 7 Gieenhill street 
Jenkins, Mrs. James, spirit dealer and eating-house, 659 Gallowgate 
JOCKEL, Lewis, German sausage maker, 13 Cathcart place, Sauchiehall road 
JOHNSTON, Alexander, <5i Co., merchants, 115 St. Vincent street 
Johnston, Andrew, rag merchant, 2 Bell street 


Johnstone, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 45 King street, Calton 

Johnston, Alexander, of the Money-order office, P. O., house 8 Cornwall place 

Johnston, Andrew, of WaUrond, Ellis, ^ Co., house 3 Montagu place," Bath sti-eet 

Johnson, Alfred Croshaw, professor of piano-forte and flute, Elgin place, Pitt st. 

Johnston, Archibald, surgeon, 183 Cowcaddens street, house 22 Buccleuch street 

Johnston, Archibald, grocer and victualler, 62 Clyde street, Anderston 

Johnston, Archibald, grocer and provision merchant, 37 King street 

Johnston, Archibald, xailor and clothier, 40 Cowcaddens street 

Johnston, Archibald, painter and paper-hanger, 17 Cathoart street 

Johnson, Brothers, haircloth and curled hair manufacturers, 16 Bath street 

Johnston, Charles, bootmaker, 207 George street 

Johnston, Charles, plasterer, 115 North Montrose street 

Johnston, David, jun., manager, Gouroek Ropework Company, 42 Clyde buildings 

Johnston, Daniel, furnishing shop, 342 Uigh street 

Johnston & Downie, boot and shoe makers, 1 2 Green street, Calton 

Johnston, Ebenezar, R.N,, 198 Buchanan street 

Johnston <k Fairie, cotton-yarn merchants, 62 Wilson street 

Johnston, Gnlbraith, & Co., spinners and power-loom cloth manufacturers, 115 St. 

Vincent street, works Oakbank, near Springbank 
Johnston, George, of Johnston ^ Neil, house 111 Hill street, Garnethill 
Johnston, George, baker, 78 Thistle street, Ilutchesontown 
Johnston, George, tailor and clothier, 26 Glassford street 

Johnston, George, work-box, desk, and dressing-case manufacturer, and toy ware- 
house, 4 1 Argyll arcade, house 73 Norfolk street 
~ Johnston, James, of Sword ^ Johnston, house 57 Oswald street 
Johnston, James E., agent for the Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance 

Co., 85 St. Vincent street 
Johnston, J. H., straw-hat manufacturer, 122 Trougate street 
Johnston, James, tailor, 73 High John street 
Johnston, James, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Stirling street 
Johnston, J. L., of Customs, house 9 Bath street 

Johnston, John, merchant and general commission agent, 97 Union street 
Johnston, John, boot and shoe maker, 296 Argyll street 
Johnston, John, fancy wool work and stationary, 136 South Portland street 
Johnston, John, letter-carrier. Post Office, house 27 Balmauno street 
Johnstone, John, fruiterer, 126 Ingram street 
Johnston, John, Clay-knowes Pottery, brick and drain-tile work, Gallowgate road, 

house Comely park, do. 
Johnston, John, mason and bricklayer, 289 Parliamentary road 
Johnstone, Michael, of John Clapperion §• Co., 175 Trongate 
Johnstone, Michael, boot and shoemaker, 99 Nelson street 

Johnston & Neil, wholesale wine and spirit merchants, stores for ships and exporta- 
tion, 85 and 87 Jamaica street, and 76 Great Clyde street 
Johnston, Neil, surveyor for the Sun Fire office, 20 Buchanan street, house 22 Cum- 
berland street 
Johnston, Peter, smith, bellhanger, gasfitter, and inspector of weights and measures 

for the Barony of Gorbals, 17 Govan street 
Johnston, Richard & Brother, wire and metal warehouse, 15 John street. John 

Strathearn, agent 
Johnston, Robert, of Johnston, Galbraith, ^ Co., and Alexander Johnston ^ Co., ho. 

18 Biythswood square 
Johnston, Robert, brickmaker and builder, 12 Canning street, Greenhead, works 

Johnston, Robert M., baker, 87 High street 
Johnston, Robert, baker, 6 Abei'cromby street 

Johnston, Robert, painter and paper-hanger, 52 Glassford st., and 156 Sauchiehall st. 
Johnstone, Robert, rag merchant, 254 High street, house 258 do. 
Johnstone, Ronald, civil engineer and land mineral surveyor, 32 St. Enoch square 
Johnstons & Co., Lochruan distillery, Campbelton ; agents, Buchanan, Wilson, & 

Co., 25 St. Enoch square 
Johnston, Thomas, accountant, land and house-factor, 221 Buchanan street 
Johnston, Thomas, &, Co., writing-ink makers and stationers, 137 George street. 
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Johnston, Thomas, sen , victualler, 154 and 130 Main street, Gorbals 
Johnston, Thomas, plane maker, G North Albion street 

Johnson, Thomas, professor of painting and drawing, Elgin place, Pitt street 
Johnston, Thomas, wine and spirit inerchant, (30 Canning street 
Johnston, Thomas, clothier, S5 London street, house 30 Charlotte street 
Johnston, Thomas, tobacconist and chandler, 217 High street 
Johnston, AVilliam, plumber and gasfitter, 17 Melvill street, Tradeston '; 
Johnston, William, harbour-master, IG Robertson street, house above 
Johnson, William, consulting engineer, and patent agent, and editor of The Prac- 
tical Mechanic and Enriiriccr's Magazine, 33 Budianan street 
Johnston, William D., piano-forte maker, 138 South Portland street 
Johnston, William, & Co , tea merchants and wholesale grocers, 4 Stobcross street 
Johnstone, William, of Hill ^- Johnstone, house Albany terrace Renfrew street 
Johnston, William, banker, 5 Newton place 

Johnston, William, grocer and tea dealer, 83 Argyll street, house 1 1 Miller street 
Johnston, William, of William Johnston ^ Co., house 8 Douglas street 
Johnston, William, superintendent of buildings, 188 Holme street 
Johnston, W., teacher, St. Peter's Parish school, Oswald street, ho. 8 Douglas st. 
Johnston, William, engineer and manager, Glasgow and Ayr Railway, office 14 

Bridge street, house head of Dundas street, Kingston 
Johnston, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 28 Main street, Bridgeton 
Johnson, Miss, lodgings, 52 Renfield street 
Johnston, Miss, I Daliiousie place 

Johnston, Miss J., spirit dealer, 36 John street, Greenhead 
Johnston, Mrs. David, 1 1 Montague place, Bath street 
Johnston, Mrs., lodgiags, 49 Bath street 
Johnston, Mrs. Major, 107 West Regent street 
Johnston, Mrs. John, 19 Montrose street 
Johnston, Mrs., tavern-keeper, 5 Laigh-kirk close 
Johnston, Mrs., confectioner and fruiterer, 26) Gallowgate 
Johnston, Mrs., lodgings, 92 Renfield street 

JOLLIE, Andrew, currier and leather merchant, 83 Kirk street, Calton 
JONES, Francis, bookseller and bookbinder, 44 Miller place 
Jones, Jesse, <fc Co., merchants, 112 West George street 
Jones, Jesse, of Jesse, Jones, ^ Co., house 7 Sandyford place 
Jones, W. C, clothier, Ft. Mary's buildings, 31 Renfield street 
Jones, Rice, officer to the Faculty of Physicians & Surgeons, hall 17 St, Enoch sq. 
Jones, Rev. Thomas R., Wcsleyan minister, 93 Green street, Calton 
Jones, Thomas, of Crooks §■ Jones, house 175 Buchanan street 
Jones, Mrs., 54 North Hanover street 

JOSEZ, Francis, North British hotel, 7 North Queen street 
Justice of Peace Clerk's office for Lanarltshire, 73 Hutcheson st. John Douglas, 

clerk. R. R, Holmes, depute clerk. 


Kames Gunpowder Company. J. P. S. Hadaway, manager, 25 St. Enoch square 

KANE, Edward, furniture broker, 97 M'Alpine street 

Kane, Thomas, fishmonger, 38 Renfield street 

KAY, Alex., & Co., insurance brokers. Royal Exchange buildings 

Kay, Alexander, jun., of Wilson, James, ^- Kay, house Maule terrace, Particle 

Kay, Alexander, manager. Paisley Canal Co., 153 Port Eglinton street 

Kay, Charles, 25 Queen street 

Kay, Daniel, jun., at W. §• J. Dodcls, 34 Union street, house 10 Cumberland place 

Kaye, Daniel, tea merchant and general grocer, 14 Govan street - 

Kaye & Findlay, warehousemen, Queen court, 62 Queen street 

Kay, George, carter, 13 Wood lane, Broomielaw 

Kay & Gourlay, jun., manufacturers, Surrey street, factory, Gorb.'xls 

Kay, H. & VV., grocers and spirit dealers, 38 Forth street, Port-Dundas 

Kay, James, at Jahn Mitchell ^ Co.'s, house 7 Grcenhill street 

Kay, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 57 West Milton street 

Kay, James, spirit dealer, 62 Old wynd 

Kay, James, spirit dealer, 36 Washington street 

Kay, John, at W'm. Orrs, 61 Cochran street, house 52 Taylor street 


Kay, John, lioufc agent, 11 Surrey street 

Kaye, John, jun., tea mcrcliant, and general grocer, 9i Trongate 

Kaye, John, tea merchant, and general grocer, 229 Gallowgate, house 206 do. 

Kaye, Robert, of Kaye Sf Fivdlay, house Particle Hill 

Kaye, Robert, of Millbrae, Chvyston. Letters, etc., left at 94 Trongate 

Kay, Thomas, carver and gilder, 40 Fox street, house 56 Howard street 

Kay, Wiliiani, colltetor, Gas office, 65 Virginia street 

Kay, Mrs Jolin, tavern, 6 Virginia street 

KEA.N, Francis, wine, spirit, and provision merchant, ^3 and 76 Bridgcgate 

Kean, John, sinter, 76 Bell street 

KEDDIE, William, nf the Scoltish Guardian offi.ce, house 15 North St. Mungo st. 

KEELING, John Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Gilraour st , Hutchesontown 

KEIR, David, glazier, glass-stainer, and bender, 127 Cambridge street, ho. 129 do. 

Keir, James, spirit dealer, 20 jNicholson street 

Kcir, John, 4'5 Blackfriars street 

Keir, John, eowfeeder, Garsouhe brae, head of Renfield street 

Keir, Robert, wright and glazier, 63 Eglinton street, house 54 do. 

KEITH, Archibald, eowfeeder, 75 King street, Tradeston 

Keith, John, bonkscller and auctioneer, 5 Hutcheson st., ho. 7 Sommervillo place 

KELLAR, Alexander, morchaat, 69 London street 

KELLY & Co., cotton brokers and commission merchants, 106 Virginia place 

Kelly, Hugh, spirit dealer, 26 Market street 

Kelley, James & Andrew, cutlers and watclimakei's, G and 7 Argyll arcade 

Kelly, Janios, al Pcn->i ^- Kmne hfs, house 121 North John street 

Kelly, James, jun., of James ^- Andrew Kdly, house 9 8 North Frederick street 

Kelly,, coal ugent for Gavin Addie, 110 Stirling read 

Kelly, James, spirit merchant, 61 Bridgcgate 

Kelly, James, tailor, clothier, and hatter, 89 London street, house 31 Gncme street 

Kelly, John, broker, 6 Thistle stieet, Hutchesontown 

Kelly, John, cov.feeder, 131 Main street, Gorbals 

Kelly, John, spirit dealer, 102 Saltmarket 

Kelly, John, M., agent, 6 '. Rottenrow street 

Kelly, John, P., merchant. Letters left at Win. Arthur & Co.'s, 19 Cochran street 

Kelly, Michael, broker, 17 Bridgcgate 

Kelly, Neil, beadle of Free Tron Church, 10 Holmhead street 

Kelly, I'etcr, grocer, 109 Garscube road 

Kelly, Philip, boot and shoe maker, 58 South Coburg street 

Kelly, Robert beadle, Free St. David's church, 9 Wilson street 

K^lly, 'I'homas, victualler, 114 Main street, Gorbals 

Kelly, Wiliiani, jun., of Kelly ^ Co., house 1 1 Uoyal crescent 

Kelly, William, slater and slate merchant, 427 Gallowgate, house 55 Bellgrove st. 

Kelly, William, Abbotsford tavern, 2S Jamaica street 

Kelly, Misses, stay, millinery, and bonnet makers, 6 Govan street 

Kcliy, Mrs. J., agent, 251 High street 

KELSO, Henry, classical, English, and mathematical teacher, 42 Port-Dundas rd. 

Kelso, James, sliip-master, 97 Hill street 

Kelso, Peter, of Wilson^ Kelso, house 191 Albert terrace, Rcnfew street 

KELSH, Rev. Richard, 34 Great Clyde street 

KELT, James, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 49 Jamaica street, houses Merris place, 

Monteith row 
Kelt, Miss, seminary for young ladies, 94 Dundas street 

KF-I.vI^f Foundry, near Maryhill Aitken, Mathie, & Co., office, 14 Gordon street 
KEMP, David, emporium for shawls and tartans, 47 Buchanan street, house llo 

Mains street 
KEMPT, Donald, of M- Tear ^- Kempt, house 12 Pollock street 
KEMPTSON, Joseph, provision dealer, 6 College street 
KENNA, Rev. Patrick, 34 Great Clyde street 
KENNEDY, A. & W,, wholesale stationejs, 27 Glassford street 
Kenned)^ A. S., of A. W. Kennedy, 2 South Wellington street 
Kennedy, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 63 North Woodside 
Kennedy, Andrew, grocer ;ind spirit dealer, 101 East ?vJilton street 
Kenned}'-, Angus, shoe and general furnisher, 17 King street, Calton 
Kennedy, .Archibald, spirit dealer, 7 Carrick street 

KENNEDY— KEft-R. 153 

Kennedy, Rev. C. J., lecturer on Natural Philosophy and tcacliev of English, Geo- 
graphy, and Mathematics, 61 N. Hanover street 
Keiuiedy, Charlefi, clothier, 70 and 73 Saltmarket Ktreet 
Kennedy, D., Catholic bookseller, printer, publisher, bookbinder, and stationer, IT 

Great Clyde street 
Kennedy, David, clothier, 193 Argyll street 

Kennedy, G., stationer and account hook maker, 89 Argyll street. (See Adver- 
Kennedy, Gilbert, factor for Milton and Castlemilk estates, 109 West Cample!! St., 

house 227 Brandon place. West George street 
Kennedy, Dr., 6 Croy place, Maxwell street 

Kennedy, Hugh, 45f Co., coniniisBioa merchants, 3 Ingram street, house 3 Chat- 
ham place 
Kennedy, Hugh, of IL Kennedy §• Co., house 71 Chatham place 
Kennedy, Hugh, steward of the Lady Kelhurne, house 12 Anderston qway 
Kennedy, James, -wholesale stationer and bookbinder, 1 15 Ingi-am street, house 3 

Abbotsford place 
Kennedy, James, hosier, 32 George street 

Kennedy, James, beadle, Duke sti'eet Gaelic chiirch, house 10 Duke street 
Kennedy, John, cork manufacturer, 18.J Buchanan street 
Kennedy, John, cabinetmaker, 1 Little Hamilton street 
Kennedy, John, accountant and house factor, IS Rcufichl street 
Kennedy, P. M., of Perry <J- Kennedy, 19 Cochra.i street 

Kennedy, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 59 Stockwell street, ho. 73 W. Nile ti. 
Kennedy, Hubert, broker, 15 North street, Anderston 
Kennedy, Robert, victualler. Blue vale 
Kennedy, Robert, 75 Renfield street 

Kennedy &, Sou, clothiers and hatters, 7 Rovai Exchange smiare^ho. 35 lloseland 
■ terraee^y .t^....v<^_ ^ C #..^'/^-i^ ^'^-^ / #^.-^— ^/i--^ 
Kennedy, AVilliam, druggist, 59 Trongate 
Kennedy, William, spirit dealer, 82 Stevenson street, Calton 
Kennedy, Mrs., stay maker, 29 East Clyde street 
Kent Mutual Fire Insurance Society. George Good, jun., G3 St. Vincent street, 

agent for Glasgow, and West of Scotland 
KEPPIE, James, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 3 Park place, StockwcU 
KERR, Alexander, 3 Florence place 
Kerr, Angus, at J. §• J. Wright's, 127 Ingram street 
Kcrrs & Anderson, accountants and sharebrokers, agents for the Globe Fire and Life 

Insurance Office, 19 Ciordon street 
Kerr, Arctubald, writer and sharebroker, 3 Exchange place, south arch, Exchange 

square, house 6 Crescent place 
Ker, David, grain merchant, 42 Hope st., house 52 Windsor terrace, New City rd. 
Kerr, Daniel, & Co,, warehousemen, 79 Bell street 
Ker, Doering, & Co., merchants, 26 Gordon street 

Kerr, Henry, of Kerr s ^- Anderson, house U West Prince's street, St. George's rd, 
Kerr, Henry, sen., general coninii-ssion and coal merchant, 98 South Portland street. 
Orders for coals left at Winchester & M' Gibbon's, 69 Argyll street, Duncan 
Campbell's, 143 Buchanan street, and l77 Sauchiehall strei-t 
Kerr, James, boot and shoe maker, 13 and 14. Argyll arcade, house 255 George *t. 
Kerr, James, lithographer, engraver, and copper-plate printer, 115 Argyll street. 

house 108 do, 
Kerr, James, carter, 113 Hospital street 

Kerr, James M., wine mercliant, 40 St. Vincent place, house 152 Randolph terrace 
Keir, Jamts, painter, paper-hanger, glazier, and oil and colourman. 20 Clyde place 
Kerr, James, spirit dealer, 25 Canning .«treet, Calton 
Kerr, John, commission agent, 34 Cochran street 
Kerr, John, jun,, manufacturer, 51 Cochran street 
Kerr, John, jun., writer, 5 Brunswick place 
Kerr, John, of Kerr >.^ MMUIan, house 13 Cumberland street 
Kerr, John, agent, 508 Gallowgate 
Kerr, J., provision merchant, 17 Eglinton street 

Kerr, John, writer, 21 South Hanover street, residence Sauchfield, Hlllhead 
Kerr, Loraine M., of T. G. Buchanan f L, M. Kerr, hcuse 21 India stieet 

334: KEllR-.KIMBER. 

Kerr & M'Millan, manufacturers, 43 Queen street 

Kerr, Malcolm, wholesale stationer, 89 Queen street, house 2 Soutli Portland strc.-i 

Kerr, Robert, tailor and clothier, 48 George street 

Kerr, Robert, & Co., cotton spinners and power-loom cloth manufacturers 2- 

ford street, and 39 Hutcheson street, works St. Rollox 
Ker, Robert, of Kcr, Doering, Co., house 205 Bath street 
Kerr, Robert, of Roherl Kerr ^- Co., house 13 Royal terrace 
Kerr, Thomas, wright and builder, 69 St. James's road, house 194 Gallowo-ate 
Kerr, William, at Paterson, Jamieson, §• Co.'s, house 130 Hope street " 
Ken-, William, maltster, 22 Buchan street, Gorbals, house 15 Ap.sley place 
Kerr, William, spirit dealer, 7 Oxford street 
Kerr, William, watch and clock maker, 1 1 4 Cowcaddens street 
Kerr, William, wright and builder, 59 St. James's road, house T4 Taylor street 
Kerr, Mrs., 1 45 West Campbell street 
Kerr, Mrs. Robert, 109 Hope street 

KESSEN, Mrs,. Robert, oil and colourman, 165 High street 
KESTLER, Henry, German-clock maker, 38 Glassford street 
KETTLE, Robert, cotton-yarn merchant, 16 Virginia street, house 4 Crescent pi. 
KEVAN & Buttle, warehousemen, elothiei-s, and outfitters, 163 and 165 Ar'JvU st. 
Kevan, Peter, letter-carrier, Post-office, house 9 Warwick street ^° 

Kevan, Robert of Kevan ^ Buttle, house Rose Cottage, Ibroxhoira 
KEWLEY, William, clerk, Post-office, house 89 North Frederick street 
KEY, John, spirit dealer, 74 Trongate 

KEYDEN, James, of Strang, Yaille, S,- Kcyden, house Torwocd house, Row- 
Key den, James, writer, 177 Hill street, Garnethill 
KIBBLE, James, & Co., metal merchants, 24 Turner's court 
KIBBI;E, James, of J. Kibble ^- Co., house Park place, Paisley road 
Kibble, John, 24 Turner's court, house Park place, Paisley road 
KIDD, William, tin-plate worker and gasfitter, 78 Gallowo-ate 
Kidd, William, spirit merchant, 32 Rose street 

KIDSTON, A. G., & Co., iron and general metal merchants, CO Great Clyde st. 
Kidston, Archd. Glen, merchant, of A. G. Kidston ^ Co., and Borron, 'Pnce, ^■ 
Kidston, residence J^'ewton House, Cambuslang, and 48 Claremont place, Great 
Clyde street 
Kidston, Archd., jun., 48 Claremont place 

Kidston, Charles, of William Kidston §• Sons, 19 Queen street 
Kidston, J. B., of W. §r J. B. Kidston, house 2 Royal terrace 

Kidston & Waters, Washington street, white lead, colour, and varnish works, 
16 Washington street 

Kidston, Michael, of Kidston ^ Waters, house 52 Claremont place 

Kidston, Richard, of William Kidston ,$- Sons, 19 Queen street 

Kidston, Richard, jun., of William Kidston ^ Sons, 19 Queen str^iet 

Kidston, William, & Sons, iron and nail merchants, 19 Queen street 

Kidston, William, of William Kidston ^ Sons, 19 Queen street 

Kidston, William, jun., of A. G. Kidston ^ Co., ho. 4 Jane street, Blythswood sq. 

Kidston, W. & J. B., writers, and agents for the Scottish Equitable and Jilutua! 
Life Assurance Society, 41 West George street 

Kidston, Rev. William, D.D., 52 Claremont place. Great Clyde street 

KiLBiRNiK Cotton Works Co., 91 Hutcheson street 

KiiDAiTON Distillery, Islay. J. & A. Gairdner, agents, 43 Turner's court 

KILGOUR, Adam, of Kilgoar ^ .Leitk, ho. 6 Clarendon pi., Great Western road 

Kilgour, A., & Co., agents and brokers, 71 Queen street 

KUgour, John, spirit dealer, 63 Dundas street 

KiKMAENOCK. Carrier. Mackie's, 99 Stockwell street 

Kilmarnock and Ardrossan Railway Office, 40 George square 

Kilmarr.ock Railway Station, 14 Bridge street 

KiLMUN Steam-packet Offi< e, 9 Buchanan street 

KILPATRICK, Daniel R., tailor, 11 Canon street 

Kilpatrick, John, grocer, 19 Portugal street 

Kilpatrick, Thomas, spirit dealer and dairyman, 141 Saltmarket street 

Kilpatrick, Mrs.. 198 Buchanan street 

Kilpatrick, Mrs. Robert, & Son, flesliers, 95 Hospital street 

KIMBER, Wil'iam, wine and spirit mtrchant, 420 Parliaraeutarv road 


KING AID, John, broker aud commission mercliaat, 80 Union street, house 19 Cla- 
rendon place 

Kincaid, Tliomas, 19 Clarendon place 

KING, Alexander, M.D., 37 Bath street 

King, Rev. Andrew, of St. Stephen's Free church, house 38 Hill street, Gai-netliill 

King, Andrew, wine and .spirit dealer, 30 Main street, house 1 Stobercss street 

King, Campbell, at Win. Falconer's, 30 Montrose st., ho. Holly-bank, near Partick 

King, C. A., Secretary Glasgow Department, Caledonian Railway office, 134 St. 
Vincent street, house 1 Albany place, Sanchiehall street 

King, Charles, of Archibald Liddell ^ Co., house 88 Regent terrace 

King, Rev. David, LL.D., 4.5 North Hanover street 

King, David, hardware and furnishing merchant, 36 Main street, Anderston 

King, D., & Co., raanufact. chemists, Caralachie. Letters left at 619 Gallowgate 

King, George, teller. Union Bank of Scotland, 88 Regent terrace 

King, George, provision merchant, 80 Stockwell street 

King, James F., commission merchant and stock-broker, 12o Buchanan street 

King, James, 75 Renfiekl street 

King, J., agent, t- 6 Miller street 

King, John, superintendent of cleansing, Police buildings, house 26 Moore street 

King, John, cooper, 9 and 25 High street, works 75 Cowcaddens street 

King, John, of George 33'Infosh ^ Co., residence Levcrnholm, Ilurlet 

King, John, & Son, power-loom cloth manufacturers, 1 National Bank Buildings, 
south wing, Queen street 

King, John, victualler, 382 Gallowgate 

King, John, provision merchant, 102 High street 

King, Matthew, grocer and provision jnerchant, 99 and 111 Cowcaddens street 

King, Matthew, general engraver and printer, 13 Argyll street 

King, Matthew and William, victualler, 79 Nelson street, Tradeston 

King, Richard, grocer and spirit dealer, 62 Main street, Anderston 

King, Thomas, watch and clock maker, 259 Argyll street 

King. Thomas, ai J. D. Sheppard's, 57 Buchanan street, residence Chapel lane, 

King, William, of John King ^ Son, house Clydehaugh, Govan road 

King, William, cooper, 39 High street 

King, V/illiaui, ji.n., plumber and gasfitter, 44 Trongate, Buchanan conrt 

King, Mrs., lodgings, 33 John street 

King, Mrs., staymaker, 223 Gallowgate 

King, Mrs. Agnes, grocer and spirit dealer, 123 Rottenrow street 

King, Mrs., fruiterer and confectioner, 30 Crown street 

King's-Arms Inn and Hotel, 6G Trongate, A. Williamson 

Kingston National Security Savings' Bank, iu Kingston Parish SchooL Open on 
Saturdays, from 8 till 9 p.m. 

KINLOCH, John, tavern keeper and lodgings, 80 Trongate 

Kinloch, Thomas, temperance hotel, 20 Candleriggs street. 

KINNaIRD, George, spirit dealer, 2 Clyde place, house 32 Nelson st , Tradestors 

KINNP2AR, Conrad, German clock manufacturer, 22 Glassford street 

Kinnear, George, manager of the Glasgow Commercial Exchange Company, 66 St. 
Vincent street, house 3 Woodside crescent 

Kinnear, John G., of Henry Watson ^ Co., house 16 India street 

KiNNEiL Iron Works Office, 36 St. Vincent place 

KINNIBURGH, James, commissipn agent, 21 Weaver street 

Kinniburgli, Mrs. R. G., matron. Institution for Deaf and Dumb, Barony glebe 

KINNINMONT, Alexander, 88 South Portland street 

KIPPEN, Robert, wholesale and retail grocers, 102 and 104 Canning st. Calton 

Kippen, George, writer, 121 Fife place 

Kippen, James Hill, & Co., letterpress printers, 15 Turner's court, 87 Argyll st. 

Kippen, James Hill, of James Hill Kippen ^ Co., house 142 Renfrew street 

Kippen, William, of Busby. Letters left at the Chronicle office 

KIRK, James, surgeon, 405 Gallowgate 

Kirk, Robert, chajdain, Town's Hospital 

Kirk, Thomas, smith, engineer, and millwright, 28 Hill street, house 204 Duke st. 

Kirk, William, tea and cotl'ec dealer, 24 Candleriggs street 

Kirk, Miss, dressmaker, 47 Renfrew street 


] 5G KIllK— KNOX. 

Kirk, Mrs. William, 2 West Russell street 

KTRKALDY, William. 99 Doiicrias street 

KIRKLAND, A. M'Kenzie, of John Kirkland ^' Son, Iionse 6 Qneen's crescent 

Klrkland, Alexander, civil engineer, land surveyor, and architect, 1 Royal Exchange 
court, house 47 Buccleuch street 

Kirkland, Hugh, spirit dealer, ) 1 Hili street, Gallowgate 

Kirkland, James, stockbroker, 12 lloyal Exchange square, house 13 West Prince's 
street. Queen's crescent 

Kirkland, James, of Wldle |- Kirkland, house 33 Monteith row 

Kirkland, John, & Son, merchants, St. Mary's building:*, IIG St. Vincent street 

Kirkland, Robert, clerk, Glasgow anf> Ayr Railway, house 108 Egliutoii street 

Kirkland, Robert B., manager, Faffidd Works, house 153 EgJinton street 

Kirkland, William S., 14 Queen's crescent 

Kirkland, W. F., writer, of Tat/lor if Kirkland, 65 Ingram street 

KIRKPATRICK, Alexander, 42 St. Andrew street 

Kirkpatrick, Robert, clothier, 15 Hutcheson street, ho. 35 St. Andrew square 

Kirkpatrick, Tiiomas, at Campbell §• C'o.'s, house 40 Oxford street 

KIRKWOOD, Alex., house-factor, 40 Union street 

Kirkwood, Alexander, plumber and gasfitter, 13 Govan st., ho. 54 S. Wellington st. 

Kirkwood, Alexander, painter, paperhanger, and colourman, 33 Bridge street 

Kirkwood, Anderson, of Banna tt/nes ^ Kirkwood, house 1 Mansfield place 

Kirkwood, Andrew, m.erchant, 28 Union street, house 176 West Regent street 

Kirkwoods & Co., boot and shoe manufacturers, 94 StockwcU street 

Kirkwood, Charles, of Mackay ^ Kirkwood, house 16 South Apsley place 

Kirksvood, James, foot carrier, to Airdrio, for small parcels, 22 High street 

Kirkwood, John, draper and hosier, 446 Argyll street 

Kirkwood, John, house-foctoi-, land and property agent, and agent for the North and 
West of Scotland Assurance Company, 33 Buchanan street, house Partick hill 

Kirkwood & Murray, wholesale dealers in hardware, jewellery, etc., 20 Gallowga'.o 

Kirkwood, Robei't, house- factor, 40 Miller street 

Kirkwood, Robert, sen., commission agent, 65 Jamaica street 

Kirkwood, William, grocer and jjrovisiou merchant, 266 Buchanan street, and 132 
Gatscube road, house 9 Normal place 

Kirkwood, William, house-factor, 118 George square 

Kirkwood, William P., wiue and spirit merchant, 17 Miller street, house 16 Cum- 
berland place 

Kirkwood, Misses, seminary for young ladies, 246 Sauchiehail street 

IvIRSOP, John (late Nixon & Kirsop,) hat and cap nianufiu-t., house 3 Apsley pi. 

ICITCHEN, John, gingham and pullicate manufacturer, 52 Virginia street 

KITELY, Gregory B., baker, T5 South Portland street 

KNIGHT, George, secretary Monkland Railway Co., office 140 Buchanan street, 
house Hamilton crescent, Partick hill 

Knight, Mrs. John, furnishing shop, II King street 

Knightswood Gas-Coal Office, 100 St. Vinoent street 

KNOTT, James Browne, teacher of piano-forte, 13 Abbotsford place 

Kn-jtt, Tavcrnor, historical and portrait painter, 87 Union street and 13 Abbots- 
ford place 

Knott, Miss, teacher of piano-forte and singing, 13 Abbotsford place 

Knott, Mrs., 13 Abbotsford place 

KNOX, Alexander, wright and glazier, 38 M'Kechnie street, Calton, house S 
Park lane 

Knox, Andrew L , manufacturer of shawls, zebras, and muslins, 9 Cochran street 

Knox, Andrew, spirit dealer, 37 George street, Mile-end 

Knox, A , clerk to the commissioners of assessed taxes for the city, 62 Argyll arcade 

Knox, A., of Knox §■ Scott, house 18 Rutland place, Govan road 

Knox, Dick, <fc Co., commission merchants, 22 Exchange square 

Knox & Findlay, writei-s, 29 St. Vincent street 

Knox, George, of Knox, Dick, §• Co., Kelvingrovc 

Knox, Henry, l" Elmbank place 

Knox, John, gala-plaid and tartan shawl manufacturer, 17 Brunswick street, houso 
56 Dundas lane 

Kuox, Masterton U., accountant, 14 Gordon street, 305 St Vincent street 

Knox, Robert, iu'i., of Raincii S,- Knox, house Kelviiigrcvc 



Knox, Robert, of Fvullay S/- Knox, house H India street 

Knox <fe Scott, successors to VV .D. Blair, wine merchants, Morrison's co-.:rt, IDS 

Ai'gj'll street 
Kriox, Thomas, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 44 Rcnfield street, workshop 40 

Renfrew iane 
Knox, Mrs, 143 Hill street, Garncthill 
KOCH, Mrs, 105 Kensington place, Sauchiehall street 

K.OERNER, John, prci'essor of German, Andersonian Univer., ho. 53 Holmhcad st. 
K^I'K, Alexander, print ship, J 6 Thistle street 
Kyle, John, baker, 116 Main street, Bridgeton 

Kyle, Thomas, oj I nomas li.yie §- oo., House 25 lureen street 

Kyle, William, land surveyor, 57 West George street, house 49 Hohnhead street 

Kyle, William, wood-turner, 10 William street, Mile-end 

Kyle, William, hair-cutter aiid perfumer, 68 Geoi-go street, house 62 do 


LACHI-AN, Thomas, eowfeeder, 27 Warwick street 

Lacy, Henry B., writer and agent for the East of Scotland Life Assurance Co., 64 

St. Vincent street, lodgings 165 Sauchiehall street 
Lacy, H. A. Montgomerie at J. ^ F. Ferman't, 23 South ILnnover street 
LADE. Allan, <fe Co., merchants, 61 St. Vincent street 

Lade, D. & Co... wine and spirit merchants, Jackson st., counting-house, Dimiop-st. 
Lade, D., of D. Lade ^ Co., house Provan place 
Lade, Robert, of D. Lade ^' Co., Dunlop street 
Laoavullin Distillery, Islay, office 74 Maxwell street 

LAIDLAW, David, of R. Laidlaw §■ Son., house 22 Canning pi, Stirling's road 
Laidlaw, Robert, & Son, patent gas-lamp, gas meter, and tube manufacturers, fnr- 

nishing ironmongers, and brass and iron founders, 116 Argyll street. Works 169 

East Milton street, Glasgow, and Simon square, Edinburgh 
Laidlaw, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 60 High street 

LAING, Alexander, professor of mathematics, Andersonian university 
Laing, A. R., at Messrs. Cabbell's, 72 Virginia .street 
Laing, David, veterinary surgeon, 50 Hope street, bouse 59 Union street 
Laing and Dale, merchants and drysalters, 107 Buchanan street 
Laing, James, merchant and drysalter, 100 Virginia pi., house Oakfield, Hillhead 
Laing, John, coraniission merchant, 5 Drury street, house Sandyford, Partiek road; 

letters left at James Wood's, 101 Mitchell street 
Laing, Robert, Meadowvale, Particle, Letters left at 70 Miller street 
Laing, Robert, of Laing ^ Dale, house, Gloret House 
Laing, Walter, of Dicksons and Laings, house 1 1 Monteith row 
Laing, William, currier and leather merchant, 92 Jamaica street 
Laing, Janet, flcsher, 61 Bell street 
Laing, Mrs., spirit dealer, 3 Love loan 

JyAIRD, Alexander, & Sons, steam-packet and shipping agents, 101 Union street 
Laird, Alexander, of Alex. Laird ^ Sons, house 21 Elmbank crescent 
Laird, Alexander A., of Alex. Laird ^ Sons, house 16 Royal terrace 
Laird, James, provision merchant and grocer, 69 Clyde street, Anderston 
Laird, John, of Fulton, Laird, ^ Co., house 24 Ropework entry 
Laird, John, perfumer and hair-dresser, 106 George street 
Laird & Kemp, commission merchants, 98 Hutcheson street 
Laird, Robert, of Laird ^ Thomson, liouse Green Bank, Partlck 
Laird <Jt Tliomson, shawl and dress manufacturers, 69 Ingram strcet 
Laird, Mrs. David, 4 Greenvale place 
I;aird, Mrs., milliner, 71 Stevenson street 

LAMB, Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 22 and 24 Main street, Anderston 
Lamb, H, A., wine and spirit dealer, 101 King street, Tradeston 
Lamb, James, sen., 3 Killermont street 
Lamb, James, jun., carpenter and railway waggon contractor, 50 Dundas street, and 

Cathedral street, liouse 33 Buccleuch street 
Lamb, .John, wright and builder, 34 William street, Cowcaddens, hou.'^ 165 

Sauchiehall street 

158 LAMB— LANG. 

Lamb, John R., of Drydcn, Lamb, <}■ Co., house 3 Lyncdoch street 

Lamb, Johri, grain merchant, 20 Union street, house 9 Duudas street, Kingston 

I/amb, Joseph, paddler, 294 Buchanan street 

Lamb, Thomas, & Sons, joiners, cabinet and block makers, etc., 19 Dale street 

Lamb, William, at Cowan ^- Co., 31 Argyll street 

Lamb, Mrs., matron, University Lying-in hospital, College open, lligli street 
Lamb, Mrs. John, 81 Abbotsford place 
LAMBERT, William, 74 Brnnswick street 
LAMBIE, James, tailor and clothier, 21 Adelphl street 
Lambie, Peter, of Macclonald ^ Lamhie, house 112 Rottenrow 
Lambie, Mrs., Y4 Lawnioor place 

Lambie, Robert, hosier, 89 Main street Gorbals, housvT 9 Warwick street 
LAMING, Wm. F., Temperance hotel, Morrison's court, 108 Argyll .street 
LAMONT, Dugakl, tailor and clothier, 318 Argyll street 
Laraont, James, of M'Kean ^ Lament, house 171 Eglinton street 
Lamont, John, coal and commission agent, Monkland Canal basin, and 33 Bunhan.T.i 

street, house 23 Canning place 
Lamont, John, of M'Kcan ^ Lament, house Cleland Testimonial 
Lamont, John, writer, 20 Buchanaji street, house 3 Mcadowside, "Woodlands road 
Lamont, John, merchant, 39 West Nile street 
Lamont, John, broker, 380 Argyll street 
Lamont, John, commission agent, residence Town's Mill road 
Lamond, Robert, writer, 29 St. Vincent place, house 18 India street 
Lamont, Thomas F., of M'Kean ^- Lamont, house 171 Eglinton street 
Lamont, William, ship and metal broker, Grangemouth, uffice in Glasgow, 33 :"jt. 

Vincent sti'eet 
Lamond, Miss, matron, Asylum for the Blind, Castle street 
Lanark Cotton- Yarn Warehouse, 1 05 Miller street 

LANCASTER, George, calico-printer, Cl3'-debank Print-works, Finnieston 
Lancaster, Thomas, & Son, commission agents, 13 Montrose street 
Lancaster, Miss, 3! India street 
Lakcisfield Forge, Lancefield street, Andersten 
Laneefield Rope-Work, John Blaclc & Co., 222 Broomielaw 
Lancefield Spinning Company, 70 Miller street 
Land and Assessed Tax Office, 66 Miller street 
LANDELL, Mm., gunmaker, cutler, and ironmonger, 106 Trongate 
LANG, Ai'chibald Grahame, merchant, 41 Miller street, ho. 20 Elmbank crescent 
Lang, D, & J. L., writers, 44 George square 

Lang, David, of D. §• J. L. Lang, house 43 North Hanover street 
Lang Rev. Dr., 123 Montrose street 

Lang, George, victualler and spirit dealer, 280 Aigyll street 
Lang, George, 3 Clifton-grove crescent 
Lang, Gilbert, writer, 24 Wilson street 
Lang, Hugh, wine and spirit mci'chant, 128 Broomielaw 
Lang, Hugh, spirit dealer, 30 Maitland street, Ccwcaddens 
Lang, James Leitch, of D. ^- J. L.Lang, house Mirkland, by Kirkintilloch 
Lang, James, 5 Montrose street 

Lang, James R., cabinetmaker and feather merchant, 40 High street 
Lang, John, jun., J. P., procurator fiscal for the Justice of the Peace for Lanark- 
shire, County buildings, 107 Brunswick street, house 1G3 Hope street 
Laing, John, of J. Laimi ^- Co., house Sandyfurd, Partlck. Letters left at Janj.s 

Wood's, ioi Mitchclf street 
Laing, John & Co., commission merchants, Drury street 

Lang, John, collector, public slaughterhouse, market st., house 150 Crown street 
Lang, John, hair, cotton, and straw mattress manufacturer, feather merchant ami 

funeral undertaker, 40 High street 
Lang, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 1 Marlborougii strei't 
Lang, John, tailor and clothier, 15 Canning street. Gallon 
Lang, Robert, writer, G South Hanover street 

Lang, Robert, assistant ins]>ector of poor house, house 403 P;!rlJament;iry road 
Lang, Robert, salesman. Union Victualling Society, ' ' ■' ' ' , troct, Bridgcton 
Lang, Roheit, carter and coal agent, 48 North liai. 



^Lang, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 22 Govan street 

Lang, William, coal master, Monkland canal Basin, house 80 St. James's road 

Lang, William, confectioner, tea and wine merchant, 73 Queen street, house 12 

Monteith vow 
Lang. William, bookseller, stationer, and news agent, 80 St. Vincent street, house 1 

Claremont street. Royal crescent 
Lang, William, accountant, land and house agent; agent for the Yorkshire Fire and 

Life Insurance Co., 20 Sauchiehall street, house 1 1 Fitzroy place 
Lang, Mrs. James, b.iker, 133 Gallowgate 
LANGLANDS, Alexander, d8 Abbotsford place 

Lauglands, Edward, of M. Watson, Son, ^- Co., house I Lansdowne ereijcent 
Langlands, Matthew, steam-packet agent, 32 St. Enoch sq,, house 1 Elmbank pi. 
Langiands, R,, at William Dewar ^ Co., house Grafton terrace, Nortii -John street 
Lp^nglands, Miss, 35 Renfrew street 

L.^NGLEY, James, shawl merchant, 61 Buchanan street 
Langloan Ironworks office, St. Mary'3 buildings, 33 Rentield street 
LANGWELL, Peter, at Peler Reid's, distiller, Smith's court 
LAPRAIK, John, baker, 100 Main street, Anderston 
LATHAM, John, general manager, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway Co., house 

Balgray Bank, Springburn 
LATTA, David, ISO Cowcaddens street, house 32 Buccleuch street, Garnethill 
Latta, David of Robert §r David Latta, house 55 Rose street Garnethill 
Latta, Robert & David, coffee and spice merchants, i9 Maxwell street 
Latta, James, at R. <J- D. Latta, 40 Maxwell street 
Latta, Robert, of Robert ^ David Latta, house 55 Rose street, Garnethill 
LAUDER, Jaraes, at Charles Tennent ^- Co.'s, St. Rollox 
Lauder, James, pattern-drawer, 7i Argyll street 
Lauder, John, ti.'^hmoiiger, 95 Fife place, house 12 Great Clyde street 
Lauder, John, sewed muslin pattern designer, and lithographer, 33 N. Frederick st. 
Lauder, John, surgeon, 7 New street, Calton 

Lauder, Richard, manager of goods traffic, Ayrshire Railway, h, 16 New Bridge st. 
Lauder, Robert, tailor and clothier, 1 Argyll arcade, house 13 Waterport buildings 
Lauder, Miss Martha, milliner, straw-hat and dressm.iker, 44 George street 
LaUGHLAND, David, provision and spirit dealer, 6 Cumberland lane 
LAUGHLEN, Andrew, civil engineer and land surveyor, oS St. Vincent street, 

house 122 North Montrose street 
Laughleu, Robert, accountant, Blythswood Estate office, 81 St. George's place 
Laurie, a., & Co., gingham and lappet manufacturers, S John street 
Laurie & Foulds, manufacturers, 89 Ingram street 
Lawrie, George, baker, 16 Portugal street 
Lawrie, George, 31 India street 

Lawrie, James Adair, M.D., 15 Moore place, West George street 
Laurie, James, of Laurie ^- Foulds, house 1 Saudyford place 
Laurie, James, of Laurioston, 1 Nicholson street, house 8 Carlton place 
Laurie, James, of James Laurie §■ Co., and Laurie §,■ Foulds, ho. i Sandyford p], 
Laurie, James, & Co., merchants, 1 7 Prince's square, Buchanan street 
Lawrie, John, merchant, 90 Regent terrace 
Lawrie, John, wine and spirit merchant, 143 Argyll st , and 163 Osborne buildings, 

Sauchiehall street 
Laurie & Remvick, merchants, 48 Buchanan street 

Laurie, Robert, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, and librarian, 52 Bridge street 
Laurie, Robert, & Co , merchants, 179 Argyll street 
Laurie, Robert, earthenware dealer, 12 Kirk street, Calton 
Laurie, Robert W., of Laurie ^ Remvick, house 8 Carlton place 
Laurie, Somervail, <fc Co., merchants, 23 St. Enoch square 
Laurie, Thomas, & Co., grain merchants, 179 Argyll street 
Laurie, Thomas, & Co., oil colour, and glass merchants, painters, glazier.*, .and [i,i 

per hangers, 21 Jamaica street . . 

Lawrie, Thos., of Thomas Laurie S/- Co., house 4 Stanley place, EglintcJn 
Lawrie, Thomas, Railway office, St. Rollox 

Laurie, William, wine and spirit merchant, 53 South Portland st., and 145 Bridge- 
gate, house 40 Oxford street 
Laurie, Margaret, Grapes tavern, 200 Broomielaw 


Laurie, Mrs., 6S Hill street, Garnethill 

Laurie, Mrs., railliner, 31 New Bridge street 

LA.W, Alexandei", 109 Hen frew street 

Law, David, boot and shoe imker, 9 Trongate 

Law, David, of Thomas Edinglon ^ Sons, house G6 Bucoleuch street 

Law, David, of Law ^ Selkirk, house 207 St. George's road 

Law, David, plumber, zinc worker, and gasfittcr, 110 West Nile street 

Law, Edward, slater, 233 High street 

Law, Jamos J., tailor and clothier, 22 Portugal street 

Law, John, coal agent and beadle of Free St. Mirk's, 30 Warrock streat 

Law, John, & Co., iron-founders, Garnkirk street, Port-Dundas 

Law, John, of John Law ^- Co., house 42 Port-Duudas road 

Law, Robert, boiler and agricultural-implement maker, Shettleston 

Law & Selkirk, wrights and builders, 1 1 4. City road 

I<aw, M., shoe shop, 2 Saltmarket street 

LAWCOCK, James, flour and provision merchant, 57 Argyll street 

LAWRENCE, Mrs. Peter, ]63 Sauchiehall street 

Lawrence, Mrs. William, furrier, 35 Renfrew street 

LAWS, William Black, bookseller and stationer, 171 Argyll street 

LAWSON, Archibald, merchant, SO Miller strest_ 

Lawson & Douglas, new and second-hand furniture warehouse, 70 & 72 LTuion si. 

Lawson & Robertson, clothiers, 2 St. Vincent place, corner of George square 

Lawson, Gavin, Yictualler, 129' Bridgegite 

Lawson, George, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 23 Dundas sti-eet, house 22 do., 
work shops, Dobbie's loan 

Lawson, Henry, & Son, coach proprietors and livery stable keepers, 128 Q,uecn st., 
and 60 North Hanover street, house 40 North Frederick street 

Lawson, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 52 Eglinton street 

Lawson, J. G., beadle. Barony church, 3 Martyr street 

Lawsoii, John, of Boyd, Lawson, ^- Co., hou^e G Royal terrace 

Lawson, J., of Lawson §/■ Robertson, house 77 Montrose street 

Lawson, John, at John Goldie ^ Co.'s, Hayfield foundry, Hutchesontown 

Lawson, Miss, lodgings, 45 John street 

Lawson, Mrs., stayraalvcr, 46 King street, Tradeston 

Lawson, Mrs , 133 Hill street, Garnethill 

LEADBETTER, John, & Co., linen manufacturers, 77 Queen street 

Leadbetter, John, of John Lcadbetler ^ Co., house Ericht bank, Dunoon 

Leadbetter, Robert, of John Jjeadbeiler Sf Co., house 117 Douglas street 

lieadbetter, Thomas, & Co., jilumbers, lead merchants, and brassfounders, 13 and '5 
Gordon street 

Leadbetter, Thomas, of Thomas Leadbetter 8,' Co., house 112 West Regent street 

LEAN, John, & Sons, muslin manufacturers, 100 Queen street, and 163 Ingram st., 
house 2 South Aiuley place 

Lean, William, paper sorter, Post-office, house 70 Surrey, Gorbals 

LEARMONTH, Mrs. George, French stay-maker, 19 Centre street 

LECK, Alexander, 100 George street 

Leek, Alexander, teacher, St. Rollox school 

Leek, John, tea merchant, 23 Cleland street, Hutchesontown 

Leek, Thomas, plasterer, 72 Great Clyde street, house 72 Broomiclaw 

Leek, William, baker, 31 John street 

Leek, William, jun., plasterer, 25 East Howard street 

LECKIE, Alexander, provision merchant, 12 Adelpbi street, house 13 do. 

Leckie, Andrew, flesher, 281 Argyll street, house 16 Hojje street 

Leckie, James, at Grigor Tumbull's, house 21 Warwick street 

Leckie, John, flesher, 4 Main street, Anderston 

Leckie, John, jeweller, and watch-glass maker, 7 Queen street 

Leckie, Robert, warden of Blackfriars' and St, David's burying-ground, house 41 

North Albion street 
Leckie, Mva. Helen, spirit dealer, 42 Montrose street 
J/EE, James, tobacco-pipe manufacturer, 16 Rottenrow street 
Lee, Tliomas, beadle of Renfield church, house 67 Oswald street 
Lees, Archibald, spirit dealer, 62 Stockwell street 
LEECH, David, land agent, 104 North Hanover street 



T,ecch, George Bowman, writer, 18 Gordon street-o^^'^^**^^^''^^^'**^ '''^^^^■^^ 

Leech, J«hn, M.\).., 77 Soutli Portland street 

I.EECHMAN, James, 24 Newton place 

Leechman, Jaiues M , tea dealer and general grocer, 41 Candleriggs street 

Leeds & Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance Company. Barton, t'armichael, &, Co. 

69 Wilson street, agents 
LEGATE, Fi-ancis. at A. CrosUe's, 119 Candleriggs strcet 
Leggat, James, scui))tor, 70 Rose street, works Rutherglen loan 
Leggat, Robert, of Finlay ^- Leggat. house 40 Candleriggs street 
Leggat, William, victualler, 37 Malta street 
Leggat, William, horse dealer, 498 Gallowgatc 
Leggat, Mrs John, victualler, 3 King street, house 48 London street 
LEIPER, Thomas, eowfeeder, 13 Cook street 
Leiper, William, writing-master, and teacher of arithmetic, 18? George street, ho, 

1 1 5 North Montrose street 
LEISHMAN, Andrew, fleshev and lard merchant, 21 C Gallowgate 
LEISTER, Bock, & Co., commission merchants, 67 Buchanan street 
LEITCH, Angus, bootmaker, 27 King street, Tradoston 

Leitch, Archibald, & Co., coach and livery lace n)anut";tcturers, 2S Dunlop stix;et 
Leitch,- Archibald, tailor, 120 George street 
Leitch, Charles, victualler, 27 Oswald street 
Leitch, George, painter, 15 Dempster street 

Leitch, John, keeper. Highland Society's School, 60 Montrose street 
Leitch, John, surgeon, 205 Gallowgate 
Leitch, Joseph, plasterer, 16 Doviglas street 

Leitch, Matthew, draper, hosier, nnd shirt manufacturer, 130 Gallowgate 
Leitch, Thomas, baker, 1 Richard street, Anderston 
Leitch, William, at Peter Buchanan §/■ Co.'s, 69 St, Vincent street 
Lkith, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Shipping Co.'s office, lOiUnion street 
Leith & Hamburgh Steam Packet Office, 9 Prince's square, 4S But-iiarian street 
LEMON, James, letter-carrier, Post-office, house Ann place, Parliatnentary road 
Lemon, William, letter-carrier, Poat-office, house Ann jilace, Parliament.iry road 
LENNIE, Geo., teacher, Free St, George's school, 118 Rcnfield i<(reet, liouse 30 

Renfi-ew street 
Lennic, Miss M., milliner and straw hat maker, 30 Renfrew street 
LENNOX, Duncan, writer, 39 Miller street, house 128 North John street 
Lennox, Gavin, plasterer, 27 Hunter street, house 4 Claythorn street 
Lennox, John, wine and spirit merchant, 194 Argyll street 
Lennox, John, City Temperance coffee shop, 49 Stockvvell street 
Lennox, Peter, general grocer, 123 Argyll street 
Lennox, William, slater and asphalte agent, 56 Main street, Bridgeton 
Lennox, William, victualler, 33 Orr street 
LEPPER & Co., grain merchants, 23 Ann street 
Lepper, Henry, of Lepper ^ Co., house Breadalbane terrace, Garnethill 
LESLIE, David, baker, 71 Cadogan street 
Leslie, Francis, plasterer, 75 Canning street, Calton 
Leslie, John, accountant and life assurance agent, 63 Bellgrove place 
Leslie, John, conunercial agent, at John Morton, jun.'s, 2 John street 
Leslie, Robert, tea dealer, 9 Columbia place 
Leslie, T. & J., stone merchants, Port-Dundas 
Leslie, Miss, 3 Windsor place, 87 SauchiehaU street 
LETHEM, Blyth, & Lethem, manufacturers, 49 Virginia street 
Lethem, David, & Co., rag merchants, 141 Stock well street 
Lethem, James, 151 West Nile street 
Lethem, M., sen., at Lethem, Blyth, ^ Letkcm's 

I/ethara, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, 221 Castle street, and 2 Glebe street 
LETTERS, John, gi-ocer, 95 Green street, Calton 
Letters, Mrs,, hosier and draper, 62 Great Hamilton street 
LEVACK, William, at Anderson §f Co.'s, house 30 Monteith row 
LEVENSON, James, sealing-wax, Avafer, and quill manufacturer, 90 Trongate, 

house 486 Gallowgate 
LEVY, Mi's. Woolf, manufacturing furrier, and dealer in Foreign and British 

skins, 18 Argj'll street, house 49 Hutcheson street 



Levey, A. R., & Co., warehousemen, 11 Soutli Frederick stteet 

LEWIS, John, teaclier, Highland Society School, G9 Montrosa street, house 26 

South "Wt'iUngton place 
T^wis, Robert, gut manufacturer and blooa merchant, 1 Public Slaughter, 

house 90 Castle street _ ^ 

..owis, Wni., pattein-designer to calico printers, 3S Broomielaw 
LEWTHWAlTE, Miss, 264 Buchanan street 

Licensed Victuallers, and General Fire and Life Assurance Co. of London, Glas- 
gow Branch, 99 St. Vincent street. (See Advertisement.) 
LIDDELL, Andrew, (late ironmonger), Plean House, by Falkirk. Letters, etc., left 

at John Finlay's, ironmonger, 40 Buchanan street 
Liddell, Archibald, & Co., oil and colour merchants and painters, ]92 Trong.ite, 

works 43 Queen street 
Liddell, Brownlee, & Co., gingham and pullicate manufactiu-ers, 2S Cochrane st. 
Liddell, Charles, surveyi^r, Gias office, 42 Virginia street, house Rutland place 
Liddell, H.. & Co , tie.'shers, P. 0. Receiving house, 5 Kenning place, Piiisley road 
Liddell, James, & Co., \vholesale Scotch warchou emen, 17 John street 
Liddell, James, of James Liddell ^- Co , house 3G Dalhonsie street, Garnethill 
Liddel, John, commission agent, 17 Canning place 
Liddell, William, trunk and band-bo.x maker, 68 Gordon street 
Liddell, Mrs. A., 100 Virginia street ■ 

Liddell, Mrs., 38 Hill street, Garnethill | 

LIEBERT, S. A., 17 Lynedoch street I 

Iji^E Association of Scotland. A. S. Ogle, 1 South Frederick street, and Jamo« gj 
Smith, writer, 24 Queen street, agents 'H 

LIGHTBODY, Jrmes, wine and spiiit merchant, 51 Abercromby street 
Lifhtbody, James, Townhead, Helensburgh. Letter.^ left at 20 Kent street 
Liohtbody, Jolin & Son, watch makers and jewellers, 19 Trongnle 
Lightbody, William, joiner and cabinetmaker, 21 Sydney street, house 23 do. 
Ijightbody, Welsh ifc Co., grocei-s, 15 Malta street 
LILLIE, George, dairyman and agent, 25 Robertson street 

Lillie, James, & Son, drapers and outfitters, 24 3 Argyll street 

IJllie, James B., at John King §■ Son's, 1 National Bank buildings 

LILLIS, Rev. Wm., St. Mary's Catholic church, 64 Abercromby street 

LIMERICK, John, smith, boiler maker, & engineer, 53 Dalmarnock rd., ho. 92 do. 

Limont, William, spirit dealer, S4 Sauchiehall street 

Lindsay, Alexander, smith, machine-maker, and gasfitter, CO Old wynd, house -45 
Adelpbi street 

Lindsay, Alexander, M.D. , surgeon, consulting rooms, 68 Stockwell street, house &5 
George street 

Lindsay, Andrew, hat manufaclurer, 149 London street, and 47 Charlotte street, 
house 11 St. Andrew square 

Lindsay, Andrew, spirit merchant, 40 King street 

Lindsay, Gavin, agent, and beadle of London road church, ho. 4 London rd,, Calton 

Lindsay, George, grocer and .spirit dealer, 34 Bedford street 

Lindsay, G., 19 Renfrew street 

Liudsay & Hunter, wrights, 46 Dale street, Tradeston 

Lindsay, James, house factor, 49 High street, house 17 High street 

Lindsay, James, earthenware and rag merchant, 5 Washington street 

Lindsay, James, 58 Renfield street 

Lindsay, James, jun., bookseller and stationer, 9 Washington street 

Lindsay, J no,, jun., & Co., Calenderers, hot-pressers, packers, stavchers, etc., .Smith's 
court, Candleriggs street, house 173 George street 

Lindsay, John, surgeon, and bathing establishment, 25 Hutcheson street 

T,indsay, John, spirit dealer, 70 Bi-uomielaw 

Lindsay, Robert, wright and builder, 317 Sauchiehall street, house 169 Hill street 

Liridsay, Robert, wright, 18 Mains' street, house 49 West Campbell street 

Lindsay, Robert M., wiiting-master, and mercantile and mathematical academy, iS- 
George square, house 47 Montrose street 

Lindsay, Samuel, small ware furnisher, 152 Castle street 

Lindsay, Thomas, agent for Dundyvan L-onworks, and Drumpeller collieries, hoU9« 
3 Martyr street 

IJndsay, William, D.D., professor of theology, 33 Monteith row 




Lindsay, William, cOM-fecder, 03 High street 

Lindsay, William, jiin., 77 Hope stieet 

Lindsay, lyiiss, 2.5 Renfrew stieet 

Lindsay, Mrs., fringe and triinming warehouse, 29 Argyll arcade 

Lindsay, Mrs. James, milliner and dressmaker, OS Ilenlield street 

Lindsay, Miss, dressmaker, 24 Wilson street 

Lindsay, Miss Margaret, milliner and dressmaker, 90 George street 

LINN," Walter, overseer, Garnkirk Railway, St. RoUox 

LINTON, Andrew, ironmonger, 24 Galluwgate 

LIPMAN, Moss., broker, 208 Stirling's road 

LISENHEIM, M. H., general broker, 40 Prince's street 

Lisenheim, Mrs. Esther, commercial ludgingSj 40 Dunlop street 

LISTER, Alexander, of Robertion ^ LUter 

Lister, John, spirit merchant, 30 Gallowgatu 

LISTON, Alexar.der, & Co., clienucal manufacturers, 48 Buclianan street, wor'.' 

Bahnaha and Tennent street, St. Rollox 
Liston. Jilatthew, victualler, 10 Spoutmouth 
LITIIGOW, Andrew, shoemaker, 10 Stirling square 
Litbgow, James, 12 Rose street, (lariicthill 
Lithgow, W. 11., professor of music, ISO Buchanan street 
Lithgow, Peter, wai'chouseraan, 15 Wilson street 
Lithgow, Miss, dressmaker, 10 Stirling square 

Lithgow, Miss, teacher of piano-furte and singing, 189 Buchanan street 
LITSTER, Jas., agent for .Mex. Melvin's Edinburgh .^Vle, 3 Dale St., Bridgot;)n 
Litster, William, spirit dealer, 80 D.>Imarnock road 

Litster, M. <& H., miilliiiers and straw-hat makers, 155 Main street, Gorbah 
LITTLE, Henry, at A. G. Kid.-toa ^- Co.'s, 60 Great Clyde street 
Little, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, GO Taylor street 
LITTLEJOH.\C Gavin, spirit dealer, 54 Crowii street 

Liverpool and American Royal Mail Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street 
Liverpool Asphalte Company, 2 Howard street; John Ashworth, agent 
Liverpool Fire and Life Insurance Co. James Watson & Co., 29 S6, Vincent place, 

and James E, Johnstone, 85 St. Vincent street 
Liverpool Marine Assurance Co. James Watson & Co , 29 St. Vincent pi., ageats 
Liverpool and Glasgow Steam-Pacicet Office, 15 Jamaica street 
Liverpool Screw-Traders' Office, 28 St. Enoch square 
Liverpool Steam- Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street 
Liverpool Steam-Packet Office, .32 St. Enoch square 
Liverpool Traders' Office, 23 St. Enoch square 

LiVEBV Stables, Black Bull, 6 Virginia street, and liorse repository, 12 L I/uadon st. 
LIVINGSTON, Alexander, flcsher. 291 High street 
Livingston, .\rchibald, at Juhii M'Grcf/ors, 10 Turner's court 
Livingston, Archibjild, writer, 24 St. Enoch square, house 45 Abbotsford place 
Livingston, Charles S., cotton-broker, 127 Ingram street, house G Clarendon place 
Living.ston, Charles, clerk, Clarendon place 

Livingston, C, & Co., grocers, and Post-office receiving house, 140 Hope street 
Livingston, Henry, Clyde hotel, 13 Anderston quay 
Livingston, Peter, naercantilc and forwarding agent, and custora-liousc broker, 62 

Argyll street 
Livingston, 11,, provision dealer, 135 New City road 
Livingston, William, calenderer, hot-presser, and packer, 17 Virginia street, hou-Se 

Livingston, Mrs. Allan, spirit dealer, 48 Cheapsldo street, Anderston 
LOCIIEAD, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 18 Carrick St., and 18 Centre .st. 
Lochead, John, spirit dealer, 11 Crown street 

Lochead & Brown, stationers and account-book manufacturer.^, 154 Argyll strefct 
Lochead, Robert, of Loclicid ^- Brown, house Dundas street. Upper Kingston 
Lochead, Thomas, bookseller and publisher, 5 Park place, Stockwell street 
Lochead, Walter, grocer and spirit dealer, 422 Galiowgate 
Lochead, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 81 Crown street 
Lochead, William, of Bijers §/■ Lochead, Sydney, New South Wales, comn!i%sion 

merchant. Royal Exchange buildings, area, south side, house Ron-bank, Govaa 
Lochhead, William, of Wylie §• Lochhmd. house Maule terrace, Partick 


Loehbead & Co., funeral undertakers, 22 Argyll street 

LocHFiKK Steam-Packet Office, 4 Wood lane, Broomielaw. William, Dick, manager 

I.OCHIEL, John, spirit dealer, 102 Bridgegate street 

Lochiel, Mi-s., grocer, 4 Goosedubbs 

LOCHORE, Robert, & Co., boot and shoe makers, 116 and 118 Buchanan street 

Locbore, Robert, of Robert Lochm-e ^ Co., bouse 116 South Portland street 

Lochore, Robert, tertius, of William Lochore §• Son, house '7 Somnieryille place 

Locbore, Williana, & Son, bootmakers, C6 Argyll street 

LocHRiJf Mills, Edinburgh, office 108 Stoekwell street 

LocHRUAN, Distillery, Cnmpbelton. Buchanan, Wilson, &, Co., agents, 25 St. 

Enoch square 
Lock Hospital, 41 Rottenrow street 
LOpKE, William, teacher of music, 19 Oswald street 
LOCKERBIE, David, at Allan §• Mann's, 155 Eglinton street 
Lockerbie, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 37 Orr street, Calton 
Lockerby & Stephenson, furnishing ironmongers, 32 Queen St., works St. Enoch 

Lockerby, Thomas, of LockerUf ^ Stephenson, house 1 05 South Portland street 
LOCKETT, Joseph & John, & Co., engravers to calico printers, copper rollers, etc., 

40 John street 
LOCKHART, James S., distributor of stamps, 78 Queen street, and 81 Miller st., 

house 22 Newton place 
Lockhart, John, Hesher and provision merchant, 156 Argyll st., ho, 24 Jamaica st. 
Lockhart, John, 63 John street 

Lockhart, R. <fe J., clothiers, 60 St. Vincent st., and 4 Moore pi.. West George st. 
I.«ckbart, Robert, of R. §■ J, Lockhart, house 158 St. George's road 
Lockhart, Robert, ai G. L. Walker §■ Co.'s, house 63 High John street 
Lockhart, Robert, of Buchanan ^ Lockhart, house 4 Mooie place, West George st. 
Lockhart, R. & W., corn-factors, 20 Union street 
Lockhart', Robert, teacher, 105 Hi-rh street 
Lockhart, William, brush manufacturer, 3 Hill street, Anderston 
Lockhart, Mrs. James, victualler, 149 High street 
LOGAN, Andrew, baker, 8 Main street, Anderston 
Logan, Andrew, jun., baker, 27 Norfolk street 
Lo°an, A. «fc T., wine and spirit merchants, 168 Gallowgate 
Logan, David, baker, 39 New Bridge street 
Logan, David, fruiterer, 125 Gallowgate 

Logan, Daniel, at Strang, Yuile, ^ Keyden's, house 3 Gloucester street 
Logan, Finlay, general agent, 4 Stockwell place 
Logan, James, victualler, 126 Gallowgate 
Logan, James, victualler, 59 Drygate 
Logan, John, tailor and clothier, 10 Jamaica street 

Logan, John, of Alexander Milne #• Co., house 4 Cameron street, St. (Jeorge's road 
Logan, John, pawnbroker, and girth- web manufacturer, 2 Kent street 
Logan, John, tax collector, 27 Renfrew street 

Lo^an, Malcolm, Clydesdale Arms inn, 15 East Nile street, off Gallowgate 
Lo°an, Robert, at Port Eglinton Works, house 8 Main street, Anderston 
Locan, Thomas, commercial traveller, 34 Hill street, Garnethill 
Logan, William, portioner, 267 Madeira buildings, Argyll street 
Logan, William, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 2 Melville pi,, 132 Trongate st. 
Logan, William, grocer, 87 Main street, Anderston 
Logan, Mrs. G., stay raanufacturei-, 18 Margaret street 
Logan, Mrs. John, stationer, 12 Bell street 
Logan, Mrs., milliner, 37 John street 
Jjogan, Mrs., 158 Stafford place. New City road 
LOGGIE <fe Dobbie, joiners and cabinetmakers, 30 Thistle street 
Loggie, Wm,, flesher, 73 George street 

Loggie, William, writer, 77 St. Vincent street, house 16 Newton place 
LOMAN, John, hat manufacturer, 22 Market street 

LOMAS. Joscoh, mill'm-ight and machine-maker, 61 Duke sti-eet, house 59 do. 
LoKBOs Boot Company, 13 Royal Exchange square 
•London Commercial Hotel, 29 Maxwell street. George Bridges 
London Dye-hcuse, 15 Cambridge stree-i . William Balbiniie 

LONG— LUCKIE. ]|.65 

London Endowment Association. D. Twecdie, agent, 1 Howard street 

London Fire and Life Assurance Corporation. Henry Rhiad, 59 St, Vincent st., 
Scott & Stevenson, 46 Gordon street, and Robert Gilkison, jun., 48 Buchanaa 
street, agents 

London Law Fire Insurance Office, 14 Buchanaa st. Bogle, Kerr, <fc Co , agents 

London, Leith, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Shipping Co.'s OflSce, 1 i Union street 

London Union Firo and Life Assurance Office, ^2 Wilaon street. Matthew Walker, 
J. Mudie, and W. Mudie, jun,, lid Queen street, agents 

London Vulcan Co., founders, engineers, etc., works Port-DunUas 

LoNDONDBRRT Stcani-Packet Office, IS Jamaica street 

LONG, Rev. Dr., minister of the Scotch church, Sydney, N. S. W,, 1.23 

Long <fe Barwick, wood-hoop manufacturers, 35 Centre street 

Long, John, merchant, 127 Clarence place, Sauchiehail street 

Long, William, gingham and muslin raanufactarer, 23 South Frederick street, liousc 
112 Rottenrow street 

liOng, William Henry, professor of writing and book-keeping to Andersonian Uni- 
versity, residence 26 Rose street, Garnethill 

LONIE, David, boot and shoe maker, 161 Main street, Auderston 

Lonnie, James, of Ferguson ^ Lonnie, house 140 Holme street 

Lonnie, William, grocer and victualler, 218 Duke street 

LORIMER, Arthur, brass founder and gasfitter, 45 Jamaica street 

Lcrimer, Rev. John G., of Free St. David's church, house 69 Sauchiehall street 

LORRAIN, F.C., 41 West George street 

Lorrain, William B„ physician and surgeon, 2 Windsor place, Sauchiehall street 

Lorrain, W, S., and Adam, merchants, 12 St. Vincent place 

Lorrain, W, S., of W. S. Lorrain and Adam, house 12 Royal ci'esccnt 

LOUDON, Bryce, spirit dealer, 3 Melville place 

Loudon, James, spirit dealer, 37 Bell street 

Loudon, John, of John Loudon ^ Co., agent for the Phoenix Fire and Pelican Life 
Insurance Co., 6S St. Vincent street, house 18 Woodside crescent 

Loudon, John, & Co., insurance brokers, 68 St. Vincent street 

Loudon, Matthew, Shakespeare tavt-rn, 36 Saltmarket street 

Loudon, Miss, 16 St. George's road 

Loudon, Mrs. James, lodgings, 46 Clyde buildings 

LOUGHRAN, Edward, woollen draper and haberdasher, 131 Trengate 

Loughran, John, &, Co., manufacturing chemists, 19 Union place. North street, 

LOUGHRY, Daniel, spirit dealer, 42 Dalmarnock road 

LOVE, Allan, clothier, 29 St. Margaret place 

Love, George, bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder, 138 Trongate 

Love, William, bookseller, stationer, and news-agent, 5 and 17 Nelson street 

Love, Mrs. Hugh. lodgings, 16 Hope street 

Love &, Keith, Misses, dressmakers, 88 High John street 

LOW, David, plumber, zinc worker, and gas fitter, 110 West Nile street 

Low, David, victualler and grocer, 23 Norfolk street 

Low, David, at Mac&e, Graham, ^ Co.'s, 22 St. Enoch square, ho. 92 South Port- 
land street 

Low, F. R., L.L.D., classical master, High school, house 20 Buccleuch street 

Lowe, George, of John MGall ^ Co. 

Low, John, secretary and accountant, City of Glasgow bank, 18 Virginia street 

Lowe, Robert, professor of dancing, 124 Campbell street, house 13 Albany place 

Low, William, &, Son, miniature painters, 190 Trongatt; 

Low, Mrs., 91 North Frederick street 

LOWNDES, Mrs., 173 St. Vincent street 

LOWRIE, Robert, earthenware merchant, 12 Kirk street, Caltou 

Lowry, Savage, butter and egg dealer, 10 M'Keehnie street 

Lowrie, Miss, 17 William street, Greenhead 

LUBIENSIvI, C, pattern designer, 3 West Nile street, and 36 I>.ue de Cfnircelles 
faub Roule, Paris 

LUCAS, Alexander, goldsmith, jeweller, silversmith, and \*atchniaker, 30 Ar!?:yi! 
arcade, house 65 Renficld street 

LUOKIE, James, spirit dealer, G'3 St. James's 


I.UCCnESI, Bernardino, figure and medal maker, 8S Mitebell street 

LuGAR Iron Company's Office, 36 St. Vincent place 

J.,UMSDEN, James, & Son, wholesale stntionei's, 20 Q,ucen street 

Lumi'den, James, of James Lunudcn §• Son, lioiise 208 St. Vincent street 

Lumsden, James, jun., of James Lumsden ^ Son, house 121 Bath street 

I.urasdcn, Mrs. John, G Albany place 

Ia;n\tic Asylum, Royal, Gartnavel. Office TO St. George's place 

Lunatic Asylum, Prirate, Dr. William Drut-y, Garngad house 

1,UNDIE, John, pawnbrohcr, 8 East Clyde .street 

LUSHINGTON, Edmund Law, professor of Grcek, college 

LUSK, John, goods figent for Greenock Railway Co., house 8 South Apsley pkce 

liUTEXOR, G. A. & Son, portrait, animal, and miniature painters, 80 Bath st. 

Lutenor, l\1i?s M., teacher of ^inging, SG Bath street 

Lutenor, Misses, seminary for young ladies, 80 Bath street 

LYALL, George, wine and sju'rit merchant, 12 Stirling street 

Lyall, James, merchant, 140 West George street, hou-^e 238 St. Vincent atreet 

Lyall's ladies' English shoe warehouse, 142 Sauchieliall street 

Lyall, \^ . & G., wholesale grocers, 23 and 25 Howard street 

Lyall, William, commercial agent, 54 Ficnfrew street 

Lyall, William, English shoe-shop, 9 Wellington arcade, house 54 Renfrew street 

LrcEiM Rooms, T2 Nelson street, John Buchanan, keeper, house do. -• 

ijYLE, George, <fe Co., manufacturers, 127 Brunswick street 

Lyle, John, spirit dealer, 94 Green street, Calton 

Lyle, Robert, edge-tool maker, W^oodland road 

Lyle, Robert, at Bell ^ Bain's, house 22 Turner's court 

Lyle, W. & J., engineers, Woodland vale 

Lyle, Mrs., matron, Roy.l Infii'mary 

LYMBURN, James, stocking manufacturer, 89 Gallowgate 

LYON, Andrew, rag merchant, 03 Main street, Gorbals 

Lyon, Basil, tin-plate worker, 43 Renfield street, house 1 Whiterale 

Lyon, David, contractor, 73 South Portland street 

Lyon, Geoige, copper and tin smith, and gas^tter, 16 Candleriggs street, and 148 

Gallowgate, house 2 South Wellington place 
Lyon, George Jasjjer, of G. L, Walker ^ Co., house 139 West Campbell street 
Lyon, James, at John Clarlc, jitn , ^ Co., 8 Geoi-go street. Mile-end 
J.,yon, James, of Millar y- Lyon, house 119 Jiuiray place. New City road 
Lyon, John, tin-plate worker and brazier, 1'79 Buchanan street 
Lyon, John, grain-weigher and store-keeper, Port-Dundas, house 119 Murray place 

New City road 
lijon, John, tailor and clothier, 28 North Portland street 
I..yon, Lavvsou, & Co., mUlwrights, engineers, aad brick and til© makers^ Meentaia- 

blenu, Camlachie 
Lyon, Robert, auctioneer and appraiser, 139 Trongate 
Lyon, William, surgeon, 92 Fife place, West George street 
Lyon, Mrs , S3S Falkland place, Renfrew street^ ^. , <_ ^^ ^ _ jj 

JTACK, John, porter, Commercial bank, house Bank buildings 
Mack & Smith, lithographers, draughtsmen, engravers, and copper-plate printers, 

1)0 Raclianan street 
Mack, William, coal agent, 11 Pitt street 
r\l'A[)AM, James, spirit dealer, 8 New London road, Calton 
M'Adain, James, cooper, 8 Nelson street, Tradeston 
M'Adam, John, wareliouseman, 108 Argyll street, house 3 Bath street 
Macadam, John, F.R.S.S..'V., <tc., Ac, lecturer on chemistry, 60 High John street, 

house T7 South Portland street 
M'Adam, W. G., agent, Clydesdale Branch bank, 30 TroBgate, ho. St. George's rd. 
M'Adam, William, draper, 51 Trongate, house 93 Crown street 
M'Adam, AViliiiira, commission agent, 77 South Portland street 
iVI'Ad;im, William, Hydepark Pottery, Hydepark street, Anderston 
M'Adam, Mrs., of Eastcrhouse, IGO St. George's road 
M'ADIE, Daniel, tailor and clothier, 95 Argyll street 
M'ALLAN, John, ot GiUkru, Kinloc/i. ^ Co , house 22 Abbotsford place 



M' Allan, AValter, wholesale liat manufiieturcr, 72 Cowcaddens street 

M' ALLEN, Henry, tobacconist and chandler, 270 lligii street 

M'ALLISTER, Dr. Alexander, 33 Abbotsfoi-d place " 

M'Alliatcr, Andrew, of William Hart ^ Co., house 25 Calside, Paisley 

M'AUister, Archibald, writer, 9 Gordon street, house lY AbbatstbrJ place 

M'AUister, I)., 37 Eglinton street 

M'Allister, George, baker, 80 Abercromby street 

M'AUister, Hugh, candlemaker, 94 Bell street 

M'Allister, James, deputy city session-clerk, 57 St, George's place 

M'Allister, James, crown, sheet, and plate glass merchant and glazier, 70 J.imaiea 

street, house 363 St. Vincent street 
M'Allister, James, jeweller, 80 Trongate 
M'A'ister, James, glazier, 70 Jamaica street 

Macalister, James, tobacco and snuff inaniifacturcr, 201 Argyll street 
Macalister, John, jun., ealendorer, jjavker, hot-presser. 67 Miller street 
M'.^lister, Robert, teacher of music, 169 Great Hamilton street 
Macalister, W. B., at G. ^ J. Barm's, house 30 I'oUoyk street 
M'Alister, Mrs. C, spirit dealer, 31 West Co lege street 
M'Alister, Mrs. William, cotton-banding maker, Greenhead ropcwork, house 163 

Great Hamilton street 
M'Alister, Mrs., milliner, 361 Argyll street 
M'Alister, Mrs. Robert, lodgings, 57 ^iauchiehall street 
M'ALPINE, Angus, dyer, 0^ Ckeapside street, house 303 Greenhili place 
Macalpine, Charles, painter and paper lianger, 3 Nicholson street 
M' Alpine, Colin, ship and anchor smith, chain-cable manufacturer, 5 Brown street, 

M' Alpine, D., quarter-master, 31 Charlotte lane 

M' Alpine, J. H., of M-Culloch ^ M- Alpine, bouse 5G llill street, Garnethill 
M'Alpine, John, victualler, 24 Canning street, Calton 
M'Alpine, Mrs., spirit dealer, 185 Duke street 
M'Alpine, Mrs., fishmonger, 193 High street 
M'ANDREW, F. W., merchant, 1 1 1 Ingram street 

M' Andrew, John, & Co., Carfir. colliery, office Monkland Canal Basin, and 28 Mil- 
ler street. John MLarcn, .-igent 
M' Andrew, Jo' • ^f St. RJUx^ Foundry Co., house 27 St. Mungo street 
M'Andrew, John, currier ami leather merchant, 130 Stockwell street, and 7t 

Bridgegate street, house 125 VValmer place 
M'AR.\, Andrew, grocer, 8 and 10 Main street, Gorbals 

Macara, George, stone merchant, 145 Main street, AnderstoR, house 202 Holm st. 
M'Ara, Peter, grocer and tobacco manufaeturcr, 70 Gallo'.vgate, house Meadow Park, 

Duke street 
M'ARLY, John, teacher, Ilutcliesons' school, 11& Upper Crown street 
M' ARTHUR, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Bridge street IwHse, aboT« 
M* Arthur, Archibald, soda water maker, 8 Charlotte lane 
M' Arthur &, Allan, lace manufacturers, Queen court, 63 Queen street 
M' Arthur, Alexander, o^/ami?^ J/'^»'//tMr ^- Co., house Maryhill 
M' Arthur, Angus, 35 Renfrew street 

M' Arthur,, Brothers, stair railers and cabinet makers, 73 West Campbell Street 
M' Arthur, Brothers, merchants and agents for Liverpool traders, Madeira court, 

259 Argyll street 
M'Arlhur, Capt. Charles. Letters left at Robert Goodwin's, factor, 40 George St. 
M'Aithur, Colin, spirit mercliant, 39 Burnsidn street 
M' Arthur, Daniel, English and mercantile teacher, 6 Corn street, house 81 do., and 

Post-ofiice Receiving House 
M'Arthur, Duncan, si)!rit dealer, Tlydepark place, Broomielaw 
M' Arthur, Duncan, wine and spirit dealer, 3 Croy place, Maxwell street 
M'Arthur, Duncan, P. O., house 58 Taylor street 
M'Arthur, D , lace manufacturer, 113 Brunswick street, house 153 Hill street, 

M'Arthur, George, spirit dealer, 13 New street, Calton 
M'Arthur, Hamilton, spirit dealer, 62 Taylor street 

M'Arthur, James, <t Co., paper-makers and stationers, 83 Giaasford street 
M'Arthur, Jauaes, sawyer, 41 Bura.?idc, Duke street 


M' Arthur, James, of M- Arthur, Brothers, house 1 Elmbank crescent 

M' Arthur, John, wine and spirit dealer, 214 Broomielaw, and 21 Anderston quay 

M' Arthur, John, grain merchant, 11 Duke street 

M' Arthur, John, merchant, 86 West George street 

M' Arthur, John, spirit dealer, 210 Duke street 

M' Arthur, John, watch and clock maker, 10 London street 

M' Arthur, John, manager, Glasgow Castle Steam-Packet Company, office 9 Bn- 
chanan street, house 12 Anderston quay 

M' Arthur, John, of Orme, M' Arthur, §• Co., house 11 Dundas street 

M' Arthur, John, at J. ^ R. Cogan's, 32 West George street 

M' Arthur, Peter, baker, 3 London road 

M' Arthur, Richard, J. W., of Bogle, Kerr, §■ Co., ho. 7 Greeuiaw pi., Paisley road 

M' Arthur & Robb, pawnbrokers, 132 Gallovvgate 

M' Arthur, Miss, 166 West Regent street 

M'Arthur, Miss, dressmaker, 68 Renfteld street 

M' Arthur, Mrs. John, 75 Bath street 

M'Arthur, Mrs., spirit dealer, 31 Jamaica street 

M'AULAY, Aiexandei-, cooper, 123 Main street, Gorbals 

M'Aulay, Alexander, victualler, 23 Dean street 

M'Aulay, George, & Co., provision merchants, 97 Candleriggs street 

M'Aulay, James, gingham and pullicate manufacturer, 35 George square 

M'Aulay, John, & Co., chemists and metal refiners, 58 New st., Calton 

M'Aulay, John, beadle, St. Andrew's church, 12 London St., ho. 28 St. Andrew at. 

M'Aulay & M'Cartney, engravers, lithographers, pattern card, and bookmakers:. 
273 George street 

M'Aulay, William, hat and cap manufacturer, 15 Hutcbeson street 

M'Aulay, William, of Stewart, M'Aulay, ^- Co., house Shawfield bank 

M'Aulay, Miss, lodgings, 121 Wellington street 

M'AUSLAN, James, grocer, vv'. lo and spirit dealer, HI Main st., Bridgeton 

M'BaY, James, provision dealer, 25 Clyde street, Anderston 

M'BEAN, Alexander, Anderston print-works. North street 

M'Bean, Duncan, of 3f Bean, Jamieson, §' Co, house 199 Atholl place 

M'Bean, Jamieson, & Co., merchants, 112 Vi'est George street 

M'BETH, Daniel, watch and clock maker, 69 Kirk street, Calton 

MacBeth, Rev. James, 18 Pollock street, Kingston 

MacBeth, John, watch and clock maker, d Caltonmouth 

M'Beth, Norman, portrait painter, 184 West Regent street 

M'Beth, Miss, teacher of singing and piano-forte, 1 Antigua place. Nelson street 

M'Beth, Miss, lodgings, 73 John street 

M'Beth, Mrs., French staymakcr, 175 Buchanan street 

M'BURNIE, James, wine and spirit merchant, 223 Cowcaddens strcftt 

M'BRaaRDY, Duncan, spirit dealer, 40 Saltmarket street 

M'BRAIN, James, Anld Robin Gray tavern, 73 Nelson street 

M'BRAIR, R. M., commission agent, 73 Wilson .street, ho. 114 West Campbell sf. 

M'BRATNE, David, barony sessit/n-clerk, 62 West Nile street, ho. Barony glebe 

M'Brayno, David, jun., of M'Brayne ^ Stirling, house Barony glebe 

M'Brayne, John Burns, of Bennett, Brown, ^ Co., house Barony glebe 

M'Brayne & Stirling, type-founders, Glasgow letter-foundry, 301 Parliamentary rd. 

M'BRL\R, Mrs. Archibald, 114 West Campbell street, f 

M'BRIDE & Co., cotton-spinners and power-loom cloth manufacturers, 72 Glass- 
ford street, and Albyn works, Little Govan 

M' Bride, James, at Neilson ^ Anderson's, house 26 South Wellington place 

M'Bride, John, of M'Bride ^ Co., house Albyn works 

M'Bride, William, of M^ Bride tj- Co., house 63 Abbotsford place 

M'Bride, Missu?, French stay and dress makers, 6 Cleland street 

M'BURNEY, Isaiah, B.A., classical master, Glasgow academy, ho. 5 Clarendon pL 

M'CABE. Peter, spirit dealer, 67 Bridgegate 

M'Cabe, Philip, spirit dealer, 189 Eglinton .street 

M'Cabe, Rev. Wm., Catholic clergyman, 25 Great ITamilton street 

M'CAFFREY, Michael, broker, 120 Saltmarket street 

M'CAIG, D., boot and shoe maker, 90 Thistle street, llutchesontown 

M'Caig, Mrs. J., milliner and dressmaker, 37 Adelphi street 

M'CAIRNS, John, victualler and grocer, 73 Saltmarket street 


M'CALL, Adam, victualler and spirit dealer, 109 Grseine street 

M'Call, Geo., of James M-Call §/• Son, house 17 West Prince's street 

M'Call, Heiii-y, of John M'Call ^ Co., house Daklowie 

M'Call, James, & Son, wine merchants, 85 Wilson street 

M'Call, James, of James M-Call ^ Son, house 17 West Prince's street 

M'Call, James, of John M'Call ^ Co., house Daklowie 

M'Call, James, carver, gildor, picture-frame and looking-glass manufacturer, 3 
Sauchiehall street 

M'Call, James, wine and spirit dealer, 13G Brldgegate street 

M'Cal!, John, & Co., grain merchants, 44 Union street 

M'Call, J., writing-master, Desir.ond-bank, Scott street, Saueliieliali road 

M'Call, John, clerk, P. O., house 80 Thistle street 

M'Call, John, of Ranken, Smith, ^ Co , 81 St. Vincent street 

M'Call, Joseph, tailor and clothier, 88 Ruthcrglen loan 

M'Call, Thomas, of J. 31- Call ^ Co., house 5 Clai-emont terrace 

M'Call, Thomas, architect, 27 Montrose street 

M'Call, Thomas, oil and colourman, 46 Canon street 

M'Call, William, painter, 32 Forth street, Port-Dundas 

M'Call, William, wright, 5 Balmanno street, house Dean place, 112 Rottenrow 

M'Call, Miss C, 257 Brandon place 

M'CaU, Miss, 197 St. Vincent street 

M'Call, Mrs. Samuel, 11 Florence place, Stanley street 

M'CaUL, Gilbert, & Sons, shoe manufacturers, 10, 12, and 14 Garthland street 

M'Caul, Malcolm, of .Leadbetter ^ Co., house 15 Royal crescent 

M'Caul, William, of Inglis, MCaul, ^ Co., Maulc terrace. Particle 

M'Caul, Mrs., victualler, 340 High street 

M'CALLUM, Alex., spirit dealer, 38 Stobcross street, house 31 Bishop street 

M'Callum, Alexander, spirit merchant, 74 Broomielaw 

M'Callum, Archd., city missionary and supeiintendent of tracts, 127 New City rd, 

M'Callum, B, F., turkey-red and fancy dyer, at J. §• J. Gordon's, 200 George street, 
house Upper Crown sti-eet 

M'Callum, Daniel, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 103 Buchanan street, house 

175 do. 
M'Callum, Daniel, Chamberlain's Office, Council Chambers 
MacCallum, Dugald, writer, 20 Pollock street 

M'Callum, Duncan, sen., & Co., ironmongers, brassfounders, and smiths, 56 St. Vin- 
cent street, works 24 St, Enoch wynd 
M'Callum, Duncan, spirit dealer, 33 Broad street, Mile-end 
M'Callum, Duncan, wright and builder, 17 Pitt street, house 2 Hydepark street, 

M'Callum, George, boot and shoe maker, 18 Sauchiehall street 
M'Callum, George, manager, Rntherglen-b ridge Cotton-works, ho. 1 1 William st. 
M'Callum, Gilbert, teacher, Gl Rutherglen road 
M'Callum & Graham, commission merchants, and ship insurance brokers, 57 Miller 

M'Callum, John, of Balfour ^ M'Callum, house York street, liittle Govan 
M'Callum, John, of M'Callian ^ Graham, house 4 Abbotsford place 
M'Callum, John, letter-carrier, P. 0., residence 81 John street 
M'Callum, John, silk mercer to Her Majesty, 66 Buchanan street, ho. 60 Bath st. 
M'Callum, John, grocer and victualler, 50 Hospital street 

M'Callum, J., Religions Institution Rooms, 9 George sq., ho. 405 Parliamentary rd. 
M'Callum, Mungo, of D. MCalban, sen., ^ Co., house 14 Hopeton place 
M'Callum, Neil, baker, 434 Argyll street 
M'Callum, Peter, manager, Barrowfield dj-^e-works 

M'Callum, Peter, teacher, Free St. Mark's school, house 29 Waterloo street 
M'Callum, Robert, broker, 43 Green street, Calton 
M'Callum, Robert, contractor, 18 Burrell's lane 
M'Callum, William, victualler, 106 Cowcaddens street 
M'Callura, William, fishmonger, 36 Oxford street 
M- Galium, Miss, 73 West Nile street 

M'Callum., Miss M., Temperance coffee-house, 26 Glassford street 
M'Callum, Miss, lodgings, 16 Renfrew sti-eet 
M'Callum, Misses F. & E., milliners and *iressmakers, 37 Bridge street 

■WTfffMtTMTOI ,11 II liai nil MM^^i^— ■■■» 


M'Callum, Mrs , and Davidson, dressmakers, 67 West Nile sti'eet 

M'Calliim, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 2 Crown street 

M'GALMAN, Donald, plain and decorative liouse-painter and paper-lianger, 81 St. 

Vincent street, liouso 42 Ssott street 
M'CANDLISH, Robert, postnvister, 131 West Campbell st., and MO Regent lai:** 
M'C.\NN, James, victualler, 23 New vonnel 
M'C.\RRON, John, surgeon, 65 Abcrcromby street, house GT do. 
M'C.AR rilV, Charles, surgeon and druggist, 1 Findlay street 
M'CARTNEY, John, victualler, 116 Cowcaddens street 
?4'CASH, James, victualler, Drygate toll 

M'C.ish, Thomas, smith and bell-hanger, ,j 1 East St. Vincent lane 
M'Cash, William, at Campbell ^ Co.'s, house SO North Frederick streot 
M'CASLAND, John, Bloomvale, Clayknowcs 
M'CAW, William, tailor and clothier," 193 Argyll street 

M'CLELAND & M'Kenzio, aocountants and sharebrokers, 123 Ingram street 
M'Clelland, James, of J. MGleUand ^- MKenz>.ti,\\nv.^a St. George's road 
M'Clellanii, James, provision and s])irit merchant, 27 Commercial road 
M'GLUE, Mr.^. William, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Green street, Calton 
M'CLURE, Jas., & Son, carvers, gilders, and prititsellers to her Majesty, 6 Royal 

Bank place, worlishop 51 Dniilop street 
M'CUire, John, of Drew ^ M Clurf, bouse 4 Falkland place 
M'Clure, J. ]£., of Mooiu ^ M-CLare, house 103 West Regent street 
M'Cliire, Robert, drysalter, 57 Buchanan street, house 2 Falkland place, St. 

George's road 
M'CLUSKEY, Hannah, victualler, 145 Main street, Gorbals 
M'CLUSKY, James, furniture broker, 28 Great Clyde street 
M'CLYMONT, Alexander, boat and slioe maker, 114 Stobcross street 
M'Clyinont, James, of Than is Wmoale §• Co., house Partick hill 
M',Ciymont, John, 30 Charlotte street 

M'Clymont & Torrance, groeer? and victuallers, ISl Cistle street 
MiCOAKD, William, cotton-waste merchant and mill furnisher, IS Nartli .'\.!l;ioR 

street, house James's street, Greenhead 
M'COLGaN, Michael, broker, 273 Buchanan street 
M'COLL, Alexander, victualler, 44 Bell street 
M'Coll, Archibald, spirit dealer, i!6 Old wynd 

M'Coll, Archibald, house factor, 3 Antigua place, ho. 9 Dund<vs street, Kingston 
M'Coll, Daniel, grocer, 22 Renfrew street 
M'Coll, Donald, spirit dealer, 74 Stockwell street 
M'Coll, Dugald, spirit dealer, 40 Pollokshaws road 
M'Coll, Dugald, tailor and clothier, 285 Argyll street 
M'Coll, Dug;ild, late jail-governor, Petorshill 
M'Coll, Dugtld, council chambers, 6G Hutclveson street 

M'Coll, Hugh, & Son, cl'itliiers, 32 (Jlassford street, bouse 80 North Frederick st, 
M'Coll, Jainrs, cuntractor, 41 Drygate 
MColl, John, coal agent, 6 Oswald street 
M'Coll, Malcolm, & Co., singeing work, 32 Monti Oie street 
M'Coll, Miss Ann, fancy sewer, 77 Montrose street 
M'COMBE, A. G., at Mirshnli, Hill ^- IldCs, 60 Abbotsford place 
M'Combe, John, bookseller, jiublisher, statioiiej^, and news agent, 21 Gla'Ssford ^t. 

(See Adveitlseinent in Appendi.x;.) 
M'COXOCIUI'^, Allan A., advocate, professor of laws. College 
M'Conechy, Archibald, baker, 21 Catherine street, Anderston 
M'Conncchie, David, superintendent, river Clyde, 16 Robertson street 
M'Connechy, Duncan, &, Co., noddy and mii'jibus hirers, 11 South Portland .street 
M'Coniicehejr, Rev. J., 17 St. James's strectj East Kingston 
M'Connechy, James, editor of Giasgiiv Cuurier, house St. Mungo street 
MConnechie, J. dk B., confectioners, 1!6 West Nile street 

M'Conncchie, John, French-horn tavern, and city oyster house, 88 Trongatc street 
M'Coniiwhy, M-Killop, &■ Co., coach bnikler?, 21 Wellington street 
M'Con!)'..'tliy, Jhs, I^Iargnret, eating house, 86 Bell btrect 
M'CONN'ELL, Archjlald. & Co., ]5 Jamaica street 
M'Connell, .'Vrchlbald, of lliomson ^ MicConnetl, house 3 Newton place 
M'Connell, Bernard, pawnbroker, 27 Kinjj street, house Sussfjx place 


M'Conne]!, James, bleacher of we!w, cope and thread, CO Ingram street, works 

M'Connell, J.imcs, furniture warehouse, 10 Great Clyde street 
M'Connnl, James, shawl merBhant, 16 Clydo terrace 
M'Connell, John, &, Co., bleachers, Kirklee Office, 4! (ineon street 
M'Connell, Robert, & Co., iron-founders and smiths. 108 and 112 Port-Dundas rd. 
M'Connell, Robert, locli and hinge maker. bel!-hangcr, and gasfitter, 112 Forfc- 

Dundas i-oad 
M'Connell, T. & AV., starehers, 13 Little street, Calton. Orders left at Allan Gil- 

moiir's, Y5 Bell street 
M'Connell. Miss, lodgings, 73 West Nile street 
M'COUKINDALE, Archibald, heel, toeplate, and nail manufacturer, Aytoa oonft. 

63 Old vennel 
MCorkindale, D., merchant, 7 Kinning place 
M'Corliindale, Duncan, bootmaker, 400 Argyll . reet 

M'Corkindalc, Hugh, auctioneer and appraiser, 163 and 167 Saltniarkct street 
M'CorkindMle, John T., shipwright, 20 Dale street, Tradcston 
M'Corkindnle, John, & Co., boot m.ikci's, 19 Oxford street 
M'Corkindale, John, boot and shoe nirker, liS Sauehiehall street 
M'Ccrkind-\lc, Mrs. I>r., 49 Bath street 

M'CORKl.E, Archibald, carter, 51 Clyde street, Port-Dundas 
M'Corkle, Daniel, «fc Co., rope and sail manufactui-ers, and gcH;rul store for grain, 

cotton, and guano, Lanccfield, office 150 Broomielaw 
M'Corkle, T>.,of 1). M'Corkle §f Co., house 13 Commerce street 
M'COKATICK, Andrew, of Ritchie ^ M Cormick,\\wx%e 3 Kelvin terrace 
M'Cormick, Colin, spirit dealer, 45 Maitland street 
M'Corniick, D., paper ruler, 24 Queen street 
M'Cormick, Hugh, flax and seed merchant, 17 High street 
M'Cormick, John, tinsmith and gasfitter, stamper of weights and raeaiaurea fur the 

Burgh of CaltoD and Mile end, 7 Stevenson street /!" ^ 

M'COtlLL, Thomas, smith and bellhnnger, 78 Kcnficld street- -^/-^t,2<^,j^i^..j^; 
M'Coull. Mrs., victualler, 340 High street 
M'COWAN, David, at William Eidng'z, Royal Exchange 
M'Cowan, John, eottun-\va<*te dealer and mill-furnisher, 21 Cochran street 
M'Co\yan, Uobcrt, stockbroker and accountant, ngent for the National Life Insaraaee 

of Sc:)tland, and Agricultural Cattle In-,ura:ice, 17 Gordon street 
M'CR.VlvE.V, Bernard, boot and shoe maker. 64 Commerce street 
M'Craken & Chalmers, manufacturer.^. C3 Hutchcson street 
M'Craken, Robert, of MCraken and Chahncrs, house 40 Oxford sti'ecfr 
M', Mrs. J., green-grocer, 32 Bedford street 
M'CllAE, Andrew, sheriff- officer, 48 Stockwell street 
M'Crae, Alexander, at R. Laidlaw ^- Son's, 71 Maitland street 
M'Crae, John, wurper, 4S Stockwell street 
M'Crae, Joseph, feather merchant, SO Ti-ongate street 
M'CKEADY, B., rag mL>rchant, 55 Shuttle street 
M'Cready, George, grocer and spii'it dealer, 21 Soho street 
M'CREaTH, Mrs., milliner and staymaker, 45 Bridge street 
M'CRINUELI- & Auchterionic, eomrai-sion merchants, 88 St. Vincent street> 
M'Crindell, James, of MCnndell ^ Aticlitcrlonic, house Partickhill 
M'CRA'.V, Archibald, of M- Cram and Kay, house 57 North Hanorer street 
M'Craw & K;iy, joiners, trunk and iiaekiiigbox makers, 35 Cannon street 
M'CRONE, E^dward, victualler, 19 West Campbell street 
M'Crone, George, provision merchant, 365 Argyll street, and 77 Maitland st«!<tt, 

M'Crone, Robert, victualler, 90 Centi-e street, Tradeston 
M'Crone, Robert, grocei- and victualler, 143 Stobeross street 
M'CUBBIN, John, warehou.seman and manufacturer. 111 Candieriggs sti'cot and 

14 Canon street, house 4 College street 
M'Cubbin & Reid, accountants, i)roperty and insurance agents, 85 Queen street 
M'CUE, William, fish and provision merchant, 116 Stockvveli street, and 1 Great 

Clyde street, house 40 Great Clyde street 
M'CULLOCil, Andrew, merchant, 77 St. Vincent street, ho. Newstead, Goran I'd. 
M'CiiJloch, David, teller, British Linen Co.'s bank, house .120 North Montroae st. 

j l LUH.m i LU, ii ij 



M'Culloch, Francis, aniraal and bird stuffer, 80 Nelson street 
M'Culloch' George, of J. ^ G. MCuUo-:h, 15 York street 
M'CuUocli, George, contractor, 22 Parkliouse lane 
M'Cunocli, George, confectioner, 1*72 Cowcaddens street 
M'Culloch', James, contractor, 30 Parkhouso lane 

M'Culloch James, & John, v/holesalc and retail grocers, 147 Argyll street 
M'OuUochi James, of J. ^- J- MCvJ.lock, house 304 St. Vincent street 
M'Culloch', James, of J. ^ Cf. M'CuUocIk house 51 York street 
M'Culloch, James, cork-cutter, 406 Argyll street 
M'Culloch, James, wine and spirit dealer, Y8 Main street, Bridgeton 
M'Culloch, James, manufacturer, 43 Dale street, Tradeston 
M'Culloch James & George, warehouse-keepers and contractors, 15 York street 
M'Culloch, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 66 Bobbie's loan 
M'Oullccri, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 28 Little Dovehill 
M'Culloch, John, toll-keeper, Gallowgate toll 

M'Culloch, Moses, & Co., iron-founders and smiths, grate, fender, and machine- 
makers, Cumberland foundry, 1G8 Gallowgate 
M'Culloch & Mac Alpine, distillers and spirit merchants, 15 Jamaica street 
M'Culloch, Robert, agent, 25\ Muslin street. Bridgeton 
M'Culloch, Robert, cabinetmaker, 19 East Campbell street 
M'Culloch, R., wine merchant, 91 and 93 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Culloch, Samuel & William, wholesale and retail grocers, 25 and 2'7 Argyll at., 

and 33 and 35 Norfolk street 
M'Culloch, Samuel, of S. ^ W. M'Culloch, house 26 South Portland street 
M'CuUocli, William, of S. ^ W. ^M'Culloch, house 108 Argyll street 
M'Culloch, William, victualler and spirit dealer, 20 Broad street 
M'Culloch, Mrs. E., wine and spirit dealer, 94 Bi-oomielaw 
M'Culloch, Mrs., 16 St. George's road 
M'Culloch, Mrs. Janet, 98 Parson street, Villafield 
M'Culloch, Miss, 264 Buchanan street 

M'DERMOTT, Philip, provision merchant, 29 London st., ho., ITO Saltmarket st. 
MACDERMID, Duncan, commission merchant, 23 Cochran street 
M'DEVITT, Francis, fruit merchant. Bazaar 

M'DIARMID, Angus, boot and shoe maker, 28 Melville street, Tradeston 
M'Diai-mid, A. R., merchant, 18 Ilutcheson street, house 20 Buccleuch street 
M'Diarmid, James R., brickmaker, Camlachie 
M'Diarmid, Neil, tailor and clothier, 72 Norfolk street 
M'Diarmid, Peter, lodgings, 73 John street 

M'DONALD, Alex., grocer and spirit dealer, 100 Rottenrow, ho. 28 Balmanno at. 
M'Donald, Alexander, Abbotsford place Academy, 17 Bedford street, house 76 

Abbotsford place 
M'Donald, Alex., clerk. River Trust office, house 78 West street 
M'Donald, Alex., spirit dealer, 292 Buchanan street 
M'Donald, Alexander, flesher, 88 King street, Tradeston 
M'Donald, Alexander, provision merchant, 154 West Nile street 
M'Donald, Alexander, grocer and provision dealer, 71 King stre2t, Tradeston 
M'Donald, A. G., of Maclure ^ M'Donald, house 1 Fitzroy place 

M'Donald, A. G., commercial traveller, 142 Trongate "« 

M'Donald, A. & J., spirit merchants, 109 King street 
M'Donald, Allan, shoemaker, 4 Bishop street, Anderston 
M'Donald, Andrew, letter caiTier, P. O., 24 Adelphi street 
M'Donald, Angus, tea merchant, 241 Cowcaddens street 
M'Donald, Archibald, surgeon and accoucheur, 174 Saltmarket 
M'Donald, Angus, victualler, 191 High street 

M'Donald, A. S., at the Stornowa;i Steam-Packet Office, 30 St. Enoch square 
M'Donald & Ballardie, plumbers, painters, <fc paper-hangers, 78 Clyde St., Anderston 
M'Donald, Charles, & Co., wholesale Scotch warehousemen, 27 Ingram street 
M'Donald, Charles, house factor, 39 Coburg street 
M'Donald, C, furnisher, 5 Queen Arcade 
M'Donald, Colin, at John Lang, jun., house 24 Cook street 
M'Donald, Colin, constabie, 107 Brunswick street, house, 63 Commerce street 
M'Donald, Daniel, engraver, lithographer, and letter-press printer, 31 Argyll street, 
house 108 Diikf! street 



M'Donald, David, engraver, lithographic, and copper-plate printer, 108 Duke street 

M'Donald, D., grocer, 40 Thistle street 

M'Donald, David, goldsmith, jeweller, and watchmaker, 41 Buchanan street, house 

14 Dunlop street 
M'Donald, David, & Co., gum and chemical manufacturers, 206 Duke street 
M'Donald, Donald, flesher, 132 Stobcross ptroet 
M'Donald, Donald, spirit dealer, 143 Saltmarket street 

M'Donald, Donald, slater and slate mercliant, 72 Waterloo st., ho. 18 Pollock street 
Macdonald, D. & J., & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 78 Queen street, & HI 

Miller street 
Macdonald, D., of D. §• J. MDonald ^ Co , house Freeland bank, Partiek 
M'Donald, D., wine and spirit merchant, G8 Glassford street & 73 Hutcheson st. 
M'Donald, Duncan, wine and spirit dealei;, 21 and 23 New street, Caltoa 
M'Donald, Duncan, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 5 London street 
M'Donald, George, boot and shoe maker, 25 Adelphi street 
M'Donald, George, eating house keeper, 72 Canning street 
M'Donald, George, & Co., spirit- dealers, 1 George street. Mile-end 
M'Donald, George, commission agent, 22 Argyll street, house 16 So. St. Mun-ro st 
M'Donald, H, & A., clothiers, 11 Buchanan street 
M'Donald, Hector, of JH. ^- A. MDonald. house 22 Abbotsford place 
M'Donald, Hugh, furniture dealer, 52 London street 

M'Donald, Hugh <fe Co., grocer and spirit dealer, 154 Main street, Gorbals 
MacDonald, James, of D. §/■ J. MDonald ^^ Co., house 'Wellpark, Partiek 
M'Donald, James, beadle, 54 South Coburg lane 
M'Donald, James, baker and flour merchant, 68 Stewart street 
M'Donald, James, porter, British Linen Co.'s bank, ho. Bank buildings, Ingram st. 
M'Donald, James, wine and spirit dealer, 71 Ingram street 
M'Donald, James, spirit merchant, 55 London street 
M'Donald, John, tea merchant and grocer, 150 West Nile street, house 16 Sauchie- 

hall sti-eet 
M'Donald, John, spirit dealer, 186 Main street, Bridgeton 
M'Donald, John, grocer and victualler, 47 North Frederick street 
M'Donald, John, of Stewart S/- M'Donald, house Windsor terrace 

M'Donald, John, agent and sheriff-officer, 4 Love loan 

M'Donell, John, at William Sloane ^- Co.'s, house 7-1 New City road 
M'Donald, John, of M'Donald §f JRobertson, house 31 Argyll street 

M'Donald, John, sliuttle-niounting maker, 103 Great Hamilton street 

M'Donald, John, 179 Hope street 

M'Donald, John, Clans' tavern, 158 Stockwell street, and 95 Argyll street 

M'Donald, John, writer, 153 Queen street, house 5 Provan side, Stirling's road 

M'Donald, J. & A. grocers, 112 Gallowgate 

MacDonald, John <fe Co., gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 1 Prince's square 

M'Donald, John, & Co., general brokers, 47 Clyde street, Anderston 

M'Donald, John, victualler, 105 Gra3me street, and 231 Gallowgate 

M'Donald, John, painter and paper-hanger, 73 Carriek street 

M'Donald, J., tea dealer, M'Neil square, Camlaehie 

M'Donald, John, accountant and factor, 58 Miller street 

M'Donald, John, Govan bar-iron works office, 1 Dixon st., house 44 Abbotsford pi. 

M'Donald, John, baker, 420 Parliamentary road 

M'Donald, John, grocer and provision merchant, 146 Eglinton street 

M'Donald, Lachlan, spirit dealer, ?6 Renfield street 

M'Donald <fc Lambie, sewed muslin manufacturers, 145 Queen street 

MacDonald, Malcolm, grocer, wine and spiric dealer, 15 St James street 

M'Donald, M., grocer, 39 Tobago street 

M'Donald <fe M'Laurin, warehousemen, 18 and 26 Glassford street 

M'Donald & M'Naughton, saddlers and harness makers, 23 Renfield street 

M'Donald, Peter, Star hotel, 2 Nortli Queen street 

M'Donald, Peter, spirit dealar, 110 Eglinton street 

M'Donald, Peter, brush, bellows, hair-cloth, and curled hair manufaetui'er, 143 
Trongate, works 86 Duke street, residence Oakfieldhouse, Hillhead 

M' Donald's Private Hotel, 76 George square 

M'Donald & Robertson, hot-pressers and packers, 129 Ingram street 

M'Donald. Ronald, of M'Donald ^ Ballardie, house Townend cottage, Dumbarton 


M'Donakl, Ronalil, sheri;T-o(fi3era,nd constaWo for tiie counties of Lanark, Uonfrew > 

and Dumbarton, 62 Gomnieroe street 
M'Donalil, R. W., M.D. occulist and. surgeo.i, 17 1 Siltmarket street 
M'Donald, Rowland Hill, of the Post-offioe, iious3 2(J Oxford street 
JI'Donald, Stirling, and Freer, callenderers, packers, and hot pressors, 80 and 8-t 

Mitcliell street 
M'Donald, William, physician, 359 Argyll street 
M'Donald, William, general agent, 36 Royal Exchange square 
M'Donald, William, corn ar.d Hour factor, 13 Hope street 
M'Donald, W. H., of M Donald, Stirlinq, ^ Freer, Ibroxliolra 
M'Donald, William, grocer and provi>lon dea,ler, 98 EgUnton street 
M'Donald, William, glass engraver, 47 West College street 
M'Donald, William, of M Donald ^ Lambie, house IIG George street 
M'Donald, William, confectioner, 10 Storraont street 

M'Donald, William, at Buchanan, Hamilton, ^ Co's., 29 St. Vincent street 
M'Donald, William, Welsh Rabbit Tavern, 19 Callowgate 
M'Donald, William D., honse proprietor and factor, 2 Wemyss place 
M'Donald, William, at J. _<$■ A. Allan's, 40 Union street 
M'Donald, Mrs. Charles, Buck's head hotel, CI Argyll street 
M'Donald, Mrs , milliner, 54 (iallowgate 
M Donald, Mrs, 12G Renfrew street 

M'Donald, Mrs. & Miss Rigg. semin.ary for young ladies, 25 Monteith row 
M'Donald, Mrs., spirit dealer, ISO Main street, Bridgeton 
M'Donaid, Mrs., furnishings, 1 Hospital street 
M'Donald, Mis.s A., fruiterer, 75 George street 
I^I'Donald, Miss Christian, furnishings, 5 Q.ueen arcade 
M'Donald, Miss Helen, 7 Queen's arcade 
M'Donald. Misses, teachers, 124 South Portland street 
M'Donald. ?,iis-es A. & M., stayraakers, 7 and 11 Nelson street 
M'DOUGAIX, Ale.x.inder, late capfc. 1st royal regt., 12 Salisbury stre'.;t 
M'Douoall, Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 31 Stevenson street 
M'Dou^all, Alexander, wine, spirit, tea, and provision merchant, 10 Mitchell street 
M'Dciigall, A., cabinet and silver-plate chest maker, 21 Canon street 
Jl'Dou'iall, Alexander, provision merchant, t)6 Brunswick street 
M'Dou'^all, Alexander, & Co., distillers. Buelianan, Wilson, & Co., agents, 25 St. 

Enoch square 
M'Dougall, Alexander, eartwright, 22 Walt street 
M'Dougall, AluNander, litter-carrier. P. O., 6 Portugal street 
M'Dougall, Alexander, of A. ^ A M'Dovgall, house 86 Renfrew street. 
M'Dougall, Allan, wine and spirit dealer, 2.3 Parliamentary road 
M'Doii'iiali, A;!an, of Graham ^ M'Dougall, 77 Renfrew street 
M'Dougall, Allan, jun, landscape painter, 77 Renfrew street 
M'Dougall, Andrew, beadle of St. Ge<nge's, 8 West George street 
M'Dou-^all, Angus, cartwright aiid .smith, 24 Howard street 
M'Dougall, Rev. Archibald, 9 Holland place 
M*Dou"aII, Archibald, fruiteier, 23 Eglinton street 
M'Dougall, A. ifc A , muslin manufactureis, 127 Rrunswick street 
Tv'I'Dougall, Colin, general draper, 5 Gallo^^igate 
M'Dougall, Donald, spirit dealer, 23 Castle street 
M'Donual;, Donald, wine-and spirit merchant, 7 Anderston quay 
M'Dougall, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 395 Argyll street 
M'Dougall, Donald, wine and spirit dealer, 1U4 King street, Tradeston 
M'Dougall, D., cfc Son, l>oot makers, 73 Jamaica street, house 75 do. 
M'Dougall, Duncan, of Ferguson, MDuiigall ^ Anrlcrson, 108 Peel terrace 
M'Dougall, Duncan, ironmonger, ship chandler, and zinc merchant, 40 BrocmicJa'.v 
M'Dougall, Duncan, tobacco pipe inanulacturer, 74 North Hanover street 
M'Dougall. Duncan, fiesl'or, 19 Stirling's road 
M'Duugail, Hugh, 1C1 West Nile street 
M'Dougall, Hugh, boot and shoe maker, 35 Bridge street 
M'Dougall, Itcv. iJugh. 19 West Prince's street 
M'Dougall, Hugh, ])rovision merchant, 5 Crovvn strce^t 
M'Dougall, Ja.s., commission agent, at Robert M-Cktre's^ 57 Buchanan street 
M'Dougall, Jolin, dyer, 28 M' Alpine street 


M'Dongall, John, butcher, 26 Eglinton street 

M'Dougall, John, spirit dealer, 3 and 5 Shuttle street 

M'Dou^all, John, wine and spirit merchant, 101 King street, Tradeston 

M'Pongall, Jolin, sen., provision nicrcliant, 100 King street 

IM'Dougall, Nicnl. suiveyor of police, and collector of statu(e labour and poor rates- 
for Gorlials, office Police building.*,, lioiise. 133 South Portland street 

M'Dougall, Neil, bill-poster, 17 Ciiarlotto street 

M'Dougall, Peter, spirit dealei-, 23 New wynd 

M'Dougall, Peter, ironmonger and tinsmith, 53 Sauchiehall street 

M'Dougall, Peter, at J. ^ W. Cruvi ^- Co 's, house 30 Stirling's road 

M'Dougall, Robert, dairyman, 22 Great Dovehill 

I^I'Dougall, Robert, tailor and clothier, 28 London sti'eet, house 21 do. 

M'Dougall, Ron., hide merchant and leather factor, 11 St. Enoch wynd, and 12 
Maxwell street 

iM'Dougall, Ronald, pastry baker and confectioner, 120 Gallowgato 

M'Dougall, Wm. E., at, Hercules Insurance Co., C9 Giassfard street 

M'Dougall, Mrs., IS.J Sauchiehall road 

MACDOWALL, Alexander, writer, 18 Gordon street 

M'Dowall, John, of MDoimU Sf Co., house 101 Hill street, Giirnethill 

M'Dowail, John, M.D., surgeon, 357 Argyll street 

M'Dowall, John, wright, 81 Crown street, house 70 Rose street 

M'Dowall & Co., iron ibunders, Slilton foundry, 3 Corn streew Port-Dundaa 

M'Dowall, William, porter, Western bank, house 6 Miller street 

I\I'Dowall, TVIrs , lodgings, GO Garnet place 

M'KACIIAN, D , & Son, boot and shoe makens, 7 Nicholson strt>et 

M'Enciiarn, Miss, 39 Clyde buildings 

]\I'ELROY, John, railway contractor, Greenlaw place 

M'EWAN, Alex., of Sunderhind, 0/ W. M Exvan, Son.", ^- Co., ho. 40 Great Clyde st. 

M'Ewan, Alexander, of jk'Ewan ^ Co., house 8 Cumberland street 

MacEwan, Andrew, oj MicEwan ^ Auld, liouse 19 Newton place 

MEwan, Andrew, surgeon, 13 Stobcross street, house above 

M'Ewan, Andrew, spirit dealer, 44 Parliamentary road 

MacEwan &, Anld, accountants and stock and share brokei-s, 28 St. Vincent jjlaoo 

IM'Ewan, Charles, muslin manufacturer, 95 Ilutcheson street 

M'Ewan, Colin, fish curer and provision merchant, .52 Howard street, house do. 

E'Ewan & Co., hat manufacturers, 100 Trongate 

M'Ewan, Daniel, of James Mire §r Co., house 19 Great Hamilton street 

M'Ewan, Daniel, cabinet maker and upholsterer, C Union st , works 7 Eglinton st. 

M'Ewan, George, surgeon, consultation rooms 3 North street, Anderston 

M'Ewan, James, 0/ Willvan M-Ewan, Sons, §■ Co., house 1 Morris place 

M'Ewan, James, of JP. M Naught 8,- Co., house 1 1 Pitt street 

M'Ewan, James, at Flcmiugton. Matlieson, §f Co.'s, house 18 Hospital street 

M'Ewan, James, wine and spirit dealer, 21 Oswald street] 

M'Ewan, James, upholsterer, 52 Rose street, Hutclicsontown 

M'Ewan, James, surgeon and dentist, 15 Great Hamilton street 

M'Ewan, James, draper, 4 High street 

ISI'Ewan, John, sugar-broker, 80 Wilson street 

M'Ewan, John, cooper, 49 Gallowgatc, iioiiso 2 Monteilh row 

M'Ewan, John, M D. and surgeon, 13 Pitt street 

M'Ewan, John, of WiUvitn MEwan, Sons, ^- Co., house 13 Roj'al crescent 

M'Ewan, John, of R. ^ J. Henderson, house WcstSeld, Partick 

M'Ewan, John, iOO St. Vincent street, house Dalraarnock cottage 

M'Ewan, Maxton, flesher, 4G Port-Dundas road 

M'Ewan, Peter, & Co., tinsmiths, 5 Wilson street 

E'Ewan, Hubert, & Co., clothiers, 53 Buchanan street, house 23 Elmbank place 

M'Ewan, Thomas, writer, 29 Hntchcson street, house Campside, l.angside 

M'Ewan, Wm , Sons, & Co , tea merchants and patent sugai- refiners, 121 Troiigate, 
woi'ka Oswald street 

M'Ewan, Wm., Sons, & Co., tea merchants and general grocers, 146 Gallowgate 

M'EiWan, William, broker and commission merchant, agent for Vivian & Sons, cop- 
per-smelters, Royal Exchange, house 1 85 Renfrew street 

M'Ewan, Wm., house-factor, grocer, and spirit dealer, 256 Ann place, Purliamcn' 
tary road 

JLm tJt iUL u u. I 



M'Ewan, Mrs, 19T Renfrew street 

M'Ewan, Mrs, 23 Elmbank place 

M'FADTEN, A., brassfounder, 12 Carrick street 

M'Fadyen, Andrew, clothier, 124 Saltmarket street 

M'Fadyen, Cra\.-ford, hairdresser, 13 Main street, Anderston, house 16 Warroch st. 

M'Phadyen, A., supervisor of excise, 1st district, house Barnbank, Townmill road 

M'Fadyen, Daniel, fishmonger, 23 Main street, Anderston 

M'Fadyen, George, wright, 50 Kirk street, Oalton 

M'Fadyen, John, hardware broker, 307 High street 

M'Fadyen, Joseph T., London piano -forte warehouse, 133 Buchanan street 

M'Fadyen, Peter, joiner and cabinet-maker, 7 Stevenson street, Calton 

M'Fadyen, Donald, City chambers, house 28 Scotland street 

M'Fadyen, Mrs. Sarah, spirit dealer, 163 Castle street 

M'FARLANE^, Alexander, spirit dealer, 19 Bishop street, Anderston 

M'Farlane, Andrew P., watch and clock maker, 70 Trongate 

M'Fatlane, Andrew, sen., wood merchant, 60 Robertson street 

M'Farlane, A., jim., «fe Co., timber merchants, 28 Robertson st., ho. 59 Renfield st. 

M'Farlane, Andrew, boot and shoe maker, 198 Broomielaw 

M'Farlane, Andrew, land-surveyor, 18 Reniield street, house 26 Lynedoch street 

M'Farlane, A. & M., drapers, 62 Dalraarnock road 

M'Farlane, Brothers, carpet and hearth-i"ug manufacturers, John street, Bridgeton 

M'Farlan, Colin, cooper, 90 Duke street 

M'Farlane, Daniel, distiller, Port-Dundas, house Cowlairs 

M'Farlane, Dugald, commission merchant and insurance broker, 81 St. Vincent at. 

M'Farlane, Rev. Duncan, D.D., principal, Glasgow univer.. Principal's ct. College 

M'Farlane, Duncan, & Co., Scotch tweed merchants, 127 Biunswick street 

M'Farlane, D., flesher, 51 King street, Tradeston 

M'Farlane, D., of Duncan M'Farlane ^ Co., house 42 Hill street, Garnethill 

M'Farlane, Duncan, watch and clock maker, 59 Trongate street 

M'Farlane, George, accountant and stockbroker, 17 Gordon street, house 62 Groat 

Clyde street 
MacFarlane, Geoi'ge, & Walter, stock and sharebrokei-s, 14 Gordon street 
M'Farlane, George, warehouseman, 73 Hutcheson street, house 53 Eddelston place 
M'Farlane, Hugh, & Co., tobacconists and snuff manufacturers, 28 Stockwell street 
M'Farlane, Hugh, of Hugh MFarla^ie ^ Co., 430 Argyll street 
M'Farlane, Hugh, teacher, 45 Montrose street 

IM'Farlane, H. B., merchant, 32 St. Vincent place, house 23 Roseland terrace 
M'Farlane, James, baker, 22 Great Hamilton street 
M'Farlane, James, commission merchant, 7 Exchange place 
M'Farlane, James, <fe Co., cotton-yarn merchants and manufacturers, 70 Brunswick 

M'Farlane, James, of James MFarlane &■ Co., house 62 Dalraarnock road 
M'Farlane, James, cotton-yarn merchant, 67 Brunswick street 
M'Farlane, James, dyer, 107 Montrose street 
M'Farlane, James, grocer, 20 Bridge street 

M'Farlane, James, & Son, boot makers, 157 Buchanan sti-ect, house 7 Bridge street 
M'Farlane, James, victualler, 27 Little street 
M'Farlane, John, baker, 82 Egiinton street 
M'Farlane, John, calenderer, hot-presser, and packer, 51 Buchanan street, house 13 

Stirling street 
M'Farlane, John, & Co,, sail-makers, 72 Broomielaw, house 10 South Coburg street 
M'Farlane, John, coal agent, 96 Cambridge street. Orders left at Mr. Forrester's, 

7 Gordon street, and Mr. Smi'^'^'s, 155 Queen street 
M'Farlane, John, draper, 9 Main treet, Bridgeton 
M'Farlane, J. G., 04 Buchanan street 

M'Farlane, John, horse dealer, Horse bazaar, 150 London street 
M'Farlane, John H., distiller, Port-Dundas, house Cowlairs 
MacFarlane, John, at Jas. Richmond ^ Co.'s, house 93 South Portland street 
MacFarlane, Rev. John, LL.D., of the United Pred/yterian Chxirch, 22 Abbotsford 

M'Farlane, John, M.D., surgeoa, 175 Castle street 
M'Farlane, John, M.D., 142 St. Vincent street 
M'Farlane, Jobja, ofihe Post-o_^.^i'- 

IVTi"! ■>|ViitiMinii luiiriiiiTI'ft 


M'Farlane, John, tinsmith, 3S South St. Mungo street 

M'Farlane, Joseph, batter and egg merchant, 20 Clyde street, Anderston 

M'Farlane, J. & M , bootmakers, 302 Argyll street 

MacFarlanc, Malcolm, commission merchant,. 33 Buchanan street 

M'Farlane, Malcolm, 0/ Peters ^ M-Farhme, house 112 Thistle street 

M'Farlane, M. &l Co., distillers, Port-Dundas 

M'Farlane, Nathaniel, grocer and victualler, 50 Crown street 

M'Farlane, Parlane, manufacturer, 26 George street 

M'Farlane, Peter, smith, bell-hanger, and gasfitter, 10 Margaret street, house 84 

John street 
M'Farlane, Peter, Thistle hotel, 37 Glassford street 
M'Farlane, Peter, watchmaker, jeweller, and general small- ware merchant, 10 and 

11 Argyll arcade, house 137 New City road 
M'Farlane, P., tailor and clothier, 308 Argyll street 

M'Farlane & Porteous, sewed-muslin and Hamilton lace manufactrs,, 38 Q,ueen st. 
M'Farlane, P., of M'Farlane ^ Porteus, house 38 Hill street, Garncthill 
M'Farlane, Robert, agent and house-factor, 89 High John street 
M'Farlane, Robert, calendercr, hot-presser, and packer, 17 and 19 S. Frederick st. 
M'Farlane, Robert, confectioner, 143 Trongate, works 28 Old wynd 
M^Farlane, Robert, cowfeeder, 79 Commerce street 
M Farlane, Robert, Clyde Police, 16 Robertson street 
M'Farlane, Robert, jun., wood merchant, 34 Cadogan street 
M'Farlane, Robert, mason and furnace builder, 13 Richard street 
M'Farlane, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 2 Govan street 
M'Farlane, Thomas H., wine and spirit merchant, 43 Buchanan street, and 22 

Mitchell street 
M'Farlane, Thomas, professor of pianoforte and singing, 95 Sauchiehall street 
M'Farlane, Thomas, victualler, 155 Garscube road 
M'Farlane, Walter, turner and punch-spoon maker, 9 Stirling street 
M'Farlane, Walter, bookseller, 19 Canon street 
M'Farlane, William, tailor and clothier, 114 Trongate 
MacFarlanc, William, calenderer and packer, 19 South Hanover street, and 132 

Queen street, house 22 Dundas street 
M'Farlane, William,, joiner, cabinet, and mangle maker, 7 Canon street. (See 

Advertisement in Append!.?) 
M'Farlane, W. A., jun., calenderer, packer, and liotpresser, 15 Renfield street, ho. 

14 Cadogan street 
M'Farlane, William, & Co., wrights, 75 Robertson street 
M'Farlane, Miss, lodgings, 86 Bath street 
M'Farlane, Miss, 35 Warwick street 

M'Farlane, Misses, boys' dressmakers, 28S Buchanan .street 
M'Farlane, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 292 Argyll street 
M' Farlane, Mrs. Archibald, green-grocer, 42 West Nile street 
M'Farlane, Mrs. Archibald, spirit dealer, 170 Garscube road 
M'Farlane, Mrs. Robert, victualler, 33 King street 
M'Farlane, Mrs. Samuel, 76 John street 
M'Farlane,, Mrs., 2 Carlton court 
M'Farlane, Mrs., victualling house, 257 George street 
Macfarlane, Mrs., Lily bank, Eglinton street 
Macfarlane, Mrs., 12 Annfield place 

M'Farlane, Mrs., milliner and straw hat maker, 29 Nelson street, Tradeston 
M'FEAT, Thomas, wine and spirit dealer, 92 Rutherglen loan 
M'Feat, Walter, at Eall ^- Craivford's, 104 Virginia place 
M'Feat, W. & Co., china, glass, and earthenware dealers, 25 Jamaica street 
M'Feat, William, of W. M'Feat ^ Co., house 46 Jamaica street 
M'FEE, Alexander, tailor, 15 Castle street 
M'Fee, Elizabeth, Ayrshire tavern, 3 Howard street 
Macfie, Graham, A Co., provision merchants, 22 St. Enoch square 
Macfie, James, merchant, at M'Fie, Graham, ^ Co.'s, 22 St. Enoch square, house 

7 Somerset place 
Macfie, R. C, chemist and druggist, 34 Adelphi street 
Macfie, Thomas, veterinary surgeon, 173 Gallowgate street 
M'FIGGANS, Adam, slater and spirit dealer, 115 West Nile street 


M'GARR'Y, Patrick, boot and shoe dealer, 34 Eridgegate street 

M'Ganie, Robert, basket maker, 70 Stockwell street 

M'Garry, William, furniture wareluni'c, 78 and 80 London street 

M'GAVIN, Alexander, at Allan and Pointer's, S3 Jamaica street 

M'Gavin, John, of Harvie ^ M- Gavin, 20 Washington street 

M'Gavin, Robert, of M Gavin 8/- Thompson, house St. Vi'icont park, Paisley rond 

M'Gavin & Thompson, commission merchants, 109 Virginia street 

M'Gavin, AVm., of Brock ^ Gavin, 16 Commercial road 

M'Gavin, Mrs., lO Abbotsford placo 

M'GAW, John, provision merchant, 6 Stockwell street 

M'GEaCHY & M'Farlane, raanufiTcturing chemists, 80 Dundas place 

M'Geachy, Duncan, of M-Geachy ^ MFar.'ane 

M'Gcachy, Samuel, spirit dealer, 91 Main street, Bridget on 

M'GEOCI-J, W., ironmonger, 113 Argvll street, house 108 South Portland street . 

MACGEORGE, A. A A."; Avritcrs, 2i'st A'inccat place 

Macgeorge, Andrew, of A. ^' A. Macgcorge, house 4 Sandy ford place 

IMacgeorge, Andrew, jun., of A. §• A. Macgcorge, house 6 Somerset place 

M'George, David, watch and clockmakcr, 2 Iilalta street, Gorbals 

Macgeorge, John, accountant, stock and share broker, 21 St. Vincent place, house 

3 Royal crescent 
Macgeorge & Kerr, wine and spirit merchants, 40 St. Vincent place 
M'GHEKS, Mrs., lodgings, 94 North Frederick street 
M'GIBBON, Alexander, cabinetmaker, 23 Sauchiehajl lane 
M'Gibbon, David, of Winchester ^ M- Gibbon, house Hamilton crescent, Partick 
M'Gibbon, James, commission merchant, 8 John street, ho. 1 Albert pL, Kingston 
M'Gibbon, John, tea dealer and grocer, 1 47 Saltmaiket street 
M'Gibbon, Mrs. A., milliner and dressmaker, SO Bell street 
M'GILL, Archibald, writer, 29 West Russell street 
M'Gill, Rev. Hamilton M., 9G Regent terrace 
M'Gill, James, provision merchant, 12 King street 
M'Gill, James, gingham and pullicate manufiicturer, 19 Montrose street 
M'Gill, William, druggist, 49 George street 
M'Gill, William, poulterer, 2G Oxford street 
M'Gill, Miss, 15 Hill street, Garncthill 

M'Gill, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 28 Garscubo place 
M'GILLIVRAY, Alex., ai J. ^- W. Campbell <J- Co,'s, bouse 12 Norfolk street 
M'Gillivary, Walter, smith, machine-maker, and cliaiu and anchor manufacturer, 1 

AVatt street, Broomielaw 
M'GILP, Archibald, spirit dealer, 1 Main street, Anderston 
M'Gilp, Mrs,, of Blackhill; letters left at 144 George street 
M'GILNARY, J. & E., brassfounders, 09 Mitchell street 
M'GLASHAN, Duncan, book-keeper, Gorbnls distillery, ho. 110 Thistle street 
M'Glashan, James, victualler, 74 Carrick street, and 29 O.xford street 
M'Giashan, John, teacher of English, 33 Bedford street, ho«30 54 South UoLur<j 

M'Glashan, John, commission agent, 16 Cleland street 
M'Glashan, Mrs,, midwife, Drygate lane 
M'GONEGAL, John, at T. ArnoCs, G2 St. Vincent street 
M'GOUGII, Owen, coach hirer, and funeral undertaker, 8 Steel st. 
M'GOUN, Duncan, merchant, 33 Virginia street, house Go Ba,th street 
JI'Goun, George, boot and shoe maker, 60 Trongate 
M'Goun, James, fleshcr, 105 Main street, Bridgeton 
M'Goun, James, manufacturer, 30 Drygate street 
MacGowan, M., accountant, 106 Renfrew street 

M'Gown, Robert, tavern-keeper, 109 Argyll street, and 9 Maxwell street 
M'Gowan, Thomas, sheriff officer and agent, Abercrombic street 
M'Gown, Thomas, rag and bone merchant, 78 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Gown, AViirrim, letter-carrier, P. O., house 20 Candleriggs street 
M'Gowan, William, teacher ef IvUglish, 45 St. Andrew's square 
M'Gown, Wm,, *. Co., joiners and pueking-bnx makers, 25 North Albion street 
M'Gowan, William, ,& Son, victuallers, 28 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Gowan, William, egg and bntter store, 104 Main street, Anderston 
T'T'Ooun, Mrs., 94 \ Regent street 


M'Graddie, David, spirit (kalcr, GO Saltmarket street 

M'GrackUe, Hugb, siiiiit dealer, 90 Sniiniarket street 

M'GREGOR, Alexander, 73 Hufclieson street 

M'Gregor, A. & A., cotton spinners & merchants, 28 South St. Mango sircvt, cart 

entry, ]''/8 Gallowgato 
M'Gregor, Alexander, commission merchant, 57 Miller strcat 
]\I'Gregor, Alexander Bennett, of MGrcpor ^ Stevenson, house If) Woodsido ter. 
M'Gregor, Alexander, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, C9 West Kilo street 
M'Gregor, Alexander, of Jlobert M'Gregor ^- Co,, house 16 Abbotsl'ord placo 
M'Gregor, Alexander, si)irit merchant, 20 Anderston quay 
M'Gregor, Andrew, at Sitijar Sample .Rooms, Royal Exchange 
M'Grigor, Andrew, baker, 1381 Cowcaddcns street 
M'Gregor, Andrew, chemist and druggist, 1-!3G Cowcaddcns street 
M'Gregor, Arcliiljiild, iron founder, Union j)lacc, oft' iS'ortli street 
M'Gregor, A. & W., clothiers, 13 Crown street 
M'Gregor, Coll, of R. M-Grccior ^- Co, 43 13runs^Yick place 
M'Gregor, Daniel, & Co., calico printers, 83 Miller street 
M'Gregor, Danitd, city-crier, t» Steel street 
M'Gregor, Donald R., merchant and agent for the Marley hill Coking €0,, 79 

George square 
M'Gregor, Duncan, grocer, 51 George street 

M'Gregor, Duncan, nautical instrument maker, and chart .seller, 24 Clyde place 
M'Gregor, Duncan, spirit dealer, 6G Rottenrow street. 
M'Grigor, Duncan, bootmaker, 4 Argyll arcade, house 43 Bridge street 
M'Gregor, Gregor, sheriff-officer and constable, 25 Clyde street 
M'Gregor, Gregor, uiire and spirit merchant, 267 Gallowgate 
M'Gregor & Gardner, jeweller.^, and dealers in watch materials, 182 Trongato 
M'Gregor, James, at A. Sf A. M'Gregoy's, 10 Woudside place 
M'Gregor, James, timber measurer, 42 Broomieliw 
M'Gregor, James, at D. Cook ^ Co.'f, house id Fglinton street 
M'Gregor, James, spitit dealer and nailraaker, 2G Pollokskaws road 
MacGrcgor, James, accountant, 91 Eglinton street 
MacGregor, James, spirit merchant, 128 IJigh street 
M'Gregor, James, W., & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 37 Old -s-ynd 
M'Gregor, John, & Sous, tobacco and snuif manufacturers, wholesale wareliou'se, 43 

Old wynd, retail shop 227 Gallowgate 
M'Grigor, John, leather merchant, ID Turner's court, and 15 Croy place, house 79 

Abbot sford place 
MacGregor, John, London chop-house, 22 Royal l''.\o]iange square 
M'Gregor, John, eating-house keeper, 124 Broomielaw 
M'Gregor, John, at R. MGrcxpor^- Co.'s, house 54 Hanorcr street 
M'Gregor, John, of Tod ^ M- Gregor, h&use Meadowsidc-housei Partick 
M'Gregor, Josiah, 10 Woodside place 

MacGregor, J. W., cooper, 2S Jamaica street, horse 8 St. Geoi'ge's road 
M'GiTgor, Peter, boot and shoemaker, 69 Jamaica street 

M'Gregor, Peter, brassfounder, 81 Clvde street, Anderston, ITydepark corner 
M'Gregor, Robert, M.D., 48 West Kile street 
M'Gregor, Robert, <fe Co., merchants and cotton spinners, 43 Brunswick place, 

works, Milngavie 
M'Gregor, Robert, chemist and druggist, 55 Main street, Bridgeton 
M'Gregor, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Clyde street, Calton 
M'Gregor, Robert, of X ones Stewart's, 22 Ingram street, house Broad ft , Mile-end 
M'Grcgors & Stevenson, writcr.s, 52 George squaio 

M'Gregor, Thomas, hat and cap manufacturer. 74 George street, house 173 do. 
M'Gregor, Williaui, beadle of Calton church, 7 Struthers street 
M'Gregor, W., sugir sample rooms, Royal Kxchangc, ho. 8 Bloomfield pi., Hillhead 
M'Gregor, Miss Jane, milliner and dressmaker, 25 East Clyde street 
M'Gregor, J., milliner, 19 Candteriggs street 
M'Gregor. Miss M., milliner and dressmaker, 27 Finlay street 
M'GUFFTE, James, mason and builder, ].'>2 Stoekwell street 
M'Guffic, Thomas, builder and contractor, 13 John street, house 125 Montrose st. 
M'GUJRE, George, furniture dealer, 27 Miller's place 
M'Guire, John, spiii' r^.v^ikr, 124 Bridgegato 

i!i»!!ay.yj!"L. ^ 


M'Guire, William, provision merchant, 40 King street, Calton 
M'HAFFIE & Colqulioun, ironmongers, 115 Argyll street 
M'Haffie, David, of M'llaffie ^ Colqulioun, house 42 Dundas street 

M'Haffie, James, power-loom cloth manufacturer, 5 Drury street 

M'Haffie, John, machine-maker, at William Dunn's, 110 John street, house 8S 
North Hanover street 

M'Haffie, John, of Orchard, Adelaide place, 206 Bath street 

M'Haffie, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 32 Rumford street, Bridgeton 

M'Haffie, Peter, carpet shoe manufacturer, 95 M' Alpine street 

M'Haffie, Robert, of Eastwood, 219 St. Vincent street 

M'Haffie, William, merchant, 15 Clarendon place, New City road 

M-HARDY, C, at W. Malcolm's, 22 Royal Exchange square, ho. 64 Buccleuch st. 

M'Hardy, James, sheriff-clerk depute of Lanarkshire. Sheriff-clerk's office, County 
buildings, Wilson street, house 16 Woodside crescent 

M'HARG, John, tea merchant, 9 Gordon street, house 16 South Apsley place 

M'Harg, .tohn, brassfounder and gasfittev, 60 Cambridge street 

M'HATTIE, Miss, lodging-house kecpei-, 116 Renfrew street 

M'HOUL, David, bootmaker, 2 St. Enoch square 

M'HUTCHESON, Robert, writer, 40 South Wellington place 

M' Hutchison, William, boot and shoemaker, 14 Saltmarket street 

M'lLWHAM, Mrs., tavern keeper, 8 York street 

M'INDOE, Arch., collec. of police, statute labour, prisons, court-Louse, and house 
of refuge, assessments, 4 Police lane, house 21 Richmond street 

M'Indoe, Charles, of Win. Wardlaw §• Co., 74 Buchanan stret 

Maclndoe, George Park, at W. Dunn's, 44 St. Vincent place 

M'Indoe, James, wright and builder, 137 Waterloo street, house 230 Holme street 

M'Indoe, John, wright and builder, 46 Brown street, house 28 do. 

M'Indoe, Peter, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 3 Union street, Calton 

M'Indoe, P. & J., grocers, 60 Oxford street 

M'Indoe, Robert, jun., grocer, 23 Bedford street 

M'Indoe, William, grocer, 21 George street 

M'Indoe, Mrs. Charles, 125 West Regent street 

M'lHdoe, Mrs. E., poulterer, 75 Prince's street 

M'INNES, Angus, victualler and coal agent, 64 Carrick street 

M'Innes, Daniel, ropemaker, 50 Port-Dundas road 

M'Innes, Dugald, at Robert Wardrope's, 62 Buchanan street 

M'Innes, James, tinplate worker, 42 Miller's place 

M'Innes, James, 54 Renfrew street 

M'Innes, John, merchant, Blantyre, house 107 George street 

MTnnes, John, warehouseman, 48 North Portland street 

M'Innes, -John, boot and shoemaker, 271 Argyll street 

M'Innes, John, spirit dealer, 90 Hospital street 

M'Innes & M'Millan, boiler-makers. Union place, Anderston 

M'Innes & Morrison, commission merchants, 30 St. Enoch square 

M'Innes, Malcolm, of M'Innes ^ Min-rison, 30 St. Enoch square 

M'Innes, Matthew, hat and cap manufacturer, 130 Trongate, house 124 do. 

M'Innes, Neil, ham curer, 168 Gallowgate 

M'Innes, Robert, painter and paper-hanger, 67 Argyll street 

M'Innes, William, watch and clock maker, and jeweller, 98 Broomiolaw 

M'INTOSK, Alexander, spirit dealer, 34 Blackfriars street 

Mackintosh, Angus, bat manufacturer, 36 Queen street 

M'lntosh, A. & R., victuallers, oil and tallow merchants, 213 Gallowgate, and ; 
Macfarlane street 

Mackintosh & Cowan, accountants and agents for the Caledonian Fire and Life In- 
surance Co., 66 St. Vincent street 

M'lntosh, David, baker, 2i Kirk street, Townhead 

M'lntosh, Dr., 170 Hope street 

M'lntosh, George, & Co., cudbear manufacturers, works Duke street 

M'lntosh, George, merchant, house Dunchattan, Glasgow, and Antermony, Len- 

M'lntosh, George, 47 Sanchiehall street 

M'lntosh, H. & J., tui-ners, 55 Main street, Gorbals, house 35 Malta street 

M Intosb, Hugh, hosier and draper, 53 Canning street 





M'Intosh, James, confectioner, 3 Candleriggs 

M'Intosh, James, feuar, 158 Main street, Bridgeton 

Mackintosh, John, of Mackintosh §■ Cowan, house, 6 Lansdownc crescent 

M'Intosh, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 46 Maxwell street 

M'Intosh, John, muslin manufacturer, 95 Hutcheson St., house 9fl N. Hanover at. 

M'Intosh, J. M., laceman, 40 Argj'll street, house 42 do. 

Mackintosh, J. M'G., silk merchant, 44 Brunswick place, house 137 Cambridge st. 

M'Intosh, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 106 Hope street 

M'Intosh, John, grocer and provision merchant, 99 George street 

Mackintosh, John, at Thomson S/- MacConnelV s, 15 Jamaica street 

M'Intosh, Peter, tanner, currier, leather merchant, belt, hose, and card maker, 1 20 

Stockwell street 
M'Intosh, Thomas, painter and paper-hanger, 274 Buchanan street 
M'Intosh, William, spirit dealer, 7 New City road 
M'Intosh, William, spirit dealer, 91 Drygate 
M'Intosh, William, accountant, 47 Sanchiehall street 
M'Intosh, William, & Co., stock and share brokers, 37 West George street 
M'Intosh, Mrs., midwife and lady's keeper, 24 Centre street 
M'Intosh, Miss, millinery and straw-hat warehouse, 146 Hope street 
M'Intosh, Mrs., spirit dealer, 30 Stobeross street 

M"INTYRE, Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 40 Main street, Calton 
M'Intyre, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 120 Candleriggs street 
M'Intyre, Archibald, tailor, 2 AVarwick street 
M'Intyre, Donald, fishmonger, 20 King street 

M'Intyre, Donald, slater and slate merchant, Watt st., Broomielaw, ho, 6 Oswald st. 
M'Intyre, Donald, measurer, 49 Hutcheson street, house 202 Renfrew etreet 
M'Intyre, Dugald, C, brick-maker and builder, 68 Maitland street 
M'Intyre, Dugald &, Co., commission merchants, ship and insurance brokers, 65 

Jamaica street 
M'Intyre, Duncan, soda-water maker, 139 Saltmarket street, house do. 
M'Intyre, Duncan, hosier, glover, and shirt manufacturer, 44 Argyll street 
M'Intyre, Duncan, ship and commission agent, at J. Jackson ^^ Co.'s, 83 Jamaica st , 
M'Intyre, Duncan, of I>. M'Intyre ^ Co., 7 Kinning place 
M'Intyre, Duncan, flesher, 60 Cowcaddens street 
M'Intyre, D., wine and spirit merchant, 157 Queen street 
M'Intyre, James W,, umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 10 Crown street, and 25 

Argyll arcade 
M'Intyre, James, of J. ^ J. M-Intyre, house 202 Renfrew street 
M'Intyre, John, bootmaker, 41 Sauchiehall street 

M'Intyre, John, &, Co , warehousemen, 1 Gallowgate, and 12 High street 
M'Intyre, John, & Co., cotton and cotton-waste dealers, 39 Ropework lane 
M'Intyre, John, of J. MIntyre ^ Co., house 8 Douglas street 
M'Intyre, John, surgeon, 68 Main street, Bridgeton 
M'Intyre, John, manager, New Adelphi mill, house 3 Govanbaugh 
M'Intyre, John, of R. §/• J. M'Intyre, house 52 Rose street, Gamethill 
M'Intyre, John, painter and paper-hanger, 42 Broomielaw 
M'Intyre, John, flesher, 44 Main street, Anderston 
M'Intyre, John, porter. Royal Exchange 
M'Intyre, John,, spirit dealer, 140 Main street, Anderston 
M'Intyre, J. & J., merchants, 52 Ingram street 

M'Intyi'e, P., manufacturers of shirts, slops, etc., 50 Brunswick street 
M'Intyre, Patrick, teller. Union bank of Scotland, ho, 27 Waterloo pi. Kingston 
M'Intyre, R. & J., wholeiale stationers, 95 Buchanan street 
M'Intyre, Robert, wool and tow hand-card maker, cabinet and chair maker, and 

funeral undertaker, 27 Stockwell street, and 124 High street, ho. 327 ArgyU st. 
M'Intyre's Temperance coffee house and Reading rooms, 59 Trongate 
M'Intyre, Thomas, fruit merchant, Bazaar, Candleriggs street 
M'Intyre, William, 5 Portugal street 
M'Intyre,, gardener, Cranston street 
M'Intyre, Miss, lodgings, 64 West Regent street 
M'Intyre, Miss E., boys' dress maker. 130 Reniield street 
M'Intyre, M., milliner and straw- hat, maker, 8 Douglas street 
M'Intyre, Mi-s., tavern keeper, 13 Brunswick place, .and 1C4 Trongate 

182 M.4C1NTYRE— MAGKaT. 

Maclntyre, Mrs., stay maker to Her Majesty, and ciilklren's dress maker, 53 West 
Nile street 

M'ISAAO, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 171 Great Hamilton street 

M'lVEEl, Jame"?, & Co., builders and hriclcmakers, lliUheadfield, Partick. Oi\!ci-3 
and letter:; lelt at M'.'. Jackson's, 13 St, Enoch square 

M'lVOR, Alexander, general outfitting, muslin, and lace warehouse, 8G St. Vincent 
street, house 1G6 West Regent street 

Mlvor, Alexander, cabinetmaker, joiner, and house factor, 25 Main's street 

MACKAIN, D., civil engineer, 23 Miller street 

M'Kain, Robert, at Buchanan Sf Lockhari's 

M-KANDY, John, clerk, stamp-ofScc 

M'KAY, Alexander, spirit dealer, 187 High street 

M'Kay, Alexander, clothier. 14 Exchange square, house 71 Parson street 

M'Kay, Alex., at J. ij- G. M-Kay's, hou^e 90 B'rederick street 

M'Kay, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 22 Argyll street, house 100 Cron-n street 

M'Kay, A., of M Kay ^ Cltss, house 7.3 Ilutcheson street 

M'Kay, Benjirnin, boot and shoe mal;or, 3.3 Canon street 

M'Kay & Black, tailors and clothiers, 20 Bridge street 

M'Kay, Colin, at A. M Kifj's, 14 Exchange square, house .33 Macfarlanc street. 

M'Kay, D., & Co., tailors and clothiers, 24 St. Enoch square 

M'Kay, Daniel, sheriff- officer, and constable for the eounties of Lanark and Ren- 
frew, 14 Dempster street 

M'Kay, Daniel, watchmaker, 297 Argyll street 

M'Kay, David, baker and dairyman, 83 and 210 Gallowgatc, and 58 Bell street 

M'Kay, David, broker, 33 Centre street 

M'Kay, David, grocer, 154 Main street, Bridgetou 

M'Kay, D. F., agent to A. FuUarton «fc Co., house 97 Eglinton street 

M'Kay, Donald, victualler and spirit dealci*, 61 DaLuarnock road, ho. Keid street 

^T'Kay, D , slater, 44 George street 

M'Kay & Gass, clothiers, 53 Queen street 

M'Kay, Donald, coal agent, 29S High street 

M'Kay, George, superintendent of police Western District, house 10 Main street., 

M'K.ay, George H., N.S.S.B., house 37 South Portland street 

M'Kay, George, spirit dealer, 78 Neilson street 

M'Kay, George, of J. §• G. M'Kay, house 90 North Frederick street 

M'Kay, Henry, grocer, 100 Stobcross street 

MacKay, Hugh, accountant and house-factor, agent for th« North British Fire and 
Life insurance Co., SO Union street, house 83 Taylor street 

M'Kay, Hugh, hosier, glover, shirt, stock, and travelling-bag merchant, 6 Qtioen st. 

M'Kay, Hugh, inspector of criminal police, house 253 High street 

]\IacKay, James, manager, Bridgeton Baking Society, 63 Main street, Bridgeton 

M'Kay, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 90 Dalmarnock i-oad 

M'Kay, James, jun., undertaker, 298 High street 

M'Kay, James G., of J. §/■ G. MKay. houic 90 North Frederick street 

M'Kay, James, contractor, 321 Holme street 

MacKay, Rev. John, M.A., of Dakc street Gaelic Chapel, house 62 George street 

M'Kay, John, of if Kay ^ Sen, house 4 Dalhousie place 

M'Kay, John, bootmaker, 121 George street, house 30 North Portland street 

M'Kay, John, & Son, upholsterers and cabinet makei-s, 150 West Regent street 

M'Kay, John, china warehouse, 115 George street 

M'Kay, J. & G., wins and spirit merchants, 99 Candieriggs street 

M'Kay A Kirkwood, whole.'^alo stationers, 135 street 

M'Kay, Lauchlan, of MKoy ^ Kirkxvood, house 128 North John street 

M'Kay, Lauchlan, ticket writer, 71 Q,ueen street 

M'I'fay, Murdoch, bleachfield, Townhead 

M'Kay, Peter, rope manufacturer, 200 Duke street 

Mackay, Robert, & Co., wholesale Scotch warehouse, 123 Candieriggs street 

M'Kay, Robert, of R. M'Kay '^- Co., house Green Lodge, Greenhead 

M'Kay, William, spirit dealer, 304 Gallowgate 

M'Kay, William, tailor, 45 Crown street 

MKay, William, assistant inspector of poor. Town's Hospital, Gallowgate street 

Mackay, William, eomraission merchant, 98 West George street 



M'Kay, Miss C, do DougLis street 

MacK'iy, Aliss, milliner and dressmaker, 37 South Portlaiul stccct 

Mack.iy, Miss, teacher, Free St. Paul's School of Imhistry, 7i North Fredorick st. 

M'Kay, Mrs. Alexander, New Clarcniont tavern, 10 StockweH street 

'M'Kay, Mrs. William, paper ruler, ISl Trorigate 

M'Kiiy, Mrs. H, lodgings, 125 Weliingtoii street 

M'Kay, Mrs , washer and bleacher, 'I'ownhead 

MACKAIN, D., civil engineer, 23 Jlillcr street, house Dalmarnock 

M'Kea.n, Alexander, victualler, 45 Stirling square 

M'Kean, A., & Co., muslin nianufacturei-s and merchants, \i Garthlaml street 

M'Kean, A., of A. MKean Sr Co., house 256 Argyll street 

M'Keand, A. & J , wholesale warehousemen, 12 Trongatc 

M'Keand, Anthony, sen., of A. ^ J. MKeand, house South Greenbank 

M'Keand, Anthony, jun., of A.^- J. MKeand 

M'Keand, David, of M-Keand S/- LamorU, house Ibroxholru, Paisley road 

M'Kean & Dickson, bookbinders, 80 Buchanan street 

M'Kean, George, grocer, spirit dealer, and agent, 80 Rottenrow strost; 

M'Keand, James, of yi. ^- J. MKeand, house 17 Carlton pJaco 

M'Kcaufl, J;iincs, bnker, 3 i\Iuslin street, Bridgeton 

M'Keand, James, of A. ^ J. MKeand, house 17 Carlton place 

M'Keand, James, J3 Buccleuch street 

M'Kean, John, letter-carrier, P.^0., house 92 Great IlamlUon street 

M'Kean, John, provision merchant, 20 Wilson street 

M'Kean, J. & li., victuallers, 83 Bridgegate 

M'Kean, bakers, 1 1 King street, ?)]ile-ond 

M'Kean, John, provision merchant, 20 Wilson street 

M'Keand, James & Co., oilmen and drysalters, 1(> Turner's court 

M'Kean & Lament, merchants and ship agents, 20 St. Enoch square 

M'Keand, Thomas, storekeeper, 310 Argyll street 

M'Keand, Thomas, 73 Buccleuch street. Letters left at ]Q 'i'urner's court 

M'KECHNIE, Alexander, 22 Renfield street, house 119 Hope street 

M'Kechnie & Co,, Glasgow Reed-works, 31 Stirling street 

M'Kechnie, Daniel W., adjuster of averages, 1 iNorth Gallery, Royal Exeliange, hou&s 

Cessnock, Govan road 
M'Kechnie, David, cliemist and druggist, 142 Garscube road 
M'Kechnie, Hugh, spirit dealer, 76 Parliamentary road 
M'Kechnie, John, confectioner, 180 Saltmarket street 
M'Kechuie, John, mill manager, house 116 Garscube road 
M'Kechnie, John, accountiini and stockbroker, -18 Buchanan street 
M'Kechnie, John, furnishings, 109 Main street, Bridgetoa 
M'Kechnie, John, al Walker's Posting establishmeni, 104 West Nile street 
M'Kechnie, John, sen., 70 Abbotsford place 
MacKechnie, W.S., ship and insurance broker, and commission merchant, 32 .St. 

Enoch square, house Walmer place 
M'Kechnie. William, of Ai'Kechnie ^ Co., housie 62 George street 
M'Kechnie, Mrs. Archibald, 52 Rose street, Garncthill 
M'Kechnie, Mrs. William, 107 George street 
M'KEIGH, David, spirit dealer, 11 Candleriggs street 
M'KELLAR, Alexander, & Son, Caledonian rope and twine work, Stobcros,? street, 

office 78 Brooraielaw, house 361 St. Vincent street 
M'Kellar, Dugald, messenger-at-arms, and sheri If officer, 45 Gordon .'street 
M'Kellar, Duncan, Toward Castle steamer, 12 Anderston Qu.iy 
M'Kellar, James, & Co., silk manufacturers and printers, 77 Ghissford street 
M'lvellar, Peter, piano-forte maker and tuner, 18 North Portland street, house 2 

Kelvin terrace 
M'Kellar, Mrs. D., lodgings, 25 North Albion street 
M'KELVIE, Hugh, clothier, 131 Saltmarket street 
M'Kelvio, Neil, comr.iercial lodgings, 9 Clyde place 
M'Kelvie, Miss E., dressmakei-, 1G2 Main street, Gorbals 
M'KEMMIE, George, miller, Camlacliic grain mills, 772 Gidlowgale street 
M'KENDIllCK, Allan, fish racrchanr, 34 Saltmarket, house 23St. Andrew's sq. 
M'Kendrick, Andrew, inn-keeper, 47 Stock we'll street 
M'Kendrick, Archibald, Coissack inn, 37 Miller'a place- 


M'Kendrick, David, commission agent, 23 Stockwell place, house 43 Dalhousie st. 

M'KeDdriek, .Tohn, bookbinder, 75 Argyll street 

M'KENNA, Francis, china and stoneware dealer, 18 Kirk street, Calton 

M'Kenna, James, insurance agent, 5 Drury street 

M'Kenna, John, spirit dealer, 295 High street 

M'Kenna, John, spirit dealer, 53 Burnside street, otT Duke street 

M'KENZIE, Alexander, old vinegar and barm store, 7 Back wynd, ho, 7 Park pi, 

M'Kenzie, Alexander, letter-carrier, P, 0„ lodgings 5 East Tarbert street 

M'Kenzie, of M-Kemie ^ Crawf&rd, house 31 North Frederick street 

M'Kenzie, Alexander C, of M-Kenzie ^ Mon-ison 

M'Kenzie, Archd., at Wm, Robertson'' s, 13 Greenhill street 

M'Kenzie, Angus, grocer, 32 Dundas street 

M'Kenzie, Charles, of Acrehill, merchant, 44 George square 

M'Kenzie, Charles, spirit dealer, 560 Debbie's loan 

M'Kenzie, Colin, innkeeper, 10 St. Enoch square 

M'Kenzie & Crawford, general house furnishers, upholsterers, cabinetmakers, vene- 
tian-blind makers, and paper-hangers, 87 & 89 Buchanan street; works 16 Green- 
hill street, Anderston 

MKenzie, Daniel, merchant, 21 St. Vincent place, lodgings 122 Wellington street 

M'Kenzie, David, corn-factor, at William Browns, house G Pollock street 

M'Kenzie, David, merchant, 8 Windsor place 

M'Kenzie, David, spirit dealer, 85 Old vennel 

M'Kenzie, David, oil and colourman, painter and paper-hanger, 19 Norfolk Btreec 

M'Kenzie, Donald, leather merchant, 259 Buchanan st., bo. 396 Parliamentary vd. 

M'Kenzie, Donald, steam-boat master, 10 St. Enoch square 

M'Kenzie, Duncan, printer, 10 Sommerville place 

M'Kenzie, Duncan, brush manufacturer, 114 Trongate, and 27 Bridge street 

M'Kenzie, D., victualler, 21 Main street, Anderston 

M'Kenzie, Hector, parochial schoolmaster, 1 Bothwell street 

M'Kenzie, Hugh, inspector of works, house 13 Columbia place 

M'Kenzie, I., & Co., boot and shoe makers, 49 Nelson street 

M'Kenzie, James, of Robertson §• M'Kenzie, residence, Craig-paik 

M'Kenzie, James, & Co., commission, wine, spirit, and yeast merchants, 60 Stockwell 

M'Kenzie, James, of J. M'Kenzie ^ Co., house 62 Cambridge stree t 

M'Kenzie, James, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and piano-forte maker and tuner, 12 
North Portland street 

M'Kenzie, J. A., of the District Paymaster's office, 79 North Frederick Btreet 

M'Kenzie, John, shipmaster, 108 Eglinton street 

M'Kenzie, J., measurer, 25 Clyde place 

M'Kenzie, John, beadle of St. Mary's chapel, house 27 Renfrew street 

M'Kenzie, John, spirit dealt r and house-factor, 150 Stobcross street 

M'Kenzie, John, spirit dealer, 111 King street, Calton 

M'Kenzie, John, at A. ^' J. Morrison's, 40 St. Vincent street 

M'Kenzie, John, boot and shoe maker, 53 Alston street 

M'Kenzie, John, cooper, 5 Paisley road 

M'Kenzie, John, painter, 20 East Clyde street 

M'Kenzie, Kenneth, at Maxwell, Clerk, ^ Co.'s, house 116 Renfrew street 

M'Kenzie Kenneth, rectifier, 8 Jackson street 

M'Kenzie, Kenneth, 46 Saltmarket street 

M'Kenzie, Lachlan, victualler, 56 South Coburg street 

M'Kenzie & Morrison, calico, etc., printers, Princes square, 40 Buchanan street 

M'Kenzie, Peter, <& Co., Reformers^ Gazette office, 75 Argyll street 

M'Kenzie, Peter, of Reformers' Gazette, 75 Argyll street 
M'Kenzie, Peter, engraver and stamp-cutter, 31 Argyll street 
M'Kenzie, Robert, beadle to Knox's church, S Surry street 

M'Kenzie, Roderick, writer, 68 St, Vincent st., ho. 8 Windsor [ 1., Sauehiehall st. 
M'Kenzie, Thomas, superintendent, Sighthill cemetery 
M'Kenzie, Walter, of James MClelland ^ M'Kcnzi-e, 12S Irgram street 
M'Kenzie, William, M.D., surgeon-ocuiist to Her Majcaty, consulting rooms 33 

George square, house 188 Buchanan street 
M'Kenzie, William, steam-press, general printer, stereotyper, bookseller and jnib' 
lis.hcr, 48 London street, house 10 Sommel-villo place 

M'ii l':.\ZiE~.MKI\LA r. 185 

M'lvonzic, William, spirit dealer, 118 King street 

M'Kenzie, Miss, lodgings, 68 West Regent street 

M'ivenzie, Miss Jaiie, 25 <i<>>)igc square 

M'Kenzie, Mrs. A., dressmaker, 7 Parle place 

?»I*Kcnzie, Mrs. James, 23 (>eorge street 

M'lvenzie, Mrs., eating-house keeper, 62 Canon street 

M'KEURACHAR, Alexander, mcssenger-at-arms, ;?.3 Virginia stitjct 

M'Kcrracher, Duncan, spirit dealer, 95 Cioweaddens street 

M.KERKELL, Mrs. J., spirit dealer, 55 Prince's street 

M KERROW, Jatnes, spirit dealer, 55 Clyde street, Port-Dundas 

M'Kerrow, James, dairyman, 2u Broad street, Mile-end 

M'Kerrow, Mrs, lodgings, 50 North Albion street 

M'KICHaN, Alexander, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 277 Argyll glfreet 

MACKIE, a., letter-carrier, Post-ofllce, 44 Alston street 

M.ukie, Andrew, hair-cutter and perukemaker, tO Argyll street 

Mackio, Andrew, carrier, 09 Stockwell street 

Mjckie, Andrew, M.D., surgeon, 7i South Portland sti-eet 

Mackie, George, beadle, Gordon street chape!, house chapel 

M'Kie, Henry, tailor and clothier, 8 Charlotte street 

M'Kie, James, grocer, 62 Tureen street 

M'Kie, John, jun., merchant, of Gatehouse Cotton Co. 

Mackie, Joliti, bookseller and stationer, 3 0C Queen tstreet 

Maokie, Peter, grocer and house fecto:-, 52 South Cobnrg street 

iVfackie, W. S., turner and beneh-scrcv maker, 43 Stockwell street 

Maekie, Mrs. Robert, grain dealer, 21 Sauchiehali scr-'Ct, ho. 71 Renfrew street 

Mackie, M»-s., 13 Albany place, Sauchiehali street 

M'Kie, Mrs., lodgings, 20 Mains' street 

M'Kie, Mrs. John, lodgings, 292 Argyll street 

Mackie, Mrs. Robert, 68 North Hanover street 

M'KILLOP, Captain Archibald, 425 Argyll street 

M'Killop, Dugd., superintendent's clerk, central district, house 9S Thistle vt.-cet 

IC'Killop, Jamos, glas;, merchant, 54 Argyll street 

M'Killop, Neil, boot and shoe maker, 02 Eglinton street 

M'KIMM, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Parson street 

M'Kim, Daniel, spirit dealer, 19 Mitchell street 

M'Kim, James, Ayi-sbire Railway office, 19 Melville place, 133 Trongate, house 

] 09 Rottenrow street 
M'Kim, John, M.D., physician, 100 Rottenrow street 
M'KIMMIE, Robert, flesher, 59 Nelson street, Tradestor. 
M'Kimmie, William, flesher, 30 Clyde place 
M'KINfjAy, Adam, tailor, 88 Joim street 
M'Kinlay, A., aj^ent, 43 Queen street 
M'Kinlay, Alexander, agent for Shotts Iron Company, IS St. Enooh sonarc, house 

Meadowbank, Particle 
M'Kinlay, Aulay, hosier, 256 High street 

Macklnlay, David, Oswaldbank. Lettei-s left at W. M'Kinlay's, 113 Brunswick st. 
M'Kinlay, George, draper, 73 Stevenson street 
M-Kinlay, George, draper, clothier, and outfitter, 8 Stobcross street 
M'Kinlay, George, draper, 215 and 217 Gallowgate 
M'Kinlay, George, draper, 16 Stevenson street 
M'Kinlay, James, bleacher, Glenniill, oftice 58 Miller street 

M'Kinlay, James, horse dealer, stables, 5 St. Mungo street, house 200 Gallowgate 
MacKinlay, Rev. James, 5 Annfiekl place, Duke istreet 

MacKinlay, John, manager, Broomward mill, residence Broom »v.iril cottage, Caltoft 
M'Kinlay, John, of R. Jiobertson ^ Co., house 2-33 George street 
M-Kinlay, John, victualler, 68 Dalmarncck road 
M'Kinlay, John, at Roderick M-Ktnzie's, 68 St. Vincent street 
M'Kindlay, Neil, at C. Tenneut ^ Co.'s., St. KoUox 
M'Kinlay, Patrick, classical master. High school, house 23S George street 
M'Kinlay, Robert, cork -cutter, 439 Argyll street 
M'Kinlay, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 10 Norfolk street 
M'Kinlay, Thomas M., at Adam Brothers, house 36 Commcice street 
M'Kinlay, William, merchant, 1 13 Brunswick st., ho. 30 Windsor ter., St. George's r<'. 


M'Kinlay, "Williain, grocer and spirit dealer, IS Bishop street, Anderston 

M'Kinlay, Miss Jai<e, grocer, 48 Great Hamilton street 

M'Kinlay. Mrs, Daniel, cooperage, 4? King street 

M'Kinlay, Mrs. J., 20 Roburtson street 

M'Kinlay, Mrs., midwife, 9 College street 

M'KINNAY, William, butter and egg mereliant, 96 CoM-caddens street 

M'Kinnell, Tlios., boot and shoe maker, ^77 Thistle street 

M'KINNON, Angus, Caledoniari and Ayrshire tavern, 228 Bi'oomielaw 

M'Kinnon, Charles, tailor and clothier, 71 Union street, hoi'.se 171 West Kiie st. 

M'Kinnon, Charles, ■v^'ine and spirit dealer, 42 Main street, 01 Stobcross strera, aiu 
30 Anderston quay, house 89 Stobcross street 

M'Kinnon, Hugh, spirit dealer, 83 Main street, Gorbals 

M'Kinnon, Hugh, bootmaker, 43 Oxford street 

M'Kinnon, Hugh, bootmaker, 17 Warwick street 

M'Kinnon, John, merchant, 424 Parliamentary road 

M'Kinnon, Neil, spirit dealer, 21 Jackson street 

M'Kinnon, Peter, draper, 11 Stobcross street, house 51 Cheapside street 

M'Kinnon, Peter, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 93 Carrick street, house ^Ji; Jo 

M'Kinnon, Yv'illiam, grocer and spirit dealer, 49 IJeid street, Bridgcfon 

M'Kinnon, Mrs., straw-hat maker, 37 Nelson street 

M'Kinnon, Miss, western register office for servants, and furnishings, 160 Sauehie- 
ball street 

M'Kinnon, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 51 Cheapside street 

MACKIRDY, Charles, C. of Peter Bogle ^ Co., 122 Ingram street 

M'Kirdy & Ferguson, provision merchants, 32 Dunlop street ': 

Macklrdy, J. L., accountant, stockbrokei", and insurance agent, C9 Ingi-am street \ 
house 16 Ure place : 

M'Kirdy, Robert, of Thomas Frame ^ Co., house 32 Macfarlnne street I 

M'KISSOCK, J.imcs, & Co., manufacturers of ginghams and Pullicates, 88 Glass- ' 

ford street 
M'Kissocli, John, si)irit merchant, 23 Stobcross street I 

M'Kissock, iiubcrt, spirit dealer, 10 Low Green street | 

M'KNIGHT, Mrs. T., victualling-house, 13 Cheapside street, Anderston, ' 

M'LACllLAN, Alexander, <fc Son, spirit dealer,s, 23 Portugal street 
M'Lachlan, Artt, spirit dealer, 73 Great Clyde street 

.M'Lachlan, Duncan, surgeon, 7 Lawmoor place 

M'Lachlan 's Free school, 50 Caihedral street, Thomas Davidson, teacbiT 
M'Lachlan, Henry, of M'Lcxhkm ^ M Lean, bouse 33 St. Vincent place 
M'Lachlan, Hugh, accountant, share broker, agent for the Norwich Union Fire ;■ 

Life Insurance Society, 8G Miller street, house CO Hill street, Carnetliill 
M'Laclilan, James B., Sculptor, 86 North Frederick street ] 

M'Lachlane, Jfamcs, of MLacldane §■ MLcan, house 33 St. Vincent place 1 

M'Lachlan, John, flesher, 38 Norfolk street 1 

M'Laughlin, John, spirit dealer, \bo Castle street 1 

Xvl'Lachlan, John, flesher, 411 Argyll street 

M'Lachlane A M'Lean, manufacturers, 1 George sqiiaie, ar.d 23 Eouth Frederick 'a\. 
M'Laughlin, Neil, victualler, 60 King street, Calton 
M'Lachlan, Patrick, spirit dealer, 23 Duke street 
M'Lauchlan, Peter, broker, 26 Well stieet 
M'Lauchlan, R. Robert, teacher, 34 Paterson street 
MacLauchlan, William, stationer and paper-ruler, 24 Wilson stre<^t 
M.Laughlin, William, spirit dealer, 29 Rutherglen loan 
M.Laehlan, Jilrs. Bell, of Craigenterve, 138 George street 
M Laehlan, Mrs. Hugh, grocer and spirit dealer, 29 Cadogan street 
M'Lachlan, Mrs. J., milliner, 5 Aitken place, Douglas street 
M Laucblane, I\frs. J., 189 Buclianan street 
M'ACLAE, H. Ewing, of Cathkin. Letters left at James Ewing & Co.'s, 36 

George square 
MACLAGAN, A., M.D. and surgeon, 84 Queen street, house 89 St. John street 
M'LARDY, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 17 Castle street 
M'LAREN, Alexander, lithographer and engraver, 124 Trongatc 
M'Laren, Mcxs^n&ar , of Ferguson ^ IfLaren, house 166 Hope street 
M'Laren, A,, of (,[ ^,- A. M-'larcn, house 16 Jam.qiica street 

wiiiii IB iiiiitii'i'ir 

M'LAllLN— M'LEAN. 237 

M'Larin, A,, pattcrn-drawei', ISO Hopo street 

M'Larcn, Alexander, clothirr, 5 Royal Bank place 

M'Laren, Archibald, Stamp office 

M'Larcn, C. <fc A,, glaziers and zinc-workers, 20, 22, and 2i Jamaioa'strcet 

M'Laren, Charles 0/ C. ^ A. MLnrcn, house 240 Argyll street 

M'Laren, Daniel, victualler, 37 King street, Caltun 

]\i'Lareii, Daniel, spirit dealer, 11 Adelplii street 

M'Laurin, Donald, of MB^'noMSf MLaiirin, house 33 Abbotsfoi-d place 

M'Laren, Donald, spirit dealer, 80 Main street, Anderston 

M'Laurin & Dunlop, merchants, 37 Queen street 

M'Larcn, Duncan, clerk, Clydesdale bank, house 49 Cado^'^an street 

M'Larcn, James, manufacturing chemist, Kerr street, house 22 East Rose street 

M'Laurin, James, baker, 33 Hospital street 

M-Laurin, James, stationer, 76 Stockwell stret>t, and rag dealer, 13 and 15 Stock - 

well place 
M'Laren, John, spirit dealer, 18 Wnrrooh street 

MLaren, John, stationer, 23 Glassford street, house 9 Abbotsford place 
M'Laren, John, .sherilf-officer. constable, messenger, it house-factor 37 Glassford st. 
M-Laren, John, victualler, 319 Argyll street 
M'Laren, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 42 Coweaddens street 
M'Laren, John, treasurer. Barony parish, 36 North Albion street, house 41 do. 
M'Laren, John, jnsurance-broker, 120 Queen street 

M'Laren, John, agent for Carfin Cclliery, 28 Miller street, house 141 Garngadhiil 
M Larcn, John, & Co., hosiery manufacturers, 73 Duke street 
M'Laren, John, cotton-waste dealer, 186 Holm street 
M'Laren, M. & A., fish-curers, 109 Bridgegato 

M'Laren, Malcolm, of M, §r A. M'Larcn, house 42 Great Clyde street 
M'Laren, Matthew, grocer and spirit dealer, 20 Dempster street 
MacLaren, N. C, accountant, 32 Cumberland street 
M'Laren, Peter, victualler, 117 High street 

M'Laren, Peter, at Robert Wilson ^ Co.'s, homo 14 Cumberland place 
M'Laren, Peter, tailor and clothier, 50 'J'aylor street 
M'Laren, Peter, National tavern, SO Weat street 
M'Laren, Robert, patent-tube manufacturer and engineer, Globe Foundry, 17 

Washington street, house 4 Terrace street, St, Vincent street 
M'Laren, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 199 Argyll street, and 1 Bolgrove street 
M'Laren, William, wine and spirit dealer, 171 Castle street, and 424 Gallowgatc st. 
M'Laren, William, fish-curer, house 42 Great Oyde street 
M'Laren, AVilliam, haircutter and perfumer, 68 West Nile street 
M'Laren, Wm., merchant 12 Woodside terrace 
M'Larcn, William, Son, & Co., merchants, 63 Cindleriggs street 
M'Laren, William, wine and sinrit dealer, 168 Saltmarket street 
M'Laren, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 94 West Nile street 
M'Laren, Mrs. John, Rob Roy tavern, 50 Trongato 
M'Laren, Mrs. Peter, spirit dealer, 157 Stockwell street • 
MACLAVERTY, Alexander, M.D., 1 16 West Regent street 
M'LAWS, Colin Sharp, tea dealer, 23 St. Enoch square 
M'Laws, Miss, 135 Hill street, Garnethill 
M'LAY, David, surgeon, 165 Sauehiehall street 

M'Lay, James, & Co., ropemakers, 40 Stockweil st,, works head of Commereiai rd. 
M'Lay, James, victuallrr, 28 and 30 Howard street 
M'Lay, John, fiesher, 147 George street, house 134 do. 
M'Lay, Samuel, at Gavin Addic's Coal office, house 2G4 Parliamentary road 
M'Lay, William, fish and provision merchant, 126 Stockwell street 
IM'Lay, Mrs. John, flesher, 119 Sauehiehall street, house 156 do. 
M'Lay, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 135 Drj'gate 

M'LEAN, Alexander, 0/ J). ^' A. M-Lean, house 306| Greenhill place 
M'Lean, Alexander, sculptor, North Necropolis, near Barony church 
M'Lean, Alexander, waste dealer, Centre street 
M'Lean, Rev. Alexander, 112 C.'istlemilk place 
M'Lean, Rev. Allan, of Calton chapel, 18 Great Hamilton street 
M'Lean, Allan, plasterer and lime merchant, 2{)1 Thistle street 
M'Lean, Allan, wine and spirit dealer, 82 Bridgcgate 


M'Lean, A., Hi Hospital street 

M'Lean, Alexander, sen., of C. M'Lean ^ Co., house 72 Brown street 
M'ljcan, Andrew, ironmonger. Western Bank buildings, Canning street, Calton 
M'Lean, Archibald, victualler, 370 Galiowgate 

M'Lean, Chaa., & Co.. smiths, gasfitters, and bellhaagers, 5 Main street, Anderstou 
M'Lean, Charles, of C. M'Lean ^ Co., house 83 Cadogan street 
M'Lean, Daniel, agent, 24 Portugal street 

M'Lean, Daniel, chimney sAveepsr and soot merchant, 27 Stockwcll street 
M'Lean, D. & A., gingham and pullicate manufasturers, 145 Ingram street 
M'l^an, Donald, wine and spirit dealer, 61 Havannah street 
M-Lean, Duncan, grocer and victualler, 119 Main street, Bridgeton 
M'Lean, Dune; n, warper, 67 Nelson street, house ,Sh,arpe's lane, Anderston 
M'Lean, Duncan, wine and spirit dealer, 79 Queen street 
M'Lean, E., of the Post Office, 89 North Frederick street 
M'Lean, Edward, victualler, 62 Norfolk sti-eet 

XI'Lean & Fiulayson, pullicate and gingham manufacturers, 95 Hutcheson street 
M'Lean, George, watch and clock maker and jeweller, 9 Argyll street 
M'Lean, Hector, grocer, 8 Bothwell street 
M'Lean, Hugh, grocer and spirit dealer, 186 Castle street 
M'Lean, James, & Co., manufacturers, 17 South Frederick street 
M'Lean, James, of James M'Lean ^ Co., house Crow road, Partick 
M'Lean, John, baker, 9 Well street, Calton 
M'Lean, John, confectioner, 100 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Lean, John, of William M'Lean ^ Son, 69 Lady well street 
M'Lean, John, jun, of M'Lean ^ Finlayson, house 1 Columbia place 
M'Lean, John, veterinary surgeon, 63 Maxwell street, house do. 
M'Lean, John, writing master, 5 Nicholson street and 113 Sauohiehall street, resi- 
dence 91 Eglinton street 

M'Lv^an, Joseph, 27 Muirhead street 

M'Lean, Joseph, at Strang, Yuile, if Keyden'i, bouse 190 Hope street 

Maclaine, J. D., surgeon, 19 Clyde place 

Maclean, Lachlan, of Post-office, house 49 Ossford street 

M'Lean, Malcolm, beadle, St. Columbia's church, 63 Alston street 

M'Lean, Malcolm, smith and gasfitter, 82 Nelson street 

M'l^an, Neil, animal and bird-stuffer, 64 Nelson street 

M'Lean, Neil, 52 West Nile street 

M'Lean, Neil, victualler, 82 Stockwell street 

M'Lean, Robert, spirit merchant, 71 Hutcheson street 

M'Lean, Thomas, lard manufacturer, 248 Galiowgate 

M'Lean, William, <fe Co., cotton spinners, 16 Cochran stre*t 

M'Lean, William, cotton spinner, 27 Muirhead street 

M'Jjean, William, spirit dealer, 26 York street 

M'Lean, William, al C. Tennent's, St. RoUox 

M'Lean, William, accountant, stock and sharebi-oker, and factor, 98 Fife place,, 
house 82 West street 

M'Lean, William, cotton spinning factory, 27 Muirhead st., ho. Plantation, Govan rd. 

M'Lean, William, & Sou, dyers, 61 Lady well street 

M'Lean, WiUiam, jun., merchant, 59 Bath street 

M'Lean, W. R., agent, 9 Stirling street 

M'Lean, Mrs. Archibald, .spirit dealer, 58 Candlengg street 

M'Lean, Mrs. Dr., 194 Main street, Gorbals 

M'Lean, John, eating-house keeper, 93 Eglinton street 

M'l/can, Mrs. John, grocer and spirit merchant, 47 Crown street, house 45 do. 

M'Lean, Mrs. Robert, 306i St. Vincent street 

M'Lean, Miss Mary, 53 Oswald street 
M'ljean, Miss, 14 Whitevale street 

M'Lean, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 169 Sanchiehall street 
M'Lean, Misses, C. <fc A., milliners, 70 Argyll street 

M'LEARY, Miss, lodgings, 10 George street 

MicLEHOSE, James, bookseller and stationer, 83 Buchanan street 
M'Lehose, William, porlioner, 10 Renfrew street 

M'Lehose, M;-s. Arch,, umbrella, parasol, and stay mimuf., 5 Royal Exchange squat?, 
house 80 Wellington Rtrnet . .'■ ■ 


M'Lehose, Mrs. John, hairdresser, .5 Blackfriars street 

M'LEISH, A., clothier and general furnisher, 98 Garaenbe road 

M'Leish, Archibald, furnislier and hosier, 197 Cowcaddens street 

M'Leish, D., tailor and clothier, 438 Argyll street 

M'I.eisb, D., tailor and clothier, 1 Stobcross street 

M'Leish, John, superintendent. Merchants' house, North Necropolis 

M'Leish, William, spirit dealer, 99 Carrick street 

M'I<eish, William, at John Main's, 30 St Enoch square 

M'LELLAN, Adam, house 62 Rose street, Garnethill. Letters left at 67 Argyll st. 

M'Lcllan, Archibnld, of Arch. MLeUan ^ Son, house 3 Dalhousie st., Garnet bank 

M'Lellan, Archibald, A Son, coachmakers, 83 Miller street, and tifi Howard street 

M' Lallan, Donald, of J. ^ W. M'Lellan, house 90 Regent terrace 

M'Lellan, Donaid T., merchant, at J. ^ W. M'Lellan' b, 113 Brunswick street 

Af'Lellan, H.. 43 Brunswick place, house 42 Bedford street 

M'Lellan, James, of J. ^ W. M'Lellan, house 90 Regent terrace 

M'Lcllan, J, <jb W,, manufacturers, 113 Brunswick street 

M'Lellan, John, jun., coramission merchant and insurance broker, 88 St. Vsnceat 

street, house 23 Clarendon i>laee 
M'Lcllan, John, 52 Rose street, Garnethill 
M'Lellan, John, &, Co., bakers, 66 Centre street 
M'Lellan, John, of J. §■ W. M'Lellan, 113 Brunswick street 
M'Lellan, Lewis, tallow chandler, oil merchant, and flour dealer, 130 Gallowgate, 

house 2 Morris place, Monteith row 
M'Lellan, Lewis, jun., 136 Gailowgate 
M'Lcllan, Malcolm, & A. H., merchants, 11 Albany place 
M'Lellan, P. h W., ironmongers, iron merchants, and smiths, 127 and 129 Trongato' 

works 5 4fe 20 New wynd 
M'Lellan, Peter, of F. ^ W. M'Lellan, house 154 Hope street 
M'Lellan, Peter, general grocer and tea merchant, 116 Main street, Gorbaln 
M'Lellan, Walter, of P. §r W. Lellan, house 24 Robertson street 
M'Lellan, William, wine and spirit dealer, 24 Thistle street 
M'Lellan, Mrs. Robert, 11 Albany place 
L'LENNON, Donald, grocer and tea dealer, 139 Bridgcgate 
M'Leiiiian, Donald, commercial traveiler, 2 St. James's street, Kingston 
M'Lennai). John, spirit deak-r, 44 Little Dowhill 

M' Simon, commission agent, 113 Brunswick st., ho. 12S South Poi-tiand st. 
M'Lennan, Thomas, of the Customs house, 38 Hill street, Gar-nethill 
M'Lonnan, Mrs. J., grocer and spirit dealer, 19 Dalmarnock road 
M'Lennan, Mrs., shoe warehouse, 30 Saltmarket street, 31 do. 
M'LEOD, Alexander, leather merchant, 47 and 53 Glassford street 
M'Leod, Alexander, wright and builder, 9 Park lane 
M'Leod, Andrew, surgeon, 36 Buccleugh istreet 
M'Leod, Angus, provision dealer, 77 Carrick street 
M'Leod, Brothers, leatlier merchants, 47 and 51 Glassford street 
M'Leod, Daniel, ironmonger and tool shop, 26 & 28 Miller place 
M'Leod, Davidson, «fe Co., manufacturers, 114 Candleriggs street 
M'Leod, D. & Co., joiners, carvers and block-makers, Windmill croft, south .«iido 
M'Leod, Donald, spirit dealer, 375 Debbie's loan 
M'Leod, Duncan, & Son, fish-hook maniifacturers, 43 Clyde place 
M'Leod, George, of John Russell ^ Co., bouse 30 Pollock street, Paisley road 
M'Leod, George, & Co., wholesale chemists and druggists, 20 Dunlop street, and 35 

Argyll street 
M'Leod, George, librarian, Hydrapathic Society, 30 Cochran street 
M'Leod, H. P., piano-forte tuner. Orders left at R. .Smith & Co., 80 Troogat* - 

M'Leod, James, publisher, bookseller, and stationer, 20 Argyll street -/«»:/• c/T/ivitS^* 
M'Leod, John, of B. M'Leod ^ Son, 43 Clyde buildings 
ftI'Leod, John, grocer, 31 Dalhousie street 
M'Leod, John, pastry baker and spirit dealer, 6 Crown street 
MLeod, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 4 Parkhouse lane 
M'Leod, John, coal-agent and tavern-keeper, 55 Beil street 

M'Leod, John, bookaeiler, stationer, and news agent, 66 Argyll st., ho. 13 VVrir's-ii-ii at. 
M'Leod, Kenneth, wright, 31 M'Kechnie street, and 2 Park lane 
M'Leon, Murdoch, spirit dealer, 86 Union street 

;90 M'LEOD— M'MILLaN. 

M'l^od, Rev. Dr. Noi-man, minister of St. Columbia ■'•Imrch, hause 132 W. IS'i'.e st. 
M'Leod, Peter, of Brodie, M'Leod, ^ Co., liouso 51 Brougham place 
M'Leod & FoUock, jewellers and hardware merclii'.nts, 164 Argyll street 

M'Leod, WiUiam, 1 Ualhousie lane 
M'Leod, Miss Ann, 13 West Regent street 

M'Leod, Miss, furnishing shop, 32 Jamaica street 

M'Leod, Mrs. R., lodgings, 285 Argyll street 

M'Leod, Mrs., victualler, 141 Gallowgatc 

M'Leod, Mrs., lodgings, 180 Hope street 

M'LERIE, David, tailor and clothier, 99 Trongate 

M'Lerie, Davidson, <fe Ferguson, cooks and confectioners, 36 Buchanan street 

MACLE ROY, Hamilton, & Co., cotton-spinners and power-loom cloth manufac- 
turers, office 47 Ingram street, works Catherine street, Galton 

M'LETCHIE, Chas, Thorn., ^vjne and spirit mercha^»_4 George street, 233 High 
street, and 106 Briggate .i^ H/ S^'..-^<^ -^'t ^^V^ " ^^^i^^-w-^ 

M'Letchie, Thomas, Western St. James school, 8 East Clyde street ^ 

M'LINTOCK, Alexander, victualler and grocer, 24 Kirk street, Calton 

M'Lintockj John, at James Black ^ Co.'s, house 89 Nortli Frederick street 

M'Lir.tock, Williain, cement and chemical manufacturer, and Arden lime siiercbant, 
27 Kirk street, Gorbals 

M' LIVER, Colin, upholsterer, 70 Oxford street 

M'LUCKIE, Matthew, trunk and box maker, 42 Brunswick place 

MACLURE, Alfred, teacher of piano-forte and singing, and piano-forte hiring es- 
tablishment, 80 West Nile stieet 

M'Lure, D., letter-press ami lilhogi-aphic printer, 99 Trongate, ho. 78 New City rd. 

M'Lure, Joseph, superintendent of North street Ceraotry, house 2 Cameron's plaeo 

MacLurc & M'Donald, lithographers, draughtsmen, engravers; and ornamental 
printers to her Majesty, 57 Buchanan street 

MACLUilKKN, Thomas, merch.Tnt, 6S Glassford st , ho. Early braes, Sbettletton 

M'LUSKIE, Ricliard, grocer and spirit dealer, 35 Shuttle street 

M'MAllON, Charles, letter-carrier, P.O., lodgings, 45 Taylor street 

M'Mahon, Hugh, provision dealer, 36 King street, Calton 

M'Mahon, James, prevision merchant, 13S King street 

M'MANUS, Henry, A.R.H.A., head master, Go'.cinmcut School of Design, 10 
Ingram .street 

M'MASTER, Jnjnes, grocer and victualler, 392 Argyll street 

M'Master, James, grocer and fruiterer, 105 Fyfe place, West George street 

M'MATlI, G.& A., dyers, Burnbank, Caml.aohie 

M'Malh, John, woollen draper, 123 Trongate, liouse 119 Montrose street 

M'Math. John, boot and shoe maker, 27 Clyde street, Calton 

M'Math, William, warehouseman, 10 Great Hamilton street 

M'MEEKIN, John, gardener. Woodlands liouse, Woodlands road 

M'MICHAEL, David, 55 Drygate street 

M' Michael, James, accountant and house-factor, 51 BronsH'rick street, bouae 12 J 
North Montrose street 

M'Michael, John, agent for Glasgow and Campbelton Steam-Packet Company, 2:'! 
Andersion quay 

M'Michael, Neil, nt Charles Tcdd §■ JTifjginhotham'. ^,hov&c 448 Argyll street 

M'MILLAN, Andrew, jeweller and watch maker, 5 Argyll Arcade 

M'lVliHan, Angus, blockmakcr and joiner, 220 BroOiuielaw 

M'MxIlan, Daniel, grocer, 122 Bridgegate Street 

M'Millan, Daniel, smith, bolt manufacturer, and plough maker, 369 Dolibie's loan 

M'Millan, I) ivid, shooting saloon and tavern, GS Jamiiica street 

M'Millan, Duncan, .ship joiner and blockmakcr, Windmill Croft, South side 

M'Millan, G. H., teacher, J-lulche.son's school, upper Crown St., ho. 10 Salisbury at. 

M'Millan, James, tailor and clothier, 306 Argyll street 

M'Millan, John, commission agent, 93 Green street, Calton 

M'Millan, John, glass and china ware merchant, 343 Gallowgate 

M'Millan, John, victualler, 71 Clyde street, Anderston 
M'Millan, John, ooik manufacturer, 4 Park place 

M'Millan, John, of Ki'ir ^- MMiUan, house 36 Cavendish street 

M'Millan, L., at C. Boyd ^ Sons, William street, Andereton 
M'Milliin & Marsha!!, v.hole.salo st.Tfioasrs, 7l Bell street 


M'Millan, Neil, M.D., surgeon, 212 Broomielaw 

M'MiUan, Robert, bootmaker, Q2 Oxford street 

M'Millan, Robert, spirit merchant, G and 8 Robertson street 

M'MiUan, Robert, at Messrs. Misons, Som, ^ Co , liouse 4 Cleland street 

M'Millan, Thomas, spirit dealer, 41 Maxwell street 

M'Millan, Thomas, of Robert Freeland ^ Co., house 113 Renfrew street 

M'Millan, William, slater, 29 St. Andrew's square 

M'Millan, William, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 49 Nelson street, Tradeston 

M'Millan, Mrs., grocer, 22 Old Dalniarnoek road 

M'Millan, Mrs. John, 10 Cleland street 

M'MINN, Mrs., teacher of the piano forte and singing, 6- Warwick street 

M'MONAGLE, William, provision dealei', 84 Union street 

M'MORRAN, James, minibus proprietor, and beadle of St. Jude's church, 40 St. 
George's road 

M'MORELAND, Andrew, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 115 Buchanan st., houso 
21 Abbotsf():d place 

M'Moveland, James, spirit dealer, 14 Upper Main street, Gorbals 

M'Morland, John, at A. M-Morland's, house 55 Renfrew street 

M'MULDROCH, Mrs., boot and shop maker, 89 Eglintou street 

M'MULLEN, Hugh, auctioneer and appraiser, 74 and 76 Saltmarket 

M'MUROHY, John, foreman, Glasgow Silk Mills, 100 Stirling road 

M'MURRAY, James, ironmonger, 14 1 Argyll street, house 16 Hope street 

M' Murray, Boyd, tfc Son, cabinetmakers and upholstery manufacturers, 15 St Enoch 
square, works 4 Hyde park street 

M'Murray, Mrs. George, 17 Buccleuch street 

M'MUR'FRIE, J. & E., tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 165 Great Hamilton st. 

M'NAB, Alexander, baker, 75 John street 

M'Nab, Allan, teacher of writing and book-keeping department, High school, house 
Balgray cottage 

M'Nab, James, calico printer, 145 Itigram street, house Lilyburn, Campsie 

M'Nab, David, fruiterer and green grocer, 12 Wellington arcade, ho. 35 Finlay st. 

M'Nab, James, publisher of Constitutional newspaper, house 35 Charlotte street 

M'Nab, John, of M- Nab §■ Co , house 11 Greenlaw place. Paisley road 

M'Nab, John, of Orme, M-Aiihuv, S,- Co., house 194 West Nile street 

M'Nab, Richard, grocer, 173 ilojje street 

M'Nab, Robert, 12 Royal Exchange square, house 14 Fitzroy place 

M'Nab, William, accountant, 138 Hope street 

M'Nab, Miss, lodgings, 40 North Frederick street 

M'Nab, Mrs. A., 109 Fife place. West George street 

M'NAIR, Alexander, wright, 7 Stewart street 

M'Nair, Arehd., & Co., lead tube and patent comluctor manufacturer, 33 Oswald st. 
M'Nair & Brand, silk yarn merchants and throwsters, 1 05 Glassford street , , 
M'^5ai^, David, grain merchant, 24 Malta street 
M'Nair, James, grease manufacturer and oil and tallow merohant, 3 1 L. Dovehitt, 

house 20G Gallovygate 
Maenair, James R., & Co., booksellers and stationers, 19 Glassford street 
M,Nair, John, brewer. John Orr, jun., 118 Union street, agent 
M'Nair, John, & Co., commission merchants, 18 South Frederick street 
M'Nair, John Scott Hamilton, lace manufacturer and commission agent, 51 Bruns- 
wick street 
M'Nair, Robert, boot and shoo maker, 24 Stockwell street 
M'Nair, Robert, agent and house-factor, 1 Elmbank crescent 
M'Nair, Robert, jun., commission and cotton-yarn merchant, 99 Hutcheson strcot 
M'Nair, Mrs., lodgings, 10 George street 
M'NAUGHT, James, ftesher, 1 2^ Canning street 
M'Naught, John, spirit dealer, 89 Brown street 
M'Naught, John, merchant, 100 Centre steeet 

M' Naught, Patrick, <fe Co., cotton-spinners, Nassau court. Main street, Andorstoa 
M'Naught, Patrick, of P. M- Naught ^ Co., house 306 St. Vincent street 
M'Naaght, Robert, at R.F. ^ .T. Alexander's, house 2C Robertson street 
M'Naught, Thomas, brickmaker and builder, 161 Eglinton street 
M'Naught, William, engineer, 20 Robertson street, house 16 Royal terrace 
M'Naught, Mrs., tobacconist, 184 Broomielaw 

302 M'NAUGHTON— r^I-OxVlE. 

MNAUGflTON, A., agent, for Leith and Hull Steam-Packet Company, 6 Pili.c 

square, 48 Buchanan street 
M'Naughtan, 0. C, at John Camphall, sen., ^ Co.'s, house 79 South Portland st. 
M'Nauglitan, Colin, of Kolvin^rove, 4 Royal terraee 
M'Nangbtan, Daniel, turner, 39 Stockwell street 
M'Naaghtan & Jlamiltou, accountants and sharebrokers, and agents for the Scottish 

Union Assurance Co., 59 St. Vincent street 
M'Naughtan, James, of M' Donald ^ M'Navghtan, house 118 Union street 
M'Naughtan, John, 93 Parliamentary road 
M'Naughtan, Robert, George hotel, 26 George square 
M'Naughtan, William, of M'Naughtan ^ Hamilton, 69 St. Vincent street. 
M'Naugiitan, "Wil'iara, grocer, 50 Sooth Coburg street 
M'Naughtan, Mrs. Finlay, grocer and spirit dealer, 113 George street. 
M'Naughten, Mrs. A., grocer, 46 Glebe street 
M'Naughtan, Mrs., Jane place, Faterson street, Kingston 
M'NEaY, Alexander, Clareraont tavern, 10 Stockwell street 
MACNEE, A- G., of Gibson ^ Macnee, house Rose cottage, Shawland?^ 
Macnes, Daniel, portrait painter, 132 West Regent street 

M'Nee, Duncan, merchant, 44 Brunswick street, licuse 91 North Frederick stre(;t 
Macnee, James, & Son, commission mers., ICT Buchanan st , ho. S. St. George's rd. 
Macnee, Jarjes, of James Macnee ^ Son, house South St. George's road 
Macnee, James, jun., 107 Buchanan street 

M'Nee, J., messenger-at-arms, sheriflF-oflficer, and constable, 9 South Hanover sfr<'< ^ 
Macnee, John, of W. Macnee ^ Son, house loo St. George's road 
M'Nee, M., fruiterer, 12 GUssford street 

Macnee, Walter, & Son, sewed muslin manufacturers, 51 Cochran street 
Macnee, Walter, of Walter Macnee §/• Son, house 155 St. George's road 
M'Nee, Mrs., and Misses Birch, ladies' seminary, 2 Abbotsford place 
M'NEIL, Alexander, & To., furriers and cap-makers, 93 Fyfe place, W. George st. 
M'Neii, Andrew, wine and siiiit dealer, 19 Anderstou o^uay, hoiise above 
M'Neil, A., coal agent, 33 Ntlson street 
M'Neii, Archibald, clerk. County buildings 
M'Neill, John, Glasgow Bridge inn, 20 Broomiel.iw 
M'Neii, John, Sa^vyer'8 Arms tavern, 58 New wynd 
M'Neii, John, basketmaker, 48 St. Andrew square 
M'Neii, John, wood-turner, 45'> Argyll street 
N'Neil, Richard, Bank tavern, 33 Trongate, and 18 Saltmarlset 

M'Neii, Robert, 44 Norfollc street 

M'Neii, William, baker, 35 John street 

M'Neii, Mrs., milliner, 33 Nelson street, Tradeston ' 

M'Neii, Miss Margaret, 151 London street 

M'NEILAGE, Robert, spirit dealer, 16 Caltonmouth 

MACNICOLL, Archib.ald, Glasgow Exchange Co., house 23 Florence place 

M'Nicol, Allan, of MNicol ^ Wyper, house 10 Cleland street 

M'Nicol, Donald, boot and shoemaker, 36 Argyll street 

M'Nicoll, Duncan, of A. Liddell i- Co , house 110 Holm street 

M'Nicol & Wyper, joiners, 13 S,i.lisbury street 

M'Nicol. Mrs, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Renfrew street 

M'Nicol, Miss A., dressmaker and milliner, 49 Renfield street 

M'NIGHT, Alexander, of M' Night, Roe, ^ Co., house 96 Regent terrace 

M'Night, James, of M'Night, Rae, §• Co., 96 Regent terrapc 

M'Night, Rae, & Co., yarn and goods commission acents, 12 Roval Exchange square 

M'NISH, D, C, of Slein §■ 3i'Nuh, 126 Renfrew street 

M'Nish, Jarnes, sheriiF-officer and constable, 19 Orr street, Cnlton 

M'Nish, John, coal agent and fruiterer, 14 Queen arcade 

M'Nish, John & Jiiuies, surgeons, 217 Buchanan .stTeefc 

M'KIVEN, Donald, boot and shoemaker, 9 Sauehiehall rtreet 

M'Niven, James, eating-house, 1 1 1 Stockwell street 

M'Niven, M., wholesale and retail grocer, 52 Bridge street 

M'Niven, William, merehan*, 21 Virginia street 

M'OMTSH, Robert, grocer, coal agent, and Post-cflice receiving-house. 107 C'fistlcst. 

M'Omish, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 3 Hope place, PaiHamentary road 

I.T'ONIE, Andrtw, ilcsher, 184 Ccwcaddens street 


M'ONIE— M'PUUN. 193 

M'Onic, Andrew, Jan., flesher, 80 Cowcaddens street 

Si'Onie, Andrew, 551 Dobbie's loan 

M'Onie, Archibald, spirit dealer, 50 Stewart street, Port-dunda« 

M'Onie, Duncan, flesher, 86 Cowcaddens street 

M'Onie, Peter & William, enjjineers, Scotland street, Tradeston 

M'Onie, Peter, of P. ^ W. MOnie, house II Iviiining place 

M'Onie, William, of P. ^ W. MOnie, house 27 Waterloo place 

M'OUAT, John, slater, 27 St. Andrew's lane, house 5 Stockwell place 

M O^VAN, John, victualler, 92 High street 

M'PARLEN, John, hairdresser, 61 Main street, Gorbals 

M'PHADYEN, A., supervisor of excise, Ist district, ho. Burnbank Townmill road 

M'PHAIL, B., sheriff officer and constable, office 7 Guildry court 

M'Phail, Donald, & Co., cotton-spinners, (Ireenhead 

M'Phail, Dugald, merchant, 41 Adelphi street 

M'Phail, Dugald, & Co., cotton-spinners <fe power-loom cloth manufacturers, Greoa- 
head, warehouse 71 Brunswick street 

M'Phail, Dugald, of Dugald MPhail ^ Co., house 6 Greenhead 

M'Phail, Dugald, tailor and clothier, 25 Balmanno street 

M'Phail, Duncan, of D. MPhail ir Co., house 2 Greenhead 

M'Phail, Neil, & Co., slaters, 61 Duke street 

M'Phail, Nell, slater, 108 Duke street 

M'Phail, Peter, at William Oilmoiir's, 17 Brunswick place 

M'Phail, William, tailor and clothier, 74 Crown street, house 28 do. 

M'Phail, Mrs. Alexander, innkeeper and stabler, King's Head inn, 20 Stirling at. 

M'PHEELY, Patrick, provision, wine, and spirit dealer, 16 Warwick street 

M'PHEE, Angus, flesher, 10 Govan street 

M'Phee, Archibald, spirit dealer, 48 Stewart street 

M'Phie, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 8 Anderston quay 

M'Phee, Neil, victualler, 52 King street, Calton 

M'PHERSON, Alexander, wine and spirit merehant, 1 North Woodside road 

M'pherson, Alexander, at J. Richmond ^ Co.'s, house 08 North Frederick street 

M'Pherson, Alexander, spirit merchant, 70 Broomielaw 

M'Pherson, Alexander, lithographiei", 19 Balmanno street 

M'Pherson, Alexander, builder, 12 Rose street, Garuothill 

M'Pherson, Donald, victualler, 16 Bell street 

M'Pherson, Gilbert, cowfeeder, 27 Cumberland street 

M'Pherson, Hugh, clothier, 165 Buchanan street, ho. 94 West Regent street 

M'Pherson, Hugh, at R. ^ J. Macvntyra'g, house Salisbury, street 

M'Pherson, Hugh, Trou inn and chop-house, 114 Trongate 

M'Pherson, Hugh, dairyman, 14 M'Pherson street 

M'Pherson, Hugh, of Campbell ^ MDoxigall, house 74 Eglinton street 

M'Pherson, James, M.D., surgeon, dentist, 69 St. Georges' place 

M'Pherson, John, commission merchant. Royal Exchange area 

M'Pherson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 27 Adelphi street 

M'Pherson, John, teacher of writing and book-keeping, ho. 29 VilJafield place 

M'Pherson, John, tea and fruit dealer, 4 Bridge street 

M'Pherson, John, portrait painter, 35 Russci! street, west 

M'Pherson, Malcolm, grain dealer, 40 Union street. Letters left at 1 Trongate 

M'Pherson, Malcolm, shoe furnisher, 58 Prince's street 

M'Pher.son, Neil, chimney-sweeper and soot merchant, 118 High street 

M'Pherson, Peter, merchant and commission agent, 1 1 Virginia street f 

M'Pherson, Misses J. & E., hosiers and glovers, and agents for P. Hay, silk rfyw 
50 Cambridge street 

M'Pherson, Miss E., dressmaker, 79 George street 

M'Pherson, Mrs,, lodgings, 50 North Albion street 

M'Pherson, Mrs., grocer, 60 Rcnfield street, house ^.S do. 

M'FiiUN, W. L., accountant, agent for the Provident Clerks Mutual Benefit As- 
sociation, and for the Churcli of England Fire and Life Insurance Company, 30 
West Nile street 

M'Phun, Wm., fishmonger and ice merchant, 187 Sauobiehall street. (See Adver- 
tisement in Appendix.) 

M Phun, W. R., bookseller, stationer, and news agent, 84 Argj-ll street, 14a 
Noi'th Wellington street 


M'Plmn's ice store, 115 West George sti-eot. (See Advertisement in Appendix) 

MACQ.UAKKH, William, liat manafactiirer, OS Trongate 

MACQUARRIE, Charles, 56 Milton street 

MacQuarric, I.., <fc Co., llamiltan lace manufacturers, 13 Prince's sq., Buclianan 5>t. 

M'QUEEN, Andrew, & Co., iron and tin-|ilate merchants, Melville pi,, 133 Trongato 

M'Queeii, Andrew, of A. MQ.ucen ^ Go , house 135 Mains' street 

M'Queen & M' A ulay,. calico-printers, Sha«fieldbank. Letters and parcels left a- 

Stewart, M'Aulay, & Co 's, 29 Stirling street 
M'Queen, Thomas, confectioner, 07 King street, Tradeston 
M'Queen, Miss, teacher of piano-forte, 1 19 Hope street 
M'REATH, Charles, victualler, 490 Gallowgate street 
M'ROBERT, Mrs. p:ilison, spirit dealer, 15 Charlotte lane 
M'Robcrt, John, spirit dealer, 19 North street, Anderston 
M'RUER. Miss, SI Bath street 
M'Rner, Mrs. John, 4 Jane street 

M'SYMON & llutton, & Co., ship-brokers, 87 Union itreot 
M'Symrn, J., of M'Symon ^- Hultun, ^- Co., house 117 West Campbell street 
M'TAGCART, James, saddler and harness maker, Western Bank building?! 

Canning street 
M'Taggart, Mrs., 1 Lansdowne crescent 

M'TAVI.SH, Hush, ink and blacking manxifactuver, Killermont court 
M'T.avish, H., of M' lavish, Fxmald, t?- Co., ho. 3C Windsor terrace, St. George's rd, 
M'TEAR, Andrew, lithcgrapher and engraver, 2 St, Enoch square, ho. 3 CathciuL 

M'Tear, .Tanicfi, M.T). insiicctor of Poor Gov.^n Annexation, office Norfolk court 
M'Teai-, John, J, W. Hedderwick §■ Co., Ill Hospital street 
M'Tcar <m Kempt, auctioneers, valuators, and house-furnishers, 97 Argyll street 
M'Tcar, Robert, of M- 7\:ar ^ Kempt, honse 64 Oxford street 
M'TURK, David, vietuallor, 20 Portugal street 
M'VEaN, Duncan, bookseller, 175 High str^jet 
M'Vean, James, tailor, 17 New street, Calton 
M'Vean, Mr.=. D., orocer, lol Garscube road 
M'VEy, John, commission njcrchant, and agent for the Alliance Assurance offite, 

95 Hutoheson Btrect. hou-^e 22 Whitevale 
M'Yey, M., & Co., Imoksellers and stationers, 101 George street 
M'Vey, Peter, broker, 34 Nelson street, Tradeston 

M'Vey, Mrs, Hdbcrt, grocer and spirit dealer, 32 Bishop street, Anderston 
M'VIC/VH, Archibald, chain-cable and anchor manufacturer, 17 Robertson strctt 

and Hydepark. house 24 Robert-on street 
M'Vicar, James, jun., of John M Vicar ^- Son, house 3 College street 
M'Vicar, .loiin, & Son, ironmongers and gas-fitters, 109 High street 
M'Vicar, John, of J. Jlr Vicar ^- Son, house 3 College street 
M'Vicar,, & Co, singers, 15 Stirling street 
M'WAI, TI'.R, Miss, dressmaker, Union street 
M'WATEKS, (ico!-ge, cottage clock-maker, 30 Duke street 
M'Wators, Jame.«, flcsher, 110 Stirling's road 
M'Wat':is, Robert, tailor and clotliier, 221 Argyll street 
M'Wators, William, iVcnch polisher, 33 Charlotte lane 
M'WHANNELL, Archibald, & Co., plumbers and lead merchant, 3 and 8 NcHh 

street, house North Albion court 
M'WHINNIE, William, tobaconist, 107 Salfmarket street 
M'Winif.'i'EH, Andiew, spirit dealer, 41 Old Dalnmrnoek road 
lil'Whirtcr, John, writer, interim procurator fiscal. City chamber's, hous 00 St. 

James' road 
M'WJIJJAM, Hftany M„ of Mayne ^ M William, 62 Virginia street, hou.'so (2 

Salisbury street 
M'AVilliams, Richard, beadle of Free St. Paul's, 74 North Frederick stre 
M'VVillifim, Walter, Clj'de Bank store, Finnieston 
M'Vfiliiam, W. B., commission merchant, and insurance broker, 14 Budiauan sf. 

MABON, J. & '£., Wrights and funeral undertakers, 75 Drygatc 
MACHEN, Mrs., 19 Royal terrace 


MADDEN, John, spirit dealer, 39 North Frederick streot 

Madden, John, broker, 30 West Milton street 

MA HON, James, baker, 43 Bridge street 

MAflON Y, John, brassfoander, ami gas-fitter, 62 Old vennel, ho. li>2 Blackfriars «t, 

MAILER, David, tenrher, initiatory department. Normal institution 

MAIN, Alexander, spirit dealer, glue and size manufacturer, 51 Main st., Gorbals 

Main, John, merchant, 30 St. Enoch square, house CO Abbotsfoi-d place 

Main, John, liairdresser, patent wig-maker, and perfumer, 2G and 27 Argyll arcade, 

house 43 Abbotsford phiec 
Main, J. T., coal merchant, 31 Renfrew lane 
Main, Peter, leather-pipe maker, 18 Bell street 

Main, Misses, & M'Minnow, milliners and dressmakers, 1 16 Sauchiehall street 
MAIR Jamcf, floslier, 1 "i George street 
'lair, James, muslin manufacturer, 50 Brunswick street 

Mair, John, lace and smallware warehouse, 82 Trongate, house 52 Argyll street 
Mair, John, & Co., manufacturer?, West Ingram court, 1C3 Ingrain street 
■'■fair. Misses, French staymakers, 148 Hope street 
'.lAITLANU & Duxbury, clothiers, 155 Ingram street 
Maitland, George, of Miiiland ^- Roherton, house 60 Bridge street 
MaitJand, John, of William Mirlees <J- Co., house Ewing place, 337 Argyll street 
Maitland & Roberton, mes;<engers-at-arms, 5 South Hanover street 
Maitlat\d, Thoraas, of Couper, Maitland, ^ Co., house 21 Garngad road 
Maitland, William, wine and spirit dealer, 59 Wallace street, house 27 Patcrson st. 
Maitland, William, at Couper, Maitland, ^ Co., house 2i Garngad i-oad 
M.*..LCOLM, Adam, of Canal Basin Fo'indri/ Co., house I Dalhousio pi , City rO. 
Jliilcolm, Alexander, of J. iribson, §f Co., house 101 Douglas street 
Malcolm, Alexander, 90 Nelson street, Tradeston 

Malcolm, Alexander, baker, 57 Abercromby st., and 38 Green st., Calfcon, ho. 59 do. 
Malcolm, Alexander, fleshor, lU King street 

Malcolm, George, it Co., winiB and spirit merchants, 14 Howard street 
Malcolm, John, & Co., woollen merchants, 52 Argyll street 
Malcohn, John, spirit dealer, 54 Grot-n street, Calton 
Slalcolm, Robert, printer, Scots Times office, 23 Nelson street 
Malcolm, R„ jua., of the Glasgow Saturday Post, hn. 13 Thistle st.. Hutchescntown 
Malcolm, William, commission merchant, 22 Royal Exchange square, bouse Blyths- 

wood square, cntiy by 2C0 Brandon place 
Malcolm, William, vice-consul for the United States of Me.Kico, 22 R. Exchange &([. 
Malcolm, William, fishmonger, 24 Ronfield street 
MALLOCIT, Andreiv, glass merchant, and agent for Union Plate Glass Company, 

30 Turner s court, house 100 North Frederick street 
Malioch, James, scale-beam, and weighing-machine maker, 24 Jackson street 
Malloch. James, salesman, 26 High street 
MALTMAN, Michael, warper, 81 John street 
Maltni.iii, Miss, M., milliner, 42 John street 
MANDER'S & Powell' .s Dublin Porter store, 53 Hope street 
MANFORD. J. B., of Manford ^- Wini'c, house 16 .South Portland .street 
M'anford & Wink, accountants, house-factors, land-agents, insurance broker, and 

agents for Defender Fire and Life Insurance office, 91 Buchanan street 
Maiiford, William, measurer, 46 Gordon street, house 94 Dundas street 
Mann, Alexander, merchant, at J. On- ^ Co.'s, 

Mann, James, of Mann, Simpson, ^ Co., lodgings Mrs, Dickson, 57 Oswald stieet 
Mann, James, at Bell Sj- Bain's, house 48 Hope streec 
Mann, John, 1 Dixon street 

Mann, John A., cabalistic apparatus ra.aker, 4 Steel street 
Mann, John, beadle, Froe St. Enoch's, 27 West Campbell street 
Mann, Simpson, & Co., wholesale and retail warehouse, 170 Trongate 
Mann, Thomas, stationer, 22 Wilson street 
Mann, William, Govan Bar-Iron Works, office 1 Dixon street 
]\Iann, Miss, teacher, 48 Oxford street 
M^mn, Mrs , corsetmakar, 48 Oxbrd street 
MANNERS, Charles, ni.innfacturor, 2 Duncan street, Caltoa 
T ANSON, David, Perthshire tavern. ;>7 Tricngate 
'L.nscii, Thomas, of Siwvson & tl.mson. liouse Iledford strec-!^ 


MANURL, Alexander, mason and builder, 49 Duke street 

M ANTIC Ma, Joseph, vice-consul for the two Sicilies, 15 Eglinton street 

MAUCHBANK, William, warehouseroan, 37 Gainothill street 

MARGEY, Hugh, bookseller, 28 East Clyde street 

Market Lane Slaughter house, 48 Market lane 

MARKS, Mrs., lodgings, 198 Buchanan street 

Marlby Hill coking Co., 70 George square. D. R. M'Gregor, agent 

MARMON, Mrs., 11 West Regent street 

MAKNONI, Anthony, spirit-proof maker, 34 Brunswick place 

MARRABLE, Rev." William, Assistant Minister of St. Jude's English Episcopal 

Church, 11 West Princes street 
MAiiRISON & Edwards, truss and artificial limb makers, I Gordon street, house 

Renfrew street. See Advertisement 
MARSHALL, Alexander, grocer, 97 and 00 Bridgogatc 
Marshall, Alexander, Murriiy place. New City I'oad 
Marshall, Andrew, boot and shoe maker, 146 Port-Dundas road 
Marshall, Archibald, & Co., wrights and glaziers, 73 Clyde street, Aiiderston 
Marshall, Archibald, of A. Marshall ^ Co., house Hyde Park place J 

Marshall, Burns, & Co., zebra manufacturers, 62 Glassford street 
Marshall, David, of Hunter §■ Marshall, house 19 Finlny street 
Marshall, David, & Co., smallware merchants, 20 Candkriggs street 
Marshall, Gavin, lime merchant, Langfauld works. East Kilpatriek. Letters left aS 
Wm. Duff's, 12 Stockweil street 

Marshall, George, at J. ^ M. Tennent's, house Wellpark 

Marshall, Hill, li; Hill, Avriters, 41 West George street, agents for Family Endow- 
ment Society of London 

Marshall, James, teacher, 3 Albany place, house 43 Daibonsie street 

Marshall, James, coal agent, 20 Gordon street 

Marshall, James, tea merchant and general grocer, 176 Gallowgate 

Marshall, J. &■ A., pullicate and gingham manufacturers, 6 Montroge street 

Mari;bal!, James & George, colie -makers, New basin, Port-Dundaa 

Marshall, James, spirit dealer, 38 High street 

Marshall, James <Ss Robert, Columbian tavern, 35 Gallowgate 

Marshall, John, of Marshall, Hill, ^ Hill, house 113 Hill street, Garnethill 

Marshall, John, baker, 57 Saltmarket street 

Marshall, John, pav/nbroker, 67 King street, Thideston 

Marshall, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Gloucester street, Kingston 

Marshall, John, Time merchant. Port- Eglinton, bouse 151 Eglinton iUreet 

Marshall, Peier, a' J. Donaldson §c Son's, house 141 George street 

Marshal), Reid, & Co., thread manufacturers, 5 Maxwell street 

Marshall, Robert, stay manufacturer, 28 Saltmarket street, (late Mrs, Mawhall's) 

Mai-shall, Robert, eating-house, 179 'frongate 

Marshall, Rolwrt, lithographic writer, 31 Argyll street 

Marshall, Robert, grocer and victualler, 99 High street 

Mjursball, Robert, 13 Hope street 

Marshall, Thomas, officer of excise, 1 CliftongroVe crescent 

Marshall, Thomas, M.D., 158 GeoVge street 

Marshall. Thomas, jun., of David Marshal! Sf Co., house Belize vi)la, Piestwick, by 

Marshall, Wm., bookseller and stationer, 5 Maxwell street, licxise 36 Cavendish st. 

Marshall, W'illiam, eating-house, 83 Saltmarket street 

Marshall, William, of David Marshall ^ Co., house 17 Monteith row 

Marshall, William, jun., 145 Murray place 

Marshall, Miss, lodgings, 5 South Hanover street 

Marshall, Miss J., milliner and dressmaker, 16 Monteith row 

Marshall, Mrs. Robert, spirit dealer, 161 Great Hamilton street 

MARTINj Alexander, gunmaker and fisliing-tackle manufacturer, 18 and 20 Ex- 
change square 

Martin, Alexander, spirit merchant, 72 New City road 

Martin, Arthur, spirit retailer, 74 Main street, Anderston 

Martin, Bryce, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 38 St. George's road 

Martin, David, of Cochran, Martin fy Co., house 174 SauchiehaJi street 

Martin, Geo., civil engineer, 100 St. Vincent St., bo,, Middleton House, Paisley ru. . 


Martin & Gourlio, fleshcrs, 57 Bell street 

Martin, Henry, bird j<rid animal stulTer, 24|- Buchanan street 

Martin, James, coniectioner, 144 Trongate, house il Hopeton place 

Martin, James, carver, giWer, and ;)rintseller, 61 Union street 

Martin, James, surveyor of taxes, o'2 Virginia, street 

Martin, James, surveyor of tonnages, {4 Robertson street, house IG do. 

Martin, Jaraes, 6 North Coburg street 

Martin, John, mason, GT Cadogan street 

Martin, John, dairyman and victualler, 13 Stevenson street 

Martin, John, tailor and clothier, 43 Argyll street " 

Martin, John, teacher of writing, mathematics, etc., 280 George street 

Martin, M. &■ M., boot and shoe maker, 33 Gallovvgato 

Martin, M. & S., wrights, 134 Brunswick street 

Martin, Peter, goldsmith and watchmaker, 38 Argyll street 

Martin, Robert, Spanish teacher, 30 Hope street 

Martin. Robert, fish-curer, 44 Maxwell street 

Martin, Thomas, bookbinder and pocket-book maker, 18 Dunlop street 

Martin, Turner, <Sj Co., merchants, 28 St. Vincent place ] 

Martin, William, letter-carrier, P. O., house 70 Surrey place 

Martin, William, mechanical engineer, hQ Cambridge street 

Martin, William <fc John, & Co., commission merchants, 32 George square 

Martin, William, boot and shoe maker, 37 Gallowgate ^ 

Martin, William, spirit dealer, 80 Main street, Bridgeton 

Martin, William, of W. Martin ^ Co., house 46 Buccleueii street 

Martin, William, <fc Co., manufacturers, 104 Virginia place 

Martin, William, wine and spirit merchant, 9 and 1 1 Bell street 

Martin, Williani; print-seller, 86 West George street, house 13 Holrahead street' 

Martin, William, carver and gilder, 71 St. Vincent street 

Martin, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, S Crown stj-eet 

Martin, Mrs. Duncan, grocer and spirit dealer, ^ Thistle street, Hutchesontown 

Martin, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 73 New vennel 

Martin, Mrs., furnishings, 138 Main street, GorbaU 

MASON, James, provision merchant and hara-curcr, 66 Candleriggs street, house 

90 Bell street 
Mason, John, glass and china merchant, 31 Candleriggs street and 142 Gallowgato 
Mason, Robert, at Muir, Brown, ^ Co's, house 11.5 .North Montrose street 
Mason, Thomas, &, Co., manufacturers, 62 Queen street 
Mason. William, coal agent, 26 Robertson street 
MASSIE, Mrs. Peter Henry, 12 Tarbet street 
MASSON, Son, & Co., merchants, 22 Renfield street 
MATHER, Adam, j9eshftr, 41 Oxford street 

Mathers, Alexander, accountant, Clydesdale Banking Co., house 9 Stanley street 
Mather, Alexaiider, flcsher, 27 Maxwell street 
Mather, Jauics, baker and victualler, Sfi Stevenson street, Calton 
Mather, John, cattle dealer, 5 Thi.stle street, Hutcheaontown 
Mathere, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 74 M' Alpine street 
Mathers, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 19 Cheapside street 

Mathers, Thomas, mathematical instrument maker and optician, 88 Giassford street 
Mather, William, hair-dresser, 88 Giassford street 
Mather <fc Co , merchants, 77 Giassford .street 
MATHEWS, George, wine and spirit merchant, 174 Hope street 
Mattisews, Patrick, rag merchant, 210 Broomielaw 
Matthew, William, haircutter, 67 Tureen street 

Matthew, William, spirit dealer and victualler, 27 Main street, Gorbal.s ■; 

MATHIE, John, sheriff-officer, 10 Stockwell street _ 

Matbie, John, <fc Co , grocers and fruiterers, 3 Buchanan street 
Mathic, Robert, clothier and coal agent, 63 George street 
M'atbie, R<jbert, victualler, 63 High street 

MATHIBiSON, Alex., plane, brace, bit, auger, and edge-tool maker, 38 Saracen's bfle 
Mathieson, Daniel, Irish lime-works, 30 Moore street, Gallowgate 
Mathit^son, George T., at John Colder' s, 1 South Frederick street 
Matheson, George, of Flemiiigton, Mathenon, ^ Co., house 88 Abbotsford place 
Matheson, James (J», of Matiieson, Wright, ^ Co., house C-3 Abbotsford lA-i-.-- 


Mathieson, John A., merchant, 42 Hope stre-Lt. house 160 Stafford place 

Matheson, tailor and clothier, Melville pkce,.132 Trongatc 

Matheson, John, jun.. of William Slirlitrg. ^ Son's, house 63 Abbotsford place 

Mathieson, Kenneth, ai-chiteet, 42 Hope street 

Mathieson, Kenneth, lime inoichant, 26 Chnlmere street 

Mathieson, Neil, at C. Boyd and Son's, 60 Eglinton street 

Matheson, Bubert, at James Douglas ^ Son's, house 93 South Portland street 

Matblson, William, writer, and agent for the Scottish Union Fire and Life Inaur- 

surance Co., 3 West Nile street, house 93 South Portland street 
Matheson, Wright, <fc Co., commission merchants, 16 Springfield court 
MAITLT, Alfred, 180 St. George's road 
MAVER, Eobert, professor of music and piano-forte tuncr,'a{ Mr. M'FadjfSf^i 

]iiano-forte warehouse, Buchanan street 
MAXTON, Alexander, ivholesalo grocer, 196 Gallowgate 
Maxton, Alexander, grorer, 39 Stevenson street 
Maxwell, Cliarjes, spirit dealer, 10 Charlotte lane 
jMaxweJl, Clerk, <fc Co., merchants and corn merchants, 2S Hope street 
Maxivtll, Kdwiird G., accountant, Police chambers 

Maxwell, Francis, of OUphant, Maxwell, ^ Sleven, house 223 West George street- 
Maxwell, James, wine and spirit merchant, 153 Saltmarket street 
Maxwell, Jofin, clothier and hatter, 234 Argyll street 

Maxwell, John, saddler and harness-maker, 23 Argyll street, ho. Gartcosli cottage 
Maxwell, Sir John, Bart., PoUoe. Parcels left at 28 Hutcheson street 
Ma.xwell, R, G., surgeon, ST Renfield street 

Maxwell & Smith, wrights, glaziers, and funeral undertakers, 63 No. Frederick st. 
Maxwell, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Wallace court, Bell street 
Maxwell, Thomas, of M'lxwell, Clerk, ^ Co., 28 Hope street 
Maxwell, Thomas, of OHplianl, M;\xwdl, ^ Steven, house 223 Weat George street 
Maxwell, Walter, spirit dealer, 20 Forth street, Port-Dundas 
Maxwell, William, pastry baker, 6 Stevenson street, Calton 
Maxwell, William, of MaxivcU §• Smth, house 63 North Frederick street 
Maxwell, Miss, milliner, 127 Argyll street 
IVSaxwell, Miss, 1 Morrison street, Kingston 
Ma.xwell, Mrs. A., 12 .\lbany place 
^f;ixwell, ]\Irs. Robert, 1 Morrison street, Kingston 

'Lvwcll, Mr.?. William, of Dargavel, 223 West George street 
•lAY, Andrew, tailor and clothier, 89 John street 
May, Henry, spirit dealer and coal agent, 97 George street 
Mays, John, pawnbroker, 56 Bridge street 
MAYNF. & M'Willian), writers, 52 Virginia street 
Mayne, William Henry, of Moyne ^ M- William, £2 Virginia street, house 16 

Salesbury street 
MEADOWS, F. C, A.M., professor of the French, Italian, and Spanish languages, 

58 North Hanover street 
Mkchamcs' iiiMilution and Library, 57 and CI North Hanover street, Curator, 

William Swr.nston 
Mec.lianies' Institution, Calton. A Waddell, supcrintendant 
Medical, Legal, and General Mutual Life Assurance Society Office, 72 Wilson street, 

John W. Stewart, agent 
MEEK. John, perfumer and hircutter, 47 St. Vincent st., house Holmhcad s(. 
Mecic,, J>,hn, of Gordon §/■ Meek, Louse Belleriew, Garngad road 
Mctk, John, inspector, Barony Poor, 36 North Albion street, house Beilcrie^, 

Garngad road 
Meek, VS. & R., tailors and clothiers, 91 Crown street 
Meek, Miss, 58 West Regent street 

MEESK, Noah, manager, Glasgow iron works, house 10 Barony placo 
MEGGET, Roliert, muslin manufacturer, 20 Stirling street 
ME HIM, Brothers, hat, caj), and shirt manufacturers, 27 Wilson street 
MKIGHAN, John, "fleshcr, 133 High street 
MEIKLE & Co., merchants, 4 Wil.son street 
Meikle, George, millwright, 46 Main street, Gorbals 
Mcikle, George, Victoria tavern, 1 1 and 13 West Cieorgc stceet 
Meikle, Jame.s, mason, 210 Hoim street 


Meikle, Thomas, of Meildcs, A'llcfn, ^- Co , house 13 Grconvalo place 

Meikle, William, acoountant, N. S. Savings' bank, house 20 Buccleuch street 

Meikle, William, bookseller. 70 SfockwcU street, house above 

Meikle, Wm., glass merchant and glazier, 5S Great Clyde st., house 25 Coburg sfc. 

Meiivlcf, AitAcn, & Co., nianufaetniers and warehousemen, 45 Candleriggs street 

AIKTKLE.IOIIN, David, boot and sliooniaker, 27 Grtemo street 

Meiklejobn, James, baker, ISO George street 

Meiklejohn, John, chop and colfoe-house, Athenaum building's, Ingram street 

MEIKLEM, Rev. James, A.M., of Brownficld church, house Il7 West Campbell st. 

Meikleni, Jolin, tea and coffee merchant, 180 Argyll street, and 1 Union st.. heu$e 

] 17 West Campbell street 
Meiklem, Walter, contractor, 3 St. Nicholas place. Kirk street 
INIEIKLEIIAM, Edward, civil engineer, 5 West Regent street 
MEIN, Alexander, of Main ^ Cunniiicfham, house 5 Holland j)lacc 
Mein. Andrew, & Co , mail contractoi-s and coach proprietors, 81 Trongate, hou$e 

G Candleriggs 
Mein & Cunningham, accountants and share brokers, 29 St. Vincent place 
Alein, M;-s. Peter, conimercinl lodgings, 65) Glassford street 
MELLOR, George, china gilder and enameller, 183 Garngadhill ; letters left at 

1.52 Castle street 
MF.1LR0.SE, '1'., grocer, and spirit dealer, 76 Canon street 
METvVlIiLE, Fiancis, pianoforte maker and tuner, 230 Argyll street 
Melvilli^., George, piano- forte maker and music warehouse, 14 Buchanan street 
Melville, James, tavern keeper, 29 Jamaica street 
Melville, Robert, spirit dealer, 41 Crown street 
Melville. Kobcrt H., plain and fancy stationer and account-book maker, G 

Buchanan street 
Melville. Mrs. E., Catholic bookseiler, 17 Great Clyde street 
MELVIN. Andrew, nt J. Milvhdl ^ Co.'s, house 49 Cadogan street 
Melvin, Brothers, hat, cap, and shirt manufacturers, 27 Wilson street 
Melvin, D., & Co., agents, 57 Buchanan street 

Melvin, James, & Co., timber merchants and wrii;hts, 42 Pitt street 
■^^lelvin,, milliner, straw-iiat and dressmaker, 3 W^ashingtoii Street 
MENON, Miss. 69 Montrose street 

Menon, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 198 Buchanan street 
MENZIES, wine and spirit; merchaul, 51 Wilsoij street. Agent for John Col- 

vili'j ifc Co., Campbelton, and Jcjhnstun and Laing, Stirling 
Menzies, Alexander, dairyman, 18 Renfrew street 
Menzies, Andrew, of Mi.! c hell ^ Mmzies, residence Balomoek 
Menzies, C,, victunllor, 120 Biidgegate street 
Menzies, Rev. David, A.M., Huntingdondalc 
Menzies, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 10 Clyde place 
Menzies, Duncan, baker, 16 Sauctiehall street 

Mt'Dzies, James, lliiinbow hotel and tavern, 6 Bridge street, and 3 Clyde placo 
Menzies, James, tailor, 10 King street 
Menzies, James, spiiit merchant, 67 Glassford street 
Menzies, John, wiue and spirit dealer, 46 Bedford street 
Menzies, John, gardener, 1 Dalhousie place, New City road 
Menzies, Robert, flesher, 631 Gallowgate 

Munzieis, Robert, house and si.n painter, and paper-hanger, 38 John street 
JVIenzies & Smith, wrights and builders, 167 Egiinton sti-eet 

Menzies, William, fi-h and provision merchant, 16 Dixon st., ho. 124 StockweU«t, 
Menzies, William, of Mcvzies ^- Smith, house 155 Eglinton street 
MEivCEI!, 'fliomas, at Williaiu Dunns, 62 George square 
Mcrcei-, \MHiam, fruiterer, 44 Port-Dundas road 
Meiccr, Willi«m, at John Ferpuson's, I National Bank buildings 
Mercuants' House, 70 Hutchesnn street, Robert Buntinc, collector 
Me'chiiiit Tradci-s' Shij) Loan and Insurance Association, 83 St. Vincent street, 

J. M'l.elhu), jiiri., manager, hoiise 23 Clarendon place 
MERRJLEKS, liobert, ai Alex. Cross ^ Sons' 

MEKRY & Cunningham, iron and coal masters, 105 St. Vincojit street 
Mcriy, James of Mer>~ir ^ Cunnitujham, iron master, -105 St. Vincent street, housa 

house 194 Athol place 

■ Mlllll IIM1I 


TvlETCALF, Miss, 90 Buccieiich street 

MKTHVEN, James, accountant, 69 St. Vincent street, house 9 Gordon street 

Methuen, James, fish-curer, 19 Howard street. Robert Malcolm, agent 

Methven, Miss, 58 York street 

MIDDLEMAS, Robert, teacher of English Western Collegiate Institution, 23 

Woodside place, residence Kifjpoch house, Pcsal road 
MIDDLETON, David, at M'Innes ^ Morison, 30 St. Enoch square 
Middleton, George, of W. Mddleton ^ Co., house 22 India street 
Middleton, Jaraes, engraver and lithographer, T4 Argyll street 
Middleton, James, poultry and provision merchant, 78 Covicaddens street 
Middleton, John, of W. Middleton §■ Co , house 144 St. Vincent street 
Middleton, Matthew, & Co., painters andpapef -hangers, 116 Union street 
Middleton, William, & Co., merchants, 92 St. Vincent street 
Middleton, Wm., of William Middleton ^ Co., house 144 St. Vincent street 
Middleton, Mrs., 88 North Hanover street 
MICKEL, David, skinner, tanner, glue and size maker, 62 Spoutmoutb, and 33 

Little Dovehill, house 33 Blackfriars street 
MiLK-KND Spinning Co. Robert Cunningham, manager, house 44 North Brook st. 
MILES, Rev. C. P., incumbent of St. Jude's Episcopal chapel 
Miles, George, at William Collins §■ Co.'s, house 82 George street 
MILTiEN, John, cabinet and chair maker, 1 Little Hamilton street 
Millen, John, teacher of English and geography, 48 George square 
Millen, Thomas, A Co , coal merchants, Garnkirk Railway depot. Orders loft at 

5 St. Enoch square, and 101 Mitchell street 
Millen, Thomas, of TItomas Millen ^ Co., house 74 Villafield place 
Millen, Thomas, tinsmith, gasfitter, and bell'hanger, 87 George street, house 13 

Taylor street 
MILLER, Alexander, baker, 60 Stevenson street, Calton 
Miller, Alexander, spirit dealer, 97 Gallowgate 
Miller, Alexander, baker, 82 Canning street, Calton 
Miller, Alexander, baker, S3 West Campbell street 
Miller, Alexander, of Inglis ^ Wakefield's 
Miller, Alexander, gingham manufacturer, 19 Cochran street 
Miller, Alexander, of Miller §■ Caldwell, house Melrose street. Queen's crescent 
Miller, Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 104 Bridgegate 
Miller, A. M'K.. hatter, 189 Trongate, house 2 Monteith row 
Millar, Andrew, & Co., muslin, gingham, and pullicate manufacturers, 109 Candle- 

riggs street 
Millar, Andrew, of Andrew Millar ^ Co., house 5 Douglas street 
Millar, A. M.,, of Mitchell, Millar, §f Ogilvic, house 3 Apsley place 
Millar, Andrew, broker, 143 Main street, Gorbals 

Miller, Andrew, general wood merchant, 88 Maxwell street, houae 12 Gt. Clyde st. 
Miller, A., & Co., grocers and victuallers, 9 Park lane 
Miller, Andrew, weaving-utensil and shuttle maker, 154 Stockwell street, house 12 

Great Clyde street 
Miller, Andrew, wine and spirit dealer, 46 South Coburg street, and 17 Main street, 

Miller, Archibald, spirit dealer, 94 Bridgegate street, house 92 do. 
Miller, Archibald, spirit dealer, 17 Clyde street 

Miller «& Bannerman, joiners, trunk, and packing-box makers, 30 Gordon street 
Miller, Bowman, baker and spirit dealer, 46 Stevenson street 
Miller & Buchanan, lithographers, engravers, and ornamental printers, 21 Argylo 

street. (See Advertisement in Appendix.) 
Miller & Caldwell, dryaalters, 12 Croy place, chemical works, Port-Dundas 
Miller, Charles A., commission merchant, 99 Union street 
Miler «fe Co., tailors and clothiers, 19 Finhiy street 

Miller, Daniel, & Co., coppersmiths and brassfounders, 13 Robertson street 
Miller Daniel, letter-carrier, P. O., houae 289 Parliamentary street 
Millar, David, & Co., wrights and builders, 63 Dale street, Tnideston 
Millar, Id a\[A, of David Millar §■ Co., superintendant of new buildings, 'altLator, 

(kc, house 13 EJdon place 
Miller, David P., i^' Co., Punch hotel and tavern, 164 Trongate, .nnd 29 Bruns- 

vick street 

MILLEU. 201- 

Millar, David, do laine and shawl cloth manufacturer, Y Frederick street, house 

104 Egiinton street 
Miller &, Dunn, coopers, 115 Union street 
Millar & Gardner, hat manufacturers, 90 Bell i^treet 
Miller, Gavin, grocer and spirif- dealer, 64 Hospital street 
Millei-. G., & Co., chemical works, Rumford street 
Miller, Geo., of G. Miller ^ Co., house James street, Greenhead 
Miller, Geoige, of Gartcraig. Letters left at {» I Uigh street 
Miller, George, surgeon, 167 George street, house 169 do 
Miller, Henry, chief superintendent of police 
Miller, James, Anderston print-works. North street 
Miller, James, surgeon, 175 Buchanan stieet 

Miller, James, teacher, St. David's school, head of John street, ho. 44 Taylor Strces 
Miller, James, hairdresser, 9? Main street, Anderston 
Miller, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 319 Argyll street 
Miller, James, Provanrafil. Letters left at R. Miller's, 94 Nelson street 
Miller, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 68 Taylor sti-eet 
Miller, James, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 130 Trongate street, works 124 do. 

and 50 High street 
Miller, James, 10 George street 

Millar, James, calico printer, 111 Ingram street, house and works, Milton, Dun- 
glass, Dumbartonshire 
Miller, James, of liobert AEller ^- Son, house 48 Holmhead street 
Miller, James, merchant, 48 George square 
Miller, James, superintendent of lamps, house V Park place 
Miller, James, warper and house-factor, 69 Hutchcson street 
Miller, James, cabinet and picture-frame maker, 62 Sauchiehall street 
Miller, James, portrait painter, 19 Cochran street 

Miller, James, victualler, 13S Saltmarkct street J 

Miller, James, provision merchant, 3 King street, Tradeston 
Miller, James, writer, office 118 South Albion street, house 51 do. 
Miller, James, shtrifT officer, 122 Saltraarket street 
Miller, James, spirit dealer, 8 Aberorombv street 
Miller, James, joiner and builder, 281 Dobbie's loan 
Millei", James, coal agent and provision merchant, 42 Bridge street 
Miller, James, confectioner, 4 Bell street 

Miller, John, letter-carrier, Post-OfBce, house 17 Hospital street 
Miller, John, accountant and stockbroker, agent for the Experience Life Assarance, 

and Hercules Fire Insurance, 71 Queen street, house 52 Eddleston place 
Miller, John, grocer, 9 Monkland street 
Miller, John, straw-hat and lace warehouse, 110 Argyll street 
Miller, John, land agent, valuer, etc., Rutland crescent* Govaa road 
Miller, John, sen., merchant, 168 St. ^Vincent street, and Wellington factory, 

Miller, John, woollen and linen draper, 18, 20, 22, and 24 High street, house 17 

Monteith row 
Miller, lohn, cork manufacturer, 64 Maxwell street 

Miller, John, collector of city poor-rates, 4 Police lane. South Albion street 
Miller, John, manager, Glasgow Parcel Delivery Co., house 48 George square 
Miller, J., jun,, merchant, 163 St. Vincent street, and Wellington factory, Hutehft- 

Miller, John, victualler, 201 Gallowgate 
Millaf, John, spirit dealer, 171 Duke street 
Miller, John, painter and paper-hanger, 23 Oxford street 
Miller, John, A.M., teacher of St. Mungo school, house Drygatc 
Miller, John, bookseller and stationer, 84 Ingram street, house ,1! Hopetoa i>laco 
Miller, John, spirit dealer, 42 Forth street 
M.')li-T, John, grocer, 67 Renfrew street 
Miller, John F., 78 Hospital street 
Miller, John, 8 Canning place, Stirling's road 
Miller, John S., of Wm. Miller §f Son, residence Springfield house 
Miller, John, of Hamilton ^ Miller, 119 Rottenrow sti'cet 
Miller, John, furnishing shop, 95 Maitland street, Port-Dundas 

umjjjuai 111 uu. 

202 MILLER. 

Miller, Joseph, tailoi; and dothior, 305 Arj^yll street 

Millar, Leander, of Millar S/- Lyon, 58 Taylor street 

Miller, Lowric, general outfitter, ID*? Argyll street, house 2S0 do. 

Millar &, Lyon, lace and sewed nmslin warehouse, 38 Queen street 

Miller & Pearce, plumbers and coppei-smiths, 14 and 16 Carrick street 

Miller, I'eter, hosier and glover, 248 Argyll street 

Miiler, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 70 Nelson street, iiouse 29 Stirling street 

Miller, Robert, Fingal ta\'ern, 65 High street 

Miller, Robert, of Addie §• Miller, house 103 West Regent street 

Miller, Robert, of Addie, Miller, §■ Rankin, liouse 103 West Regent street 

Miller, R., at Addie, Miller, ^- Rankin's, 33 Kenfield street 

Miller, Robert, woollen and linen draper, 15 Gallowgate, ho. 95 North Hanover st. 

Miller, Robert, bookseller, stationer, and librarian, 67 Gallowgate, house 42 St. 

Andrew's square 
Miller, Robert, <fe Son,-wrights, cabinet, trunk, and packing-box makers, 20 Stirifnj' 

street, and 94 Nelson street 
Miller, Robert, of Robert Miller ^- Son, house Maule terrace, Partick 
Miller, Robert, o//. ^ T. Tassie, 41 Miller street 
Miller, Robert, grocer, 27 New street, Calton 
Miller, Robin-t, hosier, 55 West Nile street 

Miller, Robert, letter-carrier, Post-office, house 46 Crown street 

Miller, Rev. Samuel, of Free St. Matthew's, 12 Albany place 

Miller, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 8 Portugal street 

Miller, Stephen, 180 Springhill place, St. George's road 

Miller, Stephen, spirit merchant, 141 Cambridge street 

Miller, Thomas, Maryland quarry, house 3 South Apsley place 

Miller, Thomas, wright, 35 Cadogan street 

Miller, Thomas, beadle and agent, 65 Norfolk street 

Miller, Thomas, tailor, 75 Hospital street 

Miller, William, victualler, 183 Castle street 

Miller, William, & Co., engineers, millwrights, and smiths, 17 Buchan st., Gorbah 

Miller, William, shuttle and weaving utensil maker and undertaker, 156 Gallowgate 

Miller, William, victualler and grocer, 118 Garscube road 

Miller, Wm., of Skene, Miller, ^ Co., house 128 Castlemilk place 

Miller, William, kerper, Trades' hall, 91 Glassford street 

Miller, William, baker, 170 Argyll street 

Miller, William, tea and fruit merchant, 34 Ai'gyll street, house 32 do. 

Miller, William, & Sons, dyers <& calico-printers, 27 South Frederick street, work.i 
Springfield, Dalmarnock 

Miller, William, cotton-yarn, wool, and worsted shop, 135 Gallowgate 

Miller, William, shoemaker, 6 John street, Bridgeton 

Miller, William, of A. Orr, Ewing, ^ Co., house Shawlands 

Miller, William, commercial inn, 47 Clyd« street 

Miller, Miss, 23 Renfrew street 

Miller, Mis-s, dressmaker, 122 Sauchiehall street 

Miller, Mii-s, 15 West Prince's street 

Miller, Miss, female teacher, 24 North Portland street 

Miller, Miss Jane, provision merchant, 30 Candleriggs St., ho. St. Andrew's sq. 

Miller, Miss, furnishing shop, 135 High street 

Miller, Misses, 250 Brandon place, West George street 

Miller, Misses, GO Renfrew street 

Miller, Mm-garet, spirit dealer, 31 Rottenrow street 

Miller, Mrs. Adam, lodgings, 55 Renfrew street 

Miller, Mrs., boarding and day school, 8 Wocdsido crescent 

Miller, Mrs. D., g'-ocer and spirit dealer, 28 Little Dovehill 

Miller, Mrs. George, 148 Renfrew street 

Miller, Mrs, James, 1 1 Woodside terrace 

Miller, Mrs. William, 8 Royal terrace 

Miller, Mi"3. William, furnishings, 13 EglJnton street 
Miller, Mrs., 16 Renfrew street 

Miller, Mrs., 1 1 Mains' street 

Milliir, Mrs., commercial lodgings, 38 Broomielaw 

Millers, stay manufacturers, llS George street 


"filer's Ohnrity School, Gii-ls, 151 George street 
I LI.IGAN, Mrs Robert, baker, 57 Cannhij,' street 

i'Ur;LIKEiS^, J. B., of Gordon, MilWcen, ^ Co., house 432 Parliainentary road 

MiUiken, James, house-factor, 35 Miller street, house 4 Wemyss place 

Milliken, Mrs., lodgings, 180 West Regent street 

MILLS, Alexander, confectioner, 18 Candleriggs street 

Mills, George, stock and sharebrokcr, 19 Prince's square, house 6 IIoIlaBd pilace' 

Mills, James, wine and spirit dealer, 131 George street 

Mills, John, teacher. Collegiate School, Dalhousio street, Garnethill 

Mills, John S., raerchant, 98 West George street, hoiue Sandyford 

Mills, Patrick James, of Eiijar ^ Mills, house Sandyford place 

Mills, Thomas, general grocer and spirit merchant, 1 Kinning place 

Mills, William, merchant, 93 West George street, house Sandyl'oifd' 

Mills, William, slater, 29 Normal place, Garscube road 

MILNE, Alexander, & Co., merchants, 82 Union street 

Milne, Ale.xandor, 55 Ilcnficld street 

Milne, Alexander, victualler and grocer, 712 Gallowgato 

Miln, Alexander, broker and cabinetmaker, 26 Main .street, Anderston 

Milne, George, Aberdeen insurance office, 111 St. Vincent street 

Milne, George, generol commission and sliip .ngent, 20 St. Enoch SMjuaire 

Milne, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 21 Bell .street, Gnlton 

" vine, James, portmanteau, trunk, and travelling- b.ig manufacturer, 75 Que6» At. 
^!ne, John, 6 ilcspital street 

Alilue, J. & W., commission agents, 2-t Stockvvell street 

Milne, John, teacher of drawing, lij3 Argyll sti-eet 

Milne, J. & W, S., wholesale stationej's, ropo and twine manufacturers, and g'eneral 
commerci.ll .ngcnts, 2i Stockwell street 

Milne & Miller, wine and S|>irit merchants, T7 Glassford street 

^iilne, William, tfc Co., merchants, 33 Virginia street 

Milne, William, jun., of William Milne ^ Co. 

Milne, Wm., sen., Kenmuro. Letters left at Wm. Milne & Co.'s, 33 Virginia st. 

Milne, William, spirit dealer, 11 Canning street 

Milne, William, spirit dealer, 69 Main street, Anderston 
' Milne, Mrs. George, lodgings, C8 Bath street 

Milne, Mrs., 168 Stalford place. New city road 

MILROy, James, clothier, 17 Jail .square 

Milroy <fe Rodie, tea merchants, 48 Hutcbeson street 

Milroy, S., grocery, victualling and .spirit store, 5 N. London rd., ho. 9 William st. 

Milroy, William, of Milroy ^ Jiodie, house 30 Rose street, Gartiethili 
I^Ui't -y, Mrs., lodgings, 47 Renfrew street 
■k^'1-iillon Printfield, warehouse 111 Ingram street 

MiNEUvA Life Assurance Co. of London. Arehibnld Kerr, agent, 3 Exchange placfl 

MINTO, David, coffee -roaster, 29 M'Pherson st. off High st., house 30 King 8tr«et 

Mitito, J., painter and paper-hanger; 73 Union street 

MIRRLEES, Alexander, 8 Buccleiich street 

Mirrlees, Robert, organ builder, 23 Cochran street 

•Mirrlees, William, & Co., saddlers, 97 Buchanan street 
. ; Mirrlees, W., of W. Mirrlees ^ Co., house 336 Sauchiehall street 

Mirrlees, ■William, .330 Sauchiehall street 

Mirrlees, Miss, 13 Jane street 

MITCHELL, Alexander, currier, and wholesale leather merchant, 57 Stockwell st, 

Mitchell, Alex., Glasgow Apothecaries' Co., house 13 Elmbaiik place 

Mitchell, A, Jan., M.D., 12 Falkland place 

Mitchell, Alexander, clockmakcr. 43 Argyll street, house 102 North Frederick 8t. 
; Mitchell, Alexander M., of Mitchell, Miller, §• Oyilvie, house 43 Buccleuch street 

Mitchell, Alexander, of Edmisloa ^ Mitchell, ho. 5 Melrose st., Gt. Western road 

Mitchell, Alexander, turner, 98 Union street 

Jlitcliell, Aiidrew, of Mitchell §■ Menziez, house Balornock. Letters e<'f .^t ; f 
Virginia stieet 

Mitchell, Andrew, of Mitchell, IfenderBon ^ Mitchell, house 4 Blythswood place 

Mitchell, Archibald, wine and spirit dealer, .53 Bell sti-eet 
-'cchell, A. O., of Mitchell, Hcn'lemon ^- Mitchell, house 4 Blythswood place 
itchcli, Rev. David, of Free Si. Luke's, S3 Mor.teith row 


Mitchell, Edward, grocer and spirit dealei', 70 Maitland street 
Mitchell, George, oj MacLcroy, JTamilton ^ Co., liouse 30 Monteifch row- 
Mitchell, Henderson, and Mitchell, writers, 36 Miller street 
Mitchell, James, engineer and founder, Gallowgate street, (Camlachie foandry), 

fiouso 6 Ann field place 
Mitchell, James, accountant and insurance agent, 92 St. Vincent street 
Mitchell, James, ifc Co., engravers, printers, and lithographer.^, 45 Argyll arcade 
Mitchell, James, <fe Co., electro platers and gilders, 43 Argyll street 
Mitchell, James, of J. Mitchell ^ Co., house 162 Sauchiehall street 
Mitchell, James, of Mitchell, Henderson <J- MUchell, house Gleuarback, near Old 
Kilpatrick , 

Mitchell, James, sheriff-officer and constable, 20 Stockwell place 
Mitchell, James, painter and paper-hanger, 27 King street 
Mitchell, James, slater, 132 Sauchiehall street 

Mitchell, James, spirit dealer, 149 jjain street, Bridgeton ,/ 

Mitoheil, John, merchant and ship-owner, 18 East Clyde street, ho. 7 Carllon plap^. 
Mitchell, John, of J. §f W. Mitchell, house 16 Holland place 
Mitchell, John, hosier and glovier, 96 Bell street 
Mitchell, John, Greenhead Ropework, 1 Canning street, office )00 Broomici.'tw, 

hoise 3 Canning street 
Mitchell, John, joiner and cabinetmaker, 5 Gloucester street, Tradeston 
Mitchell, John, tobacconist, 268 Gallowgate 

Mitchell, John, & Co., distillers, Anderston distillery, 53 Bishop street, AnderstOn 
Mitchell, John & James, general grocers, 31 King street, house 30 do. 
Mitchell, John, & Co., cork manufacturers, 3 Wallace street, Tradestnn 
Mitchell, John, & Son, cork merchants and manufacturers, IS East Clyde street 
Mitchell, John, jun., Ottoman and Portuguese vice-counsul, 18 East Clyde street. 

house 7 Carlton place 
Mitchell, John, grocer, 78 Stevenson street, Calton 
Mitchell, John, of Mitchell ^ MIntyre, house 37 Turner's court 
Mitchell, John, of B. MEwan ^ Co., house 18 Trongate 
Mitchell, John, at John Buchanan <f- Co.'s, house 68 Rose place, Garnethiil 
Mitchell, John, wine and spirit dealer, 41 John street 
Mitchtii, John, agent, 29 St. George's road. 

Mitchell, J. & W, watchmakers, jewellers, and goldsmiths, 2 Argyll street 
Mitchell & .VIcnzies, funeral undertakers and hirers, 6 and 14 Virginia 

street; 117, 119, 121, 123 London street, and 25 Stevenson street 
Mitchell, Nelson, of S. Mitchell ^ Son, house 1 6 Urc place 
Mitchell, Robert, pocket-book and foncy paper-box maker, 17 Virginia street 
Mitchell, Robert A , writer, 46 Gordon street 
Mitchell, Robert, cartwright and smith, 26 and 28 Carrick street 
Mitchell, Robert, 255 George street 
Mitchell, R. <t A., zebra dress manufacturers, 2 Royal Exchange court, 85 Queen 

Mitchell, R. & P., cotton-spinners, James street, Greenhead, ho. 24 Montoith row, 

mill 6 James street, Greenhead 
Mitchell, Ste[>hen, & Soii, tobacconists, 62 St. Andrew square 
Mitchell, Stewart, of Mitchell ^ Wilson, house 38 Miller's place 
Mitchell, Thomas, merchant, 31 Kingston place 
Mitchell, Thomas, of Mitcltell ^ Wilson, house 64 King street 
Mitchell, Thomas, funeral undertaker, of Mitchell ^- Menzies, ho. 67 Canning sL 
Mitchell, W. & A., wholesale and retail grocers and tobacconists, 40 Trongate 
Mitchell, William, tanner, currier, and leather raei-chant, 13 Dixon street, work.-* 

St. Ninian's 
Mitchell, 'William, agent, 61 Waterloo street 
Mitchell, William, tobacconist, 17 Norfolk street 
Mitchell, William, 13 Dixon street 
Mitchell, William, tobacconist, 66 Nelson street 
Mitchell, William G., & Co., merchants, 70 Virginia street 
Mitchell, William G., of W. G. Mitchell ^ Co., house Lilybank, Partick 
Mitchell, William, of J. ^ W, Mitchell, house 16 Holland place 
Mitchell, Wliliam, Queen Mary'.-i tavern and gardens, 20 New London road 
Mitchell, Wm. W., merchant, 18 South Frederick st, house Atikeahcad, Cadicart 


Mitchell <fe Wilson, tobacconists, 1 1 1 King street 

Mitchell, Mrs. Andrew, baker, 49 Main street, Calton 

Mitchell, Mrs., I.ynedoch place. 

Mitchell, Mrs., 190 Athole place, Bath street 

Mitchell, Misses, straw-hat makers, 116 Sauebiohall ttreet 

Mitchell, Miss, 98 West George street 

Mitchell, Mrs. Alexander, 5 Melrose .street 

Mitchell, Mrs., furnishings, 27 Normal place 

Mitchell, Mrs. ('olin G., 1.5 West Princes street 

Mitchell, Mrs. David, gardener, 259 George street 

Mitchell, Mrs. James, 162 Sauchiehall street 

Mitchell, Mrs. William, 1 86 Sauchiehall street 

Mitchell, Mrs , lodgings, 21 College street 

Mitchell, M. S,, milliner and dressmaker, 114 West Nile street 

MITCHISON, William, music-seller to her Majesty, 112 Buchanan stroot-v^'.^/':^.. 

MOCHRIE, Mis,, furnishings, 37 Kirk street, Townhcad i 

MOFFAT, Adam, tailor aud clothier, 3 Antigua place 

MofFat, Andrew, contractor, 12 Barony place 

MofFat, Ohasles, funeral undertaker, wright, and glazier, 1 76 West Nile street, and 

i(M Buchanan street 
Mtntat, James, jun , of Buchanan, Aitken, ^ Co., house 21 Waterloo pi., Kino-gton 
Moffat, John, civil engineer, 112 Fife place, W^est Geoi'ge street 
Moffat, John, manager, Victoria baths, 106 West Nile street, house 19 Re&frew st., Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 10 Reid street, Bridgeton 
Moffat, William, surgeon, 75 Sauchiehal'. street 

Moffat, William, tallow chandler, 47 King street, house 4 Adelphi plac« 
Moffat, William, plumber and gasfitter, 106 Gallowgate 
Moffat, William, merchant, 5 Drury street 

Moffat, William Hall, & Sons clog shoemakers, 29 King street, Calton 
Moffat, Miss, milliner and stra^v-hat maker, 51 Saueliiehall street 
Moffit, Mrs, Alexander, victualler, 6 King street, house 124 Trougatc street 
Moffat, Mrs. John, milliner, 15 Nelson street, house 32 Greenhead street 
Moffat, Mrs., grocer, 685Gallo'>\gatc 

MOIR, James, wholesale and retail tea merchant, 174 Gallowgate 
Moir, James, plane maker, 76 Argyll street 

Mojr, John, wine and spirit dealer, 8 Clyde place, and 54 George street 
Moir, William, of Perston, Moir, 4' Co., house Ibroxholm, Pai.MJey road 
Moir, William, booking clerk, Ayrshire Railway, house Ibroxholm, Paisley road 
MOLLISON, William, sen., dyer, 24 Dalliousie street 
MoUiso.n, Williarr., jun., dyer, 24 Dalhousie street 
MoUision, William, of Brand ^ MolHson, Dalhousie street, Garnetliil! 
MONACH, Andrew, Mrs. Shirra's. 30 Hope street 
Monach, Duncan, 2 South Kinning place 
Monacli,".Mrs., milliner, and dressmaker, 17 Stevenson street 
MONCRIEFF, Hugh, of Moncrieff, I'atergon ^ Forbes, ho. 7 Lynedoch crescent 
Moncrieff, Paterson, & Forbes, writers, 45 West George street 
MoNKLAND Iron & Steel Co., manufacturers of pig and bar iron, 33 West George st, 
Monkland Railway company's office, 140 Buchanan street 
MONSLEY & Co., wine shippers, J. B. Sheriff, '24 Queen street, agent 
MONTEITH, Adam, writer, 7a St. Vincent st., ho. 3 Greenvale pi.. Woodlands rd. 
Monteitfa, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 4 and 6 M'Pherson street 
Monteith, Henry, & Co., liandana aud yarn warehouse, 11 George square, and 132 

Q,ueen street, printing and dye works, Rutherglen bridge 
Monteath, James & John, writers, 41 St. Vincent place 
Montcath, James, of J. §■ J. Monteiih, clerk to the f;ub-division of the LieutenancT, 

41 St. Vincent street, house 1 Windsor place 
Monteath, James, & Son, bootmakers, 28 Bridge street, house 30 do. 
Monteith, J. wine and spirit merchant, 387 Ai'gyll street, house 391 do, 
Monteath, John, of J. ^ J. Monteath, house I Windsor place 
Monteith, John, writer, 32 Exchange square, house, Westbank, Renfrew road 
Monteith, John, commission agent, 22 Royal Exchange square 
Monteith, Peter, of J. Monlcith §/■ Son, 30 Bridge street 
Monteith, Robert, tavevu keeper, P.'i Princes street 

206 MO^vTEiii' cHISON, 

Monteith, Robert, spirit dealer, -iS Drygatc street 

Monteith, William, & Co., charcoal manufacturers, 4.00 Dobblesi loan 

Moatcith, William, at JiDnC't Muir's, 2:l- Taylor street 

Monteith, Mrs. James, 23 Florence place, Woodlancls road 

Monteith, Mrs. William, furnishings, 3G Green street, Calton 

MONTGOMERY, Adam, window and door plate manufacturer and engraver, IG 

Oswald street, Bridgeton 
Montgomery, David, hairdresser, 62 Canning street 
Montgomerie & Fleming, writers, 62 Miller street 
Montgomerie, John, lelter-carrier, Post-office, house 196 Rottenrow 
Montgomerie, John, cattle and spirit dealer, 629 Gallowgato 
Montgomerie, John, cowfeeder, 10 Macfarlane street 
Mojitgomevie, John, -wine and spirit dealer, 60 Wallace street 

Montgomerie, John, & Co., manivfact. chemists, 61 Oswald st., works Port-Dundas 
Montgomerie, M., of Montgomerie ^ Fieniinrj, residence Kelvinside House 
Montgomerie, Peter, grocer and victualler, 89 George st., ho. 50 North Albion st. 
Montgomery, Mrs., lodging.?, 44 George street 
Montgomery, Miss, dressmaker, 78 Hospital street 

MOODY, Andrew, agent and auctioneer, aiid produce broker, 9 West Regent st. 
Moody, H, & J., wine and spirit merchants, 51 King street, house 10 Annfiekl pi. 
Moody & Maolure, writers and agents for the Caledonian Insurance Co. ,'26 Gordon 

Moody, Robert, writer, of Moody ^ Maclure, house 140 Renfrew street 
MOONKY, Ja:nos, surgeon, 67 Main street,' Gorbals 
MOORE, A., coal agent, 112 Hospital street 
Moore, Brothers, merchants and comnussion agents, 10 Exchange square. North, lio, 

Chatham place, 71 Stirling's road 
Moore, George, boot and shoe maker, 68 Buchanan street 

Moore, John, haii'-cutter and perfumer, 108 Queen sircet, house 138 Stirling's loa i 
Moore, John, smith, bcll-lianger, and gas.ltter, 32 Thistle street, house 13 do. 
Moore, Richard, furniture broker, 610 Miller's place 
Moore, Thomas, of Moore, .'Brothers, house 71 Stirling's road 
Moore, William, spirit dealer, 19 St. iSiuian street 
Moore, William, of Moore, Brothers, house 71 Stirling's road 
Moore, W. H., piano -forte & music seller, Co Buchanan st., ho. 122 S. Portland at. 
MORE, Alexander, & Son, millvvriglits ami engineers, S3 Slontroso street 
More, James, & Co., iron merchants, 14 and 16 East Nile street 
More, James, of J. More ^ Co., house 29 St. Andrew's square 
More, James, teacher, college ojjen, house 1 1 Wright street 
Moore, James, tinsmith and gasfitter, 468 Argyll street 
More, J, & T., whip-makers, 165 Trongate 
More, William, of A. More ^ Son, house 138 Stirling's 
Moore, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 13 Little Hamilton street 
MORELAND, Adair, glass merchant and glazier, 249 Argyll street, ho. 239 do. 
MORGAN, James, of Muirhead, Morgan, ^' Co., house Edgefauld cottage, Balgrivy 
Moi'gan, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 122 Brooraielaw 

Morgan, Wm., of Pater son, Morgan, ^ Co , residence Springfield Honse, Caddcr 
MORIER, William, brush manufacturer, 145 Argyll street, ho. 29 S. Portland at. 
MORILA-LL, Joseph, shoemaker, 48 Canon street 
MORREN, Gavin, flesher, 3 New City road 
Morris, E. H., teacher, 1 South Portland street 
Morris, J. H., cooperage, 50 Robertson street 
MORRIS, Hu::h, pianu-fojte maker, 39 Campbell street 
Morris, L. & T., importers of foieign manufactures and fancy goods, 57 Arg yll street 

(See Advertiicmeiit in Appendix.) 
Morris, John, jacquard m.icbine maker, 63 Tureen street 
Moms, Loxiis, of L. §/■ T. Morris, house 20 Royal terrace 
Morris, M. & J., milliners, straw hat makers, and dressmakers, 22 Crown etreet 
Morris & Nicol, coal and coke merchants, 15 Rer.field street, works Port-Dundas 
Morris, Samuel, importer of foreign goods, 24 StoekwcU street 
MORRISON, Alexander <fc Jame.i, ivriters, 40 St. Vincent ])lace 
Morrison, Alexander, & Son, teachers of writing, arithmetic, and bookkeeping, 57 
St, George's place, house 1 60 .West Regent street 



■Woirison, Alesandor, dvysalter, 36 Cowcaddeiis street 

Morrison, Alexander, of Robert Walker §• Co., house 45 Ilobortson street 

Morrison, Alexander, (of BalUnakill) of Alexander ^ James Morruon. house 123 

Hill street, Garnetlull 
Morison, Alexander, at John Fleming ^ Oo.'s house 80 E.^linton street 

■.r-ison, Alexander, at William Steel's, Gallowgtate, lodging, 71 Hospital street 
dson, Andrew, shopman, 5 New London road 
-lison, Andrew, commission agent, 51 Clyde street, Anderston 

)iri3on Archd., pattern-drawer, print-cutter, and lithographer, 18 Ilutcheson st. 
-. i-rison, Charles, baker, 290 Argyll str^^et 

^I'lison, Charles, wright and funeral undertaker, Rottcnrow street 
■dson & Co., bat and cap manufacturers and hatters, 131 Argyll street 
rison, Daniel, painter and papev-hanger, 51 Gordon street 
/!3on, D. C, at CampheU §■ Co.'s, house 20 Taylor street 
. .Airrison, Duncan, merchant, 5 St. Vincent place, ho. Elmivood, Little Govan road 
Morrison, George, writing-master and accountant., 31o Argyll street 
Morison, George, & Co , commission merchants, and worsted woollen yarn agents, 

i'>2 Queen street 
Morison, George, of George Morrison #• Co., house 64 Buccleuch street 
Morison, Hugh, 3 'Mansfield place 

Morrison, James, at William Gilmour §' Co.'s, house 120 Renfrew street 
Morrison, James, baker. Hi Argyll street 
Morrison, Jaraes, cowfeeder. Woodlands road 
Morrison, James, spirit merchant, 1 Brown street, Port-J")undas 
Morrison, James of A. ^ J. Mn-risoii, house 125 Hill street, Garnethill 
Morison, James George, of Douie and Morison, house 29S St. Vincent street 
Morison, James L.,of George Morrison ^ Co., C3 Queen street 
Morrison, James, cabinetmaker, 5<1 and 66 London street 

Morrison, James, -wright and house-fiictor, 16 Bishop street, Anderston, ho, 7 ^o. 
Moriison, James, general grocer and tea dealer, 399 Gallowgate 
MoiTison, James, commission agent, "10 Abbotsford place 
Morrison, James, victualler and spirit dealer, Qi Main street/ Bridgeton 
Morrison, James &, Son, serated water manufacturers, 7 Bishop street, Anderston, 

house 7 GrcenhiJl street 
Morrison, John, manufacturer, 62 Brunswick st., house Brierland Cottage. Govan 
Morrison, John, cotton-waste and metal dealer, 4 Calton entry 
Morrison, John, commission merchant, 22 Stockwell place 
Morrison, John, slater and slate merchant, 48 London street, slate-yards 148 Broom- 

ielaw, and 29 Spoutmouth 
Morrison, John, bookseller, stationer, map-publisher, and librarian, 21 New Bridge 

street, house 16 do. 
Morrison, John, of J. ^ J. Morruon, house 7 Sommerrillo place 
Morrison, John, jun., merchant, 62 Queen street, house 7 Albany place 
Morrison, John, Kildallon Distillery, Islay, counting house 22 Stock%vell place 
Morrison, John, distiller, Provan Mill Distillery. Letters left at 139 Castle street 
Morison, John, & Son, pattern- drawers and print-cutters, 22 Pitt street, house 1 

Douglas street 
Morrison, Jos. & John, curriers and leather merchants, 61 Great Hamilton street '' 
Morrison, John, of MKenzie ^ Morrison, Elmwood 
MV,rrison, John, of Morrison §■ Morton, house 86 Sauchiehall street 
Morrison, Josepli, of J. ^. J- Morrisooi, house 7 Somnierville place 
Morrison & Morton, manufacturing chemists, East Milton street 
Morrison, Nathaniel, saddler and harness maker, 18 Jamaica street 
Morrison, 11., bookseller and stationer, 186 Gallowgate, and 21 Crown steeet 
Morrison, Robert, victualler and spirit dealer, CO Main street, Brldgton 
Morison, Roderick, 3 South Apsley place 
Morrison, Thomas, provision dealer, 130 Garscube road 
Morrison, Walter, surgeon, 114 South Portland street 
Morrison, Walter, wright, 10 George street 

Morrison, William, merchant, 69 Ingram street, house 13 Roy.'xl tonace 
Morison, William, & Co., merchants. Royal exchange 
Morrison, William, & Co., fishmongers, 71 Norfolk street 
Morrison, William, baker, Castle street, St, llollox 

208 MOllRISOxV— Mum. 

Mofisoa, William, of W. Morison, ^ Co., house 18 Newton place 

MorrUon, William, of Morrison (^- Co., house 44: South Portland street 

Morrison, William & Alexander, ship and insurance hrokevs, 31 Oswald streoi 

Morrison, William, victualler and grocer, 60 Main street, Andcrston 

Morrison, William, at C. D. Donald ^ Sons', house 33 Renfrew street 

Morrison, William, tinsmith and gas-fitter, 58 Cowcaddens street 

Morison, Wm., of Mlnnes §/■ Morrison, 30 St. Enoch square 

Morrison, William C, stationer and quill merchant, i. Dunlop street 

Morrison, William, commission agent, 10 Abbotsford place 

Mori'ison, Miss Janet, i'urnishings and hosiery, 2 Norfolk street 

Morrison, Miss M., furnishin;^ shop, 55 Trongato 

Morison, Miss M., milliner, 15 Argyll arcade 

Morrison, Miss J., milliner and dressmaker, di Nelson sti-ect 

Morrison, Miss M., milliner and dressmaker, 42 Nelson street 

Morrison, Mrs. Jane, cane dealer, and children's coach maker, 7 Hope street 

Morrison, Mrs. Daniel, tavern-keeper, 110 Broomielaw 

Morrison, Mrs., nii'liner and dressmaker, 5 Wellington arcade 

Morrison, Mrs. WilUam, tinsmith and gas-fitter, 200 Argyll street 

Morrison, Mrs., 35 Renfrew street 

MORTON, Alexander, surgeon, 60 Crown street, house 133 Hospital street 

Morton, Arch., dc Co., soap and candle manufacturers, 53 Candleriggs street, and 

81 and 83 Bell street, works Milton street, Port-Dundas 
Morton, Andrew, teacher, 32 John street, Bridgeton 
Morton & Galloway, smiths, 9 Norfolk lane 
Morton, Hugh, grocer, 53 Bridge street 
Morton, Hugh, wine and spirit dealer, 196 Argyll street 
Morton, Hugh, writer, 24 Gordon street, house 107 Douglas street 
Morton, Hugh, & Co., dealer in printed fents, calicoes, <fec., 105 Candleriggs street 
Morton, James, M.D., surgeon, 59 Eglinton street, house 23 Apsley place 
Morton, James, 133 Castlerailk place 

Morton, John, victuailei, 28 Little street, Calton, house 116 Great Hamilton stre ■. 
Morton, John, sen., foreman Glasgow water works, house 1 82 Duke street 
Morton, John, jun., commission merchant and agent for French woollen and worsted 

yarns, foreign wools, etc., 2 John street, house 14 Richmond street 
Morton, Peter, tea and coffee merchant, 30 King street, house 22 Taylor street 
Morton, Robert, spirit dealer, 12 Portugal street 
Morton, Robert, at R. Wilson ^- Co.'s, house 118 George street 
Morton, Robert, merchant, 13 Union place, Calton 
Morton, Robert, spirit merchant, 14 Broomielaw 
Morton, Mrs. Agnes, milliner, 4 (^ueen arcade 
MOSES, James, spiWt dealer, 19 Dale street, Bridgeton 

MossBKD Iron Company, iron manufacturers and coalmasters, 28 St. Enoch square 
MOSSMAN, John, sculptor, studio 103 St. Vincent st., works 83 No. Frederick st. 
Mossman, William, monumental sculptor, 83 North Frederick street 
MOUNT, James, clotliier, 103 King street 
MOW AT, John, hair-cutter, 3 Bell street 

Mowat, John, of William Roberton §■ Co., house 99 Renfield street 
Mowat, William, flesher, 1 29 West Nile street 
MouKT- Vernon Coal Company, coal-masters, 89 St. Vincent street 
MUDIE, D., Douglas, of Spiers, Madie ^ Co , house 190 Hope street 
Mudie, John <Ss William, jun., accountants and share-brokers^ agents for the T/Ondon 

Union As-surance office, 144 Queen street 
Mudie, John, of J. ^ W. Mudie, jun., house 5 Florence place 
Mudie, William, jun., of J. ^ W. Mudie, jun., house 5 Florence place 
MUEL, James, -victualler and spirit dealer, 23^ Wexfc Campbell street 
MUGGACH & Thomson, wood turners, 146 West Nile street 
Muir, Andrew S., of Muir, Broxun, §' Co., house lOS St. Vincent sti-eet 
Muir, Andrew, house factor, 59 Hutchison street, house 80 Eglinton street 
Muir, Andrew, spirit dealer, 65 Mitchell street 
Muir & Armour, straw-bonnet, plait and lace manufasturers, and importers of 

French flowers, rr.illinery, etc., 26 Queen street 
Muir, Brown, & Co., manufacturei-s and calico pi inters, 19 West George st., wcirli« 

Govan street, Hutchcsontown, and North street, Auderston. 

Muia— muirmead, 20y 

MuU'3. C'onnell, <fe Brodio, Bi-itiA aad Forsiga straw-liat aul plait minufajfca-jrs 

and' importers, 28 Royal Exchange square 
Mi'.ir, T. & A., & Banks, mercliants, 69 Queen street 

iMuirife Co., u'liolesale clothiers, slop and shirt taanutactiirors, 33 Q,U3oa stra.'t 
Miiir, Dalrymplc & Co., dyers, 87 Kiag street, Galton 
Atuir, David, spirit dealer, 10 i Clyd^^ street, Caltoa 

ilulr,' George, bookbinder, 51 Bruns^vick street, h.>tH3 U C.irahrid^o strc;!; 
Muir', G. W., house 20 Clyde terrace 
Muir, Gowans, & Co., printers, i Dunlop street 
Muir, Hugh, tavern-keeper, 06 Trongate 
Muir, J. & R , Wrights and builders, 22 Taylor street; 
TJiiir, James, huilder, 1)0 Centre street 
i\Iuir', James, baker, 166 High street 

Muir, James, of Mair ^ Armour, iiouse Violet grove. North WooJsidc road 
Mur! James', of Midrs, ConneU, ^ Brodie, house Parkgrove, Paisley road 
Jfuiri James, of Wright ^ Mair, house 94 Montrose street 
]\Iuir, James, iS-l Buchanan street 
Muir, James, wright, 163 Holme street, house 110 do. 
Muir,' J., victualler, 137 High street 
Muir, John, surgeon, 72 Norfolk street 
Muir, John, portioner. 90 Centre street, Tradeston 

Muir, John, collector. City and Suburban Gas Company's office, 4:3 Miller str 'ofc 
Mairi John James, ci, Co,, matnuacturers, 132 Queen street 
Muir,' John James, of J. J. Mair §,■ Co., 133 Queeu street, house iI-vHt-n c ■ •-nt . 

IMuir, John, clerk, Clydesdale bank, house 8 Morns place 
Muir! Rev. Dr. John, of St. James's parish, 132 Hill street, Garaetliiil 
JNIuiri John, of Mair, Brown, ^ Co., house 198 St. Vincent street 
Muir' John, of Muir ^ Co., house 12 lire place 
Muir, John, of J. ^- A. Muir ^ Banks, house 3 Lansdowne crescent 
Muir, John, boot and shoo m:iker, 23 King street, Tradeston 
IMuir, Malcolm, it Co., saw and patent ilooring mills, and veneer and scalcbo.ird 

cutters. Commercial road, Hutchesontown, and Sawmilltield, Port-Dundas 
Muir, Matthew A., Anderston foundry, house 96 Centre street 
Muir, M. & J-, tailors, clothiers, and general warehousemen, 50 Trongate 
Muir' Roberts, of Mair Sf Co., house 12 Ure place 

Muir, Thomas, of M. Muir ^ Co., house 5 Apsley place. Great "VVesl'^rn road 
Muir', Thomas, bootmaker, 50 Glassford street 

Muir, Thomas, jeweller, watch-case maker, and engine turner, 189 Trongate st. 
Muir' William, collector of river and harbour dues, 14 Robertson street 
Muir, William, surgeon, 73 Norfolk street 

Muir, "William, miller, Tradeston mills, 21 Clyde place, meal and flour warehou.se8, 
13*2 High street, 217 Gallowgate, 52 Adelphi street, 199 Cowcaddens street, and 
22 Clyde place 
Muir, William, merchant, 86 West George street, house 140 West Campbell street 
Muiri William! house-factor, sheriff-officer, and coustable, 7 East Campbell street 
Muir, V/illiam, 184 Buchanan street 

Muir, William, of Mair, Brown, ^- Co., house 198 St. Vincent street 
Muiri William, & Son, slaters and ph.sierera, 80 Trongate street 
Muir, William, hairdresser, 59 Castle street 
Muir, V/., <fc Co., cotton-waste dealers, 27 Jackvon street 
Muir! Miss, 11 West Prince's street 
Muii', IMrs. John, 198 St, Vincent street 
Muir, Mrs. John, victualler, 121 Main street, Gorbals 
Mivir, Mrs., milliner, 21 Charlotte street 
Muir, Mrs., lodgings, 03 John street 
Muir, .Mrs., victualler, 1 7 Rutherglen loan 
Muir, Mrs., victualler, 10 Taylor street 
Muir, Mrs , eating-house, 13 Centre street, Tradeston 
MUIRHEAD, Alexander, flesher, 91 Rottcnrow street 
Muirhead, Alex;mder, surgeon, R.N., 20 Cumberland street 
Muirhead, Andrcv,-, currier, leather merchant, and belt maker, 18 Saltmarket st. 
M«irhead'& Arth.ur, watchmakers and jewellers, 80 Argyll street 


MuirheJid, A., <fe Co., grain and flour merchants, 60 Oswald street 

Miiirhead, Henry M., watchmaker, je-weller, and silver-smith, 16 St. Enoch square j 

Muirhead, James, watchmaker to her Majesty, goldsmith and jeweller, 90 Buchanan ' 

street, house 26 Newton place 
Muirhead, James, hide, bark, and leather factor, tanner, and currier, 23 Old wynd, 

house 12 Canning place, Stirling road 
Muirhead, James, of Muirhead ^ Pollock, house 147 St. George's road 
Muirhead, James, of Muirhead, Morgan, ^ Co., house Edgefauld cottage, Balgray 
Muirhead, John, hosier, 38 Candleriggs street 

Muirhead, John, of T. ^ J. Muirhead, house 176 Victoria place. Crown street 
Muirhead, John, \V., of C. ^ R. Baird, ^ Muirhead, house 82 Buccleuch street 
Muirhead, John, dj'er, 37 Thistle street, house 176 Victoria place , 

Muirhead, Morgan, & Co., warehousemen, 4 Argyll street j 

Muirhead, & Pollock, writers, 64 St. Vincent street , 

Muirhead, Robert, spirit dealer, 67 Havannah i 

Muirhead, Robert, 18 Cadogan street I 

Muirhead, Robert, & Son, skinners, 90 Duke street 1 

Muirhead, R., grocer, 123 King street 
Muirhead, T. <fe J., dyers, 37 Thistle street 
Muirhead, Thomas, hosier and glover, 28 Candleriggs street 
Muirhead, Mrs., 79 Abbotsford place 
MuiRKiKK Iron Company, 36 St. Vincent place 
MULHOLLAND, Thomas, furniture dealer, 106 London street 
MULLEN, Capt., army staff, house 10 Woodland place, office Infantry barrack 
Mullen, James, broker and -victualler, 7 and 8 Jackson street 
Mullen, James, victualler, 104 !Maiu street, Gorbals 
MULLER, Robert, grocer, 27 New street, Calton 
MUNN, H. <t W. calenderers, ID Montrose street, and § Cochran street 
MUNRO, Alexander, at Mr. Herhcrtson'e, architect, liouse 50 Graaeme street 
Munro, Alexander, bakei*, 6 Clyde place, Tradeston 
Munro, Archibald, spirit dealer, 21 East Clyde street 
Munro, D. & W., bakers, 90 Hope street 
Munro. Daniel, of D. §■ W. Munro, house 29 Waterloo street 
Munro, Daniel, jun., portrait painter, 12 Canning street, Calton 
Munro, Donald, viftualler, 47 George street 

Munro, Duncan, teacher, Anderston burgh school, Catherine street 
Munro, Findlay, spirit dealer, 144 Stoekwell street 

Munro, G., engraver, copperplate and lithographic printer, 59 Trongate street 
Munro, George, wright, trunk, and paeldng-box maker, 146 West Nile street 
■Munro, Gray, <fe Co., victuallers, 109 New City road 

Munro, H. H., secy. , Glasgow Stock Exchange, National Bank buildings, Qnecn st, 
Munro, James, victualler and grocer, 29 Castle street 
Munro, James, house-factor, 29 Clyde place, Tradeston 
Munro, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 76 Canning street, Calton 
Munro, John, house-factor, at Mackintosh ^ Coivan's, house 29 West Russell street 
Munro, John, baker, 71 Jan^aica street 
Munro, John, tea dealer, 202 Holme street 

ilunro, Richard, Springhill ^ Mount Vernon Coal Co.'s office, ho. 448 Argyll street 
l\Iunro, Robert, clothier and hatter, 109 Argyll street 
Muuro, Robert, mcssenger-at-arms, 73 Hutchescn street 
Munro, Margaret, milliner and straw-hat maker, 67 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Munro, Miss, 21 College street 
Munro, Mrs. Spens, 64 West Regent street 

MI''NSIE, George, «fc Co., cotton and woollen yarn warehouse, Virginia buildiug<i 
Munsie, Robert, Scottish Guardian office, house o Florence place 
Munsie, William, teacher of English, 3 Albany place, house 98 West Nile street 
MURCHlE & Fowler, haircloth and curled-hair manufacturers, 11 Virginia street, 

works Soho street 
Murchie, John, newsvendcr, stationer, and librarian, 93 Main street, Anderston 
MURDOCH, Aitken, & Co., engineers, millwrights, and founders, 36 East Hill st. 
Murdoch, Alexander, of Ritchie &■ Murdoch, 146 Ingram street 
A.ndrf'w, brassfounder, 31 Argyll street 
Andrew, grocer and provision merchant, CC King street, Tradest*;. 


Mm-doch, Brothers, chemists and drunfgists, 7S Buchanan street, and 113 Sauchie- 

hall street. (See Advertisement in A.[>[iondix.) 
Murdoch, Edward, wine and spirit dealer, Oddfellow.s' inn, 13 Main st., Brid"-cton 
Slurdoch, Georn;o, of Murdoch, Brothers, house H5,Sa!ichiehalI street 
Murdoch, J.-imes, engineer, Hill street foundry, house G Monteitit row- 
Murdoch, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 39 Taylor street 
Murdoch, James, writer, 33 Mrginia street 

Miu-doch, James, Carntyne. Letters left at II. Murdoch's, 1 1 West Nile street 
Murdoch, John, brassfounder and gasfittcr, 63 King street, Tradestoa 
Murdoch, John, of Stephen, Blair, ^ Co., house 179 Hope street 
Murdoch, Patrick, &, Son, drapers, 66 Gallowgatc street, house 18 St. Munsro st. 
Murdoch, Robert, of Oranhill, road surveyor and collector for iiarony Parish "statute- 
labour, 1 1 West Nile street 
Muupoch's School, 27 St. Andi-ew's square. R. Walker, teacher 
Murdoch, Thomas, eowfeeder, 224. Castle street 
Murdoch, William, 396 Argyll street 

Murdoch, Miss M., milliner, straw-hat and dress maker, Si Sauchiehall street 
MURISON, James, merchant. Royal Excliange buildings 
MURPHy, Archibald, & Co., pawnbrokers, 2 Tobago street, Calton 
Murphy, Bernard, spirit dealer, 103 Saltmarket street 

Murphy, E. & A., stair-railers, cabinet and chair maker.<<, 53 Montrose street 
Murphy, Henry, hat-manufacturer and pawnbroker, 25 East Clyde street, and 1ST 

Bridgegate street 
Murphy, James, contractor and causewayer, 49 Cumberland street 
Murphy, J. &, A., pattern- drawers and print-cutter.s, 280 George street, house C2 

North Fi-edcrick street 
Murphy, .Tolrn, pattern designer, 60 JNorth Hanover sti-eet 
Murphy, Neil, harness pattern designer, 107 Buchanan street 
Murphy, Mrs., muslin and lace printing establishment, 107 liucfianan street 
MURRaY, Alexander, tailor and clothici-, 16 (Juecn street 
Murray, Andrew, W.S., house 1 St. George's road 
Murray, Andrew, at W. Murray's, 47 George square 
Murray, A. K., of Murray ^ Co,, house 34 South Portland .street 
Murray, Archibald, wright, 35 MiUcr street, house 93 Campbeil street 
Murray & Couper, earthenware manufacturers, Caledonian pottery, Garnejadiiill 
Murray, Charles H., inspector of stamps and taxes, 23 Montelta row 
Murray & Co., calenderers and packers, 109 Brunswick street 
Mun-ay & Co., printers and Time Tabic publishing office, 16 St. Elnoch squn-re 
Murray, D. A. B., of Reid ^- Murray, house Kelvin terrace. Great Westeni. road 
Murray, Daniel, grocer, 153 Bridgegate street 
Murray, David, painter and paper-hanger, 181 Cowcaddens street 
Murray, Donald, of Brown, Murray, &• Co., house Clydesdale dyeworks, Ruthersfler 
Murray, Douglas, at J. H. Paterson §• Go's, 75 Buchanan street 
Murray, George, builder, 12 Woodlands road 
MuiT.ay, George, slater, 6 Park's court, Drygate street 
Mui'ray, George, raanjiger, cement works, 27 Kirk street, Gorbals^ 
Murray, George, flesher, 390 Argyll street, house 435 do. 
Murray, George, flesher, 197 Sauchiehall street 
Murray, Hugh, plasterer, 1 Muslin street, Bridgeton 
Murray, Hugh, bricldayer, 6 East Campbell street 

Murray, James, of Monkland Iron and Steel Co., house 18 Woodside terrace 
MuiTay, James, of Murray <J- Couper, house 45 Garngadhill 
Murray, James, 103 Hospital street 

Murray, James, of Garnkirk Works, 5 Cathcart street, and S Argyll street 
Murray, James, tailor and clothier, 93 Glebe street 
Munay, James, tailor and clothier, 285 Argyll street 
jMurray, James, oil coat manufacturer, 44 Stobcross street 
Murray, James, letter-carrier, Post-Offiee, lodgings 89 John street 
Murray, J. &■ R., general agents, 34 Brooraielaw 
MuiTay, John Bruce, commission agent, 9 Cochran st., house Kelvin terrace, Gt, 

Western road 
Murray, John, .spirit dealer, 8 Wallace court, Boll street 
Murr.ay, John, of Kirkuvod ^ Murray, house (ii Ahbotsford plif!-; 


Murray, John, commercial traveller, 13 Garscaddeu street 

Murray, John, salesman, 110 Thistle street 

Murray, Joseph, bookseller and stationer, 8 Argyll street, house 110 Montrose st. 

Murray, J. & G., manufacturers, 16 Brunswick lane 

Murray, Lawrence, collector, 128 North John street 

Muiray, M., 120 Crown street 

Murray, Rev. Matthew, 52 Rose street, Garnethill 

Murray, Mungo, grocer, G8 King street, house 35 St, Aadz-ew's street 

Murray, Peter, spirit dealer, G| Clyde street, Caltou 

Murray, Robert, silk and woollen dyer. 189 Argyll street 

Murray, Robert, grocer and fruiterer, 30 Dundas street 

Murray, R. M., assessor of taxes, 52 Virii.inia street 

Murray, Ste'vart, curator. Botanic gardens. Letters left at Austin M'Aslan's, 

168 Trongate 
Murray & Smith, writers, 6 St. Vincent place 

Murray, Thomas, bookseller and stationer, 8 Argyll street, heuse 21 Canning place 
Murray, Walter, grocer and wine merchant, 47 George sq,, and 1 West George st. 
Murray, Walter, flesher, 120 New City road 
Murray, William, fleaher, 24 Garscubo place, house 29 do. 
Murray, William, coal agent, 5 Douglas street 
Murray, William, spirit dealer, 106 Duke street 

Murray, William, of Monkland Iron awl Steel Co., house 182 Athol place, JBatI- st- 
Murray, William, wine and spirit dealer, 239 High street 
Murray, William, carver and gilder to the Queen, 1-1 St. Enoch square 
Murray, AV., sen., ])ipemaker, Caledonian pipe works, 33 Garngadhill, house 2 

North Urc place 
Murray, Wiliiam, jun., of Murray ^- Cooper, house ISi Stirling's road 
Murray, Misses, French staymakers, 5-1 West George street 
Mui'ray, Mrs., Angus, painter and paper-hanger, 23 Maxwell street 
Murray, Mrs. John, baker, 83 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Murray, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 105 Dale street, Tradeston 
Murray, Mrs. Patrick, 1 St. George's road 
Murray, Mrs., druggist, 390 Gallowgate 

Murray, Mr.s., matron of St. John's School of Industry, 23 Chalnier's street 
MUllRIE, Andrew, flesher, 333 Argyll sti'eet, house above 
MULiTY, Peter, wright and builder, 98 London street, house 23 Solio street 
MUS GROVE, Benjamin, cutler, gun, saw, and tool maker, 4C Trongate 
MUSHET, John, tanner, currier, and leather merchant, 54 St, Andrew's square, 

house 34 St. Andrew street 
Mushet, John, spirit dealer, 4G1 GalloAVgate 
Mushat, Richard, ai Charles I'ennent Sf Go's, 49^Cochran street 
Mushet, Vi'illiam, boot and shoe maker, 21 James .street, Calton 
MUTER, Andrew, calico printer, 111 Ingram strcetv house and works, Dungla.^s, 

Muter, John D., suigeon, 1 18 Union street, house 13T Renfrew street 
Muter. Thomas, writer, 129 Ingram street 
Mutter, W. & J., distillers, 38 Dunlop street 
Mutter, William, c;/ W. ^- J. Mutter, hovi=e- Grovepark 
iluter, Mrs. Dr., Broompark, Duke street 

MU'L'RIES & Co , fancy silk manufacturers, and silk printers, 48 Buchanan street 
Muixon Market, 86 King street 
MYERS, Alexander, Alloa ale agent, 51 Wilson street, house 1 Stanhope street 

NAIRN, Andrew, of Fleming, Watson ^ Nairn, house 2 South ApsJey place 
Nairn, .Archd., wright, 119 North Montrose street 
Nairn, Ch.irles, & Co., grocers, 33 Dale street, Bridgcton 
Nairn, John, & Son, joiner, trunk and packing-box maker, 16 Cochran street, and 

Hopetoun place, bouse 18 Cochran street 
Nairn, Peter, general c,'i--iccr, 91 Thistle street 
Nairn, William, 2 ]M'>'ei! .;irect 
NAISMITH, Ales., hide ?n<,1 leather fiictor, 5 St. Andrevr ,-!ni:are, house 8 Morris 

place, Monteith row 


Naismlth, Andrew, druggist, 5 Eglinton street 

Naismltli, Andrew, surgeon dentiat, lOS Fyfe place, West George street 

Naismitli, J, C, secy., Glasgow Commercial Exchange Co., ho. Co W. Regent st. 

Naisraith, Matthew, teacher, Burgh school, 50 Tobago street 

Naismith, Tliomas, & Son, cheese and butter dealers, 7 Wilson street, and Bazaar 

Naismith, William, broker, 3S Kirk street, Townhead 
Naismith, Misses, milliuers and dressmakers, 234 High street 
NAPIER, Alexander, agent, 19 Brunswich place 
Napier, D., engineer and founder, Camlachie, house 2V Whitevalo 
Napier. David, iron merchant and manufacturer, aud furnisher of scrap-iron goods, 

P.irkhead forge, house 27 Whitcvale 
Napier, James, master of the Duke of Cornwall, 43 Washington street 
Napier, James, 47 Garnethill street 
Napier, John, Vulcan foundi-y, house 32 India street 
Napier, John, grocer and provision merchant, 7 Cambridge street 
Napio:-, Rev.T'eteP^D.D., of Blackfii.ars Parish, house 99 Bath street 
Napier, Robert, shoe^viaker, 29 College street 
Napier, Robert, engineer and ship builder, Vulcan foundry, 4.0 Washington street, 

and Lancefield foundry, 37 Anderston quay, and ship-building yard, Govan, house 

Napier, Thomas, hardware merchant, 462 Argyll street 
Napier, W^illiam, sen., engineer, 30 Washington street, house Finniestoii House 

Stobcross street 
Napier, William, professor of music, 132 Mains street 

Napier, Miss, 'teacher of the piano-forte, and singing, 132 Mains at., Sauchichall rd. 
Napior, Mrs., -5 Crescent place 

National Bank of Scotland, 13 Virginia street. John Havt, agent 
National Mercantile Life Assurance Society, 33 Buchanan street, Thomas Boyd, 

jun., agent 
National Fire and Life Insurance Co. of Scotland, 33 Renfield st. James Robert 

Dennistoun, manager; ilobert Dick, Inspector; David M'CuUoch, B. L. Bank, 

and 67 Buchanan street; Thomas Frarnc, 7 Exchange place; James Mitchell, 93 

St. Vincent street, and 11 'bort M' Cowan, 17 Gordon street, agents 
National Advertiser Office, S.'j Queen street 

National Insurance Company of Scotland. Robert M'Oowan, 17 Gordon st., agent 
National Loan Fund Life Assurance Society. Donald M-Dewar, Western bank of 

Scotland, agent 
National Provident Institution for Assurance of Lives and Annuities. N. & II. 

Handyside, IS Gordon street, agents 
National Security Savings' Bank, 63 Hutcheson street. Robcri Watson, actuary 
Neckopolis or Cemeterj'', Merchants' park, High church 
NEIL & Co., manufacturers and printers, 126 Q,ueen street 
Neil, David, spirit dealer, 227 High street 

Neil, Gabriel, agent for the Insurance Co. of Scotland, Letters left at S. William- 
son & Co.'s., 62 Virginia street, house Edgefauld near Springburn 
Noil, James, o.t H. Monteith ^- Co "s, bouse Particle 
Neil, James, of Johnston §■ Neil, hou,-;e Cousterholm, Pollokshaws 
Neil. John, chemist and druggist, 67 and 69 South Portland street 
Neill, John, smith, engineer, and claymill maker, 2 South Cumberland street, houso 

1 do 
Ncill, Jolin, & Co., silk manufacturers, 25 Queen street 
Neil!, Robert, slater and slate merchant, 81 Hospital street, hou;ie 114 do. 
Neiil, Robert, at Win, Stirling ^ Sons, house 315 Argyll street 
Neill, Robert, hairdresser, 255 High street 
Neill, Thomas, teacher, 12 Greenside street 
Neill, William, grocer, 22 Norfolk street 
Neil, Mrs. Thomas, bookbinder, 17-5 Buchanan sti-ect, 94 West Nile street, bouse 

123 do 
NEILSON, Andrew, manager, bank of Scotland, home 1 Sandyford place 
Neihon, David, spirit de:der, Bluevale 

Noilson, J. B., engineer, 12 Gordon street, house Windsor ic-vi f,oc, Gt. Western rd 
Neilson, James, buHV' , "''^ '^.'l-r-'ato 


Ncilson, James, & Son, reedmakers, 6 Candloriggs street 

Neilson, James, and spint rucrchant, 25 Princes street 

Neilson, Jolin, house-factor, (567 Gallowgate street 

Neilson, Jolin, spirit dealer, 9 West street, Tradeston 

Neilson, John, at Campbell ^ Co.'s, house 49 West Campbell street 

Neilson, John, contractor, 266 Duke street 

Neilson, & Co., engineers, millwrights, and founders; engine works, Hydepark st 

foundry, Finnieston street 
Neilson, Patrick, stockbroker and accountant, agent for the Hercules Fire and Eu- 

ropean Life Insurance Office, 69 Glassford street, house 83 South Portland street. 

(See Advertisement in Appendix.) 
Neilson, Kobert, surgeon, 58 Charlotte street 

Neilson, Robert, bookbinder, 48 Buchanan street, house 15 Hill strtct, Gamethili 
Neilson, Robert, plasterer, house 30 Blackfriars sti'eet, works College street 
Neilson, Robert, ship and insurance broker and commission agent, 22 St. Enoch iq. 
Neilson, Robert, spirit dealer, 164 East Milton street 

Neilson, Thomas, & Co., commission merchant. Princes square, 48 Buchanan streei 
Neilson, Thomas, commission agent and house factor, 29 Hutcheson street, hoasL- 

29 Hospital street 
Neilson, T., wine and spirit merchant, OS Bridgegate, house 135 Stoekwell street 
Neilson, Thomas, fiesiier, 38 and 40 West Nile street, house 198 Buchanan street 
Neilson, Tictualler, 126 Bridgegate street 

Neilson. Waller, of Neikon §' Co., house Cowslip-bank, Finnieston 
Neilson, William, letter carrier, P. O., house 60 Milton street 
Neilson, William, victualler and spirit dealer. 663 GalJowgate 
Neilson, William, & Robert Anderson, ■writers, 68 Glassford street 
Neilson, William, of Wm. Neilson ^ Robt. Anderson, hoxise 116 South Portland st 
Neilson, William, wine and spirit merchant, 133 and 135 Stockwell street 
Neilson, William, stockbroker.. 69 Glassford street, house 83 South Portland street. 
Neilson, William, giottr and spirit dealer, 34 Rose street, Hutchesontown 
Neilson, William, grocer and tea dealer, 78 Kirk street, Cal'on 
Neilson, William, buiklei', 93 Whitevale 

Neilson, William, builder, Spring-grove cottage, St. George'a road 
Ncilson, William, cooper, 145 Castle street 

Neilson, William, contractor and causewayer, Craig's quai'ry, house TownniiU road 
Neilson, Mrs., stay and baby-linen maker, 9 East Russell street 
NESS, Kobert, teacher, St. Mathcw's school, house 90 King street, Tradeston 
Ness, Thomas, victualler and spirit dealer. 47 King street, Tradeston 
NESMITH, James, marble cutter, 23 Wellington street 

NEVILLE, 11. H., tailor and clothier, 1 Glassford street, house 13 Monteith row 
Neville, William, 48 Bedford street 
NEWALL, Archibald, broker and commission merchant, 33 Virginia street, 

309 Greenhill place, West St. Vincent street 
Newall, Mrs. John, grocer and spirit dealer, 144 Rottenrow street 
NEWLANDS, Archibald, spirit dealer, 24 Green street, Calton 
Newlands, Jnmes, Dumbarton small parcel carrier, 140 Argyll street 
Newlands, Michael, broker, 136 Greendyke street 
Newlands, Peter J., tailor and clothier, 70 Brunswick street 
Newlands, William, at Buchanan, Watson, ^ Co.'s, house 3 Kensington place 
Newlands, Miss, dressmaker, 73 West Nile street 

Newhmds, Misses, boarding school, Kensington place, 113 Sauchiehall street 
NEWMAN, James E., M.D., 74 Hospital street 
NEWTON, Keaies, & Co., lead, copper, and brass smelters, and manufacturers, 

Cheapside street 
Newton, Walter, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 66 Hospital street 
Newton, The, Crown and Sheet Glass Co., 11 John street 

:\'Hvr-YoRK, Boston, and Halifax Royal Mail Steam-Packet OiEce, 9 Buchanan at. 
NIBLOCK, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 105 Reniield street. 
N.ICOLL, Alexander, of Sell <J- Nicoll, house 58 Rose street, Garnethill 
Nicoll, Alexander, cabinetmaker, 25 North street, house o Greenhill street 
Nicol, George, victualler and grocer, 49 New Dalmarnock road 
Nichol, George, victualler, 4 Portugal street 
Nicol, Mrs. James, spirit dealer, 95 Havannah street 



Nicol, John, slater, 9 Pitt street 

Nichol, John Pringle, professor of practical astronomy, College 

Nicol, Maitland, confectioner, 98 Queen street, house 31 Garseube place 

Nicol, Peter, commission merchant, 17 Gordon street 

Nicol, Robert, sen., 95 Upper Crown street 

Nicol, Samuel, Glasgow and Greenock Towing Co., 196 Brooiuielaw, iiouso S 

South Portland street 
Nicol, Thomas, provision merchant, 40Y Argyll street 

Nichols, W. S., worsted and woollen yarn agent, 57 Miller street, Jiouse BaLTav 
Nicol's Temperance hotel, 7 Queen street ' ' ' 

Nicol, Mrs., spirit dealer, io5 Gallowgate 
NICHOLSON, Daniel, spirit dealer, 43 Maxwell street 
Nicolson, John, at A. ^ J. Morrison's, 4.0 St. Vincent place ' 
Nicolson 4 Stiven, writers and agents for the Sun Fire office, 20 Buchanan street 
Nicolson, Thomas, of Nicolson §r Stiven, house Hamilton crescent, Particle 
NIELD, Edward, cotton-yarn and commission merchant, 78 Miller street 
N/oHi Asylum for the Houseless, and House of Industry for Indi"-ent Females. 

North Fnderiek street. John M'Whirter, superintendent 
NIMMO, Michael, clothier, 60 Gallowgate 
Nimmo, William, cartwright, 157 London street 
NImrao, Mrs,, 140 Renfrew street 

NISBET, Alexander, ironmonger and iron merchant, 180 Trongate 
Nisbet, Andrew, at John Clark's, Buchanan strejt 

Nisbct, Andrew, surgeon-dentist, 2 Abercromby place, West George street 
Nisbett, Rev. Archibald, 29 College street 
Nisbet, H. A., at Elliot, Brothers, ^ Co,, house South Park 
Nisbet, James, of Diikes ^ Nisbet, house 4 Steel street 
Nisbet, James, writer, of Smith y Nishet, houso Kinning house 
Nisbet, James, cowfeetJer, 41 Shuttle street 
Nisbet, John, of G. M- Caul ^ Sons, house 49 Holmhead street 
Nisbet, John, & Co., shoe manufacturers, 10, 12, and 14 Garthlaud street 
Nisbet, John, of John Niibet ^ Co., house 49 Holmhead street 
Nisbet, John, spirit dealer, 18 Rutliei-glen loan 
Nisbet, Matthew, wholesale and retail grocer, 177 Trongate 
Nisbet & M'Gibl)on, bakers, 61 Eglinton street 
Nisbet, Thomas, at Archibald Edmiston's, house 25 Cieland street 
Nisbet, W. S., writer, 41 Virginia street, residence Dundas vale, New City road 
Nisbet, William, carver ;ind gilder, 19 Croy place 
Nisbet, Mrs.^ lodgings, 109 Argyll street 
Nisbet, Mrs., 110 Renfrew street 
Nisbet, Mrs. James, spirit dealer. 388 Argyll street 
NISH, Anthony, writer and messenger-at-arma, County buildings, Wilson street, 

house 18 Monteith row 
Neish, Miss, furnishing shop, 18 Main street, Anderston 
Nish, Mrs. Peter, baker, 114 Gallowgate 
NIVEN, Andrew, boot and shoe maker, 7 Buchanan street 
Niven, Daniel, jun., cotton-waste dealer and mill furnisher, 77 Hutcheson street, 

house 34 Abbotsford place 
'•Niven, David, smith, 28 Centre street, Tradeston 
Niven, David, writer, 13 Royal Exchange place. Louse 24 Pollock street 
Niveu, David, spirit dealer, 28 Centre street 
Niven, George, at R. Hastie ^ Co.'s 

Niven, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 287 Parliamentary road 
Niven, John, boot and shoe maker, 127 Renfield street, house 1 Rutherford lane' 
Niven, John, jun., <fc Co., booksellers and stationers, 46 Argyll street 
Niven, John, spitit dealer, 17 ClytTe place 
Niven, Malcolm, broker and commission merchant, 19 Stock?/e!l street, and ageui 

for Calton Hill brewery, Edinburgh 
Niven, Robert, spirit dealer, 20 Jail square 
Niven, W. W., librarian Glasgow Library, 151 George street 
Niven, Mrs., 14 Renfrew street 

NIXON, R, & Co., hat manufacturers, 5 Melv'IJe court 
NOBLE, Donald, clerk, Gorbals Foundry 


'^'obfe. Rev. John, A.M.. 201 Elgin place 
NoHMiL Seminary, DuncLis-vale 

NORMAN <fe Crmkski'.i, engineers and millwrights, Sawmill-iiold, Port-Dundas 
Norman, Mrs. R. 11., western dancing academy, Holland street, Sauchiehall street 
IS'ORHIS, Alexander, portioner, 210 Holme street 
IS'orris, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 219 Argyll street 
Noriis, James, grocer and s])ir;t dealer, 3 and Douglas street, bouse 8 do. 
Norris, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 46 Adelpbi street 
Norris, William, flesber, 40 Adciphi street 
North British Advertiser OiSce, 98 Miller street 
iSorth British Bank, 101 Miller street. Andrew Tennant, manager 
North British Fire and Life Insurance Co. D. h N, Bannatyoc, 46 Renfield street, 

and Hugh M'Kay, SO Union street, agents 
North of England Insurance Office, 86 Miller street. Archd. Lawson, agent. 
North British Hotel, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway terminus, 7 N. Queen street 
A'orth British Insurance OlHce, 8 Royal Exchange square. Archibald Hamilton, 
. manager. (See Advertisement.) 
North British Daily ISlail Office, IGT Argyll street 

North British Railway and Shipping Journal, 19 Prince's square, Buchanau street 
North and "West of Scotland Fire and Life Assurance Company. William Sneddon, 

18 Canning street, and James Smith, 19 St, Vincent place, agents 
North Quarter Library, 31 Drygate street. AVilliam Finlay, librarian 
Norwich Union Fire and Life Insurance Office, 86 Miller street. Hugh M'Laeh- 

lan, agent 
NORWELL, James, silk mercer, 30 Argyll sti-eet 
NOTMAN, John, accountant, Aberdeen Insurance Office, 111 St. Vincent street 

house 9 Cambridge street 
Notman, Johii S., clothier, 84 West George .-iti-oot ■* 

Notman. 'flioraas, grain merchant, 207 Coweaddens street 
Notman, William, woollen cloth merchant, 49 W. Nile street, house do. 
NtJRSERT Institution for Children, 40 Cavendish st. Mrs. Stewart, matron 
NUTTaL, p., agent to H. Bury §• Co., manvfoxtnring chemists, 19 Cochran st., 

and nianutacturing chemists 

O'CCNNER, John, oliicer of excise, 9 Niebo!?on street 
O'DON.NELL, Edward, grocer, 35 Portugal street 
O'Donnell, Dominick, portioner, house 1 Market street 
O'Donnell, Michael, shoemaker, 42 & 44 Saltmarkct st., work-shop 30 Prince's st.. 

house 43 Saltmarket 
O'HAIR, John, broker, 8 Prince'.s street 
O'LOUGIJLAN, Rev. B. J., classical teacher, 10 Finlay street 
O'NEIL, Hugh, spirit dealer, 8 and 10 Hridgcgate street 
O'NeiJ, James, lieutenant of police, central district, 20 East Clyde street 
O'NeiJ, John, merchant, 6 St. Andrew street 
O'Neil, John, contractor, 32 South St, Mungo street 
O'Ncil, John, tailor and clothier, 12 Main street, Anderston 

O'PROWER, Lewis E., manufactuier and grnpiT.l merchant, 44. East Clyde .street 
O'REILLY, Thomas,, cfilcer of excise. 9 jNJeliolscn street 
O'Reilly, Thomas, cooper, 40 Charlotte Lane 

OA.T'J"S, John, stationer, 102 Queen street, hou.'c 2 North LTre place 
Oats, Thomas, slater, 52 Argyll street 
OGG, Daniel, furniture dealer, 38 Great Clyde street 
OBAN Steam Packet Office, 65 Jamaica street 
OcAN Stcan -Packet Oi?"ce, 9 Buchanm street, and 15 Jamaica street 
Ogg, James, tailor and clothier, 281 Buchanan street, house 282 do. 
GGILVIE, Thonsas, commission merchant, -)9 W^ Mil" '• , l\i>'ise SSandyford pi, 
Ogilvie, Straton S., wine and spirit merchant, 3 Stirlii'; ■ ., li^'. 3 I IVJonteith row 
Ogilvic, Thomas, jun , of Oyilvie, Clark §' Co , house 3 Sandyiord place 
Ogilvie, W. 1) , 120 Buchanan street, house 3 Sandyford place 
Ogilvi.-, Willl.nn, of jVitchell, Miller ^ Ogilvie; 24 Queen street 
OGLE, Andrtiv S,, writer, agent fertile IJfo Association of Scotland, 1 S. Frederick 

itroet_ honsc 4.5 Union Street 



Ogle, Hans, jtrovlwion niercliant, 12 Rutherglen loan 

O.'zic, ?»raurice, & Sons, booksellers ami stationers, 1 Royal Exchange square 

OLDHAM, Mrs. Joseph, 19 Prince's street. Queen's cre.sent 

Old Drug Co , tipothecaries and drysalters, 50 Trongatc street 

Old Exchange Loan Co., pawnbrokers, 4-3 Trougate, Wm. Ballantync, manager 

OLIl'HAN'r, George, waiter, 255 George street 

Oliphant, Maxwell, <fe Steven.^!, writers, 124 St. Vincent street 

Oliphant, Robert, at Win. Gilmour'?, 17 Brunswick place 

Oliphant, Robert, look and hinge maker, G2 Old Vennel 

Oliphant, Thomas, spirit dealer, 28 Merchant lane 

OLIVE t?. Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 114 West Nile street 

OM.\N. Charles, dairyman, 44 Tubngo street, Calton 

O.Mo.v Iron and Coal Office, 37 West George street 

OPPENflEIM, W. M., looking-glass, chair manufacturer, and niahogaay merchant, 
11 Miller street, house 166 Stafford place 

ORD, George, accounta.nt, agent for the Fire Insurance Company of Scotland, and 
Standand Life Assurance Company, 103 St. Vincent st., ho. Lynedoch crescent 

ORKNEY, Peter, grocer, 42 Carrick street 

ORMPj, James, of Orme, 3f Arthur ^- Co., house Greenfield, Mearns 

Ormc, M'Arthur, & Co. calendcrerg, packers, and bleachers, 23 and 25 West 
George street, and St. Vincent laiu- 

ORMISTON, John, wright, ;117 Sauchiehall street 

Ormiston, William, wright, 2 Anderson street, Gallowgate 

Orraiston, Mr.-?. M., brush, toy, and stoneware shop, 7 Wellington arcade, house SO 
Renfrew street 

Ormiston, Miss, 37 Garnethill street 

0rp!I.\n Institution, William street, Calti.n 

Orr, Andrew, hairdresser, 117 and 17G Saltmarkefc street 

Orr, Andrew, of Francis Orr ^- Sons, 129 St. Vincent street 

Orr, Andrew, ]iiovision merchant, 244 Argyll street 

Orr, Colvii, <St Co., shipbrokers and eommission merchants, Gordon street 

Orr, Francis, at J. ^ J. WItyic's, house 57 Oswald street 

Orr, Francis, <fc Sons, wholesale stationers and publishers, 63 Brunswick street 

Orr, Hugh, spirit dealer, 164 Stobeross street 

Orr, James, of Francis Orr ^ Sons, house Williamwood, Cathoart 

Orr, James, victualler, spirit dealer, and agent, 17 Clyde street, Calton 

Orr, James, Ayr.'jhire tavern, wine and' spirit dealer, 35 Clyde pi., and 2 Centre st. 

Orr, John, wine and spirit dealer, 5 Green street, 4.7 Millroad street, 443 Gallow- 
. gate, and 5 Tobago street, house G7 Bellgrovc place 

Orr, John, hosier and glover, 167 Ingram street, house 278 Argyll street 

On', John, of R., F., ^ J. Alexander ^ Co., house 9 Victoria pi., West Regent st. 

Orr, John, of Orr, Co'.vil, §■ Co., house Queen's crescent 

Orr, John, at M. M Farlane ^- Go's distillery, Port-Dundas, house Kippoch 

Orr, John, jun., commission merchant, 118 Union street 

Orr, John, grocer and provision merchant, 1 Green street, SO Bell street, 43 Steven- 
son street, Calton, and 443 Gallowgate, house 28 Whitevale street 

Orr, J. & Co., merchants, .57 Miller street 

Orr, Peter, glass and emei-y-paper manufacturer, 43 High street 

Orr, Robert, letter-carrier, 3S Centre street 

Orr, Robert Vallonce, merchant, '25 Clyde place 

Orr, Service, & Co., Hayfield dyeworks, M'Ncil street 

Orr, Thomas C, corami.ssiou merchant, 20 Union street 

Orr, William, merchant, 72 St. George's place, house 7 Newton place 

Orr, W., calend-jrer, hot presser, and packer, 51 Cochran street 

Orr, William, of Francis Orr S,' Sons, house 129 St. Vincent street 

Orr, William, & Co., wholesale cloth warehousemen, -4 St. Enoch square 

OiT, Mrs. David, balicr and spirit dealer, 3 Anderston quay 

Orr, Mrs., French stay and cornet maker, 48 Brougham place 

Orr, Misses, milliners, 74 George street 

Orr, Miss J. & Co., straw-hit rtarehouso, 95 Argyll street 

OSBORNE, Alexander, at Robert Osborne's, 127 Candleriggs .street 

Osborne, P>,., ham curer, cheese, and butter merchant, 127 CandlerJggs street 

Osborne, Robert, baker, 163 and 170 Cowcaddens street 



OSWALD, Andrew, 39 Abbotsford place 

Oswald, Henry, Surrey place, rollockshaws road 

Oswald, James, of Oswald, Stevenson, §■ Co. 

Oswald, Stevenson, & Co., cotton-yarn agents, 23 Royal Exchange square 

Oswald, Mrs. S., 9 OaL-field jjlaee, Jane street 

OUTCH, Stephen, jun., window glazier, 12 Havannah street 

OUTRAM, D. E., accountant and stock-broker, 27 Gordon street 

Outran), George, & Co.. Herald office, 182 Trongate street 

Outram, George, of George Oalram §• Co., house 10 Newton place 

Outrara, Joseph, commission merchant, 97 Union street 

OVINGTON, Thomas, merchant, 65 Sauchiehall street 

OXLEY, Walter, of Oxley, Sillers, §■ Co., house Great Western road 

PAE, David, barley store, 44 Hope street. James Ferguson, agent 
PAGAN, Dr , professor of midwifery, University, house 83 West Regent street 
Pagan, James, manager for Wm. AiicJdson ^ Cc , house Cadogan street ~ ■ 
Pagan, James, reporter of Herald office, house 184 Victoria place, Crown street- 
PAGE, Robert, measurer, 74 Cambridge street 
Page, Mrs. H., milliner, 66 Robertson street 
PAISLEY, Gavin, of RoU. Hood 8/- Co., house 57 Oswald street 
Paisley, Jardinc, & Co , merchants, 13 Victoria place. West Regent street 
Paisley, John, of PaisUy, Jardine, ^ Co., house 3 Woodside place 
Paisley Canal Office, 34 Jamaica street 
Paisley Railway Station, 14 Bridge street 

PAIRMAN, James, at Jas. Richmond ^ Co.'s, house 138 South Portland street 
PALETHORP, John, provision and spirit dealer, 204 Buchanan street 
l^'ALMER & Bryant, spirit dealers, 56 Saltmarket street 
Palmer, John, watcli and clock malier, 283 Gallowgate 
Palmer, Mrs., 26 George street 

Palladium Life Insurance Society. John Baird, agent, 83 Jamaica street 
PAN TON, George, dealer in watch and cloclc tools and materials, fishing tackle, 

violin strings, etc., 32 Stockwell street 
Panton, James, & Co., general merchants and iraportei-s of foreign goods, dealers in 

watch tools, fishing tackle, violin strings, etc., 85 Buchanan street 
Panton, John, M.D., 60 West Regent street 
P APPLE, James, clothier, 193 Argyll street 

Paecbl Delivery Company, 13 Miller street. John Miller, manager 
?A11FITT, Henry T., general agent and ship broker, 1 Robertson street 
F.aRIS, John, accountant and factor, 118 Union street, house 138 Stirling's road 
PARK, A-lexander, corn factor, 71 Waterloo street 
Park, Alexander, pawnbroker, 48 StoclcM-ell street, house 39 Drj'gate "^ 
Park, Charles, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 162 and 164 West Regent street, 

workshop 73 Campbell street, house 43 Dalhousie street 
Park, David, letter-carrier, P. 0., house 21 College street 
Park, Gavin, flesher, 19 London street 
Park, George, spirit dealer, 66 Crown street 
Park, James, broker, 21 Green street, Calton 
Park, James, joiner and house carpenter, 159 London street 
Park, John, manufacturer, 16 Canning street 

Park, Lewis <& Charles, sewed musllu manufacturers, 23 Royal Exchange square 
Park, Samuel, builder, 14 Maitland street 
Park, Thomas, of Thomas Park §■ Co., bouse 59 Union street 
Park, Thomas, & Co., boot and shoe makers, 14 Argyll street 
Park, Thomas, house factor, 29 Normal place, Garscube place 
Park & Thomson, sewed muslin manufacturers, 100 Q,ueen St., and 163 Ingram st. 
PARKER, D. & J., tea nierchts. and general grocers, 417 Argyll st, and 263 High st. 
Parker, George, victualler, 107 Stobcross street 

Parker, James, commission agent and remnant dealer, 4 St. Andrew street 
Parker, James, hat-plush and umbroUa-silk agent, 69 Ingram street 
Parker, James, soap and candle maker and oil merchant, 117 Gallowgate 
Parker, Matthew Grave, 20 Canning place 
Parker, Richard, sen., architect, superintendent of buUdings, 4 North Paterson st. 


Parker, Richard, jun., engineer and millwright, i N^orth Paterson street 

Parker, Robert, surgeon, SO Centre street, house 30 Commerce street 

Parker, Robert, baker, 20 Rose street, Hutchesontowu 

Parker, William, baker, 26 London street 

P.arker, Wiiliam, wright, 4 North Paterson street 

PARKHILL, Wiiliara, singeing works, 17 Stirling street 

PARKIN, George, saw-maker, 42 Howard street 

PARLANE, Alexander, wino and spirit dealer, 47 and 49 Eglinton street 

Pai'lano, J., & Co., bakers and grocers, 168 Broomielaw 

ParlanC; Williatn, baker. 24 South Portland street 

Parlane, Mrs., 15 Renfrew street' 

PAROcifrAL feoard Chambers, Barony Parish, 36 North Albion street 

PARSONS, C. F., <fc Co., spale cutters, fancy box, and congreve match manufs., 

17 Rock street, Townhead 
Patent Gutta Percha Warehouse, 12 Gallowgate. James Dick &, Co. 
Patent Heddle-factory, warehouse 67 Buchanan street 
Patent Rivet Company, works j,.' North street, Andcrston. Joseph T. Crawford 

& Co., managing partners 
Patent Rivet Company, works Smetkwick, Staffordshire, 19 St, Enoch square, 

Alexander M. Edwards. (See Advertisement in Appendix.) 
PATERSON, A. & G., St. Rollox woodyard, near the Railway depot, Townhead 
Paterson, Adam, of Moncneff, Paterson, ^ Forbes, house 111 Douglas street 
Paterson, Adam, at (r. ^ J. Burn's, house 14 York street 
Patter.son, Rev. Alexander S., Hutchesontown Free church, 3 Maxwelton place 
Paterson, Allan, boot and shoe maker, 66 Thistle street 
Paterson, Alexander, 1 1 Greenlaw place 
Paterson, Alexander, nail manufacturer, 6 Wallace street 
Paterson, A. & \V., boot and shoe manufacturers, 90 and 92 Argyll street 
Paterson, Andrew, manufacturer, 114 Candleriggs street, house 3.5 Whiteval.(} 
Paterson, Archibald, printer, 5 King street 
Paterson, B. R., at Johnston ^ Fane's, 62 Wilson street 

Paterson, Brothers, <fe Co., commission agents and merchants, 1 N. court, Royal Ex. 
Paterson & Bums, fruiterers and green grocers, centre row, Bazaar market 
Paterson, David, flesher, 64 Maitland street 
Patterson, Edward, painter, 81 Main street, Bridgeton 

Paterson, Francis, stockbroker, 56 Gordon street, house Gardenside, Dalraarnock 
Paterson & Fyfe, silk mei-cera, 101 Trongate 
Paterson, Gavin, boot and shoemaker, 13 Trongate 

Paterson, George, & Co., cotton-waste and rag store, 25 Stockwell place, ho. 20 do, 
Paterson, George, of A. ^' G. Paterson, house 96 Regent terrace 
Paterson, George, of William Paterson ^ Son, house 23 Dixon street 
Paterson, George, of Paterson, Brothers, ^ Co., house BankJiead, Partick road 
Pjiterson, Rev, James, of Hope street Baptist chapel, 99 South Portland street 
Paterson, James, teller. Royal bank. Old Balgray 
Paterson, James, Ayrshire dairy, 94 Thistle street 
Paterson, James, 97 Union street 
Paterson, James, M.D. and surgeon, professor of midwifery, Andersonian university, 

house 4 Great Hamilton street 
Paterson, James, inspector of weights and measures for the city, 16 Dunlop street 
Paterson, James, <fc Co., manufacturers, 17 Virginia street 
Paterson, James, of James Paterson §f Co., house Hillhead 
Paterson, James, tobacconist, 13 Canon street 

Paterson, James, & Co., general agents, bonding and free warehouses, Adam's court 
- lano, Howard street, and 70 Mitchell street, house 30 Hope street 
Paterson, James, 5 Belgrove street 

Paterson, James, of William Paterson S/- Co., house 88 Main street, Gorbals 
Paterson, James, & Co., stationer and account book manufacturer, 126 Ingram st. 
Paterson, James, & Son, tailors, 42 Argyll street 
Paterson, James, wright, 3 William street, Andcrston 
Paterson, J. H., <fc Co., clothiers and outfitters, 75 Buchanan street, house 36 North 

Frederick street 
Paterson, Jamieson, &, Co., merchants and manufacturers, 63 Dundas street 
Fsterson, John, fruiterer, 149 George street 


Paterson, John, general dealer, 20 Prince's street 

Paterson, John, cabinetmaker, IG London lane '■• 

Patevson, John, grain merchant, 69 Oswald street S I 

Patersor,. Jo!ni, smith, 25 Dunlop street ; 

"i^aterson, John, tailor and clothier, 5 Jiridge sheet '*l 

Paterson, John, upholsterer and paper-hanger, 240 Argyll street 

Paterson, John H,, jun., <fe Co., grain and commission merchants, 38 Union street 

Paterson, John II,, Jan., of John II. Paterson, jitn., ^ Co., house 2 Milton place 

Paterson, Joshua, M.D , 318 St. Vincent street, consulting-room, 1 Wasliingtou st. 

Paterson & M'Xeil, boot and shoe rnakers, 31 Gallowgatc street 

Paterson, Malcolm, spirit dealer, Finnieston 

Paterson, Matthew, of A. §' IV. Paterson, house S3 South Portland street 

Paterson, Morgan, & Go , merchants, 32 George square 

Paterson, Peter, victualler and fish agent, 212 Gallowgato 

Paterson, Rev., Dr. Nathaniel, of Free Si. Anhew's, 19 Monteith row 

I'aterson, Robert, \YOoiien-yarn and general comiiiission agent, 31 Miller street 

Paterson, Robei't, coalmaster, Netberfield House, Duke street - 

Paterson, Robert, of Jack, Paterson, §r Co., house 2 Milton place 

Paterson, Robert, of Paterson, Jamieson, §• Co., house 2 Somerset place 

Paterson, Robert, bootmaker, .oO Ingram street, liouse 52 do. 

Paterson, Robert, bread and biscuit baker, 147 Trongate i 

Paterson, Robert, &, Co , clothiers and hatters, 113 Ingram street 

Paterson, Robert, jun., of Jack, Paterson, ^ Co., 2 Milton place 

Paterson, Robert, sui'geon, 115 Uopesticet 

Paterson, TJiomas, boot and shoe maker, 63 Canning street 

Paior.son, Thomas, lithographer, 59 Hutcheson street, house 52 Ingram street 

Paterson, 'J'horaas L., .of Jame.-< Black ^- Crt, house Freeland bank, Partiek 

Paterson, Thomas, M.i>., anatomical modeller, 56 Gordon street ;! 

:-'i;crson, Thomas, spirit dealer, 38 Dui\das street j 

. erson, Walter, of U. P. R.'^e ^- Co., house 130 no]ie street ■;jj 

terson, Walter, Glasgow Sedan-chair office, TO St. George's place \ 

Paierson, William, M.O., 141 Hope street 

Paterson, Willi.«m, merchant, agent for North British Insurance Co., and for Sir 
R. H. Meux, bart., <fc Co., brewers, London, 100 Brunswick street, and S." Can- i 
dleriggs street ; 

''■; terson, U., tinsmith and gasfitter, 22 Stoekwell street 

"crson, William, chemist and kelp merchant, lOU Brunswick street, and ^5 Can- 
dloriggs sti'cet, house 25 Abbotsford place 

Patcrsdi:, Williaiii, bcadic of John street United Presbj'teriau chapel. Louse 255 
George street 

Paterson, vMlliam, of Pater smi §/• Fyfe, house 230 Argyll street 

Paterson, W. Iv., at Patersons, Brothers. §• Co. 

T-"aterson, William. &. Co,, smiths and bell-hangers, S8 Main .street, Gorbals 

• \terson, William, of Paterson, Brothers, ^- Co., house Crow road, Partiek 

j'aterson, Y/ilJiain, iv Son, smiths and bell-hangers, scale, beam, coach, cart, ivjig- 
gon axle, lock and hinge makers, 19 Ann street 

Paterson, Mrs., ladies' keeper, 188 Holm street 

Paterson, Miss, boarding-school, 1 Queen's crescent 

Paterson, Miss, dressmaker, 278 Argyll street 

Paterson, Margaret, victualler, 67 Taylor street 

Paterson, Mrs., innkeeper, 38 Ingram street 

Paterson, Margaret & Katherine, stravvliat and boys' dressmakers, 26 Finlay st. 

Paterson, Mrs. James, 97 Union street 

Paterson, Mrs. James, basket manufacturer, 188 Argyll street 

Paterson, Mrs , James, green grocer, 19 George street 

Paterson, Miss Agues, milliner and dressmaker, 134 Cowcaddens street 

PATON, .■\llan, fie.sher, 95 Kirk street, Caltoa 

Paton, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, S3 Crown street 

Paton, Alexander, of Paton §• Adam, house 2 Morris place 

Paton, Alexander, of Barclay, Ferguson, ^ Co., 39 Hutcheson street 

Paton, Andrew, commission merchant, 49 Virginia street, house 16 Richmond st, 

Paton 4 Adam, whu'esalo hosiers, gluv ■ . ^ '■ .oiall-ware manufacturers, 6 Lon- 
don street 


I'ilton. Daniel, grocer and victualler, 51 Kent street 

Paton, Ebenezcr, flcsher, 48 West Milton street 

Paton, George, slater, 37 Great ILmillton street 

Paton & Grant, ship and insurance brokers, 33 Buoliannn street 

Paton, J. & D., wooilen manufacturers, and warehousemen, 17 John street, factory 

Paton, J. it J., victuallers, dG Thistle street, Gorbals 
Paton, James, tlcsher, 14 Little street 
Paton, John, cabinetmaker, 48 Bath street 
I'aton, John, of Paton ^- Grant, house 53 Cadogan street 
Paton, M. & >V., ironmongers, 7 and 9 Saltmarket street 

Paton, Robert, cabinetmaker, ujjholsterer, and undertaker, H Bucliauan street 
Paton, Rev. Kobert, of St. David's parish, 6 Newton place 
I'atoii (.V, Small, nurserymen and florists, Sandyford house 
Patoii, William, bootmaker, 17 Hutcheson street 

Paton, William P., commission merchant, Virginia buildings, house 8 Newton place 
Paton, William, tea merchant and commission agent, 53 Commercial road 
Paton, William, joiner and cabinetmaker, 229 Argyll street 
Paton, William, at J. §f D. Patau's, 17 John street 

Paton, W., shirt-maker, hosier, and glover, tailors' trimmings warehouse, 59 Bu- 
chanan street, house 71 South Portland street 
Paton, William, at J. §,■ D. Falon's, 17 John street 
Paton, William, a^ T/ios. Chalmers ^- Co.'s, 161 Trongate street 
Paton, Miss, lodgings, 79 ilenfield street 
Paton, Miss C , brush and bellows shop, 21 High street 
Paton, Mrs. Alexander, .spirit dealer, J 9 Wellington street 
Paton, Mrs. J , milliner and dressmaker, 40 Union street 
PATRICK, David, M.D., surgeon-aurist, 14 Moore place, West George street 
Patrick, U. W., wholesale grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 88 Union street, house 

1 1 7 West Cam,)bell street - 
Patrick, Jolin, & Co., comniission merchants, 8 Ingram street and 4 Montrose st, 
Patrick, Robert, spirit dealer, 19 William street, Cowcaddens 
Patrick, William, warden, Cathedra! lodge, house 151 Garngadliill 
Patrick, Wm., warehouseman, 18 Clyde terrace 
PATTISON, James, tobacconist, ]2() Cowcaddens street 
Pattison, J. ii G., & Co., merchants, 51 Buchanan street 

Pattison, M. M,, agent fur Liverpool Fire and Life Insurance Co., 4 Crescent placo 
Paul, Alexander, <& Co., manufacturers, 21 St. Vincent place, workers' entry, sir 

East George lane 
Paul, Alexautler, Port-Dundas PoUery Co., 64 Bishop street 
Paul, Alexander, of A. Paid ^ Co., house 25 Lynedoch street 
Paul, Alexander, ham-curer, 55 Great Hamilton street 
Paul, A., tea dealer and agent, 3 Govanhaugh 
Paul, Andrew, druggist, 12 Clyde terrace, house 3 Govanhaugh 
Paul, Daniel, bootmaker, 89 Crown street 
Paul, Daniel, writer and stock broker, master in chancery, commissioner for taking 

chancery aflnldavits, agent for Aberdeen Fire and Life Assurance Company, 107 

Buchanan street 
Paul, George, clothier, 16 Queen street 
Paul, H., fruiterer, 77 Jamaica street 
Paul, James, niorchant, 422 Parliamentary road 
Paul, James, painter and paper-lianger, 40 Clyde place 
Paul, James, of Eivinri, Paid, §■ Co., house Kelvin terrace, Hillliead 
Paul, John, merchant, 2 Sandyford place, Sauchiehal! street 

Paul, John, commission merchant, 7 South Frederick street, house 11 Bucoleuoh st. 
Paul, John, of A. Paul ^- Co , 24 St. Vincent place 
Paul, John, write:-, and agent for the Promoter Life and Annuity Insurance Co., 

24 Hutcheson street, house 130 Stirling's road 
Paul, J. & A , chandlers, 8 George street, house 2 Duke street 
Paul, Matihew & William, wrigl>ts and builders, 154 Duke street 
Paul, Thomas, jeweller and watchmaker, 45 Sauchieball street, house 36 do. 
Paul, Mrs., coal agent, 37 South Portland street 
Paul, Mrs. Wm., Eagle taYera, 62 Argyll street 

223 paxton-perman. 

FAXTON, Miss, milliner, i6 Senfield street, 

PAYNE, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 83 King street, Tradeston 

PEACOCK, Hugh, porter, Edinburgh and Glasgow Bank 

Peacock, James, spirit dealer, 55 Clyde street, Port-Dundas 

Peacock, Tiiomas, carver and gilder, 30 Garscubc place 

PEARCE, Matthew, metal broker, 13 Renfield street, house 190 Athol place.. 

Bath street 
Pearce, R. F., of Miller <J- Pearce, at Tod ^ M' Gregor's 
Pearce, Miss, 1 1 1 Renfrew street 
PEARE, Brothers, ifc Co., ship and insurance brokers, coiumission agents, 3.i Lo- 

bertson street 
Peare, James, of Peare, Brothers, ^ Co., 33 Robertson street 
Peare, R. M., ship agent, 68 Oswald street, house 91 Eglinton street 
Pear'>, Mi"s., 91 Eglinton street 

PEARSON, Alexander, sheriff-clerk depute, Wilson street, County buildings 
Pearson, Alexander, assistant in-door inspector. Town's IIor5pital, ho. 10 Renfrew at, 
Pearson, George, of Buchanan ^ Pearson, house 83 Villafield place 
Pearson, J., merchant, 37 Ropework lane, house Woodcroft, Partick 
Pearson, John, supervisor of Excise, Dunuhattan buildings, 201 Duke street 
Pearson, Peter, of Sancleman 8f Pearson, house 12 Pollock street. Paisley road 
Pearston, Joseph, 43 Candleriggs street 
Peai-son, Thomas, clothier, 25 Carlton place 
Pearson, Thomas, & Sons, drapei's and hosiers, H Bridge street 
Pearson, Tliomas, tailor and clothier, 2 Glebe street 
Pearson, Wilsone, & Co., merchants. (See William Brown, jun.) 
PEAT, Gilbert, tea dealer and general grocer, 3C Stevenson street 
Peat, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 101 Glebe street 
Peat, Wm., collector of assessments for the Eastern District office, Police buildings. 

33 Stevenson street, 49 Kent street 
Peat, Mi-s., ladies' nurse, 27 Montrose street 

PEDDIE & Tcnnent's school, 10 Cambridge street. Miss Stirling, teacher 
Peddie, John, leather merchant, 22 Bridge street 
PEDEN, Adam, hosier, 50 Gallowgate, house 144 Crown street 
Peden, James, wine and spirit merchant, 29 North Frederick street 
PEDRESCHI, Luigi, statuary moulder, and figure maker, 76 Nelson street 
PEEBLES & Campbell, writers, 85 St. Vincent street 
Peeblc.'?, J. G., 70 New City road 

Peebles, William, merchant, '23 South Hanover street, house 21 Newton place 
Peebles, Willlum, 1 1 Cumberland street, Greenvale, Woodlands road 
Peebles, Mrs. Andrew, 185 Hill street, Garnethill 
Peebles, Mrs., lodgings, 292 Argyll street 
Peebles, Mrs. Charles, St. George's road 
PEGLAR, John, tailor and clothier, 3 Gordon street 
Peiican Life Assurance Office. John Louden, agent, 68 St. Vincent street 
PENDER, Archibald, grocer and spirit dealer, 115 Maitland street 
Pender, Jas., &s Son, bleachers, Clober, Orders left at J. Davie's, 51 Brunswick pi. 
Pender, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 42 Candleriggs street 
Pender, Ann, victualler and spirit dealer, 133 Saltmarket street 
PExNTNlNGTON, J. R., & Co., Argyll tavern, 192 Argyll street 
Pennington, J. R... &. Co., tailors and clothiers, 193 Argyll streot 
PENMAN, Alexander, 11 Renfield street, house Falkland place 
Penman, David, marble-cutter and sculptor, 11 Renfield street, works Hyde Park 

street, house Falkland place 
PENNY, Charles, manufacturing chemist, 486 Gallowgate st., ho. 13 Bellgrove «t. 
Penney, Daniel, of J. Sf W. Steel &■ Penny, house 27 Garseube place 
Penney, D. J., commission agent, 2 N. court, Royal Exchange, ho. 4 Sacdyford pi. 
Penny, Dr. F., professor of chemistry, Andersonian university, 204 George street, 

house ^ 86 Sauehiehall street 
Ponnsy, S. M., stockbroker, and agent for the Globe Insurance Office, 16 St. Vin- 

ceut street, house Fitzroy place, Sauehiehall street 
Penney, William, & Son, commission merchants, 2 North court, Royal Exchange 
Penny, Mrs. E., i Sandyford place 
PERM AN, J. «t: ¥.. merchants, 93 South Hanover street 

PERRETT— PINKERTON. 2 Office, 45 Dunlop street, and 41 London street 

PERRETT, Mra. Robert, flesher, 130 Castle street 

PERRY, Arthur, grocer, 58 Hospital street 

Perry, D, T., 19 Cochran street, house 144 Renfrew street 

Perry & Kennedy, drysalters and oil merchauts, 19 Cochran street 

PERSTON, Andrew, 3 Woodside terrace 

Perston, J. &■ I)., japanners and clock-dial manufacturers, 28 St. Enoch wynd 

Perston, Moir, & Co., muslin arid giugham manufacturers, 19 West George street 

Perston, James, japanner and clock-dial manufacturer, 10 Greyfriars wynd 

Perston, Mrs., midwife, 2 Havannah street 

Pkrtb Baking Co., 78 Union street. Thomas Hutchison, manager 

PETERKIN, David, painter and paperhanger, 9 Findlay street 

PETERS, James, slater, 4 Steel street 

Peters & M-Farlane, coppersmiths and tin-plate workera, 62 and 64 Crown street 

Peters, Stewart, of Peters Sf M'Farlane, house T5 Hospital street 

PETERSON, Peter, sherifi-elerk's office, house 35 South Wellington place 

PETRIE, Rev, Peter, Free Church, Oovan, house Rutland crescent 

PETTIGREW, Alex., eating-house keeper, 260 High street 

Pettigrew, James, hcuse-factor, 44 Norfolk street 

Pettigrew, John, victuallei", 30 Scevenson street 

Pettigrew, Matthew, at Arch. Brown ^ C'o.'s, 9 Hopetoun place 

Pettigrew, M„ beadle, Hutchesontown United Presbyterian church, and house-factor, 

13 Crown street 
Pettigrew, William, victualler, 423 Gallowgate 
Pettigrew, Thomas, rope and twine manufacturer, 244 Duke street 

Pettigrew & Brown, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 235 East George street 

PHILP, Andrew, builder, 70 Robertson street 
Philp, Robert, builder, 70 Robertson street 

Philp, William, grocer, 13 Drury street 

PHILLIPS, Archibald, flesher, 237 High street, and 239 do 

Phillips, James, tobacco manufacturer, 79 Jamaica street 

Phillips, John, spirit dealer.. 322 Gallowgate 

Phillips, John M'Kenzie, .'^hcriff-cfficer and constable for the counties of Lanark and 
Renfrew, and house-factor, 36 Rose street, Hutchesontown 

Phillips, Robert, bookseller, 108 Eglinton street 

Phillips, Robert, eating-house keeper, 32 Stevenson street 

PhiDips, Thomas, wright, 3 N. Apsley place, Gt. Western road, house 43 Milton at. 

Phillips, Thomas, tea merchant, 13 St. Enoch square, house 44 S. Portland street 

Phillips, William, boot-crimper and bootmaker, 13 Tarbet street 

Phillips, Mrs., broker, 1 Renfrew street, house 10 do. 

PlIIMISTER, Alexander, sen., & Co.. dyers, 41 Great Dovehili 

Phimister, Mrs., Alexander, jun., 145 Sauchiehal! street 

PncENix Fire Insurance Co. John Loudon, 63 St. Vincent street, and A. J. Duncan, 
67 St. Vincent street, agents 

Pha^nix Foreign Fire Office, 32 St. Vincent place; James Watson, agent, house ! •* 
Woodside crescent 

Phcenix Iron-works, 38 Garscube road 

Phonetic Society, R.N. Morrison, 131 Argyll street, secretary 

PuYSiciANS and Surgeons' Hall, 17 St. Enoch square; R. Jones, officer 

Piano-forte Hiring Establishment, 80 West Nile street. Alfred M'CIure 

PICKEN, Cornelius, Hesher, 36 Main street, Gorbala 

Picken, James, tailor and clothier, 108 Argyll street 

Picken, John, & Co., tobacconists, 129 Argyll street 

Picken, Richmond, beadle of George street chapel, house 8 West George street 

PICKFORD & Co., general carriers, 13 John street. (See Advertisement.) 

PICKERSGILL & Co., merchants, 132 Buchanan street 

PIGOTT, Henry, hat and cap manufacturer, 170 Trongate, house 22 Monteith re i" 

PILE, J. & C, merchants, and silk manufacturers, 11 West Nile street 

PINKERTON, Ja:mes. sen., merchant, 8 Union street 

Pinkerton, James, gardener, green market, house Gooseberryhall, Rutherglen 

Pinkerton, J, & M„ curriers and leather merchants, 9 Macfarlane street, ard 249 

Pinkertgn, John, spirit mtichant, 23 Little «lrcet, Calton 


Piukerton, Robort, at Jamci PuUccrton, sen.'s, S Union stroet 

Pinkerton, Robert, viotuiilici- and spirit clevJer, 28 King street, Calton 

PInkerton, Mrs., 12'r St. Vincent sUeet " ^ 

PLAIN, Walter, musical instrument nnikci', 21 Brunswick plai^e,,^^^-t,g[a>4?-t2tAXCfc' ' 

PITT, Henry, commission aud tVuit merchant, and auctioneer,' 21 Soutfi Albioa st. 

Pitt, Thomas, bookseller .and stationer, 70 London street ^ 

PLAYFAIR, Bryoc, & Co., merchants, 13 West Nile .street 

Plnyfair, James, of Playfair, Bryce, §■ Co , bouse 4 Queen's crescent 

Playiair, Pa trick, \fe Co., merchant-s, 112 West George street 

Playfair, Patrick, of P. Play/air ^ Co , 112 West George street, ho. 1 Somerset pi, 

POE, Mrs. John, 30.3 Argyl'l street 

Police Collector's Office, Prilicc buildings. South Albion street 

PLUNKETT, Robert, eating-housekeeper, 123 Bridgegate 

POLLOCK, Archibald, 475 Gallowgate 

PoHok, Arthur, of Pollok, Giimour, §/• Co., house 24 Carlton place 

Pollock, George, of Rhindmidr. Letters left at Mr. Strang's, 21 St. Enoch square 

Pollock, Giimuur, & Co., merchants, 19 Union street 

Pollock, Jaines, saddler, and saddler's ironmonger, 153 Stockwell .street, house 6 

Abbotsford place 
Pollock, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 114 Renfrew street 
Pollok, John, of Pollock, Giimour, §■ Co., house 24 Cai-lton place 
Pollock, John, commissary-clerk's office, 41 Virginia .'street 
Pollock, John, merchant, 22 Lynedoch street 
Pollok, Morris, silk throwster, factory. Long Govan 
Pollock, Peter, saddler, and saddlery ironmonger, 151 and 153 Stockwell street, ho. 

6 Abbotsford place 
Pollok, Rev. Robert, of Kingston church, 10 St. James's st., Paisley road 
Pollock, Robert, brush manufacturer, 19 Turner'.? court, house 21 Abbotsford place 
Pollok, Robert, glass and china merchant, 22 Candleriggs st., house 13 Adelphi st. 
Pollock, Robert, victualler, 39 Kent street 
Pollock, Robert, ^rocer and victualler, 157 Eglinton street 
Pollock, S., of Muirh.cad ^ Pollock, house 149 St. George's road 
Pollock, Thomas, victualler, 38 Commerce street 
Poik-clj, "William, baker, CO King street 
Follotk, Mrs., Laurel bank, 149 St. George's road 
J'oUock, Mrs., 2 Royal terrace 
Pollock, Mrs. Francis, cow.^eeder, 11 Saracen's lane 
Polloc, Mrs. ThomEis, grocer, 48 Parliamentary road 
PoLLOC and Govan Railway Office, Dixon street 
POPE, George, spirit dealer, 10 Bishi p street, Anderston 
POPPLE, William, painter, 33i Neilson street, Tradeston 
POLSON, Mrs., grocer and baker, 1 Grjerae street 
PORTEOUS, John, City chambers, house 163 Eglinton street 
Porteous, Wm., drysalter, 33 Ingram st., house 104 Hill st., Garnethill 
Porteous, Thomas A,, of MFarlane Sf Porteous, bouse Rutland place 
Porteous, Euphemia, Airthry and Dunblane Mater dealer, and Post-office ivycivin; 

house, Sandyford place 
PORTER, Clement, upholsterer, 15 Charlotte lane 
Porter & Cook, patent muslin gasser."!, 24 Wilson street 
Porter, George, Clyde Bank tavern, Finnieston 
Porter, Hugh, watch and clock maker, 1 Mitchell street 
Porter, James, writer, 73 Hutche.son street 

Porter, John, & Co. Lecters left nt James Couper's, Royal Exchango 
Porter, Joseph, spirit dealer, 53 Main street, Bridgeton 
Porter, Michael R., surgeon, 79 Main street, Bridgeton 
P- PT-DuNDAS Bottle- Works, Port-Dundas 
Port-Duiidas Chemical Works, 128 Bisliop street, Port-Dundas 
Port-Dundas Distillery Company, Port-Dundas 
Port-Dundas Foundry Company, 112 Port-Dnndas road 

Port-Dundas Ink and Blacking Co., works 84 Rcnficld st., warehouse 99 Trongato 
Port-Dundas Pottery Company, 66 Bishop street, Port-Dundas 
Pokt-Egxinton Spinning Co., worsted spinners, :ind carpet raanufactvu'crsl, 51 St, 

Vincent street, -.voi-ks Port-Eglinton 


Portland Iron Company, 15 Jamaica street 

Poitland-^treet School of Medicine, i'O College street 

PoKT of London Marine Assurance Company. Borthwick, Campbell, A Co., 17 

Royal Exchange square, agents 
Post-Office, 42 and 44. G^lassford street 
Post-Stamp and Newspaper Office, 122 Queen street 
Post, Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer Office, 15 Turner's court 
POTT. Mrs. 7 Clarejnont street 

POTTER, Alexander, of Poller, Wilso'ti, ^- Co., bouse 9 West Prince's street 
Potter, Lewis, agent for Dublin and Cork steamers, and Liverpool tradex's, 28 St, 

Enoeli squ,are, house Hopcpark, Partick. 
Potter, Lewis, & Co., agents for Liverpool traders, 28 St. Enoch square 
Potter, Wilson, A; Co., merchants, 28 .St. Enoch square 
POWELL, Stephen, of Anderson ^- Co., house G Canning place 
Powcl!, Thomas, teacher, Tlighhmd Society School, Montrose street 
Powel), Mr.s., commercial lodgings, 72 Wilson street 
Powell, Mrs. G., 56 Dundas .street 
POWER, Mrs., lodgings, 83 George street 

POYN'l'ER, John, chemist and drysalter, Greendyke street, Rumford street, 
Pridgeton, and 5 ShaAvs-water, Greenock, office 33 Jamaica street, house Ncw- 
stoad place 
Povntcr, Mrs,, lodgings, li-3 London street 
PREisfTICE, A. & W., shoeing forge, 2?8 Buchanan street 
Prentice, James, spirit dealer, ISO Saltmarket street 
Prentice, John, 1 20 Bath street 

PRESCOTT, Rev. Thomas 0., at Mr. Bains', GO Rath street 
PRESTON & M'Arthur, cordage and twine manufacturers, &.C., Barrowfield rope- 
work, 7 1 Dalmarnocli road 
PRIDE, Lindsay, at Brace ^ Bevcrid^je' s, house 21 Rose street, Garnelhill 
Pride, Wiliiani, at the Bclhdyke Colliery Co.'s Office, 33 Buchanan street, house 13 
Garscadden street 

Pride, "^Mlliam, officer of excise, IS Garscadden street 
I'llIMROSE, Adam, of Primrccs ^ Pgss, house 12 Douglas street 

Pi-imrose, E. B., manufacturer, 86 Buchanan street, house Dundas street, Kingstoa 
Piimrose, P. & W. flour merchants, Madeira court 

Piirarose, P., of P. §■ W. Primrose, Samlyford, Partick road 

Primrose & Ross, coppersmiihs, 61 M'Al]iine street 

Primrose, Thomas, tinsmith & gas-firter, 9 New Bridge street, ho. 1 Carltftn coutt. 

Primrose, Wiliiam, baker and floui- dealer, 53 King street, Tradeston 

Pi-imrose, Williaui, jun., head of Dundas street, King.stou 

PRL^CE, David, & Co., hat and cap makers, 156 Trongate 

Pruice, Simon, quill manufacturer, 109 Trongate, house 49 Kent street 

PRINGLE, Alexander, tobacconist, G Callowgate 

Pringle, John, commission merchant, 87 Union street, house 180 Hope street 

Pringle, John, g]as.s and china warehcu.=e, 144 Argyll street 

Pringle, John D., at Ynile §,• Wilkic's, 58 Port-Dundas road 

Pringle, M., fruiterer, 325 Argyll street 

Pringle, Robert, tailor and clothier, -32 Argyll street 

Pringle, W. S., M.D , surgeon, 162 Sauchiehall street 

PKITCHARD, James, pattern designer, 5) Bridge street 

Pricliard, William, M.D., Douglas street, Dumbarton road 

PRrlTTY, Francis, etjgraver and lithographic printer, 36 Argyll arcade, 1st entry 
otf Buchanan street, house Holmhead street. (See Advertisement in Appendix). 

Procltratok Fiscal for Barony of Gorbals, 35 Miller street. J. G. Houston, P. F. 

Procurator Fiscal for Lanarkshire, County buildings, Wilson st. G. Salmond, P. V. 

Procurator Fiscal for the City, oftlec City cliambers 

Procurator's Library, 13 John street. II. Blair, librarian 

Pro.moter Life Assurance and Annuity Co. Wra. Easton & Co., 68 St. Vincent st., 
and John Paul, 24 Hutches'm street, agents 

Property and Assessed Tax Office, 52 Virginia street 

PROTE.SXANI Dissenters' and General Life and Fire Assurance Co. of London. David 
Yuille, 40 Miller .stieet, agent 

PROUDFOOT, Hew, g-love and fur manufacturer, 173 Trongato 


Prouflfoot, Robert, yiotualler and provision merchant, 118 Candlerjggs street 

Proudfoot, Wm., victualler & provision mercht., 152 Gallowgate, <fc 70 Cauning st 

Proudfoot, Miss, 180 Spricgbiill place, St. George's road 

Proudfoot, Mrs., 12 Batli street 

PROVAN, Andrew, nail raamifacturer, 98 Port-Dundaa road 

Provan, David, nail-maker, 87 Cowcaddens street 

Provan, David, hop merchant and grocer, 9 King street ■ 

Provand, George, & Co., co'our manufacturers, paint grinders, Roman cement an 

raastio mr.nufacturers, 21 Great Clyde street, works iiope-work Ism&l^ /y^:^'.a:i J 
Provan, .James, flesber, 21 George street, house 17 do. C^^'^'-* t-^ -;^»-*^ 

Provan, James, hair-dresser, 37 Trongate 

Provan, John commission agent for lappet muslius. Hi Candleriggs street 
Provan, M,, at D. ^ A. Cuthbertson's, 110 Fife place, house 14 Salisbury street 
Provan, William, boot and shoe maker, 88 Glassford street . 
Provan, Miss Isabella, bandbox raakei* and mangier, 19 Brunswick p'ace 
Provan, Mrs, midwife and ladies' sick nurse, 4 Cameron place 
PROVENH.^LL Coal Co., 8 Union street 

PROVERBS, Isaac, spirit merchant, 6 Surry lane 

Provident Life Office of London. Robert Gow,jun., agent, 71 Queen street. (Se 
Advertisement in Appendix). 

Peoviȣnt Clerks Mutual Benefit Association for Life Insurance and Annuities, SO 
West Nile street. Wm. L. M'Phun, agent 

Public Weighing-house, Bazaar 

PULLAR, Mrs, 186 Sauchiehail street 

PTJRDIE, John, teacher of music and piano-forte tuner, 280 George street 

Purdio. Miss, 1S7 Hope street 

PURDON, George, slater, 170 West Nile street 

PURVES, John, Gas oifice, house 100 George street 

Purves, John, accountant, Glasgow Gas Light Co.'s Office, 42 Virginia street 

Purves, John, rope manufacturer, London road, Bridgeton 

Purves, N., agent, Western Bank of Scotland, house 207 Cowcaddens street 

Purves, Thomas, & Co , silk mercers and drapers, 20 Buchanan street 

Purves, Thomas, of Thomas Purves ^ Co., house 46 Cambridge street 

Purves, Wm„ &, Co., slate pencil manufacturers, 100 George street 

Purves, Miss, dressmaker, 77 Montrose street 

QUEE, James, chemist and druggist, West-end Apothecary hall, 44 Main street 

Anderston, and 82 Crown street 
Q,uee, Mrs, licensed broker, 10 Choapside street 
Queen's College, Clarence place, 125 Sauchiehail street 
Queen Mary's tavern and gardens, 20 New London road. William Mitchell. 
Queen's Tobacco Warehouse, 5 York street 
QUIN, John, china and glass merchant, 16 Jail square 


RAE, Alexander, at J. ^ W. Campbell ^ Co.'s, house 144 West Campbell street 

Rae, Archibald, grocer and spirit dealer, 33 Cowcaddens street 

Rae, Francis, hat and cap manufacturer, 1 Antigua place. Nelson street 

Rae, Gavin, window glazier and glass merchant, 85 Montrose street, house 10 Som- 

merville place 
Rae, James, spirit dealer, 108 Thistle street, Hutchesontown 
Rae, James, at J. §• W. Campbell ^- Co.'s, house 154 Hope street 
Rae, John, clothier and hatter, 46 Queen street 
Rae, John, merchant, 39 Abbotsford place 
Rae, John, & Co., booksellers and librarians, 249 High street 
Rae, John, of M' Knight, Rae, ^ Co., house 17 Stanhope street 
Rae, Matthew, at Strang, Yiiille, ^ Keydcn's, house 419| Argyll street 
Rae, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 15 New Bridge street 
Rae, Thomas, grocer and victualler, 7 Canning street, Calton 
Rao, Thomas, spirit dealer, 17 Crown street 
Rae, Thomas, stationer and news agent, 7 Ilutcheson street 


Rae, Wiiilam, wholesale and retail grocer and tea dealer, 459 Gallowgate, and 1 2 

Stevenson street, house 4 Tobago street 
Rn.e, Mrs., dressmaker and milliner, Lynedooh place, Woodlands road 
KAEBGllN, James, of .Russell t^ Raebarn, house Kosekuow, Hangino'shaw 
Raeburn, James, at Bachannns ^ LockJiart's 
flaeburn, John P., City of Glasgow Bank 
Raeburn, Robert, victualler, 157 Main street, Gorbals 
RAESIDE, John, victualler, 122 Cowcaddens street 
Raeside, Mrs, David, spirit dealer, 36 Forth street, Port-Dundas 
KAILTON <fc A)iderson, writers, 20 Brunswick place 
Railton, Edward, of Railton ^ Anderson, house 51 >forth Hanover street 
Railton, George, 118 Argyll street 

Railton, George, auctioneer, .and valuer, 43 Buchanan street 
Railton, Hugh, writer, house Lind place, Buccleuch street 
Railton <fe Co., auctioneers, apj raisers, and general agents, 14.5 Argyll street 
Railton & Spcirs, writers, 135 Buchanan street 
R.vtLWAY Arms tavern, IG Bridge street, Alexander Dewar 
Railway Office, Garnkirk and Glasgow, St, Rollo.K, Townhead 
Railway Office for Glasgow, Garnkirk, and Coatbridge, St, RoUox stations, or 124 

St. Vincent street 
Railway Office for General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour, 124 St.' Vincent street 
Railway Office, Paisley, Ayr, Greenock, etc., 14 Bridge street 
R.MM50W Hotel, 6 Bridge street, James Meuzies 

RAINEY", George W., of Rainey, Knox, 8)- Co., house 10 Queen crescent 
Rainy, Harry, M.D., professor of forensic medicine, 157 West George street 
R.ainoy, Knox, & Co., agents and manufacturers, 8 St. Vincent place 
RAIT. D. C, goldsmith, 3i Buchanan street, house 1 Newton place 
RALSTON, D., of Ralsion, Goodwin, ^ Co. 

Ralston, Goodwin, & Co., iron merchants. Turner's court, 87 Argyll street 
Ralston, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 20 Ann street, Port-Dundas 
Ralston, Peter, pattern designer to calico printers, 143 London street 
Ralston, William, tinsmith and gasfitter, 37 Saltmarket street 
RAMAGE, D., & Co., wholesale warehousemen, 57 Brunswick street 
Ramage, David, of David Ramage ^ Co., house 45 Buccleuch street 
Ramage, James, provision and spirit merchant, 1 1 Franklin street 
Ramage, Rev. William, of Campbell street United Prcshyteria.n aluirch, house 43 

Cambridge street 
Ramage, Mrs. David, grocer and spirit dealer, 3G8 Argyll street 
RAMSAf, Alexander, house and sign painter, and dealer in paper hangiug,s, 5 East 

Nile street, house 98 Great Hamilton street 
Ramsay, Andrew, clothier, 23 Hutcheson street, house 113 Renfrew street 
Ramsay, B., dairyman and spirit dealer, 16 Park lane, Calton 
Ramsay & Co., dyers and waterproof cloth manufacturera, Lancefield street 
Ramsay, Frood, & Co., warehousemen, 9 Gallowgate 
Ramsay, George, porter to the Royal bank, house Royal Bank buildings 
Ramsay, George, ifc Co., tinsmiths and gasfitters, 183 Cowcaddens street 
Ramsay, James, coal merchant, Ciaighall House, West Springbank 
Ramsay, John, distiller, Islay, agent, /, Richa/dson, jnn., 31 Miller street 
Rams.iy, Robert, weigher, Garnkirk and Glasgow Tonnage office 
Ramsay, Robert, Springhill and Mount Vernon coal Co. 

Ramsay, Robert, coal merchant, Craighall House. Letters left at 89 St, Vincent st. 
Ramsay, R, & J., hosiers and glovers, 3 High street 
Ramsay, Thomas, merchant, 28 Abbotsford place 
Ramsay, William, A. B,, professor of humanity. College 
Ramsay, William, general and furnishing ironmonger, brassfounder, tinsmith, and 

gas-fitter, 125 Argyll street, house 127 do 
Ramsay, William, engineer, 2 Clifton street, Somerset place 
Ramsay, William, flesher, 32 King street, house 81 London street 
Ramsay, Mrs., 2 Clifton street, Somerset place 
Ramsay, Mrs., grocer, 83 Kirk street, Calton 
Ramsay, Mrs., 10 Holland place 

Rams.iy, Mrs. John, joiner and cabinetmaker, (5 Macfarlan street 
RANAHA>f, H., teacher, 165 Cowcaddens street 

■iif' 1 "I "If 


RANDOLPH, Charles, of Eando'ph, E'diolt, ^ Co., house Kingston Cottage, 11 

Dun das sti'eet, Kingston 
3iandolph, Elliott, <& Co., millwright, engineer.?, and founders, 12 Centre street 
RANKIN, Alexander, tiesher, 15 Findlay street 
Rankin, A. & Co., general warehousemen, 33 Candleriggs street 
Ranken, Alexander, uf Ranken, Smith, ^- Co., 81 St. Vincent street 
Rankin & Co., calenderers, hot-pressers, and packers, 9-3 and 101 Glassford street, 

and 89 Ingram street 
Rankin & Co., ladies" shoe warehouse, 25 Ai'gyll Arcade 
Ranken, Andrew, merchant, 81 St. Vincent street 
Rankin, Arthur, grocer and spirit de.iler, 1 Greenvale street 
Rankin, Bryce, druggist, 29 Adelphi street, house 16 do. 
Rankin, David, poulterer, 59 St. George's place, house 48 Ilolnihead street 
Rankin, Donald, al William Smith ^Co., 61 Eglinton street 
Rankin, George, 10 Bath street 

Rankin <fc. Gray, carvers and gilders, 50 Gordon street 
Rankin, Hugh, store-keeper, 9 Oswald street 

Rankine, James, fiesher, 140 West Campbell street, house 1 West Milton street 
Rankin, James, tea dealer and general grocer, 140 and 142 South Portland street, 

house TOP. do. 
Rankine, James, ship-broker, 57 Buchanan street, house 3 Sauchiehall street 
Piankin, James, carter and coal-agent, New Dalmaraock road 
Rankin, James, writer, 16 Bath street 

Rankin, John, cabinet-maker, 24 Greenside lane, Hutchesontown 
Rankin, John, fiesher, 30 Stirling's road 
Rankin, John, wine and spirit dealer, G4 and (J6 Eroomielaw 
Rankin, John, spirit denier, 2 Greenvale street 
Rankin. John, of Guild, Rankin, ^ Co , 113 Candleriggs street 
Ranken, Jonathan, writer, 81 St. George's place, house 35 Elmbank crescent 
Ranken, Robert, grocer and tea merchant., 50 Howard street, ho. 21 Waterloo place,. 

Rankin, Robert, flesher, 137 West Campbell street, lious« 131 Renfrew street 
Rankin, RobeVt, of Rankin ^^ Co., house 140 George street 
Rankin, Robert, & Sons, ship and boat builders, 97 Nelsou street, Tradcston 
Rankin, Robert, smith, 63 Dalmarnock road 

Ranken, Smith, & Co., New York merchants, SI St. Vincent street 
Rankin. Thomas, painter and paper-hanger, G3 Sauchiehall street 
Rankin, Thomas, painter and colour merchant, 64 George street 
Rankin, William, printer, 62 Argyll street 
Rankin, William, al G. Kennedy's, 89 Argyll street 
Rankin,, 7 Monkland street, Townhcad 
Rankin, William, baker, 118 Great Hamilton street 
Rankin, Miss M., 177 Hope street 
Rankin, Mrs. Dr., 26 Cumberland street, Lauricston 
Rankin, Mrs. William, victualler, 60 Great Hamilton street 
Rankin, Mrs., lodgings, 94 North Frederick street 
Rankin, Mrs,, milliner and straw-hat maker, 151 West Nile street 
Rankin, Mrs., 25 Newton place 

RASTRIfiK & Colqnhoan, green gi-ocers, l-JD Sauchiehall street 
RATCLIFFE, Michael, tailor, 6 Clyde terrace, Gorbals 
RATTRAY, Charles, bookseller, bookbinder, stationer, and librarian, 470 Argyll 

street, iio\ise 5 Normal place, Gar.?cubc road 
Rattray, Charles, bookbinder, stationer, and librarian, 5 Normal pL, Garseubo rd. 
Rattray, David, sacking and packsheet warehouse, 6 Wilson street, hemp store 

below St. James's Free Church, house 116 South Portland street 
Rattray, David, warehouseman, 19 Nelson street, house 16 Adelphi street 
Rattray, James, surgeon and Iccturci- on botany, 157 High street 
Ra'ttr.Tv, James, booksellc.', sin.'ioner, .nnd ne\Ts agent, 86 Trongate street 
Rattray, John, plumber and gasfitter, 104 ilcnfii'ld street, house 3 Findlay street 
Rattray, Jul'.n, shoe-thread m;iaiii';ic'tu'ei-, and tlax merchant, 2 St, Andrew so.u.o.mj 
Rattray, PaO'iek, builer, 102 Nortb F'.edv'i-ick street 
R.'ttray, Mrs. James, lodgiogj, 39 Cro'.va street 
K.vvvYAKDS Coal Offices, Caledonia Railway, St. Rollox, and Brooraielaw 


HEADMAN, Georo:e, treasurer to the Clyde Trustees, 10 Robertson street lionoA 

Civile Bank, Toker ' "^^ 

UeaJman, Roberc, cashier of the Forth and Clyde Navigation Canal Office Tort. 

Dundas, house Hope Lodge, Garngadhill ' 

REPDIE, Charles, of Forbes |- Reddie, honso 12 Blythswood square 
Reddie, James, advocate, first town-clerk, City chambers, house 12 Blythswood sn 
RE DDOCH, Robert, house-factor, 3 Main's street ^" 

REE, H. P., & Co., merchants, 82 St. Vincent street 
REEVE <fe Co., merchants and commission agents, 57 Miller street 
Reeve, J. C, of Reeve ^ Co., house Thornbank, Partick 
PtEf-vVIE, John, bill-poster, 52 Thistle street, Ilutchesontown 
Reformek's Gazette Office, 75 Argyll street 
REICHMAN, D., of D. G. Bunge', Xxom^n 121 Douglas street 
REID, Adam, of John Loudon ^- Go's, 6S St. Vincent st., ho. Bellevue, Garnn'adhill 
Reid, Alexander, teacher, Tron parish and Bell's school. 71 Prince's street ° 
Reid, Alexander, Jan., <fc Co., gingham and shawl manufacturers, 30 Ino-ram street 
Re-.d, Alexander, jun., dyer, 75 Duke street ° 

Reid, Alexander, dyer, 49 Ingx-am street 
Reid, Alexander, general grocer, 8S Canning street, Calton 
Reid, A., «fe Co., accountants and share-brokers, 73 St. Viticenl street 
Reid. A., of A. Reid ^ Co., house 261 Brandon place 
Reid, Andrew, M.D., member of Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, 05 South 

Portland street 
Reid, Andrew Paterson, & Co., merchants and commission agents. 58 Buchanan st. 
Reid. Andrew P., of Andrexv Paterson Reid ^- Co., Belgian consul, house Ciare- 

mont street 
Reid, .\ndrew, Glasgow ?"astern Necropolis, house Cnnnin"- street 
Reid, .\nd«'., joiner and builder, 279 Parliamentary rd., ho. Middleton, Paisley rd. 
Reid, Andrew, French mill-stone maker, 147 Main street, Anderston 
Reid, Andrew, agent for the Western bank of Scotland, Calton, Western. Bank 

buildings. Canning street, Calton 
Reid, Archibald, merchant, 11 Washington street, house 16 Woodside place 
Reid, A., Ayrshire dairy, 29 Bridge street 
Reid, Charles, baker, 86 Carrick street 

Reid, Rey. Charles, Catholic clergyman, Gi Abercombie street 
Reid, Daniel, goods manager, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, Jio. 43 Dundas st. 

Reid & Dennistoun, commission merchants, 4G West George street 

Reid, David, accountant. City and Suburban Gas Co., 42 Miller street 

Reid, David, 18 Renfrew street 

Reid, D. & J., merchants, 115 St. Vincent street 

Keid, David, of D. 4' J- Reid, house 11 Clarendon place 

Reid, David, tea and spirit dealer, 37 South Coburg street 

Reid, Gordon, Subdean grain nulls, Ladyweil street 

Reid, H. <fe J„ furnishing ironmongers, tinsmiths, gas-fitters, and pewtercrs, 17i 

Reid, Henry, beadle, 9 John street, Bridgeton 

Reid, J. & E., stationers, 41 Argyll street 

Reid, J., accountant, British Linen Co.'s bank, house 5 Rutland place, Govan road 

Reid, Rev. Dr., professor of church history, College 

Reid, James, James, bricklayer, 6 North street, Anderston 

Reid, James, stationer and account book manufacturer, 358 Argyll street 

Reid, Jaiues, teacher of mathematics, 1 i Buccleuch street , 

Reid, Jame3, secretai-y. Union bank 

Reid, James, of John Stewart §/• Co., iron merchants, house 2 Fife place 

Reid, James, of Reid ^ Whiteman, house Wellfield, Springburn 

Reid. James C, 111 Ingram street, house York place 

Reid, James, commercial traveller, 62 Virginia street, house 122 South Portland stj 

Reid, James, & Co., manuf;\cturers, 79 Bell street 

Reid, James, accountant, British Linen Co. Bank, house 5 Rutland pi., Govan rd. 

Reid, James, at James Ewing §■ Co.'s, lodgings 45 Union street 

Reid, John, of Reid ^ Dennistoun, house Whitehdl 

Reid, John C, accountant. Prince's court 

Reid, John Paterson, 11 Claremont street. Royal terrace 

230 RE1D— RENNIE. 

Reid, John, & Patrick Robertson, Stotielaw Colliery office, 3C ircade 

Reid, John M., sponge merchant, 63 Glussford street 

lleid, John, wright and packing-box maker, C North Albion sti-eet, and 158 East 

Milton street 
Reid, John, baker, 25 Castle street 

Reid, John, jun., merchan; , 45 Miller street, house 5 Eldon place 
Reid, John, commercial traveller, 80 South Portland street ?^ 

Reid, Rev. John, chaplain of the prisons, 98 South Portland street 'i^ 

Reid, John, jun., of D. Sf J. Reid, house 11 Clarendon place 
Reid, John, bookseller and general newspaper agent, 82 King street, Tradeston 
Reid, John, wine and spirit merchant, 251 Gallowgate, house 9 M'Farlaue street 
Reid, John, -wine and spirit merchant, 219 High street 
Reid, John, chemist and druggist, 17 Bridge street, house 13 do. 
Reid, John, hairdresser, perfumer, and peruke-maker, 36 StockwcH St., house 47 do. 
Reid, John Eaton, writer, 20 Buchanan street 

Reid, John, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Prince's square, 48 Ijuchaaan street 
Reid, John, surgeon, 58 North Hanover street 
Reid, John, turner, 13 Nicholas street 

Reid, John, of John Currie (5" Co., house SpringhlU place, St. George's road 
Reid, John Robertson; S6 Arcade, house Gallon-flat, by Rutherglen 
Reid, Joseph, of Reid §■ Murray, house 13.5 Hope street 

Reid, Kennedy, manager, at A. Brown ^ Go's, Commercial rd., ho.. 74 Lawmour rl, 
Reid & Leitchj manufacturers, 43 Queen street 
Reid & Murray, commission merchants. New- York Packet office, 62 Jamaica street 

Reid, Patrick Robertson, 36 Arcade, house Springhall, by Rutherglen 

Reid, Peter, distiller, Smith's court, Candleriggs street, house 260 Renfrew street. 

Reid, Peter, of James Ternpleton ^ Co., house 260 Renfrew street, Garnethill 

Reid, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 103 Glebe street 

Reid, Robert, 18 Kingston place 

Reid, Robert, clerk, Post-oiSoe, 115 Rottenrow street 

Reid, Robert, of Reid §■ lowers, house 21 Monteith row 

Reid, Robert, brick builder, 136 Hospital street 

Reid, Robert & James, grocers and tea merchants, 221 & 223 Cowcaddens street 

Reid, Robert, of Reid §■ Leitch, house Rutland crescent, Govan road 

Reid, R. M., teller, British Linen Co.'s bank, house Melbourne place, Kingston 

ileid, R. V. of Reid &■ Whiteman, house 1 Fitzroy place 

Reid, Thomas, clerk, P. 0., house 21 Castle street 

Reid, Thomas, British Linen Co.'s bank, house 9 Apsley place 

Reid & Towers, writers, 9 George square 

Reid «L Whiteman, power- loom-cloth manufac, <fe calico printers, 84 St. Vincent st. 

Reid, William, plumber and lead merchant, 4 1 Miller street, ho. 101 West George si. 

Reid, William, surgeon, 90 Canning street, house Vt'estern Bank buildings, do. 

Reid, William, architect, 1 3 King street, Tradeston 

Reid, William, jun., plumber, house Aitken place, 448 Argyll street 

Reid, William, dairyman, 101 Green street, Galton 

Piejd, William, store-keeper. Canal bank, Port-Dundas 

Reid, Miss, 183 George street 

Reid, E. & J., miUiners, 19 Adelphi street, house 74 Lawmoor place 

Reid, Mrs. John, straw hat and general furnishing shop, 16 Govan st,, Hutchesontown 

Reid, JMrs. John, 36 Dalhousie street 

Reid, Mrs, matron. Town's hospital, Parliamentary road 

Reid, Mrs., 6 1 W^est W^aterloo street 

Rkljoious Institution Rooms, John M'Callum, manager, 12 South Hanover street 

RENFREW, Alex., of Renfrew ^ Sinclair, Louse 1 North Albion court 

Renfrew, Andrew, & Co., thread manufacturers, 5 Montros^e street 

Renfrew, Andrew, of Andrew Renfrew i^ Co., house 141 Gtorge street 

Renfrew, Rob., smith, bell-hanger, and gashtter, 88 John strtet, house 2 N. Albioii 

Renfrew & Sinclair, wadding and girth manufacturers and cotton-yaru twisters, 5 
Montrose street 

Renfrew, Mrs. John, 2 North Albion court 

RENNTE itr Ctimeroii, wine an'l ppirjt dealers, I7l High street 


Tiiuh N'i i- — iii u uMX'WD. 


liennie, James, spirit dealer, 30 Maxwell street 

Rennio, John, glass merch;vnt, 368 Gallowgato, house 23 Sydney street 
Ronnie, John, mason and builder, 123 Grafton terrace, North John street 
Rennie, John, and Thomas M'Gibbon, Old victualling Society, 66 Main street 

Kennie, William, saddler, 188 Main street, Gorbals 
Rennle, Mrs Dr., 1 1 Jane street, Blythswood square 
Rennie, Janet, spirit dealer, 20i Broomielaw 
RENNISON, Thomas, tavern keeper, 106 Gallowgate street 
Renison, William, writer, 20 Buchanan street, ho. IC Cumberland pi., Lauriaston 
Renison, William, <fc C!o., plumbers and zinc workere, 93 Union street, house 159 

Eglinton street 
RENSHaW, James, china, earthenware and sponge mei-chant, 27 Market street 
RENTON, George, Union Bank of Scotland, 1.5 Trongate, residence 45 Abbots- 
ford place 
Renton, James, & Co., plasterers, li Egliaton street 
Renton, John, plasterer, 45 Eglinton street, workshop, 3 Calton court 
RENWIClv & Alexander, tea and spice merchants, and commission agents, 3^ 

Virginia street 
Renwick, John, writer, 29 College slreet 

Renwick, Thomas, of Renwick §■ Alexander, honse Greenlaw place 
Renwick, William, of Laurie &■ Renwick, house ] 19 -Montrose street 
Renwick & Gray, milliners and dressmakers, 82 West Nile str.-et 
REOCH, Andrew, engineer. Letters left at Belltield house, Duke street 
KESTON, William, confectioner, 2il Argyll street 
REYBURN, Robert, drysalter, 11 Brown street 
REYNOLDS, Thomas, nail manufacturer, 108 Main street, Gorbals 
RHIND, Henry, accountant, agent for Edinburgh Life Assurance Company, and 
London Assurance Corporation, 69 St Vincent street, house 18 Q,ueen's crescent 
Rhind, Thomas, of F. §' H. Ferguson ^ Rhind, house 34 Abbotsfoid place 
RHODES, Mrs, lodgings, 241 Buchanan street 
RICHARD, Thomas, commission merchant, 23 Virginia street 
RIv^HARDSON <fc Barr, fancy muslin manufacturers, 23 South Frederick street 
Richardson, Bruce, merchant, 53 Virginia street 
Richardson, Dennistoun, & Co., merchants, 53 Virginia street 
Richordaon, George, printer to the University, 35 Miller street, ho. 246 Argyll st. 
Richardson, George S., PartickhiU 

Richardson, James, of J. Richardson §• Co., house Ralston, near Paisley 
Richardson, James, & Co., merchants, 89 Wilson street 
Richardson, James, jun., merchant and commission agent, 31 Miller street, houso 

Mrs, Arnott's, 1 Crescent place, St. George's road 
Richardson, J, R., wine merchant, 21 Rose street, Gamethill 
Richardson, J. S., of Nishet §/• Richardson, houso PartickhiU 
Richardson, John, baker, 290 Buchanan street 

Ric!iardson, Robert, victualler and spirit dealer, 88 Parliamentary road 
Richardson, Robert, draper, 95 Glebe street 

Richardson, Thomas, of J. Richardson ^ Co., house 6 Woodside crescent 
Richardson, Rev. Thomas Elliot, Presbyterian preacher, 33 Abbotsford place 
RICHMOiSD, Alexander, spirit dealer, 66 King street, Calton 
Richmond, George, teller, bank, house 133 Hope street 
Richmond, George, jun., of Richmond. Smith, §• Co., house Maule terrace, Partick 
Richmond, J a.ra&s, of James Richmond §• Co., house 300 Sauehiehall street 
Richmond, James, & Co., upholsterers, cabinetmakers, and \'enetian blind manu- 
facturers, 51 Buchanan street 
Richmond, James, tin-plate worker and gasfitter, 14 Gt. Hamilton si.,' house 92 do. 
Richmond, John, accountant, 3 West Nile street 
Richmond, John, dairyman, 115 Stockwell street, house SI do. 
Richmond, Smith, & Co., brokers, commission merchants, and store keepers, 43 

Howard street 
Richmond, Thomas, general agent, 12 Stirling square. Cut-nai! store, 14. North 

Albion street 
Richmond, William, & Co., warehousemen, 18 Queen street 
Richmond, W., BreaJalbane terrace, lOSIlill street, G.)rnetli>ll 


liielimond, W., of Campbell, RHimond, S/' Co., hoiise 8 Jlorris pl.c: : 

R'.ehiQond, Miss, lodgings, 29 Ilutcheson street 

RIDDELL, John, cTotluer, 339 High street 

Illddell, John, victualler, 446 Galiowgate 

Riddell, Mattiiew, spirit dealer, 30 Great H;uniltoa street 

Riddell, Matthew, spirit dealer, 330 Gallowgate 

Riddell, Matthew, cat"ter and coal agent, 37 jXelson street, Tradostoii 

Riddell, Matthew, victualler, 7 Well street 

Riddell, Patrick, spirit dealer, 187 Eg'iiiton street 

Riddell, Watson, & Co., bed-cover manufacturers, 100 George street 

Riddell, William, eating-house, 2(52 Gallowgate 

Riddell, William, carter and dairyman, 43 Dcanside lane 

Riddell, VVra., egg and butter merchant, ham curer, dealer in poultrj', feathers etc, 

8 Great Clyde street, house 132 Stockwell street 
Riddell, William, grocer, and carter, 45 Castle street 
RIGG, Alexander, Eagle tavern and chop-house, 49 Broomielaw 
Rigg, Archibald, of Isaac Rigg ^ Son, 84 North Hanover street 
Itifg, Isaac, & Son, glass and china warehouse, 65 Buchanan street 
Ritrtr, Miss, milliner and straw-hat maker, 6 1 Gallowgate 
RfNTOUL, Alexander, tanner, 17 Burnside. Duke street, house 5 Wlutevale 
Rintoul, Andrew <St Peter, commission merchants, 10 Stirling square, bonded and 

free stores, York street 
Rintoul, Andrew, of A. ^ P. RinioaJ, linuse 2 MaxwelUon place 
Rintoul, William J., 10 Ure place 

RISK, Charles, of J. &• C. liisl; house 44 Windsor terrace, off St. George's road 
Risk, John, of J. '^ C. Risk, house 90 Sauchiehall street 
Risk, John, spirit dealer, 5 Anderston r[uay 
Risk, Moses, distiller. Mile-end 

Risk, Mrs. H., spirit dealer, 49 Clyde street, Port-Duudas 
Risk, Mffs , 12 Pollock street 

RITCHIE, Alexander, at G. ^- J, Burns'.-^, house 30 Pollock street 
Ritchie, Charles, M.D., 110 Bath street 

Ritchie, Daniel, grocer and house-tactor, lli5 Main street, Andei'ston 
Ritchie, David, of James Ritchie §■ Co., house 122 Wellington strcefc 
Ritchie, David, furnishing ironmonger, 21 Buchanan street, ho. 121 Montrose A. 
Ritchie, David, wine and spirit merchant, 199 Argyll street 
Ritehic, David, Albion hotel and tavern, 74 Argyll street 

Ritchie, Duncan, & Co., smiths, and machine makers, 66 Clyde place, Tradeston 
Ritchie, Hugh, at M. Langlands', house 34 York street 
Ritchie, James, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 3 i Stockweil street 
Ritchie, James, writer, 52 West Nile street, house 1,5 Royal terrace 
Ritchie, James, engineer and manager, Glasgow gas works, house 41 Weaver street 
Ritchie, James, officer of excise, 38 Soho street 
Ritchie, J. N., surveyor. North British Insunince Co., house Osborne buildirigs, 

Sauchiehall street 
Ritchie, John, teacher of English, elocution, and Freneh, 101 South Portland &t. 
Ritchie, John, of Rite hie ^ Murdoch, house 4 Mansfield jjlace 
Ritchie & M'Cormick, commission merchants, 31 Virginia street 
Ritchie, M., hairdresser, wigraaker, and perfumer, 1G9 Buchanan strccr. 
Ritchie, Mungo, ife Co., commission agents, 9 Cochran street 
Ritchie <fe Murdoch, cotton-brokers, and agents for Royal Exchange Assurance 

Company, 145 Ingram street 
Ritchie, Thomas, cf Ritchie ^ M'Cormick, 3 Kelvin terrace 
Ritchie, Thomas, L., portrait-painter, 51 Bath street 
Ritchie, William, jun., hosier and glover, 46 Argyll arcade 
Ritchie, William, rectifier, 39 Stockwell street, house 128 Tv'elliagton street 
Ritchie, William, grain dealer, 67 Union street 

Ritchie, William, of xindrcw Anderson, Fvrdyce, ^ Co., Louse 144 Crown street 
Ritchie, Mrs., l.'S "Wellington street 
Ritchie, Mrs. John, 2 Meadowsidc, Woodlands road 
Ritchie, i>Irs. William, wine and spirit dealer, 89 Trongata 
RIVA, J. & M,, looking-glass manufacturers, carvers, and gild;:rs, and plate glass 

warehouse, 143 High street 



llOBB, Alexander, spirit dealer, lit King street 

Ucibb, Alexander, surgoon, 8 and 12 Clyde street, Calton 

Uobb, David, wine and spirit merchant, 14 North street, Anderaton 

Robb, George, M.R.'O.V.S., 83 Hope street, house 101 Fife place 

ivobb, James, &, Sons, wrigUts and house agents, 122 Saltmarket 

Robb, James, sen., house 91 Crown street 

R.;bb, J. & C, Kilmarnock and Dumfries carriers, 102 Brunswick street 

Rohb, John, & Co., Tradeston Saw mills 

Robb, John, timber merchant, house 37 Paterson street, East Kingston 

Robb, Samuel, house- factor, 12 Charlotte street 

Rcbb, Thomas, broker, i'd Clyde street, Anderaton 

RoRb, William, sherift-officer and house-factor, 255 Georg'e street 

Robb, W., Cumnock, Sanquhar, Thornblll, and Dumfries carrier, 102 Brunswick st. 

Robb, Mrs., South Apsley place 

ROBERTS, Henry B., gentleman's sick nurse, t)3 Cadogan .street 

Roberts, John, provision merchant, 12 Wilson street 

Roberts, John, of Gilmour ^ Roberts, house 143 Port-Dundas road 

Roberts, W. D., & Co,, merchants, 68 St. Vincent street 

Roberts, William D'Esterre, of W. D. Roberts ^- Co., house 10 Sandyford place 

ROBERTO IN, Andrew, 3 Macneiil street 

Roberton, James, spirit dealer, 477 Gallowgate 

Roberton, James, of Robertson ^ Wilson, house 212 Main street, Gorbals 

Roberton, James, of Win. Roberton ^ Co., 71 Virginia street 

Robsrtoii, John, of Maitland, ^ Roberton, bouse CO North Frederick street 

Roberton, Stephen, & Co., clothiers and outfitters, 10(i Argyll street 

Roberton, S., of Stephen Roberton, ^ Co., house 435 Argyll street 

Roberton, William, & Co., muslin manufacturers, 71 Virginia street 

Roberton, W., & Co., wholesale tea merchants and general grocers, 27 and 29 

Gandleriggs street 
Roberton <fc Wilson, iron-founders, Gorbals foundry, 20C ;Maln street, Gorbals 
Roberton, Mrs., 103 Hospital street 

ROBERTSON, Alexander, wine .and spirit dealer, 74 Gallowgate 
Robertson, Alexander N., at W. Guild ^' Co.'s, 21 St. Viocent place 
Robertson, Alexander P., tin-plate worker and gas-Stter, 75 Main street, Anderston 
Robertson, Alexander, joiner and cabinet-maker, 6 North Albion st., & 292 High st. 
Rob<3rtson, Alexander, of Brown ^ Robertson, house 22 Warwick stiect 
Robertson, Alexander, of John Robertson ^' Sons, hsuse 15 Woodside place 
Robertson, Alexander, flesher, 46 Stobcross street 
Robertsjon, Andrew, cloth-cutter, 85 Gandleriggs street, and 100 Brunswick street, 23 Taylor street 
Robertson, Andrew & William, woollen drapers, 1i>9 Trongate 
Robert'son, Andrew, of Tcmnahill Sf Robertson, house 15 Dalhousie street 
Robertson, Andrew, of A. ^ W. Robertson, 6 Suifolk street 
Robertson, Archibald, of Robertson ^- MKenzie, house 13 Woodside crescent 
Robertson, A. D., assistant ma.ster, Government School of Design, 12 Ingram street 
Robertson, A., clothier, 410 Arg^'ll street 
Robertson & Co., ropemakers, 612 Gallowgate street 
Robertt.on, Donald, tavern and lodgings, 85 Trongate 
Robertson, Daniel, jeweller and watchmaker, 18 Argyll arcade 
Robertson, David, commission meicbant, 182 Trongate c-ti-eet 
Robertson, David, piano-tbrte maker and music-seller, 76 St. Vincent street, work- 
shops Stirling street, Port-Dundafs, house 22 Dundas street 
Robertson, David, bookseller to her Majesty, 188 Trongate, ho. .jl N. Hanover st, 
Robertson, David, house-factor and pack-sheet merchant, 1 18 South Albion street, 

house 119 Geor^ street 
Robertson, David, tool merchant, 27 Bel! street 
Robertson, Dune-Tisi, shoemaker, 13 C'rowrt street, Hulchesontown 
Robertson <fc Eddie, Kip byre colliery office, 32 St. Enoch's squaro 
Robertson, Edward, miniature painter, 58 Renfield street 
Uobert,son, Edward, wine and spirit dealer, 126 .Broomlelaw street 
Robertson, George, M.D., consulting rooms, 62 Glassford street, ho. 203 Etici)."in£Ti 

Robertson, George, of Robertson Sf Lister, house 10 Coburg street 


Robertson, George, coal-master, 155 Sauchicha!) street 

Robertson, George J., at ifCallnm fy Graham's, house Go^an 

Robertson, George, lead merchant, commission agent, bolt, screw and rivet nuani. 

facturer, works 38 Bridge street, Tradeston, house 01 Waterloo street 
Robertson, George, cowfeeder and carter, 15 Cumberland lane 
Robertson, Hugh, of Gartloch, 233 St. Vincent street 
Robertson, Hugh, jun., of HiUchisini S,' liobertsvn, house Mount HaiTiet 
Robertson^ James, of Murray §• Co., house 21 Richmond street 
Robertson, James D., merchant, 1 Brandon jjlace. West George street 
Robertson, James J., & Cc, warehousemen, 78 Queen »trr;et 
Robertson, James, merchant and commission agent, 1 i Garthland street 
Robertson, James, commission agent, 14 Gordon street 
Robertson, James, baker, '|^ King street, Tradeston 

Robertson, James, professor of English and literature, Andersonian University 
Robertson, James, horse and common nail maker, 33 King street, Tradeston 
Robertson, James, portrait and miniature painter, 77 West i^ile street ! 

Robertson, James, milliner and straw-hat maker, 21 Govan street • 

Robertson, James, Stobeross house 

Robertson, James II., of the Glasgow Iron Co., house Mulberrybank, Sandyford 
Robertson, James, agent, British Linen Co.'s bank, 138 Ingram street, house M'c 

diemuir Cottage, by Kirkintilloch \ 

Robertson, James, milliner, 158 Argyll street ' 

Robertson, Jrmes, grocer and spirit dealer, lOJ Main street, Anderstou 
Robertson, James, sewed-inuslin manufacturer, 18 Soutli Frederick street 
Robertson, James, merchant, 1 Royal crescent 

Robertson, J. & M. grocers, 350 Gallowgate, house 32 Maefarlane street 
Robertson, J. C, grocer and provision merchant, 258 George street 
Robertson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 36 Bridge street, Tradeston 
Robertson, John, & Sons, sewed-muslin manufacturers, 85 Queen street 
Robertson, John, 15 Woodside place j 

Robertson, John, commission agent, 125 Irongatc street | 

Robertson, John, brush, basket, and fancy toy warehouse, 39 and 40 Argj-]! arca'l' 

house 3 St, Enoch square 
Robei'tson, J., cutler and gunmaker, 31 and 32 Argyll arcade, workshop 28 h 

Enoch wynd 
Robertson, John, manager, Edinburgh and Glasgow bank, 37 St. Vincent place 

JioKse 13 Woodside crescent 
Robertson, John, coach and harness plater, 38 Stockwell street 
Robertson, John, wine and .spirit merchant, 347 High street and 31 Duke street 
Robertson, John, hairdresser, 45 Dry gate 
iftobertson, John, ■vieA»aller, 30 Bell street 

Robertson, John, warehouseman and general agent, 40 Candleriggs st., ho. 125 d: 
Robertson, John, merchant, 10 Holland place 
Robertson, John, warper, 41 North Albion street 
Robertson, John, -surgeon, 1S8 BroojoLelaw, hoose 44 Carrick street 
Robertson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 377 Argyll street 
Robertson, John, calenderer, packer, and hot-presser, Prince's square and 

field court 
Robertson, John, baker and confectioner, 100 Sauchielwll street 
Robertson, John, wholesale and retail druggist, 84 Queen street, house 5 Bath st. 
Robertson, John, coal agent, 10 Wood iaue, Broomiclaw 
fi,9bertson, John, merchant and general agent, 9 Turner's ct,, ho. 68 Buccleuch st. J 
iiobiertson, John, of Andrew M' Queen ^ Co., residence Carntyijie, by Paj'khead 
Robertson, John, of Robertson Sr Reid, house 2 Anderston quay 
Robertson, John, bougie and catheter maker, 9 Carrick street 
Robeson, John, teacher, Free St. Matthew's school, l^Jain street, Anderston, rcsi« 

deace 119 New City road 
Robertson, Joseph, editor of Conslitufional, 54 Windsor terrace, St. George's roal 
Robertson, Laurence, cashier Royal bank, house 3 Claremont terrace 
Robertson, Laui-ence, of M'Donald ^ Rob-rtson, house 23 Oswald street 
jRobertscn & Listei-, smiths, engineers, miliwrights, and iron- roof constructors, etc 

Victoria works, 79 Mitchell street 
Roberlsosi tt M'Dougftll, gLiss, china, and hardware merchts, 10, 13, and H Jai! 


Robertson & Mackenzie, brokers aii(? commissiOR mercliauts, Virginia building's 
Robertson, Martire, spirit cJealer, 8 St. Enocii sqfuare 
Kobertson, Nei!, brassfounder, 1 1 Norfolk court, Norfjik street 
Robertson, f 'atrick, & Co., bntu'.od and Av.e warehouse, 1 3 Oswald street 
Robertson, Piitrick, of P. Robet^tson ff Co., house 93 BuceleucU street 
llobcrt.?on, Patrick, ef Brown, Robertson, ^ Co., bouse 23 Richmoml street 
Robertson, Peter, at Lancfpdd foundry, house 13 Douglas street 
Robertson, Richard, Lloyd's surveyor of .^hipping, ofiioe 7 Royal Exeiange, house 9 

Wrcenlaw place 
Robertsoa & Reid, plumbers and lead merchants, Hyde Park corner 
KubertsoB, Robert, hat manufiicturer, 64 llutcbeson street 
llobertson, Robert, rope and twine manufacturer, 48 Canning street, CaUor; 
JlobertsoK, Robert, & Oo., oil and colour merehants. 12 Hutckeson street 
Robertson, Robert, of Wm. ^ Robert Robertson, house 9 Royal terraee 
'.Robertson, Robert, ccmmiission merchant and pioduee broker, 4.0 Union street 
ilobertson, Robert, of Robertson Sr Co., house 512 Galla-.vgate 
iJobertson, Robert Strang, of John Black ^ Co., house 233 St. Vincent street 
IJvsberfcson, Thomas, corn and flour factor, 16 Hope .street 
HobertsoB, Wm., ageafc, City of Glasgow bank braneh, aad far Yorks^li ire. Fire and 

Life Insisrance Co., aad Standard Life Assurance Co., 31 Trougate, liowse 125 

North Montrose street 
Ilobertson, William, eolleetor of Barony parish poors' rates, 62 West Nile sti"eet 
K.;bert»oji, Wm., furnishing shop, 34 Brown street 
fiiobcrtsOYi, William, JMB„ builder, 13 Greenhill street 

Robertson, William, of A. &■ W. Robertson, hous*) S South St. Mungo street 
iicbertson, Wm., of J. Robertson §/■ Sons, lf>0 HIH street, GariiethilJ 
EoHertson, Wra., 6/ Wm. ^ Robert Robertson, hotise 7 Mansfield place, Blythswood 

!:?obei-ts9n, Wra,, saddier, 3 Glassford street, bouse 138 StiriiEig's road 
Eobertson, W. <fc R., warefeowseiuen, 126 and 128 Trongale 
Uolvertsoa, W. & \l., & Co., merchants, 22 Reiiield street 
Tiobertson, William, tailor and clothier, 22 John street, Bridgeton 
ilobertsoB, Wm., tea merchant and gi-ooer, 144 George street, house Crawford place 
fiobertson, Wm,, wine and spirit merchant, 7 and 9 West Nile street, house 99 

i^Iontfose sti^eet 
R<5bertson, Wm., wright & builder, 13 Greenhill st^, lio. Viewpark, parisji of Botbwell 
Robertson, William t& Robert, grocers, wine aad spirit dealers, 205 Argyll street. 

a.'sd 9 Union sti'eet 
£?.obe«-ts«B, Wiillians, of Li9iwson §• Robertson, house 49 RenfielJ street 
Robertsoa, William, piano-forte raak<er, 124 City road 
Robertson, Mis.%, 4G Victoria place> Buccleucli street 
Robei-tsoa, Miss, ! 36 Renfrew sti-eet 
Robertson, Miss, milliner and furrier, 142 Queen street 
Robertson, Misses, stay aad childroa's dress makers, 109 Fife place 
Robertson, Miss H., gtraw-hat manufacturei', 33 Glassford street 
Robertson, Mrs, dressmaker, 108 Cowcaddens street 
Robertson, Mre. D., 26 Kobertson street 
Robertson, Mrs, Duncan, spirit dealer, 304 Argyll street 
Robertson, Mrs. James, Mulberrybank, Sandyford 

Robertson, Mrs. James, musical instrument repairer. 12 Brunswick street 
Robeiison, Mrs. John, Sir John Moore tavern, 7 George square 
Robertson, Mrs. Thomas, flesher, 3 Mutton market. King street 
Roblrtson, Mrs,, 252 Brandon place, West George street 
ROBIN, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 1 12 and 1 14 Stockweli street, 42 King 

street, Tradoston, and 34 Clyde place w . 

" Robin, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 464 Gallowgate street, and 19 Canning 

street, Calton 
Robin, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 36 Eglinton street, and 4.5 Charlotte st. 
IIOBINOW, Neill,"& Co., iron, grain, and general merchants, St. Maiy's building?. 

116 St. Vincent street 
Robinow, M. E., of Robinow, NciU, §' Co , 5 Fitzroy place 
ROBINSON, Dunn, & Co., Partick patent saw and fioorlng mills, Partlck 
Robinson, Henry, a< /. ^ F''. CfTj?y??)dr5, house Partifft 


Robinson, Jolm, silk mercer and diaper, 244 Argyll street 

Robinson, Robert, oj Robimon, Dunn, §f Co., house Clydeview, Partick 

Robinson, Samuel, mercantile and mathematical teacher, 144 West Regent street 

Robinson, Thomas, muslin manufacturer, 30 Struthers street 

Robinson, Thomas, of Blair §/■ Robinson, house YT Hope street 

Robinson, Miss, 65 Bath street 

ROBSON <fe Clapperton, share-brokers and house-iactoi-s, 18 Springfield court, 

Queen street 
Robson, James, of Rohson ^ Clapperton, house 23 Melbourne place, Kingston 
Robsou, Rev. John, D.D., 2 Queen's crescent 

Robson, Neil, civil engineer, 7& St. Vincent street, house 26 Woodside place 
.Robson & Co., tea and coffee merchants, 16 Argyll street 
Robson <fe Co., tea dealers and grocers, 153 Sauchiehall street 
Robson, William, causewayer 41 Govan street 
Robson, William, victualler, 51 Stockweli street 
Robson, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 60 Oswald street 
Robson, Mrs. J., Liverpool and Dumfries tavern, 118 Broomielaw 
ROCHE AD, John T., architect, 23 St. Enoch square, house do. 
RocHSOLEs Coal Co., R. h T. Young, IS and 2*1 Gallowgate 
ROD AN <fe Crosbie, wrights and glaziers., 172 Great Hamilton street 
RODGER, Alexander, & Co., cabinetmakers and joiners, 62 Old vennel 

Rcdgers, David, jun., ironmonger and painter, 63 Main stroetj Anderaton ' 

Rodger, Hugh S., spirit dealer, 89 Bridgegate street 

Rodger, James <k John G., merchants and insurance brokers, 86 West George stre*! 

Roder, James, of Smith ^ Rodger, house 16 Elmbank crescent 

Rodger, James, of J. ^ J. G. Rodger, house 166 Buchanan street 
Rodger, James, tiesher. 70 Main g'treet, Bridgeton 

Rogers, John, at W. Wardlaw's, 100 Fife place, honse 103 Dale street, Tradeston 

Rodger, John, G., of J. §r J. G, Rodger, house Dunchattan buildJngS; Duke street 

Rodger, John, "STright and glazier, 1 1 Well street, Calton 

Rodger, John, cowfeeder, 104 Centre street, Tradeston 

Rodgers, Josiah, letter-carrier, P.O., house 4 Cameron place 

R«dger, Robert, Large carrier, 72 Wilson street and 209 Argyll street 

Rodgers, Samuel, painter and paper-hanger, 73 Main street, Anderston 

Rodger, William, bleacher, Carmyle. Orders left at 31 North Albion street 

ilodger, William, ai Steele ^ Douie't, house 41 Cumberland place^ 

RODIE. Alexander, of Milrmj ^ Rodie, 63 Bath street 

jlJOEBUCK, Jonathan, house painter, 75 Eglinton street 

Roebuck, Wm, R,, commission merchant, 69 St. Vincent street, Lo. 18 Windsor ter. 

ItOEHEAD, John, hat manufacturer, 134 Stockweli street, house 62 Glasefovd st. 

ROGER, James Cruikshank, general commission merchant, agent for Alex. Had- 
deii tfc Sons, Aberdeen, Royal Exchange, ho. Red(Jrie cottage, Cumbernauld road 

HOLLAND, William, confectioner, 38 Sauchiehall street 

Holland, Mi 6, 40 Hill street, Garnethill 

ROMBaCH, Alois, wholesale toy merchant, 29 High street 

ROME., Andrew, currier, 15 South St. Mungo street 

RONALD, Alexander, baker, 19 Warwick street 

Konald, James, H.E.I.C.S., 26 Windsor terrace, St. George'sroad 

Ronald, James, dairyman, 78 Bath street 

tionald, John, jun., of Ronald ^ Mactavish, house 142 Hill street, Garaetbjl 

Ronald, John, merchant, of Sales, Burnley, §r Co., and W. ^ J. EccUs §• Co., be 
107 Bath street 

Ronald <fe Mactavish, wine merchants, 37 St. Vincent place 

Ronald, Mrs., 43 Bridge street 

Ronald, William G., 24 Gordon street, house 7 Claremont street 

Er,nald, Mrs. J., 05 Douglas street 

RONiSLDSON, Alex., of James Richardson ^ Co., bouse 15 Lynedcch crescent 

ROONEY, Mrs. John, bookseller, 74 London street 

ROSE, A. F., /. §r <?. Pattison ^ Co., 61 Buchanan stree 

Rose, Donald, merchant, 7 Greenvale place, CumberLind street 

.Rose, G., minister, Veteran chapel, 1 Suffolk street 

Rose, Mrs. H., 45 Uaion street 

Ro«e, Miss,. Claremont ^treigt 

ROSE -no WAND. 235 

Rowan «fe Co., bakers 55 John street 

Rose, Mrs,, 131 North Montrose street 

RosBBAtta Coal office, 26 Robertson street 

ROSEiSiBAUM, M. J., toj and hardvrare merchant, 3 London street 

Ross, Alex, old original blacking warehouse of Scotland, 85 Troni^ite, houss 2 

Canning plaoc, Stirling's road 
Ross, Alexander, & Co., blacking makers, 67 Trongate 
Ross, Alex., sheriff-officer, 89 Drygate street 
Ross, Alexander, victualler, 397 Gallowgate 
Ross, Alexander, at Juhn Bannerman §/■ Sons 
Ro33, Andrew M., of D. ^ A. Ross, house 3 St. Enoch square 
Ross, Andw., & Co., plumbers and lead itieroViants, 14 and 16 Drury strct^t, hoase 

103 Holme street 
Ross, A. M., of James Ross ^ Sotis, house 1 54 George street 
Ross, Charles, wine and spirit raer., 15 Anderston quay, ho. 4Q Glydost., Andorston 
Ross, David, joiner and oabinstmaker, 19 New wynd, house 25 East Clyde street 
Ross, D. & A., slaters and slate merchants, 3 St. Enoch square 
Ross, Donald, agent for the Glasgow Association in aid of the Poor, and agent for 

the National Friendly Society, 16 Buchanan street, house 51 Adeiphi street 
Ross, Donald, dyer, 12 Greenside street, Gorbals, liouse, Eastfiald, Polmadie 
Ross, Donald, jun., sewed-muslin warehouse, 94 Miller street 
Ross, Donald, of B. ^ A. Ross, 3 St. Enoch square, house Govan 
Ross, Duncan, <fe Co., metal brokers and general agents, 13 Exchange place 
Ross, D. M., of Moss, DAUcan, ^ Co., house 34 Garscube place 
Ross, George, wine and spirit merchant, 104 and 166 Saltraarket street, house 21 

Waterloo street 
Ross, Geors" , wholesale nnd retail boot and shoe manufacturer, 41 Troni'atc 
Ross, George, general agent, 44 Cook street, Tradcston 
Ross, James, & Son, hide and kather factors, 33 North .Albion street 
Ross, James, whip-inaker, 18 Bell street 
Ross, John B., of James Ross ^- Sons, house Coplawhill 

Ross, John, smith, bellhanger and gas-fitter, 35 Canon si., house 3 Hopetoun piace 
Ross, John, commercial inn, 44 Trotig.ate street 
Ross, John, M.D., surgeon, 82 and i09 George street 
Ross, John, Galloway's court, ID George street 
Ross, John, jun., <fe Co , merchants, 12'j Brunswick street 
Ross, John, jun., of John Ross, jun., ^ Co., residence Muirpark, Particle 
Ross, John, marble-cutter, 40 Oswald street, house 35 Robertson street 
Ross, John, of Primrose ^ Ross, house 62 M' Alpine street 
Ross, John M., at Thomas Chalmers §f Go.'s, house 88 North Hanover street 
Ross, Kenneth, writer, 16 St. Enoch square 
Ross, Matthew, flesher, 26 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Ross, Mitchell, «fc Co., merchants, 29 St. Vincent place 
Ross, Phillip, of Thos. Thorburn ^ Co., house Meadowbank place, Partick 
Ross, Philip, at M'onkland Iron a^id Steel Co., house 2 West Russell street 
Ross, Thomas, merchant, 31 Virginia street, house 51 Abbotsford ])lacc 
Ross, Thomas, warper and winder, 1 3 Montrose street 

.Ross, Thomas, at tJic Avon Printfield warehouse, 32 Ingram st., ho. 3 1 Warwick ^t. 
Ross, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 184 Castle street 
Ross, Thomas, hairdresser, 69 Saltmarket street 
Ross, Thomas, stay manufacturer, 9 South Hanover street 
Ross, William, 130 Bath street 

Ross, William, blacking manufacturer, 153 Trongate, honse 82 Ijondon street 
Roas, William, of Ross, Mitchell, Sf Co., house Laurel bank, Partick 
Ross, William, wine and spirit merchant, and minibus proprietor, 7 Cathcarfc street, 

stable yard. Parliamentary road 
Ross, William, rope and twine maker, 30 King street, Tradeston 
Ross, William, contractor, 3 Martyr street 
RoiHESAT Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street 
Rothesay Cotton- Yarn Warehouse, Virginia bniidings 
ROTH WELL, Thomas, spirit dealer, 61 King street 
ROUTLEDGE, Miss, 136 Renfrew street 
R.OW AND, Alexander, of Dunhp, Rcwand, ^ Co., house Linthouse 



Howan & Co., engineers and ironfoundera, Atlas works. East Miliou sciwm. 

liowand, Daniel, joiner and cartwrigbt, 35 Bisbop street, AnderstEvn 

Rowand, Daniel, spirU dealer, 26 Bishop street, Anderston 

Rowan, Hugh, watchmaker, 146 SaitmiBrket street 

Rowan, James, at George Douglas' a, 118 Argyll street 

Rowan, James, surgeon, 43 Hospital street, house 102 South Portland street 

Rowan, James G., drapler, hosier, and furnisher, 2VJ Cowcaddena 

Rowan, John Hood, shipbuilder, Kelvingrovc street. Royal terrace 

Rowan, John M , of Rowan &■ Co., bouse North Woodside house 

Rowand & Laurie, accoiiatants and sharebrokers, 43 West Nile street 

Rowand, Michael, of Linthoiise, Union bank of Scotland 

Rowand, Michael, jun., of Roivand §• Lau'ric, house Linthouse 

Rowan, IMichael, baker and grain raei-chant, 74 Bath street, house 72 do. 

Rowan, Stephen, jun , Kelvingrovc street. Royal terrace 

Rowan, William Hood, shipbuilder, Kelvingrovc street, Roj^al terrace 

Rowan, William, bookseller and stationer, 39 Cowcaddens street 

Ro\yaa, Mrs., milliner, 144 Sauehiehall street 

ROW AT, Alexander, general wire-worker, and wire- cloth manufacturer, 19 Sa'^- 

market street. {See Advertisement in Appendix). 
ROWBOTHAM, I^nac, pawnbroker, 44 Trongate 

ROWLEY, Andi^w, drysalter and commission merchant, 62 Brunswick street 
ROXBURGH, Adara, ut James M Arthur ^ Co.'s, 82 Glassford street 
Roxburgh, Rev. John, minister of Free St. John's, house Provanside, Stirling's rd. 
lloxburgh, John, of Roxburgh, Richardson, ^ Co., house 110 Peel terrace, HilS st. 
Roxburgh & FauW.s, Greenfield and KipfM colliery. Office 65 Jamaica street, aud 

Railway depot, Townhead 
Roxburgh, Richardson, & Co., insui'ance and ship brokers, 1 Royai Bank place 
Roxburgh, William, of Roxburgh §r I^aiMs, house 64 Oxford street 
Roxburgh, Jlisses, milliners and dressmakers, 2 Clyde terrace 
lioxburgli, Mrs, A , milliner and dressmaker, 5 Abercromby place, West Geovsie st. 
ROY, Alexander, brewer and grain milJer, 29 Muirhead street, and 7 Park place 
Roy, Andrew, wholesale and retail grocer, 270 Buchanan street 
Roy, Aiciiibald, calenderer and packer, 82 Virginia street, house 110 George street 
Roy, David, accountant. Commercial bank 
Roy, George, of Buchanan, Roy, ^- Co , 53 Candleriggs street 
Roy, James, grocer and victualler, 102 Maiii^strcet, Auderston ^ 

Roy, James, fishmonger, 41 George street,,.45^fi*^'^/,,^^*#<-j##«i^r-<<^' ■^-'^^^' 
Rovii Bank, west end of the Royal Exchange, Queen street. Laurence Robertson 

and Robert Bell, cashiers 
Royal Engineers' Office, 92 South Portland street 
Royal Exchange Public Library, 122 Queen street. John Hicks 
Royal Exchange Fire and Life Assurance Company. Ritchie & Murdoch, 145 

Ingram street; and Forbes and Reddie, 14G West George street, agents 
Royai Insurance Co. of Liverpool. y\ gents, John Cree, jun., 21 Royal Exchange 
square; Wm. Urquhart, 153 Queen street; and Wm. AVardlaw, G2 Buchanan St.. 
Royal Hotel, Old, 66 George square 
Royal Hotel, Comrie's, 1 North Queen street 

Royal Infirmary Office, Robert Lanaont, secretary, 29 St, Vincent place 
Royal Lunatic Asylum. Phy.sician's Office, 70 St. George's place 
Royal Mail Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street 
Royal Victoria Horse Bazaar, and Posting Establishment. J. Walker, 104 West 

Nile stieetij^ y^^^-^^e^of^'^i' ^ ^^:?[:/'ii-^-^-^i^>-.^^ ^:zt!c~a^'e<-i^^-C^ 
RUDD, Mrs.,*t3 CambrlJlge street " -^ 

RUDDACH, Mrs. John, brush, basket, and toy warehouse, 9 Candleriggs street, 

house ll'i Trongate j 

RUE'S lodging.-*, 160 Buchanan street i 

RUFF, Joseph, German-clock warehouse, 73 Gallowgate, house 76 do. 1 

RULE, William, Post-office, house 17 Nicholson street 1 

RUNCIMAN, Bev. David, of St. Andrew's, house IS Annfield place I 

RUSSELL, Allan, Spittal Colliery office, S3 Union street 
Ru.ssel), Archibald, Crossvale, Uangingshaw 

Russell, Archibald, (f Russell ^ Raeburn, house Shawfield park, Rniheriilen 
Russell, Bernard, dotbier, 25 Pi-oyal Exchange square, house 17 Buccleuch street 


Russell, David, printer and stereotype founder, tS Argyll street, honsc Aftfaurn 

Cottage, Ruthorglen 
Russell, David, victualler, 106i Gai*scube road 
Russell, Rev. David, of Nicholson street Congregational Ciuiroii, house 2 South 

Apsley place 
Russell, Edward, broker, 10 1 Main street, Gorbals 
^^usscU, Grahiira, of Stifling, Gordon, Sf Co., residence Arthurlie 
Russell, Hugh, «fe Co., smiths, saddletree, hem, and chain raanui'acturerg, and sad- 
dlers' ironmongers, 13 Bridge street 
Russell, Hugh, of Hugh Russell Sr Co., house 2d Eglinton street 
Kusseii, James, architect, Three- mile -house. Paisley road. Letters left at James 

Boyd's, 1 9 New Bridge street 
Russell, James, carver, 6 Nicholson street 

Russell, James, of James Russell ^ Co., house 13 Adelphi street, llutchegotito-wn 
Russell, James, formerly steam-boat hnrbour-raaster, house Auburn, Cottage, 

Russell, James, of Ferguson §• Co., bouse 1 Royal terrace 
Russell, Jjimes. & Co., stripe and check manufacturers, 95 Candleriggs street 
Russell, .James, grain and provision agent, 35 Ropework lane 
Russell, James, provision and spirit dealer, 30 Old wynd 

Russell, -James, joiner, Stirling street, Cowcaddens, ho. 94 North Frederick street 
Russell, James Struthers, tailor, 60 Great Hamilton street 
Russell, J. & T , rauslin manufacturers, 103 Hutcheson street 
Russell, J. <fc W., spirit dealers, .55 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Russell, J. & W., provision merchants, 47 Oxford street 
Rns.sell, John, & Co., manufacturers, 30 Cochran street 
Russell, John, of John Russell Sf Co., house 2 Albert place, Kingston 
Russell, John, jeweller, at P. Aitken's, 48 Arcade 
R.ussell, John, officer of excise, 59 .\bercromby street 

Russell, Rev. John R., teacher of Wilson's school, ho. 37 Dalhousie st., Gamethill 
Russell, John, power-loom manager, house 2 Cumberland street, Caiton 
Russell, John, painter and paper-hanger, 1.9 Eglinton street 
Russeli, John, tobacconist ■'J3 .Tamaica street 

Russell, John, .accountant, St Wilson street, house Cessnock Bank, Govan road 
Russell, John, house-factor, .•»' d agent for the Troon oven soles, 65 Renfield street 
Russell <fe Raeburn, merchants and shipowners, 33 Union street 
Russell, Robert, vintner and stabler, 1 1 Kent street 
Russdl, S. & W., starch and gum makers, \i1 East Milton street 
Russell, S., of S. ^ W. Russell, house 27 Port-Dundas road 
Russell, Tliomas, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 18 Adelphi street 
Russell, Walter, spirit merchant, 57 King street, Caiton 
Russeli, William, spirit dealer, 20 Rope-work lane 

Russell, William, jun., ascertainer of Tonnago, haibour, office Port-Dundas 
Rtissell, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 16 Little HaTniiton street 
Russell, William, victualler. Upper Crown street, Hutchesontown 
Russell, William, writer, 84 Wilson street, house Cessnock Bank, Govan road 
Russell, William, grocer, 22 Hospital street, Hutchesontown 
Russeli, William, umbrella and parasol- manufacturer, 16 Arcade 
Russell, Jane, dre.'sraaker, tio Crown street 
Russell, Mi-s Agnes, spirit dealer, 124 South Albion street 
Russell, Mrs, lodgings, 51 West Regent street 
Ru.ssell, Mrs J., 37 Dalhousie street, Garnethiil 
Russian Vice-Consul, N. Handyside, 18 Gordon street 
RUTHERFORD, Charles, at Yule ^ Wilkie'.j, 58 Port-Dundas road 
Rutherford, George, & Co. Letters left at AVilliam Muir's, 184 Buchanan street 
Rutherford, William, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Galiowgate, and 9 Jamaica 

street, house 19 Galiowgate 
Rutherford, Wiiiiam, spirit dealer, 50 Ann street, Port-Dundas 
RUTHERGLEN, Andrew, bookseller and stationer, 119 Buchanan stroec, i; v 

32 India street 

St. Andrew's Parish Sehool, 2-3 St. Andrew's square. James Craw, 



St. David's Parish School, bead of John street. James Millar, teacher 

St. David's Free Church Female School, 52 N. Fiederick street. Mrs. Strachnii. 

tea ell er 
St. Enoch's Sessional School, Ropework lane 

St. George's Sessional and Seaman's Society School, 9 Brown street 
St. George's Steam-Packet Office, 10) Union street 
St. Hklen's Grown and Sheet Glass Company. Tower «fe Arroll, agents, 7 Stock - 

■n-ell place 
St. James's Pari-sh School, Great Hamilton street 
8t. John's Parish School, Macfarlane street. Henry Siiields and C. H. Banna- 

tyne. teachers 
St. Luke's Parish School, Main street, Calton 

St. Mark's Lodge of Freemasonry, 9 St. George court, 9i West Nile street 
St. Matthew's School, "William street, Anderston 
St. P.vul's Parish School, Greyfriars' wynd. James Wallace, teacher 
St. Rollox Foundry Co., iron-founders and ergineers, St. Rollox 
St. Rollox Shipping Co., 31 Miller street. • William Sloan, manager 
SAGE, John, supervisor of excise, 4 Great Hamilton street 
SALL.\RS, Jaraes, boot and shoemaker, and agent, 107 Hospital street 
SALAS, Frnncis, erJjinet warehouse, 15 King street, and 50 Miller's place 
SALMON, Andresy, at M'George <J- Kerr's, 40 St. Vincent place 
Salmond, Duncan, of SaJmonJ Sr Struthers, house 07 West Regent street 
Salmond, George, procurator-fiscal for the Sheriff, Commissary and Admiral o? 
Lanarkshire, Master E.xtraordiuary for Scotland of the High Courts of Chan- 
cery of England and L-eland, and E.xtraordinary Commissioner for Scotland of 
the High Court of Chancery, of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer 
in England. Office County buildings, Wilson street, house 13 Nowton plaee 
Salmond, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Drygate toll 
Salmond, John, & Sons, cotton-thread manufaeturera, heddle-makers, and wood 

turners, S Wilson street, works 22 Canning street, house 6 William street 
Salmond, Peter, & Co.. painters and pajier-hangers, 12 and 14 Q,ueen street 
Salmond, Robert, manager. City of Glasgow bank, house 14 Woodsido crescent 
Salmond, Robert, smith, bell-hanger, and gas-fttier, 71 Mitehell street 
Salmond & Strnthers, cotton-spinners, Virginia buildings^ works Rothe?a;r 
Salmond, Mrs., lodgings, 1 5 Renfrew street 
Sample -Room, Royal Exchange buildings. William M'Grcgor 
SAMUEL, Thomas, commission merchant, 70 Brunswick st., house 1 Stafi'.>i'd %i. 
Samuel, William M., secretary, H. Bell Lodge, I.O.F.M.U., 46 North Frederick si, 
Samuel, Mrs. Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 65 Centre street 
SANDEMAN, David, wine mer., 53 Miller street, house 217 Brandon place, Y^'esi 

Greorge street 
Sandeman & Pearson, calico printers, 77 Queen street 
Sandeman, Miss, 14i West Campbell street 
Sandeman, Mrs. J. G., 144 West Campbell street 
SANDERSON, Robert, Prussian vice-consul, 31 Virginia street, bouse 19 Florence 

place, Woodlands road 
Sanderson, Wm. A., at John Smith ^ Co., house 90 North Frederick street 
SANDS, Archibald, 48 Buchanan street • 
Sands &■ Herbertson, measurers, 48 Buchanan street 

Sasii^b Office, o Moore place, West George street. Thomas Grahame and Thoma» 
Hill, W.S„ keepers of the particular register of the sasines for Renfrewshire and 
regalities of Glasgow and Paisley 
Sasiae Office for burgh of Glasgow. Andrew Cunningham, registrar. City Chambers 
Saturday Post New.spaper Office, Turner's court, 87 Argyll street 
S.AUNDERS & Neilson, tailors and clothiers, 2 Duke street 
Satinos' Bank, National Security. R. Watson, actuary, 68 Hutcheson street 
SAWERS, Geox'ge, commission agent, 24 St. Enoch square, house 11 Florence 

place, Woodland road 
Sawers, John, collector of market dues, bazaar, house 29 South Albion street 
SCANL.AN, fames, surgeon, 109 South Portland street 

.Scanlan, Patrick, <fe Sons, pawnbrokers, 113 King street, house 25 East Clyde st. 
SCARBOROUGH, John, clog and last maker, 17 Saltmarket street 
SCB.!".V!Z. Aioxjiitder, of Campbell, Eivcns, <?• Co.. house 24 2 West George street 


Scheviz, George, uaei-ehant, 0/ Campbell, Rivers, ^ Co., housR 20 Brandon place 

SCHULTZE, C, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 3 Gfcorgo squiro 

SCHWABE, & Co., 146 AVest George street 

SOLA.NDERS, Alex., of A. Slanders, ^ Son, house 153 Hill street, Garnethill 

Sclanders, Andrew <fc Son, grain merchants, 7 Union street 

Sclanders, Andrew, sen., of A. Sclanders, ^ Son, house Hope }:i!ace. New City road 

Sclanders, A., jiin , of Sclanders ^ Ooodwin, house 9 Scott street, Garnethill 

Sclanders, Andrew, baker, 44 Main street, Anderston, house 14 Washington street 

Sclanders, Andrew, commission merchant, 9 John street 

Sclanders <fe Goodwin, grain merchants, 11 Union street 

Sclanders, .Tames, wright, trunk and packing-box maker, 37 Montrose street 

Sclanders, John, baker, 3l4 Argyll street, and 44 King street 

Sclanders, Robt., wright, trunk, and packing-box maker, 38 Montrose street, hou-so 
36 do. 

SCOBIE, Robert, of Thomson ^ Scohie, house 32 Macfarlane street 

Scobie, Walter, 0/ Anderson ^ Co., house. 15 Monteith row 

Scobie, Wra., spirit dealer, & Cheapside street 

SGOON, Jacob, stay manufactui'er, 94 Gallowgate 

Scotch Reformer's Gazette Newspaper Office, 75 Argyll street 

SCOTLAND, G. D., bookbinder and stationer, 16 Hutcheson street, 

Scotland, James, commission agent, 8 South Apsley place 

Scotland, Patrick, merchant, I Gallowgate, house Hawthorn bank, Partlck 

SCOTT, Adam, spirit dealer, 4 Renfield street ^ 

Seott, Alex., <fe Co., sewed -muslin manufacturers, 28 Cochran street 

Soott, Alexander, 0/ Brown ^ Scott, house 123 West Nile street 

Scott, Alexander, of Scott ^' Stevenson, 46 Gordon street 

Scott, Alexander, of Alexander Scott ^ Co., house 28 Cochran street 

Scott, Alexander, spirit dealer, 80 Brown street 

Scott, Allan, of J. §■ A. Scott ^ Co. 

Scott, Andrew, <k Co., cotton -spinners, ( Rutherglen-bridge mills,) 63 Virginia st, 

Scott, Andrew, of the Customs, house 4 Abbotsfbrd place 

Scott, Andrew, of Andre^v Scott §• Co., house 8 Queen's cre.scent 

Scott, Andrew, of It Scott ^ Sons, bakers, 357 Argyll street 

Scott, Andrew, pastry baker and spirit dealer, 467 Gallowgate 

Scott, Andrew, chemist, 42 Trongate, house 17 Monteith row 

Stost, Archibald, 140 London street 

Scott, Arthur, Turf tavern, 203 Argyll street 

Scott, Charles, boot and shoemaker, 1 Portugal street 

Scott, Charles, dairyman, 50 Bath street 

Scott, Charles, dairyman and carter, 10 Balmanno street 

Scott & Co., manufacturers, 7 and 13 Exchange place 

Scott, Colquhoun, <fc Co., merchants, 109 Hope street 

Scott, David, & Co., manufacturers, 13 Montrose street 

Scott, David, of David Scott ^ Co , house 2 South Apsley plac« 

Scott, David, saddler, 9 Canning street, Calton, house 16 do. 

Scott &, Drysdale, wholesale and retail grocers, 187 Argyll street 

Scott, Geddes M'Kenzie, M.D., physician, 80 Bath street 

Scott, George, of Boghall. Letters left at 270 Gallowgate 

Scott, J. & A., & Co., tin, zinc, lead, copper, and galvanized iron merchants, 85 Mit- 
chell street 

Scott, James, 176 Crown street 

Scott, James, grocer and tea dealer, 3 Clyde terrace, house 9 South Apsley place 

Scott, James, fiesher, 66 Stockwell street 

Scott, James, flesher, 22 Bedford street 

Scott, James, superintendent of markets, office 60 Hutcheson street, house 26§ 
Ai'gyll street 

Scott, James, victualler, 110 Main street, Gorbals 

Scott, James, Perth, Dundee, and Aberdeen carrier, Edinburgh Railway Station, 
Q,ue9n street 

Scott, Jataes, 16 Woodside crescent 

Scott, James, of David Scott §f Co., 13 Montrose street 

Scott, James, spirit dealer, 1 Anderston quay 

Scott. James, f* ' ■ ■ "' . I. > T Dalhouale plaoe 

242 SCOTT 

Scott, John, confectioner, grocer, and wino merchant, 28 and 30 llutcheson street 

Scots, Joh'j, engraver and printer, 74 Argyll street ^ 

Scott, John, hosier and draper, 71 Canning street, house 07 do. 

Scott, John, jun., of John Scott ^ Son, house 31 Duiie street 

Scott, John, of Customs, house 4. Abbotsfnrd place 

Scott, John, & Co., Olive Branch tavern, 49 Trongate street 

Scott, John, & Son, wrights and builders, 63 Duke street 

Scott. John, sen., of John Scolt ^- 5on, house HO London street 

Scott, Jr>hn, Western Bank, house Ilaughhead, Govan 

Scott, John, wine and spirit dealer, 131 Gallowgate, house 3 Great Dovehill 

Scott, Joseph Fawcett, riding-master and livery stable keeper, 26 Cambridge street, 
and 132 Renfrew stieet 

Scott & M'Lai'en, commission agents, 14 Gordon street 

Scott, Robert, & Co , drapers, 127 Argyll street 

Scott, Robert, Dumbreck Cottage. Letters left at John Wallcer & Co.'s 

Scott, Robert, house-factor, 3 Canning street, Anderston 

Scott, Robert, &, Sons, merchants, and ship biscuit bakers, 346 Argyll street 

Scott, R. 11, at D. ^ H. Ingliss, 78 Miller street 

Scott, R., Greenoakhill, Daldowie. Letters left at Scott & Stevenson's 

Scott, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 119 High street 

Scott, Robert, of E. Scott ^ Sons, house 357 Argyll street 

Scott, Sarael, baker, 96 Great Hamilton street 

Scott & Stevenson, writers, and agents for the London Fire and Life ABSUrance 
Corporation, 46 Gordon street 

Scott, Thomas, flcsher, 7 Maxwell street 

Scott, 'I'iiomas, dairy-keeper, 37 Oxford street 

Scott, Thomas, provision merchant, 15 Carriek street, and 58 Main street, Ander- 

Scott, Thomas, bootmaker. Hi Trongate 

Scott, Walter, «fe Co., ship brokers and commission merchants, 17 Gordon street 

Scott, William, boot and shoe makei', 20 Govan street 

Scott, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 13 Douglas street 

Scott, William, Barrowfiekl brewery, house 1 Duncan street, Calton 

Scott, William, surgeon, 55 Nelson street, house 5 Morrison street, Tradeston 

Scott, Rev. William, 36 Daihousie street 

Scott, William, cabinet and upholstery warehouse, 59 Candleriggs street 

Scott, W. W., merchant and commission agent, 13 Montrose street, house 2 Elm- 
bank place 

Scott, V\ iiliam, <fc Co., tinsmiths, 38 Clyde place 

Scott, William, spirit dealer, 68 Canning street, Calton 

Scott, William J., of James Black ^ Co., house 16 Carlton place 

Scott, William, wine and spirit merchant, 12^ Cheapside street 

Scott, William, spirit dealer, 6 Great Dovehill 

Scott, Miss Maiy, milliner and straw-hat maker, 16 Sauchieliall street 

Scott, Miss, 37 Garnethill street 

Scott, Miss M., 49 Renfield street 

Scott, Miss, 37 North Hanover street 

Scott, Miss, milliner, straw-hat and dress maker, 6 Cambridge street 

Scott, Miss J., tuscan and straw hat maker, 42 Oswald street 

Scott, Mrs., lodgings, 66 Bath street 

Scott, Mrs. James, 21 Woodside place 

Scott, Mrs. John Stirling, 20 Buccleuch street 

Scott, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 18 Saltmarkci street 

Scott, Mrs. Michael, 198 Athole place, Bath street 

Scott, Mis., spiiit dealer, 16 Hospital street 

Scott, Mrs. J , muslin and lace printing establishment, 21 Argyll arcade, house 11 
Howard street 

Scott, Mrs, William, grocer, 140 Main street, Gorbals 

Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Office, 141 Buchanan street. William Spens, 
roanrtger. (See Advertisement in Appendix.) 

Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society. Thomas Somervail, 63 St. Vincent 
street, agent 



Scottish Life Assurance and Guarantee Association, office 20 Buchanan street. P. 
Wlii.'p, manager 

Scottish Press Newspaper officO; 14 Buchanan streeh 

Scottish Pi-oviclent Life Assurance Institution. Duncan <fe Church, agents, 67 St. 
Vincent street 

Scottish Railway Gazette Office, 28 Glassford street 

Scottish Temperance League Office. P,0 St. Enoch sfiuarc. Robert Rae, secretary 

Scottish Union Fire and Life Insurance Office. Finlayson & Moncrieif, 8 Gordon 
street; Cliarles Hamilton, 147 Queen street; William Mathieson, 3 West Nile 
street; St'Naughton & Hamilton, o9 St. Vincent street; and Robert W. Skipsev, 
3 Gordon street, agents 

Scottish Union of Popular, Literary, and Mechanic's Institutions. Central com- 
mittee at the Glasgow Athenajura, J. W. Hudson, P.H.D., secretary Widows' Fund and Life Assurance Society, Bruee A Beveridge, agents, SO 
Exchange square 

SCOUGAL.L, William, bookseller and agent, 4:1 Millroad street 

SCOULLER, Allan, flesher, 20 Mutton-market, King street 

Scouller, Jaiues, flesher, 145 West Regent street, house 15 London street 

Scouler, John, beadle of the Anderston United Presbyterian church, houio Kirk 
close, Main street 

Scouler, N., warehouseman, 120 Argyll street 

Scouller, R. & J., weaving utensil rnakei-s, 151 Gallowgaie 

Scouler, William, pawnbroker, Saltmarket street, and 17 Trongato street 

Seamen's Cliapel, 9 Brown street, Brownfield 

SEATH, Thomas, 43 Broomielaw 

SEf,IGMANN.-H, L., metal broker, 135 Buchanan street 

Seligmann, Julius, prof, of singing, 125 Wellington street 

SELKIRK, James, of Law ^ SelHrk, house 52 Windsor terrace 

Selkirk, Jjimes, & Co., wholefiale and retail grocei-s, 41 Main street, Gorbals 

Sellers, William, boot and shoe niakei', 107 Hospital street 

Sellar, William D., of Tasaie, Seliar 4" Co., house 30 Abbotsford place 

Sellar«, Mrs. William, paper ruler, 124 Trongate street 

SEMPLE <fe Co., tea merchants, 13 St. Enoch square 

Semple, H. R. & Co., corn, flour, and butter factors, 18 and 20 Turner's cour., 
Argyll street 

Seniple, H. R., of H. R. Semple ^' Co. house 34 Cook street 

Semple, J. M., groceries and provisions, 30 Cook street 

Semple, Matthew, superintendent. Blind asylum, 102 Castle sti-oet, Townhead 

Semple, Thomas, 39 Kent street 

Semple, Mrs., 130 West Regent street 

SERVICE, James, of Gibson, S''rvice fy Co., house ^0 Renfrew street c-.,^ 

Service: James, writer, 44 Hutcbeson street -'^-^ */^ ,^»^"^ ^/:u<-<l < '*' -y 

Service, James, printer, 67 Trongate street 

Service, Robert, Ayrshire milk and cream shop, 16 George street 

Service, Thomas, of Service ^- Wm-kman, house 53 Buccleuch street 

Tcrvice, William, jun., at George Smith ^ Sons', 34 London street 

Service &, AVoikman, sewed-muslin manufacturers, 129 Ingram street 

Session-Clerk's Office for the Citj', 67 St. George's place. Robert Strang, clerk; 
James M'Alister, depute-clcrk 

Ses^ion-Clerk of Barony Parish of Glasgow, 52 West Nile street 

Session -Clerk's Office tor the Barony of Gorbals 61 Adelphi st., James Coats, elk, 

SETON, A. B., & Son, agents for Curtis & Harvey, of Houiislow and Clyde Pow- 
der Mill, the United Kingdom I ife Assur.ance Co., and Caledonian Fire Insur- 
ance Co., 12 St Vincent place, house 16 Queen's crescent 

Seton, John, Eagle tavern, 43 Trongate street 

Seaton, John, cabinetmaker, 71 Maxwell street 

SHaCKLETON, Jonathan, jun , & Co., manufacturers of mousselinc-de-laines, 
etc., etc , 103 Hutcheson street, works Reedyford House, Marsden, Lancashire 

SIIAND, Giorge, merchant and commission agent, IIS Union street, house 124 
Douglas street 

Shand, John, B., 109 Breadalhane terrace, Hili street, Garnethill 

SHANKS, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 49 Sauchiehall street 

Shanks & Brown, ttarchers, 60 BhirkfrL^rs street 


Shanks, James, civil engineer and road surveyor, 2-3 Garscube place 

Shanks, James S., of Tliomas ^' Shanks, house 30 John street 

Shanks, Robert, of Shiniks ^ Brown, house 32 Blackfriars street 

Shanks, Walter, 20 East College street 

Shanks, C. & M., milliners, dress and straw-hat makers, 8 Crown street 

Shanks, Miss, 112 Castlemilk place 

StiANKLAND, A. & J., grocers, 42 Oanon street 

SHANNON, Charles, A. Co, pawnbrokers, 1 Dalmarnock road 

Shannon, John, rag merchant, 6 and 7 MoncriefF street 

SHARE LAN, Francia, spirit dealer, 213 Main street, Gorbals 

SHARP, Andrew, tailor and clothier, 57 Union street - 

Sharp, Andrew, officer of the British jSshery, 37 Eglinton street 

Sharp, Brjce, green grocer, 50 Bedford street 

Sharp, George, Bottle works, Port-Dundas 

Sharp & Gilchrist, hearth-rug and carpet manufacturers-, 84 College street 

Sharpe, James, of J. ^ J. Skarpe, house ] 4 Somerset place 

Sharp, James, at Waddell ^- Wilson's, house 1 08 North Hanover street 

Sharpe, James & John, commission merchants, 10 Union street 

Sharpe, John, of J. §f J. Sharpe, house 1 Melrose street. Queen's crescent 

Sharp, John, of Brown §/■ Sharp, uouse 9 Mansfield place 

Sharpe, John <fe Thomas, merchajits, 66 Miller street 

Sharp, John F., of John ^ Tho^nus Sharpe, bouse 30 Lynedoch street 

Sharp, John F., yr. of Orchardton, Dumbartonshire 

Sharpe, John P., jun., at Patrick Henderson ^ Co.'s, house 30 Lynedoch street 

Sharp, Matthew, spirit dealer, 26 Main street, Gorbals 

Sharp, Robert, of Smith §■ Sharp, house 2 Rutland crescent 

Sbarpe, Thomas P., collector of taxes, 66 Miller street 

Sharp, William, glass and china merchant. Misses M'Farlane, 86 Bath street 
Sharp, Wm., of W. C. Shaiv's, jeweller, house 10 Coburg street 

Sharp, Wra., & Co., 40 Union street 

Sharp, Wra., spirit dealer, 18 Cranston street, Anderston 

Sharp, William, M.D., physician and surgeon, 40 Dundas street 

Sharp, Mrs. James, 9 .Mansfield place 

Sharp's hosiery, shirt, and glove shop, 138 Argyll street 

SHAW, Anthony, painter and paper-hanger, 161 High street 

Shaw, Archibald, sjiirit dealer, 69 Abercrombie street 

Schaw, Archibald S., commission merchant, 12 Royal Exchange sijuare, iiouse S 

South Wellington place 
Shaw, Charles, grocer, 21 Stirling's road!, James, book and music seller and stationer, 92 Queen street 
.;,,vy, James, cabinetmaker, 69 Mitchell street 
Jsi^aw, James, commission agent, 29 Washington street 
Shaw, James, surgeon, i 1 Saltmarket street, and 41 Cook street 
Shaw, John, woollen-draper, 18 Gallowgate, house 10 Great Hamilton street 
Shaw, John, hosier, glover, and shirt manufacturer, 26 Candlerigga street 
Shaw, Rev. John, 34 Great Glyde street 
Shaw, Neil R., 177 Hope street 
Shaw, Robert, 11 Clyde street. Calton 

Shaw, Thomas, at M. Ogle ^ Son, house 46 Oxford street, Laurieston 
Shaw, Thomas, confectioner, 44 Candlerigga street, house 140 George street 
Shaw, Thomas T., tailor and clothier, 170 Trongate 
Shaw, W. C, goldsmith, jeweller, and watchmaker, 64 Argyll street, house 115 

North Montrose street 
Shaw, William, hairdresser, perfumer, aad toy merchant, 48 Jamaica street, house 

28 do. 
Shaw, William, watch and clock maker, 145 Trongate street 
Shaw, Wiliiajn, confectioner and pastry baker, 140 Saltmarket street 
Shaw, William, wright, 12 Eglinton street 
Shaw, William, at Campbell ^ Co.'s, house 54 Abbotsford place 
Shaw, Mrs. David, 9 Victoria place. West Regent street 
Shav,', Mrs., green grocer, 133 New City road 
Shaw, Mrs. John, spia^it dealer, 147 Castle street 
Shaw8 Water Cottijn-f!>'^!Uiiu<r '^ T' ';'■•:,; ■ •< ■'' '^.'^ ^--'^''r '■■■■!:■ -tve-n 


SHEARER, George, Caleclonia tavern, 102 Argyll street 

Shearer, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 78 Eglinton street 

Shearer, Mrs., coffee house and coriimereial lodgings, 37 Jamaica street 

SHEDDEN, John, hardware merchant, 23 Saltroarket street 

Shedden, William, tea and spirit merchant, 26 Bedford street 

Shedden, Miss Marion, J 58 JVew City road 

SHEPHERD, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, and ajrated water manufact'icr, 

120 Sauchiehall street, house 177 Hope street 
SHEPPARD, J. D., Hanoverian consul, stock and share broker, 57 Buchanan St.. 

house 3 Greenlaw place. Paisley road 
Sheppard, Francis, commission mere, ship and insurance broker, 57 Buchanaa at. 
Shepherd, Philip, 120 Sauchiehall street 
Shepherd, Miss, 3 Sauchiehall street 
SHERIDAN, Mrs., lodgings, 96 South Portland street 
SHERIFF & Anderson, ironfounders. Peel street, Loudon road 
SnEiiiFF's Ciianibers, County buildings, Wilson street. Archibald Allison, sheriff; 

D. llardie, keeper 
Sheriff, George, at Pollock, Gilmour, ^ Co.'s, house 109 Renfrew street 
Sheriff, J. B., merchant, and agent for A. A. J., Dawson, St. Magdalene distillery, 

Linlithgow, 24 Queen street, house 14 Abbotsfovd place 
Sherriffs, Robert, commercial traveller, 20 Blythswood sijuare 
Sheriffs, William, agent and shcrift'-officer, 144 Main street, Gorbals 
SHIELDS, George, teacher, Normal seminary, house 40 M'Farlane street 
Shields, Uem-y, teacher, St. John's school, 40 M'Farlane street 
Shields, John, house-factor, 29 Hospital street 

Shields, John, house-factor, and inspector of new buildings, 1 Oswald St., Bridgeton 
•'delds, Matthew, confectioner, 15 Wellington arcade 
..uiels, William, confectioner, 19 Sallmarket street 
Shiels, Mrs. John, grocer, 77 Kirk street, Calton 
Shields, Mrs. John, lodgings, 6 Richmond street 

SHIRRA, James, wriglit and weaving-utensil maker, 16 Kirk street, Calton 
Shirra, James, spirit dealer, 652 Gallowgate 
Shirra, Samuel, flesher, 55 Canning street 
Shirra, Miss, 47 Garnethill street 
Shirra, Mrs., 30 Hop^e street 

SHORTRIDGE, G. Y., of D. Gilchrist ^ Co., house 2 Blythswood square 
Shortridge, John, boot and shoe maker, 48 South Portland street 
SiiOXTS Iron Company, coal and iron masters, and founders. Alex. M'Kinlay, agent, 

18 St. Enoch square 
SHUTTLETON, Mrs. Andrew, spirit dealer, 64 Clyde street, Port-Dundas 
SioHTHiLL Cemetery, Kirkintilloch road 
SILLARS, Oxley, & Co., cotton, worsted, and woollen-j-am agents, and commissiom 

merclants, Virginia Buildings, 43 Virginia st., and 116 Causeyside, Paisley 
Sillars, James Shaw, of Sillars, Oxley, §• Co., house 34 Windsor terraco 
SiUars, Ralph, at Sillars, Oxley, §■ Co., house 12 Spring place 
Sillars, Robert, of Sillars, Oxley, ^ Co., house 21 Elmbank place 
Sillars, Mrs. David, 12 Spring place 

SILVER & Co., pattern-book and card makers, 110 Buchanan street 
Silver, Peter, pattern-book maker, 7 Exchange place 
SIM it Co., commission merchants, 8 Wallace street, Tradeston 
Sim, John, of Customs, 19 Abbotsford place 
Sim, John Keith, of Sim ^- Co., house 21 Abbotsford place 
Sim, John, writer. County buildings, Wilson street 
Slme, William, bookseller, stationer, and librarian, Post-office receiving boose, S2 

Garscube place 
SIMCOCK, William, spirit dealer, 10 St. Andrew's lane 

SIMEON, St, Ange, French professor, 131 Hope street, academy 280 George st. 
SIMONS, William Razie, colour merchant, 192 Argyll street 
SIMPSON, Andrew, flesher, 141 Main street, Gorbals 
Simpson, Andrew, wright and builder, 20 Main street, Gorbals 
"imson, Charles, coal merchant and agent, 77 Thistle street 

Unpsou & Crawford, green-grocci-a ;ind fruiterers, 214 Gallowgate 
Simnson. Daniel, farnlsbins' shop, 48 Kins- street, Tradeston 


Simpson, David, writer, 22 Cumberland placo 
Simpson, GeorgP, mining ami civil engineer, 140 Buchanan street 
Simpson, Geoi'ge, baker, 19 Stevenson street, Calton 
Simpson, George, baker, 122 Renfrew street 
Simpson, George, merchant, 68 RenSeld street 

Simpson, J. B., ironmonger, 25 Iloyal Exchange square, house Meadowslde, Wood- 
land road 
Simpson, James, coal agent, 27 Dean street 
Simpson, James, wright and glazier, 88 Gallovvgate {•treet, house 9 Richmond Jaiio, 

Simpson, James, writer, 66 Miller street, house Netherfield House, Carntyno road 
Simpson, James, bootmaker, 16 Stockwell street 
Simpson, James, jeweller and watchmaker, 47 New Bridge street 

Simpson, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer. 1 02 and 104 London street ~S 

Simpson, John, teacher of English and geography, 171 Hope street n 

Simpson, John, tailor and clothier, 9 Eglinton street i^ 

Simpson, John, slater, 123 Main street, Anderston ^ 

Simpson, John, cigar merchant and fancy tobacconist, 146 Queen street, house 93 ■,;'• 
North Frederick street tj' 

Simpson, John, Glasgow and Greenock Railway Co., 296 Buchanan street * 

Simpson, John, of Mann, Simpson, ^ Co., house 8 St. James's street fi. 

Simpson, Joseph, City of Gla.'igow bank, R,utherglen, house 49 llolmhead street v| 

Simpson, Lewis, tailor and clothier, 50 Eglinton street ^ 

Simpson, Michael, wine and spirit merchant, 9 Castle street fe 

Oimpson, Robert, portioner, 9 Franklin street, Bridgcton '§, 

Simpson, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 16 Broad street, Mile-end •|: 

Simpson, Robert, G. Stnith ^ Sons, 32, 34, and 36 London street, house 2 Men- ;; 

Simpson, R. F., of Sloan, Simpson, ^ Co.M^J^r^^ y ^ ' ^| 

Simpson, R.. H., co.almaster, Bankliead and Bredisholm collieries, office 16 Queen 
street, house 17 Monteith row 

Sirason, T., writer, 06 Hutchcson street 

Simson, William, & Co., starchers, 21 Reid street, Bridgeton 

Simpson, William, manufacturer, 12 South Frederick St., house 239 St. Vincent st, 

Simpson, William, & Sons, manufacturers, John street, Bridgeton 

Simpson, 'Wtlliaro, 39 Glassford street 

Simpson, Mrs. G., milliner and dressmaker, 68 Reiilield street 

Simpson, Mrs., mangier, 27 Montrose street 

Simpson, Mrs., 42 York street 

Simpson. Mrs. John, spirit dealor, 1 Scott street, Port-Dundae 

Simpsoij, Mrs,, press mangier, 11 St. Andrew's square 

SINCLAIR, D., National tavern, 179 Argyll street 

Sinclair, Duncan, spirit dealer, 135 Argyll street 

Sinclair, Capt. George, of the Staff, 4 St, (/'eorge's road 

Sinclair, George, writer, 17 Brunswick place 

Sinclair, James, spirit dealer, 42 and 44 Main street, Gorbals 

Sinclair, John, of Renfrew ^ Sinclair, house 2 North Albion court 

Sinclair, John, wine and spirit merchant, 61 Ingram street 

Sinclair, John, tobacconist^ 10 Trongate street, house 2 Monteith row 

Sinclair, Moses, spirit dealer, 25 Dale street, Tradeston 

Sinclair,- Noiman, tailor and clothier, 153 Trongate 

Sinclair, Peter, of Fraser, Sinclair, §/• Co., house, 4 Abbotsford place 

Sinclair, Robart, <fc Co., wholesale and retail woollen cloth merchants, and shirt- 
makers, 1 75 Argj'll street 

Sinclair, Robert, of Robert Sinclair ^ Co., house 135 Ashburton plac 

SincMr, Robeiison, bookseller and news agent, 9 Brunswick place 

Siuclair, Thomas, warper and yarn agent, 32 South Albion street 

Sinclair, William, printer, 110 'I'bislle street 

Sinclair, William, flesher, 341 High street 

Sinclair, Miss, 66 Sauchiehall street 

Sinclair, Miss, seminary for young ladies, 130 South Portland stree 

Sinclair, Misses, sewed goods warehouse, 7 Brunswick place 

Sinclair, Mrs. Duncan, grocer, 169 Main street, Gorbals 


SINGER. John, tailor, 210 Argyll street 

SIVEWRIGHT, James, of Slvewright, Watson, ^ Co., 11 St. Vincent street 

Sivcwright, Watson, & Co., metal brokers, 11 St. Vincent street 

SitiTttiGos Coal Company, 37 Kopework lane 

SKENE, Alexander, commercial traveller, 31 Norfolk street 

Skene, George, siierifF-substitute of Lanarkshire, house 17 Woodside crescent 

Skene, Miller, & Co., warehousemen and manufacturers, 27 Wilson street 

Skene, Robert, of Skene, Miller, ^ Co., house 31 Norfolk street 

Skene, Mrs , 31 Norfolk street 

SKEOCH, Montgomei-y, Sighthill; letters left at l.?5 Castle street 

SKINNER, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 35 West Russell street 

Skinner, William, baker, 472 Argyll street, house i) Pitt .street 

SKIRVING, Ale.K., of Biirclay <$' Skirving, house Croftbank 

Skirving, W., Scottish Amicable Life Assurance office, 141 Buchanan street, house 

SO New City road 
Skye Steam-Packet office, 1,5 Jamaica street 
SLATER, Robert, general ship smith, 11 Centre street, Tradcston 
Slater, Thomas H., tea dealer and grocer, 56 Candleriggs st., house 1 Fitzroy place 
SLAUGHTER, Wm. H., 23 St. Andrew's square, house 27 Kinning place 
SLAVEN, Domnick, broker, 128 Dridgogate 

SLEIGIT, Wm., cotton-yarn warehouse, 84 Wilson street, ho. 21 South Apsley pi. 
SLIMAN, D. \\..,at William Fulton's, 91 Candleriggs street 
Sliman, Miss, matron to the House of Refuge for females 
SLIMMON, Hugh, wholesale and retail grocer, 154 Gallowgate 
SLOANE, Fergus, manufacturer and printer, 129 Ingram street, house 98 Soutk 

Portland street 
Sloan, Jame.?, of Sloan, Simpson, ^ Co. 
Sloan, John, eai-ter, 31 Washington street 
Sloan, Joseph, warehouseman, 40 Garscube place 
Sloane, Samuel, victualler and cowfeedcr, 45 Centre street, Trade&ton 
Sloan, Samuel, Oddfellows' tavern and music saloon, 31 S;iltmarket street 
Sloan, Simpson, A Co., merciiants and manufacturers, 69 Ingram street 
Sloane, William, & Co., shipping agents, 31 Miller street 
Sloane, William, & Co., whiting and salt store, foot of Turner's court 
Sloan, Mrs. James, grocer, 65 St. James's road 

SM.\.LL, C. J., & Co., coffee, fruit, and apioe merehants, 29 St. Enoch square 
Small, Charles J., of G, J. Smitll ^ Co , 33 St. Enoch square 
Small, Frederick, wright, 12 Dixon street, house Springfield buildings, Paisley road 
Small & Hinshaw, merchants, 25 Gordon ■street 
Small, John, wright and builder, 87 Renfrew stieet, trunk and packing-box shop. 

120 South Albion street, house 43 West Regent street 
.Small, E., dressmaker, 10 Rose street, Hutchesontown 
SMART, David, letter-carrier, Post-offieo, 84 North Hanover street 
Smart, James, assistant superintendent of police, house 13 Tobago street 
Smart, John, spirit dealer, 60 Clyde street, Anderston 
Smart, Thomas, grain merchant and victualler, 4 Stockwell street 
SMEAL, E., eating-house, 19 King street, Calton 
Smeal, Robert, of Williavi Sf Robert Smeal, house 24 Whitevalo 
Smeal, Robert, rope and twine manufacturer, 80 King street, Calton 
Smeal, William & Robert, grocers, 161 and 163 Gallowgato 
Smeal, William, of W. ^ R. Smeal, 161 Callowgate, house above 
SMEATON, Henry, writer, of Smeaton ^ Smith, 6 St. Vincent place, house West 

bank, Govan road 
Smeaton, John, smith, bell- hanger, gas-fitter, copper and tiu-platc worker, 24 Rope- 
work lane 
Smeatbn, Peter, corn merchant, 12 Holmhead street 
Smeaton & Smith, writers, 5 St. Vincent place 

Smeaton, William, wright, 63 Stirling st., Cowcaddens st., house 14 Holmhead at. 
SMELLIE, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Bluevale, Duke street 
Smellie, John, dairyman, Hayfield street 
Sraellie, Matthew, traveller /or .ff. -KatVd ^ Co., Great Canal brewery, house 126 

New City road 
Smellie, Matthew, warehouseman, 150 Cowcaddons 


Smellie, Robert, smith, 86 Renfield st., house 69 King street, Tradeston 

Smellie, William, drysalter, 6G Miller street 

SMETHUJIST & Beaumont, !)at manufacturers, 32 Stockwell street 

SMILIE, John, spirit dealer, 160 Gallowgate 

SMITH, Alexander, publisher, Glasgow Examiner, house 52 Cambridge street 

Smith, Alexander, viet-ualler, 47 Orr street, Calton 

Smith, Alexander, of Robert Smith ^ Co., house 84 North Hanover street 

Smith, AJexaiider, slater, 20 Little Hamilton street, house 68 North Fredoi-ick st 

Smith, Alexander, baker, 158 Hope street 

Smith, Alexander, baker, 4 Brown street, Bridgetoa 

Smith, Alexander, provision merchant, 69 George street 

Smith, Alexander, at Anderson g- Smith's, house Mount Florida, Cathcart 

Smyth, Alexander, & Co,, commission merchants, 29 West George street 

Smyth, Alexander, of Alexander Smyth §■ Co., house 6 Woodside terrace 

Smith, Alexander, of Maxwell ^ Smith, house 18 Little Hamilton street 

.Smith, Right Rev. Alexander, Catholic bishop, 34 Great Clyde street 

Smith, Alexander, grocer, dairy and farm produce, etc., 138 Sauchiehall street 

Smith, Alexander, victualler, 140 Main street, Bridgeton 

Smith, Andrew, confectioner, 135 Trongate street, and 98 Glassford street 

Smith, Andrew, sen., Burubank, Great Western road 

Smith & Anderson, sewed-maslia wai-ehouse, ] 9 South Hanover street 

Smith, Archibald, of J. ^ A. Smith ^ Co., house 204 St. Vincent street 

Smith, Archibald, sheriff- officer, 51 Wilson street, house 157 High street 

Smith, Archibald, & Co., bleachers, Dnmbrookfield, Strathblane, office 11 South 

Frederick street 
Smith, A. G., at James Donaldson ^ Go's, 25 South Hanover street 
Smith, Campbell, of R. ^ C. Smith, house 15 Ure place 
Smith, Charles, portioner. Smith's place, Old Dalraarnock road 
Smith, Rev. Charles F. R., rector of Christ Chui-ch (Episcopal), Mile-end, and 

military chaplain, house 33 Monteith row 
Smith, Cunningham, of Bankcn, Smith, ^ Co., 81 St. Vincent street 
Smith, Daniel, plasterer, 44 Bath street, house 3 Findlay street 
Smith, David, boot and shoe merchant, 173 Trongate street, and 4 Saltmarket st. 

bouse 6 Thistle street, Gamethiil 
Smith, David, civil engineer and surveyor, 33 Virginia st.. ho. Westbank, Hillhead 
Smith, David, of John Ross,jiin., |- Co., house 8 Clarendon place, G. Western rd. 
Smith, David, A.M., classical tutor, Free church, Normal seminar}', house 116 

Renfrew street 
Smith, David, bread and biscuit baker, 239 Gallov^gate, house 243 do. 
Smith, David, candle manufacturer and oil merchant, 85 Havanuah street 
Smith, David, power-loom manufacturer, St. Rollox, house 64 Buccleuch sfcre*'t 
Smith, David, cf Smith ^ .Rodger, house 4 Terrace street, Blythswood hill 
Smith, Donald, banker, 16 Woodside terrace 

Smith, Donald, joiner, wine and spirit dealer, 2 Old Dalraarnock road 
Smitji, Donald, temperance coifec-house and commercial lodging's, 72 Broomiejavs^ 
Smith, Duncan, gardener, 384 Argyll street, house Stobcross street 
Smith, Duncan, of C. Tennent ^ Co., 49 Cochran street, house 180 West Regent st. 
Smith, Eneas, tailor and clothier, 108 Argyll street 
Smith, Ephraim, tailor and clothier, 108 Argyll street 
Smith, George, grocer, 20 Melville street, Tradeston 
Smith, George, Pori-Dundas acid works, manufacturing chemist, 293 Debbie's loan, 

Port-Dundas, house 322, opposite 
Smith, George, writer, of Smeaton §• Smith, 5 St. Vincent place, house 138 Stir- 
ling road 
Smith, George, plumber and gasfitter, 13 Bell street, house 56 High street 
Smith, George, & Sons, general warehousemen, 32, 34, and 36 London street 
Smith, George, sen., of George Smith ^ Sons, house 68 Charlotte street 
Smith, George, jun., of George Smiih S/- Sons, house, Ibroxholm, Paisley road 
Smith, George, of Peter Smith §/■ Co., house 14 Blythswood square 
Smith, George, of Henry Watson §r Co., and Watson §• M' William, house 121 

Wellington street 
Smith, Hngh, baker, 606 Gallowgate '^ 

Sjulth, Hu,f!;h, teacher, 3 Saraeea's lane, Ga)Iow,<?ate 

SMITif. 249 

Smith, Hugh, niorcliant, H Blythswood square 

Smith, Hugh, vintner, 19 Saltraarket street 

Smith, Jas., of D canst on, agricultural and civil onglnoer, 49 We»t George street, or 

Western Club 
Smith, Jamea, architect, 123 St. Vincent st., house 11 Greenlaw/ place, Paisley rd. 
Smith, James, <fc Co., plumbers ami lead merchs, 81 Argyll st., and 26 Duiilop st. 
Smith, James, of James Smith §/■ Co., house 16 Croy place 
Smith, James, writer, and agent for the Life Association of Scotland, 24 Queen st., 

house Park Villa, Paisley road 
Smith, .James, clork. Water-works oflSce, house 16 South St. Mungn street 
Smith, James, candle manufacturer and oil merchant, 187 Trongate, works 24 

Ropework lane 
Smith, James, provision merchant, 110 Great Hamilton street, house 2 Cumber- 
land street, Calton 
Smith, J. <fc W., Lord Byron tavern, 8 Brooralclaw street 
Smith, James & Archibald, <fc Co., merchants, 81 St. Vincent street 
Smith, Jamcsi, of Jordanhill, 81 St. Vincent street 
Smith, J.ames, jun., 20 Mains street 
Smith, James, house fiictor, 31 North street 
Smith, James, of Menzies §• Smith, house 163 Eglinton street 
Smith, James, flcslier, 142 Main street, Gorbals 

Smith, James, manager. North &, West Scotland Assurance Co.» 19 St. Vitieent pi. 
Smith, James, blacksmith, 37 Clyde street Port-Dundas, ho. 142 Port-Dundas rd. 
Smith, James, boot and shoemaker, 39 Dalhousie street 
Smith, James, victualler, 70 Stevenson street, Calton 
Smith, James Randal, professor of piano-forto, 122 Sauehiehall street 

Smith, James, broker, 97 Canning street, and 19 Orr street 

Smith, James, & Co., wholesale and retail confectioners, 38 Gallowgat© 

Smith, James, of James Smith ^ Co., 43 Bridge street 

Smith, James, cf John Smith ^ Co., house 17 Scott street 

Smith, James, jun,, grocer, 71 Garscube road 

^mitb, James, of Henry Cowan ^ Co., house Buccleugh street 

Smith, J. &, B., mousselin de lain manufacturers, Canada court, Queen street 

Smith, J. G., house factor, 3C Duke street 

Smith, James G., at LancefieJd Spinning Co.'s. worhs 

Smith, John, at D. Smith's. 173 Trongate, house 6 Tiiistle street, Garncthill 

Smyth, Kev. Dr. John, of Free St. George's Church, 17 Elmbank place 

Smith, John, A.M., editor, Glasgow .Examiner, house 129 Ashburton place 
•Smith, John M., 24 Queen street, house Park Villa, Paisley road 

Smith, John, surgeon. Royal Navy, 46 Windsor terrace 

.imith, John, &: Son, booksellers and stationers, 70 St. Vincent street 

.imith, J. & H. Ayrshire milk and cream shop, 3 Struthers street, Calton 

Smitl , John, grocer and spirit dealer, 02 Renfrew street 

Smith, John, LL.D., of Crutherland, house 120 AYest Regent street 

Smith, John, baker, 7 Clyde street, Calton 

Smith, J., agent for Roslin gunpowder mills, 85 St. Vincent st., ho. 13 Richmond s 

Smith, John, & Co., cabinetmakers and joiners, 18 North Portland street 

Smith, John, confectioner, and pastry cook, 135 Queen st., ho. 15 Great Clyde ss. 

Smith, John, cork-cutter, 239 Argyll street 

Smith, John, & Co., manufts. of hosiery, and yarn merchants, 11 and 13 High st. 

Smith, J. Fairfull, secy., Glasgow and Ayr Railway, house HO Bath street 

Smith, John, grocer and house-factor, 9 Clyde street, Calton 

Smith, John, accountant, agent for the licensed victuallers, and General Fire and 
Life Assurance Co. of London, 99 St. Vincent street, house 13 Oxford street 

Smith, John, Sheriff-clerk's office, house 130 Hospital street 

Smith, John, Western bank, house 7 Melro.-e street 

S;nith, John, wine & spirit merchant, 32 Sauehiehall at., ho. 405 Parliamentary rd. 

Smith, John, tailor and clothier, 1 78 Broomielaw 

Smith, John, engine-waste merchant and metal broker, 14 Carrick street. (Sc-- 
Advertiseraent in Appendix.) 

Smith, John, spirit dealer, 29 Kirk street, Townhead 

Smith, John, & Co , wholesale tea dealers, 58 Virginia street 

Smith, .Tohn, ff'-ocer and provision raerohant, Osborne buildings, 161 Sauehiehall :;*^ 


250 SMITH. 

Smith, John, jun., remnant dealer, 5 Bell street 

Smith, John Muir, at R. Smith's, 123 Brunswick street, house 1 Lyndlouh slrsct 
Smith, John, of Bennet (J- Smith, house lO Adel[)hi street 
Smith, Lewis, spirit dealer, 6") Bell street 
Smith, Matthew, at Georrie Miller ^- Co.'?, Rumford street 
Smith, Maswejl, tailor and clothier, 109 Trongate Street 
Smith, M. A., general grocer and tea merchant, 337 High street 
Smith, Michael, broker, 56 Bridgegate street 
Smith, Michael, clothier and draper, 9-5 Great Hamilton street 
Smith & Nisbet, stockbrokers, 24 Queen street 
Smith, P., 69 Renfrew street 

Smith, Patrick, Corn and flour factor, 249 Argyll street 
Smith, Peter, cabinetmaker, SO Thistle street, house 85 Crown street 
Smith, Peter, & Sou, merchants, 33 Blackfriars street 
Smith, Peter, jun., of Peter Smith ^ Son, house 24 Abbotsford place 
Smith, Peter, upholsterer, cabinetmaker, and house agent, 55 and 57 North Hano- 
ver street, adjoining Mechanics' Institution 
Smith, Peter, &■ Co., merchants, 135 Buchanan street 
Smith, Peter, of Peter ASttiith ^- Co., house 14 Royal crescent 
Smith, Peter, brick and tile maker, Ctosshill. Letters left at 144 Trongate 
Smith, Peter, baker, 107 Renlleld street 
Smith, P., baker, 15 Stockwell street 

Smith, R. & C, calenderers, packcr,s, and bleachers, 4 and 14 Montrose strc-ct 
Smith, Richard, & Co., manufacturing chemists, tur})entine distillers, oil merchants, 

and patent grease manufacturers, S8 West street 
Smith, Richard, of Richard Smith ^ Co., house 86 West street 
Smith, Robert, painter and paper-hanger, 79 Robertson street 
Smith, Robert, general grocer and wine merchant, 124 Sauchiehall street, and 299 
Argyll street, house 8 Wellington place 

Smith, Robei't, jun., of Robert Smith ^ Co., house 141 George street 

Smit'i, Rol>ert, cottou-yarn merchant, 123 Brunswick sfc., ho. 140 W. Campbell st. 

Smith, Robert, <fe Co., singers, 29 and 31 North Albion street 

Smith, Robert, of George Smith ^ Sons, house 15 Woodside terrace 

Smith, Robert, Ox tavern, minibus and coach proprietor, 148 Trongate street 

Smith, Robert, mauuCacturing chemist, 119 East. Milton st., house 27 Garscubepl. 

Smith, Robert, & Go., Rush tavern, 80 Trongate street 

Smith, Robert, builder and house-factor, 61 Duke street, house 31 do. 

Smith, Robert, tailor and clothiei-, 43 Bridge street 

Smith, Robert, commercial traveller, 9 Hopeton place 

Smith, Robert, coal agent, 31 North street 
(Smith, Robert, of Smith ^ jbidcrsmi, 99 Hill street, Garnethill 

Smith & Rodger, engiikcers and iron ship builders, St. James's foundrj', Broomlelaw 
and Govan 

Smith & Sharp, wholesale grocers and tea dealers, Buchanan court, 75 Argyll st. 

Smith & Summerhiil, charcoal, iron, and tinplate manufacturers. J. Strathern 
agent, 15 John street 

Smith, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 80 New wynd 

Smith, Thoraps, furniture warehouse, 20 Great Clyde street 

Smith, Thomas, pork butcher and poulterer, 428 Argyll street 

Smith, Thos., of Eastwood Park. Letters left at Anderson A- Smith's, 33 Renfleld St. 

Smith, Thomas, manufacturer of electrotype apparatus, 27 North Albion street 

Smith, Thomas, cabinet and pjate glass warehouse, 132 Trongate street 

Smith, Thomas, & Co., rivet and bolt manufacturers, 81 Stobcross street 

Smith, V/alter, grooer and spirit dealer, 1 43 Garscube road 

Smith, W. R. W., woollen and wor.'-ted yarn agent, 2 North court. Royal Kxchange, 
house Cessock road, off Govan road 

Smith, William, of Smith ^ Sharp, house 1 Rutland crescent 

Smith, William & John, merchants, 107 Hope street 

Smith, Wm., girtli and chair-web manufacturer, 6 Canning .street, ho. 8 William st, 

Smith, William, 42 George square 

Smith Wjllifim, draper, 4 Trongate street 

Smith, Willium, civil engineer and land surveyor, 52 Brunswick street, house 25 
J-,vncdcich street "^' 


Smith, William, fruit merchant, 44 Stockwell street 

Smith, William, pastry baker and confectioner, 241 Gallowgate street 

Smith, William, tea merchant, 167 High street 

Smyth William, writer and notary public, 29 Brunswick place 

Smith, William, letter-carrier, P. 0.,. house 93 Cadogan street 

Smith, William, victualler and grocer, (36 King street 

Smitli, William, 1 Monteith row 

Smith, William, needle and fish-hook manufacturer, 41 London street 

Smith, William Gcddes, sharc-btoker, and agent for the Aberdeen Assurance Go., 

Ill St. Vincent street, house 3 Mansfield place, Blythswood square 
Sniitli, William, & Co , de laine printers, 2 North court, Exchange square 
Smith, William, jun., & Co., Johnston. Letters left at 10 Miller street 
Sniitn, William, of Richmond. Smith, ^ Co., house Parle villa 
Smith, William, of William Smith ^ Co., house 121 Wellington street 
Smith, Williiini, cork manufacturer, 37 Adelphi street 
Smith, William, jun., of Lancefield Spinning Co., Jiouse 14 Woodsidc place 
Smith, William, broker, 36 Clyde street, Anderston 
Smith, William, 145 New City road 
Smitli, William, baker, 74 Main street, Bridgeton 
Smith, William P., civil engineer and land surveyor, 52 Brunswick street, residence 

23 Lynedoch street 

Smith, Agnes, toy and furnishing shop, 54 South Portland sti'eet 

Smith, Miss E , umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 34 Queen street 

Smith, Miss E., dressmaker, 86 Hospital street 

Smith, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 20 Garscube place 

Smith, Mrs., tavern-keeper, 44 Trongate street 

Smith, Mrs., sen., of Jordan-hill, house 163 West George street 

Smith, Mrs., furniture warehou-c, IS Miller's place 

Smith, Mrs., lodgings, S6 Bath street 

Smith, Mrs. James, pawnbioker, 99 Main street, Anderston, ho. 3 Washington st. 

Smyth, Mrs, James, remnant warehouse 22 Brunswick place 

Smith, Mrs. Stewart, 2 Fitzroy place 

Smythe, Mrs., 13 Montagu place, Bath street 

SNEDDON, James, coal master, Commonhead Colliery, shipping box shed. No. 3 

SncJdon, William, agent for the City of Glasgow bank, and for the North and West 
of Scotland Fire and Life Assurance Co., IS Canning street, house Dalbeth Cot- 

SNELL, W., & Co., gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 20 Ingram street 

Sncll, William, of William Snell ^- Co-, house Crosspark, Partick 

Snell, Wm,, jun.. at W. Snell ^ Co.'s, house Lind place, Buccleuch street 

SNODGRASS, Archibald, grain and seed merchant, 6 Jamaica street 

Snodgrass, G. W., Edinbiugh and Glasi;ow bank, house Rutland place, Govan road 

Snodgrass, Hugh, rtesher, 36 King street 

Snodgrass, Neil, civil engineer, 105 South Portland street 

Snodgrass, Robert, Commercial bank, 66 Virginia street 

Snodgrass, Mrs., wholesale butter and cheese dealer, 25 South Albion street, house 

24 Wilson street 

Snodgrass, Mrs., milliner, furrier, and straw-hat maker, 1 Milton street 
SOMERS, James, spirit dealer, 27 Malta street 
Somers, Miss Janet, furnishing shop, 61 Main street, Bridgeton 
SOMERVILLE, Allan, baker, 103 Bridgegate street 
Sommerville, Rev. A. N., of Anderston Free chmxh, 328 Renfrew street 
Sommerville, Archibald, boot and shoe maker, 26 Eglinton street 
Sommerville, .\. J. builder, Villafield Cottage, Parson street 
Somervell, James, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 193 Buchanan street 
Sonimei'vilie, James of J Sommerville ^- Sons, house 3 Sommerville place 
Sommerville, James, surgeon dentist, 4 Windsor place, Sauehiehall street 
Somerville, James, laces, needle-work, and hosiery, 124 Buchanan street 
Somervail, James, of Lnirie, Someivail, §• Co., house 120 Mains' street 
Sommerville, James, &, Co., musJin manufacturers, 113 Brunswick street 
Sommerville, John, & Sons, cotton-spinners and power-loom cloth manufacturei'S, 6 
Oandlerigo-s street, works Little Govan 


Sommerville, John, commission merchant, 16 St. Vincent place, iio, 22 Duodas st. 
Soraracrville, John, bank of Scotland, house 79 Taylor street 
Somerville, John, clerk. Post Office, lodgings, 98 Castlcmilk place 
Sotnervail, Peter, of Maxwell, Clerk, §■ Co., house 8 Albany )>iace 
Somerville, Robert, & Co., gas-burner manufacturer, 35 Stockweli street 
Somervail, Thomas, ship and insurance agent, C3 St. Vincent street, house 120 

Mains' street, Blythswood square 
Sommerville, Thomas, carver and gilder, 32 Stockweli street 
. Sommei'viHc, Wm., of John Sommerville ^ Sons, house Goranfiold cottage, Liltla 

Sommerville, William, of Ferguson ^ Co., house 50 Charlotte street 
Sommervill, V/illiam, carter, 55 Turner's court 
Somervill, Mrs A.., baker, 1 03 Bridgegate street 
Sommerville, Mrs, broker, 149 Main street, Gorbals 
Somervill, Mrs James, baker, 88 Broomlelaw 
SORLEY, Joseph, accountant and stock broker, 71 Queen street 
Southern- x\.cademy, 68 Abbotsford place. Professor W. Anderson, head master 
SPALDING, Robert, commission merchant, and slop and shirt mo-nufacturcr, 15 

Smith's court, Candlcriggs street 
Spanish Vice-Cojisul, Robert Wardrop, 62 Buchanan street 
SPARKS, Williani, of Edward Clark §• Co., house 7 Fitzroy place 
SPEID, John, at H. Wilson's, house 123 Walmer place 
SPIERS, A., of Spiers, Madie, ^ Co., house Garnethill 

Spiers, James, merchant, 97 Union street, house 2 St, James's street, Greenlaw pi. 
Spiers, John, at Alex. Kay §/■ Co.'s, Royal Exchange buildings 
Spiers, John, japanner, 90 Argyle street, house 33 John street 
Speirs, John, ship and insurance broker, 42 Broomlelaw 
Speirs, John, spirit dealer, 94 Glassford street 
Speirs,, Mudie, & Co , general wholesale and commission merchants, and dealers in 

ix)reign produce, 32 George square 
Speirs, Robet't, grocer and spirit dealer, 24 Clyde street, Anderston 
Speirs, Robert, of Glasgow and Paisley Riihvay, 14 Bridge st. ho. 3 Balmanno st. 
Speirs, Robert, minibus proprietor, and grocer and spirit dealer, 4.3 King street, 

Tradeston, office 2 1 King street 
Speirs, Robert, beadle to the Rev. J. Graham, 293 High street 
Speirs, William, pattern-drawer, at A. TtirnbuU §■ Co.'s. 
Speirs, William, writer, house Lihd place, Buccleuch street 
Speirs, William, beadle. Free St. James's church, 36 South St. Muv.go street 
Speirs, Mrs J., spirit dealer and grocer, 181 Eglinton street 
Spear .>, Mrs, 14 St. George's road 
SPENCE, Henry, & Co., tobaconists, 116 Trongate street, house Elgin place, 

Sauchiehall road 
Spence, James, mason and builder, 82 West Nile street 
.Spence, John, smith and machine-maker, 21 Reid street, Bridgeton 
Spence, John, chemist and druggist, 485 Gallowgate 
Spence, William, architect, 141 Buchanan street, house 8 Holland place 
Spence, William, jun., ironmoDger, 91 Trongate street, house 128 Hospital street 
Sponee, William, Elephant tavern, 29 Gallowgate 
Spence, William, dealer in earthenware, 83 High John street 
Spence & Veitch, fleshers, 69 Bell street 
Spence, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 82 West Nile street 
SPENSER, J. L., & Co., •warehou.^emen, 15 Candleriggs street 
Spenser, J. L., of J. L. Spenser ^' Co., house Green Lodge, 12 Greenhead 
Spencer, John, hardwai'e merchant, 16 Saltmarket street 
Spencer, William, ironmonger and saddlers' ironmonger, 54 Trongate street 
Spencer, Miss, 39 Drygate street 
SPENS, William, manager of the Scottish Amicable Life Assurance ofRce, and 

actuary. 141 Buchanan street, hoUv>e 1 Clarendon place 
Spittai. Colliery office, 33 Union street 
SPOWART, Andrew, baker, U New .street. Calton 
SpHWoniLi; Coal office, 89 St. Vincent street 

SPROT, Mark, of Garnkirk. Letters left at T. Murray's 8 Argyll street, 
SPREULL, Jarot"-:, 18 Hutchcson street, and 81 Bucc'eucli street 


SpKuU, Robert, spuit dealer, 263 Buchanan street 

Spreull, Thomas, wine and spirit mercliaQt, 123 Gallowgate- 

SpreuU, Misses, 84 Buocleuch street 

SPRY, Henry, collector's clerk. Excise office, house 59 Abercromby street 

STALKER, John, drysalter and commission merchant, 17 Exchange square 

Stalker, Mrs. Peter, spirit dealer, 14 Main street, Anderston 

St4Mp Office, 78 Queen street, and 81 Miller street, open from 10 to 4 o'clock, and 

shuts at 12 on Saturday. J. J. Lockhart, distributor 
Standard Life Assurance Co., 35 St. Vincent place. William Iluntei', resident 

secretary. (See Advertisement in Appendix.) 
Standrigw Smithy Coal Office, 87 Union street 
Star Hote?., 80 George street, Peter M'Donald 
STARK, Daniel, of Williamson ^ Stark, house 48 London street 
Starke, George, inanufacturer of marble and fancy coloured paper, 31 Argyll street, 

works, Waterport buildings. Great Clyde street, house 25 Dunlop street 
Starke, Hugh, teacher of dancing. 280 George street, house 80 St. James's road 
Stark, John M., teacher, Free Normal Seminary 
Stark, John, Western b.vnk, house 67 Cadogan street 
Stark, Robert, grain-agent, 40 Kent street 
Stark, William, coal agent and collector, 10 Duke street 
Stark, William, spirit dealer, 13 Dry gate street 
Stark, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 20 Oxford street 
Stark, Mrs. M., 180 Hope street 
Stark, Mrs., 312 St, Vincent street 
Stark, Mrs. J., 65 Bath street 
Stark, Mrs, J., grocer, 19 Broad street. Mile-end 
Stark, Mrs , coal and commission agent, 12 Charlotte street 
Statkxe Labour Office, Police chambers 

STAUNTON, James, <fc Co., paper-hanging manufacturers, 62 and 64 Glassfwd st. 
Staunton, Moses, paper-hanging manufacturer, wholesale and retail warehouse, 13 

Gordon street 
STKAM-PAcaET Office, 9 Buchanan street 
STEDMAN, James, merchant, 109 West George street 
STEAD, Charles, commission agent, 31 North Frederick street, bouse 27 Waterloo 

place, Kingston 
S'TEEL, Charles, victualler, 29 Clyde street, Port-Dundas, and 77 Maitland st. 
Steel & Cairns, last and boot-tree makers, 108 Stockwell street, 43 Ropework entry 
Steel, Dr., head surgeon. Royal Infirmary 
Steele h Douie, writers, 6 South Hanover street 

Steel, David, brassfounder and gastitter, 27 Stockwell street, house G Morris place 
Steel, Ebenezer, at J. G. Adam ^ Walker's, house 4 Bath street 
Steel, Francis, M.D., 104 West Regent street 
Steel, G. <fe W., spirit dealers, 144 Gallowgate 
Steel, George, of R. ^ G. Steel, house 29 Kent street 
Steele, George, letter-carrier, P.O., house 16 Crown street 
Steel, Gavin, Temperance hotel and coflee house, 90 Argyll street 
Steel, James, brewer, 49 Sydney street 
Steel, James, wine and spirit dealer, 9 West George street 
Steel James, grain m'srchant, 13 King street, house 117 Candleriggs street 
Steel, James, manager, Clyde Shipping Company, bouse 14 York street 
Steel, James, wine ai,d spirit merchant, 166 and 158 Cowcaddens street 
Steel, James, grocer and victualler, 134 Stobcross «treet 

Steel, James, plumber, gas-fitter, and lead merchant, 3 Washington st., ho, 2 do. 
Steel, James, at Johi Ciapperton ^ Co.'s, 176 Trongate street 
Steel, John, of J. §• W. Steel §■ Penny, Salters croi'», Govan 
Steel, John, beadle of Free St, Andrew's church, house 6 Margaret street 
Stee), J. & W., & Penny, boot manufacturers, 74 Queen street 
Steel, John, coal merchant, 14 and 16 East Batn lane 
Steel, John, drysalter, agent for E, Fytfe & Sons of London, 210 Argyll street, house 

47 Oswald street 
Steel, John, 67 Oswald street 

Stee), Licidell, dairyman, 93.Nei?on street, Tradestcn 
Steel, Matthew, grain luerchant, 4 Adflphi place 

Mj WMJ*. U^^.^,,^ >- - 


•Steel, R. M., secretary, Clydesdale bank, house 11 Queen street 

Steel, 11. & T., joiners and timber merchant*, 25 Thistle atro'it, house 21 do. 

Steel, Robert, spirit dealer, 24 Brown street 

Steel, Robert, Tlctualler, 1 Cranston plaee, Anderston 

Steel, Robert, of JR.. 4' G. Steele, house 39 Kent street 

Steele, R. & G., warehousemen, 103 and 107 Trongate street 

Steele, I'h&mas,, Clydesdale bank 

Steel, William, of M. Afar <J- Co.'s, Commercial road 

Steel, 'William, of J. ij- W. S'eel ^^ Fenny, house 180 Sauchiehall street 

Steel, William, watch and clock maker, 108 Stockwcll street 

Steel, William, baker, 45 Argyll street, home 43 do. 

Steel, William, cat'rier and leather merehant, lol Gallowgat© 

Steele, William, of Steele ^- Douie, house 133 Clarence jilace 

Steel, William, provisioQ merchant, C35 Gallowgate 

Steel, Miss .Janet, siaymaker, 152 Hope street 

Steel, Mrs. Gavin, 200 Holland street, Sauchiehall road 

Steel, Mrs. W. R., .'jOO St. Vincent street 

Steell, Mrs. George, 77 Taylor street 

STEIN, John, of Stein ^ M'Nish, house 11 BJoomfieki place 

Stein & M'Nish, commissi.,.! merchants and corn factors, 118 Union street 

STEINySON, Alexander, fish agent and provision merchant, 100 Stockwell street 

STENIIOUSE, Andrew, letter-carrier, P. 0., house 73 Hutcfceson street 

Stenhouse, Henry, letter-carrier, P. O., house 73 Ilatcheson street 

Stenhouse, H., coal merchant, 73 Hutcheson street 

Stenhouse, M., & Co., merchants md commission agents, 62 Buchanan street 

Stenhouse, James, tobacconist, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 305 Gallowgate, and 

8 Charlotte street 
Stenhouse, John, Provan place, 128 Montrose street 
Stenhouse, Mrs. "William, Provan place, )28 Montrose street 
STEPHEN, George, & Co., brassfounders, 38 Stockwell street 
Stephen, John, architect. 23 South Hanover street, house 33 North Hanover street 
Stephen, John, at Robert Thomson ^ Sons, house Adelphi works 
Stephens, Robert P., ship agent, 58 Oswald street, house Bellevue, Hangingshaw 
Stephens, R. P., & Pcare, ship agents, 58 Oswald street 
STEPHENSON, George, of Lockerhy ^ Stephenson, house 15 Abbotsford place 

Stephenson, Hew P., house factor, 41 North Albion sti-oet 

Stephenson, John, & Co., railway contractors, 173 Buchanan st., and E. Milton st. 

STEVEN, Alexander, of Steven ^- Jamieson, house 58 Dalhousie street 

Steven, Alexander, Dalhousie lane, Dalhousie street 

Steven. Alexander, smith and engineer, 42 College street, house 15 Hill street, 

Steven, Andrew, shuttle-maker and turner, 17 East Campbe'.l street, house 7 do. 

Stiven, Blair, <fc Ck>., gingham, pullicate, and muslin man.ufocturers, 2 Queen st. 

Steven, Ehenezer, manufucturer, 27 Wilson street, house Crossbanl:,CGoYan 

Steven, James, brassfounder, 19 Duncan street, off Abercromby street 

Stiven, James, nail mi^nufacturer, 4 Thomson's lane, Calton 

Steven, James, of Oliph/mt, Maxwell, ^ Stephen, house 36 Dalhousie street 

Stiven, James, of Stiven, Blair, §■ Co., house 11 Nowton place, Sauchiehall street 

Stevens, James, house-factor, 36 Union street, house 27 do. 

Steven & Jamieson, commission merchants, 229 George street 

Steven, James, grocer and spirit dealer, IC Tarbet street 

Steven, J., & Son, ropemakers and flax-dressers, 7 Stockwell street, house 17 St. 
Andrew square ^^ 

Steven, John, slate-, 93 Brown street 

Stevens, John, cook and confectioner, 137 London street 

Stevep, John, Clyde rojjework, Andeiston quay, Broomielaw 

Steven, John, 15 Hill street, Garn-eOiill 

Steven, John, baker, 63 King street. 

Steven, Robert, spirit dvjalor, 160 Main street, Gorhals 

Stiven, Robert, saddler, 137 Ingram street 

Stiven, Robert, of Ni col son ^ Stiver, hoAv.e Laurel bank, I^artick 

Steven, Robert, smith and engine maker, 80 Pi)rtugal street 

Bteyen &r Sons, commission pacrchants, 144 Qneen street - 


Stevea, Thomas, Milton foundry, bouse 15 Hill street 
Steven, William, slater, 7 Park lylace, Stockwcll street 
Steven, William, brick, oven, retort, and boiler builder, 48 Nelson street 
STEVENSON, Alexander, commisHion agent, soda'vvater miiniifactiirer, and agent 
for Young and Bainbridge's London porter, Edinbur^li and Leith Brewing Co.'s 
ak5, 143 Trongate, house J5 Charlotte street 
Stevenson, Alexander, grocer and fruit merchant, 3 We&t George street, housO 128 
'>ortb John atreei 

-, enson, David, oj '\Vdlia,>n Stevenson ^ Sons, house 22 Windsor teirace, St. 
iieorge's road 
Stevenson, E., spirit dealer, 3 Calton-mouth 
Stevenson, Francis, at James Muirhead's 

Stevenson, George, of W. Stevenson ^- Sons, house 8 Mansfield place 
Stevenson, Hugh, of Scoit ^ Stevenson, house 37 Garnethill street 
Stevenson, James, jiaper and spale-box maker, Sydney court, 62 Aruyll street 
Stevenson, James, of MGrcf)or ^ Stevenson, ho. Mrs. Galloway's, 105 Douglas st. 
Ste^'enson, James, groe«r and spirit dealer, 173 Main street, Anderston 
.Stevenson, J., & Co , brokers, 41 Bell .-itreefc 
Stevenson, John, flesher, 52 Bedford street 
Stevenson, John, victualler, 39 Oxford street 
Stevenson, John, & Co., commisisioii merchants, and woollen check Bianufacturers, 

13 Exchange place 
Stevenson, John, spirit merchant, 1 Canal street, Port-Dundas 
Stevenson, John, at Harvie ^ M-Gavin's, house 20 Main street, Anderston 
Stwenson, J., cheese merchant, 11 Wilson street 

Stevenson, Nathaniel, of Oswald, Stevenson, §• Co., house 4 Woodside crescent 
Stevenson, Robert, secretary, Royal Exchange, house 50 North Albion street 
Stevenson, Robert, slater, G Rose court. Rose street 
Stevenson & Smith, wrights, 28 Sauchiehall lane 

Stevenson, Thomas, commission agent, 78 Millar street, house 108 Douglas street 
Stevenson, Wm., & Sons,''cotton-spinners, 102 Virginia place, works Crosslee 
Stevenson, Wm., jilumber and lead merchant, 42 Cadogan St., ho. 435 Argyll street 
Stevenson, Wm., & Alexander Davidson, cabinet-makers, 80 Dale street, Tradeston 
Stevenson, Wm., commission agent and house-factor, 85 Great Hamilton sti-eet 
Stevenson, Wm., & Co.; wnghts, 28 Sauchiehall lane 
Stevenson, Wm., dairyman, 5 Stewart street, Cowcaddens 
Stevenson, Wm., cabinet-maker, 86 Dale street, Tradeston 
Stevenson, Wright; serated-water manufacturer, and general bottler, 3 Renfrew*' 

lane, house 141 West Nile street 
Stevenson, Mrs. Adam, 1 08 Douglas street 
Stevenson, Mrs. James, 95 Douglas street 
Stevenson, Mrs. Robert, 9 Glebe street 

Stevenson, Miss E. AV., milliner, 94 West Nile street 

Stevenson, Miss, 144 Wellington street 

Stevenson, Mrs., preparer of black salve for burning.'?, 11 I.aigh Kirk close 

Stevenson' Coal Company, 9 Buchanan street 

STEWART, Alexander W., writer, 68 St, Vincent street, house 112 Peel terrace 

Stewart, Alexander, surgeon, 111 Candleriggs street, house 5 St. Vintent place 

Stewart, Alexander, of Buchan ^ Stewart, house 2 Howard street, Bridgeton 

Stewart, Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 25 London street 

Stewart, Alexander, rectifier, 124 Trongate 

Stewart, Alex., smith & screw-bolt maker. Ark lane, Duke street, ho. 187 do. 

Stewart, Alexander, at J. G. Adam ^ Wcdker's, house 32 Macfarlane street 

Stewart, Alexander, saddler, 202 Gallowgate 

Stewart, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 21 West Campbell street; and Cos~ 
sack Commercial tavern, 29 Jamaica street 

Stewart, Alexander, wrighi, 20 Candleriggs street 

Stewart, Alex., terated water manufacturer & ginger beer brewer, 3 Richmond lane 

Stuart, Alex., F. M'D., at John Allan, jun., ^ Co.'s, house 71 Chatham place 

Stewart, Alexandei', wine and spirit merchant, 44 Broomielaw street 

fStewart, Allan, 77 Hope street 

Stewart, Andrew M., a;ratcd water manufactnrer, and bottler, 10 Surrey strce; 

Stewarc, Archibald, beadle of GorbaU parish church, house 17 Hospital stre<^t 



Stewart, Archibald, wiue and spirit merchant, 33 AJeipiu street, Hutcbesontowii 

Stuart <S5 Co., luerohants and commission agents, 49 W«?st Nile street 

Stewart, Charles, baker, 3 (Jreenhill street 

Stewart & Cochrane, grocers and victuallers, 42 Main street, Bridgetor 

Stewart, David, distiller, Haghill 

Stewart, Donald, agent for J. & T. Uslker, brewers, 44| George square, house 95 

North Hanover street 
Stewart, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 21 <t 23 Main street, Gorbala 
Stewart, Duncan, book-eller and stationer, 184 Trongate, house 44 Howard street 
Stewart, D. Y. & Co., iron- founders, Charles street, St. Rollox 
Stewart, D. Y., of D. Y, Stewart, ^ Co., liouse 223 Stirling's load 
Stewart, Dean, baker, 116 Gallowgate 

Stuart, F. B., tobacco and snufF manufacturer, 81 Gallowgate 
Stewart, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 George street. Mile-end 
Stuart, George, & Co., brokers and commission agents, 9 Exchange place 
Stewart, George, grocer and spirit dealer, i Broad street, Mile-end 
Stewart & Harvey, general grocers, 173 Argyll street 
Stewart, Hugh, shoe furnisher, 2 Main sti-eet, Calton 
Stuart, Rev. James Kepler, 39 Maxwell street 
Stewart, James, calico-printer, Avon printfiekl warehouse, 23 Ingram street, house 

40 Windsor terrace 
Stewart, James, letter-carrier, Post-office, house 60 North llanovor street 
Stewart, James, eating-house, 95 Jilain street, Gorbals 
Stewart, James, painter and paper-liangcr, 82 New City road 
Stewart, James, grocer, 135 George street 
Stewart, J. aies, slater, 99 Blackfriars street 

Stuart, James Meliss, at James Ricliardscn ^' C&.'s, 89 Wilson street 
.Stewart, James, victualler, 42 Main street, Bridgeton 
Stewart, James, surgeon, S3 South Portland street 

Stewart, James R., of J. Steivari ^ Co., iron merchants, house 14 Monteith row 
Stewarfr, James, ifc Son, slate merchants and slaters, 28 Norfolk street 
Stewart, James, tailor, 1 Antigua place. Nelson street 
Stewart, James, bread and biscuit baker, 42 Sauchtehall street 
Stewart, James, sen., of James Stewart ^ Son, 28 Norfolk street 
Stewart, James, jun., of James Stewart ^ Son, house 80 South Portland street 
Stewart, J. & P., general ironmongers, 48 Trongate, house 2 Howard st., Bridgeton 
Stewart, James, wine and spirit dealer, 129 Saltmarket street 
Stewart, James, haireutter, 4 North Clyde sti-cet 

Stewart, James, collector, light department. Customs, house 6 Suffolk street 
Stewart, James, superintendent, Caledonian Railway, St. Rollox, house 92 Regent 

Stewart, J. & J., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 75 Argyll street 
Stewart, John, boot and shoe maker, 3 Hunter street 
Stuart, John, raercbatit, 328 Falkland place, Renfrew street 
Stewart, John G., commission merchant, 19 South Hanover street 
Stewart, John, smith, 178 Gallowgate 
Stuart, John, at J. §' J. O. Rodger'' s, 142 Renfrew street 
Stewart, John, slater, 99 Blackfriars street 
Stewart, John, boot and shoe maker, 128 Union street 
Stewart, John, 66 Buccleuch street 
Stewart, John, <fe Co., cordage and twine manufacturers; Hydepark ropework, 2ft' 

and 3 1 Anderston quay, office 7 Miller street >' 

Stuart, John M., cabinet and chair maker, 1 8 Renfrew street ' ^' 

Stewai-t, John, jun., writer, and N. P-, 135 Buchanan street, house Port-Gla.sgow '• 
Stewart, John, writer, 43 West Nile street, ho. 1 Mansfield place, Blythswood sq. 
Stewart, John, &, Co., ironmongers, iron and tin-plate mcrohts., agents for " Cordcs" 

& Co.'s patent wrought nails, 11 Argyll street, and ;5',) Stockwell street 
Stewart, John, ^vriter, 13 Prince's square, 48 Buclianan street, house Shawbanlt, 

Pollokshaws ? 

Stewart, John, at James Finlay ^ Co.'s, house 7 Ivillcrraont street .;; 

Stewart, John, grocer and victualler,. 103 George street 
Stuart, John, 145 Hill street, Garnetiiill 
Stuart, .Tobn. Knox, M.D , physician and surgeon, 39 ifaxwell street 

STEV/ART. 257 

Stewart, John, straw-bat raanut'acturcr, 38 Qween street , •■• . ,. .-■. . 
Stewart, John, muslin and gingham raanufactuvci-, 30 South Hanover street 
Stewart, John, & Co., wine and spirit mercharits, Old Post-Office oo.urt 114 'fron- 

gate street ■■. . . ^ 

Stewart, John, of John Stewart^ Cq., house Kamilcott crescent, Partiek 
Stewart, John, spirit dealer, St Duke street 

Stewart, John, sen., of J. §• J. Stewart, house 202 West Renfrew street 
Stewart, John, jun., of J. ^- J. Stexvartyhov^%e QO Ri^ent terrace 
Stewart, Johij, cooper, stave and hoop merchant, 53 Dunlop street, house i'i da. 
Stewart, John, spirit dealer, 4 Old wynd 

Stewart, John, drysaltev, oil and coluurman, 15 High st., ho. 63, Abbotslijrd plaoe/ 
Stewart, John, spirit dealer, 28 Renfrew street 
Stewart, Johii, house factor, 1 Columbia place 
Stewart, John jun., flesher, 101 Egliuton street 
Stewart, John W,, writer, 72 Wilson street 

Stewart, M'Aulay & Co., merchants aud calico •prlntei's, 39 Stirling street 
Stewart & M'Donald, warehousemen, 5 Buchanan street, 152 Argyll street, and 4. 

Mitchell street 
Stewart <fe Maltnian, gingham and pullicate laanufaeturers, 62 Hufccheson street' ' 
Stewart & Martin, serated water manufacturers, 123 Saltmarket street 
Stewart & Owen, veneer saw-mill, 20 Washington street 
Stuart, Lewis, broker and commission merchant, 5*7 Miller street, house 2 Clifton 

Grove crescent 
Stewart, Dr., 32 Eglinton street 
Stewart, Peter, tobacconist, 262 Argyll street 
Stewart, Peter, cartv/right, 55 Dalmarnock road 
Stewart, Peter, tailor and clothier, 43 Jamaica street 
Stewart, R, & \., grocers and spirit dealers, 89 Glassford street 
Stewart, R. B., of Stewart ^- M Donald, house 18 Lynedoch crescent 
Stewart & Robb, hay dealers and seed merchants, 10 Washington street 
Stewart, Robert, 6 Cambridge street 
Stewart, Robert, iron and coal master, Omoa and Cleland iron and coal works 

Monkland Canal basin, office ?<1 West George street, house Parsqn "vb&u 
Stewart, Robert, goldsmith, jewelJer, & watchmaker, »8 Argyll street, house Rose- 
hill, PoUockshaws road 
Stewart, Robert, a« John Stewart^ Co.'s, 114 Trongate street, house Lift W«ftt 
Campbell street .,..■•-. 

Stewart, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Govanhaugh 

Stuart, Robert, & Co., Foreign and English booksellers, stationers, etc , 159 Ingram 
j street 

f Stewart, liobert, of W. ^- R. Stexvart, house Kennyhill 
I Stewart, Robert, general repository, 133 Cowcaddens street 
; Stewart, Robert, & Co., cotton-spinners, 29 and 31 Abereromby street 
■7\" Stewart, Robert, of Stewart, MAulay, ^ Co., ho. 2 Kelvin terrace, Gt. Western r<iV 
-^ Stewart, Captain Robert, 50 Abbotsford place 

Stewart, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, L'oO Argyll street 
Stewart, Samuel M'Dougall, glass and china warehouse, 31 Buchanan strejt 
j;' Stuart & Son, auctioneers and appraisers, 12 Gordon street 

't Stewart, Thomas, bookseller, auctioneer, and appraiser, 53 London sfc., house 137 do, 
' Stewart, Thomas, meixhant, 23 Union street 
V. Stewart, Thomas, baker, 39 Nelson street, Tradeston 

Stewart, Thos. P., roperaaker, of Jolm Stoiuart §• Co., house ."57 St. Vincent street 

Stewart, Walter, tailor, 134 George street 

Stewart, Waller, of W. §• R. Stewart, house Hagliill 

Stewart, Walter & Robert, distillers, Kennyhill 

Stewart, Walter, smith <fe farrier, 438 GaDowgate street, house 420 do, 

Stewart, WiUiani, merchant, 18 Hutcheson street 

Stewart, William, haircutter and perfumer, 2 Argyll arcade 

Stewart, William, W., accountant, 13 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street, home 

Shawlands, PoUockshaws 
Stewart, William, of Stewart ^- Harvey, house 246 Argyll street 
. gtewai't, William, tavern, 1 08 Broomielaw street 
' Stewart, William, <fe Co,, pattersi-book and cird maker':, 255 Gepr<yc street 


Stewart, William, wooUen and linen draper, 114 Argyll street, house 18 Waterport \ 

Stewart, William, of Moss-side, Cathcart, Letters left at 44 St. Andrew's sqaara 
Stewart, William, gi-ocer and spirit dealer, 49 Commercial road 

Stewart, Wm., wine and spirit cellars, 46 and 48 Commerce st., ho. 28 Bedford st. ,iJ 
Stewart, William, gardener and green grocer, 13T Main street, Gorbals, and 29 t\\ 

Hospital street 
Stewart, William, baker and spirit dealer, 149 Castle street 

Stewart, Wm., tin-plate worker and gasfitter, 10 Glassford street, works Old wynd 
Stewart & Wilson, commission agents, 5'7 Buchanan street 
Ste«va'.-t, Miss, lodgings, 51 West Regent street 
Stewart, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 33 Nelson street 
Stewart, Miss, tusean and straw-hat warehouse, 45 Glassford street 
Stewart, Mrs. Alexander, spirit dealer, 12 Mains street 
Stewart, Mrs. George, house Gayfield, New City road 
Stewart, Mrs. James, wine and spirit dealer, 2 Great Hamilton street 
Stewart, Mrs. Thomas, 12 Bath street 
Stewart, Mrs,, lodgings, 41 North Albion street 

Stuart, Mrs., lodgings, 95 Crown street ^ 

STIMPSON, William, Globe hotel, 45 George squ.ire I 

STIRLING, Cbas., of W. Stirling i^ Sons, house 153 St. Vincent street '* 

Stirling, Colin, patent oil and grease manufacturer, 5 Great Dovehil! 7| 

Stirling, David, bleacher, Hogganfiold. Letters left at 1 Trongate street i 

Stirling, Fras., merchant, ISO St. George's road 
Stirling, George, merchant, 218 St. Vincent street 
Stirling, George, 32 Macfarlane street 
Stirling, Gordon, & Co., merchants, 63 Miller street 
Stirling, J. H. of M'Dondl, Stirling, Freer, ^ Co., 123 West Nile street 
Stirling, James,' clerk, Town's hospital, house 17 George street 
Stirling, James, of W. Stirling fy Smxs, house Cordale, Kenton 
Stirling, John, of MacBrayne ^ Stirling, I'ouse South Wellington place 
Stirling, John, of Thomson §• Stirling, Jiouse 20 Abbotsford place 
Stirling, John, lieut. of Police, central District, 4 Police lane 
Stirling, Joseph, & Son, spirit dealers, 101 GaUnwgate 
Stirling's Library, 48 MUler street. John Struthers, librarian, house 194 Maiw 

street, Gorbals 
.Stirling, R., cutler and surgical instrument maker, 12 London street 
Stirling, William, & Sons, calico- printei-s, 32 St. Vincent place, works Cordale and 

Daiquhurn, Renton 
Stirling, W., jun,, of W. Stirling &■ Sons, house 153 St. Vincent street 
Stirling, William, of Stirling, Gordon, §/■ Co., residence, Kenmure 
Stirling, Willi?m, jun., of Stirling, Gordon, §■ Co., residence Kenmure 
Stirling, WilUam, baker, 1 1 Bridge street 
Stirling, William, wine and spirit dealer, SI Ingram street and 298 Buciianan st., 

house 17 Holmhead street 
Stirling, Misses, milliners and di-essmakers, 69 Renfield street 
Stirling, Miss S. B., teacher, 10 Cambridge street 
Stirling, Mrs. David, 6 South Wellington place 
Stirling, Mrs. Dr. John, 74 'I'aylor street 
Stirling, Mrs. Wm., 42 Hill street, GarnethiU 
Stirling, Mrs., 1-53 St. Vincent street 

STIRRAT, David, cart and wheel wright, 122 Renfield st,. house 34 Garscube pi. 
Stirrat, Duncan, 3 and 5 Port-Dundas road, house 28 Garscube place 
Stirrat, Gilbert, spirit merchant, 27 Saltmarket street 
Stirrat, Hugh, & Son, joiners and tun builders. Hi' Rentleld street 
Stirrat, Hugh, of Hugh Stirrat ^ Son, house 115 Renfield street 
Stirret, Robert, hay merchant and victualler, 55 Bridge street 
STITT, James, at Lancefeld Spinning works. Centre street 
STOBO, Peter, smith, gas-fitter, bell-hanger, tin-plate worker, and ironmonger, 73 

Norfolk street 
Stobo., Thrift, tobacconist, 97 Renfield street 

i^obo, 'Villiam, lock and hinge maker, and ii-oniaonger, 42 Maitland street, house 

? Daiboaslo ?> 


St.ibo, William, spirit merchant. 60 Rottenrow street 

STODDARD, A. F., of A. ^ S. Henry ^ Co., house 13 BIythswood squai-c 

Stodart, G., of J. ^- G. Slodarl, house 213 Buciianan street 

Stodiirt, James & George, wine merchants, 35 St. Vincent place 

Stodart, James, of J. §■ G. Stodart, house 5 1 North Hanover street 

STOFFEf;, Monsieur & Madarae, French & German teachers, 107 Sauchiehall st. 

STONELA.W Colliery Office, o6 Argyll Arcade 

STOREK, David, painter and colourman, 188 Gallowgato 

Storer, James. Letters left at 188 Gallowgato 

Stornoway and West Highland Steam-Packet Office, 30 St. Eaock square, 

M'Innes &■ Morrison, agents 
Stornovray and West Highland Steam-Packet Office, 65 Jamaica st. D. M'Intyre, 

STOUT, Thomas, writer, 120 Buchanan street, house Woodside priory, North 

Woodside road 
STOW, David, of I'ort-EgUnlon Spinning Co., house 306 Sauchiehall street 
STRACHAN, Alexander, commission agent, 33 Virginia street, house 1 Colnmbia 

place. New City road 
Strachan, W., at J. ^ W. Campbell ^- Co.'s, house Partick 
Strachan, W., stationer, bookseller, and librarian, 64 South Portland street 
Strachan, William, spirit merchant, 34 Main street, Calton 

Strachan, Mrs., teacher of Free St. David's female sohooi, 54 North Frederick st. 
STRANEY & Son, boot makers, 98 Thistle street 
STRANG, Adam, at Robert Alexander §■ Co.'s, 95 Crown street 
Strang, Brown, & Co., mousseline-dc-laine and shawl printers, 5( Bachanan street 
Strang, George, 'vriter, 2) St. Enoch square, house 13 Carlton ])lace 
Strang, John, LL.D., city charaberlain. Council chambers, house 11 Carlton place 
Strang, Matthew, spirit dealer, 64 Kirk street, Caitoa 
Strang, Matthew, of P. ^ Ji. Fleming, house 67 West Nile street 
Strang, Robert, of Strang, Yuille, Sf Keyden, house 3 Sandyford place 
Strang, Robert, session-clerk. 57 George's place 

Strang, William, iron merchant, 62 Jamaica street, house 54 Oxford st., Laurieston 
Strang, William, reedmaker, 28 Bcil street 
Strang, William, portioner, 9 New street, Calton 
Strang, William, surgeon, IS Nicholson street, Laurieston 
Strang, Tuilie, & Keyden, vritei-s, 83 St. George's place 
Strang, Mrs. M., 67 West Nile street 

Stkanraek Steam-Packet Office, 101 Union street a^ a a 

STRAP, James, contractor, A8 Fianfraiv ittwot */d: ;^e^z^'g^-^ .Af^-&«./d. 
STRATHERN, Alexander, of Strathern ^ Douglas, house 4 Canning place 
Strathern, Andrew, eating-house keeper. 17 Andorston quiay 
Strathern & Douglas, writers, 67 Miller street 

Strathern, John, commission agent & manufacturer, 15 John st., ho. 64 Oxford st. 
Strathern, John, spirit dealer, 6 Norfolk street 
Strathern, Robert, silk and worsted shawl fringer, 33 Virginia street, house 63 

Glassford street 
Strathern, Thomas, & Co , stocking manufacturers, 128 Union street 
Strathern, William, hosier, 88 Cambridge street 
Strathern, Mrs., lodgings, 27 Montrose street 

STRATHEY, James, slater and chimney sweeper, 4 8 North Frederick street 
STROAK, David, spirit dealer, 63 Commerce street 

STRONACH, Alex., accountant. City of Glasgow bank, house 15 Aj)sley jilace 
Stronach, Robert S., City of Glasgow bank, house 15 Apsley place 
STRUTHERS, Alexander, cartwright, agricultural implement maker, and smith, 

43 Commerce street 
Struthers, Archibald, of Salmqnd ^ Sl'futhers 
Struther?, Gavin, D.D., minister, 140 Hill street, Gamethlll 
Struthers, John, manufacturer and cotton- yarn twister, 37 Graeme street., and 13 

Washington street 
Struthers, John, librarian, Stirling's library, 48 Miller street ]\w\av. 191 Main 

street, Gorbals 
Struthers, Robert, general grocer and wine mercliant, 1? 'ning placQ, 

Paisley road 



Striutiers, Robert, & Sons, Greenhead bi-ewery, 38 and 40 Canning st., ho. 40 do 

Orders left at the Bottling store, 20 Gordon sti-eet 
Stiuthers, Tliomus, teacher, 196 Hope street 
Struthers, Thomas, -victualler, lOG Maitland sti-eet, Cowcaddens 
Strnthers, Thoraas, fish U/erchaiit, 14 and 16 "Wellington arcade, ho- 29 Norniai pJ, 
•struthers, Wiliijim, victualler, 10 Upper Main street, Gorbals 

riithers, W. D., & Co.. pullicate and gingham manufact?., 3 Royal Exchange sq. 
ij-uthers, Wilson, nine merchant and bottler, 20 Gordon street. Orders taken ^n 

for Greenhead brewery 
Struthers, Mrs. Alexander, cotton-waste dealer and wadding manufacturer, 9 Low 

Green street 
STURIIOCK <fc Sons, hair dressers and perfumers to the Quceu for Scotland, 

19 Buchanan street 
SuBi>KAN Grain-mills, Ladyweli street. Gordon Reid 
.SUGDEN, William, teacher. Free Normal seminary 
SUGAR, John, fiesher, 13 West Nile street, house 29 Waterloo street 
SULLIVAN, John, officer of excise, 41 Charlotte street 
SuiLMERLEK Ironwork?, office 100 St. Vincent street 
SUMMERS, Jame&, spirit d?a!er, 27 Malta street 
Sun Firo and Life Insunmce Office. 125 Buchanan street,^ John Ferguson, writer; 

Jas. Watson, 32 St. Vincent pi., nrid Kicolson & Steven, 20 Buchanan st., agents 
Sl'egeos's Hall, 17 St. Enoch square 

SUTHERLAND, Daniel, tailov and clothier, S8 Green street, Galton 
Sutherland, David, basket manufacinrcr, 29 Queen street 
Sutherland, David, working goldsmith and jeweller, 108 Argyll street 
Sutherland, Donald, tea and spirit dealer, 67 Drygate, house 5a do. 
Sutherland, George, jun., at. 0. Sidlier land's, 14 Cathcart street 
Sutherland, George, Gas works, Kirk street, house 27 do. 
Sutlierland, Henry D., clerk, Po'at Office, residence 33 John street 
Sutherland, J. &. J., lath-splitiers, Dixon street 
Sutherland, James, of J. ^ J. Sutherland, house Eagle lane 
Sutherland, Oliver, 11 Cathcart street 
Sutherland, Portcous, singer, 6 Shuttle street 

Sutherland, W., plumber and lead merchant, 24 Oxford St., liftuse 23 Wwwi^Jk sjfc. 
Sutherland, Misses J. <fe J., furnishings, embroidery, and stationery, 81 George ^t. 
Sutherland, Mrs., lodgings, 71 George street 

SWAIL, George, boot and shoe maker, and leather cutter, 3 Main street, Anderston 
SWAN, Donald, tea merchant and general grocer, 101 Renfield street, and 50 Cqw-- 

caddens street 
Swan, John & James, merchants, 9 George square „ 

Swan, .Joseph, engraver and lithographer, 65 St. Vincent street, house 114 HiJl j 

street, Gai'nethill 
Swan, .Robert, victualler, 211 High street, and 70 Havannah street, house 148 

High street 
Swan, Thomas, pie baker, 72 Trongato 

SWANSON, John, officer of Excise, 9 Nicholson street, house 78 Hospital street 
SWAIsSTON, William, cotton-yarn twister, 57 North Hanover street 
SWEENIE, John, sedan chair office, and provision merchant, 21 Drury street 
SWEETMAN, P. * J., brewers, Dublin; agent, J. B. Sheriff 
SWINBURNE, R. W., & Co., plate, crown, and sheet glass mauufaeturers, 16 St. 

Enoch square, A. &, W. Galloway, agents 
SWORD, James, younger, wine merchant, 43 Hutcheson street, vaults 26 Glassfcrd 

street, house St. George's road 
Swovd, John, ship broker and commission agent, 1 Roy,al bank place 
- Sword <fe Johnston, curriers and leather merchants, 45 Stoekwell street 
Sword, Robert, writer and notary public, 45 Virginia street, house Marleybank, 

Great Vfestern road 
SrnNET-Street Spinning Co., wool spinners, 56 Sydney street. James Wylie, 

manager, house 5 Moore street 
SYME, George, of William Arthur ^ Co., house 47 Glebe street 
SYMINGTON, Andrew, victualler, 50 Thistle street 
Symington, Jaraes, victualler, 99 King street 
•Symington, Robert, general grocer, 66 Cowcaddens street 

■ II III fiini f iid iiif ii I F I ' .iH WW Miii 'iia i ■! rnrJifi'l 


Symington, Wm., D.D., 15 Annfield place 

STMON, John, at ScoU, Colquhoun, §r Co.'s, ho. 13*7 Murray jtlace, New City vcl 

.. T .... 

TAINSH, David, writer and insttranee' agent, 14 George square, rosi.'.k-nco 1)8 
Sauchiehall street 

TAIT, Alexander, at WiUiam Tail's, 12 Exchange sqnarc 

Tait, Alexander, jun., smithj gas-fitter, and bell-hanger, 9 Cambridge bne 

Tait, James, of Robert Wj'lie, jiiit:, 8/- Co., hou^e Upper Dundas street, Kingston 

Tait, John, baker and grain merchant, 60 George street 

Tait, Robci-t, boot and shoemaker, 1 2 Govan street 

Tjiit, William, surgeon, '> Stockwell place 

Tait, William, letter carrier, P. O., liouse To Kirk street, Calton 

Tait, William, merchant, 12 Exchange sq., and at 4 Great Winchestet* St., Londoi- 

Tait, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 59 Kenlield street 

TALLIS, J. & F., publishers, 48 Dundas street. John Gregg, agent 

TANNAHILL, David, smith and iron turner, 9 Orr street, Oalton 

Tannahill, James, merchant, 2 Albany place 

Taunahill & Robertson, warehousemen, 28 Glassford st., and 39 Hutcheson st. 

Tannahill, Robert, 2 Albany pkce 

Tannahill, R. Dunlop, surgeon, 154 Sauehiehall street, house 106 B.entVew street 

TAHBET, James, sheriff-officer, lOS Old wynd 

Tarbet, Mrs , 184 West Nile street 

TASSIE, George A,, of Irvine ^ Bryee, house 95 Douglas street 

Tassic, H. & W. A., accountants and stockbrokers, and agents for the Albion LSfe 
Assurance Co., 135 Buchanan street 

Tassie, James & Thomas, commission merchants, and agents for the Sun Fire office, 
and Pelican Life Insurance office, 41 Miller street 

Tassie, Ja-nes, P., of James Lumsden <J- Son, Iiouse 60 Bath street 

Tassie, John, 29 Hospital street 

Tassie, Sellars, & Co., insurance brokers, 135 Buchanan street 

TATNAL, Captain, K.N., 9 Woodside crescent 

Tax Inspector,' C. H. Murray, 23 Montciih i-ow 

Tax Collector, for City an.i County, Thomas P. Sharpe, 66 Miller street 

TAYLOR, A. M., of W. ^- A Tai/hr, house 114 Bath street 

Taylor, Alexander, cf Jas. TayLr ^ Son, 21 SouSli Apsley place 

Taylor, Charles, &, Son, tailors, 5 Muirhead street, iiutchesontown 

Taylor, Daniel, boot and shoe maker, 69 Crown street 

Taylor, Daniel, 1 16 Cacdleriggs street 

Taylor, David, si]\ersmith, 52 Hope street 

Taylor, Edmund, «fe Son, oil merchants, drysalters, and wbol agents, S;5 and 85 Vir- 
ginia street 

Taylor, Edward, of E. ^ R. Tayhr, house 15 Apsley place 

Taylor, E. & II., wine and spirit merchants, 10 Stirling street 

Taylor, George, oil and candle shop, 23 King street, Calton 

Taylor, Henry J., of M. Sf H. J. Taylor, bourse 2S Canning place 

Taylor, Henry, & Sons, grain and flour merchants, 13 Hope street 

Taylor, Henry, Jan., of H. Taylor & Sons, house StuekenduiF, by Row 

Taylor, Henry, tertius, of H. Taylor S,- Sons, house Larkvale, by Parlick 

Taylor, Hugh, of James ^ Thomas Broxm ^ Co., house 54 Oxford street 

Taylor, Rev. James S.,of Hutchcsontown United Presbyterian church, 8 Apslny 

Taylor, Rev. Dr., 189 Hill street, Gnrnethill 

Taylor, James, builder, 16 Buchanan street, house 8 Nichokoii street 

Taylor, James, merchant, Madeira court, 263 Argyll street ^ 

Taylor, Rev . James, Baptist minister, Springvale 

Taylor, James, wright and glazier, 147 Stockwell street 

Taylor, James, cjerk, Post-office, house 121 Hospital street 

Taylor, James, <fe Son, calenderers, packers, and hot pressers, 28 Cochran street 

Taylor, James, ivoiy turner and musical instrument maker, 84 John street 

Taylor, James, of Tayler §■ Kirkland, house Hillside, Garngadhill 

Taylor, J,, &■ Brothers, timber merchants, cabinetmakers, and patent saw mills, 5 
Main street, Anderston 


Taylor, James, of James Taylor §" Brothers, house 5 Main street, Andcrston 
Taylor, James, chimney-s^veeper, Eastfield row, Nortli street, Anderston 
Taylor, James, spirit dealer, Hydepark plaje 
Taylor, James, sen., flesher, 19 Beef market, King street 
Taylor, James, flcsber, 21 Beef market, and liS King street 
Taylor, James, smith, 34 Kirk street, Calton 
Taylor, James, of Campbell ^ Taylor, house 27 Montrose street 
Taylor, John, draper, ITO Cowcaddens, house 9 Normal place 
Taylor, John, M.I)., surgeon, 120 South Portland street 
Taylor, John, Blythswood cottage 
Taylor, John, eating-house, 1 1 High street 

Taylor, J. & J., printers, 56 Trongate, and 28 Nelson street, house 48 Nehon stiei t 
Taylor, Jciin, shawUfringer, 1 9 Cochran street 
Taylor, John, jun., of John Taylor fy Scm, house 22 Abbotsford place 
Taylor, John, & Son, merchants, 19 Cochran street 
Taylor, John, skinner, 89 Gallowgate, house 249 do. 
Taylor, John, of John Taylor ^ Son, 93 Portland street 
Taylor, John, smith, bell-hanger, and gas-fitter, VA Melrille lane 
Taylor, Joseph, writer, 2 IS Buchanan street 

Taylor, Joseph, of J. Taylor ^ Brothers, house 5 Main street, Anderston 
Taylor & Kirkland, wi-iters, 66 Ingram street 

Taylor, Matthew & Henry John, tea, wine, and spirit merehanto. 111 Loudon st,. 
Taylor, M., of M. ^ JI. J. Taylor., bouse 13 Monteith row 
Taylor, Matthew, victualler, 8 South Pettigrew street 
Taylor, Michael Scott, fruiterer, 7 St. Andrew street 
Taylor, Robert, grocer and victualler, 104 Glebe street 
Taylor, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 62 and 64 New wynd 
Taylor, Robert, commercial traveller, 17 Cambridge street 
Taylor, Robert, builder, 33 Virginia street 

Taylor, Robert, of E. §■ R. Taylor, hou^e Grafton terrace, 123 North John street 
Taylor, Robert, hairdresser, 18 Cowcaddens street 
V'aylor, Robert, sewed nnis'.in lace and millinery warehouse, 1(50 Argyll street, houss 

12 South Kinning f>kco 
Taylor, William, of IL Taylor §• Sons, house 71 Stirling's road 
Taylor, W. & A., manufacturers, 2 National bank buildings. Queen street 
Taylor, William, baker, 1 Cleland street, bouse 97 Hospital street 
Taylor, William, baker, 24 Crown street 
Taylor, William, of W. ^ A. Taylm\ house 107 Athole place 
Taylor, William, watchmaker and jeweller, 7 Trongate street 
Taylor, William, sheiifF-officer and constable, Garngad road 
Taylor, William, tailor and clothier, 124 Trongate street 
Taylor, William, surgeon-dentist. 29 Waterloo street 
Taylor, William, builder, 54 South 'Jobxirg street 

Taylor, Misses, seminaiy and boarding school, Clarence place, 1 25 Sauchiehali st. 
Taylor, Miss, boys' dress maker, 146 Sauchiehali street 

Taylor, Miss E., milliner, straw-hat and dress maker, 24 Great Hamilton street 
Taylor, Miss E., commercial tavern, Clyde bank, Finnieston 

Taylor, IMIss, of Mrs- Edgar ^ Miss Taylor, dressmakers & milliners, 1 Ingram st. 
Taylor, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 2 1 St. Enoch squai'e 
Taylor, Mrs. Charles, lodgings, 69 Renfield street 
Taylor, M., gold plate and thread manufacturer, 14 Wilson street 
T.aylor, Mrs., James, 21 South Apsley place 
Taylor, Mrs., lodgings, 76 Hospital street 
Tavlor, Mrs., midwife, 204 Stirling's road 
TEACHER, William, spirit merchant, 347 Argyll street, 84 Main street, Gorbals, 

and 30 Clyde street, Anderston, office 347 Argyll street, house 14 York street 
Tbanitjich Distillery Office, 103 West George street 
TELFEK, Alexander, boot and shoe warehouse, 142 Cowcaddens street 
Telfer, Alexander, bill poster, 48 Stockwell street 
Telfer, David, grain merchant, 58 Mitchell street,, and 57 Buchanan street, house 

12 Rose street, Garnethill 
Telfer, George, br.izier, tin-plate worker, and gas-fitter, 29 Stevenson street, house 

12 Canning street, Calton 


Telfer, John, cooper, 172 Argyll street 

Telfer, Wm., London piano-forte and music warehouse, 42 Queen street, house 40 S. 

Wellington street 
Telfer, Wm., ship and general blacksmith, chain-maker, etc., 39 Can-ick street, hoo 

i Brown street 
Telfer, Mrs. Sarah, spirit dealer, 4 Bro^ni street 
Tkmpebance Hotel, 132 Trongate, John Whyte 
Temperance Hotel, 3 Clyde place, John Buchanan 
Temperance Providont Institution and General Life Assurance Society, 5 Drury 

street, agent, James M'Kenna 
TEMPLETON, Archibald, of fames Templeton ^ Co., 10 Monteith row 
Terapleton, J., & Co., patent carpet and hearth-rug manufacts., 60 St. George's pi. 
Templeton, James, of James Templeton §f Co., house 20 Monteith row 
Templeton, James, wood merchant, 174 Great Hamilton street, house 2 Willl.ini 

street, Greenhead 
Templeton, James, spirit dealer, 49 Castle street 

Templeton, T., ^vine and spirit merchant, 131 W.Nile st., house 3 Sauchiehall st. 
Templeton, Wm. T., at W. ^ J. Eccles §r Co.'s, house 102 Bath street 
TENNANT, Alexander, of Alexander Tennamt S,' Co., house 10 Fitzroy place 
Tennant, Alexander, <fe Co., cotton -brokers, 07 Wilson street 
Teiinent, Andrew, of J. y- A. Tennent, writers, house 111 Bath street 
Tenuant, Charles, & Co., manufacturing chemists, St. RoUox, and 49 Cochran st, 
Tennant, Charles James, i>/ Charles Tennant §■ Co., house Adelaide place, BatU st. 
Tennent, Charles S. P., of J. ^ E. Tennent's, house Wellpark 
Tennent, G. R., writer, 57 Buchanan street, house Wollpark, Duke .street 
Tennent, Hugh, sen., house Wellpark, Duke street 
Tennent, J. & A., writers, 40 George square 
Tennent, James G.,.77 Union street 
Tennent, J. & R„ brewers, Wellpark, Duke street 
Tennent, John, of J. i^ A. Tennent, writers, house 9 Wocdside place 
rcnnant, John, of Charles Tennant §• Co., house 185 West George street 
Ti'Duent, Walter, hairdresser and porCimier, 72 Queen .street 
Tennent, WiHtam, tailor and clotliier, 212 Argyll street 
Tennent, William, tailor and clothier; 16 Sauchiehall street 
Tennent, Miss, .36 Agnew place. Hill street, Gamethill 
Tennent, Mrs., 133 Wellington street 

TERRACE & Dawson, boot and shoe makers, 157 Ingram street 
Terrace, Peter, plumber and gasfitter. North street, corner of Elmbauk crescent, 

house 12 North street, Anderston 
THALLON, Robert, victualler, 204 Gallowgate 

ThaJion, Robert, merchant, Madeira court, 263 Argyll st., house 11 Kinning place 
Thames Plate-Glass Co.. 44 Gordon street. G. Barr, agent 
Thbatkb Royal, Dunlop street. J. H. Alexander, manager 
THIRD, Alexander, 4 South Apsley place 
THOM, A., saddler's, ironmonger, saddletree, cart-hame, and chain manufacturer, 

53 Maxwell street, bouse 52 Howard street 
Thorn, Buchan, & Co., boot and shoe makers, 334 High street 
Thom, James, of Thowjson ^ Thorn, house 111 Crown street, Hutchesontown 
Thom, R., sculptor, monumental work south side of Barony churcii, ho. 55 Drygate 
Thom, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 225 Gallowgate, house 34 Kent street 
Thora,Mrs., teacher of music, and organistof St. Andrew's church, ho. 18 Norfolk st 
THOMAS, Charles, of Thomas ^- Shanks, house 130 Parson street, Villafield 
Thomas, D., eating-house, 47 Gordon street 

Thomas, John M , & Co., snuif and cigar merchants, 161 Ingram street 
Thomas, John, Govan Colliery and Ironworks Office, lodgings 4 Wellington street 
Thomas & Shanks, coach-builders, 32 John street 
Thomas, Walter, dairyman, 41 Cook street, Tradeston 
Thomas, William, portioner, 254 High street 
Thomas, Mrs., 78 Buccleuch street, Garnethill 
Thomas, Mrs., 125 No!-th Montrose street 
THOMSON, Abram, yictuallcr, 96 Old vennel 
Thomson, Abraham, baker and victualler, 73 King street 
Thomson, Alexander, flesher, 40 London street 


Thomson, Alcxanrler, classical teacber, 280 George Street 

Thomson, Alexander, 6 Maxweliton j^late 

Thomson, Alexander, spirit dealer, 30 Eglinton street 

Thomson, A. R., mamif'actr.ring hosier, p,lover, shirt and stoclc fiiaker, G Arc;} '! si , 

worl.-shop 15 Tarbert street, house 36 Ahbotsibrd place 
Thomson, Alexander, agent, 3 Govanhaugh 
Thomson, Rev. Alexander, Prof, of Bib. Lit., Congfcgatioual Theol. Academy, lie. 

Calhcart road. Letters, &c., left at CO South Portland street 
Thomson, Alexander, pattern designer, Slarkland place, Partick 
Thomson, Alexander, spirit dealer, Burns tavern, 08 Main street, Andcrston, and- 

31 Bridge street, Gorbals 
Thomson & Alexander, cloth cutters and tinger.s, 3 4 North Albion stj-ect 
Thomson, Alexander, b.akcr, 3 Kent street 

Thomson, Alexander, & Co., corn millers, Union place, Anderston 
Thora.^ion, A., jun., professor of dancing, 323 Douglas street 
Tliomson, Andrew, of James Thomson ^ Son, house 93 South Portland sticet 
Thomson, Andrew, sen., teacher of the piano forte, 123 Fife place 
Thomson, Andrew, physiciar. and surgeon, 8 Little sireet, Calton, and 9i Great 

Hamilton street 
Thomson, AndrcAv, grocer and victualler, 1 3 Cleland street, Hntchesontown 
Thomson, Andrew, wine and spirit dealei-, 25 King street 
Thomson, Andrew, of Boyd, Latvson, |- Co., 23 Argyll street 
T1iom.«on, Andrew, Globe taveni, 18 Saltmarket street 
Thomson, Andrew, baker, 38 Main street, Bridgeton --»- 
Thomson, Andrew, at Port-Dimdax grain milli, house 105 Eglinton street 
Thomson, Archibald, serated water manufacturer, 4 and 25 Dtmlop street 
Thomson, A. D., professor of music, i7 Cambridge street 
Thomson, A., & Co., fleshers, 657 Gallowgatc 
Tliomson, Charles, provision shop, 116 Broomielaw 
Thomson & Craig, distillers, 21 Kirk street, Gorbals 

Thomson, Crawford, of Moses M'Cidhch §■ Co., house 4 St. James's st., Paisley rd, 
Thomson, Daniel, commission agent, 8 Clyde sticct, Calton 
Thomson, David, clothier, 34 Glassford street, house 3 08 Castlerailk place 
Thomson, D.avid, shawl manufacturer, 36 Miller street 
Thomson, David, portioner, 18 Marlborough street 
Thomson, David, eoifec and tea merchant, 62 Bucclouch street 
Thomson, David, boot and shoe maker, 18 Hosjntal street 
Thomson, David, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 3 93 Argyll street 
'j'bomson, David, fle.sher, 92 Bell street, house 1-5 Candk-viggs street 
Tiiomson, D., teacher of geography, mathematics, Ac, 285 George street 
'L'homson, David, wine and spirit merchant, 6 and 10 Mitchell street 
Thunison, Duncan, bootmaker, 112 Argyll street, house 3 08 do. 
Thomson, E., at the Edinhirgli Ropery Co., house 21 Eglinton street 
Tliomson, Francis B., at Peter M'Pherson's 1 1 Virginia street 
Thomson, Francis Hay, M.D., surgeon-dentist, 100 Hope street 
Tiiomson, George, hosier, glover, and outfitter, 32 Candleriggs street 
Tijom.^oii, George, flesher, 96 Canning street, Calton 
T! ' op, (fe Co., booksellers and stationers, 9 JHutchcson street 

'i'l L^c, ofL'nrd^ Thomson, Co Monteith row 

Thcms II, (Joorge, grocer and victualler, S2 Garscubc road 
Thomson, George, of Frcehairn ^- Thomson, slaters, 72 Great Clyde street 
Thomson, George, & Co., general agents and insurance brokei's, 11 Royal Exchange 

Th(-;ii^oii, George, of GeOrge. Thomson §■ Co., house 28 St. George's road 

'.jomson, Georije, Cf James §• Geo^-ge Thomson, house Lancefield place 

liorason, James A George, engineers, Clyde bank foundry, Finnicston 
ibomso-.i, Janvj.s F„ ai P. Book ^ Co.'s, house 40 Cavendish street, Laurieston 
'i'honi.'.on, J-ui.e.-, bookbinder, 5 Huicheson street 
ThojiiJOji, J. tfc y i , coffee and tea merchants, 93 Trongate, and 1 King street 

' .)iiis(jn, Jiinus, (f £icit,g ^ Wingatc, house 14S Hill street, Garnethill 

i.j)ri.-i&ii JaitH's. (f Thorm^on ^ Craig, house 21 Abbotsford place 
'ihoins.on, Jarne.s, ica merchant and general gTocer, 263 Gallov.-gate, and 23! (ligli^ 

street, house 107 George street 


Thomson, James Boyde, assistant manager, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway Co.» 
183 Elgin place, Sauehieliall street 

Thomson, James, liouse-factor, 89 Crown street 

Thomson, James, confectioner, bread and biscuit manufacturer, 139 New City road 

Thomson, James, spirit dealer, .09 George street 

Thomson, James, profetsor of piano-forte, 123 Douglas strei't 

Thomson, James, flesher, 77 Argyll street 

Thomson, James, tavern-keeper, 103 Ilutcheson street 

Thomson, James, of West Arbnckle, 20 Monteith row 

Thomson, James, spirit dealer, 8 Govan street 

Thomson, James, teacher of dancing, 100 West Nile street 

Thomson, James, & Co., commission merchants, 28 Miller street 

Tliorason, James, & Son, accountants, and agents for tho Legal and Commercial 
Fire and Life Assurance Societies, 129 Ingram street 

Thomson, James, & Son, pullicate and gingham manufacts., 2 South Exchange fioi' 

Thomson, James, of James Thomson §• Son, house 128 South Portland street 

Thomson, James, City of Glasgow bank 

Thomson, James, pastor of the lierean church, Trades' hall, house 00 South Port- 
land street 

Thomson, James, flesher, IOC Great Hamilton street, hoase 98 do. 

Thomson, James, surveyor for the Phoenix Fire office, 63 St. \'incent street, housr 
41 North Frederick .street 

Thomson, James, accountant, Ayrshire Railway, 14 Bridge street, house 9 
street, Kingston 

Thomson, James, of Jas. ^- Geo. Thomson, house 11 Greenlaw place, Govixa i\;ad 

Thomsen, James, boot and shoe maker, 144 Cowcaddens street 

Thomson, James, LIj.D., professor of mathematics, College 

Thomson, James, of Thomsoyi 4' Thom, house 96 South Portland street 

Thomson, James, clerk, Post-office, lodgings 17 George street 

Thomson, James, smith, bell-hanger, and gas titter, 90 Argyll street 

Thomson, Jatnes, boot maker, 40 Q.iieen street 

Thomson, John, lire- brick, and drain-tile maker, Glenboig. Orders left at A. Nis- 
bet's, ISO Trongatc street 

Thomson, John, Sasine-office, 5 Moore place, West George street 

Thomson, John, Annfield pottery, 539 Gallowgate, house 13 White'ale 

Thomson, John, draper and tea dealer, 12 Great Hamilton street 

Thomson, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 73 West Campbell street 

Thomson, John, spirit dealer, 22 Fiiidlay street 

Thomson, John, wine and spirit dealer, 21 Argyll street 

Thomson, John, house factor, commission agent, and beadle of the United Presby- 
terian church, 20 Kirk street, Calton 

Thomson, JoJin, passenger agent, Glasgow, Paisley, and Greenock Railway Co , 
house Hillhead, Port-Dundas 

Thomson, John, wright and builder, 107 Stanley place, Eglinton street 

Thomson, John, tobacconist, 177 Gallowgate 

Thomson, John, grocer, and provision merchant, 35 Eglinton street 

Thomson, John, teacher, Gorbals sessional school, house 64 Robertson street 

Thomson, John, builder, 9 Hozier's street, Dalmarnock road 

Thunison, John, spirit dealer, 46 Hospital street 

Thomson, John, pattern designer, Saudyford 

Thomson, John, house factor and grocer, 2S Drygate street 

Thomson, John, teacher, 105 High street 

Thomson, John, grocer, 105 Rottenrow street 

Thomson, John, of Thomson ^- Manson, house 57 Charlcttc :-;treet 

Thomson, Johnstone, spirit dealer, 6 Groenhill street 

Thomson, L. B., commiss. agent, 20 Brunswick pi., residence Lilybank, Eglinton tO 

Thomson <fe MacCuuncll, steam-packet agents, 15 Jamaica street 

Thomson, Maekonakan, <fe Co , iron brokers and ship agents, 37 West George st. 

Thomson «ii; Maoson, merchants, 1 18 Union street 

T'homson, Malthew, bit and auger maker, 39 Kirk st/reet, Calton 

Thomson, Michael, editor of Gbrsyoiv Chronicle, house 3 Abbotsford place 

Thomsou, Mango, of J. §• M. Thomson, house 117 Gandlerigjs street 

'!'>----r V--— .-vJsi* -b?-'' ■ '■?'-;.' ^^. ,■ f:-^■.^.^u 




Thomson. Pet., ornamental designer in farniture and cabinet work, Ac, 1 Cranston's 
court, Anderston 

Thomson, Peter, ^va^ehouse^na^, 29 High street 

Thomson, Robert, of Alexander ^' Tliomsmi, house 115 North Montrose street 

Thomson, Robert, & Co., wholesale ironmongers, coniniission merchants, and general 
dealers in metals, Morrison's court, 108 Argyll street. (See Advertisejuent in 

Thomson, llobert, of R. Thomson ^ Co., house 23 Melbourne place, Kingston 

Thomson, Robert, at Annjield pottery, house 475 Gallowgate 

Thomson, Robert, 9 Hopetoua place 

Thomson, Rcbtrt, 7G Wilson .street 

Thomson, Robert, writer, 130 St. Vincent street, house Larkfield 

Thomson, Robert, silver-plater, 35 Stockwell street, house 9Stockwell place 

Thomson, Robert, & Son, Adelphi cotton worki, Hutchesontown, warehouse 19 
John street 

Thomson, Robert, M.D., 4/0 .Argyll street, corner of Pitt street 

Thomson, Robert, at Merry Sf Cunninoham's, house 10-5 St. Vincent street 

Thomson, Robert, of Austin ^ M' Asian, house 1 South Portland street 

Thomson, Robert, general furnisher, 100 Cowcaddens street 

Thomson, Robert Dundas, M.D., 8 Brandon place 

Thomson, Robei-t, merchant, 4 South Hanover street 

Thomson, Rt. S., City of Glasgow bank 

Thomson, Robert, victualler, 145 George street 

Thomson, Robert, law .agent, house-factor and sheriff officer, &c., 114 Trongate st. 

Thomson, R,, brassfoundor and gas-lustre manufacturer, 1 18 Stockwell st„ works do. 

Thomson, R. & W., plumbers and lead merchants, 472 Gallowgate, house 468 do. 

Thomson, .Sara., tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 3 Stockwell place, and 90 Stock- 
well street, house 66 South Portland street 

Thomson & Seobie, accountants, 48 Queen street 

Thomson & Stirling, commission merchants, 17 South Frederick street 

T'homson, Thomas, <fc Co., insurance brokers, Royal Exchange buildings 

Thomson, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 62 Tobago street 

Thomson, Tbomas, M.D., professor of chemistrj', 8 Brandon place 

Thomson, Thomas, Paisley carrier, 27 Montrose street 

Thomson, Thomas, crane-master, Port- Dundas 

Thomson & Thorn, shirt m.anufacfcurers and commission agents, 44 Hutcheson st. 

Thomson, William, boot and shoemalter, 38 Saltmarkot street 

Thomson, William C, tailor and clothier, 170 Trongrate street 

Thomson, W. C,, commission merchant, 108 Castlemilli place 

Thomson, William, of Thomson ^ Seobie, house 57 Charlotte street 

Thomson, William, wine and spirit merchant, 34 Bell street 

Thomson, William, flesher, 1 Bell street market, house 67 Bell street 

Thomson, W., M.D., professor of medicine and consulting physician, College 

Thomson, William, M..A., professor of natural philosophy, College 

Thomson, William, green grocer, 186 Argyll street 

Thomson, William, accountant and sharebroker, 67 Buchanan street, house Cnr- 
dowan House, Cumbernauld road 

Thomson, William, victualler, 105 Eglinton street 

Thomson, William, victualler, 35 <fc 101 Saltmarket street 

Thomson, William, house-factor, 34 Kent street 

Thomson, William M., of M' Gavin §■ T/wmson, ho. St. Vincent Park, Paisley rd. 

Thomson, William, at James Lawrie's 1 Nicholson street, ho. 24 Adelphi street 

Thomson, William, sen., road contractor, Sandyford house 

Thomson, William, tailor, 157 High street 

Thomson, William, spirit dealer, 181 Dalmarnoek road 

Thomson, William, sheriff-officer and constable, 85 Canning street 

Thomson, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Sandyford 

Thomson, W., ironmonger and ship-chandler, 96 Jamaica street, house Westfield 
cottage, Kingston 

Thomson, William, gut manuAicturer and blood merchant^ 20 Market street, pub- 
lic slaughter house, house 7 Crown street 
TliOHison, Miss, dressmakcrj 97 Union street 




Thomaon, Miss, lodgings, 3\ AdelpUi street 

Tuomsoa. Mrs. Alex., 28 Gouan street 

Tliomson, Mrs. Archd., T Melrose street 

Thomson, Mrs. David, 11 West Nile street 

Thomson, Sirs. D., wine^ spirit, and tea dealer, 6 Mitchell street 

Thomson, Mrs. James, wine and spirit dealer, 45 Clyde place 

Thomson, Mrs. John, Bazaar tavern, 4 Wilson street 

Thomson, Mrs., 6 Crescent place 

THORBURN, Beith, & Co., manufacturers, 69 Hutcheson street 

Thorburn, Charles, commission agent, 39 West Nile street, house 106 Stafford p), 

Thorburn, George, sen., of Thorburn, Beith, ^ Co., house 181 Upper Crown st. 

Thorburn, George, juis., 59 Hutcheson street, house 181 Upper Crown street 

Thorburn, John, victualler, 103 GallOiVgate, house 15 South St. Mungo street 

Thorburn, Thomas, of Thomas Thorburn ^ Co., ho. 8 Falkland pi., St. George's rd. 

Thorburn, Thos., & Co., commission merchants and metal brokers. Princes siiuare, 

48 Buchanan street 
Thorburn, Thomas, bootmaker, 122 Buchanan street 
THORNTON, Terence, spirit dealer and cowfeeder, 10-3 Saltmarket street 
THORP, Thomas, post-master, 41 Renfield street, house 45 Gordon street 
THREIPLAND, John, boot and shoe manufacturer, 35 Crown street 
Thriepland, J., & Smith, boot and shoemakers, 13 Main street, Auderston 
THINE, James, seedsman, florist, and fruiterer, 33 and 31 Arcade, nursery and 

house North Woodside Cottage 
Thyne, James, sen., nurseryman and florist, Rosebank Nursery, by New City road 
TIMPERLEY, Joim, civil engineer, 63 Abbotsford place. South Portland street 
TINDAL, David, surgeon, 94 Main street, Gorbals, house 57 South Portland st. 
Q?indal, James, veterinary surgeon. Horse Infirmary, 21 Dundas street, house 22 do. 
Tobacco Warehouse, 5 York streeet. John Brown agent, 31 Argyll street 
ToBBRMORT Steam Packet office, 15 Jamaica st. Thomson & MacConneil,. agents 
TODD. A. «fe G., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 33 St. Andrew's square 
Todd, Alexander, 45 Renfield street, house Scotland street, Lynedoch crescent 
Todd, Andrew, of J. ^ G. Todd house 17 North Portland street 
-^Todd, Charles, &, Higginbothara, spinners, power-loom cloth manufacturers, ajid ca- 
lico printers, Springfield court, 69 Queen st., works Springfield ?.nd Commercial 

road, Hutchesontowa 
Todd, David, commercial traveller, 34 South Portland street 
Tod, David, of TodSf MacGregor, Jiouse Ironbank, Partickhill 
Todd, Francis, umbreUa maker, 59 Argyll arcade 
Todd & Galloway, boot and shoe manufacturers, 269 Argyll street 
Todd, George, provision merchant, 6 Stobcross street, Anderston 
Todd, George, of A. §r G. Todd, house 17 North Portland street 
Todd, -Jauies, umbrella manufacturer, 59 Argyll arcade 
Todd, James, &, Co., umbrella makers, 44 Argyll arcade 
Todd, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 39 George street, Mile-end, and 22 Aber- 

cromby .street, Calton 
Ted, John A., at J. R, Dennistoun's, 35 Renfield street 
Todd, John C, 45 Renfield street, house 76 Buccleueh street 
Todd, John, agent, 12 South Wellington place 
Todd, John, porter, city of Glasgow bank, IS Virginia street 
Todd, John, &; Son, smiths, scale and beam makers, beii-hangers, gas-fitter.i, etc., 

52 Sauchiehall street 
Todd, J. W.. joiner and cabinetmaker, 48 Bath street 
Todd, J. <fe W., watchmakers and jewellers, 1 Trongate street 
Tod &, MacGregor, engineers, Clyde foundry, Anderston quay, and Meadow-side 

building yard 
Todd, Thos. J., old rope and oakum merchant, 58 King street, Tradeston 
Todd, Peter, at JSdmision ^ Mitchell's, 20 Buchanan street 
Tod, Wiliiam, Clydesdale bank, 1 Great Wellington street, Paisley road 
TodiL William, tailor and clothier, 85 London street 
Todd( William, confectioner, 149 Duke street 
Todd, Mrs., 21 Rose street, GarfterJiill 
Tod, Mrs. James, 116 Renfrew street 
TnM. "^'^Iwifitiiflddrr"'""'^' ' ^ddcas street 


Todd, Mrs. William, 296 Buchanan street 
Todd, Mrs. Win., 47 Cochran street 

TOFTS, James, boot and shoe maker, 25 South Portland street 
OLMIE, Alexander, commission agent, and agent for Bishopwearmouth Iron 

Works, 22 Argyll street, house 117 Hill street, Garnethill 
i'nlmie, John, 08 Crown street 

Tolraie, Robert, baker and confectioner, 32 South Portland street 
Tolmie, William, at James Gonrlay's, house 41-5 Parliamentary road 
TOMLEY, Patrick, victualler, 10 Rose street, Hutchesontown 
lOMLINSON, William, saw-maker, ironmonger, and cutler, 218 Argyll street 
ToxNV.GE Office, 14 Robertson street. William Muir, collector 
i'oNTiNE Inn and Hotel, Exchange buildings, Trongatc street 
rontine Reading-Rooms, Exchange buildings, Trongatc street 
TORBET, John, victualler, 15 Nelson street, Tradeston 
TORRANCE'., Alexander, victualler, 62 Havannah street 
Torrance, Archibald, pastry-baker and confectioner, 145 Stockwell street 
Torrance, George, 143 London street 
Torrance, James, 143 London street 

Torrance & Leek, boot and shoe makers, 10 Sauchiehall street 
Torrance, INIrs., spirit dealer, 113 Stobci'oss street 

TOKRENS, James, painter and paper-hanger, Elgin place, 191 Sauchiehall sti-eefe 
TORREY, J. G., surgeon, 85 Main street, Anderston, bouse 372 Argyll street 
TOSHACH, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 5 Wellington street 
TOSH, Charles, painter and paper-hanger, 16 London street 
TOWER & Arrol, merchants, agents for the St, Helen's crown-sheet, patent -plutOj 

and shade glass works, 7 Stockwell place 
Towers, Bell, & Jamieson, merchants, 28 Cochran street /^ /?//- ' 

Towers, James, accountant and .sharebi'oker, 25 Gordon street^*.' C^-f^'^- "■' ~ 
Towers, Robert, o/ Toivers, Bell, ^ Jamieson, house 144 Bath street 
Towers, William of Reid ^ Toxverg, house 6 Lansdownc crescent 
TOWNEND, George, & Brothers, woi'sted spinners and worsted heddle-yarn manu- 
facturers. John Stratliern, agent, 15 John street 
Town's Hospital, 324 Parliamentary road 
Trades' Hall, 85 Glassford street 

'.riiAUESiox Coal-yard, 1 Paisley road. P.'Campbell, agent, house 69 Dale street 
TRAILL, John, clothier, 24 Wilson street 
TRAIN', James, flesher, 494 Gallowgate 

Traill, Richard, flesher and cattle dealer, 466 Gallo^gate, house 25 Bellgrovo street 
Train, Thomas, commission agent. Agent for Gilkison <fe Hunter, distillei-s. Gamp- 

belton, and Robert Knox & Son, brewers, Alloa, house 2 South Apslev place 
Train, Thomas,' ileshei-, '89 ^Canning street, Calton 
TREANOR, Mrs., midwife, 245 High street 
TRENCH, Thomas, joiner and blockmaker, 4 Centre street, Tradeston, hou?o 13 

South Kinning place 
Tron Parish School, 71 Prince's street. Alex. Rcid, teacher 
TROTTER, Robert, 7 Kinning place. Paisley road 

TROUP, Alexander, superintendent of Lock Hospital, 41 Rottenrow street 
'JVoup, George, of North Ih-iiish Daily Mxil, and City Frinbing Co., 2& Dunlop 

street, house 16 Annfield place 
I'UKE, Francis, & Co , sliippers of port wine, Oporto. Agent, J. B. Sheriff 
TULLIS, James, builder, S Rumford street, Bridgeton 
rULLOCH, Henry, spirit dealer, 34 Parliamentary road 
Tulloch, John, & Co., provision merchants, 279 Argyll street 

uUoch, Thomas, spidt dealer, 18 Vfest Campbell street 
Tulloch, Janet, dressmaker, 52 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Tulloch, Mrs. William, victualler, 343 and 401 Argyll street 
TURBYNE, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 1 Catherine street, Anderston 
TURNBULL & Co.. chemists, 276 George street, works Camlachie 
Turnbull, George, at J. Sommerville ^ Son's, house 21 Waterloo place, Kingston 
Turnbull & Gordon, confectioners, 162 Argyll street 
Turnbull, Gregor, tfc Co., mei'chanta, 1 1 V/est Nile street 
'I'urniiull, G<regor, of Gregor 'fwnlull ^- Co., house 6 North Apsley place 


Tnrnbuli, John, teacher of music, S0 North Frederick street 

Turnbull, Jol)ii, house-factor, 35 Union street, house 81 Abbotsford place 

TurnbuU, John, merchant, of Turnbull ^- Co., residence Boiihill pi., Llumbartonshire 

Turnbull, John, engineer, Canal-basin foundry, Port-Dundas, house 36 Port-Dun- 
das road 

Turnbull, John, & Co., sewed musliri manufacturers, 2 National Bank buildings, 
Queen street 

Turnbull, John, tailor and clothier, 4 Cathcart street 

Turcbull, John, of John TurnbuU ^ Co., house Elm-park, Govan road 

Turnbull, John, merchant, drysalter, oil and colournian, 51 Ilii^h street, house 86 
Blacklriars stieet 

Turnbull, John, .spirit dealer and slater, 1G6 Main street, Gorbals 

Turnbull, Juhn, spirit dealer, 74 Kirk street, Calton 

Turnbull, Joseph, turner and shuttle mnker, 7 Charlotte street 

".'urnbull, Robert, spirit merchant, 173 Main street, Gorbals 

Turnbull, AValter, green grocer, 320 High street 

ruinbull, "William, house-factor, William place, Govan. Letters left at IG Cran- 
ston street, Anderston 

TurnbuU, William, spirit dealer, 17 Drury street 

Turn bull, Mis-^os, milliners, straw hat, and dressmakers, 16 Cranston street 

TunlbuU, Mrs. David, 24 Rumford street, Bridgoton 

Turnbull, Mrs., 51 Belgrove place 

Tiunbiili, Mrs., splr'it dealer, 39 North Woodside road 

TURNER, Alexander, of Martin, Turno^, Sf Co., ho. 42 Dalhousie sfc., Garnethil! 

Turner, Alexander, clothier, 67 Argyll street 

Turner, Angus, town-clerk, Town- Clerk's chambers, Wilson street, house 14 WooU- 
slde terrace 

Turner, Claud, painter and paper-hanger, 47 Grjerae street, ho. 168 Gallowgate 

Turner, Duncan, & Co., wholesale grocers, 13 and 15 Union street 

Turner, Duncan, of Tamer ^- Wallace, agent for Agriculturist Cattle Insurance 
Company, and Abei'deen Fire and Life Assurance Co., house Hillside, Partick 

Turner, Duncan, merchant, 13 and 15 Union street 

Turner, George, stationer, 63 Glassford street 

Turner, James, of Thrushgrove, house 14 Stii-ling street 

Turner, James, flesher, 3 Crown street and 35 Norfolk street 

Turner, James, druggist, 2G Union street 

i'urner, John, Meadowbank crescent, Partick 

Turner «& Park, clothiers, 10 Hutcheson street 

Turner, Peter, spirit dealer, 62 Stobcross street 

■J'uruer, Robert, glazier and glass merchant, 23 Blackfriars street 

Turner & Wallace, writera, 37 Virginia street 

Turner, W. M., of Fraser, Turner, ^ Co. 

Turner, William, merchant, 64 Buchanan street, house 15 Dixon street 

Turner, WJliara, flesher, 237 Argyll street 

Tuner, Agnes, cowfeeder, 71 Bishop street, Port-Dundas 

Turner, Mrs. J., 118 George street 

Turner, Mrs. S., lodgings, 327 Argyll street 

TURVEY, George, jeweller and watchmaker, 114 Sauchiehall street 

TWADDLE, Thomas, hydrometer and spirit-proof maker, 75 Argyll street 

i'WEEDIE, Alexander, of Tweedie ^ Craaford, house 58 Buccleucb street 

Twecdie & Crawford, ironmongers, 37 Jamaica .street 

Tweedie, David, merchant, and agent for the London Annuity En i iwnj :nt Associa- 
tion, 1 Howard street, house 2 Clarendon place, Western road 

Tweedie, James, iron merchant and ironmonger, Morriion's court, 103 Argyll st., 
and 16 Buchanan street, house 13 Woodside place 

Tweedie, Mrs, A., milliner and straw-hat maker, 25 Glassford street, ho. 54 do. 

TVVEEDI-EY, Francis, & Co., cabinet and chair makers, 33 Crown street 

Tweediey, A\'illiam, dairyman, 33 South Coburg street 

TYZACK, Joshua, & Son, glaziers and glass merchants, 6] George stteet 


U.vtox Bank of Seotlf/iid, 97 & 99 Inwrarn street 


Union Exchange Banking Company, National Bank buildings, Queeu st. James 

Brown, manager 
Union Loan Co., pawnbrokers, 8 East Clyde street. Jobn Lundie, manager 
Union Stock Exchange of Glasgow, Royal Exchange buildings 
United Deposit Assurance Company, 24 St. Vincent place 
United Kingdom Cattle Insurance Co. Donald M. Dcwar, agent 
United Kingdom Life Insurance Office, 13 St. Vincent place. A. B. Seton & Son, 

University Lying-in Hospital, College open, High street 
University Printing Office, 35 Miller street, George Richardson 
UpnoLSTERERs' Society and house of call, at John White's Coffee-Houae, 132 

Trongate street 
URE, Crawford, & Easton, calenderers and packers, 16 Montrose street 
Ure, George, rope and sail maker, 14 Carrick street 
Ure, James, of Ure ^ Law, ironfoimders, house 36 Port-Dundas road 
Ure, J., merchant, bailie of Provan, 5 Ure place, Montrose street 
Ure, James, wine and spirit dealer, 21 Dale street, Tradeston 
Ure, John, & Son, flour merchants, 169 Bridgegate st., house T Park place 
Ure, John, of Ure, Craivford, ^ Easton, house 114 Montrose street 
Ure, John, baker, 119 StockwcU street 
Ure, John, English and mercantile academy, 16 Ferguson street, house 16 Rose 

place, Hill street, Garnethill 
Ure & Law, iron-founders, Broorahill foundry, Debbie's loan, Port-Dundas . 
Ure, Mrs. William, 20 Blythswood square 
URIE, George, smith, 78 West street, Tradeston 
Urie, John, merchant, 9 Piince's square, Buchanan street 
Urie, John, tavern-keeper, 1 King street 
Urie, John, bookseller and coal agent, 25 Geoi-ge street 
Urie, John, wood engraver, 19 Gallowgate street 
Urie, William, confectioner, 48 Candleriggs street 
URQUHART, Brothers, merchants, 25 Gordon street 
Urquhart, Donald, painter and paper-hanger, 7 Douglas street 
Urquhart, James, brassfounder, 2*7 North Woodside road, house 31 do. 
Urquhart, Jobn, of Fairhill, 8 Somerset place 
Urquhart, Mrs. William, 17 Fitzroy place 
t^SHER, James & Thomas, brewers, Edinburgh, office 44| George square 

VALLANCE, A. & J., & Co., manufacturers & printers. Queen court, 62 Q,ueeii st. 
Vallance, Alexander, beamer, 14 Stevenson sti-eet, Calton '{ 

VAN, James, tailor and clothier, 110 George street 
VANDERKISTE, F. W., collector of customs, 11 Royal crescent 
VANNAN, A. «fc E.., merchants and commission agents, 14 Turner's court 
VEITCH, James, & Co., oil cloth manufacturers, Morrison's court, lOS Argyll street 
Vcitch, James, flesher, 146 High street, house 160 do. 
Veitch, Robert, builder, 8 Cambridge street 
Veitch tfe Spence, fleshers, 165 Gallowgate 
Venseb Saw-Mills, Stewart & Owen, 26 Washington street 

Victoria Life Assurance Co.,*M. M'Naughtan & Hamilton, agents, 59 St. Vincent st, 
VINE. John, boot and shoemaker, 153 Cowcaddens street 
Vine Tavern, 220 and 222 High street 

VIRTUE, John, wholesale fruit merchant, 24 Argyll street, house 2 Monteith row 
VOGT & Fleck, German-clock makers, 111 Saltmarket street 

WADDELL, Alexander, clothier, 3C^ Canning street, Caltoo 

Waddell, Alexander, of Waddell ^ Wilson, house 3 Annfield place 

Waddeli, Alexander, tailor and clothier, Western Bank buildings, CanniBg street 

Waddoil, Andrew A., writer, 24 Hutcheson street 

Waddeli, Arcliibald, accountant, 15 North Portland street, house 32 Richmond st. 

Waddell, David, spirit merchant, ISO Gallowgate 

Waddell, Geoi-ge, smith and ironmonger, 6 Sauchiehail street, lock and hinge maker, 


Waddcll, James, baker, 23 Commercial road 

WaddoH, James, merchant, 16 Brunswick lane, Brunswick street 

WaddeJ), John C., of Rosemount, New Munkland. Letters left at 52 King street, 

Waddel, John, merchant, 47 Robertson street 
Waddell, Matthew, tailor and clotliier, 14 Green street, Gorbals 
Waddell, Michael, writer. Master Extraordinary of the Courts of Chancery and 
Exchequer, Commissioner of the other Superior Courts of Ireland, and agent for 
the North British Insurance Co., 153 Queen street, house Buccleuch street 
Waddell, Thomas, & Co., merchants, 19 Virginia street 

Wadddl, Thomas R,, & Co., merchants and commission agents, i9 Virginia street 
Waddell, Thomas, of Thomas Waddell ^- Co., house Belize, Govan road 
Waddell. William, surgeon, 350 iJigh street, and 6 Drygate street 
Waddell & Wilson's Coal Depot, 208 Castle street 
Vv'addell & Wilson, coal-masters, 87 Union street 
Waddell, W. S., of Cln-ystal §■ Waddell, 13 -Montrose street 
Waddell, Mrs., 88 High John street 
Waddell, Misses, millineiy, stay and baby-linen establishment, 50 Argyll arcade, 

house 42 Dundas street 
Waddell, Mrs. James, lodgings, 102 Blackfriars street 

WADDEN, William, builder, 1 1 Miller street, house 88 North Hanover street 
WaIILEN, Henry, fruit merchant, 456 Argyll street 
WALES, Henry, rope and twine manufacturer, 58 Stockwell street, house 63 do. 

works 3 Bedford street, Laurieston 
WALKER, Adam & John, (;otton-spinners, I Royal Exchange court, works Broad 

street, Calton 
Walker, A., 35 Cleland street 

Walker, Archibald, of C. §/■ D. Gray, house 17 Nicholson street 
IValker, Archibald S., accountant, Edinburgh and Glasgow bank, house 37 St. Vin- 
cent place 
Walker, A. S., &■ Co., power-loom cloth manufacturers, William street, and Suoiiner 

street. Mile-end 
Walker & Co., Lanark cotton-yarn warehouse, 105 Miller street 
Walker, A., <fa Co., general warehousemen, 114 Trongate 
Walker, David, fruiterer, 145 Loudon street 
Walker, David, surgeon, 157 Castle street 
Walker, David, 20 Union street 

Walker, Ebenezer E., at Randolph, Elliot,^ Go's, house 36 Paterson at., Kingston 
Walker, Francis, spirit dealer and pastry baker, 54 King street, Tradeston 
Walker, Gavin, of J. G. Adam §r Walker, house 13 Queen's crescent 
Walker, G. L., & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 117 Candlerigga street, weav- 
ing factory, Falfield works, Port-Eglinton 
Walker, G. L., of G. L. Walker ^ Co., house 88 Bath street 
Walker, George, hn.irdresser, 21 Nelson street 
Walker, Hance, victualler, 129 Main street, Auderston 

Walker, Hugh, pullicate, gingham, and muslin manufacturer, 62 Queen street 
Walker, James, stage-coach office, 32 Trongate street 
Walker, James, Tontine hotel, 30 Trongate street 
Walker, James, confectioner, 185 High street 
Walker, James, millinery, 61 South Portland street 
Walker, James, post and job master, 102 and 104 West Nile street 
Walker, James, cabinetmaker, 48 Stockwell street, works 3 W^arwick street 
Walker, James, carter, 91 Garscuhe i-oad 

Walker, James, letter-carrier, P. O ., house 93 Rottenrow street 
Walker, Jam